Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on January 23, 1935 · Page 6
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 6

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 23, 1935
Page 6
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PAGE SIX THE PAMPA ETAILY NEWS, Pampa, f &&& , JANUARY 23, Classified Advertising Rates Information All want sis are atrlctly cash and iri accepted over the phonp with the positive understnmliriR: thftt the account !• to bo paid when our collector calls. PHONE TOUR WANT AD TO 666 or 667 Onr courteous ad-tnker will receive your Want Ad, he) pine you word it. AM ads for ^Situation Wanted" nn/) "LjOHt and Found" arc cnsh with order and will not be accepted over the telephone. Out-of-town advertising, cash irith order. The Pampa Daily NEWS reserves tha right to classify all Wants Ada under appropriate hendinffH and to revise or withhold from publication any copy deemed objectfonnhle. Notice of any error must bo Riven In time for correction before second Insertion. In case of any error or an omission In advertioins; of any nature The Doily NEWS shall not be held linhte for damages further thnn (1 e amount re- utfved for such ailvcrtiaiiiK. LOCAL RATE CARD EFFECTIVE NOVEMBER 23, I9S1 1 day, 2c a word; minimum 30c. " 2 days, 4c a yrurd, minimum fiOc. lc per word for ench succeedina iasu* ifter tha first two issues. The Pampa Daily NEWS REAL VALUES Four 1029 Ford Coupes. Thrre 19.10 Chevrolet Coupes. Three 1930 Ford Tuclors. Tivo 1S30 Buick Coupes. Many Lnte Models Priced Right TOM ROSE (Ford) NEW VE.IK VAI.PES! I!l3t Chevrolet Setlnn, hcnter anil rndici ___ $.190 1931 C'hevrolet Conch .__ r>6!i 1H31 C'hevrolct Coupe, Ilnlloon tire*-. 2."iO 210 1!>2!> Ford Fordor 11I.12 Chevrolrt Truck Hl.11 Clicvrolcl Conch t!l.12 Chc-vrolet fi-tthccl Sednn __ . . .1i." 11KU Chevrolet IJ-wheel Town Keilnn . >1G."> l!tl!!> I-'ord Coupe II'.'NI Chevrolet Oinch I!).'H) (:hevrolet Sednn - -- -.- fore it. and provided further that all meetings of said Electrical Examining Board shall be held in the City Hall of the City of Pampa mid three members of said Board shall constitute a quorum, nnd all examinations held by said Electrical Examining Board shall be held in tile City Hall and all papers nnd questions propounded and issued in thri holding of said exam. innlJon shall be answered in the City Hall, nnd nil of such papers and questions shall be graded in Die City Hall, a majority of the Board being present. And provid- rrt further that all employees of the Electrical Examining Boarc who are not cit^ members shall be allowed nnd paid Two Dollars and 50 cents ($2.50) for each ex- Cl'l.lIKKSO.N-KMAI.I.INC; CIIRVKOI.KT CO., Int. Beauty Parlor* PERMANENTS Our No Burnt permancnts arc beautiful, but not expensive. No students. Sort water Pads not used second lime. Finger wave dry 25 cents. Hair tinting. No hair or scalp burns. Eugene and Shclton pcrmancnts $1,50 to $7.50. Fhonc 848 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Yates 1st Door \V<«t New Post Office, Entrance Tailor Shop amination held; and each, applicant for license under the terms of this ordinance shall pay to the - l|c ^ Electrical Examining Board a fee of Five Dollars ($5.00) to defray the expenses of raid examination, and to pay the members of said Board (heir fee, as provided for herein. 2. All persons, firms, individuals, co-pnrlncrships or corporations desiring to engage in the business of installing wires, appliance, apparatus, fixtures, or electrical signs shall, before doing any such work, take out a license and make a bond, acceptable to the City of Pampa, and pats examination by the Electrical Examining- Board. The license shall be issued by the City Secretary, and DOROTHY, vou're-telling me, I al- l . h = ^ therefor shall be $100.00 wavs keep mv school i>irl figure by for lhc first vear < Payable In »d- chewing Wrigley.s gum.' Esther. vaacs ; ? aid " cens e shall be rc- lp _ 2 49 ncwccl at $25.00 per annum as it CARSON LOFTUS Room 303, Combs«WorIey Hide. Phone 710 Miscellaneous If Mrs. Pat Crawford will call at the Pampa Daily NEWS office, she will rcceivt; a free ticket to KCO Paul expires, p.ntl may be revoked at any time by the order of the City Commission for the violation of any of the provisions of this Or- MADAME—Spiritualist reader and advisor. Hours from 8 till 9. 106 South Purviance, one-half block south of West Foster, just off Amarillo highway. Opm on Sunday. Cp-251 Wanted—Misc. _ FOR RENT—One-room furnished house. 508 South Ballard. Phone 595-W. 1 c-249 If MrsT George Doiver will call at the Pampa Daily NEWS office, she will receive a free ticket to seo Paul Muni and Bette Davis in "Bordertown," Friday or Saturday. FOR RENT—Rooms and apartments. Across strest from Your Laundry. American Hotel. Cc-254 FOR RENT—Furnished rooms. 320 W. Francis. lp-249 | Muni and Bettc Davis in "Border- | dinance, and the offending persons town." Friday or Saturday. or jij.,,^ or corporations shall bo prohibited from engaging in such work in the corporate limits of this City for one year. 3. The application for a license before same is issued, shall be UH -^ U ^ made to the Electrical Inspector, and he shall so notify the Exam. ining Board who shall certify that the applicant has been duly qualified by examination "before license is issued by the City Secretary, and in no ca£s shall a license be issued to a minor. _ 4. Any person, firm, or corpora- ORDIXANCE NO. 171 ! lion holding a license or transfer- An ordinance creating the office | ring same, or allow the use of of electrical inspector and the fame directly or indirectly by any electrical examining board and | other person or firm, for the pur- dnfining their respective duties, i pose of obtaining a permit to do any. regulating the way and m'anner electrical work herein specified, j WANTED — Drcssmarking. Plain ] and fancy. Miss Larson. Smith I Eldg. "Room one. 3c-249 Legal Notice FOR RENT—Front bedroom. Close in. Adjoins bath.' Large closet. Ladies only. 407 N. Russell. lc-249 FOR RENT—Bedroom, next to bath. Basement garage. Furnace heat. 446 Hill St. Cc-253 FOR RENT~NiceTIarge~front bedroom, next to bath, large closet. On i pavement. Low rent. Men only. 820 N. Frost. tf FOR RENT—Bedroom. Men only. Close in. 402 North Ballard. Phone 351-J. in whi-h electrical wires and apparatus shall be installed in the City of Pampa, Texas, and providing for the general inspection of such work; providing for the issuance of license and permits; providing for fees to be charged for doing of such work; repeal- iny ordinance Nos. 53 and 149 and all ardinanccs and parts of ordinances in conflict herewith; providing a penalty for violation of this ordinance. Be it ordained by Ihe City Commission of the City of Pampa, Texas: Section 1. Electrical Inspector That there is hereby created the office of Electrical Inspector of Board and Room ROOM AND BOARD—Vacancy for 4 men. 403 North West Street. 6C-249 For Sale FOR SALE—Six rooms soocl furniture. Will sell all to one person or in separate sets. Come after 6 p. in. 818 North Somervillc. 2_£-250 FOR SALE—One buffet, $0.50. Ward Washer, $15.00. Incubator at half price. Ladies' and men's coats and suits sacrificed. Irwin's. 531 South Cuyler. 2p-249 4c-2491 the City of Pampa, Texas, who shall be a practical and .skillful j electrician, and who shall be selected and appointed by the City ; Manager of the City of Pampa, ) with the approval of the City Comi mission of the City of Pampa, Texas, and who shall hold his office at tlie will and pleasure of the City Commission. An appeal may be taken from any ruling, inter, pretation, requirement or decision made by the Electrical Inspector FOR SALE:—Feeds, grains, .salt, seeds and all kinds of poultry supplies. Zeb's Feed Store. 24G-tfc If Mrs. C. R. Nelson will call at the Pampa Daily NEWS office, she will receive a free ticket to see Paul Muni and Betto Davis in "Bordertown," Friday or SatuVday. FOR SALE— 24 Per cent dairy ration at tho most reasonable price in town. Zeb's Feed Store. FOR SALE— 6 milcs~of~(MncTir\va^ ter pipe. Phone 11, Borger, or write Box C6. Borgor. 6c-219 FOR SALE— Few more pair White King pigeons. 513 South Sunnier Street. 12c-254 FOR SALE— New Zealand white rabbits, Chinchilla buck. 513 S. Sumner St. 12c-254 Wanted To Buy NOTICE We buy junk batteries, radiators, tires, tubes, brass pistons, and copper wire. Automobiles bought for salvage. C. C. MATHENY 023 West Foster WANTED TO BUY—New and used furniture. 316 Soutli Cuyler. 26p-2fi3 Help Wanted MALE HELP WANTED— Steady employment. Weekly cash pay. Liberal contract. Unique plans. Real opportunity—capable men. Mid-Continent Life Insurance Company. Eakle Bldg, Amarillo. V 7C-255 Ltj»t fl, STOLEN—A black and white, long-haired, natural fobbed tail male dog. A mixture Rf Alaskan Collie and Shepherd, jige between three and four months. Reward for returning to 507 N. gazel. 3t-25_0 1OST—-Taxi driver's "cap. Reward. f Phone 9». 2p-249 |X>ST, STRAYED OR STOLEN— Inward for return of 9-months old gray Persian cat. Disappeared #ai, fi, by filling an application with the Board of Examiners and the decision of the Board of Examiners in said matter appealed from shall be final. Section II. Application for Permit That all companies, firms, co_ partnerships, corporations or individuals who desire to have electric wiring 1 , fixtures, or. apparatus, or electrical work of any kind or description on or in any building or in any premises in the corporate limits of this city, shall before such installation is commenced make application to the City Electrical Inspector for a permit to do such work. Section III. Definitions (n) The term "electrical wiring" herein used is intended to mean the installation" of electrical wires, fixtures, appliances, apparatus, or the addition to any wires, fixtures or apparatus or appliance used or to be used on or in any building, or in any premises for the purpose of transmitting electrical current for electric light, heat, power, house annunciator system, electric bells, telephones, signal systems, private telephone or telegraph, radios, lighting fixtures or for any purpose, of any kind, nature or description. Section IV. Examining 1 Board; License Fees; Inspection Fees; Permit Fees; Bond 1. BOARD OF EXAMINERS CREATED; AND THEIR DUTIES DEFINED. That a Board of Electrical Examiners be and the same is heretoy created for the City of Pampa, Texas, to be known as the "Electrical Examining Board," which shall consist of four members, one member of which shall be tho City Manager, one member of which shall l>e the City Electrician, and two members of which shall be selected by the City Commission. All members of said Board shall be residents of the City of Pampa, Texas, and shall be appointed by the CHiy Manager with the consent and approval of the City Commission. It is tho duty of the Electrical Exam- ing Board to examine contractors as to their ability and qualifications to do electrical work in the City of Pampa, Texas, and if found to be competent to issue said applicant a certificate stating that applicant is to do electrical wprk in the City of Pampa, Texas. Provided that said Board, may promulgate Us own rulings governing meetings and arp,eeeo;in£s be- pate o.| shall be fined as herein provided, or their license revoked or both upon conviction. 5. License which are allowed to lap.ce, not to exceed thirty days shall upon renewal be dated back to expiration of old license. A lapse of more than thirty days requires a new application. G. All licensed electrical contractors, firms or corporations shall file with the City Secretary their correct addresses and telephone number, and any changes in address should be immediately filed with the City Secretary. 7. Where the holder of a. license changes the firm name, or where additional members are taken into the firm, or where a firm is incorporated, a notice of such change must be forwarded at once to the City Secretary, otherwise license will be revoked because of its questionable ownership. 8. Surety Bonds acceptable to the City of Pampa, Texas, shall be furnished to the amount of $2,000.00 and shall be renewed each year, to insure faithful performance of all the provisions of this Ordinance', and all of such bonds, as provided for herein shall expire on September 1, of each year. 9. INSPECTION FEES: The fees to be charged for inspections of any electrical work in the cor. porate limits of the citv of Pampa, shall, be as follows, and shall be paid at the office of the City Secretary: (a) For from one to ten out. lets, new or old work, $1.00. For each additional outlet five (.05) cents. All switch loops other than entrance switch loops are classed as outlets.. (b) For electrical motors, $1.00 each. For electrical generators, $2.00 each, including switchboard. ft:) For electric signs, $1.00 each. (d) Motion picture machines, $1.00 each. ' (e) For temporary installation of show windows, or exhibitions, conventions and the like, there shall be charged a fee of $1.00 for each inspection. (f) For inspection of electrical apparatus for which no fee is herein prescribed, or for re-inspection of work being rejected after second inspection, a fee of $1.00 will be charged, such fee must be paid before the person, firm, company or corporation doing such work will be granted other permits. £% (g) For repairs where no additional outlets are added, or for new extended service, a fee of seventy- five (.75) cents for each inspection will be charged. (h) Store buildings, or apartments, 'each store, each apart, mcnt where separate service is installed, a permit must be procur. ed for each store or apartment, as the case may be. (i) For electric fixtures, from one to ten, a fee of $1.00 will be charged, and fiyei (.05) cents for each additional' fixture installed. (j) Ceiling fans classed as fixtures and charged for as same. Where an addition or extension is made to any electric installation or any change is made therein, that was not covered by original permit, then a permit must be obtained for such change or extension. Section V. Duties of Inspector 1. Upon the completion and receipt of final inspection papers covering wqrk upon which a permit has toeen issued, the City peo- trical inspector sftall rpake final inspection and if found to conn- ply with this Ordinance a certifi- . §l»U be stating that thfc work has been done according to the provisions of this Ordinance and the rules governing the respective class to which it belongs. 2. Whenever an addition is made to old work which is not in a safe condition, the City Electrical inspector shall issue a statement that the new work compiles with the rules. 3. T'iie City Electrical Inspector is herein given authority to refuse to issue permit on an addition to old work where the old work is In an unsafe condition, until such is changed to come up to a satisfactory condition. And all light, heat and power companies shall be notified not to make service connection un. til they receive clearance or written permission from the City Secretary of the City of Pampa. 4. The Electrical Inspector is hereby granted authority to inspect and re-inspect all overhead, undgrgiAund and interior wires and apparatus conducting current for light, heat and power, excepting on the property of companies and corporations operating under a regular franchise, and when said apparatus is found to be in a condition dangerous to .'ife or property, he shall notify the owner thereof to replace them in .a safe condition within 48 hours, or be subject to the penalties hereinafter provided, (excepting cases where more than 48 hours arc required to do such work). Whenever it shall become necessary tho Electrical Inspector shall call upon the Department of Police and it, shall be their duty to assist in the enforcement of provisions of this Ordinance. 5. It shall be the duty of the Electrical Inspector to inspect all public and isolated light plants (excepting property of companies and corporations operating under a regular franchise) now or hereafter in operation, at least once In each year; or more often if ap. plication is made by the owners thereof. He shall see that any dangerous or defective machinery, wires or apparatus are removed or repaired immediately at the ev- pense of owner or agent of said property. .6. It shall be the duty of the-' Electrical Inspector to cause all dead wires, unused poles or elec. trie apparatus on the outside of buildings or in streets or alleys to be removed at the expense of the owners thereof by giving the said owners written notice. 7. The City Electrical Inspector may be called upon as many times as required to inspect new building 1 in course of construction in order not to delay construction, and must inspect such work within 48 hours from time notice is receive^, Sunday and holidays excepted. 8. The City Electrical Inspector shall have the authority to de.- mand building contractors to open such work that in any manner conceals electrical wiring that has been closed without -his knowledge or permission, and in . no case shall the City Electrical Inspector issue clearance until he is satisfied that the work is in accordance with the provisions of -this Ordinance. Inspectors shall also have the right to refuse to issue a clearance on any wiring that is concealed in such a manner that lie cannot fully satisfy himself that it has been done in accordance with this ordinance. Section VI. Duties of WiringContractors: 1. All persons desiring to en;age in the business of installing :lectrlcal wires or apparatus must ;ake out license, make surety bond, and take out permits covering such work before commencing work of any kind. 2. No person not employed by a licensed contractor or electrician shall not be permitted to engage n the business of installing wires' :or profit or otherwise and if found guilty shall be fined according to penalties of this Ordinance. 3. Wiring contractors shall turn into the City Electrical Inspector all additions to old work or new work for inspection, immediately upon completion of work. If necessary, an inspection must be' turned in upon work that is under construction before completion, in order not to delay construction, and when finished, must have a final inspection. In order for a final clearance to be issued all work must be completed, i. e. fixtures all hung, and switches and plates all on. Contractors, upon request, shall submit plans to the City Electrical Inspector before permit will be issued. 4. Wiring contractors must make all connections, leaving leads for fixtures, connect up all switches and receptacles installed by him, also solder and tape all joints and correct any defect that he may be notified of by the City Elec. trlcal Inspector within the limit specified. Permits for the installation of fixtures must be taken out by party hanging them, and separate inspection fees paid. Section VII. Temporary Clearance Or Hook lips: 1. When for good and sufficient cause it hscomes necessary to have electricity on any installation before final clearance is issued, the City Electrical Inspector may, if all parts to which current is applied are in a safe and satisfactory condition, issue a temporary clearance',- provided further that a temporary service is installed satisfactory to the City Electrical Inspector and Electric Company must not make connection to permanent service until after permanent clearance is issued. Temporary clearance will automatically lapse at the expiration of 30 days, and must be renewed, if necessary. 2. It shall be unlawful for any owner, contractor or workma*! in any manner to interfere with any electric wiring being installed ill •or on any building. If in course of Construction of building the wiring is in such position as to Interfere with its erection or completion as ftr by ^gns, ncto t&m tor Debs Turn Messenger Boys to Help Million AtfieHemis Say Happy Bii*tlulay to Roosevelt With New England fishermen, western cowpunchers, northern lumberjacks and sedate metropolitan business men joining hands to stage Birthday Balls for the President in more than 5,600 cities and towns on January 30, the debutantes are doing their bit by turning messenger boys to help a million Americans say happy birthday to Mr, Roosevelt and thereby aid in the drive to raise funds to fight infantile paralysis. It's all made possible by a plan under which the Postal Telegraph Company, as Its contribution, has offered to gather the names of all Americans wishing to aid the Birthday Ball movement and present these names to the President on the world's largest birthday greeting message. Postal officials throughout the country are accepting names at twenty-five cents each, the entire amount to be devoted to the war against infantile paralysis. Seventy cents of every dollar will return to the com- munity raising it, the other 30 per cent going to the President's Birthday Ball Commission for Infantile Paralysis Research, of which Col. Henry L. Doherty is chairman. Right and left, child sufferers who will be aided by the novel birthday greeting plan in every city, (center) Miami, Fla., debs rustling up names for the big message, and (below) American youngsters who will be spared the ravages of infantile paralysis if the disease is conquered in this country. Legal Notice mediately be given the person in. stalling the wiring, and the needed change shall be made by such person. On inspecting the electrical wiring of any building, the Electrical Inspector shall leave a tag or notice attached to service. . This notios shall stale clearly whether the wiring Is approved or is to be kept open for correction, and if wiring is to be kept open *f or correction or further inspection no person shall lathe, ceil or in any manner contfeal any wiring until they are informed that such wiring has been approved by the City Electrical Inspector. The general contractor or owner shall be held responsible for any violation of this Ssction. 3. It shall be unlawful for any Public Service Company serving the City of Pampa to hook up to any building, tent, outdoor wiring of any nature, kind or description, without first obtaining a clearance 1 from the City Electrical Inspector. Whenever service is dis_ continued to any building in fire- limits for any cause watever (excepting non-payment of bill) clearance will be necessary before reconnecting. This shall mean any time a biulding is vacated the City Electrical Inspector must satisfy himself that there has not been any additions or alterations made to wiring of such buildings that might create a fire hazard. There will be no charge made for clearance covering such buildings and clearance will be issued as often as necessary. * Section VIII. Unlawful to Use Defective Material It shall be unlawful for any person to use or install any electrical apparatus, material, appliances, or fixtures for interior wiring of any kind in the corporate limits of the City of Pampa, Texas, unless such apparatus,- materials, or fixtures meet the requirements of the National Board of Fire Underwriters and must bear their label, and of this Ordinance. The rules of the National Board of Fire Underwriters, known as National Electric Code, are hereby made a part of this Ordinance, and will be' considered as authority upon all questions pertaining to installations of electrical wiring not covered in this Ordinance. Section IX. Installation 1. All underground wires of a (branch circuit, must be protected by fuses or circuit breakers. The neutral conductor must be identi_ fied and properly connected to all branch circuits and to be the screw shell of all sockets and need not be fused. 2. Wiring for light, heat or power in all buildings hereinafter er- ec^e'd, and all additions to existing buijdings in the fire limits of the City of Pampa, Texas, shall be installed in a rigid iron conduit, or metal moulding system. All buildings hereinafter erected for mercantile 'purposes, all churches, schools, rooming houses, garages for three or more cars, hotels, hospitals, factories, grain elevators, filling stations, refineries, apartment houses for more than two apartments, all basements, all buildings other than private residences of two or more stories, and all buildings to be used for public entertainment within the city limits of the City of Pampa, Texas, shall all wiring for light, heat and power installed in a complete conduit or metal mould- ing system. All changes or addi- tioji to wiring used for light, heat and power within the fire limits shall be in conduit or metal mould- ing. 3. All power wiring shall include all necessary wiring for electric motors, rectifiers, generators, electric heating and all electrical apparatus other than lighting and signalling equipment, and shall be in rigid iron conduit. All switches controlling .motors or light other tftan th.ose mounted on switch boards shall be what is known as safety type externally pperatedr indicating- the on and off position. 4. Meta]' moulding can only be used on exposed work. !j. All current consuming openings installed on main celling of Legal Notice store buildings for general illuminations shall be made of 300 watts capacity, and in no case will more than four such openings be 'Permitted on one circuit of No. 14 wlr>3. For ceiling fan outlets four only will be permitted on one circuit of No. 14 wire',' and circuits and outlets must be tagged so as to identify them. In all other installations eight current consuming outlets with a maximum of twelve hundred watts consumption shall be considered a circuit. 6. All conduits must b3 secured to boxes, junction boxes or cabinets by placing approved lock nuts on outside of box and brushings inside of boxes. The point of entrance of service wires in all cases shall be designated by the Power Company, unless proper lines carrying the proper current de. sired do exist at a point easily accessible and at shortest distance to supply, necessitating only one point of contact to customer's building. 7. All service leads must b9 en., closed in continuous rigid iron conduit as covere'd toy Code. The wire used shall not be smaller than a No. 8 B. & S. Gauge copper rubber covered wire, as covered by Code. All service conduit must be provided with approved fittings, with drop loop and wire extending at least 24 inches beyond its end, at a location as outlined above, and at least 10 feet, and not more than 20 feet, from the ground. Where buildings are constructed of brick, stucco, plaster, stone or tile, '{." eye bolts must be provided to securely support all service wires. 8. The service conduit must terminate in a main line safety cabinet of approved design. It must include in one unit an externally operated switch, service fuses and meter testing connections, except where main lines, switch or circuit breakers are installed on a switch board or panel-board, supported by switch board fittings and not mounted on or in walls or cabinets. The main line safety switch must toe. designed with only one set of fuses and accessible to customer only when switch is in "off" position. And cannot fo3 restored to closed position until fuse compart, ment is entirely closed. It must enclose the terminal chamber of the meter and all conductors between the switch and the meter and must foe sealed (by the Power Company). Load side fuses accessible to the customer are required on all circuits, including single circuit installation. All meter entrance cabinets are sealed by the Power Company. The breaking of these seals by unauthorized persons, or tampering with the meters or cut-outs protecting the same, or any wires or switches in connection with the meter wiring, is prohibited, and such persons will be prosecuted. 9. AU installations of 4 circuits or more must have standard panel boards enclosed in standard approved steel cabinets. 10. Exit lights will be required in all apartments, and hotel buildings more than two stories high, and must .be connected direct • to house meter. All lights indicating fire escape exits shall be red lights with the words "exit" clearly lettered. 11. All conduits installed in underground work, ice boxes and refrigerating plants must be in rigid galvanized iron pipe and lead covered wire. 12. All osiling and bracket out. let boxes must bo equipped with standard fixtures studs. Fixture studs must also be! securely fastened with stove bolts and not less than four bolts to the stud will be accepted, or an approved boltless stud. Section X. Interior Conduits and Wiring: 1. Conduit must lift installed as a complete system beWe wires are installed. s Conduit must be equipped at every outlet with approved fittings or outlet box. >ln cbmpiet- led installations the box must be covered by an approves cover. 3, For concealed worj; la walls Legal Notice and ceilings composed of plaster on wooden joints or stud constructions, outlet boxes and cutout cabinets must be installed so that the front edge will be even with finished surface. 3. In wood walls and ceilings, outlet boxes and cabinet boxes must be installed so that front edges will either be flush with the finished surface or project there- from. Junction boxes must be placed in accessible positions. 4. In extra hazardous locations where exposed to inflammable gas- sas all wiring must be done with vapor proof fitj/ings. . Section XI. Fixtures 1. All joints in fixtures must be soldered, or an approved solderless connection, 2. Ceiling fans may be connected with approved solderless connections. Section XH. Temporary and Outdoor Wiring- 1. Wiring for temporary service such as open air and tent exhibitions must be done in such a way that the Inspection Department can satisfy itself that wiring is safe from fire hazards and for public safety. 2. In tent organizations carrying their own electricians, inspections shall be made upon application. 3. Wiring for lawn parties must be done in a safe manner, satisfactory to the City Electrical Inspector. 4. Architects and builders are required, when drawing plans and specifications, to make provisions for channeling and pocketing . of buildings for electrical conductors ns may be required by the City Electrical Inspector, and to state 1 definitely in snch specifications; and mark on such plans, the location of all switches (except main line switch and cut-out), and state the maximum . number of lamps at each outlet. Section XIII. Fuses. It shall be unlawful for any per- Legal Notice son or persons to replace any fuse or fuses with a greater capacity than permitted by the National Code or to replace any fuse or protective device with any type of substitute other than that approved by the National Code. Section XIV. Penalty. Any person, firm or corporation violating any of the provisions of • this ordinance shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and the person, firm or corporation or any employee, agent, manager or officer • thereof, who Is guilty of violation of the provisions, shall, upon conviction thereof, be fined not less than $10.00, and not, more than $200.00, for each offense, and every violation of and each and every day's failure or refusal to comply with the said provisions will constitute n separate offense and in case of willful or, continued violations by any person, firm or corporation as aforesaid or their employees, servants or officers, the city shall have the power to revoke and repeal any license under which said person, firm or corporation may be acting and to revoke and repeal all permits, privileges and francises granted to said person, firm or corporation as aforesaid. * Section XV. That Ordinance Numbers 53 and 149 and all Ordinances or parts of Ordinances in conflict herewith are <. hereby repealed. Sect ion-XVI. The rules and requirements of the National Board of Fire Underwriters for the installation of electric wiring and apparatus known as the "National Electrical Code" are rec- cgnized as standard authority on the subject of electric wiring and installation of electric apparatus, and the City 'Electrical Inspector, inspecting all electrical installations, is hereby instructed to refer thereto. Section XVII. Tills Ordinance shall take effect immediately after its final passage, approval, and publication, as required by law. PASSED AND APPROVED this 21st day of January, A. D. 1935. W. A. BRATTON, Mayor. ATTEST: W. M, CRAVEN, City Secretary. (Jan. 23-30.) Read our Classined column* AUTOMOBILE AND TRACTOR REPAIRING By Experienced Mechanic All Work Guaranteed W. J. TURNER Cor. 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