Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas on January 10, 1939 · Page 5
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Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas · Page 5

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 10, 1939
Page 5
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Xl '•4 * ' ^fn rr ' l .' THB COSSICANA" SEMl-WEftKCY EIGtnV ratfUAHY 10; FIVE GOVERNOR LRED MAY SUBMIT EMERGENCY BILLS FINANCE COMMITTEE TO SEEK EMERGENCY STATUS FOR APPROPRIATIONS AUSTIN, Jan. 7.—(/P)—The possibility Retiring Governor James ^V. 'Allred may submit appropriation bills as an emergency to the 45th Legislature developed today.. The chief-executive expressed an opinion 'such action might bring relatively quick results because • usually the legislature's allotments to departments, educational institutions, the judiciary and eleemosynary Institutions are not made before the end of the 120- day general session. A sub-committee of tho senate finance committee has conducted hearings and is preparing recommendations for appropriations for the next blennlum beginning Sept. 1, 1939. Members have Indicated they would request the governor to submit them as an emergency which would remove them from regular order on the calendar and permit immediate consideration. : The governor said he did no k-approva of submitting other mat ters on an emergency basis bu considered, appropriations wor 'thy of early consideration. He referred specifically to funds necessary to -equip and place in operation a now state hospital for the Insane at Big j -Spring which although nearl; * completed, has no funds for operation for the remainder of th current fiscal year. He said also he was consider ing but had made no decision on a request of the state planning board '.for an emergency allot ment. The life of that group ex plres in March unless funds ar forthcoming. WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC CO. RESTORES TEN PER CENT WAGE CUT FORFIVETHOUSAND MEN PITTSBURGH. Jan. 6.—(/P)—The fldent business in 1939 will be Vestlnghouse Electric and Manu- acturlng company announced to- ay It was restoring a ten per ent wage cut to 5,000 of its 15,000 workers because of- "Improved uslness conditions." The boost came as the steel In- ustry joined other leaders in a Vow Year's surge of activity, 1 with Pittsburgh mills increasing output •nore than 15 per cent since the lOlldays. President George H. Bucher of SVestlnghouse 'said all employes ecelvlng $128 monthly or less would have their pay returned o the level of last June. The ompany at that time cut all salaried employes and executives 10 per cent. Less than 24 hours before the announcement, the company received a $2,233,000 contract for machinery or navy battleships and a $764,000 order for two giant power enerators at Charleston, S. C. Informed steel sources wero con- DOtter than last year. Prices were firmer than they have been in months. Labor seemed settled (the smaller concerns buying raw steel and selling finished products have been squeezed by prices and at least two have obtained wage concessions), and Inventories are normal or low. Orders are Increasing after a December lull. The Jump In steel operations—17 points In Pittsburgh to 45 per cent of capacity, IB In Wheeling to 77; 11 in Cleveland to 51, and 7 in Chicago to 50—has been without benefit of any considerable amount of buying from three major con- umers. This trio—rails, oils and canneries—usually place orders within the next 80 days for the year. In the past 60 days railroads have placed orders for more than $20,000,000 but many millions more than this are expected, especially If some plan for financial assistance Is advanced the roads. NAZIS CONSIDER THEY MAKE SACRIFICES FOR APPEASEMENT IN RECEIVING REFUGEE AIDE Jan. 7.— UP)— A warn !S -ing ol the "false economy" In re duolng public health appropria ,; tions will be given the legisla ture by Governor James V. Allred. The chief executive said today his final message to the legislators nfxt week would Include a review of public health progress in Texas and a request for "unceasing warfare" on.venereal and all other communicable diseases and conditions detrimental to the health of the citizens. He added Texas should embark upon a program of state aid to public libraries wheln "finances will permit," explaining the state shows up creditably In financial support of the common school system and' Institutions of higher learning but la far behind in adult education, particularly in the rural sections. He said Texas ranked 39th cmong all states in support of public libraries and 8,788,000 citizens were entirely without book borrowing facilities. Kerens Music Club -Met In Reassembly > Session Wednesday BRENS, Jan. 7.—(Spl.)—The —.ils Music Club, meeting in re- sembly after tho holidays, had for hostess Wednesday afternoon, Mrs.' K. W. Rowe, entertaining alos for Mrs. H. G. Smith, who was unable to be present, due to a recent operation. Following the business portion of the meeting, Mrs. Brock Smith took charge as leader ot a most interesting program on "Music :,Absolute,' p discussing "Stories in Bound," "Brnhm and Absolute By LOUIS F. LOCHNER i BERLIN, Jan. 6.—OT—An Informant In dally touch with the highest German offllcals said today that Nazi hopes of bridging the gap between the United States and tho Reich center on next week's visit to Berlin of George Rublee, the American director and other members of the Intergovernmental committee on refugees. In Nazi eyes the decllson of the Berlin government to receive Rublee and his associates In a gesture of appeasement Involving considerable German sacrifice. (Rublee, Robert T. Pell of the Vashlngton State Department r.nd oseph Cotton of New York are expected to make up the delega- lon going from London to dls- uss plans for Jewish emigration rom Germany with Field Marhall Wllhclm Goering, head of he four-year plan, and other German leaders. (Last week In London It was ndlcated a plan for removing 50,000 younger Jews from Germany would be discussed.) German authorities hitherto lave declined to receive reprcaen atives of the Evian conference if last July, which set up tho Music," Ballet." and "Folk Dance and Mrs. A. L. Bain discussed Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven and the classic symphony. Shubert's Ballet from Rosamund was played as a piano solo by Mrs. C. J. Hall. Miss Dorothy Holt, violinist, gave two of Schumann's best- loved s and familiar airs, the Immortal "Traumerl" and "The Child Falls Asleep." I • ;'Schumann's "Surprise Sympho- liy" was beautifully executed Mrs, A. S. Prltchard. by Two guest? enjoyed this delightful .program, Mrs. K. W. Rowe Jr., and "Mrs. A. S. Prltchard, Jr, of Rockdale, who Is the guest of her son and daughter-in-law, Mr and Mrs. A. S. Prltchard. A delicious plate of sandwiches cake and tea was served by Mrs. Rowe. Sunday School Class Meets. KERENS, Jan. 7.— (Spl.)— Mrs, JlnvNorton was hostess to the E B: W; class of .the First Presbyterian Sunday school on Thursday Jan. 6, at 3 p. m., for the regular 'monthly social and program. 'The : Business session In charge ^.. N. Stockton, president .included the reading of tho mln- lutes' by Miss C. Daniel, secretary reports of the various committees and'' a" general putting In order of the class affairs for the coming 'ear, A';short program was presented as follows: Devotional—Mrs. Ben Miller using "Loyalty and Christian Service" aa her theme. ; Song— "I Gave My Life for Thee," Scripture Reading— I Cor. 3:8-1 and,, 4:1-2. "Reading — "The Touch of th Mftster'a Hand," Mrs, Charles Reese, 1 ,, Song— "1 Would Be True." {y Prayer of Dismissal — Mrs. Mil I«r. , *" ,« Thirteen members wore presen |f1-,jfor, this Inspiring meeting. f i '..Delectable plates were served V*by,*tbe hostess, assisted by he ,, daughter, 'Eleanor, during tho so , fllal jbour, Married In Waco. , ^.KERENS, Jan. 7.— (SnU— Ker 1 —I friends of Miss' Kathryn Me |B*y are receiving announce ~ of her marriage to Hog undenburg of Corslcana .took place In Waco, ot i imber 80, at the parsonage o e First Methodist church. Mr, Brandenburg Is an employ , the .Texas Power & Light Co n. 'Corslcana, and Mrs. Brandon i ------ j g j ft robber of the faculty ie "Emhouso public schools making their home In i, and Convalescent- Amer, son of Mr, and Mrs •ner 'of Currle, underwen itlon for appendicitis a ' Cllnlo Wednesday./H Intergovernmental committee to cope with Europe's tangled refugee problems, Jewish and others. But as relations between Germany and the United States grew worse, with each country recalling its ambassador to the other, moderates in the government prevailed on Goering to Invite Rublee as a gesture showing Germany's desire not to let the two countries drift apart still further. This is regarded as Indication that Germany Is willing for, the sake of improving relations with the United States and western democracies generally to make certain concessions on the Jewish question, perhaps some arrange- SETTING OF CIVIL CASES COUNTY COURT FOR JANUARY TERM Following is tho setting of civil cases In county court for January term, 1939: Monday, January 23, 1089 Jury Cases. 5668—J. Whitney Bates, Inc., vs. Fred W. Thompson, ct al. 5680 — Mrs. Freda Barlow, adm'r., vs. Mrs. C. P. Barlow. 6707—Buford Jackson vs. J. L. McCullock ot al. 6718—Louisse Womack et al vs. C. A. Trlpp. Monday, February 0, 198U Non-Jury Canes 5167—Robert M. Cooksey vs. Frank M. Neville et al. 5228—Willie Arnett, .by next friends, vs. S. D. Ramsey. 5347—Wm. Cameron and Co., Inc. vs. First National Bank, Corslcana. 5539—J. N. Garrltt ot al, trustee, Corslcana National Bank vs. W. L.' Petty. 5540—First National Bank, Cor- slcana, vs. W. F. Moore. 5802—J. B. Redden vs. W. W. Harris. 5854—Lyon-Qray Lbr. Co., vs. L. W. Woods. 6665—E. K. Howell vs. Republic Underwriters and E. C. Hess. 5674—P. T. Fullwood vs. H. B. Hester. 6682—The State National Bank of Corslcana vs. F. W. Richards. Wednesday, February 8, 1939 5692—Mrs. Anna Terry Hall et vlr et al vs. John Sims et al. 5094—T. J. Worthington vs. MAKE THIS MODEL AT HOME THE CORSIOANA OAILT SUN DAILY PATTERN ment with transfer of property. Rubles Jewish concerning emigrants' Nazi Informants were emphatic in predicting that Relchsfeuh- rer Hitler, as a further gesture of appeasement, would refrain from attacking President Roosevelt by name in his speech to the Reichstag an. SO, sixth anniversary of hlg rise to power. Meanwhile foreign correspondents received Invitations to attend the most ambitious series of lectures on the Jewish problem yet attempted In Germany. Earl P. Owen. 8698—First National Bank of Corslcana vs, Mrs. Lizzie A. Kerr, ex'r et al. ' 8701—Southern Wholesale Gro. Co. vs. H. B. Wylie. 5703—J. E. Butler vs. B. V. Hatley, J. P. Proc, No. 2. 5708—Central Texas Grocery Co. vs. Andy T. Buck et al. 6700—First National Bank of Frost vs. J. R. Prater. 5712—W. L. Green vs. Frank Henderson. 5715—Reagan Rutledge, liquidator of First National Bank of Purdon, vs. T. L, Brown et al. 5717—Nelson Phillips ct al vs. Mrs. Jane Robinson. 5718—Ollle B. Chandler, by next friend, vs, Citizens. Industrial Ins. Co. Those of the above cases that have been pending for some time will be dismissed unless some other disposition Is made there- A VERY NEW JUNIOR OUTFIT! 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First she said, "It has added attractiveness to the homo by providing entertainment and because It has como so quickly and wo take it. so much for granted wo hardly realize how wo rely on It for Information and news. It gives us an increased understanding of the world as well as much Inspiration and encouragement for our dally lives. "Some of the broadcasts can't fall to arouse real ambitions In many people. Children today, 1 Mrs. Roman continued, "can actually hear history happen and not only do they get 'background' of Information but they learn a much better appreciation of creative expression than we as children had." Mrs. Roman concluded her very interesting talk on radio by saying wo, as parents, should see to It that our children are encouraged to listen to the right kind of programs, so as to keep their minds clean and give them more character education. Mrs. E. Fogg made a motion that we tako a part or If necessary, all of some $27.00 which wo have In our treasury and buy a radio for our school. The motion carried and Misses Ruby Smith and Mildred Dotson and Mrs. Sam Tucker wore appointed to buy the radio by Mrs. O. K. Vinson, who presided at the meeting In the absence of our president. Mrs. Rufus PevehousB was a visitor and a prospective member. Courthouse News District Court. Judge Wayne R. Howell was of. PAUL H. MILLER. ANNUAL INVITATION TOURNEY WILL BEGIN FRIDAY, MAY 12 SETTING CRIMINAL CASES IN NAVARRO COUNTY COURT Following is the setting »f crlm- nal cases in county court: Monday, January 16. 12041—State of Texas vs. Herman Johnson, aggravated assault, 12063—State of Texas vs. E. J. (Gone) Scroggins, Intoxication (appeal, from Justice Precinct 3.> 12062—State of Texas vs. Howard Green, aggravated assault; 12000—State of Texas vs. Jim Collins, aggarvated assault. 12037—State of Texas vs. R. V. Patterson, insufficient automobile Ight (Appeal from Justice Pre- olnct No. 6.) 12034—State of Texas vs. B. E. Glover, exceeding speed limit with truck. (Appeal from Justice Precinct No. 6.) 12035—State of Texas vs. B. E. Glover, no automobile registration papers (Appeal from Justice Precinct No. 6.) 12029—State of Texas vs. J. F. Sneed, Inducing a minor to leave the State Orphans Home. 12064—State of Texas vs. Samuel Red, aggravated assault, 12012—State of Texas vs. Dick Fielrts, obstructing a public highway. (Appeal from Justice Precinct No. 1.) Wednesday, January 18. 11995—State of Texas vs. Will Warren, Abusive language and disturbance of the peace. (Appeal from Corslcana corporation court.) 12076—State of Texas vs. Westbrook Jones, aggravated assault. 12088—State of Texas vs. Mitchell Boyd, exceeding speed limit. (Appeal from Justice Precinct No. Dates for the seventh annual Corsicana Country Club Invitation golf tournament were announced Friday afternoon by W. A. Lang, chairman of the tournament committee and club May 12-1^14-15. secretary,' for County Judge, Navarro County, Texas. Byrd Girls' Team Defeated Pickett On Friday Night The Byrd girls' tern defeated the Pickett team Friday night in the Y. M. C. A.-sponsored challenge basketball tournament. The score was 47-14. Outstanding scorer on the Plok- ett team was Armstrong with a total of 22 points scored. Tho box score for the game follows: STATE BOARD OF CONTROL IN RECOMMENDATION FOR LARGER BUDGET FOR ELEEMOSYNARIES AUSTIN, Jan. 7.—W)—Government officials studied today the hoard of control's recommendations for an increase of more than $200,000 In the 1939-41 budget for eleemosynary institutions. The recommendations, calling 12067—State of Texas vs. John R. Corley, Jr., exceeding speed limit, (Appeal from Justice Precinct No. 1.) 12C08—Statn of Texas vs. Billie Smith, assault. (Appeal from Justice Precinct No. 1.) 11905—State of Texas vs. George Thomas, carrying pistol. 11998—George Reeves, disturbance of peace and abusive language. (Appeal from Justice Precinct No. 1.) 11968—State of Texas vs. Lloyd Newman, aggravated assault. • 12088-State of Texas vs. Cleo Burks, aggravated assault. PAUL H. MILLER, County Judge. CHARLES T. BANISTER, Criminal District Attorney, Joint Installation Officers IOOF And Rebekahs Tuesday Joint Installation ceremonies for tho elective and appointive officers for the ensuing term for Cor- slcana Lodge No. 68, I.O.O.F., and Home Rebekah Lodge No. 128, will be held Tuesday night at 7:80 o'clock at the I.O.O.F, Hall. The instalaltlon will be under the auspices of the Rebekahs. Committee, Coaches District 30-B Will Meet January 16 , The executive • committee and coaches of District 80-B will meet Monday, • January 16 at S o'clock a,t the Coi'«icana YMCA," D. A. Mills district chairman, has an- The annual Corslcana Invitation tournament, one of the largest, most popular and with one of the best prize lists in the country, is always set for the second weekend In May. An entry list of approximately 200 golfers will likely be seen this year from all sections of the country and from other states as well. Champions of the ftrst six Cor- slcana tournaments are: 1933—Reynolds Smith, Dallas (Walker Cup player). 1934—Marvin Carroll, Houston (now deceased.) 1936—Speck Goldman, Dallas. 193d—Reynolds Smith. 1937—Harry Todd, Dallas. 1938—Jamie Goygh, Dallas. Goings and Comings Of vFairfield Folk And Their'Visitors FAIRFIELD, Jan. 7._(Spl.)— Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Caston and daughter, Myrtle Ann' of Dallas and Mrs. Castor's parents of Missouri visited Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Bonner Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Daniel and children spent the week-end at Waco. Johnson Floyd and son of Kershaw, South Carolina, visited 'their uncle B. F. Phillips at Ward Prairie during the past week. Mrs. Elmer Watson of Dallas spent the week-end here. Mr. and Mrs. David Clarldge and C. F. Barker of Huntsvllle spent Monday and Tuesday with relatives and friends here. Mr. and Mrs. Duard Moody of Wortham were Falrfleld visitors Tuesday. Mrs. Wallace McGuyer and Mr. and. Mrs. Leslie McGuyer visited Mr. and Mrs. umphrle MoGuyer and other relatives at Eldorado, Arkansas recently. Joe Frld Fischer visited In the home of Mrs. J. B, Watson at Mexla last week. -' G. A. Parker, Jr., Milliard Johnson, and Blllle McFadln attended tho Texas Tech-St. Mary's football game In the Cotton Bowl at Dallas Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Wlllard of Mississippi spent the weekend .l f f Byrd Girls: Player— C. Armstrong .... Bates 1 M. Armstrong 4 Jollott 6 Anthony 0 G. Armstrong 1 Cline 0 Carey 0 Dyess ft pf tp 0 0 22 002 038 0 1 12 101 012 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 Totals 23 Pickett Girls: 1 8 47 Bennett .2 1 0 5 Kizer 1 0 0 2 D. Hunter 1 2 2 4 Anderson 1 11 3 D. Sumner 0 0 0 0 J. Sumner 0 0 0 0 Mahoney 0 010 E. Hunter 0 0 0 0 Totals 5 4 4 14 Referee, Brougjiton. Kerens Man Buried On Last Sunday KERENS, Jan. 7.—(Spl.)—Fu- neral services were held at the First Baptist church on Sunday, January 1, at 1:30 p. m. for Tom Slmms, 57, a. native of Ker- for a 1.4 per cent increase, wero made in the face of Governor- Elect W. Lee O'Danlcl's demands for reduced costs of government. The board emphasized the bud- got, which aggregated $15,195,681, was the minimum rather than the amount needed and Governor James V. Allred termed tho figure too small. Tho $19,000,000 deficit in the states' general fund was cited by the board as tho reason it had not recommended a larger budget. Tho governmental purchasing agency expressed tho opinion "action should be taken toward improving the general fund condition." A few salary increases, some new jobs and additional housing facilities were suggested by the board to care for tho 684 more tnsano persons, 452 feeble-minded, 190 epileptics, 35 orphans and 100 busy Saturday with divorce and other civil matters. District Clerk's Office. The following cases wero fiUd: A. Q. Thornton vs. C. O. Curington, sheriff, et al, Injunction, seeking to restrain and enjoin defendants from dispossessing him from a certain 178 acre tract of land for the year 1039. Urulen Johnson vs. Ellsha Johnson, divorce. . . - u Myrtle Gray vs. Albert Gray, divorce. . County Court. L. A. Pugh of Kerens entered a plea of guilty to an Indictment for unlawfully operating a pool hall and was fined *25 and costs by County Judge Paul H. Miller. County Clerli's Office. The following case was filed: Mrs. Ellen Harris vs. R. F. Shaw ot al, ault on note. Warranty Deeds. Coakley Doolen ot ux to Mary Baker, lot 34, block 432, A. J. Warelng addition, Corslcana, $200 and other considerations. . J. B. Jones et ux to E. B. Burkhart, part of block 406, Cor- Letha Edge to Whlteselle Brick & Lumber Co., 2 1-8 acres Jamus Powell One-Third League survey on Highway 76, $10 and other considerations. Mrs. Delia Albrltton et al to Mrs. Vcra Tyus, lot 6, block 21, K Roxana Jano Archer et vlr to Joe W. Jefferson, 245 acres John Anderson, John McGowan and Samuel Holloway surveys, $18,800. Roxana Jane Archer et vlr to Joe M. Jefferson, 98 acres John HcGowan survey, $5,880. delinquent negro boys. Those compared with provision during the current bleuulum for 1,319 more Insane and 991 additional patients of other classes. The board said additional housing would be noeded for dependent children unless the legislature appropriates tho authorized $1,500,000 annually for their aid. Major building recommendations Included $137,000 for a ward build- Ing and $41,200 for an Ice plant at the. insane hospital at Big Spring; $70,000 for a hospital at the girls training school at Gainesville and $60,000 for a dormitory for colored boys at the juvenile training school, Gates- villo. While not Including them In the budget, the board called attention to needs of $1,436,100 for flreprooflng of buildings to eliminate danger of a disastrous blaze $100,000 for a hospital for tho criminal insane on state prison properties; two buildings for delinquent negro girls at Gainesville and $625,000 for housing 7BO senile persons. FELIX FRANKFURTER, HARVARD LAW PROFESSOR, ON SUPREME COURT, IN PRAISE OF CARDOZA Our next meeting will be a social session and will be In tho form of a 42 tournament at the school sponsored by Principal O. K. Vinson on Thursday night, Jan. 19. A small admission will be charged for the entire evening and all are promised a good time. We wero delighted to have a now member, Mrs. W. N. Slono, join the association. Visitors In Kerens Honoree of Bridge And Shower Affairs KERENS, Jan. 9.—(SpU—Com- plimenting Mrs. Milton Temple of Houston, Miss Dorothy Hall entertained with bridge Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Temple Is a former Kerens girl and before her marriage was Miss Mary Pearl McClunoy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. E McCluney. Red berries, greenery and candelabra with red candles served as decoration in tho reception rooms. Mrs. Tompla received as honor guest a pieco of.sterling silver In her chosen pattern and for making high score in the bridge gamo sho was presented with a most attractive gift. Tho consolation prize went to Mrs. E. H. Gray. Guests Included the honorei, Mrs. William Bain, Mrs. H. W. Hoffer, Mrs. R. P. Walker, Mrs. Cliff Coates, Mrs. James Taylor, Mrs. Jack Anderson, Mrs. Grant Westbrook, Mrs. Charles Reese and Mrs. E. H. Gray. Out of town guests were Mrs. J. S. Turner of Canton, Mrs. Tom Keck of Trinidad, and Mrs. R. E Logan of Nashville, Tcnn. A most delectablo plate was served. Assisting tho hostess In receiving and serving were her mother, Mrs. C. J. Hall, and the honoroe's mother, Mrs. E. L. McCluney. CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Jan. 7.— >)—Felix Frankfurter,, professor of law at Harvard and newly appointed to the supreme court, today hold that his predecessor on tho high bench, tho late Justice Benjamin N. Cardozo, had been great In part because he "recognized that new policies must be perfected or discarded by the test of experience." Writing in praise of Justice Cardozo, whoso place he would fill, Marriage License. Gilbert Russell and duasle Boyge. Constable's Office. One was arrested for drunkenness and one for theft by Deputy Constables Oscle Renfrow and Roger Cruse. Justice Court. . One was fined for drunkenness^ one for theft and one for reckless driving by Judge A. E. Foster. Two wero fined on drunkenness charges by Judge Pat Qeraughty. 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N, Sneed spent the week-end at New Orleans and attended the Sugar Bowl game. Jimmy Orand has returned to T. W. C. at Fort Worth, after spending the past two weeks here with his parents. Mr. and Mrs, A. P. Mllor and daughter of Waco, and Mrs. Fannie Bowers visited Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Tate Monday, W. O. Keaton of Kilgore visited his parents here during the past week. Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Williamson spent Friday in Madlsonvllle on business. Alya Baldree of Dallas. - has been her the past few days visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J, W. Baldree. ens -for the past SOyears he Frankfurter declared his long-time ens tor tne past BO years, he fji(end had . rea ,, zed that new poll . cles should not be "judged as though the legislature were a modern Minerva." A co-operator in formulating many New Deal policies, Frankfurter delivered his eulogy in an article written for tho Harvard Law Review before ho was nominated. Tho Law Revlow will be published Jan. 12 and will be devoted entirely to Cordozo Frankfurter's article will accompany others by Justice T-f-'lan F. Stone of the supreme court; Lord Maughan, high chancellor of G oat Britain; Associate Justict H. V. Evatt of tho high court of ustra- lia; Justice Learned Har.d of the U.S. circuit court of ai..»eals and several others. having been born and reared In Bazetto. Mr. Simms is survived by his wife and six children, Mrs. Doris Edwards, Mrs. Dean Kent, Miss Sylvester Slmms of Texas City, Jlmmle Lois and Blllio Slmms of Kerens, and Jack Slmms of Galveston. Two brothers, John Simms, and Edd Slmms, of Cor- slcana; two sisters, Mrs. M. F. Allbrltton, Childress, and Mrs. J. C. Allbrltton, of Alvln. Pallbearers were H. A. Quuaulte, J. A. Paschael, L. Murphrey, Fay Redford, Eddie Smith, and Bob Ford. Services were conducted by Rev. M, O. Cheek, pastor of the church, of which Mr. Slmms had been a member for several years. Interment was in the Prairie Point cemetery under the direction of the P, N., Stockton Funeral Home, Among those from out of town who attended the services were: Bob Allbrltton, Childress; Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Watt, Miss Fannie Ktrk, and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Slmms and family of Corslcana. Eureka Resident Was Hurt in Car Accident Oele Prltchett of Eureka received a slight head injury and a hurt hand about 3 o'clock Sunday morning when the car In which he was riding turned over at the intersection of North Beaton street and First avenue. He was rushed to the P. and S. Hospital In a Corley ambu- lence where he received treatment. Prltchett was discharged from the hospital Sunday. Former Malakoff Physician Buried In Tyler Saturday TYLER, Jan, 9.—Funeral services for Dr. W.'P. Brogan, who died Friday, were held here Saturday. He had been ill six years. Surviving arei his wife, three children, three sisters and three brothers. One sister, Mrs. Mary E. Adarrts, Is postmistress at Powell, Dr. Brogan formerly was The new appolnteo wro that Cardozo "was tho one man adequate to fill the historic place vacated by Holmes jc x x Barring pnly Holmes, no man h d completely revealed the map of his mind before he went on tho court. x x x Like Holmes, he was sensitive to social tensions and the conflicts of interest, not by th« bent of his mind, but because the scholar in him made Mm realize that to be a god judge hr had to become conversant with the processes of government rnd of In- dustr;. x x x Consider Nomination WASHINGTON, Jan. '7.—(#>— A senate subcommittee Vegan consideration today of the nomination of Felix Frankfurter, Harvard Law School's famed liberal, to the supreme court. Many senators of both parties predicted he would be confirmed quickly. Chairman Neely (D-W. Va) ordered a public mooting of the aub-commlttee at 0:30 a.m., (C.S. T.) but said be did not know whether any testimony would be taken. Frankfurter was not scheduled to be present. Favor Visitors In Kerens. KERENS, Jan. 9.—(Spl.)—Mrs. Milton Temple of Houston, who spent tho holidays with her par- enrs, Mr. and Mrs. E. L. McClun- oy, was honored with a lovely kitchen shower on Wednesday evening, given by Mrs. William Bain. The shower was a complete surprise, the gifts being brought in following the dessort, which culminated the serving of a delicious thrce-courso dinner from quartet tables lighted by candles. Bridge was enjoyed during the evening hours, with Mrs. Temple winning high score and again receiving a gift. Others present at this lovely affair were Mrs, Maclle Turner, Mrs. Jack Anderson, Mrs. H. W. Hoffer, Miss Dorothy Hall, Mrs. H. C. Johnson, Mrs. Grant Westbrook, Mrs. T. L. Whorton, Mrs. Tom Keck and Mrs. James Taylor. ENNIS GAME CANCELLED HERE TUESDAY; PLAY EAGLES FRIDAY Corsicanans Spend Holiday Season In Visit to California Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Brown and daughter, {Catherine, returned Sunday from a three weeks' automobile trip to California. They wero accompanied . by Mr. and Mrs. R, C. Tuol and son, Raymond, Jr., of Dallas. They visited a married daughter of Mrs. Brown's who lives in Pasadena. The trip was made through Arizona and many points of great interest was visited. In Fsadenu they witnessed tho parade and activities in connection with tho Roue Bowl football game. Trips were also made to Los Angeles and San Diego. They report an, enjoyable trip. Navarro Chapter UDC Be Hostess Club For Wednesday Luncheon The JNavarro Chapter, U, D, C., will be hostess olub for the regular weekly membership luncheon 8«U {t .Quick Through Want Adi. practicing physician at Malakoff. I Wednesday at the Klnsloe House, The scheduled basketball game lore Tuesday night between tho Jorsicana Tigers and Ennls Lions TBS been cancelled by Ennls authorities, Coach Jlmlme Gardner anonunced Monday morning. A banquet at Ennts Tuesday light caused tho cancellation of .he contest, When tho gamo will so staged is not known ere, pend- ng additional conferences between outhorlUes. Tho Bengals will journey to Hillsboro Friday night to play a return engagement for a tilt staged here before the Christmas holidays, The Tiger loopers resumed training Monday afternoon. Plenty of work is to be given the boys this week by tho mentors in an effort to Improve tho offensive play. The coaches were not pleased with the offensive play against the Clo- burne Jackets here Friday night, Corslcana won over Cleburne, 185. The Doyle Pevehouse Family Leaving For Austin In Few Days Doyle Pevohouso loft this morn- Ing for Austin to assume his duties as a member of tho legislature from the 60th district, and will be joined in a few days by his wlfo and son, Don, who wore to have gone with him, but Don was taken 111 a few days ago, Mr. and Mrs, W. D. Dansby who have made their home with Mrs. S. E. Robinson for several years, have taken the Pevehouse homo, 1515 Elmwpod, during tholr absence from the city. Best wlfches from their host of Coralcana friends go with Mr, and Mrs. Pevchouso to their new home, Austin. and will be represented by Mrs. H. F. Marr and Mrs. Bell Wblto. All members of the U. D. C. chapter are eligible to attend. Reservations must be In by Tuesday noon. Call 867 and make reservation* with Mrs. George E. Jest«B Corsicana Couple Wed In Fairfield Saturday Afternoon The marriage of Mrs. Beatrice Johnston Campbell, daughter of Mrs. S. S. Johnston, 018 West Second Avenue, to Sidney P. Story, Saturday, January 7, at 6 p. m., in Falrfleld, has come as a pleasant surprise, though not unexpected, to their many friends, who join in extending to them their hearty congratulations and best wishes. Immediately after the ceremony they returned to Corslcana and are at home, 702 South Fifteenth street, whero they will be glad to see their friends. Private Lockers 'Come In, make arrangement* for your locker and plant your garden, ' berries, corn, and fruits, with view of storing and have fresh next winter. You can now kill your meat and have fresh or cured any month in year. With this looker system you can produce your own food* and use for homo consumption. WALKER Frozen Food Private Lockers Poultry • Poultry We will pay top price for poultry at all times in line with market conditions. Will pay following until i ext Monday: Turkey Hens, pound. 170 Toms, Market Price According to Quality. Good Colored Hens, lb...,llo Good Leghorn Hens, Ib... 9o Cooks, pound 80 Good Colored, Fryors, 2!4 Ibs. down, Ib........140 Oood Leghorn Fryers, Ib..l2o Number Ono Hides, Ib... 7o Oood Sound VecunB, lb..5Wo Fresh ISggH, dozen ....... 150. A. B. Walker and Son WATCH - CLOCK - JEWELRY REPAIRING ALL WORK (iriAHANTEEn G. D. RHOADS, Jeweler

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