Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on January 22, 1935 · Page 6
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 6

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 22, 1935
Page 6
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SIX THE f AMPA DAILY NEWS, Pampft, Texas TtJESMY SVM1NG, JANUARY 22, 1935 Classified Advertising Rates Information AH want tit Ktt utrlrtly c«ah and tri .ftceepted over the phone with the positive HndcrstnnHinK that the nccount • td Ira paid when our collector calls. frHONB YOUR WANT AD TO 666 or 667 Ottr fourteen B ad-taker will recelvt font Want Ad, helping you word it. All 6da for ^'Situation Wanted" and "toal and Found", are cnsh with order •nd will not be accepted over the teIt- phone. Out-of-town advertising, cash with order. The Pampa Dally NEWS reserved tht right to classify all Wants Ada under appropriate hendmjra nnd to revise or withhold from publication any copy deetRed objectionable. Notice of any error must b« riven In time for correction befora second Insertion. In case of any error or an omisnion In advertising of any nature The Dally NEWS shall not be held Ifeble for damagofl further than t1:o amount r»- Mtved for such advertUinR. LOCAL HATR CAHD EFFECTIVE NOVEMHCH 33. 1911 1 day, 2c a word; minimum "SOc. 2 days, 4c a word, minimum 60c. Ic per word for ench succeeding iBBUt afttr the first two issues. The Pampa: Daily NEWS Automotive ®- REAL VALUES Four 1929 Ford Coupes. Three 1930 Chevrolet Conpcs. Throe 1930 Ford Tudors. Two 1930 Bulck Coupes. Many Late Models Priced night TOM ROSE (Ford) 'Twas Almost a Forced Landing mi 19.11 1!>2!> 1M2 I Ml 10.12 19.10 1930 NEW VRAII VALUES! Chevrolet Scdnii, henter nnd rndin , $590 Chrvrulrt Conch .__ ._ 565 Chevrolet Coupe, Hnllnon tires - 250 Ford I-'ordor . ._ 90 Chevrolet Trui-k 175 Chevrolet Coiu-h .... 210 Chevrolet 6-wheel Sedan 315 Chevrolet 6-whfel Town Sedan.- 165 Ford ('mine . . .--... 65 Chevrolet Conch 175 Chevrolet Sednn 190 CliLHKHSON-SMALUNG CIIEVROI.HT CO., Inc. Beauty Parlors PERMANENTS Our No Burnt pcrmanents are beautiful, but not expensive. No students. Sort water Pads not used second time. Finger wave dry 25 cents. Hair tinting-. No hair or scalp bums. Eugene and Shelton pcrmanents $1.50 to $7.50. Phone 848 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Yates 1st Door Weit New Post Office, Entrance Tailor Shop AUTO LOANS CARSON LOFTUS Room 303, Corabs-Worley Bldf. Phone 710 Miscellaneous DRESSMAKING— Plain and fancy sewing. Reasonable prices. See Mrs. John Wooliver at the rear of 3C-248 - _ if Miss Edith Auldridsc will call at. the Pampa Daily NEWS office, she will receive a free ticket to see Baby Jane nnd Mary Astor in "Straight Prom the Heart," at the La Nora theater Wednesday. _ _ STOMACH ULCER? GAS PAINS, AND INDIGESTION victims, wily .suffer? For quick relief get a free sample of Udgfi tablets, a doctors prescription, tit City Drug Store. 3p-248 For Rent FOR RENT—Two furnished light housekeeping rooms, adjoining bath. Bills paid. 305 N. Banks. lp-248 FOR RENT—Three-room modern furnished house. Mobcetic highway. Across from Tom's Place. lp-248 i If Mrs. Bill Montgomery will call | at the Pampa Daily NEWS office, she will receive a free ticket to see Baby Jane and Mary Astor in "Straight From the Heart," at the La Nora theater Wednesday. MADAME—Spiritualist reader and advisor. Hours from 8 till 9. 106 South Pm-vlnnce, one-half block south of West Foster, just off Amarillo highway. Open on Sunday. 6p-251 Wanted—Misc. WANTED — Dressmarking. Plain nnd fancy. Miss Larson. Smith Bldg. Room one. 3c-249 Lost FOR RENT—Bedroom, next to bath. Basement garage. Furnace heat. 446 Hill St. : Gc-253 FOR RENT—Three-room furnished or unfurnished house. Two blocks west, one block north of Hilltop Grocery. lc-248 FOR RENT—Nice large bedrooirj close in. Private entrance. Phone 179-J, 217 N. Houston. lc-248 FOR RENT—Bedroom. Men only. 307 North Banks. lc-248 FOR RENT—Apartment. 124 South Starkweather. lc-248 STRAYED OR STOLEN—A black and white, long-haired, natural bobbed tail male dog. of Alaskan Collie and A mixture Shepherd. Age between three and four months. Reward Hnzel. for returning to 507 N. 3t-250 It looked for a split second as though Col. Charles A. Lindbergh •would make a swift and sudden forced landing, with never a chance to ball out, but Lindy righted himself just in time to avert a nasty plunga. He's shown as he slipped on the Joy pavement outside the Flemington courthouse when he hurried to his car to evade cameramen—but lie didn't quita evade them. By VICTOR BRIDGES SYNOPSIS: Nick Trench and Molly O'Brien just have been released by Jimmy Fox from a locked room, under which are tons of explosives to which a liquid fuse had been attached by Peter Orloff. Orloff, a spy, is searching for the same valuable formula that Molly and Nick, with Jerry Mordant and , „„_, _ — — -,-. -- ; ------ ;-, - -r i Jimmy are trailing. It had belong- LOST-Taxi driver's cap. Reward. tr / MoUy> but was sto ien from * Phone 99. 2p-249 Osbome . Os _ LOST, STRAYED OR STOLEN— | borne was murdered he had lived Reward for return of 9-months | w j t h the Gowllands, and Jerry is trying to get some information from Mrs. Gowlland. old .gray Persian cat. Disappeared Jan. 6. Phone 784. 2C-248 Legal Notice FOR RENT—Nice, large front bedroom, next to bath, large closet. On pavement. Low rent. Men only. 820 N. Frost. tf FOR RENT—Bedroom. Men only. Close in. 402 North Ballard. Phone 351-J. 4c-249 FOR RENT—Bedroom adjoining bath, private home. C01 North Frost. 3p-248 FOR RENT—Bedroom adjoining bath. 506 N. Frost. 6c-251 Help Wanted LADY COOK Wanted. West Foster. Apply 514 3C-248 Board and Room ROOM AND BOAR~D~Vacancy for 4 men. 403 North West Street. Gc-249 __ ____ For^Sale ___ FOR SALE— One buifct,"$(i75u. Ward "Washer, $15.00. Incubator at half price. Ladies' and men's coats and suits sacrificed. Irwln's. 531 South quyler. 2p-249 .SALE— Radio bargain. One •' $fi0.00 Phiico auto set $32.50. One Ford $45 set, 22.50. One new battery set, bargain. Radio Electric — in the Big Radio. _ 3c-248 FOR SALE— Feeds, grains, salt" 'seeds and all kinds o£ poultry Supplies. Zeb's Feed Store. _______ If Mrs. Gene Shackleton will call (ft the Pampa Daily NEWS office, Sfte will receive a free ticket to see Bsby Jane and Maiy A.stor in "Straight From the Heart," at the La Nora theater Wednesday. FDR SALE— 24 Per cent dairy ra- 'tion at the most reasonable price in town. Zeb's Feed Store. '*. 246-tfc FOR SALE— Slightly used walnut case Ellington piano. Real bar- gi^in. Call 689 or inquire at 214 N. gtiyler. _ 3c-248 •ppBi SALE— Country butchered I'.pprk, fresh and sugar pured, sausage pon-has and lard. One mile efts' <W new Miami highway. R. R. Mitchell. _ 3p-243 SHERIFF'S SALE THE STATE OF TEXAS, County of Gray. Notice is hereby given, that by virtue of a certain alias execution issued out of the honorable county court of Potter county, on the llth day of December, 1934, by W. E. Blackburn, clerk of said county court of Potter county, Texas, for tlie sum of four hundred seventy- four and 33-100 dollars and costs of suit, under a judgment, in favor of Sciberling Rubber Company in a certain cause in said court, No. 6666, and styled Seiberling- Rubber Company vs. Hal C. Peck and Walter Sill, placed in my hands for service, I. Earl Talley as sheriff of Gray County, Texas, did, on the 21st day of January, 1935, levy on certain real estate, situated in Gray county, Texas, described as follows, to-wit: Lots 1 (one) and 2 (two), block 3 (three), Crawford addition to the City of Pampa, Gray County, Texas, and levied upon as the property of Hal C. Peck. And that on the first Tuesday in March, 1935, the same being the 5th day of said month, at the court house door of Gray county, in the town of Pampa. Texas, between the hours of 10 a. m. and 4 p. m., by virtue of said levy and said alias execution I will sell said above described real estate at public ven- due, for cash, to the highest bidder, as the property of said Hal C. Peck. And in compliance with law, I give this notice by publication, in the English language, once a week for three consecutive weeks immediately preceding said day of sale, in the Pampa Daily News, a newspaper published in Gray county. Witness my hand, this 21st day of January, 1935. EARL TALLEY, Sheriff Gray County, Texas. By BUFORD REED, Deputy. (Jan. 22-29-Feb. 4.) SALE—6 miles of 6-inch waiter pipe. Phone 11, Borger, or Write Box 66. Borger^ 6c-249 Chapter 41 EXPLOSION Quick as an eel Jimmy twisted himself around and thrusting Molly in front of me, I followed them down the passage. By the time I gained the main corridor, Jimmy had already crossed the hall. He flung open the door exactly as Molly reached it, and in another moment the firm ground was beneath our feet, nnd we were all three running for the iron gate. I was just thanking my stars that I hadn't locked it when with appalling suddenness the end came. There was a rumbling roar behind us; something struck me vio. Icntly between the shoulder blades, and half paralyzed by a sickening stab of pain, I pitched forward full length on the rough gravel. "Gawdluvus!" Jimmy's gasped-out exclamation was the first thing to penetrate into my numbed brain, and struggling up on to mjy hands and knees, I stared vacantly about me. The whole causeway was littered with pieces of broken masonry. One huge' block, just to my right, had half embedded itself in the grass, and stretched out beside it, white and inert lay the prostrate figure of Molly. With a horrible fear clutching at my heart I crawled painfully towards her. "Molly!" I cried. "Molly, darling!" At the 1 sound of my voice she opened her eyes. For a moment she still seemed utterly dazed; then as I slid my arm around her and lifted her gently up, life and consciousness ebbed back into her face.' "What's happened, Nick?" she faltered "I—I thought we'd all been killed.""It's a miracle we weren't. The whole place has been blown to smithereens." I dragged out m'y handkerchief, and very tenderly wiped the dust and mud from her cheek. "Are you hurt?" I asked. "Did any of that stuff hit you?" "No, I. don't think so. I just heard a roar, and then I don't remember anything else. I guess I must have fainted or something silly like that." She' drew in a quick breath. "And you, Nick?" Trial of George Walters, indicted for maintaining a "common nuisance," was under way in 31st ... ,, • t - * „ T district court today. The jury was 1 ', 1 * >th .) n B l ° Crumble about/' I re- , _ .1 §AJJBr-Few more pair White !"••King pigeons. 513 South Sumner 12C-254 Street. MM* SALE—New Zealand white "rabbits, Chinchilla buck. 513 S. Sumner St. l2c-254 composed of the following: M. M. McMullen, C. F. Murphy, John B. Hessey, A. E. Enloe, Bob Muller, Roy Dyson, C. H. Jordon, C. A. Robbins, E. E. Clark, C. S. Glick, W. T. Hill, and E. G. Nelson. Wanted To Buy TO BUY— New and used furniture, 318 South Ouyler. , ' _ 26p-263 Situations Wanted NURSE wants "work. Housework considered. Inquire. 208 North GilUspie. A marriage license has been issued to Jerome Henry and Sadie McNeal. There were 232 marriage licenses issued in Gray county in 1934. AUTOMOBILE AND TRACTOR REPAIRING By Experienced Mechanic fM. Work Guaranteed W. J. TURNER Cor. Field & Schneider Sts. 2 plpcks East S & S Grocery plied. "I stopped a brickbat or something with my shoulder, but it doesn't seem to have done me any particular harm." I looked round for Jimmy and discovered him almost at my elbow. Like both of us he was covered from head to foot with white dust, tmd a thin trickle of blood was oozing from his nose. '•What's up, sir?" he demanded breathlessly. "The young lady ain't copned—'as she?" "We're both intact, Jimmy," assured him. "How about you?" "Me sir? Oh I'm fine. Bumped me nose a bit when I come <lown but that ain't nothing." He . wiped away the blood witji his hand and cast a slightly awed glance at the smoking ruin behind us. ."Made a decent Joto of IVaven't they, sir? Never seen o. better bust, up, not even in-the pictures." In a. sobering flash, the danger of our position suddenly came home to me. "We musn't stay here," I said hastily. That devil Orloff can't bo far away, and if he sees that we have' escaped ..." I broke off. "We.must get down under the bank and make for the boat," I added. "Dou you think you can manage it, Molly?" With the aid of my hand she scrambled shakily to her feet. "Yes. I'm all right, Nick. It's Jerry I'm thinking of. Oughtn't we ... " "He knows what happened," I interrupted. "If he's alive he's on his way back now. Our best chance is to lie up under those gorse bushes and wait for him there." She raised no further opposition, and disregarding the unpleasant pain thtit was gnawing at my right shoulder, I led the way forward to the gate. From here to the beach the distance was not more than fifty yards. The low-lying ground be. tween was protected from the tide by a rough sea wall, and under cover of this bank we crept along .n single file until we reached the little patch of higher ground where we had brought the dinghy ashore. To my intense relief it was still /here. "One of us must look out for Jerry," I said. "You'd better do that, Molly, while we get the boat launched. Keep behind those bushes, and don't show yourself unless you see him." Nodding her head silently she moved toward the gorse, and without further delay Jimmy and I set about our task. It took us some time, for I could only make use of my left arm. Jimmy, however, performed his share of the work manfully, and after several' pauses for rest, we succeeded in tugging our craft to the waters edge, from which position she could be pushed off att, a moment's notiqe. This done', we crawled back to where Molly was lying, and dropped down alongside of her. "There's no sign of" him, Nick," she whispered. "I'm beginning to feel frightened." "You needn't worry yet," T replied. "He's got that pistol of Dawson's with him, and if'there's any trouble he won't stick at using it. All we can do Is to wait here un_ til he chooses to show up." She glanced round at us both. "You're the most wonderful boy in the world, Jimmy," she said in a low voice. "How did you know that we were locked in, and however did you manage to get ashore?" He scratched his head, "it was like this, miss. I was sitting up on deck 'aving a look at the place when all of a sudden I see a bloke comin' sneakin' out of the front door. ''Soon as I clapped my eyes on 'im I knew who 'e was. 'Gosh,' I says to meself, 'If it ain't that blinkin' doctor!' and before the words, as you might say, was 'ardly out of me mouth, 'e'd nipped round the corner and was legging it ftway op the road. "Well, it didn't take me long to guess that 'e'd done the dirty on you, so I off with me boots and shirt and drops in over the side. The tide was running a big strong like, but I ain't what you might call a bad 'and at swimming—got a prize for it at the Battersea baths last year, I did. "It was 'that bloomin' door that was the real trouble. The perisher 'ad shut it be'lnd: 'im when 'e come out, and seeing as there weren't no time to waste, I just picks up a bit 'o wood, and bashes in the winder. "Lucky I did, too, or we wouldn't "alf be in a mess now." We both stsred Bt him for a moment without speaking. "James," I said slowly, "as Miss O'Brien has remarked, you are a bloody marvel. If we ever get out of this ..." "Look, Nick, look! There lie is— straight in front of us." Molly, who had turned round again, was pointing through the bushes, and jumping to my feet, I caught sight of a distant figure of Jerry just emerging through a gap in the hedge 1 that bounded the lane. He was heading in the direction of the factory. "Shall I give '1m a whistle, sir?" inquired Jimmy. "Not a bad idea," I agreed. He inserted two grimy fingers into the comers of his mouth and emitted a shrill blast. Jerry pulled up sharply. For a moment he stood gazing about him., and then as a second and still more penetrating sum" mons echoed across the marsh, he wheeled round and came 1 hurrying toward us. 'You'd better tell him, Nick," said Molly. "No good our both try. ins to talk." Picking his way from one firm tuft to another until he reached the path, Jerry broke once more into a steady run. Even if we had escaped observation till then, any further attempt at hiding ourselves was obviously futile, so parting the bushes I stepped forward into the open. Without word Molly slipped thru after me. "You can take it easy," I called out. "We're quite safe, all three of us." Muddy and dishevelled, his old waterproof smeared with dark stains, Jerry stumbled hurriedly up the slope. The"re was a queer look in his eyes, which I hiad never exactly seen before, a look of overwhelming relief, coupled with a kind of suppressed excitement. Jerry has exciting news, tomorrow. GAG RULE IS REJECTED BY REBEL DEMOS GOP Produce* Rival Works Plan — Roosevelt Faces Major Test of CongreAs. WASHINGTON, Jan. 22 (XP)—The loosevelt admlnlstrai'.on's control over the 74th congress faced Its first major challenge today after a plan o rush a $4,800,000,000 work-relief measure through the house under •gag" rule struck unexpected ob- tacles. The measure was already one day behind Its fast schedule because in- .urgent democrats on the house •ules committee had declined to gree to passage under iron rules imitlng debate and amendments. There were indications that a com- iromise might result. After a secret conference, repub- .cans under the leadership of Rep. Snell (H., N. Y,) produced a plan to crap the administration measure vhich would give the president the 4,800,000,000 in a "lump sum" with Iscretion as to how it should be pent. Declaring congress would be giv- ng away its power by delegating uch authority to the president, the epubllcans proposed a substitute. The chief feature of this, they said, 1ms at keeping the government out f competition with private busi- ess. Each state would be given a ro rata share of the appropriation, o be spent only through, private ontractors in the administration's nnounced drive to transfer 3,500,00 people from the "dole" to jobs. "We are united against this bill iat would take away from congress he right to appropriate and legls- ate," Snell said. Speaker Byrns sought-today to irlng the rules committee around to he administration viaw so the nee sure could go through the house omorrow. Under the original sched- lej it was to have passed today. Th/ough Byrns was silent, some ther leaders expressed fear that f It were brought up without drastic urbs, the administration's "lump um" Idea would be wrecked under rush of "log-rolling" designed to KARRIS (Continued from page 1,) M. P. DOWNS Automobile Loan* Short and Long Term* EEPWANOINO Small and Large 604 Combs-Worley Phone 33.S their quarry had again escaped. The location, time and the meager description of the men furnished by the kidnaped physician tallied with the .men and their last known movements. Dr. Hunsicker said he was on his way from his home to the state hospital, at Allentown. It was about midnight when another car drove alongside his machine, with horn honking, he told authorities. "I stopped," he said. "I realize now I did a foolish thing. "A man got out with a machine gun and ordered me to open the door. He rode with me and I followed the other car for about three miles. On a side, road they abandoned their car. "After that they did all the driving in my car. "They asked me if I was a physician, and I told them I was. The men did not ask for medical treatment." Dr. Hunsicker said one man sat with a revolver in his lap, the other with a machine gun as they drove west rapidly. Near Wadsworth, the physician said he was trussed up with his belt and left in a vacant hall, while the men went west in his automobile. The doctor said he could not identify the men, but Sheriff Ray Kruggel said he had little, doubt they were Karpis and Campbell. TILCOTT TO Pliy IRE Chick Talcott and his orchestra will return to Pampa Tuesday to play for the dance at the new Pla- Mor dance Palace. Talcott and his entertainers are known from coasi to coast and are fast becoming oni of 'America's finest dance bands. The Talcott organization proved themselves very popular in their recent .engagement in Pampa and are returning at the request o many dance and music lovers o; Pampa and this territory. The regular admission of 25 cent and 5 cents per dance will be charged. The band is made up of eleven nationally known entertainers ant promise several new numbers anc entertainment features for the! present engagement at the Pla-Mor This return engagement is irt keeping- with the plans of the Pla Mor management to bring the bes musicians to Pampa. They urge you to get together your crowd ant enjoy this evening of entertainment (Adv REMOVAL NOTICE From KOSB Bldir. to 408. Cotuba- Worley Bldg. We nave an opening for an experienced full or part time insurance solicitor, lady or gentleman. Very attractive contract. Our many poUcyholdcra in thin territory arc invlt«4 to visit us at all time?. Apply te L. W. Tarkcnton, < District Agent. Trinity Life Insurance Co. Ola Uue ' ear-mark sums for legislators' home districts. ' , Chairman Buchanan of the appropriations committee expressed that opinion yesterday iri arguing in vain with the rules committee. Rep. Cox (D., On.) replied: "That looks like an indictment of the patriotism of the membership of the house." Among the members of the rules committee who demand more liberal debate on the bill are Reps. Smith of Virginia, Dies of Texas, Lewis of Colorado, and Cox of Georgia. Buchanan was questioned closely by rules committee members as to who would head the unified relief- works agency President Roosevelt plans. This recalled that some house members are reported angry over Secretary Ickes' handling of PWA. Buchanan's answer was that he could not say who would be chosen. "The president has come to the conclusion," Buchanan said, "that he can't bring about recovery unless we put 3,500,000 men to work. He Wants the $4,000,000,000 now to start the transition from the dole to work-relief." The remainder, $880,000,000, is for carrying on direct relief and other activities while the change is being made. PERSHING IN TEXAS FORT WORTH, Jan. 22 (/Pi— Gen. John J. Pershing, former A. E. P. commander, was here today en route to Arizona to spend the winter months. Cold weather caused a delay in the trip, the general saying ho would continue the trip by automobile if the temperatures reached higher levels or by train, otherwise. ^ . On tile 12th day of the 12th month their 12th child was born to Mr. and Mrs. Estill Hershuan of Manchester, Tenn. For Good Cleaning Call J UST - RITC CLEANERS k 108 Cuyler Opposite State Theatre PHONE Residence Phone 886 Checks COLDS And FEVER first dfty Liquid - Tcbiett Headache* Salve - Nose i/rops in 30 mlnntea AUTO LOANS See Os For Heady Ctah T« • Refinance • Buy a new car • Reduce payments • Raise money to meet bills. Prompt and Courteous Attention Given All Application*. PANHANDLE INSURANCE AGENCY Combs-Worley Bid*. Ph. Ml All Makes Type-writers and Other office Machine* Clean* ed and Repaired. —All Work Guaranteed— Call JIMMIE TICE PAMPA OFFICE StJPPLT COMPANY, .Phone *8§ FOR BETTER DRY CLEANING EDMONDSON DRY CLEANERS PHONES 844 606 PLANT OFFICE 2200 Use Dally NEWS Classified Ads. THE BELL SYSTEM AT A GLANCE General staff services to operating companies, and operation of long distance lines giving service between and through the territories of the operating companies. \*Ownedbysome 675,000 stockholders J WESTERN ELECTRIC COMPANY I Manufacturing, warehousing and general purchasing for Bell System. BELL TEtERHDiN^L/tBOMTfiRIES Research and development work for the Bell System 24 REGIONAL: OPERMNG; (OF WHICH THE SOUTHWESIEBN DEll TELEPHONE COMPANY IS ONE) Provide telephone services and facilities within their respective territories, with the aid of staff services of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company. How a nation-wide telephone network is organized The Bell System is big.. .but its organization is not complex. x The A. T. &T. is parent company, service and research organization, and financial headquarters of the System. It owns Western Electric and jointly with Western, owns Bell Laboratories. Also, it owns more than 90 per cent of the voting stock of the 2't associated companies (of which the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company is one.) It operates the long distance trunk lines linking the territories of these companies. • Its staff carries on for these 24 associated companies an intensive study to find better, more economical methods of giving good telephone service. Western Electric buys supplies for the System, and turns out for it the 100,000 different S O UT U \V TK H HUM parts thatgoiiilo iho telephone plant. Associated companies are not required to buy from Western ... but experience has led all to do so, for two reasons: (1) Because Western. Electric parts have the advantage of uniformity. They fit equally well into the telephone system anywhere. (2) Western prices are about a fourth below the prices for similar equipment in the competitive markol. Bell Laboratories is a non-profit corporation, whose '1,000 workers constantly carry on a great program of scientific research lo find better and cheaper ways to give your telephone service. Each part of the Bell System exists because the function it performs ia essential to the job of giving good telephone service at fair cost to you. , K P II O N K COMPANY • Many interesting fads about your telephone service- in the NEW 1935 TELEPHONE ALMANAC. Ask for your FREE copy at the Business Office.

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