The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 19, 1962 · Page 12
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 12

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 19, 1962
Page 12
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BRAZ08PORT FACTS Sunday, August 19, 19IH V The Public- I (Ckmrlmied From rage 1 ) every way to fill involved and vefy efficient to a point. Sir, I do not claim to he an ex- peri or even good at accident reporting, hut one cannot hp blind to (acts. In the first place the hoy was on the girl's right at the intersection. In the second place he was struck nearly broadside. Thirdly, skid marks plainly indicated the position of his front tires to he in front of those ot Miss Howard's even to the most casual of observers. Yet Mr. Simms was given a ttcRet with the explanation that Miss Howard was farther into the intersection nt the point of impact. One question: How could she have, hit thi* boy broadside when her skid marks indicated that she was driving near the middle of the Street at (he time of the collision? I Jail to see the logic in this reasoning! Then after observing and learning a few other facts anothei question came to mind. D i c POLITICS push simple justice in to the background? Firstly: Jo Ann Howard \vai police dispatcher: her father i; Constable Howard. Secondly: ! myself overheard Sgt. William! request aid In the investigation from the father of the girl in volved after he arrived. Thirdly: It is a known fact that politics on this city's police force ha caused the resignation of more than one competent individual. Now let me say that I know neither of the parties involved in this accident. I am not trying to "cause trouble" as the trite expression goes. I am merely expressing my disgust in the results of the investigation. It may seem unimportant that simple justice may have been brushed aside. However. this man believes that simple justice, or the truth if you please, is one of the fundamental principles of our American heritage. The destiny of whole nations has hinged upon the value placed upon simple justice. We must never let our laws and our sense of justice for every man be put aside because of a sense of friendship or because of a desire for gain. Tommy Lowe 1230 \V. 7th Freeport j. McCarty Questions Source Of Influence To Tile Fads: It is seldom that one need pay any attention at all to attacks on the F.B.I, and its Director. Mr. Hoover has built an organization which is without equal anywhere for efficiency, fairness and scrupulous adherence to proper procedure. His indication and humility have caused the people he serves to think and speak of him in a manner that approaches reverence. The most recent assault on Mr. Hoover was launched by \V. H. Ferry in a speech to the Western States Democratic Conference in Seattle on August fi. Among other things Mr. Ferry said that Mr. Hoover's statements concerning internal security are "sententious poppycock. . .a mischief-making tapestry of legend and illusion if there ever was one." "What is the legend that haunts and cripples us here? Is it that the Communists are. . .a race apart, determined to put man and God in jail forever?" ". . .an old line of the F.B.T. chief. . .our official spy-swatter." Mr.' Ferry also has some interesting notions about other things. On business, "the individualism of the 18th and I9th Centuries is a casualty at technology, as are old theories of private property. Government must intervene more and more. . .A radical change in public attitude toward law and government is necessary if the general welfare is to he achieved." On unilateral disarmament, '•'Red domination of this and other free nations Is at least 'think able'."" Such remarks are usually ignored by Ihe average citi/en and properly so. However, Mr. Ferry cannot be shrugged off PO easily. Congressman Lipscnmh of California had tlie following to say to the House of Representatives on Atigust 9: "Who is Wilbur H. Ferry? His occupation as vice president of the Fund lor the Republic betrays his idpnlity. "Die Fund /or the Republic /or years has slyly been promoting the idea that Communism is not a danger. It has financially assisted the publication of books and other mate rial espousing Ibis general theme. . .Ferry, as vice president, i has been a spearhead of this d^n- ! gerous fr.lly." j Ferry is also staff director nf j the Center for the Study of Denv> | rratic Institutions which is an off | ghot oJ the Fund for the Republic ; The thoughtful c i t i z e n, upw j realizing the implications of thi> i jituation, might well ask i a n <H expect to he answered) w h H • . train of thought and events led the placing of W. H. Kerry positions to wield such power, i fluence and prestige in promoti Us views. James W. McCarry l-Wlj lit AT ALL WEINER'S STORES Limited Quantities While Supply Lasts! MONDAY MAGNETS 2 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Braiosport Village Center, Loop Rd., at Plantation Lake Jackson 213-19 W. 2nd St..FRtcPORT OPEN NITES 'TIL ?:00 P.M. 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Come early' for bert . , •«<* Itn-Uo ,f«h» selection. • '~- ' , ' j F *«''"»» I» ««r<!«»Bi < !< bulk!., end flit knltl, fcittr. itoelt price jl.iii.d•: ...„,,„ red mrfeiii, Ort.iiS -*w w*f-wt Sim J> H S UM MIR FABRICS C LIA R AN CI Originally to 99c Yard • Miracle frl«t> • Decorator frlnrt • Nylon Dotted Swiii • Nyloi Sheers • ArMl Triocetali Cotton Checks t Acetate and Cottoi llendi HopMckUf, Textured Prlisti and Solidi Cotloa Sateen* larder Skirt Mill Don River Drl-Doas Cotton S*eriucler Cotton Sjiort Denim Regularly 1.29 and Up • DACRON POLYESTER CREPE PRINTS • 100% DACRON POLYESTER • SILK PRINTS • EMBROIDERED COTTON BATISTE • SPORTSWEAR FABRICS 66 yd. 1.99 Value BETTER FABRICS • IRISH LINEN • COMBED COTTON BROCADES • EMBROIDERED COTTONS • CONCORD HOMESrUN • MIX AND MATCH 99 yd.

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