Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas on January 10, 1939 · Page 4
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Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas · Page 4

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 10, 1939
Page 4
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ffli^wres^w^^ 5$$^ ;* J V:-. '/ ••- ••./; /''• " i: -" ,.• •' .,-.•• ** -- - • m ' ' \ - , .'• *&&**}&(<*%,. -» ' r . _ .-IJ*..-* (-,1 -r * lib . '- J. Ifl- '. 1 . ' * _ »J . ' 1 * * '- ' I .- ,-^ » i» 1 1 rf* tfl* •W'- \t - -. rt 'A v - pUiiUiaHKi^TiiKHMA ry wniri'HAM *NT lit*. A. A, Wortham Owner* Lowrj KarUti JUST FOLKS iCopyrlgbt, 1037, Edgar A. Guest) C..r.lo«« Pojl Offle* matter BUSINESS OUTLOOK men, any- American business while not expecting thing like a boom this.year, are almost unanimous in ex- nectinff a continuance ot ffSfent improvement and a better year than 1938. Philip A. Benson, president of the American Bankers . *.**.*« onnnVmff re- Association cently in speaking symposium of this business leaders, gave ^ I 0ptimi9tic factors include im unprecedented supply of money and credit, increas- ;„«• iaanance of new secuvi- IN THM There's no such thing fts gentla rain In tho n They always flood the window pane In the , Men merely have to pack a grip And take a taxi to the ahip, To make a trans-Atlantic trip In the movies. Work's not a daUy round ot care In the movies. It never stops a love affair In the movies. A youth may chase for -weeks a mob That plots his sweetheart's dad to rob, And never think about his Job, In the movios. ^ j The Rardens know no fall tr spring In the movies. Roses are always blossoming , In the movies, And doss, tho common breed or fine. , , Don't srrntch their fleas or bark REVIEW or whine. They're always than mine In the better trained ing ties, bountiful crops,, a remarkable recovery in the, building industry, the beginning of improvement ;m the automobile and steel industries, and "the promise of a more intelligent and cooperative spirit between government and business. On the other side of the ledger he listed burdensome taxes, hesitant capital, constant investigations which hinder the freedom of business, the unbalanced budget and the railroad situation. These are obviously retarding factors, but at present seem less powerful than the accelerating forces. The most important factor of all is probably the increasing co-operation of business and government. Without that, there cannot be much real progress. HUMAN CYCLES Sir Flinders Petrie, noted archeologist, presents a new slant on current events. His NEIGHBORS AND FRIENDS The Pan-American convention has not gone entirely as we North Americans may have wished, but the 21 nations involved have met and parted in friendship, accomplished various useful things, and learned to know each other better. This last result is probably the most important of all. Will Rogers used to say, Tve never met anybody I didn't like," and most people, though perhaps lacking Will's special "***• nf friendliness, have dency in the same direction. The patriot who hates foreigners is usually the fellow gift a ten- delving into the revealed past has of waste and economy. Sue"* a cycle lasts about 130 .years. The periods of great waste are always followed in due course of time by periods of economy, and vice versa. "If we are to deal with the science of man," says Sir Flinders, "one of the first steps is to know our 'own position in the recurring cycles of civilization. Then we can see in what direction we are heading," Right now, according to A his reckoning, we are in the ", waste section of a cycle, due •r/to reach the rigid economy Jphase about 1950. i The waste-economy cycles ; are only "wheels within " There are longer of civilization relat- to the arts, mechanics, science and wealth. TH WEEK! CTATO PREDICTS 0HS EHS1 TWIL. GET S>0 GET BROTHER COUNTY CLERK BE BURIED VERNON SATURDAY Rev "Lonnle Reed, aged 45 years, pastor of the Abernathy Baptist church, died Thursday afternoon at 2HB o'clock, following a lingering Illness. The funeral rites will be held at Vernon Saturday afternoon at 2:30 o'cock, according to a telegram received Friday morning by his sister, Lyda Reed, county clerk. The Rev. Mr. Reed was reared in the Barry community. Surviving are hl« wife of Abernathy; a son, EJrwln Reed, teacher Courthouse District Clerk's Office. The following case waa filed: Hiram W. Walker vs. American Employers Insurance Company, to set aside award of industrial accident board. Warranty Deeds. S. C. Porter et ux to permella Porter, lot 3, block 1, Pelham, Neal Allen et vlr to Jack Interest In 220 acres Thomas J. Sweeney survey, $350. Marriage Licenses. Richard Bluftt and Ruby Presley. and other relatives. ^^u^—^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^^B^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 1 ™" ^—•'^^BBB^*^ Clara Mae Lewis And L. Perkins Were Wed Here Saturday Oscar Stevens Mrs. Marteina J. Ellington. Sheriff's Office. Deputy Sheriff Jeff Spencer placed one in jail for disturbing the peace and another on a drunkenness charge. Deputy Sheriff George T. R. U Perkins, son of Mrs. Ne'l*1 Brown and State Liquor Control Ho Perkins, nnd Miss Clara Mao Agent Pat Gaddy seized a large Lewis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. copper still coil in a raid, south of Bud Lewis of Corsicatm, werft Kerens in the Round Prairie com- quictly married New Year's Eve munity Thursday afternoon. No at the parsonage of the Calvary Baptist church, with the pastor, the Rev. Clyde Griffin, officiating. Tho bride was becomingly gown- still was found and no arrest was reported. A white woman was transferred from the city police department ed In blue and gray costume suit to the Jail Friday morning by with gray accessories. She Is a graduate of the Frost High school, Westminster College at Tehuacana and attended N. T, S. T. C., Denton, and is a teacher in the Malakoff schools. Mr. Perkins Is with the Shell Oil Company, with headquarters in Malakoff. t Both the bride and bridegroom have a large circle of friends who extend many good wishes to them. who and hasn't doesn't been among know them. There- is an astonishing NAZI SUBMARINES. X lid C ^O ** ** **»J v*rf*»»«-«--'tj • + t amount of common human- Hitler puts over a fast ity in the moat varied type^one again. Three years ago and races. Generally speak- the Nazi government signing, what they need most ed a treaty agreeing to re- is just to get acquainted, strict German sea power to When we get as well ac- 35 per cent of the British quainted with Latin-Ameri- war fleet. Now it calmly an- ca as we are with Anglo- nounces that it expects America—in Canada — our naval parity with Britain, ties may become almost asj There is another blow on top of that one. Naval "We_ know," said Secre-| parity is measured in tonnage, and Germany is said to have developed an effective • submarine known as close. •^Througho.ut history these •have developed, then rested, then developed again. Then there are still long; cycles, in which various , races have had a turn at ; dominance. s All this may be encourag- ving or disheartening accord; ing to the point of view. It isn't pleasant to think' we the playthings of cycles can't do anything at any given point to improve our- but that is hardly lesson to be drawn from theory. It is more to point to realize that works on our side, and assume that if we recog- Initze the cycles we can learn their good and or counteract, their periods. LIVING ROBOTS * ^ h . Gapek, the Czecho- iJoyakian playwright, novel- essayist who has died, first came to gen- attention \ in America ft?!920 with Ms play "R. U, The Initials stood for Universal Ro JRossum's " and the play dealt mechanical men who to control their hu* tary Hull to *the delegates of the 21 states at the conclusion * of the conference, "that in much of the world, trust in any form of agreement has completely vanished. We know that might has stated that it would have its way, and that it would recognize no equal except equal might. Such is the world we have to deal ^y^th. Our task must be cast in the opposite direction. We choose, instead, to strengthen the basis and principles of peaceful relations, order and equality among om-- selves." It is immensely easier for us Americans to get along amicably than it is for Europeans, because we are far less varied in race and language and our interests are less antagonistic. With continued good will, our ties will strengthen. the "minnow," weighing only 250 tons, which can be turned out by mass production methods and is not only very cheap but very swift and mobile. Produced in quantity to equal the British tonnage, these would make a gi'eat swarm of subs greatly outnumbering the British, conceivably able to drive British commerce from the sea and seriously threaten the British navy. it is fact or D. Burle Daviss, FATHER GORSIIM Corsicana, Heads WOMAN PASSED AWAV Bureau Evidence CHANDLER THURSDAY Oil City Winners Over Bardwell On The Oil City Iron Men defeated Bardwell Independent basketball team Thursday night at the Hardwell gymnasium. Hffeh scorer for Oil City was Kennedy with a total of 15 points, and for Bardwell S. Pritchctt with a- total of 14 points scored. The game was a fast one with both teams holding alternate leads. The Box Score. OU City Iron Men: Player Deputy Sheriff Brown on a charge of intoxication. Constable W. G. Ivey of Richland placed a prisoner In the jail on a capiaft Thursday and Her the prisoner was sent to the county farm. Constable's Office. One was arrested for drunkenness by Constable Clarence Powell. Justice Court, Two were fined on drunkenness charges and one for assault before Judge A. E. Foster. One was fined Thursday afternoon by Judge Pat Qeraughty on a charge of disturbing the peace. Football Sweaters Awarded Tigers At Chapel Exercises Football sweaters were awarded to the twenty-five lettermen and manager of the 1938 Coral- can a High School Tiger footbaU club., at chapel exercises at the CONSiUCTiON UPON DWSON SE SYSTEM IS ,_ F DAWSON, June «,—Actual construction of the Dawson * sewer system Is under way with approximately 80 men employed In two shifts digging ditches In the business section of town. A small amount of pipe has already been placed and covered. Officials In charge of the vrork. state it will require, some six or>*. seven months to complete the Job. B. Y. Boyd Is superintending the job while J. E. Cornelius U timekeeper. ^r K. Wolens Team Is Winner Over Bazette On Thursday Evening K. Wolens won the Independent league basketball game over Bazette played in the Y.M.C.A. gymnasium Thursday night. The score waa 33-30. In the second game of the evening Currle defeated Puraley 2720. , ' ' Frank Sessions was high scorer Jn the K. Wolens game with a total of 12 points scored. Box scores for the two games follow: K. Wolens—, fg Sesions ;• i Jamison , l McClanahan 5 GUI 2 Armstrong ' 1 Frost 8 Tramel 1 p_ L" ^t fc 3 2 0 1 4 11 1 4 2 2 0 7 D. Burle Daviss of Corsicana, former G-man, will head a bureau \vaa set up Thursday by Attorney General Gerald C. Mann. Davisa was a classmate of the attorney general at Southern Methodist University. He is an attorney and was with the federal bureau of investigation for five years. Ho will Instruct other members of the bureau. It will have seven, other members and all but two are attorneys. Houston Clarey, aged 71 years, life-long resident of tho Chandler community, died at his home Thursday afternoon at* 1 o'clock following a short illness with pneumonia. Funeral services were held at Chandler Friday afternoon. Surviving are his wife, of Chandler; «L daughter, Mrs. W. C. Daniel, Corsicana; a sister, Mrs. Lucinda Stidham, Chandler and other relatives. Former attorneys general have)-Jjf ^S 0 ™^ 1 "* 7 had investigators. Mann said he' Sun Want Afl is enlarging that branch of the work to a full bureau which win gather evidence for the trial of Try a Daily W. Doolin, f ............. 3 00 8 F. Doolin, f ............. 2 2 0 6 Almond, g ............... 2 2 0 2 Pollard, g ., ............ 1 0 0 6 Maxwell, g .............. 0 0 0 0 Kennedy, o- ............. 6 3 0 15 Wilson, g ............... 1 002 Totals ............... 18 B 0 31 Bardwell: Wilson, c ............... 5 0 0 XQ T. Prltchett, g ........... 2 0 0 4 Jones, g .......... .-^...O 0 0 0 S. Pritchett, f ....... ....7 0 0 14 Davis, f .............. 1 0 0 * ML .LI - f « p £ '5 school auditorium Friday after- Totals ....... ._. ...... 1C 0 0 30 Cow Beam Triplets. HIGHLAND SPRINGS, Jan. 6 — (&) — a Jersey cow belonging to "Ed F. Foulger recently bore triplets, all heifers, Identically marked and in normal health. They were tho sire's first calves, noon at 1:45 o'clock. Corsicana finished third ^In the strong District 11-A race this past season, losing only to Waco and Temple. The Bengal* have the distinction of being the only club in the country to score more than one touchdown against the State Champion Corpus Chrlstl Buc- canneers. Playing at Corpus Christ! in a non-conference tilt, the Bengals outplayed the Buc- canneers most of the game, losing 28-20, when the champions aerial attack functioned for four touchdowns in eight minutes. Sun Wont Bring Results. 1 0 0 1 0 Totals M 51133- Bazete— J. Walker 3 2 4 8 L. Walker l i 0 3 F. Sessions 6 02 12 Cracker 2 1 ,0 5 Sheaver 0 0 0 0 Totals 13 4 6 30 Currle— fg ft pf tp ITrost 3 1' P. Williams 0 0 EJ. Williams 1 0 Smith , 0 0 Carr 4 0 S Lansford 1 0 Kirk 0 0 O. Williams 40 Totals 13 Pursley— McDonald a 1 Payne 2 1 Hardin 2 0 White 1 0 Bolcn 2 0 0 0 1 1 2 2 0 8 0 8 16 27 1 0 1 1 0 5 5 4 2 4 Totals 9 2 3 20 Referee, Brought on; timer,, Perkins; gcorer, John a ton. School Payment Received. A $1 per capita payment from the state was received at the office of J. C. Watson, county superintendent! Friday oh the 1938-1938 apportionment of 922 per scholastic. This makes $0 of the apportionment received thus far. Charter No. 3506. Reserve District No. 11. REPORT OF CONQITION OF THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Charter No. 11,022. Reserve District No. 11. REPORT OF CONDITION OF THE STATE NATIONAL BANK OF CORSICANA. IN THE STATE OF TEXAS, At the Close of Business on December 31st, 1DS8. (Published'in response to call made by Comptroller of the Currency, under Section C211, U. S. Revised Statutes) cases. Serving with Daviss will be Hirsche] J. Johnson, San Antonio; Frederick B. Isley, San Angolo; Billy Benjamin Goldberg, Pharr; Alex Cason, Dallas; Gordon Pulliam, Dallas, and Cecil C. Cammack, Matador. An Associated Press story from Austin Thursday carried the ap-1 Loans and discounts (including $1,870.12 overdrafts) $ 749,024,98 polntment as' Lloyd W. Davlss. United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed 37,800.00 an error. The name obligations of States and political subdivisions 311,183.67 here is another illuminating example of Nazi tactics. Hitler and his crew can't be pinned down to anything. They may be expected to wriggle out of any 'pledge or pact. There seems to be no faith in them. Anglo-Saxons find it 5E. ouI <? haV i B Jj eon *?' B VJ le Davls ?' The Sun gladly makes the correct- THIRTEEN-YEAR OLD BOY IS VICTIM TRAP FOR EXTORTIONIST creators, play, •£T*fc*iwi'^ '•'••'* tewp«.-w« It was a criticizing Yet it-has onsr today -which ' mpre appalling nal suggestion, of i • , • - -*-,»-' to seem to us ADS THAT PAY Sir Charles Higham, a British advertising expert who died the other day, once claimed to have increased the American consumption of India tea by 3,000,000 pounds in a single year. He was helped, he admitted, by the introduction of the four o'clock tea habit in the United States, Most of his success, however, he attributed to his use of Amercan newspapers as his principal advertising medium. "I know thpre is a tendency among advertisers," he. said, "to employ other means of selling things besides the press, but I have yet to meet an advertiser who was a success without it." Sir Charles' seems to be another example of those occasional business people in foreign countries wnp admire and adopt some American attitude or method and then carry it to more complete success than many us do. ^V^^^W^B^^B_«i •^^^^•^^^•^^^•^•^^p^^p^ seem no longer to think for themselves but to move and act and speak according to the commands of one cruel manipulator who pulls the strings and plans the whole performance. Will these human robots some time take things into tJwr own hands and destroy the regime that has uMili ~,srv~i« «„ i -. T. • I EAST ST. LOUIS, HI., Jan. 6.— SUCh people, and are being (^-A 13-year-old boy slain here reluctantly forced to the tin a trap sat for an extortionist ^^ • •• *•-& AH^H A connliiRinn fhnf tViov nnrt Via apparently was the unwitting dupe conclusion mat tney can be- heve nothing and take noth ing for granted. MILK-DRINKING DEBS of the man sought, police today. The boy was identified by a neighbor aa David Kaempf, .son of Mrs. Philona Kaempf, a widowed housekeeper. , „ , Detective Sergeant Clifford ere Was Champagne for Flood reported firing the fatal the guests at the glamour -blast from his riot gun as the n.{**ir« •—.*_;__ j_ i i . I hnv find frnm thn narnh of Misa comna mif coming one Vinf but tno K athi-yn Walsh last night. iT_ .„ i - , ••, , I XVULIII jru vrtitnii iaai> 1115ML. tnere was also a special bar MISS Walsh, 25, earlier in the where milk, pepped up with| evenln e 7^?^ tc ? u peo ? lvln 5it£ n ™ soda pop, was available the debutante -herself and| porch! some of her young friends. -Pnv threatening death unless $50 were -for placed Jn a mUk bo ttie on her to the newspaper doesn't do much drinking of KAwaKn^Ac. beverages. There have been similar Flood and two patrolmen o««««^j«^|i» the Walah home after placing accoiding a dummy package in a milk bot- report, (tin on the porch. The deteottve said the boy walked up to the porch and bent over the bottles. /'Stop where you are/' Flood Other bonds, notes, and debentures Corporate stocks, Including stocks of Federal Reserve Cash, balances with other banks, including reserve balances, and cash items In process of collection 704,322.99 Bank premises owned $230,000, furniture and fixtures $20,000 (Bank premises owned are subject to no liens not assumed by banIO 250,000.00 Heal estate owned other than bank premises 22,673.00 OF CORSICANA, IN THE STATE OF TEXAS ,/' At the Close of Business on December 31, 1088. f (Published in response to call made by Comptroller of Currency, under Section 5211, U. 8. Revised Statutes) ASSETS Loans and discounts (including $1,676.01 overdrafts) $2,475,548.60 United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed 249,975.00 Obligations of States and political subdivisions 118,815.93 Other bonds, notes, and debentures 28,870.00 Corporate stocks, including: stock of Federal Reserve bank. 39,851.00 Cash, balances with other banks, including reserve balance, and cash items in process of collection............ 2,265,9&2.34 82,786.75 I Bank premises owned $58,000, furniture and fixtures $29,000 8,671.00) (Bank premises owned are subject to no llena not assumed by bank) 87,000,00 Real estate owned other than bank premises...- 122,505,45 Other assets , 139,970.09 TOTAL Assets $2,186,462.37 LIABILITIES Demand deposits of Individuals, partnerships, and corporations .$1,216,528.11 Time deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations Deposits of States and political subdivisions 426,007.64 3,019.49 Deposits of banks 197,281.65 Other deposits (certified and cashier's checks, etc.)...».*•*.. 33,239*02 Total Deposits 1,879,875,91 TOTAL Liabilities $1,879,875.91 CAPITAL ACCOUNT Capital stock: (c) Common, total par $ 200,000.00 Surplus 66,000.00 Undivided profits 30.586.46—$ 286,586.46 TOTAL Assets $5,528,518.41 H ' LIABILITIES Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations $3,M7,158J»; Time deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations 623,866.6? Deposits of United States Government /Including postal cV savings) 08,769,00 Deposits of States and political subdivisions 487,267.30 Deposits of banks ' 232,051,41 Other deposits (certified and cashier's checks, etc.) ...- 34,045,85 ••* •• •.i--- TOTAL Liabilities and Capital Account .$2,186,462.37 MEMORANDA Pledged assets (and securities loaned) (book value): (b) Other assets pledged to secure deposits and other liabilities (including notes and bills rodiscounted and securities sold under purchase agreement) 26,910.00 Secured (a) Deposits secured by pledge assets pursuant to requirements of law 3,919.49 strange rumors about other d fl B * QUted - ran. o-otr r m^~ gay young * _ i, A A i Tho detective asserted he fired KB wno treat I a '-warning shot over David's head, back. each Other to drinks of milk land another at his feet, the sec- 0* buttermilk and seem real-!^ cnarfi:e "trying..the boy in the ly to like the stuff. Han it be that they have discovered that alcohol isn't such • X ^J X *»iji •••tfti*t»«*fl«*t*>t«>i>i*«>*« State of Texas, County of N&varro, ss; 3,919.49 I, W. M. Davidson, cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly 8We Subsidy Checks. Forty-three 1937 subsidy checks is true to the best of my knowledge and bejjef, W. M. DAVIDSON, Cashier. Sworn to and subscribed before mo this 6th day of January, 1939. (SEAL) LILLIAN. JONES, Notary Public. th$m? There when that seems 'p bhe -world's only hope f or ejpgace and 'T.i ** :'•:• ''r.-.' good-time asset as it's cracked up to be, and that they are teacly sooner for the next round of dancing or skating or whatever if they've had less alcohol and more milk? Or have, they found milk better than alcohol for the good complexion and sparkling eyes that are part of a glamour girl's glamour? Whatever the answer, a person can't read about the milk bars without thinking that, after all, we've come a good distance since prohibition. v Diplomacy Is a game call ' ed Got the -Form- : Broken those Nwr reactions yet? M . • i i'-i• •,.' L »", v.' • <** . i . - • , for Navarro county cotton pro-1 CORRECT—Atteat: N. Suttle Roberts, Homor B. Jester, C. L. Jester, duoers \yete received .Friday at | E. E, Sabers, Directors, the office of H. C. Robinson, county agent, amounting to $1,761.48. TOTAL Liabilities $4,503,158.52 CAPITAL ACCOUNT Capital stock: - ' • (o) Common, 6000 total par $100.00 f 600,000.00 ^ Surplus 418,000.00 Undivided profits 7.3C9.8&- $1.025,358.89 . r TOTAL Liabilities and Capital Account ..... MEMORANDA Pledged assets (and securities loaned) (book value): (a) United States Government obligations, direct ancr guaranteed, pledged to secure deposits and other liabilities $5,528,618.41 TOTAL Secured liabilities: •* (a) Deposits secured by pUdged awcts pursuant to requirement* of law -. | 50,000.00 -1 TOTAL „,.$ WMWOO State of Texas, County of Navarro, aa: ; I, J. H. Roberts, cashUr of the above named bank, do solemnly «w««r that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledg* and beUet J. H. ROBERTS, Caahler. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 8th day of January, ELIZABETH FOKSYTHB. Notary CORRECT—Attest: J, N, Edens, J. N Garltty. A Q. Elliott, ii > n I * f- " T RECAPITULATION Use a Dally Sun Want Ad for quick COLDS Liquid * Tablets Salvo-Noae Drop* Try mvnt* Headaches and Fever dne to Cold l, (o no ml oaten Resources CASH and SECURITIES— Cosh and Duo from Banks. $704,322: Bonds and Securities 432,701.42 Acceptances: Cotton and Cotton Seed 26,021,02 . Total Cash and Securities ,,...,,.,,...., $1,163,135.43 Loans and Discounts ." ,,,,,..... 723,003.04 Federal Reaerve Bank Stock ,. ,.,.,....... 7.650.00 Banking House and Vaults ; 230,000.00 Furniture and Fixtures , 30,000.00 - Loans and Discounts ,., .,,. Banking House, Furniture, and Fixtures Other Real Estate Owned Stock in Federal Reserve Bank, Dallas, TMM.ii.'.*;™^] Cash on Hand and Due from Bank* $2,268,902.43 united States Bonda 250,025.00 ,,,. ..... , ......... , ........ Investment Securities . ......................... ,. m wonder hi) U»> TOTAL.,,, .,...,,* ,, ..,.,.. .. DR, DENTIST Offloe lies Phones McDonald OHIce Over Liabilities Capital •»»«,i»i»««».«,,»»!«»*< .«><< tit* Surplus ,.?•«»»•*»•**»•*»»• *•»»•••»»i,»»*««>•»»»i Undivided IProfita * f .»»*••*••••***• »•••••••••"• Total Capital, Surplus, and Undivided profit*....V*,,....,.. Dividend Checks I Outstanding v ,........... M , % v, »;»».*.»,»A 200,000,00 • 58,009.00 286,596.46 4,000,00 1,875,875,91 t 4 !***•• 156,086.0^ ^^"^^^^^^^^^^^^^"^^^^T^^^^^ " 1 II - - - . * • r ' H • * I™ r . - •* • i"**f"¥ *»-i* *^ «•" ^^ *Jl S^ • • ^-lA^^'-'a-^^^s^fr -v-'i^w^j^ * '^' • • UabUittoa . ' --^iV^d • * • »« « •*••» * Capital Surplus ,„ ,,.»,.»s Undivided Profit* (Net) rt I " L ~l I *.--• A .' -P. I -^v^fc *t«*»«t«t «••»••«•• ..•, .-**. .t*. ••...,.. t »• , r i r' ' Jl'vf-* •:'"""'- ,., r ;»', 418 > OOaOO;''>^fe^:->fl 7,859,89— Individual Banks . ..... ..«*»*••( ..... ....•••* t *.*•** ..... .,, JL*! *»*!§•*••• . ' . V ' ft #**!*•**••• "THE OU) RJCVUBkBJ SDfOH 1809 • • • -' 'b* i. . '""'»'. ". fc^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^_^^^^_^ t *• ^^ff^™ . • ^•^^•v^^*? : • Stat*

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