The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 11, 1959 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 11, 1959
Page 1
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WATCH FOR We SCHOOt MENUS FOR Bt>, Tide Schedule No high. Low 4:47 ^Saturday: High i:i7a. m . an d 8:51 pni 1 "' Low l :19 a ' m ' VOL. 47 N0;l46 Weather Cttst m<Mj mild today and Saturday, erate to occasionally north»aste«y wind*. Loto to. night 88, hfeh Plant AS/CS cnr . COSf Of MAIN the fJcSu^ Concessions from both the city n» a !„; P~ T~ and Dow than were agr4d on Mayor R U « ™ 8t ' "^^ 'when Brazosport was chosen 16 FW th. J? 1 ' July as the site of .a sea water cof,would .m'.,"^ 8 *« fuU conversion plant. • ed CM?-' ™™ M *& -?!» add The Freeport Board and Dow could teCUtivps m»» «.,!«, «.».- __ .L^ . oar an o executives met with two re r of '• the OSW lav to do was . an iSSarSSa-iK?? nrnvu :_ «.. .. ,, "* f " ap- Fiesta Star Is Delayed, Arrives Saturday AM Tito Guizar, scheduled to ar-1 " --• • • '• rive tnrtav of r»««, AJ _, * I ^^^^••^•••••••••••••••i Tito Guizar, scheduled to arrive today at Dow Airport from Mexico to participate in Fiesta activities, has'been unavoidably detained and: will not arrive until 7:08 a.m. Saturday at a Houston airport. The parade, .planned to welcome Guizar to Brazosport, has * been canceled T»«.I-I-- -"-•... FRIDAY SATUIIOAT LA FIESTA SCHEDULE H«w,. at n:30 pjii. Saturday at Hop- appearing will be Artemin' r^° SHI,*"* 1 will be Dave Hawk, tu Rodriguez, Uenag? Jnger nationally famous : championI)and guitarist from «!"£? « ~ Hlsh Scheal Cafeteria _ —~ «opper Fiild J)inc« — School Parking Lei ~ —"••••••» . ; ' school f OB -four-year-old chil- pare the children for the public scnool life. All funds fromi the Fiesta g to La Escuellta to help pay th teacher's salary anu for oper « a . S",i?V hp - ?ch001 - Ehrlich ha sa d that it- a hoped that funds ^! ar - Pjy -0* wffient to .--- aitreed on. Also,;they"asked for a lower cost V *•— '" ttWet. ,. Thnr«day night'* meeflno «d- loiirned with no decision. OSW officials were to meet thfo morning with Dow to continue negotiations separately Another, meeting of the OSW "arid Freeport officials was «.,.iw „. ... . ..__ I---J-™-. ••«" ~ ...„ „„„ llih.4 t l? lhe dty> * hom * rule the l±2 e ilTl s !!X" OM -- from Veforoii Patrol Member leaving ..A promotion to sergeant in Dh « T «« Highway PatrThas roman Grimm ett of Angle_-- ..ill be trans- El Paso on Sept. 20 - -•« vacancy resulting »nr«* highwa y Patrol lieutenant was created for that area and Sgt. Billy Miller of El Pa?o wa* promoted to that post. •A replacement for the patrol- wnich Grimmett has will be named later, ; . * married, Is the father of two sons The family have been Angle<»n resident! for the past 10 ,h"t Tn± W *hway patrol for about 10J years. trolmam Gilbert Kiel, who Wen in Angleton tor the --- three years, will be the «nfor officer here after Grimmett's transfer. , jen Suggest Items For Charter Back at the «me site of the sHll f Board that the Mexican dinner to be : o 10 p.m. Satu.u<ij •high school cafeteria. e, and his BETTY SUE and MAURICA SHAPIRO, getting their blJ - cycles all fixed up In an.effort to win the girls' trophy at the Jaycee bike decoration contest Saturday morning; . JUANITA GOEHRING, join ' as State S«Co£ge JULIA CRAINER of J C ', 'asked to demonstrate china paint, ing at the State Fair of Texas next month. JULIA's further been honored by an appointment as chairman of the China Teachers Librtry by the Chml Teachers of Texas. Our apologies to J. P. BRYAN! t »and his Eagle Island Motor Co. S r to, rv^^sft-wfe* at and for the street dance, used for only one said this morning call from --—.. v* 4iuuston TV • Jhft he and his wife.' _ with Black Guzman and his wife, will arrive Saturday evenjn, to help In any way needed with the Fiesta 7J^^ ie8t f U an j""wal event the 1 Delayed At Clute The regular meeting of the Clute "City Council had to be C.II.H 0 « Thurjday night, due s illnes* of Councilman n" "™^ ce of Councilman Omer Fletcher. McKinney had to go to Gal- V !? to i n !f her * ^ fathw i» hospitalized and. Fletcher. In the """"- h "- -va, ; way "n —o- •.«.*. . » w ii i a iv c an • two main orovisions. Onei was that the city would 'y 20 cents .per 1000 gallons --r water produced by the °ln*J" t '* nd -tobuy half the mil! lon-«allon-per-day production r£ e ™°£ d , p S^!i°" of the . "J' ant A M!d way to the water system. r J le i n *^ ne *.'?"• Dow had red to buy the other half He production at the rate of cents per 1000 gallon, to >te a site free, to provl « "» came from two news Na- - —I - «V»B&»:A «tun r«a- bon of The Fact, and KBRZ Owner ^Jim Hairgrove; and from Frances Landsborough. rmarrof the Freeport *& newsmen asked that the J- only that a -member will « until he resign* or It disr the city council. -Tils leads to the problem of members who lose interest and, oo not attend meeting!. Sometimes such members refuse to resign, and .the council.avoids^ dismlwinu (h.~ »_,!«.-••; "vxif*; - —••»"» »*iu .me c dismissing them, i indefinitely, and Jweo Me Boa n ri WCT ° n toe inning watu* Mrs. Landsborough'i •"•"" «na Arnold.,S*(dule Jayeet Carnival Ooen \^^^M • * . • • • ' «^^^ ^^ H H . •f * • 'i •_•• • •-.--. In L. Jackson u The Lake Jackson. Jaycee ,.': carnival gets underway - pm. today In downtown .Jackson and — •- »;< , i — ~--"»» u include local BotU Nabor. they ,. the provision in the , vson Present charter that meetings of the ca'mTT^o" 8 * nn °urtcement came that Brazosport had been hosen as of the gov- rnment plant. The citv and Dow assumed that the choic, >ad been made on the basis of heir written offers, ' But last night, the OSW •anted all of toe eort of I TH ma IS pald *"'»« c. ™_w«ited steam from D< i on Jackson and Gonzale*. *«««« the fim taken. 8W th^ 1Vff*m~t~l .^ • *^^. JAYCEE CAHNIVAL SCHEDULE TT 16 - •~~f"*-**^ Will ,-be operating sev- era! booflw;: along with the not* and concessions. — youig- - .-^-trophies in t -'(Bteyele contest: Th MSrl.who have th "**' and interestin a.m. Sal ™..«.. wcie noi a quorum, the work facing the coun- c.l had to be portporTei EfforU will be made to have the meeting as. soon as possible, City Sander* said. Dies At FP Home A Freeport resident died Frt- da y morning at hi* home after a snort illness. Walter Nobje •»ray «», of 708 We«t Fifth Street, was a retired Mississippi nlantation manager • Graveside services will be it estwood Memorial Park with chargT* Plmer * 1 Hpm * in ., - —r—«,*. W41U « majority vote. M^M!<«« At. _ *— i ^^ -"-"***• «UU IQC J ment .orgaoization. SMiSunD^ "*~ " l&ISSSff**- won deal over TWENTY IN UTTIK TO fP ^/^*wt 2 p.m. downtown ^Itawqnan'*. The value o: *"* flw cars ranges from N»tew,eoo. *^Lake JacJuon Junlor n Band will give a concert 730 pjn. Saturday. The under the direction of D«w Hood, wffl feature a series of marche. and pep songs. The carnival will be in oper- a«ri *-- ^^ pjn. Friday a^^from 9a.m. to 11p.m. Sat . The carnival is a general fund ±f SS&2J* *« Ja >-^ City Council At _.„«„, Discusses Gas Hook-Ups A study made by Mrs. Dorothy Stanger, Brazoria city secretary, shows that the city loses about $250 per month in revenue because 51 of its residents rather than city gas, Earlier In the year, an ordinance was passed prohibiting he sale, use ,or storage of bu- ane. This, ordinance was passed because It was felt the use t butane gas poses a safety nc .-7. to tte city, as well as ost s the city operating money, as Is one of the chief sources / revenue for the City of Bra- Several mot >«>s ago, council men were given lists of the nan!e * °* residents using bu- •**• and were asked to urg t "* to make the'change over A lengthy discussion wai held on the matter at a council meeting this week durinV which all councllmen expressed their reluctance to force residents to hook into the city gas unes, but at the same time ex. pressed their desire to axin «kl additional hook-ips A special called session of ft« City Council has been set £J which T «m Sda ft Sept 1S ' «*' wnicn time the council win work session on the gei£ SfASONfDf PORTSMOUTH, Englu* P»r marriad Edward* Salt Friends intreduetd th*m as had s ,rfi/ nd *? ing duly seconded rf! t ' J , 8ve my cancelled $25 00. * that ' gave the due to work. Also missir.g, Which honored school peouie, > BAHROWS wh caring f or sou DJ1 ^ wno'a been runninfi 104 degree fever Thursday. . . _ t ?, i , ss '"?. too, was WC Mayor O. W. POND whose illness prevented him from acting a emcee for the Rotary affair. . In M Cl ^' IKL ROPER ' brin «i Ing his sister from South Carolina as a guest. . . Principal CHARLES WORLEY, getting roars of laughter as he mls-ltroduced one wale teacher as an assistant nomemaking teacher instead of «w aagifttat girl, I® teacher.; VIS , recelvea the full course a! h!? mad e him avaUable for office wMtmuidUWji Wcut K Ch^ en S. wlth "^ bert Wishes. Chester Simon was unemployed at the time ;he was «elr-— *44«^CP» t "One of these, * ——-»•• -««*v«« tiie t down and any if Th. • j ruuce Department « the judge would also resign. The Board unanimously requested him to do so lai Ud f HSH , a f dman ' 8 r ^ «»lay is as follow*: "to reference to <* Sept. J, 1851 Mtr. Q, c. Uardman, Sr. 1 &t request that I re ' City Judge of Freeport. to answer pajqwph b; ron out "•".-" "«wn anc, any member of it, durins thi SfimT , i7* < r w tni * W**VI»1^ Complete harmon, between.'^^ SSr^^^SlSSm ^t^S M&'SStfFt vefv?- ,.:7^I^:?- «ot «jgstLsfe«gS5 ciiief of -lealthy should be done to prevent har M^isyws'StagyssB „ sat- =,:-, s asSSSK SffSwafipH done to prevent har- lo paytttha r^f. nf.ffnn™^ ?'""»> known by tht 2S' verse difSty -^^^ ^land^ «S?**» children SftsrcSSfeS-KssSs 3f«5 w iSB^ ^1^5 W.SwSS tirar ** *Sfe &ZJHS&& the Chief of Police has^bm" ted ( hw resagnatipn effective f "Ptember 30th, 1959. we unan- taously request that your resignation be sumitted effective 9 n ... fhe .same date". Unquote. ,p»,» I really sajd that, you [have taken — ' • •• cil has proven that they .are Bit- capable of selecting a chierrf' police yet. . ;"ji' "Your chief of police mad*that they secure the hea<fcrun.. : r? m 0 / 5 ^ p , rof es? 0 " from • Teia* ,A&M College, southern Methodist University, the Univerdty of Houston, Chief of Police parl.Shuptrine, Houston,^*}-, he director o| the school fe£ the Department of Public Sa|e^ *u4*M_ »« i*»™ *** *C\*4> n.^7 ™^"**^*\*«i( tQtt iBri|fc with the WgljMt ^^WtJandtheHourtonP fia^teBwattSs ;ffij S^»S: **&.*£*iKZ. radically ^on^whenTmp^: ^, l°, r ^ llta * a ««l«ta. 5 harmony existe col "Pietej vegetables from house to home. "I wu -SStary of . ..™. ,* *" U ' to « ««*>•*•«•«£ ^8t«/ icts lent-jrf the Sous- Ing favor- othe a«**S»3Ttl5S: ±Ltes^ w* «££ !*-.*?£ YW "»''»^w W «ta* 9f more to n» mw *M**^,_A *_ rr^ J77T my »|R siv, !«*t f«efR»w wUl I let m !l ^ae-* children dowrT lfa^'n? RniJ! ? P i',? oes '"rther W a*Jng me to follow the ax- H*t oifChtef Priest. i.e!re- fe«f. C "y Judge. I will re |pea» this, the mayor's words i fa my appeal to the council for I things thai should be corrected, ">d tfaty W8re. ;<l You h««« —• ""-^4 any thinf to your f.M'^ uo ' e: <<As a result°of this Action, the possiblity of the recurrence of the problems of the , Past-will be eliminated, and the [Pity of Fretport will have the opportunity to bring about harmony and justice for the welfare of the Public'*. Unquote T I' 1 ,]* 11 ! a " swer thi - s b y what i' told the mayor a couple of <1 °"* •"— "- '—.t city election. — when he told ,..— new charter for would call for the city 'selection 1 :"""""' " maWn » tt « .."^""te: "Board member* in-' .dicated that they felt the !«f^ on * «?«» one, and ma *f the choice of a sui m that manner." , i! 7 " 8 ? 11 ?' mayor, in ydar: I acknowledging that you 3? too w doubt in not being qua?-': ifted to make the selection i "in mslm»« _»_ • 7 • ,; / -A . the hWwly, because I am * fool n/\>A 41 .._ *^r_«_i " own ease or interest '

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