The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 7, 1897 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 7, 1897
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jl^toi^fctfi^ll j.^ The Chronicle. f TttEHIftT, SEPTBHBBH 7, .J&07. Roytt etAtf th* 18*#j»«*, - ., Nf*H VOIW. "5 Most r Notate> Spoke to Wofkirtgfner) o« bor's Annual Holiday. Ptttt ME TWO Itwht* TJ»«t Inlcrchanwnhh' Mileage ^Tickets. ! ' A new form of Thousand Mil** Ticket, the result of eaiefiil consideration and dtsoftseion between the- railroads and their principal patron?, will bo placed on sale- Sept. M. at all important' Michigan ' Onlrai ticket offices. Tlio tit'kot is sold for .WOO with a rebate to the purchaser of ?1O.OO \vh>n used Up in compliance with its conditions and is accepted on all the linos in the Central Passenger Asstmatiou, forty-^ five in mnnber and roxering a vast extent of c-omltr y, ' No mHerige hook lias \et.heen devised ,80 awpCaMe to 'nil parties concerned and so adv;mr;itf<i>us fo> thi- "holders. Every one who is likely to travel a thousand mile* in a year should avail i themselves of it, and should consult the nearest Michigan Central ticket agent. \ The i Doea your' head feel »« though "souieono \va»i. tmnuuering. it; .a* .though n ,inil).iOM spnrk^ were tlyibg out of tlic cyts? Havo yoil'horrible i«icbi«-a«fif fhc.sioinach? ' Bur doo-k iJlood BitterH will cure >ou. of jenr» has bce.n cured i f i a >y tho une of DoaoV (Mutinvnt « positive,"never-failing remedy for lt<;hiii{2 Pile» atid nil similar dinea«e». Your dealer ke«-pt< it or can get it for you.2 :SEW GOODS, At J. C. Dmiel A Go's. Call, on them before >ou huv n roj-ker, thov hitvo all kinds, and jiniHiB U» suit the tinw at, .the now Hatch block. 'Como in, The Suflshinc Matty- I H the title of ft (jeut-roufily illufttrnU'd pntn Uhlot of sixteen pnifos iu reference to South Uukutu, tho ronjing .matter in which, waa written by nn enthuHiaxttc ^otith Dakota tndy—f4rs? Stella Hohuier Arnold—who tins (wen n redidont of the Kunrthine State fur over 10 years. A copy wilt-'be. mailed to itieaUdrewof any ffirrni*r'<»r far.oer'^ wife, if rfeufc aroiu"«» to ttnrrj Mercer, Mit-l'n«(iu J J tuwenger Agent, C'tit^nitu, Milwaukee A, St. Paul railway, 7 Fiirt Ktnut, W., Patroit -Mich. In th* lalie regions nf Wisconsin,Northern Mtolii(,'an,'Miiuiosotn, Iu«u nnii .South g ilte \\unn-uf (he i & Hh 1'rtul, Hailftay, are --of charming H>enl>tit* iirt-onmn-ntly-titled looated on or 'near lak«* whu-h havo not beau llrihod out. Thu^e r.c-»i>rta raft go iu va- " riety frona |he "full tiresn for dinner" to the flannel tslnrt, cowtuuiu i^r eiury noeal. Aimmtf th« li»t are nttU'^tttiaiiiar to icanj of tfur readers t» tho tyerfceiion of northern «uqj«r rseorta. 2J«w{jf all of t^e -porattt--ef-- tut«irMit 'arc witii #. . .. fcance from Chicago or Milwaultee, audnouo of tfaetn are e«, far nway froja the < V Y ',* marts of civiriz^tiou" thai ttiiey'cWuot jp jpggvhed iu a ft)w huura of tmvt'Lby lr&nu«ctt ' ' • the finest road mttujnorttiweiit—, , Milwaukee & St. Paul Mail way. it&iup for a cuj>y ol O 'y»'» gt-vmir a deeoription of the Ijiri»ieip»lie«orta,aud alias of ^uuiuit-r hotels i boarding hou«*, and rates for board, If yftu itw'ijl ir f/i look (fver , are ul»« wisy - \ HUMPHREYS' WITCH HAZEL OIL Piles or Hemorrhoicto F.i«suj?es 4 Fistulas. £&ilm$ & Scalds. ' Wounds & Bruise*. Cuts 4f Sores. Boila & Tumore. Kcsema & Eruptions. Salt Rrysum & Tettera, Chapped Haj^d*. P«vei» Blisters. Sore JC-ipe of Insects, tat* Candidate for JSo I'erruaner a OolA «A«iU-Ex-OoT<-vnnrrtr Illinois »P- clm*» Srtftlnliim M«-til Onr«iMne»it, tint Tan Gotiil fa* till* 1V«»Tl«l W«w *nrt Artvo- cat«>* Gfi-rernm«nt unit ALnikletpal Owner* >tr«htp, * <- Jit, ^ St. I/iwfs, Mo'., Sept. 7.~Tbe feature of Labor Day celebration In this 'city yea-* :erday was an aadress By, Hon. W-» J. Jryan, -at, Concordia park. The biggest crowd ever seen In the park greeted he speaker, Hls^ speech throughout was •nthijsiasttpally applauded. Previous o the meeting; Bryan reviewed "a parade if i&,000 laboring men. Bryan spoke in part as follows. "While I find pleasure n .participating In the exercises of thto day 1 am alto' actuated by a sense of duty, because the observance of I^a'oor afford* me?an opportunity for the Uncu&slon of these questions i which es- leclally concetn thepmducprs'of \vealtli, n a pamphlet written by adtstingulshed >It>\v York banker I find liie .assertion that the prosperity of farmers and la-" liorera depends.upon the prosperity of he business-man. So long enter* :ains «uch an idea he is certain to en- :ertain erroneous views upon social and joHtk-al questions. Kverythlnit Depends on JNttTtor. •All of the literary, proft-sslunal and commercial classes, will find' upon investigation tfeat they n-.«t tijwm thosa brain • and muscle <!«nvf.-rt the natural resources' of the 'country Irto material wealth.: Not only must any. real : proaperity begin With those who :oll, but, the nation's Vroffressi toward higher civilization must be nirastrrea by the progress made by - th*?—prwtlucitiK classi-si. Under every system of government a few are p»issesne(l of means and refinement, but .-It i» the average ;)rogress. not the progress of the few, hat must be considered. The" Improve* mt?nt to be hoped'for must come from !.>ifortss outside of poTlTTcs. Mental discipline, moral'-training;, habits of in- luftry antl ttconomy. ull hiivx thfii part in Improving fhe pv' K 'ral eW<tttit>n of >ui peopH 1 ; and yet. thy Influence of ijilslation must nut bo ovuloolurl. A orm of government like oui» makes it [><« piblo for tin.- peopLr t<> liav* such Rislattori ns they desire. hut even th«n it is possible for a few persons to over-* roach the people as a whole. AjMttbU I'i'i '\* lit JSirtimlj. The welfurv/wf tltt 1 , people must be sought not liV the securing- of special t.'». themselynK. but in—the' denying'of epecial prlvlle^a (to tiny one. Tjie labor Organization ha»i l»i>ii one of tho inost/pottnt influents Xu 'Improving the i.'on4Hii)ii of the <vatfi;"«irisers. Labor o/tjaniKatlohs a.rv almost entirely responsible for- the fuel that .skilled labor wiws have not fallfjn as mui h aa ws. although they have n<»l:- always I'odeil in kvt'plnjEt t'm|>l.>yni-.-!it uj> to full time. Wbilo giving to tlu'se organization rredtt for what tlicj lui,x« dont- It Is. only faif to that nuttier labor organizations; nor any other form JrltJtl l-tton tttll Mh'Uit* In till' ljll«l|Vf 0 permanent Immunity If the trem-raU«v«l pr.lves continue* to fall. • • • . I Hit- ,Mu»l lH U MeillUV, 'The Kile is th>» nui^cr to the •who has employment. i«i4 ; thenam? ber of Idle • men must fn-c<-ssarily Increase if we haV* a mpnt-y syat<>xn which constantly raises tha value of thv dullar constantly lowers the market value vt the products of laboj'. ArMtratiyn of (Ulferenres 1 bP-tweeri ikrgp corporatt^errR ptay*rs and thfcti employes is tms of the reforms most net-ded by wage- 1'ntH „arbitration is arcufeti th<r strike I)* tha^nly w«u*on \vltWn thts of labor, Sfic'lety at Ur^a fe ta- In the applK'atkin of the of arbitration to-. v thc to tirne bt-tw«en ha« 'been defined a^ * System «f' gover*meftt Ifi \Vhlch the •fiyetettl Is entirely atwTfstiieifi principle of associated eftor 1 !! J.« applied ; Co everything. Accofdfn^ £6 |h"e St^M- aihi atitherltles &*clal5«»ti fs"\ an ?Sfeat i State fouftdeia rtn justice and In whlchttfie tefteftts at modeln'lrtvehtiott ftjnd bt mo-' rtopoly ; ahftll be sifared by all the people by these 'JteV to makfe them- th<i abselute «i?istefsi of the man>; 'taii''^?^!*!!^** Is ws#a as a 4«>Jrn. of "deri«i<in only by. the Ignorant or the ser*lle» HoWeVfer. the World fs not 'rio« fbr, the application of fc3cl«Ul«m» There are a» yet hundreds of things that cart not be done succe^tully by the state,, •.fid that mu*t be' left to the individual. 1 -' Th« g^nerat- trend otf his argument for public ownerahlp Is given itf ttte follow. ing t safa to fiavft been Lofil Satipbury'J repljr to 'the objection* mentioned above. ThaLH wag.jyrt^d. question of aoctallsm at^aHv but simply a rjuestloli of-business^ a question whether a given community cart secure- certain advantaRes and &up« ply c'ertaitt needs common to all of its people more cheaply or in a more satisfactory manner when anting colectively than it can by leaving everything to in* dividual effort; that a collective body' has the "same right to pursue the bep't business methods, aiid do-all things^ neV" essary to Its welfare, or the welfa/e of, ts niemberst, that" the Individual hast that the beat ihterest of the cotttnnmlty must be the criterion by which to de» ide each case; that there w*a9 a.lima when private Individuals /carried the mails and charged what they pleased, :here being go grovernraent .postomce: btjt as the world adva/iced every gov» rnnn»nt took the postal business into its own< hands, and no iptellisent man would it.turned over/to a private corpor- aUOns .-* ' " The latter part of the^gpeech waa devoted to government by Injunction, and the exrjtovernor'u'wd the arguments that are familiar/on that.pbmt,declaring that corponulons used the courts against the workragman; that it was the judgea whb made the laws really; that la^bor must' be protected; that tho Injunction apug'ed In strike cases Is a-blow at lllv and violates the constitution, and that as to the Judgea, "the American People- can. remove every one of them ihd crjrfiFlgn the.m to.that Infamy which: is now '.embalming the memory of Jeffries. But this cannot be dohe-eo long-aa cortgress tsi naad<»: up largely of men ivh'o ate mere Corporation'conyenien??e£4 tt will bo necessary to send men to con- ttreas who Will be true to the peopla. This may "not -happen at the next election; nor yet at the next; but It must eOnie, a!nd must come sion." by Th* t^ttuit to whli.-h the of JaJfflttyfJtK>fi-h8|i bee« in rstent years ha«i which U alnt«» wbea It huatility by <tf t»» »iit Is to* avoid trial by jucy. Jury ia inare itn^rta^tt to the tuday ttwm If e Trial by ia Jn- att and it is t»«i»y th* tn'e peo^te ayateet ' of wjUch " 7,—lSx-Governior o| lliriais, *i rivw yea Hi* aubjfcet was "Mu th* ex-g«v<!rnor of rtif elty,' Kix-tt occupied thir chair tht: o|^Miu« addT£«», lie tbwi la- five-sixths t)f'bis his _ OJ aad iilicmjwirhajji, I afsuweeta to favor of that Ht said thai i>fopt>«a}« id by t>AV AlttOVfi THKTVHNKUS. Not OhiM'rVKl Cioiiprnlly at I'ltUlnirt— To- Dittrlvt i:onv«liUu'». 8«pt. 7.*-Labor Day wa» not- 1 observed generally in PHtsburg yesterday. All th,<* mllU. fartorles and other industrial establishments with but few exceptj^ns, wcri 4 running as, usual,. and few workip«n laid 'off 'to eoleltrate the-dilay. . The Il,ab()r Day picnic and mass meetlrie Tic-Id at Calhout* park under the ausititws of local union No, 6. Urotfiorhood of Painters and Decorators, was the only puMic d?djionstratli>n during tbp day. Rt»t \vet-n 3,600 and 4.009 people were; In attendance at the r park tti(; afternoon and Evening..' Adon vailouu- phu"es of tho labor question were dellven-d Prom the platform iu tb<- open air by W.. J. Jami-8 V, Burk«.'an«I J«svph Howl^y. Tlus dlB'tvict convention tc>day to dtH<? Kates tp \hv •national cunven'tiop be the larB<-»t and wont important ever huld in this <$fy: M«et» Ings 'w*-tf held thfouKhuut the dlstiict ye»tt-rday to «>left°aeleffates t(i this x.-on. 'Ja'almopt every rase the delegates to ihe tliatrlel convention been to the Tt-prtswnt»tives, national convention who will r tfcfc roa??Jmuni rate («? c«pt»), Is Itelteved the 'ItaderB wlH cflrn- he dtlegateB who will sut<a>d the convention that the only _ tbo_ ip<ner« is to 85'cent oompromfo*' f oi'' thi? and at thtf tteittmt.*^! 1 t:*>iifer«iic» insist on a >»if«^r Att* fof n«xt year. * Dfatiftt Pi^iaptJt iRatrlek PolaB ^atd \a,at nfabx; ^'What K«KM! is a t»^n In a cooftsmttw If fee is loailfifl 4uwij wltn Instruct Ions. I »«» j5atteH«d th^^ if good, honewt, men arfe s^a^ to the (jonveidtlon will ac,t in at«;orda,nte wtth the 6ralrf\voo'J, tll», f<-frt. 7.— J»*flft inter* ',vjth Secretary llyAn, of Jth<» 1111- hiifttr.=, who left -for "Colunifms in- o? tfte oftd- of Jfil* hofthern fcoal f!eM*. The- fact' th'?i*-«he of northern YltthoM' hav« retas?Aj» tf eyrfprtrtrttt iookjnl; •toj^ar'rf* of th<» prrtwW tWrtM* ftJ^o e t&hIlKtt«iet the fact that th**fe/^B he i *em>ral s^ttJem^nt "at tJ Shoalcl the t*!tt«!l)uVg J miftesrs aowpt the 65»reiit ratVt 'anil r*iswn . will rar»ea< itself, and 1 tfte <vHT be Inft to fcofd th« bag »vi><,< T.-^All the tnorHinK/xet'pt f hose of P«oi H<t«se fariau mines. niand t9 f»r J>5 eer.ts a fon/ Th'e »oi»^ Bay/th?y cannot ftm^tiap ihftt f*'r exi9tifift»c<rfftrft<'tH would cause 1 to IcMj/rtioh^y on ever jr ton mined. They sfey/th<*y <>an'ih<M.tti > afford u* ld.«*> the (>oi<tracfs> Kfff.rts will ho made to have fn the ut'<< mines named but tht-y wljf tfi(- miner •to join in. ly IIP S»llr Doian .said thai ¥ proposition w«yi«l be Siade to -thti miners r to imaiiitalR eamps at m1n»stt where thfe dtwtrlc^ prle^ is not paid, and an aaseswueBrti*; levi«4 oq <u|I iutn«f8 at work ta qie^t Hba. piveswary esjjwntwB. ' H« *aW ^v*ry effort wuuld be maJde to make the iprice adopted »» Columbus unjform thrwugfewut " It' 4 fiird to 'caniilut «S-eefit " rat will ii*ve, i,t . , tsjattiy^har et- fn ih*r I*lttst(urg ' . o*4tlor . as it ia «ml U'M»Si hi> tfMji hituwinou^. will to do. In* gew . th« valu* rat** Ptncf-ylvania, 65; West , , trK:fH, 4«. The latter la jjot a fair 8gur« t«K 9tuet«, iriaaaawh as the miners tte»r« g^jt is addition ^ U a fair piic« for what i* c»U«R -"toru^hip^ the .ttojO.'--' ST. ThotaJSi JW«s*iio OiT ha* i* o| d to h* MicuriWe. PAHW »/ tbeatomach or bowel*. »l» i»atl kuforuis. time worth 5Me Muncle, Ind., Hftit 7.—A sfatp cele- brfttloii of Tjfthor I>ay by all trades union mt'n In Irwy.i^ia waXnftd here yesterday, Al.000 stalwart I(kbt»t: men at- ten^lns; and 13,000 strangers. Th*t»arade \vas two mlH'B long and the men tnarchfd eiRht abrea«t. Wjieechep were made by Ralph Beaumont, of Oklahoma: Mayor Cromer, and C. F. Smith (of Indian apoiis), the latter speaking to a large audience at night. 8100 Reward $100, The renders of this paper will be pleased o learn that there is at least one drenderl Disease that safeties has beea able to cure In all ita stajpjB and that .is catarrh. Hall'* Catarrh cure is tho only positive *ure »«w known to tho modionl f^tjermty. Catarrh being a. constitutional dlsoftee requires n ooBtitutioaat traatment. Hall's Catarrl. re is taken >bteraally. ootiog directly upon the blood and mueoua sutfacas of the cfcnm, thereby destroying the foundation of the di«ense, and giving the p'ltieut strength . •< duilcling up the ron*titutioD ind a^« <ini)f nature in do^ii" itfl work f he prop it'l<ir« havo pr> nmcli faith in it* curativp JIUK-, rn that they ottur one huuJr-d- dollnrs for any ease that it; (aild to cure. Sen t for list of »est,u)ioninlfl, Address, V. J. CHENEY & (JO., Toledo. ()., Sold by d-UK«i»K T5c;. Hall's Family Pills are tho best. The TKIomHke (Jolil Kleltlx ;\i(). now attracting the attention of the whole world, nnd the nwlts of placer and quarts m.uinji fully equal to the fn Jh of nnggctts irrtU" «-:i'-ly ('alifornia days and extraordinary indiuTincn^ftaro bt-|ng o{|er^d to prospes^ofH, minors and invt-stora. By next spring the gold lever will have t ikeri posfWHsion of thousands of peoi»10, a:ul th,*3 fteaiorn roade will ba\ « all thev can dm to transport the fortune, huntera. Tin Chit-ago, MiJwaukeo & St. Paul railway* rtnd its connecting linm, "offer beet ff»i-iliti<'S for reaching tin- Alaska golil ri'jjions, For further information, address Hurry Michigan Pasts. Agt., Detroit, Wu iuvito all to call on us UC the Wnt- eou building and t-XHiiune our method of Dre«4 Tailoring, WV will cut any pattern for any l»dy wbp will take the painti to gall and ^xamiffe our method. Our whooj will be open to the public Saturday and Moritky, Aug. 14 and IB, where ordorn will be received for patterns tfrwe fot any lady who wilt tak^tbc gains tocall and examine tiur.iutitbod. , f r~, ,__,^_ _ Ht. Mary's aehopi o| music will re-opeo >JyRday, Aug. 3tf, The b^et^aDd lat t methods are used in tbia department and spwial attention given to the theory and art of music, For further particu.- lare call at the school, or uiaters' residence. ' _ \° Tafk about etyle; talk alxmt it! But have V<>« s«*a the styliah w ' it, fiaiid, V«p wjll *r*nt the very litest J^tfte md*t jwcurat* *?p&rt« to be oto- ttlne<L Thin you want the i _ < ' i « / • •Detroit NeWs. i It contain* nil the news of Michigan* tfip United States and the World, nil up to date. What if Not Miracles? -"the great Four*C Remedy isdoing work wherever introduced as nearly miraculpui as it ever the&lot of any human agency to .do ( I will es :em it a • f^vor tor any one interested to write the persons whose names appear below or anyone whose name may appear among these testimonials.) Of BENEPACTORS OF Office of "KIHSHBHBB Tinea," I Kingflflbcr. Okl».. Oeo. 12,'93,f Q»!Trt«K)tN:—1 believe it my duty to write you t line in regard to tho be official effect of PKoIpo' "Four C Remedy," so far as I am personally coa- 5»»jied. A weelf »«o last Thursday, I was taken with a severe attach of la grippe and in a short time became so boars* I could not speak above a • ivbisper. Tbe night previous I had coughed aearly Uieentlconieht; lost before retiring I took , ki ever I did in my life, mit couKhlog one*. I win mtirely reliBVed before talcing one bottle. Pbelpg' ^oaRh, Cold aud Croup Cure should be in every iousebold in the land. I «eod you thiS<wbolly in»pliolted by •nyone, for you are benefactors of Itie race in giving it the antidote tot some of the ittiotiOD* to which it is heir. Very Truly Yours, C.J.NB8BITT, Editor. m MIRACLE. Kate** City, K*naa», DeaS*, "91 IiMt Friday, Dec. 19, my attending physician itated tmlsgall.was better by morning be could to notblnc tor my relief. Tbat night I com- nenoed takinz Ph«lp'» "KourC" remedy, stopped til otber medicines. Too first docn stoppud roy sough; slept and -retted well; a few more dOBea ved all i iorenees from my lunps; tha second lay. I was upi tbe tbird day I was out on tbe iorch waa up town purenaafngt holiday [ood». MIBB JENHIE BASSKT, Washington Ave. And Summit St .CROUP CURED. One doiw of Philips' Cough, Cold and Croup 2uro. gav* my child infltant relief when: attacked »ltb the croup. W. K- Moon*, of Moore Bros., Grocers. - ' Atkansaa City, Kannaa. UNBROKEN REST AT NIGHT. ' ' J B. Hlii.iHti, ManitKt'r, J ' Office Commercial Printing Co., I> 196 South Clark St. f A *. ™. , « • ' Chicago, Nov. 84, -M 8.R.Phel59,E(iq., City, DBAS 8tR;—I wish to bear tpstimo&y to tht greol effieaey of your "Pour C" remedy In tbri.u ( and lunc ailments. As a ra)e I have own <-k<-{i tioal of the mefiu ol proprietary medicines, bu' hftve to confe,ai that a t«»t of your "Four C" it oonvinoing that at least one rcanv made .remcd> is wottliy of use. ,My ohildrenail titk« it with out' lh« leastjosjectton, from oldest to yountrc'' and It- Ijb purticiilarly uottwsbteinnt beneflt It almost immediate. A single done will clu-cfc ' most coughs in thoir btglunmn; If t;ives /in tin broken rest *t night. In my family "Four C* is simply indispensable and I recommend it tin nualifiedly. Yours, •I, B. 3 ACUTE LARYNGITIS. CbWuU^Mpt. tt&. '95 For years txifik each winter I have sutTerco with acute Laryngitis. Last winter was «obcd 'I eould not leauo my room for two weeks or spt nt< abovo a whisper. I tri«d every known coupti preparation from cough dropn up and down with no relief, then in detitwratiofi i wan mducnl in to try Phelp'i "ffoure " Tbe ttrst dose relieved my cough, Riving rde the 8r«t ni^ht'n r«tit fp< weeks. Half tho bottle qnred me, I have ncVci bete .without tbl» wonderful remedy since. It i* as different from dther liko reniedius as molossea from vinegar or sugar from sand. MBS. JOSEPH E. QntnsB. 6313 .Madison Avo. 1T IS A MIRACLE. Conductor Eckatd, the Ruitroad. Corronpoo. dent, or tbe Neodasha Kanmu> Repistor, hanthU to nay of "Four C." "Phelps l«t bavini; a wop- derful Rale of bis Coueb and Cold Remedy. \Vo personally know it is just what it In rrpresent. ed to oe. Too mqch cat) t be said in ita praise. It U> a: miracle. • I , NOTICE TO DRUGGISTS AND THE PL JC. CONTRACT,—Druggists are authorized In ALL CASES .TO REFUND TMK PURCHASE PRICB, if the Foor-C Remedy (Pbelps'CouglK Cold and Croup Cure) fails to give satisfaction in Croup, Bronchim,Asthtna,LaGnppe,Coughs and Colds, no , matter how long standing, or deep seated, in fact 1 guarantee in all manner ol Bronchial or Lung trouble, not as a Cure-All,but to give unbounded satisfaction. Give it a trial on the above conditions.* I take all chance*. • - / R. R, PHELPS, JI8 53d Street t CHICAGO, ILL, Proo, For sale by W. T. DRAKE. STOVESS! Reduction in Pricos on Cooking Apparatus. Gas Ranges $10:60. $10,00, GAS LIGHT are putting oi|t? Tb^y'W pun? *tyje Don't, you need ^ tri$£Of prinMng in tll« r afct0vB,lioes jast j*(o«t .mw. We and laicat script t>pe. E. return ftepi- 0 to 11 iflcliisiv* IPJ? one fare pitta «W ceats to* iBtodpijtts, to. luir. Tijdtate good to .return Sept. la CASTORS For Wi4 Jet with bam and orchard. B il, Mich. L. Day &8o« autr of th* braad put down tbe tpo Baling Stov«s.^i. to $5. according to aizw TEPB From $2.25 to AfterOct. S2.OO each. TJ»clie»pwtArti(loWU«lrt Y«tlnv«nt«rf. hour, Giv^r 60 '- " , • -, pow^r <rf. ligtt. \ twice the light of .open gat burner with Hw^r el tl» heat Ughted at^reaia Mwaltail aae^tlieee Welabach Lights Always a* to ligtt and oonsaajptioa of ga* Ne«xly 300 #pld i» Ma daring the jtf*t yaiy. THEMAESHALL LI3HT CO. ( "WHH^P ^Wi^Pfl^HflP^^P^^^HHJIBp NHpl^pHHPm ^'^p^

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