The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 19, 1962 · Page 8
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 8

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 19, 1962
Page 8
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FAftl I -Adv.—BI .1..tS»)—Cln«lfl«rf—HI J-2AII THI IRAZOSPORT PACTS IRAZOSPORT AND IRAZORIA COUNTY. TEXAS. SUNDAY, AUOUST 19, mil en she "I ami thri D bee F C118 live dre era in I A intt the cop whi out tin "a ECC 7 doc the in. 1 o! to StE ed ot P 18 git roi Po ot pi! at is It cu ioi be rn: at thi su us to U! S! G Si ti h ft Si tl P a J S t> t li ti i, c V I s I r 1 r 3 I I Luati, Luncheon Fete MarKaret Malloy MM iMf|t|itiir| Mttllliv itf Oiil htninl in -MiMmt! 6 . lrM« HIM! Ri-«*« Inn, luttMMh "I |*irr|ii'il, hdi Mt.t WlUhtm titvnlrll 'Hit 1 nfftih |*f'H1 In Him nl \\ Mti n iiuniln-i nf ( M' \*. |M h t tilt if) '* I I'M! HI-ft Mill r 11 ('I ttlllllli I Illl'tll l(lll'»l III l|l. hnil H yli I. III*- lii'iil (VllS lll'lll II lll» |,,ml r,l III |l|ll|.|i |1i Mint I i ITU nil .luMr Thr 0' friii ^fti ItKiMI in '* ll|i' I i'V H fir I vft no lirittM lii'iil f ivm-h IHi.llH rhititli TM (IrV <;>toi| I* Ilir cMiim* 1 h^l Hint i 'ml li liMiilhu' 11 u' *hi»i iuy, 1'lit> trvh-fil uhli h brunt i mi 1'lttlKultU- night. \\i1l i iiHtlnttr Humiyh .utK '-'ft. \\ ith MM \ U ct III-, ,11 Illi. UK , ,,!,,! (nl (mil il I'll llflHIlllllll llir 1 ° 1 n U il pnnl A linpli -l.'IM'll Alhki' In Illi Mil.. i4 Ihr rill i ;mi' 1 1| i 'iipiui \\llMIII wrir ,r ,1 Hill*' Illllilln ml llnut'i* tti'i'inil . inn-air i iimpldi'il' it|iil<iii|ilii<iit «hili> III [mil nnhlll Hilf , Hi'iiln wan n ton • li'i'liilliiiH'iil Mm. fitnl Mi* t'liailci HI .111 Nnltitilrtv nl I Irmil [MI Ihr S*S livl HnMlll III lln' \\llil I'riili \lllnur Ml»« .Iniif I UN MM||IIV, ilmlKhlri niul Mi> lavvirihi' i'Miiililn. lit Ihp Hr\ niul Ihriiii \»n IMvui nt I! Ail, , will l»' itmiTlPil Aim JI nl , lifilnl. ,1 nl i nl, ilrtlli. I III •in N p in nl Ihr l.ti I'!rttln liMl.111 t'lull,ill III H.lllll". MIM AI.MA I.HH (TI'A) WOOD "t l'VW'|tiil I li (till liriiln flrrl nt lirnjHHiln .Inlm AnrtriMn ot HI-B. • nil*, Rhf l« Ihn il«n»lil*f nt Mr«, Mwiiy M,V|i«i>ii W'mM nf (•«iilorvllln *nrt the Into Mr. \Vniiil, III* pnifnl« mi« Mr. mid Mm, Julin Kh«»!i Ainlifvo nl nrninri*. Thl» "oilitlllK '" I' 1 *"' nnil fur Hop!, H nl t p.m. Hi (|M l'lr«l MnlhmlUI Clinivh <il Fnw |, A rriH'plliin nlll fnllmv *l Mm, W«l«lon'» TM Rmim. lnvl> RECIPE OF THE WEEK Ludemans Mix Softball, Tennis, And Home Arts n,v niHtKKTA DANsnV , Among the Items being packed propAi-in* mnlerlnh for her clnsa "We (tel l« NoulHer on Ihe 27lli "'" l ""' '"' llv> "I'"" 11 ' 11 * movi> mm «wk '"'I 'win thnt In re- from Ilielr present Oak Orlvofcenl years she's put In nior* ive II alay In a mold for Ihcihonie mv lh» several lrophle«;"ciTailve" time in h»r mi*.' wim'l lie avnllnhle (hen -'which Irnnls - pln.vinit Kmi-lt lms;iixiiii ntnl kit.-hen. nil I'll mini iny H-ncliltiK Joh ilKviimmnilnlcd In rerr-nl vents, Jtisl j Kalhy shares her mother's In Hilt." I 11 ''" .-"immr-r she added n second JIwesl in cooking and both of them "lltiH'i Hit tmcnvlablv bn»v l> '"'' r nw(ml from ll " > !ltnlf ' .ln.v-j'i'*nur-ntly make a quick Imt «.«-in K linliilr facing Dorothy (Mm Rub) M »h* prepares In en- nmi' homii In Colorado ft»r It ywui In Mk» .lackaon. 'Die move will hav* It* difficult momenm lull In thinking buck, l)ntll» nvulli th*| lit* man*' arrival In l*k» waa mil without UK hectic from inert nnd tlir nnniml Wcul » flr«l jliiRly rnkr from Iniloiw xrw th« THANKS! We express our sincere ap 1 precntion to you for making our grand opening successful. invite the people of Bra- zosport, Brazoria, Sweeny, West Columbia and Angleton to DOWNTOWN LAKE JACKSON to shop for your Back-to- School needs. While in Lake Jackson, visit our new store and select your FALL SHOES from our complete line of famous brands for the entire family, such as: BUSTER IROWN ROIINtTTI rtnwiN MORSHtlM * AIR-STfr 4 UN STRIOI * U.S. KIDS CALIFORNIA C08BLIRS EDDYS SHOES , , DOWNTOWN In T*XM i»ft»r living *«hll» In Kunitdt, ihf family got lo t.*kf .lockion HI the peak of :ll* boom er« when hmultiR w«» m-Hix'e, Th*y hud r*nl«| one ofi thi> then new Ijtknvivxt ( *p»rim«it« »m1 urilvixl wllh Hit moving van. rivlpr that ColnmhlaiKathy founil. The other recipe ^^1, livhlrh Hie l.mlrtnans are sh.irinR Anolber trophy wan ndilnl jnsl with Karl* rrmlers us Ihelr "fare »l inotilh — on» for five ye«r«j«rll i;ifl" Is n casserole disli i « mwnber of Ihf Snilorrttps, j which Oollic was served hy « n major league team In the Ijtkei 0 ' 1 ' colleoe friend she visited in JnrkMW (ilili Sofllwll Assoclntlonil' 01 "' 1 '' flni'iiiK her tecont hoiise- hnnllnR trip to Colorado. I.KHON .IKI.I.O OAKR 1 pkR. yellow cake mix lemon Jello I can l^i <iip) upriwt Holh Karon ami her sister, i Kitlhy, ]'l. a member of Ihe minor I Irnjue 'Hsers, were chonen to play ml Ihe nil Mm' teams iV their iTspecllve leH^neii. TV<tie was In the NraHiM-a for Ihe recent! star Ramfs nt she has hee-n| I for most all of the names Ihe, have played (n. And before,' \ cup liquid shortening 1 'I'hl. lemon flavoring Mix all itiRredirnls well; pour Diirillg III* llopd IMI-II nlghi nn!" 1 " 1 sl " followed Oinrles throittfi!J nl ° well-Ri-eased tube i-ake pan; lh» way down, Ihr inn-k driver! ln h»rt pln««it<l In I5<xile'i Heepi of Kill plsyitiR. Questioned as lo whether ihnke for one hour «l SIS decree*, the A"ow to ixxM about in fiw«» to keep h«t load nf MM-i 1 " 11 "*'" 1 (nnfl ' llr ^ 'heir athletic before tiirnins out of psn. \\l,ile »e«l Raitlen product* from ih»w.' ( ' n<lrm>l<> * ' rom liW. Th» nlitht th»y arrivixl *ndi'' UCn . v ' "° S^'" lo unload «»« no lime to DOTTIK, IIAtifiHTKR KARRN 8KRVR A MIPRMAN SPW IAI.TV Knlhy, Lett, U'a> Tim One Who Ftrnl Tried lx>mon JiHln ('«k» Raclp* dip Intn lh» hw»» food, xo Doll!* »ln-l»d to •r* whilr Bob «nd Hi* "" <1rd not tie!*"" Hot. ~ "'''" J«*t wn iniei-csts lmve !|w " tlimnrd to vl>r$il - v - j A. lh,,v Uk* for s!on i ! ) "' li « lir lines In urti »nd 'r >1 ' K%nsf>l1 »« , M(v ™ «,,b one cup sifted; KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESES which h as . __________________________________^__ M'ith three table. '. ip ' MtS* XANDItA MIN'K'.s mriil oml »ppiM«i'liln.' In KiiflK IIIIIUlll Ji, Mr«, Kuljtit HhMi o( IVItif's used bor \vss Mr, GARDEN NOTES *<i« «f Mr. *»A M (illllum nf IVri-vS \v»sWlns U I'lunnivl Area Alpha Chi !Vv « sl! r )i>«\ b* Ihelr magic and hambuiT;eni \\»r» probably,_ hy Ih* Km* IVttl* found h*r.: ,^". IM>vt 'f 1 ? 11 Ihe apartment. aiwMment |«nw of thiMte in the depths jvf r ,-ni IWXMY out son I1\«rles' little MS^II ias it f*rrtod loud »fter lo«<l iY : Items Hie long wily ftwn v»n f.-r So)M. to fwnl dv\ir, Tii.- WT(IJ,M< * s. tiling of IN- ptist, * s#nior at North ni\T>l-sil)- — fs now 30 He Friendly Poltergeists Invade Home Of Writer »n- tool near n f f^irnrh fried onions. cwerer! for about 30 minutes In talent in a ,\V1 decree oven. i This Scheme Might Outwit Nature And Qet Seeds Up Ry MARIK BKTH JONKS , Webster definw a polterReitl asis mastliating il. I know my chii e are obviously harborinff pol- „ E | 1O ,, ".mppfMip,) | 0 he respon- 1111 '''' h a v e nol scntteted the..-•™- ! -— sible for table rappings and other io - vs - imyslerimu noisy disturbance!. 11 " is d*»i'l> not possible (..• According to some netvjpaper •. < hfm lo **** h " ri «nytWw «h.. ... . ... fvfr ln <fo with the situation .\, 'stones I havt read on he «uh-' _.,, ....... cordme lo the testimony, f',a- iccl. they ar* responsible lor hn , no , tnt ,,^ , h)> Tinkpr Ta ., thinps like breaking dishes and,since Frida> - brfoiv - Ust. p.v. ; mtissinK freshly waxed floors, NEVER plavs with them. *<••<. land for sudden loud thumps and K " a| hy put them all up the i,r Ibansinps from across the hoiisn. Ours are friendly poltergeist*. ~.. ~, 1 Ian Chanter r » hijj t the vTOr o( N',r«i U 1 aKe .l».i'toh>n t\xmt> !h» unity U> IVstMfC N-foi^e Jvcin- iimc !ti<- fal! ti-i-.n »t iviU'se Atxs'hor t1 the fanillv's nwrs ~i!«« lime t\-> a h,x!«» oti lJiiir«-l Tti-,-y i etd.v nOKOTHY "T* Silt.* hs> t^vlle. lls said. "'H) talk of mam* ch:t\s (X shoes and ship* ar»i IX ih* is •* most humnv the Wai- A!y! *•''•" a!! - !f fvv a mixture of :ncs: i\>!ors, dwosr a pju-ket of *rt\ for nutrient. thumping g creAm colored seed, or perhaps Place the food in th* bottom erf-ground" a soft pink. •• Balsam, _, .vxl *R*r»tani i»i th*t the l\m fnvuvvissly tvr>|. x;«- ;.> th* U»,V- tv-«vMnvr M time - Rf.l ^ ., time she used ih<rn — and !• as WEEKS ago. i - -' •" « V1 -" So it must he the fault of , iThey like our children, particular- poltergeists, if anv OIW nf )h . ^ ,1\'. I'm tlOt SUIT Il0\l this iS POSSi- harf an,- ^™,KI U . i . . in »h* garden, ble. but ,. must be so. Otherwise h* wmld ,™ tl.ntTU^,,? 1 "!' •«: ,,<-,"! t car? in.1 if y«i tfouW that it ii rich why would the poltergeists do ,,„ ( - " !n "- s pir " . ! ' ;r : " head.v nnm, enoo.h. add chemical or manures th e, breaking »nd juisinK .nd ^^^ ^™*' £ Poltergeists are e.xtremrlv • the trem-h ,at le«s( 12" deep) -" ror"awhile. I used lo demand £ Wpb? "' r '• right about' th • Uiitiim ««i mis well with the soil. After to know who was responsible for I7ley }ump on beds and twicf.e. ma>' also «ill he cairfully iwerjng th» manure or some annoyance or other especially when the fumiturs fertilizer, prepare »' trench for: -\vho left that screen door , nevv an<! is ^'"S treated «ith p= should be sown ope,,'" , would yell as 1 swatted • Hcular rarp "">«>' argue In ).-.• inches apart. Rake 8 l the swarms of flies which had voi( '» about uho is rheatinc o\er the' im -aded the house through the rherk?r pames. at Monopoh iiivirinK opening. football. \-ou »nnt to b» "* s? o ihrad »nd pUnt «boui «nd The v N'rs -Ij^vis Oarroil Ot Oixirw. if r w\xiVd also likf to lni '> brilliant, (to ahead and plant «houi two the 'Atwths-r A<y:v,s; >wir calendula, swwt william and about an inch of soil i\vvpen>ti\» at all this pi'ncnnial si.vk seed r«va cw — seed. *nd water we!l. what th* s »rrion<-r *« in peat pots You would prob- Prep«r« a support for >our A ll three children immediately Tn<y also like to draw v., ridioikxs fussing with vin« uw. Be surest is sturdy tss , ini «i such expressions of an- "m* Dick uses his an supp' pelic innoi-ence as have rarely and then carefully been seon this side of the Pearly away—he can until later Remember w repeatedly rake ad- Gates. " ting them hark tvhere the:"1 didn't do ii?" each one vow- lone — the poltergeists in turn. "It wasn't those same syppiie* leave them on th« plague him. i. UK |»*iiut tr>er* um > time vihAn T Xv\ IVM little above t h * AM tiietr are qxiite a reimSvr o! ">* minuie larks^xir. phlox or Hie •'*' S "H not wrench Die roots MM (xit ttvnjpt ih«t »rr s."»xvJ!i!oi1 tw be- snapdmgwi seed in this manner. at»out in the soil on a windy day. K^'snc <rs i»ke« >>sre oJ thw nxw.h. r-o«i Nit then, they nan the i»\i t ir tvi hf«t nuirotit harm. ditional soil over the plants »s ir»ni~ if \vxj KB* th» afhv* of all B*«d«s. b* sure and remember th>r\ «ti»Jn a hei$mh of thre* or „( those th4it profns to tavsv*. am,i '* ^efngpnite \emr larksxir *e«i feur inche*. puts t> th4it profns to know, arvi «i: SwA or n«ii>H».1 »!', *A and _-. solemnly !i> frfrtgernt \,jur lartopur *e«i " iir se\»ml etav* b»fer* imiirc ^<»P th» perfnrmaiK-* up unri! " M u.-h u 1 hat* to admit them y«! will h» sam-ised at she ** aoil at ihe haw of in, plants tr «. M « a , , Hm( , tthfn j dk , „„, lpove * h * alwa>-» be!:e\e such protestations be th* «my oi J«riixind-.nE «w*. water «,eil - of j mloc , no( ,. n*\l spnns *«w you'll have sweet peas for get again. «£3i^aiK.-_^ .^Kaisaca You Are Cordially Invited To Attend The REVIVAL August 19 thru 26, 1962 FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Yaupon at Magnolia wimc SERVICES; DAILY 7:30 P.M. Tuesday Friday 10 A.M. 'NURSERIES OPiN AT ALL SERVICES >v« will b« ™ di*fer*»v» n »iil makr thp n> „,,,,„ st Ih , most ]ikel cn. had p.,1 " " ir *\»WK peas 1 1.0 itwad new !A pianting H th*} »it» it. a?»»v« in e of that he might learn to shui Poo! Pavilion If >«x have a >ou d be sm*n !o had • he ;mju>ier f:ai;e >ard - u-herr G*r. •h*\ kinr on !he rixin t f.ra H?a bii! 'hev ?n;.si Now a *n->*i! tii-'.h* w«re Some niofiihi ago I jwisicif r?ii about a raw! littl* c s5r,;.-- r,^,, uhose U!e hAd h<vn bitghted poliereessts. When dishef wen! n " »* t5 t\!* the lot.-iieji HI shut- P"'i< 1 ns<wj the reingeraior. he a m e d. When tr^ n->i.v> rallied vnrxvm* ;n hit !• I psnentt h« had IVK dv.e *r mudds (c>5i»n!-ii at !r.e tejerminrd thai •. !he e.-r • m f. • Cnsate Slated At FP Assembly Of God nv ttsvlw.* Bntw •»''* ... iwc ait on * *«^ "* Lake Jackson CHILDREN* EYES L M. JOHNS

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