Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 5, 1947 · Page 15
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 15

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1947
Page 15
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•fone S, 1947 — PAGEIS \' • 'T', ft'lr.- 'L to*«*i *peek & language all »ettom Whatever the occa- on, beautify it with flowers <*» Clayton's. We deUver. CLAYTON FLOfcAL CO. «• * roster fhont „ LUNSFORD errs BOILER-WELDER REPAIR TRUCK Pick-Up Service Around Pampa Pool^rS t^S ria ;J°r ted °". ^Sw i-eacly long list onahor,nl, 0 ? kUP £ ervlce to t dr ° r " c a Char TIN SHOP Furnace Trouble? Call us for Dependable Service, Parrs IJand Workmanship! • * Phone 102 111 E. Kingsmill CENTRAL TIRE WORKS «07 W. Footer Phone 2410 Expert Vulcanizing and Recapping that ^n't come off. i-eacly long list onahor,n, 0 deria, owner and operafor of the truck would pcki n hofh The laundiyiT Seated close to the swimming poo m a beautiful new building alld glass ln fact ' . £ ervlce to thcil> w c ! ay : Charlc - y a ' Wjl f a tena, stated that ' thc is so modern and , "|at a lot of people find it hard to believe that it is .a laundry. The Washa- toria is one of the most novel establishments of its kind in me country. It was planned ey S to cuttin * dow " and pains of an old wash day. The Skinner's Garage Opens New Paris Department in the machines. leHa^-'n? ^ adcir - a alld "Is Washa- i-nr* in ?,J C ," a wmo-up'a while «h o a Wldply read <a"ners mag- hf .?; °f" e ° f thc idens brought oil day for' S -'^- WaS -^ fact that " H,f that i f , olk °° uld - Thc iclea three or four or our fa could get together, bring the rwa-h to he Sno-White Wa«hcteria a, d enjoy the aay % T pc " f ° o --., parts department into n separate building, at 711 Wcs Fos- Sts" las enlai>Bed its supply or' The new parts department offe'-.s n the public, oiid of the most compete i, ncs of , jarts , ,, »» "he com T't n ''- ry ' J "' St l ° 1Ilu ^«Ue department carries, it handles'^ complete lino of batteries and Icn- eralors on the exchange plan -, large stock of tires a'id ' • ' change parts for " a large P° r - a I.-I-PO stock various nizes. far ,f „„—[* .^ u,_ j i j I*, (jj G1GC ances is carried by the si , f B >'™ k f '{"? of'appliances Is one of IIP best m town. There is now a nice .supply O f the small taM* nodel radios, and floor models on the market. A complete stock of raoios is on display at the City Electric Co. at a price ranee " n-iii ,v,™.- the lleeds » tof u 'V wl T lne ™ n?ak£ r ,^,i UV| nwuuiuinjr rLf, 1 t ! Pe? ', tS ' JS th<3 most leslful of colors, therefore, lf was chosen by Charley "'*'"•'- as part of his plan gar^aidbe^-^crnCwIS 10 ao your washing than the old w«h 7 OLl • C °? kl look forward to wash day, instead of drqndlng it. A? -frill nr.J-1.~1 . . f""«w'^a^V'.n»£? f Sr h which W if^tom 1 |I&caiF™ ^ b °°" er " piece^f'equipn^ei'it^ 1 ^ c ^ lOi " et a deira is very proud. Your" Entire — be duied in forty-five s, and your towels and diapers are soit and fluffy free of Plenf^nr bei r\ B , tUmbled j » hot'air. Plenty of soft hot water is available from opening to closing time u±^ e l ^'.i^tuw or t£ • ge comfortably The lounee is and complete as the Sno-White WaMiaterla. They have all kinds of ash n5 1 UPP L' CS ' illcl "ding soap 1 HSII i ntr nn\vfir*i* itinn'i A |jtm act, DIllRing, starcll — an economical nrice Thn Wfore'^^ 1108 ^"" 0 ^ eel befoie will dry most clothes in runs'^nrt i UtGS ' how cver, blankets. tak e e a^-f^^ssr Y r whole wa,-:h only taker approximately two hours'to complete No hang up, no mess to clean up, no v.atcr to empty. All this is taken <*rc of by the staff of the laundry ^}L M ^ el JS..i?5...? ucc «dod in to lelax, while your wash j Pampo's NEWEST & FINEST! SEKVICE LlttirOR STORE Wines OFFICE SUPPLY .-.-., H.WU.V. of it. The owner has always boosted Pampa, and as lived here lor nineteen years, in I HfM", HP .TVoHlto t-n.1 I- It BYERYTHING FOB THE OFFICE" Monogram Stationery. • Office Forms. 211 N. Cuyler Typewriters ^reejing Cards. Phone 288 , So, for no other reason than just 1 curiosity, you should drive out on the Swimming Pool road and see the new beautiful Sno-White Wash- atena. It is one of Pampa's most progressive business. Telephone number is 2580i and the machine and laundry rates are very reasonable. Now'that things have-eased up a bit let s get those plumbing fixtures and do the job right. Of course, in such case, get in touch with the "V'W ° Uyle / St " H °D. e Keys and Neil Garrefi, owners, would also take care of: your needs if you are remodeling 'the' home of the turn ti,n k ^" lf i rri 0ar!l 3 R '«'.'quipped with the most modem equipment avail- "-ble and is staffed by expert mechanic';. Among thc many featuir rni C C^ l)y "i 1 , 10 earage, are'mechani- cal and radiator work of all kinds expert paint jobs, and wrecks re" built Radiator repair is a specialty of the garage and the staff of the garage believes that it would be n,f f fin , d n sh °P that ' is more w 1 y ada Ptecl for this line of Mr. L. F, Skinner, owner of the gaiage. ha:; been in this type of business for fifteen years, and is a graduate of the University of Texas Department of Industrial Education, m engine tune-up, and automotive electricity. Mr. Skinner witn his three employees, average fifteen years in the auto repair business, or a total of sixty years experience goes into each and every job that the Skinner Garage does inat m itself, is a. pretty impressive record, and coupled with eight years of turning out expert work in Pampa, Mr. Skinner feels that if -cii ' ° Ut ° f lire Wl - C ' n he it to him. Another feature of"the Skmner Garage, which has been of benefit to its customers, is that they make an effort to have in stock a large supply of hard to get items.' effort •' 1Sn>t In St ° Ck ' a Sui3ren * e Icature has been made a motto by the management saying-, "if it's hard to get, go to Skinner's." So, when you look back over the years, at the long- list of satisfied ,v vt° m r el M * o"? eXP<Jrt J0bs ' that are pait of the Skinner story in Pampa, you can't very well go wrong by taking your car to Skinner for any type ;>f repair that it may need Or if you just need parts, most of the time Skimier will have them, n they're to be had. You are welcome at any time, if you need in formation or help of any kind, to call at the Skinner Garaee 7in West Foster, or the Skinner Parts Dep;t, 711 west Foster. You will receive prompt and efficient service ana aided in any way by Mr Skin- nnr, or any member of his staff , Blt outfitl vith - wo!i tl ' IICl " < Ciiy Elccric Co". "—'•"** M o» aa euaw ivtfcmne i^onipaiiy ™jj««Jepajr Truck, Rotary lib Con Cl Company of -844 South Cuvler ,,, i . "-"« u jji ciiarije of tn maclune work, "Dewey" is in cln •-, of boiler making and weldhig ai ? is also shop fo?«« .1"; i "_ al l wori^Vfh °*J ah «n" e ' tfnivci^ty a wuiKs ar, the snup during -summe- vacations. So, you can see that thi firm is mostly a family af fen which may acount for the friendlv alway?"ece"ve ViCC ' ' Wjllch cu ^mm and Machine'co at Ule Lunsforcl Bit t.Jr!? r tJah ' truck ' wllich is Pi tured above, is one of the fleet truck has all- the litest equipment that is necessary to boll- cr reuair , ,V ., """ "L.-1U1H". lOKetho Jvith all the tools and accessor e Hint are needed to do a Quality job Special attention will be K ivei right, now. to the repair of com bines and all farm equipment, w u stni be a'To e t of m ° St hcrc '. tlu ' re w1 ' foeh' th f ^ r 1 Pair< ancl C^il'Lunsfon 1 l^efe^XK^d^rrh 1 ers of this area. »«'ini- ford Bit and Machine it . • -- — IS a -specialty of which nf ^ y 3 roud> that if " tho making of lotary drag bits. The firm start- out ^ making these bits, which drilling oil and «'ntm- \vells and Check Wiring Free of Charge Remember, for any information that you may need on electric sun|3 ir-s or estimates, just call the City T-if-ctnc Co., 920 Alcock, phone 27 if. Brooks will be glad to heir! voi: out. All work done by, and all iinchandise sold U the StyElM- 1 -i"- Co. js guaranteed to be satls- actory or your money will be rp- ;;»ded YOU wil, re ^ive prompt j'lid ofticiont service at all times. One of (ho m;i!iy ' is lo ^ns , U oin.s i,,, lt . s f..,,.stomer:i a •rrn h-ivi' °' =IlaI ; i!t> - rr yo " • i h M, 'T , any kincl o homV -,;• ? l3C . trical wir '»S in nonn- or business, or if von 'iu-i want the wiri, lf? c , icc;kc( i ^^ . city Jllcctric makes »ow nt the Lunsfoid Bit Shop The shop is ai so right on tan when it comes to repairing oil field equipment. The Lunslords ° ,' e el FOR FLOWERS Call us. For any occasion. Selection of P o fc Plants, Cut Flowers and Corsages PRICE GREEN HOUSE 220 N. Ward Phone 1881 n f h "e in this hue. and will o-jvn ihn ilmost attention and sldlf to *» CI3S. So for qualify workmanship in velclmg. boiler making or any oth ,• vork in this line, rlmemberl a he Luiiiiorcl Bit and Marhine Company is well qualified to do the ob lor you. Drop in at the shop ocated at 844 South Cuyler, or rail Cecil Lunslord feds that his shop s well equipped to handle any ki.i i work collected with mpchininc 'elding and boiler making "'The' ^ P i^P^ e 't equi W 3ed » ow - with all u. late,t types of equipment, but ie Lunstords are planning on ad- - ip more machinerv to their m", ime shop This "new machinen- ddcd to their already modern and ell equipped shop, will improve 'en the high quality work done LUNSFORD BIT SHOP ^Welders and Boiler Makers GENERAL MACHINE WORK 24-Hour Service Portable Welding and Boiler- Maker Equipment. ANY TIME—ANY PLACE Phone 1049 Pampa WHOLESALE & RETAIL Dealers in Pouliry, Eggs and Cream "Serving Pampa Since 1935" 124 S ' ?•?". Phone 1320 2 TO 3-DAY SERVICE on Chenille and Shag Bugs FREE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY SERVICE Yoor Laondry & Dry Cleaners Phone 675 '^*^mmm Everything in MUSIC! YES, everything | n Musle. Musical Instruments, Kadlo*. Record Changers, AND a lam selection of Records, both pop. nlar and classical. Pampa Music Siore 214 N. Cuyler Phone NOW OPEN Deluxe Sno-White sel service laundry. Soft water, wet wash. Ladi lounge and rest room.' ine Southwest'a finest washateria. SMO-WHITE „ WASHATERIA On Swimming Too! st. Pampa ' D U E N K E L -C A F UN EH A I HOME if DEDICATED TO SERVICE * Pampa's Oldeat Establlsherl Funeral Home. Ambulance Service 34 Hours a Day CREAM Cream 300 W. Browning ce ours a Day Investigate Our Burial Insurance Plan, Phone 4QO Phone CABTWRIGHT {CABINET SHOP 3^t9m built furniture W* *'>*«'«•• mill and ^pinet work ^ spepi^lty, fo jflfe w top bjg Q? tea FiUe4 eccMr^itely and promptly FREE DELIVERY PRESCRIPTION LABORATORY m /' Ht Patterson We liavo a complete line of Fine Watches and Accessories, Expert w*tch repairing RICKE1TS & ACKLEY 338 S. Cuyler CO. Ph,, ne 1948 Palmilier&Son fNGINE REPAIR SERVICE „ 517 S, Cuyler Phqne 1785 or 136-W We.feoture rwin disc clutch parts and repair. SKINNER'S GARAGE General Automotive Repairing Parts A Accessories. Now & Rebuilt Motors. Complete Radiator Service. Ph. 337 703 W. Foster Ernie Walton SERVICE CQMPLETE SERVICE AnU-Freeze, yires, AccessoriM Washlnj: and lulrlcatlon REPAIRS i\*il tcnt'on paid to women's foot- SHOf $j .«„. AND NOW! CITY SHOE SHOP 319 W. Foster Phone 1078 > ' - ' , H N a P»Uy at ?our Orocen «ASK FOB IT" c.v. NEWTON AND SON SERVICE STATION 'Chevron gasoline, y g Ivwrltt br»ii4 9! motor! oil, Atlaa .nd Fire^Pne Href t nd b«tt f rie f . A f?9inpl«te line of scce «orie». Washing lubr tmgr service, Square Deal Pain! Co. "Where Prices and Quality Meet" Acme and Anthony p a | n ta A tuainels. A complete line of New Wallpaper. 514 S. Cuyler Ptlone 18M ^^^••^ PAMPA SUPPLY CO. 216 N. Cuyler St.-Phone SOI Plumbing, Points, Wallpaper, Glass, Auto Glass, Picture Frames H. D. KEYS NEILL GARRE^ ^ —" - WOTOB1NH AUTOSUmf 41CW v WHOLESAL E DISTRIBUTORS 416 W. Foster „, Phone 1010 = ,. B Sn?,!'lS BINS TSHOP x 1 -"**-"!! i lib CHEAP CONSTRUCTION" 311 East Tyng Street Pampa, Texa$ Truck bodies, all s i zeg and kinds, steel braced bolted and welded to suit purchaser Thp«.' ^^ssztzzzS* Ask your lumber dealer for t Burnett Made Molding, Tr,m, Base, Windows and Door Frame, 1^ BEAR E9UIPMENT e a and Axle Straitening, t Truck ana Vst Wheel t Wheel Aligning f JJrake Service, t Hudson 1 Sale* •' und Service, GENERAL tl fc'tTKlC ' •" . J " ~ • T*?^" v»"^y*lp^ i *l VV lEA'GLE" PETE'S BODY WORKS t. J. McCarty Bear Wheel Alfgnraent-Axle and Frame Straightening Auto Palnfing-podies and Fenders Rebuilt Phone 1802 806 W. Foster Cleaning, repairing, recortng. Cars, trucks, tractors and Industrial units. EAGLE RADIATOR SHOP) Foster Ph. 547 CONCRETE BEADY MIXED! MOW 428 Fi f rtus ILa Bku Rsa %|^ g aB B PROMPT PHONt. 27 FIXTU'REa RADIOS <r tF™ '-f v \: MiSi

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