The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on May 20, 1952 · Page 2
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 2

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 20, 1952
Page 2
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f AGE 2 — THE BAYTOWN SUN. TUESDAY. MAY 20. 1952 West Point Observes Its !50fh Anniversary WILLIE by Leonard Sansome By MERKBIAN SMITH climaxing the sesquicentennial, the WEST POINT, N. Y. (HE)— The President was to address (.at 1.30 United States military academy p.m. cst) an audience composed of celebrated the 150th anniversary of cadets, top military figures, edu- Its founding today with President cators and foreign dignitaries. Truman among its distinguished Q en Omar Bradley, chairman guests./ . of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and At a colorful jubilee convocation £> r , Karl T. Compton, head of the Massachusetts Institute; of Tech-, nology, will share the speaker's platform with Mr. Truman. Before returning to Washington late this afternoon, Mr. Truman will tour the academy, eat lunch with the cadets, watch them par- AUSTIN (I?)—Gubernatorial candi- ade Yarborough asked Yarborough Hits State 'Machine' YOU WAVE- TH TOP SUNK; date Ralph voters last night to help him "break the back of the statehouse machine that has mushroomed to power in Austin." The former district judge, who is opposing Shivers with the blessings of the "loyal Democrats/' , said the "statehouse machine has an influence so insidious that _ it amounts to downright corruption of the democratic process." Yarbrbugh made his appeal-'over a 26 station state network radio address last night. He said that the "only basis on which any man m office can ask re-election is on the record he already has made. "What," he asked, "has the present governor done that would jus- in his honor and receive a from West Point. The President left Washington by train, accompanied by Army Secretary Frank Pace Jr.; Navy Secretary Dan A. Kimball, Air Force Secretary Thomas K, Finletter, Gen. J. Lawton Collins, Army chief of staff; Adm. William M, Fechteler, chjef of naval oper- Gen. Matthew B. Ridgway, commander-designate of North Atlantic Treaty Organization forces, and Mrs. Ridgway. The President had planned to fly here but threatening weather forced him to make the journey by train. West Point, nestling on a bluff by green clad mountains and overlooking a broad expanse of the ...WTTH FLOOR IS, IF I FALL OUT-/ SAX JACINTO MEMORIAL Mrs. Virginia Madden-^-Channelview.- demons Wright—Baytown. Andrew Langton—Dayton. David A. Burge—Baytown. Mrs. George W. .Laughlin—510 East Republic. Mrs, Jack L. Holt—218 West Heman. Mike McGullough—Channel view. Mrs. Sylvester Garrison — Baytown. Paul Whitaker—Highlands. Mrs. Jack D. Phillips—216 East Wright. Miss Geraldine Landry — Highlands. Mrs. Aron. Mrs. High. Timothy Evans—Channelview. Harry Mitchell—606 East Luther McCormick — 16 Special To The Bayfown Sun tify our asking him to serve long- majestic Hudson river, took on a Sam festive air for the climax of its celebration. More than 1,000 guests were Oilworkers Rofary Leads Ticket Sale For Banquef {Continued on Pagre Two) athered "here-ambassadors from pute. All other negotiations among a dozen countries, heads of 250 the 22 CIO, AFL, and independent American colleges and universities unions and 75 companies have been and representatives of 45 foreign carried out on a plant-by-plant educational institutions and 20 basis. foreign military academies. Several other agreements, on a Founded in 1802 by an act of plant-by-plant level, were reached ft er than such governors as Houston or Jim Hogg?" Among other things, the Austin attorney promised to reduce the administration budget of the state "by at least 10 per cent." He said that in the six years Shivers has been lieutenant governor and governor, "more money lias been spent to run the state government Jan was put out in * «£"«~ '" academy~had~"two In the past several hours and more the combined administrations of Coil & e * s > £%£«*? \ } ^ s Last were expected today, as Sinclair Coke Stevenson W Lee O'Daniel JJ^J*" "^^ officials in New York said all and James V, Allred." -year, 4i5 were graduated. 10,000 of their workers would be back to work by tomorrow. Approximately 4,000 other workers returned to their jobs yesterday. , ' || _^ _^ I A I^ACallJinn PfUu 'These settlements and back-toll^^ Jil iHlh, JPlk J^ I Al laVaVaOIIU I UVl work movements were at Standard • ' Oils' Wood River, 111., refinery, Bavtown Jaycees are making the Socony-Vacuum, plant at Au~ [ plans now to have a water show' gusta, Kans., Pure Oil Co. at Cabin 1 at Roseland Park swimming pool Creek, W. Va., the Texas Co. re- i May 31, the night before the pool fineries at Lockport and Lawrence- and Refining I will be 'ooen to the public, Jaycee ville, 111., the Texas Co. terminal Vice-president Al Moskowitz an- at Mt. Vernon, Ind., and the Con- nounced today. Moskowitz said the show, will start at 7 p.m. May 31 and a Red Cross team from Houston will put n a swimming and diving show . , «lh a short water safety demon- »g through hundreds 'of miles of LAg ^rmembers of the .aycee ^glard OU -JB^.t^Wood Central States Petroleum Union would allow the huge Airway Elec Alleg Ludlum * • 37 Allis-Chalmers 49% American Repub A T and T Amer Woolens .27% Anaconda Copper 42%' Beth Steel 47?* Calvan Oil 7% Calumet and Hec ..- 7% Canada So Oil 12% Celanese 40*4 Celotex ..-- 189i Cessna 6 Chi Corp 19 nng MINNEAPOLIS— <U.R) —Ten of the nation's top economic and finan- are likely to "have 1 ^ ^J cial wizards predicted gloomily inflation." ariol ^jjj K. professor at Harv *!so stressed the present controls "We should p braith S aid, '•^ Cel , arl >' what political an Lecturer Says To Unusual Quesii STOCKHOLM ;ip_ ers asked: "WilT ° fkert _She quickly an_ Kiec> Stig Hjalmars 1 dr-iv.? xnri 13^1 **vW.(i LOWERED into a 10-foot ditch imprisoning John Bender, 53, after a cavein in Los Angeles, fireman Lyle Kime cautiously clears away dirt. Bender was trapped neck- deep. The successful rescue took Rotarians are well out in front Chrysler" Corp".'.'."-"!! "...'..'.. 75x4 two, hours. (International) in the purchase of tickets to the Columb Gas 15% Creole Pet ; 74 V. Crystal Oil no sale rt i i. • inter-club banquet at 7:30 p.m. Thursday in the Robert E. Lee 120 tickets. Members of the Lions club have bought 90 tickets and Kiwanians also have bought 90. A limited number of tickets are Feirchild Eng Dow Chem no Du Pont Chem 85 Eastman Kodak 43 E! Paso Natural Ges 3714 Pens Bog For Robber NEW YORK UPS — A Brooklyn housewife regreted today thai she _(.-,, .. ,, . . , -r, , _ .- .... _ locked her ill-tempered chow, Ne- still available for non-members of Freeport Sulph 3 6 y, ro in ^ e back v ^- d because the the three clubs. Gen Electric 59'-, ' ' oecause JIB The inter-cniu banquet is staged Gen Motors 541, annually by the thre service clubs Gen' Tire and Rub 27^i in Baytown. The Kiwanis club is Gillette Saf 3i?i the host club this year. Goodyear Tire 41 Principal speaker will be Hines Greyhound Bus n» Baker, president of Humble Oil Gulf Oil -- ' 52 v Gulf Stat Util •. ] 22T; Houston Oil HI.T man who came "to inspect the gas meter" said he was afraid of dogs. Mrs. Vicki Freedman said the self-styled meter reader turned out to be .an impostor who took S50 from her piggy bank at pistol point. today that the country faces an "indefinite perior of long-term inflationary threats." There maj be intermittent relief, they said, but it is "unlikely" that prices and wages will return to the levels of pre-World War II. Interviewed at the University of Minnesota whiel attending: an economic conference, the experts agreed that the American economy faces an unstable future. Some also said that federal controls and high taxes should be maintained if inflation is to be held in One C economtet, David McCord ? r> ,. defend ^ W Wright of the University of Virginia, said the country may be facing a choice between unemployment or inflation. _ ^ " "For the past few years we've She and Hjafmars been imposing on ourselves a 10 at the Wenner-Gren per cent annual increase in money — wages on an economy that can only stand a three per cent annual rise in wages," Wright said. "That gears the whole pattern of our economic society to inflation." Roy Blough, member of the President's Council of Economic Advisers/said that "in view of the large rise in the rate of defense expenditures yet to come, the anticipated federal deficit and the uncertainty of the world situation, the danger of renewed inflationary pressure is not yet over." "It is highly important that full powers for a comprehensive stabilization program be continued to be available for use if and when needed," Blough said. Dr. E. A. Goldenwe'v-er of Princetown University said the "immedite prospect is for some sideways movement of prices »for some mor.ths, but the next phase is still inflationary." "We will probably not do what is necessary in the way of higher •taxes and airtight credit policies to- relieve inflationary pressure/ Golden\voiser said. "Hence, bar- °VST ~~ <l '- R '— A - Japan Russia through its Washington that the sion is no longer pan. Motor Tune-! I ALL CARS -- I Regular *•. 4.80 ^ A MAY SPECIAL i! Ferguson Molon 700 \V. TEXAS A. E. Hoffman, San Lorenzo, Calif., writes, "My Nash Rambler Station Wagon covered 34,000 miles in six hard months, averaging better than 25 miles 'to. the gallon, carrying loads up to*750 pounds all over my territory." tinental Oil Co. in Denver. Settlement of the Sinclair walkout releases six refineries with a daily production capacity of 315,000 barrels and will start oil flow- Test Atom Fails To Oil Sumatra is larger than New England/New York and Pennsylvania combined. Nevada A-bomb proving ^.-A £--1>t_ *•* >. t « f1 «* to ex P iod « today as Kirby Pet Libfay McN and Inc La Land .. earn s lie contributions it receives from fund raising drives-in this area. duction within a week. The independent CSP' union signed a two- with a be tested device Tuesday Mont-Dakota Util 68 Vl- 11! scheduled to morning on a Nevada proving Nat Dairy Prod ,«,-, 3'ear contract with a no-strike ground tower was put into opera- Ohio Oil ..." 55" clause. " tj0n but at .the zero time there Packard Motors ..- *.". 4% The union-company contract at was n ° detonation," the Atomic pancoastal Oil 3V- Texas Co. plant at Lockport, Energy Commission said in a pre- Panhandle P and "R "* «£ pared statement" ' ,. ». Penney-s Inc .... ....... ..." 67% It has not yet-been determined Phillips' Pet '...I 55% what occurred in the inner con- Pure Oil J'.."" 60% necting- firing and test circuit" to " Richfield Oil ,./.....*.."."*.!.. 62"" called for the usual increase, plus a six-cent differen-, tial for night work. It involved close to 1.000- workers. Meanwhile, O. A. Knight, presi- the tower, the AEC continued. Repub Steel -. 40 TONIGHT AND WEDNESDAY GROUCHO MARX • MARIE WILSON WILLIAM BENDIX — PLUS — «Sff* & £?tJrF BV 8 t W* All FIX" STARRING JOHN- IRELAND WASHINGTON 00)- The House d ; n T o r^e CIO OaWoTkers Union. "The ^perlme^ has| not beer. St Regis PapeV unexpectedly rejected a Dill LO in- said in Denver that the "greatest cancelled but has been postponed Sinclair Oil crease old age insurance benefits nandicap to ^d settlement now for at least 48 hours. yesterday alter opponents said it Socony-Vac insistence by many com- The AEC scientists charged with Sou Pacif ou ac ... would open the door to socialized panies that ^ duration of wage the experiment declined to elabo- Stan Oil Calif 74 medicine. The vote was 149 to 140—44 votes short of the two-thirds majority necessary for passage under suspension of the rules procedure. Under this procedure the bill not only had to have a two-thirds majority to pass, but amendments were barred and debate was limited to 4X> minutes. The bill called for an increase in old age insurance benefits of at least So a month for the 4,500,000 persons now on- the rolls. agreements be changed from, six months to a year or more. Knight said one refinery—Phillips Oil Co. at Great Falls, Mont., —has requested that wages and the entire contract be frozen for five years. Another Phillips refiiH ery, at Spokane, "Wash., has asked for a three-year contract freeze, he added. rate and said only, know what happened." ar (Continued From Page One) LIVESTOCK .t's a real double-duty beauty, this Nash Rambler Station Wason ^ O —a luxury family sedan, designed especially for today's crowded traffic conditions. At the drop of a seat, it instantly converts to a heavy duty all-steel station wagon with a 6i4-foot platform that easily hauls man-size loads. Wives think it's wonderful, too —780 bandy for shopping—so easy to steer and park—plus the smartest custom tailoring. Economy? The Nash Rambler holds the allr time record in the Mobilgas Run with 31,05 miles per gallon! See our beautiful Rambler display /Choose the model you want, convertibles, hardtop sedans, station"; wagons—all completely cus- .toni equipped—even radio and v!> "" « * «Weatber Eye at no extra cost. rCbme in today or phone us—you don't have to buy^-just try! Premier Mossadegh Decides To Resign FORT WORTH OLE)— Cattle L 3,100. Slow; feed steers and yearlings in rather small supply: steady to weak; cows unevenly lower again; _ bulls about steady; best stockers TEHRAN, Iran (W—Prime Minis- steady; others dull; good and ter Mohammed Mossadegh has c ^ 0 ice slaughter steers and year- decided to resign, informants close ii ngs 29.50-3-4; utility and cornmer- to him said today. They said he will submit his res- cial, 23-28.50; beef cows, 19-22; one ,-- * *u x ». « ~ n «^ lot 22 ' 50: canners and cutters, 13- _._ i ... VM , flll . c ».«.««=»« «.L ignation to the shah_ after present- 1&50 . some outs i de that range; President. Ke accompanied ing Iran s case against SriUin in bull lg _ 26; med j um an d good p resident to We st Point are large, well-trained, e.nd equipped with modern weapons, including the atom bomb. The Kremlin's desire to dominate the world is obviously unchanged." The President's: analysis of the situation in Korea followed a long talk with Gen. Matthew B. Ridgway, the supreme commander in the Far East who is on his way to Europe to succeed Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower. Ridgway arrived in Washington last night and went into imediate conference with the the .............. 54',i "We don't Stan Oil Ind ........... ' ..... SO^L- Stan Oil Ohio .............. 42% Stan Oil N. J. .... ....... ". ---- 76 V^ Sun Oil ..................... 84 Sunray Oil .................. 21 1 /! Texas Co .... ---- 1....:'..... 54v* Texas Gulf Prod ..... '. ...... 23 '/s /Tex Gulf Sulph ............ 103% Tidewater Corp ........ "..... 4?,^ Union Oil of Calif ..... V ---- 42 U. S. Steel ............ : ..... 33 Woodley Pet ........... " ..... 6S 1 ,; Julv • Is T . O. Cotton off .:.. 17 pts. t rms country « firm strong refusal Netherlands, two weeks hence. aves 1.000. High grade offer- Mossadegh will reign regardless - about stea dy Bothers dull and- ° gne in to Communist demands of whether the court rules for or w | ak to lower .* , and choice . exchange of prisoners in Korea. perfectly clear, he said, against Iran, the informants said. slaughter calves, 31-34.50; utility „ ^ They said that the prime minister amj C0mmerc 5 al> 2 2~30; culls down , that thousands and thousands of regards his mission completed now to lg . gooa and cho | ce stocker the prisoners we hold would vio- that Iran has nationalized the Iran- ca j ves ' 32-37; most heifers, 35 lent l> r resist being returned to the ian properties of Britain's Anglo- down;' common and medium stock- Communists becaxise they fear the Iranian Oil Co. and expelled British personnel from the country. ers. 24-30. Hogs 1,100. Mostly steady on all weights; some butchers 25c higher; choice 180-240 Ibs., 21.50-2L75; choice 155-175 Ibs., and 250-3SO Ibs., -<,_<-,-, ^T. sows> 16-18, feeder pigs, 17 down. Amendment Would Hire Ex-Presidents For Life WASHINGTON 0?^—Rep. Hubert B. Scudder (R-Calif.) has introduced a constitutional - amendment to create a S25.000-a-year life-time job for "ex-presidents." - 4 ^ The proposal also would limit ^^J5!!%??^f * i lS^" r ; was 'out oT janln'bo^ o7 $«6'"t? In Other Driver Charged Willie C. Hughes of Cloverleaf slavery or death that would await them." He said the -Communists have brought more men and "many more planes and tanks" into Korea during the long armistice negotiations. But he said U. S. forces also have been "strengthened." (Continued From Page One) cent pay differentials for night shift work, Oliphint said. Oliphint said yesterday he feels sure that the BEF will go along with the 15-eent ceiling on pay increases for oil. industry workers,*- Imposed by the Wage Stabilization Board. A decision also is expected today on another wage issue at the refinery. Officials of._the machinist union are meeting with Humble management end a federal conciliator to discuss a new contract. The machinists, however, are asking for a 25-cent wage boost a-nd have voted to strike if necessary. DRIVE-IN Hwy. 146 North 2 Mfn. From Town Tonight & Wednesday DOUBLE FEATURE MARINE AIR-DEVILS HOT PURSUIT... ENDS TONITE1 "MARTIN AND LEWIS "SAILOR PONT MISS THE NEW AND DIFFERENT?' MOHEY IN THE BANK TONIGHT! WEDHE! THRU SANK m RIOTOUS SEQUEL To Xfieop»r By TVs Dcz«n*l was**. . CON r»TLOs - MM; €»»!•:? • i*t c Hj??i»i — PLUS — eaiwu rents me WCSEY ASvIOBY MOORE Otf^U WKT-KSS ftaO-ST CJg-VTI MUSBQ-lbKn *f Cartoon: "EARLY TO BET" ADULTS 35 C — Children FREE .^ u^MrrUj * »* e«»rt*T »« picture* G/S^ CARTOON ft "14 CARROT RABBIT 7 LATEST NEWS EVENTS TONITE NEW & DIFFERENT IN THi *n DOVT MISS TT! ON THE SCREEN— year term and of House members to four years instead of the present two. forcement and THt RNIST OF OUR TlFTf YIARS THI AMBASSADOR • THI STATESMAN THCXAMBLEK WILLS C08B 407 W; Texas Ave. t B^yiown day, but he faced two charges in justice court in Houston as a re- ffeers will open at 3 p.m. today Under Sender's plan. e*-presi : ^^^1^1^^ "" «"•*«*»"» O"™-* House. He was arrested early Sunday and charged with assault by automobile and failure to stop and render aid after his car crashed into "the rear of Mrs. Paul U. FBI To Conduct Class -Woman Gets Elected, Officers Tonight But She'll Be'Mister' j Federal Bureau of Ihvestiga- BOSTON, Eng. HP)—Town officials J school for Baytown law en- said today that Mrs. Alice S. John- i plant protection of- son would be addressed as "Mister \ i at 8 p.m. today in Mayor 1 ' instead of "Madame May- Affiliate—Liberty Networks 1360 ON YOUR AM DIAL 92.1 MS. ON YOUR FM ^JtfUfil' 5 H?p|s ">y&N^ HEFLJN THRU THURSDAY dents would serve on a top-level committee to advise -the White House when called upon to do so. He said this would make their knowledge and experience avafl- their successors. Knights Of Pythias At Meeting In Bryan Several Baytown men are in Bryan to attend Grand Lodge of dustrial and Federal roads near the Pasadena tunnel. ?*Trs. J. P, "HelfriRh of 820 Bolster, who was riding with Mrs, Lee, was injured and taken to a Pasadena hospital. They said there today she was doing-well. G T. Miller, Galena Park affi- cer, conducted the investigation FBI Agent Vernon C. Pampell will show e film on defensive tactics, search, arrest and judo. The film will be an hour and a half long. The showing will be open to all law enforcement and plant protection officers In the Baytown area, as well as members of the Auxiliary Police- They explained there historical precedent for calling her madam. Mrs. Johnson, elected recently,; becomes Boston's 1 first woman mayor in;407 years. _\ Brawny Bali Players Toss Editor In Lake VFW To Discuss Plans For the Knights of Pythi«us r and five and he said he arrested-Hughes at _ others returned from the cofiven- his home after Hughes ran^froin 912, and its Auxiliary will hold a tion \&st night. Carpente HATTIESBURG, Miss. Rr\—Mississippi-Southern football players said today they "tossed the;managing editor of their student liewspsper Veterans of ForeigVi" Wars. Post into a the scene of the accident. Miller 3 Oint meeting at 7:30 p.m. today All , c ^tT?'«£"*"% *"*.«••"«"*! s^o-nick Ea»a R. Robson, s^d Hughes car struck Mrs. Lee's i n the VFW hall on Decker Drive reprimanded the players editor- ; io:(Hv-w a r«n inward* s> Hill rnachineT which had stopped at a to discuss plans for the VFW lake because his Vowell. had i lyers e ially for ogling the c<>eds. TUESDAY EVENING 6:00—News 6:15—Range Rising 6:30—Sports Review 6:3Tt— Ranjre Riding 6:4r»—Are You I.JstPntr.?;? 6:r.5 i _Har!«n At 7 7:2,>—Major City Softball - 9:4&—Rnss Morgan 10:<>0—Nl^ht EditloQ Baytown S\m 10:15—I>ream Tim* tl:OO—SiEn Off for Night WEDNESDAY MORNING 6:00-7-ReycIU« Roaadup 6:57—Late Kews 7:00—Trinity Valley Tunes ~:45~lMVftf Trihity Valley News P fi:00—ifornlnj; DeroUcma.! S:15—Watching The Clock 8^JO—Tjsit* News i ! 8:22—Watching the "Clock j S:SS—WorM of W&nien i 9:00—New-S Moke sfffa «Jrmng o rwbft... yoor <wr,..check ecc^ents for offices. Fred Dittmen and Mil lard Carter, who were initiated into the DOKK yesterday, returned home last night with Tom Cranford, Carl Roth and George Scott. west lanes of the mgnway anu Memorial Dav ceremonies to be plunged into a ditch. held at 2:30 Sunday in Little Arlington at Cedar Bayou. In cooperation with the American Le- Venetian glassmaking guilds g | OT1 |^ e VTW also will put flags reached the peak of their artistry on the graves of veterans on Fri- in the 15th Century. day and Saturday. Tp Father's Rites .\, Mr. and Mrs. N. P. Roberts of 1300 Edison left for Childress today after receiving word of the <ieath of Mrs. Roberts' father, Max Price. Pnce, 56, died at 11 p.m. yesterday. -1- iwscart T fl:Ol—Starting - 31:00—T-ite Nexvs 11:02—Mid 5>ay WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON 1 2 : 1 i— StocJc qxsota tior.s 12:20— Mtf Day : X»t; i :Ofi~vTo;» Tiracs Tuesday © Wedne gaiy 'S*t^ GRANT • DRAKE — ALSO- rforring JANIS PAJGE ""^STADCLTS 1 ^5> s-^.-J wnHA COVOTing *-G-MP^7vst 2 :on — Best On *:00 — Warr*n r:pr> — T-a 'Voz -r- FOH FUN" — "THE PAINTER AND . THE POINTER" —tATEST NETTS— WOTiM Box Office Show Start* ADMISSION- if* t* '^rfl ALW* ClflLDRKX mm* KHUKC.NGPE! pm2i WF-Dfl pffllP, r^lKt-JSKXy I s&ttiW * ^^S^.i: *?$iif«M fCwfetias^ 1EH JOHNSON RARBYCASfyJf. WAR8EOK3 *» caao Kwa J8M0KI ADDED FTXJ C8f

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