Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on April 5, 1971 · Page 3
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 3

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 5, 1971
Page 3
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Carolyn Mills Wed ^ V . . To George Whitney Mrs. Carolyn Mae Mills, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John C. Wiemers of San Antonio, and George Foster Whitney, whose parents are Mr. and Mrs. P.H. Whitney of Del Rio, exchanged wedding vows at 4 o'clock Saturday afternoon in Harlandale United Methodist News From Brackett BRACKETTVILLE—Mrs. Johnny Fritter was honored at a house warming Thursday night in her new home by fellow employes at the Rio Grande Electric Cooperative here. Refreshments were served ' and the guests watched Mrs. Fritter open her gifts for her new home. The Retama Garden Club held the flower display in the Brackettville Country Club Saturday. Refreshments were served during the show. A special display of "Treasures" was featured. Mrs. E.E. Khott was chairman of the flower display. Mrs. Edwin Frerich is a patient in the Odessa Medical Center. Her mother, Mrs. Pat Cummings, is in Odessa with her. Mr. and Mrs. Freddy Briggs and their children of Lubbock are visiting with friends in Brackettville this week. Mrs. Mary Bless returned from San Antonio, where she had been hospitalized, and went home with her daughter, Mrs. Dan Riggs of Iraan for recuperation. Mrs. Aubrey Haynes and her children, Susan and Bimbo, were in San Antonio, where the children participated in rodeos and both brought home some first places in the events. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fuentes and their son, Mario, and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Fuentes, visited in Dallas over the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Raul Luna and their family, and Ninfa and Lucille Fuentes. Friends of Mrs. A.P. Utterback were sorry to see her leave Brackettville this weekend. Mrs. Utterback has moved to Kingsland to be near her family. She was very much a part of the community of Brackettville. «*» Church in San Antonio. The Rev. E.E. Reeves Officiated at the wedding ceremony. The bride wore a frock of navy blue with white accessories. A reception was held in the home of the bride's parents following the wedding ceremony. After a brief wedding trip to the Gulf Coast, Mr. and Mrs. Whitney will make their home at 5907 Castle Mount in San Antonio. The bride was reared in San Antonio. Her husband, reared in Del Rio, graduated from Del Rio High School and from the University of Texas in Austin, where he received a bachelor's degree. He is employed by the National Bank of Commerce in San Antonio. His parents were in San Antonio for the wedding Saturday afternoon. •PEAR AB$V • ^ — Does Women's Lib Have An Answer for This? DEL RIO (TEXAS) NEWS-HERALD, Monday, April 5, 1971-3 Tangy Cake Salutes Easter By Abigail Van Buren (6 im fey CftlCiw TrtUwfN. Y. Ntw Sjnrt., IK.1 DEAR ABBY: For the person who disagreed with women's lib when it comes to labeling lavatories, "Ladies and Gentlemen": Here's how it's done in cattle countryij A New York businessman and bis wife were attending a convention in Houston. On reaching the convention hail, the wife excused herself saying she had to find a rest room. She headed down the corridor, but when she found the rest rooms she was more confused than ever, turned around, rushed back to her husband and asked impatiently, "Hey, what am I ... a steer or a heifer?" V. 0. DEAR V. O.i It be didn't say bom steer. 'a heifer," he gave her a Dorcas Class Meeting A group of teen agers from Brackettville were in Rocksprings Saturday night to attend the junior-senior prom at the Community Center there. Going from Brackettviile were Darrell Paul Franks, Joe Rose, Minot Pratt, Sis Rose, Sherry Blue, Diane Davis, Diana Pratt and Anne Seargeant. A breakfast was held after the prom, attended by a large group. Sara Higgins of Kerrville was a Brackettville visitor Wednesday, WIN AT BRIDGE The Dorcas Class of the First Baptist Church met in the home of Mrs. Van Adams with Mrs. Albert Pfaaf offering the devotional and showing colored slides of the Holy Land. Mrs. A. Wozencraft and Mrs. C.F. Briggs offered the prayers. Hostesses for the meeting were Mrs. Adams and Mrs. lla B. Honeycutt. Attending the meeting were Mesdames J.H. Torres, Minter Parker, T.A. Nunley, Grover C. Poole, A. J. Rand, C.R. Word, A. Wozencraft, Albert Pfaaf, Newton Briggs, C.F. Briggs, Van Adams, Isla B. Honeycutt, Georgia Lovell, T.J. Green, O.T. Brown and Maude Rizley; guests, Mrs. W.B. Brown and Mrs. Ray Bagwell. Flower Show Slated In San Antonio The Citywide Flower Show will be held April 17 and 18 in the San Antonio Garden Center, 3310 N. New Braunfels. The show will be open from 2 to April 17 and from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. the following day. The theme for the 23rd annual flower show is "A Love In" and it will be held in the Center Building and the, recently completed courtyard and terrace. Members will compete for awards . in artistic and horticultural divisions. Special features will include pottery, plant and bake sales. The food booth will serve "Seed Bag Soup," sandwiches, desserts, cold drinks and coffee. Tickets are available at the Garden Center and will be sold during the hours of the show. Mrs. Robert E. Lee is general chairman of this year's show. DEAR ABBY: I plan to be married this summer and my problem is what to do about my parents-- who have been divorced for four years. I have always wanted an elegant church wedding, which will cost a lot. My mother can well afford it, and says she will gladly give it to me, but I can't have my father there. I want my father to give me away, but mom says if she makes the wedding her father will give me away. I love my grandfather, but I would rather have my own father give me away. My father is broke. The divorce took everything he had, and now he has a new wife and family to support. Mom is single, and she hasn't spoken to dad since the divorce, but regardless of what happened between them, 1 still love my dad. I love mom, too, but I don't think she's being fair to make me choose between a lovely wedding without dad, or none at all. What do you think? SOMETHING BLUE [ME] DEAR BLUE: Unless you tan persuade your mother to change her mind, yon will have to make a choice. I feel that parents who have parted should pat their own feelings aside when tt comes to the weddings of their offspring. If they can't do that, then the bride and groom should ask their . clergyman to perform the ceremony in the presence of those friends and relatives the young people want, and let the battling parents sit home with their grudges. DEAR ABBY: This is for "Hoodwinked," and all the other nice girls who were fooled by married men who posed as bachelors. First of all, Abby, your answer was a dud. You said, "Be a little more fussy. And if you don't know the man, know the fixer-upper." • •• Some of the fixer-uppers mean well, but they, too, have been fooled. And how can a girl be "more fussy," when some of the biggest liars even go to church with you! Here's my answer: Girls, demand proof. If a man says he's divorced, ask to see his divorce papers. If he tries to tug at your heart strings by telling you he's a widower, ask to see his wife's death certificate. If he's over 25 and says he's never been married, ask to meet his mother. If she lives out of town, tell him you'd like to call or write to her. Also, ask him where he works, and tell him you would like to call the personnel department to check his status. I lived in Alaska for five years and I have seen many hearts broken by married "bachelors." I have been shown divorce papers and death certificates and am now married to a man who not only showed me his divorce papers but told me he admired my spunk and respected me for my principles. "FUSSY" IN OAK PARK, ILL. DEAR FUSSY: For girls who want to impress men with their "spank," your answer was better than mine. Thanks for writing. DEAR ABBY: Ten years ago, when I was 18 and wanted to shave my legs, my dad would have done anything to stop me. Yes, there does seem to be a new trend in parents! The "go natural" look is what adults have been wishing kids would find for years. Now that they've found it, the adults complain. I give up! UNDER 30 Strawberry-lemon cake proves delicious way to celebrate Easter. Selecting Proper NT Lead NORTH 5 AQ82 V 10 3 • 10 8 7 0 *AQ104 WEST EAST * A 9 5 4 * J 10 7 3 y Q 9 5 4 V A 8 7 2 4,962 *853 SOUTH (D) . VKJ6- • KQJ54 *KJ7 Both vulnerable West North Easl South . 1N.T. Pass 2'N.T. Pass 3N.T. Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—V 4 Jim: "Of course the heart lead won't be the winner every time. It is possible to set up hands where the heart lead will give South his contract and the spade lead will defeat declarer. However, we can assure you that year in and year out the heart lead will work out better.' This time is, of course, an extreme case. If the spade is opened South will make at least four no-trump and may even limp home with five if the defense ^lets an ace go to sleep." (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) Gardenia Junior Garden Club Meets A conservation program entitled "Bird Garden" was given for the Gardenia Junior Carlyn Boyce, Lovelyn Brown, Lynn Brown, Candy Graham, 5 Sheri Hinkle, Ellen, Howell, arden Club Saturday morning Anita Lewis, Ka|hy Myers, Lee in Prosser Hall of St. James Ann Phillips, Jo Ann Rand, Episcopal The bidding has been: By Oswald & James Jacoby Oswald: "Take a look at the West hand. South has reached three no-trump after the Lawrence Welk bidding sequence of 'a-one, a-two, a- tliree'." Jim: "You have to make a blind lead. You feel if you find the right one you will beat the contract. The gen- oral rule is to attack one of the major suits and you hold four cards irr each. Which suit should you pick?" Oswald: "This time the winning lead is the four of hearts. You hit your partner with the ace and wind up with three heart tricks and A our two side aces." ' Jim: '"It is also the best lead from a percentage standpoint. In general you want to play a suit in which you can establish the greatest number of tricks." _ r Oswald: "You start with one sure trick in spades and no sure tricks in hearts. So voit can establish'one more trick in hearts than you can in spades." West Pass Pass Pass Pass North 1¥ 3* 4V 5* 64 East Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass South 2* 3V 4. A 6* Church at 9:30 o'clock. The conservation pledge was led by Lynn Brown and members answered roll call by naming a shrub with berries. Words to Learn, haven and sanctuary, were given by Lee Ann Phillips and a round table discussion was held on "How to Attract Birds." The Tell and Show portion of the program, "Color in Flower Arranging," was presented by Carlyn Boyce. Members made a color wheel as the indoor activity and went to the Garden Center for the outdoor Susan Rountree, Lauri Woodson and Pamela Younts. By AILEEN CLAIRE NBA Food Editor What better way to celebrate Easter and the coming of spring than with a Strawberry-Lemon Cake. Basis here is a sponge cake, layered with fresh strawberries. On top is a fluffy lemon frosting and strawberry garnish. This is one cake the cook will have to hide or nothing will be left when it is time to serve dessert. Since a pancake mix is the basis, this is a good dessert for a young girl to whip up to surprise her current date and friends at a graduation party.. Teens will enjoy the play of flavors in the sweetened strawberries and lemon frosting tang. - SOCIAL CALENDAR MONDAY Del Rio Junior High School Parent-Teacher Association will meet at 7:30 p.m. in the school cafeteria with - Mrs. Ernest L. Worley Jr. as the speaker. WEDNESDAY The New Century Club wiir meet at 4 p.m. in the San Felipe Country Club with Mrs. Earl Bowers, Mrs. Ray Hill and Mrs. J.B. Phillips as the hostesses. Mrs.. Wayne Love and Mrs. James Simmonds will;, present the program. ... ,^ THURSDAY The Del Rio Study Club will hold Guest Day at 4 p.m. in the San Felipe Country Club with a program presented by Max Stool, guest speaker. THURSDAY The Cactus Thorn Garden Club will hold the annual flower show at 9:30 a.m. in the home of Mrs. Thomas M. Johnson Jr., 5 Palm Drive. The show will honor Mrs. Henry B. Horn of Del Rio, who is president of Texas Garden Clubs, Inc., and will be entitled "This Is Your Life in Flowers." CHURCH CALENDAR TUESDAY The Baptist Women will meet at 9:30 a.m. in the First Baptist Church in regular session. TUESDAY The Baptist Young Women of the First Baptist Church will meet at 9:30 a.m. in the home of Mrs. J.D. Harrison, 8133A White at Laughlin Air Force Base. STRAWBERRY-LEMON CAKE Sponge Cake: 4 eggs 1 cup sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla \Vz cups pancake mix % cup milk Filling and Topping: Mi cup sugar iMs tablespoons cornstarch 2 clips sliced fresh strawberries Lemon Frosting: 2 tablespoons butter or margarine Me teaspoon grated lemon peel cups sifted confectioners' sugar 1 tablespoon milk 1 tablespoon lemon juice Sliced fresh strawberries for garnish For sponge cake, heat oven to 325 degrees. Grease bottoms, of two 8-inch round cake pans; line with waxed ' paper; grease again and flour. Beat eggs until thick and lemon-colored. Gradually add sugar, beating well after each addition: Stir in vanilla. Add pancake mix alternately with milk, beginning and ending with pancake mix. Divide batter evenly between prepared pans. Bake in preheated 325- degree oven 35 to 40 minutes. Remove from pans; peel off waxed paper and cool. For filling and topping, combine sugar and corn- starch in small saucepan. Add 1 cup strawberries. Cook, stirring constantly until thickened. Remove from heat; cool 15 minutes. Reserve 2 tablespoons of mixture for garnish. For lemon frosting, beat together butter and lemon peel until light. Beat in sugar and milk, Blend in lemon juice. * To assemble, place one cake layer on serving plate; arrange remaining strawberries on it. Top with cooked strawberry mixture, then second cake layer. Frost top with lemon frosting. Garnish with sliced strawberries and reserved filling. Makes one 8-inch layer cake. (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) HINTS FROM HELOISE Debra Young Honor Guest at Luncheon DEAR HELOISE: Here is how I made an attractive window flower garden that I enjoyed throughout the year. I made a fence from short, white lath fencing, cut about 10-inchea high, and placed it across the bottom of my picture window. * I used artificial green moss at the base of my fence and then "plant" my flowers according to the season. I love to sit in front of it. it is so gay and cheerful and blends with my outside landscaping. Mrs. Harkey * * » What a puurty idea . . . and what a wonderful way to keep the love of nature In your heart. Bless you. Heloise » * * DEAR HELOISE: Just thought of a hint for busy housewives. If you 'don't have time to copy the recipes from your newspaper and magazines onto file cards, why not/Mm them and put them in a photograph album. The recipes will be protected from spills because each page in a photograph album is protected by cellophane. Laverne Perry * * * DEAR HELOISE: I bought an old-fashioned, inexpensive, .accordion wooden hat rack for my teenager. This is a great place for her to hang her chain necklaces, scarves, ribbons, or anything a teenager wants to put on them. They don't look bad in a girl's room, and after all, who looks at their room but another teenager? Rose Scarboro You, South, hold: *A2 VAJ4 •eS *KQJ753 What do you do now? A—Bid seven clubs. Your partner is showing very good diamonds and implies some weakness in hearts. TODAY'S QUESTION Instead of rebidding three diamonds your partner has re- bid two hearts. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Flower show schedules were studied. •• -'. Sponsors attending were Mrs. Henry B. Horn, Mrs. W.B. Robb and Mrs.Michael Stool. Members present at the meeting were Christy Bodart, A luncheon honoring Miss Debra Young was given at noon Saturday in the San Felipe Country Club by Mrs. W.E. Cook. Miss Young is to be married to Ralph George Hutto April 10. The honoree and her mother, Mrs. Gaylon Young, received the guests with Mrs. C.R. Rose, mother of Miss Young's fiance. Fruit punch was served as guests arrived. For the occasion the guest of honor wore a pink sleeveless silk dress and her flowers were white carnations. The tables were arranged in a T-shape centered with a large driftwood tree covered with utensils for the kitchen. Guests brought kitchen gifts to the guest of honor. The luncheon was attended by 12 guests. DEAR HELOISE: I never mix anything in a small bowl anytime! I've watched people take 10 minutes to mix something in a small bowl so it wouldn't spill. If you use a large bowl, you can really whip up, your ingredients with all the room you need and it takes only half-a-second to wash the big bowl and transfer the ingredients to a smaller one if you have to. Betty Nelson LETTER OF LAUGHTER DEAR HELOISE: Read your hints every day and sure do enjoy them. My spots are gone, my cakes are moist, and I use nylon net by the yards and vinegar by the gallon! Keep the hints coming. Thanks. Helen Moron * * * DEAR HELOISE: Cancer Society Lists Gifts The Val Verde County Unit of the American Cancer Society has acknowledged the following contributions to the memorial fund: Gifts from Mrs. Grover C. Poole, Joe Pennington, Waydell Hill, Jess B. Bowers, Mrs. Rosalie Boatwright, Tom C. Boles, L.S. Barksdale, San Felipe High School Senior Class, Mrs. G.E. Cox, Cecil Adams, Roman Cardenas, Robert R. Boland, Jose Galvan, Raul D. Gutierrez, Jose A. Guzman, W.L. Brown, S.I. Hermolajevs, the Rev. S.P. Mireles, L.J. Griffin, Rita D. McFarlane, Reagan V. McAnally, Mrs. A.W. Mercer, A.R. Benitez, Nelson Riggs, Miss Joseflna de la Rosa, Mrs. Glenna McNutt, William Odom, Mr. and Mrs. G.R Sprinkle Jr., Mrs. C.F. Briggs, Oscar Hinojosa of Juno and Mariano Barragan. A memorial for Alfred Riedel was presented by Mr. and Mrs. Frank X. Schaut and memorials for C.J. Harrington were oven by Mrs. James M. Sorrell of Pearsall, Mr. and Mrs. Frank X. Schaut and the Wesley Community Center; a memorial for Mrs. Nina Willis Sherwood was presented by Mr. and Mrs. Frank X. Schaut, who gave another for Mrs. Elizabeth Jungman of Hondo; a memorial for Mrs. Cleo Smith was presented by the Garfield Elementary School faculty and staff. Here are a couple of unusual ways to use your nylon net. I don't Imagine any of your readers, other than a rancher's wife, would think of these hints. Nylon net makes an excellent dusting bag for cattle, goats and sheep. I have also used it to patch a fence until the men In my family were in a patching mood. Of course, we use nylon net like so many "city folks," washing our sheep dogs, for dishes, removing spots, etc. Don't know what we would do without our "Heloise Net." Athol * * * DEAR HELOISE: Here is how I dry my knits. After they are washed, I either hang or place them on a wooden hanger and turn the electri? fan on them. If you wish, you can hang one behind the other and in a few hours they will be dry, clean and fluffier than those dried outaide on a windy day. This hint is especially good for working gals who need to keep their knits in tiptop order. Mrs. Dorothy Emanuelson * * * This column is written for you . . . the housewife and homemaker. If you have a hint or a problem write to Heloise In care of this newspaper. Because of the. tremendous volume of mall, Heloise is unable to answer all individual letters. She will, however, answer your questions In her column whenever possible. * * * This column is written for you . . . the housewife and homemaker. If you have a hint or a problem write to Heloise in care of this newspaper. Because of the tremendous volume of mail, HeloiSe is unable to answer all Individual letters. Ea»t«r Bunny •ug««m you •nhanc* your E attar Ens«mbU with • gay corsage from ADAMS' FLOWERS Quality Flowers Designed with Care, „ 307 E. 8th ( •/7S-6066' k YCftJR HOST - - Julio Castillo aoorena V DON'T MISS THIS GREAT SHOW! 4 ELGRANDAMIAN" 1 Champion of Dental Strength Also Appearing LOS^UXMAL ' Folkloric Dancers and Singers ' s 0 - From Yucatan YourM.C Jose Cruz Floor show nightly 9:00 and 11:00 P.M. Party Time Specials Once A Year Sale 50 % OFF Large Stock of Table Covers, Plates, Cups Invitations. A Variety of Colors and Patterns PARTY HEADQUARTERS HERALD PRINTING AND OFFICE SUPPLY 108 W; GREENWOOD 775-2011 Looking fora piano tuner who strikes the right chord?

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