The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 11, 1959 · Page 6
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 6

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 11, 1959
Page 6
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Page 6 THE BRAZOSPORT THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS BRAZOSPORT DIAL BE 3-2611 DAILY CLASSIFIED SECTION Brazolsport andBraaoria County, Texas. Vrf «<>nt,ftinl5er; i.l. 1988 . ** 4* *« }J C 7 ' CLASSIFIED .;- INFORMATION '.',"' *o plsce rou> Ad .'. BE 3 1611 or BE 8-3511 ,,.. and »»'• for Classil ' ;-, RATES 1*. «» InwrHon 1 .-weekday 3 days <cons*c) S days teonsec) Insetriions muit b» Clasiifl-e) Hours . Monday through FtldaT ( A.M. to 5 P.M. Saturday r— »iOO AJ*. » P.**- . „ ^Cancellation deadline* if 9 AJ* ; , oi publishing d»T ' tn«««ion deadline tor rMd** ids it 9 A.M. of publishing day "All display and box adi urns! •b. in by 11 A.M. of previous ; .. publishing day. : AH«r an ad li ordtred It can"not b* cancelled or changed b* •fore publication. • : Tie Brasotport Facts r.strw.i fth* right to edit or r«i*et any «d ''at it deems objectionable •ftti to chanoe the classification Border to conform to the pellet jot Ihe paper. ; "All charges are based en • 5in» minimum. - "NOTICE o» typographical er 5other errors must be giren M> 4ore the second insertion or xlaims for refund or extension JwiN net be recognised. Therefore, we must be notified, oi Jtrfor before 9 AM. of second jniblUhlng Aw ' 31. SERVICES OTfEREO IKE BRAZ08POK .ACT ANGLETON DIAL Tl 9-5246 FOUND iosr-emall cameo lavalllere mimnnSJ. - ed b7 tiny leed pear'i. ilS rewarl. t BE 3.2U8. TRAVEL INFORMATION EAR POOL or ride from 40» Oardenla ". Lute Jackson. B 101 or B 2404 it " Plant B. CY 7.7MJ or Bit. 2279. 52. MALE HELP WANTED ATTENTION-Hellred man, ihlft wort ; in or women. Sell WitUns Producll. - Part or Pall time. Apply 1915 Avenue ^ O. Hr. R. W. EKKCT. Roienbers, Tet. 3«TTO MECHANIC WANED. .Apply, it • ColemanB Oarate lu Clute AN 5.2338. lODTE BOYS—lor AnilBton Braioiport ; Tacts Paper Route. Contact Mr. Re- bert Lackey 601 E. Loralne. TI 94141. 'SALESMAN WANTED llADio TIME Salesman, must have T advertisinf or promotional background. ^ tued typewriter, and own car. Liberal -~fHarantee and commission arranfe- meat plui ear allowance, contact Jim Halrareve. KBBZ. rreeport. 35. MALE • FEMALE HELP ESTABLISHED paper route available on Surfslde Beach. Muit have lutht car "or-motor scooter. Call the Bnuolport IT.actl. BE 34511. . PAPER ROtms avanssie—deliver on ^Mtabllihed paper routes in Brsioria. •West Columbia, • Old Ocean, Ehady 'Acres, Perry's Landtot. -wild Peach .'Communities, matli u»ht cat or mot* -or scooter ot handle. Suppllment your -^locozne. Oood money for a few hour* ''•aeb day. Tb» Brazosport ?acts News* '•paper BI 14911 ^Circulation Depart- -rnent. .» THERESA G 00 D LIVINO TO BE HAD '• IP ' ABE SOBER INOW THE COUNT? — LIKE PEOPLE AND ENOW HOW TO DRIVE The Brazosport FaoU Newspapar has an excellent opportunity for men interested In a career in Newspaper Circulation to learn a profession. Earn while you learn. Prepare your self for one of the best paying Jobs In newspaper business. If you are energetic and have sj. dependable car. APPLY IN PERSON CIRCULATION [DEPARTMENT THE BBAZ08PORT I PACTS " 807 EAST PARK « FBEEPORT. TEXAS 36. FEMALE HELP WANTED fO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE NECES- IsABY-Women without previous ex^ perlence are adding as much as 850 I weekly to the family Income . with BATT Olass Ftb«rl, with backing, whoietalt direct 18 you.: .'< - . Full - thick i applied ever senlng at J"oD ' tieton Call An- •ARFCNttk. work waaua-^ Repair windows, add onto horaes, kang iheet- Mtk. tSMi::flaat and l»«*r«palnlirig CUStOtl «ADS " tuels, Unerii CuWf r 2nd St. > (XVER8, dm wottmanshlp ap- 64 W«, OOftEM - Otlri .We e«r • foot. < monthly, - Can • ' fNtWo; >aper, ginttti, snntma :(miabtnii.' SUIn» «a* Batwi' 1i>l>v« A. R. Oliver. BE M4fc,or.BE Mitt PBOTO ENORAVno-roi•. lu Belt • Photo Enfrarlif.'Ztno ttiatonte. Zlne Han cute; One dar. tervJte ;witt wcti narutetd..:Call • dow. i!U4 Jonnion tte BraJiWport ratU.-totnUnj n,. partmenl. TOoil B» iJSU.. • aADlATORB., matnetgei, lawn mower* ana small /mltae*, tetta-iad nrvlei BRAZOSPORT ftADIATOB WORKS sou nn MI rrteoort SB M»i TTPlBWlrrERSt ADDtNO Balea orient. Call 3em FINAL AUCTION Sunday 2:30 p.m. All mast to. <If j«a wait tonw- thlnr tola, Wm It now. S07 Hwy lU . elite HWY 288 BAEQAIN CENTER 34. TV SERVICE HM) ^JpoMBLP Of- BAOOED B* CEPTIONI Let fcsmf o»b«rt rro-jr your.eel to perform Uke new. I yean dependabla nr»1e« «» 1.110. 52. GOOp THINGS TO EAT DID TOU KNOW that eatfni natural food will mike yon fief .better! •Sbaw'a Natural roods, Hwy. at u rTraainr f°". BE 3-Htt. TENNESSE SCOAR CORED Hlckorj smoked hams. AN MMe. Norman's Pflv«.m»wy I CLEARANCE '07 'IIBV.!.- T.'» •'SI" 'Lowboy T.T.'a.: maHoWnr or maple wood cabinets.? Ilei. -•J79.J9 _ sale .I1MJ3 'I1V mabotany console. »ei. Kt).U — sale .....*U»M 21 H trio tiny cmsowe Bat. H99.M-aale : «J».M 21" Cberry- conaole wllh I maker - Rec. B!».»5-«sle tJ4l.tS 21" Uihotany console with doora and 1- kpeakers.- . Bet. S35IJ5 - sale „. 24" oonsole -mahocany and cherry cabinet with doors. 1 speaker sound. Res. t399.95-sale <..'.. VMM ' —• With Trade-In — LAKE TV N B Circle Way CT 7-UU FREEZER, Pbflco, 1.4'cubic feel. 8*e at 133 E. Marlon or call AN 5-1410. HOSPITAL EQUIPMENT FOR SALE, IN EXCELLENT CONDITION. Adjustable hospital bed with, sides and mattresses. Bydraullc Patient Hoist, New. Little used. Portable Commode. Priced M •percent of cost. J. Russell Walt, J310 West Eleventh at. Preeport, Ph. 34957. - - . ' INSTRUMENTS — T. V. instruments, complete stock, used seta, parts, etc, 140 Kyle Boad, AN 5-HU. REDWOOD tibiae ana sews HI ea Mete. Braaospoifa lamtt atoek _ Kenwood Lumber, Bodwood lor beH traei. Wwltra Lumber.-M WO1. RUDUCE • IN TOUR , OWN HOME. STAUFFER HEDDCINQ .COUCH—Ilk* new take bU loss Cost StM sell for ONLY liso. .BE 14511 between I sun. and 5 p.m. • ' SELL OR TRADE studenta Clarto.t! automatic dishwasher: baby mattress; utility trailer. AN 5444». SPJSEO ooE|s_ WASHERS M you breeu through your laundry without leaving your air conditioning. CM them tooo at Irbj's on Bwy. 28* In Clute. r • "STOP SWEATOXO and 1ULDBW" Centrally heat your home. Notblni down—110.00 monthly. Factory direct distributor. Our own duct shop and Installation crews. Call Antleton TI •-7S39. .-.-•-- • TOVE — Westinj-house, large electrto 58. SPORTING OOOD8 SELL OR TRADE—14* Plywood, fibre- tlass boat. IS ha electric motoi with trailer, 150 BE 34921 after 4:30. WILL TRADE It' bolt, 39 h.p. motor all electric, lots ot ettres tor a 87 at 51 pickup. BE 3-11T3 after S P.m. • WE SAVE IS D8ED BIOS m OOOD BHAPB. AT Off . SEASON PRICES PALMER'S SPORTWO GOODS 117 L. 1. ttoad. Clut* a» 5-9415 it MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS ALTO SAXOPHONE—RM1 good condl- Un. BuylAg A Inior. IT5.AN 5-2437 tiler seho61. CLARINET u. completely reconditioned, like n«w./Phone BE HIM. CLAftlNET-4 yrs. old good condition W5. TROM80NE-MS. FIANO-uprlght morror (runt 1575. AN S-5IM Between 5 and 9 pjh. CIARINET—used ,1 year. Good condl. lion, reasonably priced. BE 3-1735. CONN Treribone like new. 1011 WMt BAROAm Ilk. Pbon* BE MMJ. CORNET—sell for S48 or will trade rot merchandise ol equal value. AN 5. 5376. . - . . : C6RNET—Parker, used -one school term. •Reasonably priced. AN 94804. FLUTS—In good condition/ WU1 sen $75.00 BE. 34044. • FtBTE—paid S$6 will nil for 133. BE 34507 Mrs. Bell. Between 9 ud 5:30. 10. BUSINESS RENTALS OFFICE SPACES tor nnt or lease In Carter ft Co. ,110 Plantation Drive. 833 Mo. Each. CARTER ft CO. CT 7-2477. 108. HOUSES FOB SALE ALL BRICK 3 bedroom bone. Den. Hi baths, centrally betted. U eleclrle kitchen, Double garage. Line '<* 1° Ravenwood Addition, concrete drive. Easy long term loan. Coleman T umber Co. AN V242S or AR-S-JMl ANOLETON—3 bedroom borne Ideal tor teachers. Located In Richie Sab-dlvl- lion. Convenient to Southilde school. O. L. McKlT, AN 5-8322, ANOLETON — Equity In three bedroom modern borne, m Holly street. II ANQLETON-3 room.,' garage. Ideal neighborhood, near Souls side School. TI M714, . BRAZOSU - Garden Acres home. AU new 3 bedroom frame on 7> i 120 lot. Long term loan. Coleman 'number Co. AN 53413 or AN S4911. - 134 B»rbar» Drive. « bedrooma. I bathe. AN 54173. BRAZORIA—New 3 bedroom home. Tiled bath and Halt, garage,- loo 1 fronlafe, redwood feneinf. No down wiraent XI tad si. a. L. MoXar AN 54331. BRAZORIA - 'IXCBFTIONAL BO7 - Jtt ejlt loll tnllde cttj Umlli wllk • . 3 bedroom. f«fflfl» room dome. tM jof 10J. MOUSES FOR BALB ttAKiS, JACKfiON—3 bedrootn home 1IR Ruliicbe. 1500. down IsiVmon™ Rowland ReallT. CT »454>. " OYSTER CREEK—2 bedroom nousiTon 2 lots.^Oak floor*, attic fafl, »erai£ below value. BE i-MIM. '*"•' * --CREEK couinrNm-Reai nice 2 bedroom Dome wiui J ear da. cost for*"-"'-™ 1 ~' ?l '- W^ <«'•> ft Co, OX pi BOMB-IOO pererat loan TWO—BEDROOM horn aale. Ideal builneu «545 aner 4 PJB. 1 *nd loti. for ocatlon. CT 7- 7.7761. *Tonta«« b» 375- bedroom boute. OnU h. Smtt. Realtor, cv - • ' BEDROOM. 4ti percent O.I. toultr montnlr payments f75.JJ. Bnter lot from front or b»c». E. L. SA0ER, REALTOR, CT 7-T761 OWNERS SAID SELL! : Air condltiomd i bedroom horn*, Completely repainted. • On Ave." H7 M? JKJ w>0 f t - JA !! n( » ( «•« ' bedtbom, «4 baths, fenced; yard., ^^ Brick vanler. en»._onlj suo total to""noVi CAHTBB ft CO. CT 74177™ OOOD nsSD nlannet. 74534. Ben .neap. C7 PIANO-Eil«r. five yetri old. Call after 3 p.m. BE 3-4(51. '.FOR RENT PIANOS PIANOS PIANOS Far ai little at 110. per month R * B MUSIC COMPANY 1001 Oult Bird. BE 34U1 TOU RENT • BAND INSTRUMENT NEW. AND USED Ask about our HtntaJ—Trial Plan Top Quality Brands OONN. KINO. LEBLAI . BELMER, NORMANDT Sheet IIusIc Dept. LOCAL REPAIR SHOP Hb B MUSIC COMPANY IMS' Bull Blvd. BE 3-3121 57 BUILDING MATERIALS PAINT SPECLu, — BubDer oase and outside ..white tJJS ai. IP shlplap to. XU-rooflnB S7j|. westftrn Lumbar BE J-M8L SEAL-TAB aHINOLES BRIDE — PLYWOOD ._ • QDIJ LUMBEK CO. Us? t. Mste. Ctate Mane AM t-Mli H. PETS -SUPPLIES DASHSHDND—1 realatered Dachshund pups for sale. 3 months old. 109 Palm Lane, CT-7-2JM. SIAMESE kittens—3 montha old, blood, for sale. BE 34804. full SHETLAND ""COLTS—2 real nice ones for sale. Call AN 5-2843 or BE 3-na. 3t- FOR «ENt FREXPORT-^Rooms or room and board. : Private nr-semi private. 731 West 7th, 'BE MMM. 85. IMr UHNSHED AP TM'NT. CLTJTE—Lane, clean 4 room apartment. fBEEPORT nardwood boarde H • > uetirnuni apartmanta, Ooora, Hie batba sod OrMn 1. Darts. Bealty. BU 14221. PREEPORT — Apartment with attached garage. Store and referla-erator furnished. Phone BE 3-4964. LAKE JACKSON—2 bedroom unturnlslf fed apartment. CT 7-72:4. ;&, FOR RENT AP'TMHT. CABINS—Newly finished. 517 Ptae Street, Freeport. Phone BE 3-157S. CLEAN—2 rooms and bath, window fan. convenient to shopping. OATS- EIGHT APARTMENTS BE 343M. CLtTTE—us Brockman Road. 3 rooms and bath. Will take infant. AN 54112. CLUTE — 2 bedroom furnished apartment. 115 week, no utilities paid. AN 3-2311. FBEEPORT—1 bedrooms. 13U West 10th. BE J-JJ76 before 2 p.m. FREEPORT — rooms and apartments. Apply UlO West 4th, BZ 34«2. FREEPORT—Clean 4 rooms. Also garage apartment with garage. Utilities paid. Couple only. 1223 West 4th. stove, good condition.' sacrifice. CT TOVE-Prlgldaire.. excellent condition, 30", automatic timer, reasonably prto- ed. CY 7-7849. Frtgldaire electric stove! oven, clock, aid fluorescent LAKE JACKSON—One bedroom Ishcd apartment. CT 7-7224. turn,. 1 LAROE NICE 3 room furnished duplex, near Henke's, IM.W Mo. BE 34993, NICE FURNISHED APARTMENT -• Soul ° *»•• 1RAZORIA - sue ot foreclosed prop, erty. B5 New Tort St. W.MO. Approximately U.ow below value. Financing arranged. Braioarxnt savings and Loan Association. „„ „„„_ BT OWNER — New 3 bedroom home, bath and half, hurricane fence, large SJ7J Down moves lot. Also new s room house furnished. See 1303 Avenue s. Velasco Heights. 1127 west 8tn, ... 2 bedrooma and Self. ;Centiaay air conditioned and heated. Mn( down payment. • - •"'.;-. -.'....•. •• ..•-.::•-:• 17-West 7th-» , bedroom inoffle.; low down payment, low monthly payment. I bedrooms, $500 down. Owner will carry balance like rent. ' BRING YOUR FRIEND AND LOOK AT TWO- ' of the nicer home* m West loth In Freeport. Right across from each other. One has a built In kitchen. Other a bath and half and; doubla garage and family room. .... LETS TALE SHOP • _... ta(0 n<wljr rj _ 104. BUSINESS PROPERTY LARQE warehouse with lot oh Lake Jackson-Clute roid next vo Palmer's Sporting Shop. 82500. O. L. McKay 105. ACREAGE FOR SALE '1RAZO» RIV2R . Pear.n Pntm ares— t^3 Korea. 9300U. Mrs. W r, wti Real E.-lste. BE 1454: JONES CREEK—5 acres; ideal for tub< division. 200'xHO' loti. BE 3-1173 after 6 pjn.. IF 7OU DON'l VOID BHA1 TOD WANT IN THE OUU9H1FIBOB. AD- VERRSE fOR IT. THB COSI ts SMALL AND THB MSULTS. ARE BIO. JUST PHONE "MISS CLASSIFIED" BE .VHU 5 ACRES, 2 bedroom house, with 250 gal. butane lank, $5,500. Also 10 acres cleared land J2.SOO. James E. smith, Ph. 3810 Brasorla. 125. MOBILE HOMES MOBILE HOME villa.: 45'tio* wide, i bedrooms, call BE 3-12U, .: MCATIONER, SPORTSMAN, CONSTRUCTION MAN—It' Terty deluxe travel trailer, sleeps 6, like new; Also, 10' 1959 model KTT-Jet Stream demonstrator, deluxe features, ' Can tin- ance. sam Stoval. AN 14449.. 126. AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES CURRT MOTOR - Tour Authorised Ford Dealer offers complete service on Motor. Body, Chassis. None but the aest Mechanics work on roar oar at Curry's. HE 4-2MJ. CHEAPER THAN RENT to own «44 Kyle Street. Angleton. FHA financed only 1100. down and <84. month. Good condition with lota of extras. ABC Realty. BE 34222. FREEPORT—Low down payment. 2 bed rooms. Electric kitchen. Screened porch. Mrs. W. L. Walter Real Estate BE 3-2541. FREEPORT—Neat 2 bedroom near Wes End school. ABC Really. BE 34222. FREEPORT — 620 W. 7tn. Owner will finance easy. Call CT 7-2583 after 5 p.m. FREEPORtT-Hi West Broad large 9 bedroom home only S75SO. Mrs. W. L Walter Real Estate. BE 3-2541. FREEPORT—3 oedroome, i nstha, tarn! 17 room, electric cl'dun, « car ganm. auumpHon, 1(27. month Mrs w L. Walter Real Estate. BE 3-2541. FREEPORT—3 oedmom home, living and dining room combined. 1 bain, kitchen, central beating, waD to wal carpeting, Chambers range, oversliw garage, jorner lot 50 t 14*. Prloed for SELLERS REALTY CO. BE J-1SB FREEFORT - 2 bedroom BARdAIN- jo™ for anolbar house on this lot S 11 ', *$??; °"ff w • ffl 1=ance. Mra. W. L. WalUr. Real Estate. IB 34541 FHBEPORT — 828 West Uth 2 bedroom. fenced front yard. Equity. SH monthly central beat payments. BE .CREEK - over 2300 square tea at living area, 4 bedrooms, hat LAKE JACKSON,— m rim. owner may finance portion of equity. Bal- ' bedroom all brick, large anc. on 4 per : tent loan, c/7-2583 " "— J ' after 5 pjn. LETS TRADE>-1J4 Acacia. ed yard. nil or posslblly take trade tn on Lake Jackson home. JOB TALBOT RIALTT. CTM411 LAKE JACKSON—Only OT.OO total cost to move in to Veterans or 1350 Iota down payment to non Veterans m tnla 2 bedroom concrete slab home that la being remodeled. CARTER ft CO. CT 74477. LAKE JACKSON-) bedroom home, lax 28 family room, 2 car attached garage, wall to wall carpeting, drapes, fenced. Only $150 total cost to move In to Veterans. CARTER t CO. CT 7. 2477. LAKE JACKSON-4 bedroom home, wall to wall carpeting. 8250 total to move In. to Veterans or assume equity a) tit mo. CARTER t CO. CT 7-2477. LAKE JACKSON — £ oedrooma. tarau paneled den. central beaValr conditioned, renew yard. Clow to school and churches, or 7-67W. On contract for 8150 caah, ssi.a Ho. for only 17 yeare olus taxes and Insurance. Estimated to be 818J8 lao. 8 LAKE JACKSON-1M Primrose, lovely 2 bedroom home, 220 volt outlets. Only SIM down on contract then 880 monthly. Texas Belter Homea, B. Bauer. Realtor, CT 7-77SL^ r! LAKE JACKSON — Brick Ve bedrooms, fenced yard. sW 873^10. ROWLAND BEil/TT Ot menu 8123. E. CT 7-7781. L. SAUEB LAKE JACKSON_a>4 Winding Way > bedrooms. Redecorated. Venetians, wall to wall carpeting. By owner. CY 7. NEW - T. T. advertised Avon, write No. i4_iS°PER stuff, sure nufl Thai's Blue LuW . . . ' If th Ave North, Tesss city. , - tre for cleaning rugs and upholstery DARWOOD PUHNrrURS i«u cestt furnished. Private tails, swlmuilns PooL. Barefoot Trail «r Park 8wr 3SS. Pea SECRETARY—Between the ages 18-25!..».__„ b ,^S~;—"" -, to work for consummer finance Co.! 1 ?*"- 1 :* "raH-Olide 87. UNFURNISHED HOUSES FOR RENT — .„. __-__„ .„_„ vu .. .,.-;--,- -- rlda trailer i CLDTE—22S East Pecan Lane, i' bed. ; Pleue see Mr. Le« at 212 West Broad Jr* lesrlhu half price. 1303 Ave. s, room hou< » with large living n»m g St. Freeport. ' .• ^| .Velasco Helghta. ( , ! and kitchen. Town and Country CY WHITE middle aged-to care for bahy °? ED CLOHINO for tali men: Llg-hi CLVTE-l be'drooms, new paint job, jad do light, housework weekly. CY 7. - 4810. an. tfORK WANTED. WOMEN CHILD CARE: VM pet .our. ranted •* yard. TV. also night and Sunder ; Mrs Prather ANTiSTl CARE In my home. One block - from elementry school. CY 7-1833. JUY NUBSERY—Fenced play yard, by • day, hour, or week. Mrs. Denis. 437 ; southern Oiks Drive. AH IRONINO DONE In my home, 12 hr. Bring to 815 Wast ath. BE teONTJia - Done la my horn* at 407 - a.,,.1, 4,g nB , j !„ ygjia^ai B> Cfo- OTtc^pSvffe.V^ tef"; sSS rrVl5 IUU Bro% %&3S£\ &£!• «"**^"«5T"i= "lacks. 84.. All to goal .condition. Bt •' _ 3305S. .. ^ ^ . UAKB BARBARA-4 rooms and garage. 0«p3: _ washing machinei'l'vaejium '*** """"'' ^" ""*• .1 -•- JJUB JACKSON-B bedroom unfurnlsh. I e<l house. Phone BE 3-3311. LAEE JACKSON-2 bedrooms, attic fan. —Ujjeajir, attached garage, tss Uo. PURNACXa — 3 new Colaman ?.000 Duals-aos» i several used attic and - Nothing DowB-8S.O( -Teloa TI s.7il,T,i Out-JUO lic. e and closet fur. ' 54. HOME FURNISHING of t SS. SPORTING GOODS LAKE JACK46M 1 bedroom homa. 880 perjnonth. SOWLAND REALTY CY LAKE JACKSON r- 1 badnuai uma near junior nigh. 8(9 per Mo. ROWLAND t^ATTY CT 7-8543. M. FURNISHED HOUSES FOR RENT Baft 18- Mahogany. Buctanetr motor, big wheel tut trailer, boat BedTawS shrimp trawj, iklls, life pruentrs. Ul Chlnaberry, CY 747M. CLDTE— t bedroom, 2.story house. 835 month. AH S-5128 after i pjo. CLDTE—I bednonu two story name. 3 bedroom homes Family rooma Baths-l-li/2-2 All brick 2 car garages FHA . GI - TRADES CNimANCK • At PLANTATION DE, ; ,8EB. '. • •-';'. LEO ANDERSON Or CALL C? 7-»!t Idtrturj Motor. All new, fully giulgMd^jr^aolted. 81.0H. 18M Wast LAZE BOAT . V Yellow Oft AH awotngs. and EVblBlTDE MOTOI—uu madaL 15 nk. amfafSrsvLvi ^£.8FSzr%!$&T& CY T4Ut. JACKSON Bwj-1 rooms _ 812.50 V weak uUUUta paid. BE j-iaao or s$ 3-2101. IBMC roomt and batn, fenced yard, flthtog piar.'lo^ouui rroct. aa usae. BEACH oomfartanly - LAKE JACKSON - decorateo it bedroom home u) 'Free- norl one block from school. T'.'- •<io income property on 1st, Rresldence and 4 apartments. Near bank and available to water iron* Insures rent- LAKE JACKSON i bedroom. 431 Center Way. Just repainted. Bas attlo fan and 22 wiring. Coavenlent to achoe] aad cnurcli. 8300 down. MATT COOLEY HWT. 288 . BE 3-3333 FODR—BEDROOM HOMES Monthly payments 8133. lo 8141. TEXAS BETTER HOMES CY 7-77M 127. TRUCKS - TRAILERS They'll Do It Every Time «<*. By Jimmy Hatlo FRIEND wrfi WAS ALWAYS SQUAWK- IN<3 ABOUT WANTING It) 6ET AWAY FROM THE HUSTLE, BUStLtS AND OIN«- So HU88V ftENItED A NICE CABlti RDft THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER AMIDST THE MURMURIN6RNES'AND HEMLOCK*. . MEMT.'jTOUST POR tfTTLE WHI WHATI Road, 3 BEDROOM house, Braiorla 87,000. - . ; BEDROOM house,. Braiorla Road. 86,900. ' ': 2 APARTMENT buildings, 1 frame, S units, i Ule. 4 unlls, large shaded lot, 117,000. S. D. ODFTON, REALTOR DI 5-W51 H. J. DAVIS Phone ra fKEEPSJST _ an w. Tth-4500 down. 1110 W. uth-4 bedroom* (19 East 2nd NOW. PERRT'S LANDINO— -• I-»cr*. 3 bedrooa iwue, CLUTE—Larte lota. Lew Down Pay. ments. LAKE JACKSOK— 110 Laurel. J bMrooni w) den. 125 Redwood, . 140 Laurel!—3 JACKSON bedrooms. . .... _ bedrooms, Breeuway, fenced yard. 808 Magnolia-Air conditioned. 121 Jasmine—8250 down. 158 Hulsacbe-8200 down. 221 Caladlum—1 bedroom, ramay roam. 411 Jasmine—Baa and a hattf ^^ 420 Wisteria-Cornet- lot 237 Acacia, 2 baths, _ Call Roger Drake of JOB TalnoY" JOE TALBOT REALT7 CY 7-4411 . . DUMP TRUCK - 1153 2-ton dump truck ready lo .riu. 1140 Kyle Road. AN J-2823. TRUCK - 1US Chevrolet. In got nlng condition, new tries. BE after 4:30 p.m. - ;ood run- 8-4773 128. USED CARS FOR SALE 1947 CHEVROLET-r»9S.OO CT 7-7777. CADILLAC—ISM 4-door full power, air conditioned. Tour. car and 879. a month. Like new only 28,000 miles. Hal new muffler- and tires. ' Town tt Country CT 7-7777. . CHEVY CONVERTIBLE — 1853 with radio, heater. $498. CT 7-2387. < FORD .convertible, >1946, red. Good work car or'auto for schoolboy. See or call BUI HcMurray at BE 3JJ11 or BE 3^778. ""SALESALE CLOSE OUT ON AIR CONDITIONED CARS 1958 CHEVROLET Impalla Coupe, power steering-, brakes, factor; air conditioning. Extra $2395. 1958 CHEVROLET Blscayne for door-8, radio, heater, automatic, Factory air conditioning. This •reek only .... ..... ...... ---- 135 loop Road. 3 bedrooms, large family room, 2 car garage, on.hall acre. Full price fW.OOO.oo.. 811 Magnolia, 1 bedrooms, 18'ur family room, that baa wall to wall carpel and air conditioning, fenced yard. Duplex 106 and 108 Grapevine 4 bedrooms on one «w, 3 on the other. This Is a goon source of Income on 1957 FORD CatU>m,.my.8 tor- door, radio, heater, automatic, Air conditioned. You should drive thJ.i one. Only 956 CHEVROLET Bel-Air V-8 ordoor, radio, heater, automatic, air conditioned. Beautiful black and white paint. Very clean 81000. for 1 bath room—Tes, that Is what we are doing. 109 Lotus in shadow Olenn la an exceptionally nice 2 bedroom home with all the extra features we expect In a new 1951 model home except for the fact that It has ""^ ">• *»i^ » T """I tbls, the build. er la reducing the price 81000. lo the buyer. Beautiful buff brick exterior corner lot, 2 car garage, abundance of closets, 220 wiring tor air condl. tloner. |U« In kitchen and bath All this lor only 8450. down with 3J years to pay the balance of 814,400. on FKA '«rms- Buy this value today and add the bafh at a later date. ThS borne la walking distance to the shopping centers, churches and schools of 956 FORD V-8 fordoor, radio, eater, standard shift, factory Jr conditioned. Runs and drives Uke new .. 956 CADILLAC "62" fordoor. 11 power and air conditioned, his Is an outstanding auto for nly RETIRED DOW WOHKEBS-take note Ton can own a cute little cottage and " * ""? * SM - do ™ "* fenced yard for SB" ^ 863. month, shady .. son CT 7-7010 for an appointment. .... AMOLETOM BETTER BOYS ' 1MB Kyle Boad, Clute, i bedroomi olaan. 7 pecan trees. Bargain. —•"•> Angleton. Phillips Boad. south of cUy WE ALSO HAVE A PANTIAC MERC0HY, DODGE, tt BTJICK With AIR CONDrnONINO AND ABOUT 20 OTHER OARS wrrHotrr AIR CONDITION- NO. STANDARD .TRANSMIS- IONS VOTH OVERDRIVE & OTOMATIC. COME BY AND UXHC OTJB STOCK OVER WE WANT TO TRADE' Salesmen ' Charlie Hlnter low >»}" Evans St. t bedroom, in bath, 16U3 family room, central neat, attle fan, attached garage. Angle Street. 1 bedrooms. 2 baths, lam- Ujr room, central heat, attic ttz, paS, brick home, garage. 311 Richmond, same u above except with single garage. • " »U Wlmberly. 3 bedrooms, fenced jttd. new roof, new painted Interior? IIS ctenango, north. 3 bedrooms new «ii?*'u J?" """P 1 "*!' fenced. •17 E. Mulberry, Hwy 35. * car port, clean. LEE HEARN MOTOR CO. Hwy 288 A ATB. B BE 3-5281 2 bedrooms. JOE TALBOT REAI/TY In Anglclon caU Jos Cooksey, CHILDHEN LOVE THIS NEIGHBORHOOD (So will you) 507 Sycamore LARGEST family room in town CA pantry too) Electric kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, double garage INSULATED TEXAS BETTER HOMES CY 7-7761 103. LOTS FOR SALE BJKU'l'EL SCHOOL*AREA In Lake Jackson. Will sell a few at our choice home sites (or cadi or terms, B. L. Sauer. Ttxas Batter Homes. CV BASTROP BAYOU _ xaprr; ia tan* WATER main Jot in Havanwood. BE 14371 or AH S-MM. ENJOY flablng. watar skiing and boat, tng on Bastrop Bayou. 1J5 x HARLEM HElqaTS — Large lot IE Harlem Heights. MM. Payments as. "<ow aa IU. month. Town * Country LAKQE HO1IE5ITE8 near Brawria, Telephone. alacMcUy and schooTbus service. Insured title, mil take evilly fa'trade. Rowland Realty. CY 7-6S4J. OYSTER CREEK TBONTAOEI Southern U $1545 $1495. $1345. $2395. Gray Services To Be Sunday Funeral services for Mr Anna Uebel Gray, 78, are s tor Sunday. Mrs. Gray, 1 Camellia, Lake Jackson, die Friday in a local hospital atte about a month's illness. She was born in Coshocto Ohio, and had been a Lak Jackson resident 13 years. • Funeral services are set to 4:30 p.m. Sunday in Lake Jack son First Methodist 'Churc where Mrs. Gray was a mem her. Rev. Weldon Morton wi officiate. Burial will be in Restwoo Memorial Park with Freepo: Funeral Home in charge. 1 Jeu of flowers her family n quests that offerings be mad :o the memorial fund of Firs Methodist Church. She is survived by her hus aand, Earl O.; a son, Dr. Ralp Gray; and: five .grandchildren all of Lake Jackson. TRY FACTS CLASSIFIED K—LEGALS NOTICE Notice fs hereby given that an orde. lated Spetember 4, 1959, hu been Iss d by the undersigned, authorizing th name of the oil Screw "Adele B" officl No. 274 577. owned by m. S. Stone, Jr f which Houston, Texas Is the bom Port, to be changed to "Ifcree O/s". E. 8. Stone, Jr.- Owne Port ol Houston, Ten Sept. 10-11-13- 126. AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Bill Craft 23. MOTORCYCLES. .cS^Z,n.° U AK K 5lSk 4 '' P -- T ' ty TRY PACTS CLASSIFIED 12 MONTH GUARANTEE 6 VOLT - $1.95 exc. 24 MONTH GUAEANTEE 12 VOLT - 113.95 MO. (To» Keurd-Holrfer tii Ma.tert' IndlvMuol Cfi4rTri»lentl ) » QUIZ You are South, neither tide vulnerable.' The bidding has oeen: '• •. " . , West North East South !«/ Pass -2+ T • What would you now bid with •ach of the following four lands? 1. a>KJ863 'VQ3 4>AK* AJ72 2. 4>AK62 4*7 AQJ951 AIC83 3. 4AQJ9763 a;9 4QJ54 J.6 i. a)K4 «>KJSt 4AQT62 4.Q8 . I. .Pass, Even though this hand constitutes a full opening bid,_byfar the wisest action to take la to pass. We cannot be deaf to the bidding that la taking place. West has announce? an opening bid of presumably U points or more and East has shown 10 or more points by bidding a new suit in the two level. This doesn't leave partner with very .much to have; about'the most he figures .to hold la a stray jack, ' . \ Any action taken at this point Mould therefore invite disaster: To bid would give the opponents the option of inflicting a severe penalty if they.are so inclinetl, or going "on to^the game they can probably make. •"• 2. Double, This bid is advised even though partner may not have a, button. The difference between thla hand and the preceding one is that there is far more safety here because of the distributional factors. The takeout double asks partner to choose between spades and diamond*. Whichever lite response, «D 1939, Kin* Features Syndicate. Inc.) Why Do People Hide Need of Hearing Aid? •y HBUHAM H tUHUSUI, M. P. POOaS YWon isj now sodaHy acceptable. Foot hearing, many apparently believe, jj( pribtHr vsoautm for the fact ttat very often' teen- 28. USED CARS FOR SALE 128. USED CARS FOR BALE 20 BRAND NEW FORDS WILL BE SOLD BY THE 30 TH USED CAR STOCK LOW... WE HEED YOUR CAB HIGHEST ALLOWANCES - BEE W8 fOR DETAILS CURRY MOTOR ea H« WEST 2nd BE 3-H61 agern wbo dorrt need btrt who do havo beatina» do- 'ecU win Insist npoit weaekst; eye-etess type heartng taVlav • Hearing; Aid Hidden The lenses are clear glaaa. The purpose the spectacles serve b to hide the bearing aid. Ton can aee how ridiculous) that Sa when yoi stop to consider that. Just a relatively few years ago, there wajs the same resistance to wearing glasse*,** there ia today to wnitag tomtits «lcv1ce«. ' • Delnysj Actloa The average person who need* & bearing: old waits about five year* before finally obtaining one. Many persona wait much longer and some never do get gsn aid, «»« living 1 o* their live* asi third, fourth and even fifth- class, citizens. The enormity of the problem U evident from statistics which Indicate that about 10 per cent of the American population snifters from BOOM degree of hearing Joss. Bs»ck to NorwssI Approximately half of tbesw, persons-about 6,000,000— can be restored to normal living through medical or smrgical procedure* or by the UM of .hearing aid*.:'- , •:.-'-/: ' ,, : .'"•• ". Yet, because of prejudice, «ip> erstlUon, pride and perhapei tome plain ignorance, many of these persons virtually defy any. I'm not trying- to swX h«*firw aUav I am trying to •* yon- all at yen-on the idea thai a person with a heariog aid ]• ao different from you. Jto tact, anroe day it nt8,y be yc«. QUESTION AND ^NSWjK MM. y. JJ. >C; I have «csi>si srnaU rough brown spot* on nay face and note. Tbeae ipoU itoai and when I touch tbfm tt tetsi Uke needle* in thorn. Ooub) these be- sddn ranaarf Answer: The apota you de. scribe may be a type of eaneer. a* pre-canoeroiM condition w they nay be completely bealgn, Consult.*, ddn spedaliBt ot ones) to detarmbM the natOM of tbew ' He may suggest waovai «f one of them tor nUcroaxsoptc e* amlnation. ~ • <O 1W. Ktac Ftatort* Syndic*!*, Inc.) TRY FACTS CLASSIFIED our hand will provide tory support V '-'• It Is also;quite partner has a long suit, that that way will be paved for an eventual sacrifice bid against an adverse gama contract, • It la bet* ter to double for takeout than to overcall vrtta two diamond* or spades. '..-." r, 3. Four spades. There! 1« no real expectation of waking four i spades, though there is a poav slblllty It can be done. The pun-, pose of the preemptive bid ft twofold. Most important is tha rapid consumption' of bidding space In order to'hamrier th» opponents in their effort* to gain more knowledge about each other's hands'. They are forced to go Into the five level If they wish to exchange further Information. Secondly, there ia &• willingness to sacrifice at four spades doubled against the gatfia i the/ 'opponents can probably make. TJiojwfcie^aot apt;to «J> ceed two:trfcks. ' .:.-- '•"• 4. Pass). Again the paw is tb» Indicated course of action. Th« 15 high-card point* have shrunk in value because of the heart bid on the left, which cuts th» point count;value of the K-J considerably, and the club bid on the right, whlc* makes tr* queen nearly worthless. There is no safety to speak of in a two diamond call. Llttls can be gained and lota can bo lost. There's no use fighting • buzz iaw. Silence is the oolr , safe course. one to Kelp them. Ihey Isww «> mental blocs: against the ' of a hearing (Jd. I4>a)gue for Use Hard ot Hearing hM begw « Btadjf at tiM p«a> lea. The aVtsagua of hearing devices by these pay sons. This is a fine Idea and the >e- aults of the study undoubtedljr will help lead to a aolutiosj tt. the problem. aMucsfJoo NeedeJ •But we must do' More tom .«ork with tboao who tr* hawi of hearing. We rmwt erlaoassi' .t>>ow who are aot hard of hessav Ing—the public at large. ' Why should a person tts to hide a hearing defect any MOM than he would try to bid* a Vmu&l

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