The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 4, 1897 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 4, 1897
Page 4
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. k" ; MIL? OHKONlCLEi » I8»t. Supposed to Have Been on Mrs. Luetgert'a Fingers When She Disappeared Last May. \\ )*}*,?> ' " ^ t r w „ MAI IA&* H1H L ,. ,-*,.. ^-..'-...^-^g. * < *% satd lr«etgert never cauatte Sod A or potash Jn the manufacture of sausage», and fte never knew him to use arsenic IK th* iactory. Th^ wltnes* tfeserlhed the proc<>**to» used In *€he feus^eSs from th6 time 1 raw meat W receives until the' manufacture of the »austt«« lis contp'fte. tt* said that dor* fug the'time he-t^as rift 6tftp1oy^ ?« the factory th«> vuW. in the naaenient \veti? ttw «*«* fttttov? ** .»*r IWttifl* f wild* rt» ,. , and iron any la^e, curtain, no mattered* . tarn H as whol* nnd sotAd as . brought to OSv Anybody can feulthfof a flock or a bandketehief—it bike* art •dn up" a lace curtain .i*tt»e way t are donft ftt the StttfMtt 1/anfirtry, Block. Chicago, Sept, 4,-M3f lefljr. stated the 'following; were the features yesterday ift the Luetgerf Mali Th£ defense failed to Wave Important points '!« daptals •*fr teWMnony Stricken f fonV the -'"foe-r ,bean Identified ***-' told the Jttfy tMt that on iee saw l^wgen uw • * ^ fift tvlfe. ~_~Sne^_ftrt* afmp ffifrcrtht* oflfcfr In -..- .— 'toty one aitprntfQn. and Lu*>tg<*rfc «p- b^ared- to W In a^ jraW», Witness was 5 not IH the offlco, i>ut saw .Liuetgefi piifch fslsr wife fttid hfr companion out of the»aoor of the offie>. Mrs. tiietgert tthd the fady with liftf hurtled AStey roach &xtilte$; atrd he heard 'Mrs. fctret^ gfert s&y: ''ly* hap a tevolver and will kit! us.* r Witness said he did not see 'the revolver * • Fast Trains Bay View G. R. & I. Summer 'Schedule is>ow in effect. Fust daj train No. 7 leaves Kalamazoo 12*30 p. rii., and Grand Rapids 2:20j>. m., arriving TraverBO City 7:00 p m.^etoskey 7:55 p. m. Bay View 8:08 p. m. and Barter Springs H:25 p. m. This Schedule especially aeeoinotlates passengers coming from other lines. Send for folders and further infomiR- tioij to C. L. IiOCKWOOl), G. P. .V T. A.. / Grand Bnpids, Mich. _,, to the tnMdle vat. Mrs. Ma B-. Hatrls dealt th«r defense a Severe bk-w by her positive Identification of the ring*. Mia. Alvlna Stfinge toid of quarrels between I-uttgert a**-W* wife, and partly identified-the rings. Carl Vdtike'r testified that he taught"Luetgert many of the jnystftrlfls of chemistry and told of ah Instance $hen the sausage-maker attacked hja wife and another woman In the factory. State Not looking for MM. luetgfcff. ' The cross-examination of police Captain Schuettle* was lesumed where It has left off Thursday. Attorney Vincent, for the defense, asked to have stricken from the- «*se—U*s—captain's statement that he dtd jiQJLgo to .New York to,,find out whether Mrs, Imetgtrt had been seen there, but to look up the reputation of Grotty, the man who said he had met her on Broadway. Attorney Vincent said the statement was pfejudj- c'lal. The 'court refused to sustain the^ motion and Captain Schuettler" told^of hU trip to'New York and his inv^ptlga- tlon of Grotty'a reputation. Herald the state wanted to be prepared to prove he was a perjurer It he appeared In the case as a witness for the defence. CJold Kins* Thwt^'^ru In the Vat JL,leutenant George Hfltchinson corro- '^ ' -" the /testimony of Captain "My boy ca'tne- honie trora'fidiool /toy"With" his hftrtd Imdly iSwrnted awd Tdeeding' and suffering Rreat f>nlti;" i Mr. E. .1, j^Chatlji^itH-M^yo^ Bros. I _oJ, ~St Iiouis,' Mo. *l dressed the wound aad.applied .Chamberlaifl's Pain Bilnj tieifa, All t>ai« ceased. «^nd in to short tittie it healed, wlttiotifc loft 1 acnr. for wounds, sprains, swellings and rheumatism I know of no medicine or prescription nqual to it. I fconsJdcr it n household necessity." The 2f» and 80 cent sizes for salent Grofeoe'aDnig StorP. Between Sec* TMc and Is It good opiwrtnnity *o enquire about farming lands« South Onkota. only one daj'R ride from Chicago. Bountiful eroptt of wheat, corn, barley and fl« reward the till- r of the soil. At) a stock and dairj country South Dakota leads all tlie world. First clasq farm lauds with -nearby markets ta«»TioW be bought lor from $10, *12« $1&, and upwa«l«, pe»- acre, and this is tbe time tofriveat. Korfurthar particulars write to Ocorge H. Heafford, General P»«*enger Ag^ut, Chicago, XfUvmakeo & St. PttutBail- way, Old Colony Building, Chicago, 111. TO CORE NERVOUS DYSPEPSIA; To O»l« Fl»*h, To Sleep; well, JI* Know wlmt Appetite anil Good , Digestion i, m«ke •» trltkl of HtunriV Dy^ppp- TableU. ' " / / MACKINA. PETOSKEV ^ CHICAGO.. roun Tmrs ffri WMK Bctpwn, * Toledo, Detroit ^Mackinai • .•!-»OSKfcY, THK " SOO," AUKQUU Vi E ANli PULUTH. ia BETWCCN Detroit and Clevelanc ^juuectintc «-1tl> Earliest Trnin<i «; Clevtrlcno lor nil point* Kast.SoiMiana Sou'!- • * nrta/THpt JUM. Ju I l\L\< i;iccl Passenger Steamer* "-.. rMiUf.iraHFPfwrI.aIte ttiiu *'^.,^»-«, ich. Scn'l for - puiuphtst. Addfcss, A. A. 8CKANTZ, c. l». »„ O«T»OIT. MICK S<-hue'ttler aff to the visit made by him and'£rhi»«<itli?r on M&y 8 to Luetgert at the letter's home to ; secure from htm a statement r^gardlnR the disappearance pfhls wife. He ?ald Uietgert stated that 'he had hired no detecth <» to look for his .wife, although ho had previously tt,ld KicUnt'te he had en«af?pd two prl- v»te dctcc'tlvt-s. Ollicer Walter S. Dcaiu of the SlulVioM avenue.'station, intro- duK-fl, tbi« ijuhj'rpt of the rings found In th< v;U In tlie saUsflge factory, .It was Ofliter bran who found the tww sold Tings In the middle \at in whlrh It is charged Mrs Luetgprfs body was dissolved; In caustic'potash. The officer told, of the examination of the vat and the dlst-oTc»ry of the trlnklets In the same rriannpr it had been narrated by other witnesses. . . \ »in». Hurrla nml'th« ISlng* Hie was followed by Mrs. Ida Harris, who was the nrst of a series of witnesses who Identified the rings as havlnKbien worn by Mra. Lyetgert. 'Mnr, Harris said "Kftp had 'known Mrs- Luetgert .for seven -yi-ars and she had often visited her at .her home. Khe was positive that the large gold band with the initials "I-. J." and the mark ^ISK 1 ' ^n .the Inside was Mra L,u«itg*trt'« wedding ring. About five years ago. she said, while she was sitting with Mrs."t,uotgert In her kitchen the siiusag*-maker'9 wife took off her rings and showed them to hen. The smaller ring wa» worn as a guard to h«'«>p the wedding ring o» the linger, The guarjdi ring had mjlled edges, but the milling was more distinct five year« Ago th^n It l.H-'now. 'Th<« witness could not tell \\hen she had la»t seen the rlngx on the h»^d of Mrs. Luetgert. . * Co. SOLE PROTIETORb. . ononrwn,- 4 Omo. $100.0bi'rewara will be paid for^thc aj-iest nml conviction of any one dctect'eil>i'filiing o«r bottles, / ror snip by W. T. 1>1«AKK aurt A. O, JIYI>E. SOMK MOHK UINO TESTIMOJ.V. • Cor'. Bates and Lam^l St».» OETROtt, MICH. .Iu«||k** Vlttlta <!»« Vku-tory. On cros?-fcxam(natK«n Mrs. Harris (hat whf-ni shown thb rings at the Ea»t Chicagq Avtnue Pullet! station, •ifiw the ariWt. «f- I^uetgeit, sh« re- n«tnvtipred that t^>f -initials of "L. 1.." were iri the, wedding ilnsjn Uerma» atript,! Hh«» Uid »l^» had ni-v«r swell a larg,e ring -wUh * cameo ip H ^on 51r«. «f hand,. SiiR\w«l8 asK^^lf Mrs. dW utt \\eai «i large gold ling - Hug Kxpurloitce " r »" l»<Unn»fu llg CJentiemnn. , No trouble i» more common or'inore mis- uuderUnod than nervous dyBpdfwit*. l'e\i plo having it think that their. nervesare to blame and>are surprised thftt they afo n«jr cured by nerve int-diome and uprmg remo- 'dioe;'the real scat of the mischief is IORH sight of; the Btoinafb is the organ to bo looked itftrr, ' Nervous dyspeptica often do not have auy pain whatever iu the stomach, nor perhaps auy of the usual symptoms of stomach weakness. Nervou* dysiwpsia sliows itoelf not la thu Htutuaob «« much us in nearly every otber prgaii; in some caaos the heart palpitates and- is irregular; in others the kidneys arb affected; iu others the bowels aro constipated, with headaches; still others aro"troublo3 with lose of flesh and appntite, with accumulation of gas, nour tismgn and heartburn. .Mr. A. Vy. Sharper of Mo Gt Prospect St., ludiauapoji'-. lu'lu wines «? follows "A motive of pure Kmvnu'lo prompa me to write those luajjuii^ri'tmrdipg t>h0 new and valuable use ticir.e, Btu«rt'« Dyspepsia Tablet*. I have ijfon ii«ufftiring from nervous dyspepsia f i r thu la« tour years; have usetl various patent uiediciu«-8 aad other r*me- odie« without auy favorablt! result. They «omottti *f KIIVU Wrrnpornr) relief until the 'effe<'i»» of iheinedtciiie wore off. I attrib- UU-<1 thw tu wy sedentary habits, beiui; a b«n>dkoei» r with little physical exercise, bul 1 HIII gl d to BtnUj that the tattltts have ovurtom'e all theio obstacle^ for 1 in tit'sb, sleep »• tter, and am better io every way. 1'he atmvo w written not^for uotoriuty, but is baaoU on actual fact.' _ i Ke*pectf"lly yours, A. W. SHARPER, til Prospect St., lutliana'poti , I ml. : U*s aafet.. 6«,y that Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablet* will cure auy slotiinch weakness or disen-c excvpt "raneer -of steamt^. Thej cut* »i>i r utouWhf gas, loss of tlt'sli and ^i-|)vt,iU', i«lee|»lessneiuii, palpitation, heartburn f coufctipHlion und Headache^.' Sun^ fur valuable little book 011 stumacti diieuROH by addr<*ttsing Stuart Co., Mm shall, Mich. All druggista aell full sized package* at w cents? • ' THE BEST THAT TOBACCO CAN PRODUCE. "BEN-HUR" GIGA A cool sweet satisfying smoke that leaves a grateful rememberancs. Sold by nil dealers 10<i straight and 3 for 25c. Marrafactnrod by > CEO. MOEBS & CO., Detroit- MUCH ALIVE. The STATE FAIR. " Thp Michigan State AgrienUnrnl Society has boon ropo ^as ileiul This is not true. It is fully alive to the hiUust rial interests of .Michigan, and will hoUl OIM of its <)l»l ,TiliM s Live State Fairs at RexTablets are sold ilndcrn positive guarantee to cure or refund the money, and we stand by our guarantee/. CUKKS all Nervous Diseases^ , impotence, Varico^lCf Lost Vitality m qfd or younj;, Nightly Emissions And Wasting Diseases, and all eflccts of self- abiihc or excesses. Stops dangerous drains. /V gcntiinc nerve tonic. Shows immediate improvement. Thegrandest remedy of modern timefe. p°«^ bu V imitations. GeTRBX. TABLETS. Price 50 cents, or six packages (alulf trcatmen') for $2.50, l>y mail, m plain package, on receipt of price. Circular free. f f/ivu; crc/wpnv rn » PLYMOUTH w«, KIMJ KhJVinUJi WU., etiicAQO. ILL. ErftCnit' 1 , al Mnrnimll, Ml<?h., by A ."<>. llY-UE. ttrand Bnpids, Meptomber Otli toxTOth, iMrgv ltl\lii»>it«. Fh"' Attnu-lioiis, ^««MV Keep this date for ypur outing- Premium listn mailed on npplu-ation to U.S. FIlALirJv,K*H-y. t Orniul lSjipi*t>,,Mi«'Ii. \VilHsiHillall, l* AGENTS WANTED foi the OMW* v%Iu*i»lB tomrlt>«lion to ibe ut- eru^rts Q( t3xts wurudl *n».e thfe i*pau«»IoB of Work uf the. Great sald-phe had never »^en It. Mr»9. Soph'* 5 Tuohy ya« -aflata"* 1 " rfri«T>f > UilelS8i,,' v 3ftf jdeptiHet} |he rings, which, she said, Mr>>, •JUwete'ert b4*l worn foe yeni-s, l*roro her own 8ns* r aiu- twk a «w«^l gu*r4 ring in, the . L. Blankenhorn THE OLb RELIABLE PAIMTER, CAVBATO, RAOS MARK*. PATKNT0. COPYRIQHT8, ate. . ,-1,1 j'. l'c.t hirrniv Jcr «-.• ... . . , an ;.|if«U w> i.ithtrur If. Weekly j^a OO . ; 6i>hU-(i..Hiha. \Mrf~t, Ut/S'N * CO, , , at tjind said she had bought it, ot wfler o« l-.avrab^e ».treL j t, near North eHU*?. ' ' ' • *" MI-S.. Tuoby wUThhe ha.d wtf*. : t««Uv«s wrAl had rnortt ui->i:{ y for it. Jjie.ts&rt faW hia lAtfe dJ,«i utuit) lov? for her children. tt»«re wty ttaBjF 'ms t* 1 v- . i , Wise Wriwr» ami 111% I of tWHKb Century. fjff lAvPvMr flfr **W"(IFT5^TpWt T^Pff^PSF 9^ BIBLE HISTORY bw»«se the diMppe^wmig*' w«i» not pocusii to the polype,, Wt Brcfene^e did wrong »n tfottin ' f in tuts book ultoo »sui be , uitiltoo saoebt' by eiwy vt spung, d, a tl»e «n court udJowii^J- tor. tbe «jt«le*r«MJ ri^^ft* totft.^ ' _ , *v««re cwt short in the- a s?*r t>y the t-ourt 'Judge rilMM fco piTwiii iMK^t M^Kwen, and Jwdee ¥^a«sen* (for th« defense}, visited the sausage fac tory a*-d «i»de aw ^xawdnaiiOB ^ th premises. 4ur«* TU thill In a4Jounnl«g court'ewicl be diiiBU'cd to set; the factory #nd the differvJit pointd 1» and aho«t U' in t^e e.vJj*ww«. p^ of tn» pl*c«, be said, euablS'to* s-our^ to ri»W? fairly o« *fca»* ta^Nf H »» ** *«.»*«iW4 *ly« testimony.' The only ivUuwsa s;jta at tbe i*/twnuon sea^op was C*Fi her. the cteumiat, wbo was employ fronithe <aJt u? UtH^ »e- i I8a5. Voelfct:r teatlfled thftl I ensraged hdn first to Biake' chemical analy^-eu o£ certij.l» salts u»ed In tj« pre»ef %-aUon oj! meats- „ 4' Luetgert e*j»fte* with »,»N.rtm4i«»*l **«*»» *»*ehlM« wnwwy^sfWPl*"** SS»*AH^«:B.. / Black JBoarcL Slating, ' f V ^^ i ,t^« o ^j« -' , >* *"• ^aint Bemoving, etc. . i •,,,** '' v ' *™ ~~'" t - ,,' # qualittes.df ^^^ Vi. j,l»Ul£lt.-, 3H .I iorUClly. a new pair of kidneys FREB BV MAIL. Ail sufferers from Kidney' Di»«as* t KtomutUm, Gout, Diabetes, Gravel, • Catarrh ol tlie BUdder au<l unpure blood, can g«t Ire« by malt for the aiking, "A New Pair v< JtiUoeis," a.^P^e pam- • t, showing, l>ovi( to keep th« Wopd . Jt is IH«str,«tB4>84 w>ortt> many t« i» gqtd. ' . 'B, Chicago, 111. toehiii^ of.,,... ' «K fl. POWELL, Druggists, ' " from pure lead and other substances a tolfew*. Alt U»JB* A, «. - * 1?. W Tralm* dopajt f^ow $N io. * Mall kN. 5 4, . «U, to .* "' jim £>R» E. C. WBST'i i). W. ¥$r IwiHttjjocy, Power. Lost MtoiihW wp boxjfiii t v

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