Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 4, 1969 · Page 4
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 4

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 4, 1969
Page 4
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4 - Tuetday. Morth 4. \969 Local Notes Could mean $12 million ditch We buy and sell birniture. TSe-lUL ut«d' X Army engineers Zon/a study may reach city hands soon Ptnmai Emarftncy? EmcrcenciT ieic]>hoDe couniid- ing avjilaUe. ciU 78M7I0. Coo- Bedlaodt' bifforic Mill aber iiemi thai Uie dly mutt iv- rideniial no «idisaiiont. 24 hourt. Cvttk Zajija — \-ariaaar i«cai^ pair." said Joha R. Sboae. 4ii«c-' KedlaDds Council ol Cluirdies. x od at a airte or a Uesdaj; Ibr tot oC public voiks. He and hit HM - • Mi«SMt WMI > !pO — will be teen dwrl- ronw oT Eafineen viiilon JtC^^^^diMA:M »-^''tJf ^t'^ ' "«^«>'"«. to- COM DM help raUUiig lUt lost ronncr reSHKm J. H. Stewart dies at age 76 Vital Records •IRTHS I DERKUM - Born, a danshtcr.' Patricia Marr. to Mr. andi Mrs. Edward C. Derinm at]- Bu0a]o. New York and resi dent o( San Bernardino for 18 years. Graveside services will be Mrs* BinUiCHrtf resident here 40 years, dies PbOippinet (USS-USt). Wednesday 7:30 Bev. Bon BOIL minister Pacifie View BapUtt church. Torrance. The public it tavited lo sUenl ct Ensincert report, «1iidi maylanpivctive load of roariac wa be handed to the city this j <erihi «iich Bedlands and all the may to the 3orthwest of Lotna Linda. But Imaaih. GeoitK Davit and nMm- at Held, nuldae a sunry of 'ilhe dtilrict's flood damase last it also spilled a lot fai the Crsnt «<cdc loU officialt that the yards of iu city neitfibors. and Lndowjn Budges, «f SU Al- Corps study of the Zaaja «as >saia dampened the spirit of varado stiMt. told poBee some-iowriy (teidied. ido«iilown metchanls. ooecmemlberisiloctodsaracei Tomorrow nirfn. mtai the and took a trxitittoriaed radio City Crandl will ceoddcr flood liment in the foilhcombis COrpt of Entineert report It may not »tu mclaioa that ia UZO IhU ditch was bum by Spanish p«l- res to farias Mill Creek water lo the arid plata wcrt of today's Redlandt. It may sUp liihtly across the fact that the Univer- fity of Rcdtands and other aet- Watoul creek. Feb. 3. MM.;held Thursday al 2 p.m. at Mon- Matemal grandmother is Urs.>iecito Uemorial park. Rev. John George Freeman of Berkeley.'D. Foerster. pastor of the Fint Paternal grandparents arei Evangelical Lolheran diurch. cf- Mr. and Mrs. Urban Oeikum. (iciaUng. Interment in Montccito day at the age of 84. 626 Polo Alto drive. Memorial park. EmmersonBart-, Burichart leaves two sons ....^ lett Memorial chapei. Loma Lin. DEATHS oa. in charge. Mrs. Martha E. Burkhart. 924 Calhoun street, a native of Indiana and resident of Redtands for 40 years, died here ycstcr- Ftneral services win be beU tomomw for Jeff Homer Stewart. 76. of 300 West Lincotn street. Orange, who died yesterday. He was a former Red- —. » IJLL. ...u^i tn, !• ii« TAYLOR — Died in San Ber-,. . old S. Burkhart of Eureka: Mrs. lands resfcknt for U 3«rt. IICj cm.. Mareh I. JS69 .^^°'i", - S"!.f ""Grace B. Smith of Redlands. and three daughters, Howard R. Burkhart of Loma Linda. Har- ifmttm Ana rivcrill>c*ie tateresU have deldidcd: Cam* LMtad vahiedatm LM », Sni«r«ack MMalvra kwtec in some sad <MaiL the recent damase la municipal pnoperlies win be etlimated at Vet, hi the Zanja and iU shady lane agabitt the hifreqaent plant of Qood cMtrol experts. So. the ktns-awaited (tesibin- ty repott from the Corps of En-j the summcn^ dayt^V^''^ periiaps. route ^ poodle in vidaiiy of Unitwsit.vst00.OM. This does not iadude and Otns. 7924764. X erosion by the Santa Ana thtr ttara.. $.1.. M «ch * iSiiLTS?^" 1016 E. CtaJlraL Ofiiee equip- ^^Sr «iMMOir/V«^ a, meat: Fnd« Calculator. Bur- ^ «* » whea the ZaaJa b a cool tridtle shmg S}-lvan boulevard, its wfai- tcr wanderings are in the foc^ gotlcn patt Oty eOidds remember many past meeliacs. wlicreia the thought of putting the Zaaia fai a concrete straitjacket was protested by an irate audieooe. instant and univcnal applause. The report it expected to suggest « spacious eoocreie wa- tctway. at strai^it at possible, without the trees and the rustic rods that have delighted Sylvan boulevard travden for three jeueritionSi The report wiU speak of mov bad Uved hi Orange for live' >-eo«. I WhUe a resident of Redlandsj he was emptoyed by the Southern Califbnia Gas Company. He is sanived by his wife. Benjamin William Taylor. 1899 Mentooe boulevard. Mentone, aged 68 )-cars, native of] dndand. Ohto and resident of Mentone for 11 years. Deceased is survived by his Ltada. calif.. Mardi 2. 1969. V.^lv.™!!,^ p snhhrnVS ^^'11 a'^'^'v^i'- cSne^'^S: ^H^of ^rST'JSrfi ^f'bins of Lucerne VaUcj-; IS K fot "'sninddiiWren. 29 great - grand- Ftmeral services wiU be hdd g^yy ^, Oearlake Highland. He Is sarvivea or ntS WUe. ucccasca is sarviTca nj HB .1 9 _ — c>_ oaiaa m (.loaruue mnuiduu. Mre. OU BTSwwit twTdaugh^' M«. Esther T^kr, fourj S^SjJlu ^Tlli Funeral services are scheduled im: Mrs. RidJd (BaSSSibrothen. Edward Taytor. P«««l SSSTj ^BdJ ^ShrriK^"'P I^. Phoenix. Ari ^na: '^i^'.-''^-^^'•^A^^^^^^^ 2 !?'-u ?".*^'!:??™flLi ?"^!win be in HiUside Memorial Mrs. Richard (PoOy) Davis, WUitien two brothers: John L. ol Ohk>: Mentone; and Victor Tsyhir, four sisters. Mrs. Stewart of Louisiana: and Dev-! Grace FioriUi. Mrs. .Dorothy ereaux Stewart, daritsvine.!Summers. Mrs. Edith Weagle. Georgia. iand Mn. Mctoria Ego. an FUur sisteis: Mrs. Kate Free, CUrkesviUe. CeorgU; Mrs. Mae Ohk). Funeral ser«ices wOl be heU S^*J!^.i hlrf ^ta'c rt^ trids^.""road«. witer liw^and bc'alit'tle li^'anceand » *o manyihousand* of cuWc feeti"*l^f„ „ „ SL '!?-f^^ ^T^/^ .«*'.«««^-r'•«'«'»*J*^- f«™ the F. Arthur C one cmcrina the damage to It is expected that there may "«C » f**} vohime of »wter — U^' phoenix. Penr. Uberty, South CaraUna;] Wodne«day at 2 p.m. from the Mrs. Ddla Tatum. Waycross. p. Arthur Conner chapd. Rev. Georgia: and Mrs. Haiel Mor-l Myron Perl pastor of the Benson. ClarkesviUe. Georgia: and brew ChrisUan Witness drorch, two grandsons: Jeffrey C. Da-< dridaiing. Interment hi Ilfllsidel vii, Whittier and Stephen M. Ly- Vvmorial Park. F. Arthur Cort- Tractor, tpns>«-. etc. "Todii and more torts; 2 ton hoist and "A" frame; lumber and many other items too numerous to mcnlion. One day only — March 6. x Eight from Redlands area gain admission to UR lands with minimum yiUage. ^ap^ interment wUI follow in n* only scenic csnsideraUon ,,i ,,,a. Memorial Park. (-""T. Tap* MayM- TakMi PaulLalawec.of77V. Bu«aj nay4K, new sbidenis Viste. reported to pdice the eight of them fram Redlands Kevin avenue. A frednnan. Dan tfa^ of a stereo Upe player va!-^ Hcotone — ««t« admitted id is an English major and tar- ued at $60 fiwn this tf«-e com-^ Univertity of BedUadslmeriy attended the USAF may be less mud in dowtown! Klrcels and shops. But it is bound to envitioo a scenic mountain of gr>Nnbacks — S12-mDlion J.. «, . .. i* faformal but educated T^^.'^^'^^.-^^^J^Vf* - that must be raised before the project can be con- rial diapd.' Loma Linda, inj^ charge. { BURKHART — Died hi Red-, lands. Calif.. Mareh 3. 1969. | Mrs. Martha E. Burkhart. 924 Calhoun street aged 84 years, native of Indiana and resMent of Redlands for 40 years. Ftneral services win be held Thursday. 2 p.m.. at the Emmcr- ,„ _ . . ,san-BartkU Memorial chapd. Mr. Taytor ws a meinber of nedtonds. Dr. Maurice L>wlc. - „..K_. chnsUan Witness p„,o, State Street mr dupel in charge. Conner ,1,^ Hebrew Academy. ndcred under way. George Davis and Thomas Hdd win be bade one of these for the spring semester which started Febniary 10, KcatOB Cor- Us David Kbvaldk, 1060 West i^j^y, ^u, of paper- win, director of admittioot. an- Palm avenue, a huttoest admfai- «x>rk that preceded an such am- nounoed recently. iftratioa junkr. attended Cal;hiiiont projects. And ther win ... ...» New studenu from Bedlaads Stale CoDege. Lot Angdes. last){« fa thej, zmit Ho^ with a?y ccmctco*. fajdode: semester. U kwg-tenn plan for Sim credti''«y * night Pdiee Capt Don- Richaid ADen Afarassart, son Francdia Christhie Whittow. «f j^, the Zanja's orii^I of Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Ahras- daughter of Mrt. Francdia Boat- Murc«. They have te mind Etcliing tools available to residents STEWART — Died in FuUertoo. lerment CaUr. March 3. 1969. Jelf park. Homer Stewart. 300 West Lin- coin ilrcet. Orange, aged 76 Christian church, olfldatins. Inin Hillside Memorial About People Everyon* is awar* ef lb* I alarming rii* in burglaries. T* help curb this trwid may I tug: g*sl that ysu mak* us* of Ih* |"Op*raHM IdmtilicaKan" Pre- 22,' gram now availaU* by th* Rtd- and lands Palk* Dtpartmtnt and partmeot of hit unlodced auto wtile it was parked In Snmt of his bocDc. *«aMna«* Sali^ «Ur. 4 and 7 We^ Han. 1st United Methodist dmrcfa. Thnrs. 9-1; Fri. 9-1 x Va» Are Caidlally ln«H*d _ fiMii. G «4t«riM.< c-«»j.ii**"' • •* • woiogy raa- is a Junior aodal adcnee andhitins desiened to hoU IIM> of Be»e. Switrerlaad. Specu! ^ ^ „„^. San edueattoo major who attended iSaXis^^ \ritto ' DiesoSUte. i Sat Bemardfao VaUey CoOege. bounds wffl<iemonstr8te«MijUNAse«- '*«*^ <>"«»^„'^^ ^ Wmgren. 113 iag Madiine at the RedUnds >««• •»• J- *^ Swing Center. 422 E. SUtc SL.|>a« Seipcntine drive. She is a San Bcmatdino VaUey Cdlege. Redlands. and on Mar 6th at 'ibnal aru bvdiman WIM at- » * J <x>Mr majoring in his«he Redfeni Se«iag Center. 168 <«'i'»J Califonaa Baptist OA»^E. BiiWaad Ait. San Beroar- duriag her fins cdlege «««deBU from Mentone dino. x«mw^. »re: William Pat Dasid. son of <*<>>>» Lembergcr. son Etching tools for markmg pe.--! sewing ooosnltanl for ELNA Sewing lladihies. Miss Zehader win demonstrate the ELNA Se» i years, native of CarkesviUe. I Georgia, and resident of Orange for S years and a for- Erie A. Brombergcr, mer res id ml of Redlands for Army private, son of Dr. 18 years IMrs. Frederick S. Brombergcr. ** M Rsdlands Insurance Agtnis , ^ ^. .. . Funeral services wffl be hdd 1112 Cedar avenue. compieJed *»»^'«««-. /•^» *iv«-s Ucen« mnnber can be p , try trafalng Feb. 6 at Ft Ord. K^"''*; V^S^^S^JUT, d«ck«J out at the RedUnds p.. ,„ ^.^^^ CaUf He recie^cd specialized m-'^^JT:. HoT., rooTh istruction m smaU umt lacUcs;;;;^, by Inscribing and to firmg such weapons as drivers Hctnt* number or sam* the M-16 rifle, the M-60 machine ether form far Idmtily. This and the 3.5-inch rocket program has astittad th* Polic* in allwr cities In returning stel- ' Ml g**ds f* Ihdr rightful owners. Call Ih* Pdle* Department and rescrv* your Identificatien aM C. Poe today reminded local resMents. The etching tods, provUed by the Independent Insurance newiAgenls Association of Redlands. are the key dement of Opera- BAKER — Died in Redlands. Calif.. March 2. 1969. John C. Baker. IM X. Center street'^ acPd 76 years, nathe of OUo and rrsidenl of Redlands for to years. Private funeral servkes were Weather Avrtasr Mank nlaOn Xa A\'mi$» MKtoa loul niatiU Itai tkm Identification, a program h^ld today at the Emmcrson- aimed at discouraging theft of Banlctt Memorial chapeL Bed- penonal Hems of value from lands. Entombment in Mt View OailBi^^cIs SoakMling Give 3«ur dritvway that New! . , AM* Lodt Free estimates on seal- ||||||| f* RakM' coating drivewajv and parking *viUi V* Minvi M*. Alto paving and grading.! Kevari Coatractort 792-S6S2. x! (Ees at age 76 of Mr. md Mrs. John Ldnbci'^CTf 2608 r^ti. s Zanja X'iew ifaire, enrolled at « a Bereanlino VaUey Cdlcce. ir^ i? Edmwd AUan Raa. soa of Vr.'it S and Mrt. E. F. R«a. 1S7 BoidU M! M court, also fom«*1>' attcoded H a junior. He it major who has a mathematics attended San !!!^ Ftmeral cenioec tor Mrs.' Pti^ite ftnerd **rvioes wwe SM *Beiiiardtoo'wtor 'oAMe.' RS: i* — Luhi Onw ««re hdd Satotday lo be hdd here wday to Jotai ,^ , maloSg tow- • ~ at 10 am., lixm the F. Arthur C. Baker, a resMa* of Bed- » W rjj. « Cartaer diapd, with Bev. Bob- lands for the past 10 years. Mr-i^^o^ -roup of thtdents » ert Fonl, of the St Pat* Mdh- Baker died Sunday at the •fiela^jafa, the^twity's loU M! S oditt dnirefa, PaU- of 78. bearers ««» Laurie WiUard, HeniT B. CaDaban. Jdm W .at 104 N. Center street. . ^ . ewwUment at about 1.400 ftdl- fgi ^ A native of <Mdo. be redded liae nndei«r«dnates. About Ibe FA as : Fortson. Winston Owen. Bd >eft Mr. Baker served fa the Cam- Annstnng and Raymond tbeest.^^ Amy dmins Worid War Intennest was fa HOlside Me-1 ^ was em|do}-ed by the U.S. Corps of Engineers fa Los Angdes uatfl Us retiremeot number of stutleiita Icfl'pl^ ^ die ccbod prior lo the start of the spciog semester. IMSS Ttap. SM- Mam a as S7 4S irar n «S La 1X1* *S 3T -as laas *7 «S n at « «o » «T nat «1 «t «S as «s ISM a «« «8 » isai ** m 41 44 aa «t 4* » uai ST 34 MS* as 44 xa «7 21 M uas SI 41 JS SI *J xa* tux SI tt xu a* 4* at sua •t as at ar la 4S *t ar SI 4t Founded IVO — T3th Ttar WILLIAM C. MOORE. PoblUber. niA.N'X E. HOORC XdlUr. homes and other tecations. Mausoteum. Altadena. Calif. 'iJS. cSr*1fe5."- " .H !]!!.,'**'^ "^."'i^ 'saiAEFER - Died fa Alu'u5rl^i!S£*'JlS;.S«2?u three^y toan basis free of LO ^. calif.. Mardi 3. I«9. «»£>*g" a-J^ Otto Hugo Scfaader. Uffi Wa- a" cvrttr p«r moatb Sl .TS. Um tcrman avenue. San Beraar- imox MSS. tia. nmOa taso. eo* oino. aged 77 years, native of OM yor tiuio. pencil now. charge. »iU etrii metals, glass, ceramics, plastjct w wood sur- TrMsar* TOMS Paiol, Park fnm Shop at Lam's ^'SoSsSTSTRf Wfaa Bldg.. canon at Orange ^t^^m^^^ We give S.4:a Green tiamrt! s E«l*>>«s. Sor\iting are his widow. Mrs. MB OUsmabH* 412 Vcma E. Baker of Redlands: red and while 3 door, a cxcd-'j daujhicr. Mrt. Dolores Camp- loA condltton. J»2-S2a. x of U Cretceata: a brather. MMWMu** aonracas Crjptside services for Mita (Van Andak) Moreiiottte ««Ri beU Monday at 10 am. iron tbe ||yOT''Tfma et Uonte- cstD JteiDonil ptflCf vtth Bcr. HKTT SuttDcr, pastor oC the ^^iist ^3oo^^c(Btiooiri duu^dif of* chapd was in charge. Lee Baker of Can too. Oluo. and j^i^i^ j COOT ^raodctuldfCOa IVtvate services vcre to be hdd at Enunerson-BMM Red- Utnds chapd* viih fftfombrocct at Ut View MantokaBi fa Alu- dena. la liea of itosccs. fticadt «1 M mich may make memorial cootribuiiont to the Heart Fund fa care of Security Pacific Bank in Bedlaadt. ilmiomcefflenf of funeral Swnnc^ BAKER. John Private aervioes were hdd Tuesday aftemooa. GARCIA. Mrt. Catxdine Rosary: 7:00 pm. Tonight Bedlands Oiapd Requiem Mass: 10:00 a^n. Wednesday St Mary's Catholic Oburch STAFFORD. Mrs. May T. 3:00 pm. Wednesday Lomi Linda Chapd HARRIMAN. Barrie. A-Sc Forwarded to Buflaki. N.Y.. for Services BURKHART. Mrs. Martha E. 2:00 pjn. Thursday SCHAEFCB, Otto 2KI0 pjn. Thmday Gravedde Scrdoe Montecito ISasorial Park CARD OF THANKS We wit^ lo express our sfa cere thanks and appreciation lor the kiadnett and sympathy ex tended us during our bereave- ncot Tte Porta Fttnily x UNDCR IMRECnON OF f.jttini CORTNER 221 BROOKSIDE AVL ^92-1411 MRS. ABAMDJTA MOSHER Graveride aervioes 2 P-HL* Iteaday. at HOWdt Memorial FSiriL JEFF R STEWART Scnto U ajn.. Wedaat- day. at the F. Artbir Oort- ner Chapd. BENJASmf WIUiAlI TAYLOR Services 2 pjn., WtdtMO- d«y. at the F. Arthir Cortner Chapd. HARRY M. BEGOnjX at tta F. Arihir CMwr Cbapd. People make all the difference in the world We could have one standardized u-ay of tmving all families wlio idy on us, and uv'd probably get by •. • but just "geuing by" has never been aooeplaUe to us. We take seritiudy our code (tf serv« ing by the Golden Rule, and we offer a variety of Msnioes in a wide range of prices to suit every fam- ib "s individual needs. morluarlM KOtANDS • lOMMlNM •num. • cAWMtsA MMm, iw oiMi4ll^ opiMi ooun Ml Ftacral tcnicet far Raymond R. Boya were hdd Monday at 2 pjD. from Emmenoo-Banlett Redlands. chapd. Rev. H. MBce Ffak. pastor of the First Meth- fldiit church, offidaied. Pallbearers were friesds of the family. Burial was at Monledio Memorial park. Emmersoo-Banleit Metnortal diapd, Redlandt, fa eharse. | Sawyer,Cook&Co. hsiroKe < Sirefr Imis 12 W. State, Phone 793-2814 REDLANDS, CALIFORNIA A Delightful Decision. Aspedalfy-equipp Buic^SkylaikCustom Sport Coupe at special savings. m Five popular I9G9 Bnidc Skylark modeb are now spedalty equipped with a lot of extn things Things like door guards, remote control outade mirrofs, convenience groups, vinyl tops, whitewall tires,dduxewhed covers and bdt reveal moldings. And theyte ofTered to you now at special savings, too. The reason? Simple. We want to makeyourbiiyingsBuickrvht now addtghtfuldectsioit Your Bukk dealer if wiitiiv. ]ftDdi^DeduliiiieMjQ«M

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