Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 17, 1946 · Page 13
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 13

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 17, 1946
Page 13
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StftfeET «.„ JnBft*. t&. 16— (/P)- Efldinsr of {M U. S- •**! strike, prosfieetn of labor fcAftRtffifttti efuewtiere *nd persistence of htfWtlo'n phycholosrjr brottfrht heavy buying IBtt thf itetV rrtnrket today on one of the Iarjj**t SsttirBay vblofnes of the past nev- en ytn**. jifnYhet'otii <btoc)il! of 1,000 to 7,000 shares apj*|*<* | 3 M the atnrt, and for a brief InteiNial, the hfeb npeetl ticker tape was t*>b Ailntit« behind actual flnrpr transac- tloti*. Si*h« since 1(131 were jplentlftil. Thinafem of around 1,300,000 shares com- partd vtfitwh 920,000 tt week ago. Sp*cnlat)ve and inVeatment forces seemed to 8*r!v8 further cncouragoment from the (Bdmlnistrfttlon's pay-price formula which *ai expected to brine • rpeacc on many battling union fronts and inaugurate the Sonif-Hwftlted postwar business boom. The boosting of steel prices and wages also t*riiS£d to- confirm Wall Street's ideas of > an Inflationary spiral. The ' result was that steels, motors and other industrials attracted eaKcr purchasers. Rails nnd utilities were more or less restrained. Account* were trimmed here nnd there on the thought that recen developments m«y have been partly discounted. th front most of the time were U. S. Steel, Bethlehem, General Motors, Chrysler, Goodrich, Montgomery Wnrd, Sears Rocbuck, international Harvester, Aviation Corp., Americafi Telephone, Anaconda. American Smoll-lnf;. General Electric, Air Reduction, Du Pont, Allied Chemicals, Johnn-Manville, Union Pacific, Baltimore A Ohio, Texas Co., U. S. & Foreign Securities nnd American Radiator. Cotton futures established new 22-year highs. Bonds generalls improved. NEW YORK STOCKS By The A&soclated Press Am Airlines ____ 12 Kl RO ! Ji Rl AT&T ______ - ____ 2t 1 9-1 V.' ( 193U. 19414 Am Wool _________ 12 48i.i 47 : ! s 47% Anaconda ---'- ____ 79 Sl ! !'i Sfl;« fil',4 ATCH T&SB ____ 10 107% 107 VI 107 Vi Avia Corp ______ 188 14% 13;' s M Beth Steel ________ 43 111"/, 110 110 Brnnlff __________ 6 31% .Chrysler ______ ..--22 134 '/, 53 Vi 54 Con t-Mot ________ 30 -23'X. 23 to 23V, Cont Oil Del —.15 MTs 370<. 37% CurtioH Wriithl -117 11% 11 Vt U'/i Fl-ccport Sulph — a 64 Ki 64 64 to Ocn El ___________ 56 51% r,l% r.1% • Ocn Mot, ________ n 7.«'/j 7»'/i 78 Us Oooilrich BF _____ 1« 88 86% 3ii Oreyhound Corp — fl l!3i/j O.'l'/i, Cit'/J Oulf Oil _____ ..... 19 27% 27 '/i 27% Houston Oil ____ X DG'Ki »«H DCVi Int «nr» ________ 12 30'/, 30 30 (Lockheed -------- 11 41% 41% 41% M K T __________ 16 I'p'/i. In'/i Montgom Ward -24 83% 83 83Vj Nail Gyps ______ 21 2»" s 2!)-% 29 VS No Am Av ____ «4 16% IBto IBVi Ohio Oil ________ 38 22 1 /, 22to 22% Packard _____ —196 12% 12».<j 12% Pan Atn Air ____ 60 2S 21% 24% Panhnndlu P&U —18 12% 12 12 Penney (JC) __- 6 BB'Jl 60 1/, 5BU Phillips Pet ---- 12 54% liZ',i 54% Plynf Oil ________ B 24 23 M. 24 •Pure Oil --.—23 23 .22% 22% RCA __________ 109 18'Xi 18to 18to Repub Steel ____ 100 40% 39% 39.% Sears R ________ 44 44% 41 to 44% Sinclair ...... —105 19'/., 19'/i 19'/j Soc Vac ______ 1-129 17 16% 16% . pgou Pac ________ K 64% 64% 64% Std Cnl __________ 32 40% 40% 46% Std Ind _________ 15. 41% 41 to 4.1to Std NJ __________ 41 68% 68 Vi 68% Sun Oil ___________ 1 66% Tex Co __________ 11 BS'/i 57% 67% Tex Gulf Prod - 7 llto 11 11 to Tex Gulf Sul _____ 14 53 . 51% 63 Tex Pac C&O - 6 26 '/j 26 26 '/j Tidewater A Oil-26 20'X: 20% Zfli/j US Rub ________ 10 71% 71 71 'US Stl __________ 96 Ofi^i 06 '4 95% West Un A ______ 18 52% Bl',4 61 Vj . Woolworth (FVV) 18 B7 1 /, 66% B7'/j, . • '• t FOKT WORTH GRAIN FORT WORTH, Feb. 16— (fP)— Wheat No. 1 hflrd according to protein and bill- Ing *1.78%-84%. Oate No. 3 white OO'/i-Sl'A Sorghums No. 2 yellow milo per 100 pounds $2.48-61. CHICAGO GRAIN CHICAGO, Feb. 16— (fP)— Moderate plot- it taking and other liquidation canceled gains or more ' than 2 cents n buuhcl for May ryo today after brokers had bid aggressively for the grain against light offerings in early dciilinKs. Wheat; corn and barky closed unchanged at ceilings of $1.8014, $1.18'/i. and $l.22Vj ! oats unchanged to % cent higher tljan yesterday's finish, Miiy 81-cent ceiling: i-ye % lower to % higher, May Correspondent's Life Notebook By PAUL fe. MASON (For Hal Boyle) MANILA.—<#>)—Col. John G. Pugh, who as senior aide to Gen. Jonathan Wainwright became an almost, legendary figure of derring- do during the last days of Corregidor, has returned to "The Rock" to reclaim records which somehow (survived a fire he himself had set deep within Malinta tunnel. Pugh, once described by Wnin- wright as "more like a son," spent more than three years in Japanese prisons. He came here as a witness In the .war crimes trial of Lt. Gen. Mastiharu Horhma. His arrival followed by only a day or two the discovery of charred records, some of them signed by Wain- wrlght, others by junior officers, in a lateral of Malinta tunnel. Pugh, amazed at the recovery, told Lt. Col. Leroy Greene of Harrisburg, Pa., executive officer for a combat history unit, that he personally had carried the records there, ignited them an "watched until they were fairly well consumed." The blaze apparently dio.d ov.t. leaving some undamaged. The J-,i- ancse never disturbed the pil- — and by curious turn of fate there Mew They're Talking About Jlf-Propefled Oners .r.d That post-postwar world sure will be great if only half the wonderful things that arc being dreamed up now come true. Latest is the jet-propelled ocean liner, shown in model form above. It was designed by J. Tomadelli of New York City, who says it will carry 6000 passenger? acrors the ocean in 30 hours at approximately $50 per round trip. He estimates the cost of the 1100-f i, . vessel at $35^000,000. ;ho papers remained until crews wern called to clean away the debris of a minor tunnel rave-in. Landing at bomb-marked navy dock, Pugh. and his party went through thr: tunnel to a. spot on the old "market place," near the foot of Dr-n-'or hill whcir Waimvright handed his document of surrender to a Japanese colonel. , Carefully, Pugh eyed the landscape, spotted again several familial- reference points. Briskly lie stepped away to a location which he said marked the northwest corner of the old market plane. "It was right here." he remarked. For five hours Pugh led his party by jeep and afoot, first to the surrender spot, then Denver hill, then to "topside," location of barracks, officers' quarters, the old parade ground and a lighthouse. E..nvn the rc'ay. along ofikrn' ;uvv. were the timbered ruins of n house which left to board a submarine for the United Stales just before "The Bock" fell. Two overgrown and vacant lots away was the remains of General Mac.Arthur's home — but gone was any evidence of playground equipment which the general so happily ;;"""ided his son, Arthur. Kindley airstrip, at the "tail" end of this tadpole-shaped Island—v-herc new and then one of a handful of planes landed during- the r,ie<?e—i.s overgrown with weeds and is visited now only occasionally by a light trainer-type ship. The juntcle lias encroached, too. upon battery Cheney wi.h its brace of old 12-inch disappearing rifles. ':"..'.• i laming hibiscus, tlu; iiv ami the bougainville blnnm :ifMin 'clone' the James ravine'id p.ll but hide the •• innuae of th" old 91st field artillery on a. Irrmcrcte "midlcside 1 " powder ma?>- 1 azinc-. i "It';;' hard to realize the dinner"; fot;v years have brought," remarked • Puch. "Tiiro and the jungle. I guess. . . . But maybe we're changed la bit, too." CUTTING FOOD RATIONS LONDON. Feb. 16—(/P) — Lord Wavcll, viceroy of India, told the Indian pecple today food rations would be cut to stretch supplies and declared the famim-lhrratcnrr-d million.'; could avert "catastrophe" through cooperation. * Gr acie Report. By GRACIE ALLEN j Oh df-.i. ui-''_'j.. -.niig uJ a IfaditiET! in me- expert thr- c > n.jr.'i nl! love to j jitterbug and tl <• MiHiers won't] •hinfj .-.ut the -If nviri.bcvs. AiT-jthrrf •uirdle in Ilir- way •-.; pc'op'n run •/.•Riil tin army, n.-'.vv 1oj >! They can't' flf.ncc with, f. ''.i o 1 '''::'. ..L.' cxpTt ex • !.;;-•.'. that sol- Oracle divis don't like fast music because .... .j t.j.j;,i.-.s nvc tired after all that •:? f.-c'ilii'; and drilling, \v)i:le the •.?.il'ji-s' i! :p,s arf in P»od condition because tl'.cir ov.T.frs don't ii'ie tlicm Lemon Juice Recipe Checks Rheumatic Pain Quickly It you fiiffrr from rli"'.imiitl<', .irthrlll-i nr neuritis pnlii. try this Bliaul" li"-sti'-rimve IIM™.- recipe th:it tliousiiri''!! l:rr- usl"c. 'l<-t n pni:k- ncn of Hil-Kx (.'(imiiriunM. tt tu-n-v.pi-k siipini-, tralny Mix it wllli u (i""rt 'if n.ilur. i:'!il thr lillcc of 4 lemtins. It'H <-i»y. No tronlile. al all (mil plMnaiit. You lii't'it <mly -'I t:ilih'(!p""n- f!i]8 tivo 111111:9 n ihir. oitnii wiihln IS — Hcmi'llmrfl nverrlcht — ?|il"n';iil ri'P'ilta nrr nhtainiil. It the pM:i3 'hi i»'t qnli-Hy leave mil It vmi ill) mil t""l I">«T. p't'irti the i-ini'lv priH.nce nnd Ru-I.x uill i-'^-t >-,u rir,th- ili^ ti) try :•>! U U 3<>l<! I'V your (!rum:lst \iinlcr •ill nhinlillf inunry-iiiifk l;tl-ir:!Nt'-f. liu-i'A (•iilii;i.,ilii,! Is fur .. .h! :.;.:I r. mi-Ilili-pl hy rr.-liiiv Drue Slori-.--.. l:"iry';- 1'li.Mnlai-y runt ih-uf,' M'>;•<•-• f\ ,'l y'A InT'-. Sunday, February 17, much. fcJoodness. if our .soldiers are i too exhausted to jitterbug, I war.- , der how the GTrnans and .Jsp ; fff-1! Tbf.y must be: sitting out nil their dance,-. AT/'i-e I'm !- c!;v I'm fiarrircl t i •\ civili; n. be<"riu';" G • orf^f do^.-ri'L care whi-iher t!'ir> ir n-i pinrs a fist, i numbxcr li 1 .'- ' Tiir AtrVmor>. To- jj'kn and the . c -.>ntn Fc" or n siov rne like ••£'•. mprnny." He does the- .iiin'.ir-t. to rit'nr.r. T. uHM-niPs. sa; r .l 10 br the mo:;' ar-.';ightecl of insects, can see move- nt"- five or six fi-pt away. Typewriter (UpA triflf Remington & Adding Machines Sales and Service COMPLETE OFFICE SUPPLIES Pampo Print Shop Printers and Office Snppllers 306 \\. Foster Phone The Hawaiian Steel and Spanish Guitar School of Music Primary and Advance Classes Open From 1:00 io 7:00 p. m. 706 W. Foster Phone 403 See Daily Classified Ad. CHICAGO WHEAT CHICAGO, Feb. JB— (/P)— Close Mny - ....... --------------- - ----- I.SO'/j July ____ - ________ ......... -------- 1.80% Sep . ....... _________ ------------- 1.80'/j Dec ______________________________ 1.80% KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK KANSAS CITY. Feb. 16— (ff)— (USDA) — : Cutl|o 100, calves none : compared with Friday of last week slaughter steers, hcif- ers'and cows generally 25-40 higher: bulls 16-26 higher: vealers and ciilvcs fully steady'to 50 higher; atockm-s. and feeders closed steady: supply beef steers liberal; bulk good, and choice ?16.60-17.25; mod- crate number medium and good steers $1385-15.50; bulk good und choice heifers and mixed $15.00-16.40; good cows $12.25. 13,85; most common and medium cows $0.60-12.25 : good beef bulls $13.50-85; practical top choice vealers $16.50; bulk good and choice stacker and feeder steers $14,00-15.76; choice feeder heifers $13.00. 14.40: good nnd choice 498 Ib. steer calves $15,75. - FOKT WORTH LIVESTOCK FOUT WORTH, Feb. 16—(fl»|—(USDA) Cattle—compared close last week: Most classes strong to 25 and more higher; 'week's tops: Heuf steers und yearlings $16.76, cows $13.00, killing calves $15.50, Btuckur calves $1450; week's bulks: Goud beef steers and ycm-lings $16.00-16.25, medium $18,00-14.50, low grades scarce; good cows 1 12.00-13.00; common and medium grades $9,00-111.75; good and choice fat calves $13.00-15.00; common and medium calves $, bulls $8.50-9.50; me- dliim and good stocker calves and yearlings $12.0048,50; stocker cows up to $11.50. Hogs?—Compared week ago: All classes fully steady; good and choice 160 Ibs, und up $14.65; 140-155 Ibs. $13.00-14.50: sows $13.80; pigs $11.50 down. NEW ORLEANS FUTURES NEW ORLEANS, Ftb. 16—(#>)—Cotton fixtures advanced to new season highs ugaln here today on buying stimulated by settlement of the stel strike. Closing prices were steady B to 45 cents u bulo higher. Open High Low Closo •2U.B2 26.46-4S 26.46-48 26.26-27 .March ______ 24.40 July — ,. — '46.50 Ool _____ i- 26.32 0«« „_,— 26.20 20.00 26.62 MG1 26.25 20.49 26.45 26.45 26.26 26,22 26.22-2.3 OKLEANS COTTON ..,,.. ORLEANS, Veb. 16—W , cat-ton closed steady and unchuneud. Sulea 't,W; low middling 21.10, middling 26.10, eoad mlddlint' 20.CO; receipts -1,671, stock 84«,62l. -^' Committee Would Blacklist States : Feb. 16 —VP, committee against ra- disprimlnatipn adopted a res- today asking the govern- to blacklist eight states in S. and prevent Mexlcai W^eis iyom gaing- to the U. S. —--••-- W gi^ contracts. resolution said the follow- discrimifated agai: woricej-s and paid wai f cojnwensurftte with ; - Qotov&do, intnois, In- Wyoming alsp asked that no to A a J r Of course he remembers feome as a most wonderful place. But, couldn'r yours be just a little more comfortable, a little more warm and friendly? Perhaps you rieed hew Jiving room furniture to make your home more cheerful, hospitable and comfortable. Right now we are featuring a large selection of new KROEHLER 5-Star Comfort Construction living room sujf-•••; : f - t :;;.; !-.••.:•••alully.designed and tailored in fine luxurious fabrics. It's often said— YO-J G£T MORE FOR YOUR FURNITURE DOLLAR-#/n2fc. Ci-H d$tfa*' U.&4, $&&* :v New! Sit-down comfort. .. ^Scientific body support •.. Stretch-out relaxation .. . Get-up ease. All these scientifically engineered comfort features are now available to yoii. v\ 1. Sturdy Hardwood Frrmes — that will not break down 2. Permanent Steel-Web Seat Construction —thai will not tag, 3. Buoyant Shope-Retglning Spring Cushions — that nevtr become /i/mpy 4. SENSITIVE Potlure-Farm Back Springs —thai never lose their ihape 5. Precision Craftsmanship and Clean Ne<v Material* s —inside and 9V t NEW SHIPMENT JUST ARRIVED Kidney Sofa and Chair (AS lUUSTRATtD) Today's new KROEHLER Furniture makes such a difference in your homel And here's a new Kidney Style that's beautifully designed'and tailored in rich fabrics at a very economical price. The new 5-§tar Comfort Cpnstryction takes almost personal interest In Y9vr comfort. See this b?9Y'yl Try Us comfprtl ' f . COPYRIGHT, ms. TERMS-No Interest-No Carrying Charge Good Selection on Our Floor Now, f ( . * >*"t * I '' '. ,*?*'; ' '°''^' l » ' PAMPA FURNITURE COMPANY W. Foster

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