The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 7, 1897 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 7, 1897
Page 3
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TBE DAIHT CHRONICLE. SEPTEMBER 7, 1891. OWERS Bnfollrnenl; Marshall, Public Schools, &epl., 7,1891; High School, 181; eighth grade, <&; seventh grade, &T; sixth grade, 58; fifth Krade, #*! fourth grade, 3ft: £ark School, 161; East ,VTard, 80; W«rt Ward, &; pastel Hillj 51: Total, 7H Marshall is now 8»Wi»fr even with ;adox,Sr. MARKET iffieept$!5yWof ttarC.' J. * M. in the shop» Jwe weie beiosseht t» Vat* ' f HE BtCVCLB PATH. It Is Jfow Completed to the Four Mll»» , CornW. •The bicycle path fs now completed to 'ttie cornet nearthe aid Kenyon Johnson farm four miles west of this city. "Thlr iTSg fSTart&e clnU intsttdwi ttfutr this yew arid- tnisy considered Wert will tfaetft *a* fWHdleft.'"^!^ pleased the V*nWefk nepplfc add they had the laugh on Mar- ihaff. ^ow^hln^havfcefaanged. Sine* the U. <fe t 1 .- M. «6>nipady took i>*»B9<«»kai the force »t the shops hem bror been te- very fortunate in being able to get that Bom to tit, and Mr*. F|ank Stuart, of this city* A *>n, Sept. ft The \Vheatfleld opened agrtin as a day office. Stove Wholahan is ttie agent as formerly/ \ Eegular meeting of KO/T. M. Tuesday .evening,. Sept.7, X &*& tendance requested. Hrtrritvgton broth«t/ threshed 1716 bushels of ;&raio for/rfuliaji 1)3} in ten last hours week, IjHlJ being wheat and the balance oats. The sohoo^board has furnished the basemen>6f the Central buildinft with a numboTof bicycle racks to accommodate tio wish to ride their wheels to ttnttlnoW 'there are flfimeti on the- prfjr roll astclg ftotn the train -men, it), Van Weft thfey aretjoniinttally JAyJtfig o$ ' $ne trfett^ .Sonae of the old tBKm |rtwe iaeated pSiraopB her^antf a OtynW"& a bre wottld Bke «6, bqt they tesfJt ai Vari Werf until it was too p* them KTget to" here, TtoBcteange in/the martag«ttiW)t is liMy t<» proi* a ' „„„ „ tor fttutohail They are not only rannin&afull force but ha veto work over time.-, ' , I* SCHOOL Mrs. Fred Ktiiz' died at her home in Protionia Sunday morning. The funeral was hold at tho house thia afternoon. Mrs. Kate was a member of the Lady Maccabee hiVc of this oitj „ The money barrel concert given by tho Junior C. E. society at the Christum church Sunday morning «ns very lagely attended. It was not only pleasing and interesting, but resulted in liberal "offerings to the Japan Mission. i The Salmagundi club went toj&ull lake yesterday, a«d we prcwumo there vrill be a hot time in that resort until they return. The Sallies know how to hate a good time and' they Kenrullylmvo it when they start out with that intent. We are informed that R. S. Lookton' j address "Stfeceas," before Jho.B. Y. P. U. last Sunday evening was a complete success. AH v.-ho ht-artl it were entertained and instru«U>d and Mr. Ix»ukkin won a warm, place 'in the hearts of the society. , i Myron Cook and' Chan. Cook returned the latter part of last week from a ten da> strip through tho south. They viu- ited tho Nashville ex position 'and took in the different points of interest at Chat- anooga and other southern cities. They say the exposition is well worth' visiting. Missea Saude^p and MeK«ry wiil oj*^ dress making rooms over tho posU)fllee The ItannbHcanK Stole a March and 6«t 6 Both Trustee*. The annual fieheol meeting' was held at the Central school building last c«en> ing, ant* it pro,ved tolse an interesting one, and one that may bixlong remom- 0 bered if the plan adopted Hmt night is continued in the future as it is it will be. Everything appeared q^i on the Potomac and Director Polfy the .report of the hoard of which the folio wingis a summary: RKi'Klt'TS. Bal. on hand Sept. 7, 'S)6 8 '^K'?, Pruiiary internalfirm!—.' * "'" " Library, 'moneys •. Fines from library Institute fees Non resident tuition • Seats sold -' • Insurance- loss at Central building ._Interest on Dibble prifce fund expeSIS ws» so much Rreatef th«tt was antieipted. The path id in tret? gobd afaajKr tod ^ill tonMdtte to get better. It needp another layer <?f «frostinjf-as Mr I tfcrtnpsey calls >t J»u that «ah bedotieariy tiinealter a raiit a»'d will sot coat much, I* any bave their aUbBeriptiori. they ftboijKtwaltf up to tiie captain's office &i& '"settle, as the money IB Heeded. »r Billow , Screven Co., Oa.—1 have b4ett Subject to attacks of bilious colic for fevWl years. Chamberlain's Colic Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy Is the only sure relief. It acts> like a charm One dose of it gives r ej>«f when all other remedies fail, " G. D. SHARP, . For sale at Greene's Br«g. Notice. I ara prepared to do ladies' and chil drea's ~ shampooing *t their homes Leave orders at Clark's barber shop, or at 35 east Green street. . MRS, y. W. CLARK, Cot dotte. S. E. o7 OB 350 12.50 «oo 37 0& T1500 .$16,148 70 Teachers 410.308 75 Janitors 725 (X) Director and census 120 00 12 50, 140 47 Institute fees Library Gas.... Fuel , School supplies // 289 02 Repairs and improvements -.../ 1"*191 Ovnernl expenses -'$12 30 Insurance '.. .'..^— 51450 Bal. on hand .. . /. . ' 2,708 42 / ° $15.14870 The report was liccoptod and adopted. The director ;vftB instructed to publish an iteiuizee^liccaunt of .the reu'eiptH and BXj«.'ndit,tfre*-of tho buurd duriii« tho last achijol year in cither Statnsiuaii or Abaftbt for truBUn- in pluco next to the abstract office, Sept. 15. They 'art' both ladies at the buainoss aud wHf'bo pleassed to secure the patron agex<» their friends ^and others whu may'in'««l aujthirtg iu their line. / ' Mr. A. O. '^tandaH writes us that h# had nothrng^to d<» with tlu* item in the Tekonshj* Mows in regard < to the st4tu- to have bn»n uiade by Mrs. the ti-.x^-lif f '« «xamiuation in ,thJa city. He said he w.>« away camping ami bad no knowliwlgo of the matter until* it appeared in the paper. Such b*ing the case 'Mr. Randall I'ertajnly cannot be held reaponsible.for tfae state- . ofF, W. Dickey resulted m foHown: F, W, Dickey. ' R.S. Lockton AV, VJ, A^^V'IfcbUl.l .1.1...* ,...> ,1 r i i t i t * S. F. Dobbins s^..... «1 j and HaTft^Hore's tlio Way to'l of the Weariness und Pain Attending It. / ' Some people suffer with, hcsftlafhcs, many jwople ai^ worn out nnd/wi-iiry all the time, muny ^nwre poopUf h:iv lunn hack and Unckiicht;N s ,J l1 t!\v^<Lop|«. 1 Jfler stiind the real cinisc oOlicir aches, uiid fewer yet know how wwirj: they cun tind a clure. Just a word of t-x pmiiatlon Iwfort we prove that whitf/wr say is Isue. The back is tlie keynote of the kidneys. It aches; that's a,,4igu that the kidneyann: not working properly -, it is lame; another sign, tho kidneys are out of order. The" kidneys, you.Kuow, are The filters of the blood, Iwt fillers sometimes get cloKged upr This means in their case that, tlic blood rouracs through the entire system impn-g- nu«Hl with fnolsonons uric ucid, hringiiif.' on mtiny n disorder which, if neglected menus discns« perhaps •incurable. Anr now about the' cure;—Don't tJikfe our won for it; read'what others say : , Mr. David C. Chiks is proprietor of tin welt known liurdware and paint shop ir 220 Efist Main Street, Kalamazoo. Mr Ouks h:»s suffered a great deal frohrkidne] nihncnts; he descrilwil his condition nnf cure as follows: "I;htwl a bad, lame hnck which I suppose wsis cauacd by my kitl IMSV« ; wns confined to my IMH! during l«u (itt'jwks. I niiwlst Bfiy, from time to tini<' I huvc bci'U in that condition for yt-niK 'I'lio -viriiuiry orgutilsm was aiTeetcd, »jriji< bcliig «:u»ty, highly colored, and dijlicttl in piiiwugc. 1 w«a in a bud slutpc who 1 /jot .'tbox of Doan's Kidney Pills, abou which I -hart heard. I hftve used now two boxen Of them, and tl»c pills hnv< ir moved n'l the patn ami trouble. Then w,\f t\ marked 'improvement right fron the flrst. und ft has continued^ ii|rW S. *', uoomna s...... '»| jlk DoaT| . g indijcy Pills are the right Scattering V- ... »' iMn % in tlic rig |,t place." * For sale bv all deatem— price, 50 cents. Mailed by Foster Milburn Co.. Buffalo, \ Y., sole agenW for the C. 8. Itcmember Mr.Dickoy wa» declared eleeldtl a ballot taken for trustee in plac 4 i ' While there niay.not have been |K>liticB in the school board, it is a fact tkat only %l,tfOU of tliii Bcluxil money was spont with d&mocrata while over $10,000 went tof republli^i^, O^ d^tuocratws in»i4wncw agput wbu tod sorna iuaunoK* o«> the echoof properly ^ad hi» policy <jaja^ell0(l -and & 00W policy was .takeo oat with a republican agent- These thinga-way have joift happened that way but they happened Just the earne. Thff/fact that Daniel, Mcj^aughUn yae lastuight caused some little eomnumt, but wh*n you couie to tbink of it, was it any WOJBW for D&n to "Vftfi thfin" for th« ' doier, or t»w«s ; youag £990 who Wsre ndt voters tw east their' ballots, Bnougb ballots wtre ca»t tMH^h tiaie U> t tb* el«t;titM\ illegal if Uw ca^Uog of illegal _^4«H could do it. We axpoct I ^fllf^pifr ^f fy Q$riiil|u. ^Iftftft b^ltt 1^ )^^4 t for frwM a najaber wlip votad K. Foley with tho following result: H. F. ^Dobbins.. ., .81 W. s' Lpckt^n. "'.'.','...'..., a K. E. .Simmons. ". ....., 4 j Scatterintf Mr. Dobbins was declared C. S. Joy made a few remarkuiu which he called the attention of the ropu bheana tatJae*tet that they badintrotlueetl j>ol- itic« into the schools und that hereafter the democrats would du the same and try and give'them alt they w»»te_d. He spoke of the admirable mariner in which \ Mr. Foley had attended to the duties of his offlc«. - .4 vote of thanks -was tender- • ed Mr. Foley by a rising, vote aw! the mooting adjourned. After the adjournment it was claimed that there were no p0H|iva in the election of two republicans but the fact" lhat Itfi, Dobbins did ntfct receive any votes to cpenk of en the first ballot shows that t&e va.tera were instructed how to vote, Mr. Dobbins is a man who always gives, tbwoagh ftttea^ tion to the duties of a^y office he ae- ej»ta and we have no doubi b. y *ill -f6M-toemt>0rW^fayi»^rA^-^g^ Attefition &r Hegular copeJitve of toande.ry No,'IT, Kts, f^ will be , Boon's, and take no other. OPtJRAHOUSE! ONLY, TUESDAY, 7 aohooi efeectiana will not «ottWfi ( «r nt£l p»mB ILMy to eow* to Or- or ottter Wwi4 ol Ext. of o'clock. All acco w> ft. flnu J. And Oriental Con{?r«-», Prize Band an4 Orchestra. iaudurii «nmpwiy « ~ A TURKISH BATH „! 'T ,1 j '*'.? irj WELL WORTH YOUR WHILE -t-^ Line of New Goods ^^^^^^^ •. ^ * « t >,t i have never assortment of GOODS g SILKS, <> _—. Great Bargains in this Department. Se$ dur 26c all wool Novel- tlep. AJso our special drive iii 50c Cheviots. R. & G. Corsets BEST ON THE MAJRKET. SPECIAL PBICE8 IN " .UNDERWEAR AND HOSIERY Wff&D plpn*« ycm »« to Unth miaHry ftnd'prire All the Latest Ffids and Staples in KID GLOVES Of Every Orade and Color. CRASHES 4c yd. and upwards Oenuine, A^Complete Line of Children's Underwear CARPETS AND MATTINGS * ' V \ In this department we have an extra large and fine stock this season and no dealer,is making a lower price on warrantable goods; than we are.V ^ LINOLEUM IN ALL THE LATEST STYLES. aok us over before the asrortment is broken. \ RETT & SONS. \ PHICES, - I Again we annonce the arrival .... of the handsomest piook of Pall rics that hue ever been Gur*gootl for- Q to receive, and we are now awaiting the' ftrrival of our pntronu at our »tore, to make thorn up- into perfect fitting suitu ««d overcoats, flnjahed an*l trimmed in our usual elegant und jwrfed, taste. Scotch nutting at $27, English Cntaway Suitings at *28, Englieh Trons- iffa at $5, $6, 91, 9» and »9. J. J. DE SHANE, MKBOHANT Why Itfot Educate • We fcave secured the agency for several First tailors to Ibe trade, Tlj© sjpeqial order <l wft« started toy clothing manufacturers « B. W " Ladies' Special Invitation LADIES selifl th*> taia'jua OzMtuit la Java, it ia tlie flaestj AT S. V. R, PEPPER'S. are Invited to R Manufacturers' Sale of mim AND a ucce»s l^caiiiie >l tbiicK5iMswitf oi correct urement Unacrupvilqui m§i» fot into it sought to dd oujsineas by giving big inducements a vT ^ - I-T/" _>-(-- r to make it a speciftl business, so .between tht> man ufaeturer's prom and a big profit tpa speqial aalee man the customer gets poor value. Old »nd reli able houses will do this. If you wish to get a t in this line at ft little advance on read> made clothing Iprices aee imr ttxmt ba _ Start right an 4 remember aay buaineas of auy kind done with us muflt be eatiafftctory, as we guarantee aatisfactionEor no sale. ^^ H»U1 Pri v i ti-ge Gat yowr M werifc dooe at the C%^[. ft*-lj£&r———'—— - i— . ' a v, i, up tt 4 n. «.. N«» York »#iiJii*i.-tui*fii. ouly up^to 4:30 p. nu, Wedut*sday, SIPT.? like I -AT- AKD- 3ch-ol of Shorthand and Typcwrtiug, . IIATTI.K CUKKK, MICH. .young iwn nit'l wonioii l t>r«rttii1)Ii' cdurntioii ' .. n«efiil aiHl t>r«rttii1)Ii' cdurntioii, One if th- best fqiiijuit'i! '!>u.-lnr*!* collwiw* ' II "'" ountry-. CAD'on »r wrU<» for i>arilcularc tunt ' ' i E*t«btUhed 1882. " Incorporated |89G. GEORGE INCERSOLL, GENERAL. . at^htfleu yum exi F Pro**t«^nU .)rtv« Kpeci^t F«VMM> 1i| Ihtob»te Ooorw. P»rtJ«« b»v'njK t>usine«^ ip probate ocmrt» - J )t to th«ic fBU)jr«»^ ly nuu»nlt Urn. •£ f ^ Deeds, Mortgages and , 4 ^ >

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