The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 19, 1962 · Page 5
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 5

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 19, 1962
Page 5
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IRAZOSPORT AND BRAJtOmA COUNTY. TIXAS, SUNDAY, AUftUSf 19. WZ m«*vjrwKi mnu BRAA'jiiiA i-uuriiT. IKX/V5, SUNDAY, AUGUST 1«, 1962 fHE B**7O<*>O»T . ._._.. _ •_ ^ S editerW-Adv.-K 3-3511-Clo«lf1H_Bf 3-2*11 r**v t Exporters To Face 10 Top Notch Opponents!^ W62 Coach Harden Cooper ha» 1.1 lough 12-AAAA .ehedule, meeting behind the Exporter, when lhe<nn the Ship learn thi* year will, But Bnv.mvn can neve h. , • , ,- •^•^ " ^ ^^ ^" •Itorm™ reluming lo Ihe 1!W Gaena Park's Yellow Jackets district race I* completed, Mill h-:^ MtrlorL.k R T Y ! But Bayt/mn can never be term™, mduding two starters, Inglett and Douglas Smith. Smiley Awav Oct 12 nun, m, . rw 10 n Aporler foolball lineup when th- on OH. l» nl ( MfM Park, looking for a victory over Coop.l^.^^hvt.^ , ," ,*J" 1 T, ""' "' lh * """""« for th *l from it<! 12 ' 2 slal(1 «"»"<"*. hull SCHEDULES i?cZ>us Chri.lii H '/J? aI? £?' «' ® eaumwt M ^ hi™ 1.1,. in u,« ii-ninim, field Tt" 1 V el low Jacket* even," 1 '''* crew in '62. The Ships lied —.„„_ , ™ l ™ ."L™.. _ . i d Slr " fl rhsm l> i <'nship, regardless that doesn't mean Ihe Yellow' Bra™.™,-! _ c... ,„ ......<P...,I i,™ "~T. ' Jr „ 19 'i~ . y U,. „: .' Ba V t '» vn . Ho . m «; leltermen relurninK lo Ihe reporter foolball lineup when the lake lo Ihe training field the last week in AIIRII*!. And once Mm season begins, (here will b« no breathers for (he Ships. In IRS! oiili'r, beginning Friday night, Kept, M, Hie Kxpoitcis meel Kuril non district foes as jlPoit Nftrhes, Henumnnt S n uth Par k, Soit111 Houston, Ancleloii and Carroll ol Cm-pus Oil-toll. "I-A'ei-y game, will he a louzh nne," wild Owli Cooper al the; end nf sprini: trainim: fr-r Ihe Kx-i S AN ANTONIO TAP) - Riily ----- "Port Nrches and South W(|f)( , ()f Fnppn ^ „ vftfnn - . nntnent eolfer a( 15, will pui heat Ihen, I ho last Iwo years in , ( . ((( , |(||p nn (|](< |jm% .^^ row. South Ilouslnn, AiiKleton „,„ T( , Xfls ilifnjor CJf)|f rmlm Billy Wade Puts Title On Line Tuesday . "I!' °' "" n " mllw '° r ""i"™ ite 12 ' 2 """" 'h'nipi.mship, regardl™, that doesn't mean report* out of RELand. Jackets will he i,,^ir, n V-M- turning. Oliver is 6-3 and weighs 185 pounds. Also relurnine will - "I ' 1 --.-. r i, irfj, ,j 11 u i f| j >f Tex-i Houston, Away; Oct. 5, Anglelon,! Lloyd jHome; Ocl. 13 (Saturday) Car-i Awa >- lo j Riirrl* «howed up well in the .spring training infra-squad game las a good passer, while Fleming Crated note on running the option last vear. ; KM <:io n «, ........_. n i..._______i. /'.. "*• *' r "»aciena, Newman is Ihe new High. But Vidal irom "* jgaree delegation of 1961 that com-5 Baytown— Sept. « i« n , K. com-ayown - Sept M Sprinz (M, 166 will not be new o Bra- pieted a 5-4 season. Linemen re-i Branch, Away; Sepi 2J Port Tospori fans when Ihe Ball High ; turning inrrlude James Walla<-e Arthur, Home- Sept 28 Tor, .me to H i,,n. ."<.. •-••- ,iir i exas .Junior tioir Tourna-' Smlm Houston and Smiley anil Carroll will all he loimh hat- , ( n \ ,„„ of J2-AAAA in Ihe I,..--,,,.-, _ llrs -" , . ' Before Wnde hils his first ball < lri ' lin >f ol Ihe slate, by Ihe Texas! $ One wrok n/lo.r tlic Ships re- ahnl|| r)0n ompl . fn]len 1|ml|>r .^iini/. ra ..iw.i..ii. i L ... ... ! lin-n from their Saluidiiy niRhl, u .j|| v!p ,„ g qualifying roi Oct. IS, engaganent with fan-oil, M on( ) H ,, the Kxporlers ' - '- luninre into the I games. | Paul Smith will be aiming |fllop the Ships (hi* year. I Following the Galena Park 'game, Ihe Ships meet Ball of Gal-j n i., v • ---^-- .........,, ,,..,,„„- .jmm-.i n on and Robert K. Lee of Bay-, BJ» 205 „,,,„,) Tnhn Arlamo ,u ilT 4°"" '° Hr>PPer ™* ° n an<1 Ronnie Cririf1lp - Ba( ' ks re- Neches', Away'; Ort"5~Ra v :i,ru; sr^,rK!.^ "" - 1 --?^i°-^ h ,e „.««*.,* r ,s-^ r^S:|r£^^ 1%1. handing the Ex- For many months now. most j Park, Awa'yj^Nov 2 '' * leir only loss of Uieir observers have picked Coach Bob Home; Nov 9 Ball .^.•JPr. E^t^and-Barfield's Pasadena Eagles as the Away; and N W . 18, Pasadena, .. 9, Galena Park, Home; and Nov, :, 16, Brazosport, Away. t . "inn- <>i rit;rpun, a veieirtii imir- - •"•"• """ rlphl onri nn thn Park wil, ta —«_'---: nament C o,rer a, 1, ^^^^SS^^^ ** ^!p.W«i if T ; Soil In Hfrtlstnfi anrt Umilan mn.. . _ • Freeman's Foe Gregory, Is 'Real Battler tei scholastic not aid Ihe Kxporlers or any joiner teams in Ihe district in the : , Wade, defending champion, Is WBy "' wakening competition, [exempt from qualifying. He Is the' c °op*r has repeatedly said that l.voungesl player ever to win the '"" wi " " p ' tl lhe ^ xt foolhnII lean 'Hie low 31 (iiialiflers will join ' H thur, Away; Oct. 5, South Park, (Beaumont), Away; Oct. 12, Houston Smiley Home; Oct. 19, Gal- 14, Spring veston Ball, Away; Ocl. 26, Texas aty, Away; Nov. 2, Galena Park, Home; Nov. 9, Brazosport, Home; and Nov. IB Baytown. | >, Southi A «"»'Texas aty - Sept. 1.4, Houstonl Reagan, Away; Sept. 21, La Mar-| que, Home; Sept. 28, Houston Austin, Home; Ocl. 5, McA 11 « n, I fought ""«• •" «o in '*"" "' " HOUSTON (Spl Freeman s-leps inlo the ring Tues day night acninst Bohhy fjrecoiy, : M«- imv .11 (fllHHIieiS Will JOin i',J>pui I, nil! \Atftp- : jWade in the championship flight. fr " (W * immediately "that does |The others will be paired In as " ol m ean we will win as many! Wade ran expert strong compe- '*", l *'l<«r," he said, tition from golfers like David Hoi- ' rt "' '3 lellermen returning to comb of Mission, runnerup last <hf sll 'P lineup includes seven re, -ar; ?:ugene Mitchell of Houston, g" lar starters, four of lh<-m off i.Jeff Voss of Dallas and Jim Grant lhf> defensive un j| p When Sieve;of Kan Antonio. : 'Hie only questionable position he ha^ iSppnr) , Rrt(| |he n(x( ^ (hp {eam . l '-'""P- fastest runner, however. "" '" > "' < ' r - in 1962. II head Barfield gets hack IS veteran attack j lettermen. including eight regular , one of Ihe five i starters, from his injury-riddled offensive starters returning to the!•« Eagles. The Eagle backfield T ~- lineup that will include 20 j returns intact including fullback inninun ln tv, . r! i iwns (.anders, alwa letlermen. Other Tors worth remembering |are end Albert Choate, a great! ;pass INSURANCE Can b* plae«d with a FIRST LINE STOCK COMPANY In Hi* COASTAL AREA. MINIMUM Amounf of Inniranc* St.OOO JOE M. BROWN INSURANCE MO 3-5598 Hauiton, Texai ; ^ i " j> " .-...jii, jTTvaj', vn;i, u. t nousron net:Thomas Allen and halfbacksllaire, Home; Oct. 19, Brazosporti Home. Galena Park - Sept. 14, Ho-jg- ton Milby, Away; S»pt. 21, Port NecJies, Away; Sept. 28, Houston. Smiley, Home; Oct. 5, South Houston, Away; Oct. 12, Houston Bel- report only three offensive and three defensive starters hack out letlermen. Rains and Frank Hale. „ -. Barfield says that Calvin Powit- and the other end|zky (64, 233) could be Ihe best of the Carlin passing combination||ineman he has coached in the halfback Reedy Goodwin, (tuard;last five years. Other names foot- Mitchell won Ihe Texas-Oklahoma junior hc will he mining a young manjwas the runnerup who likes lo fight. jmedalist last year. Gregory lias had Ifi pro lx*ils nnd every one has lieen a two fist- A rd war. II will lie Hie l<iuuhcst w fichl lor Krer-mnn Ilius far In his short pro <vireei-. This Kix rounder takes place nl Ihe Sam Houston Coliseum ami is on the same card that pills Rip Randall and Guy Sumlin losjnlhnr in the main event. Feoiiia.ii In his first pro start, belted Ardi* Douglas in wnsalion- tournament, Voss Grant was W. Columbia Season Ticket Sale Benins W.CJ.C. Could Be Top Power Wharton - Forty - five candi-' dales are to report lo the Iloneer I couching staff, Kriday, August 31 'i according lo Head Coach Torti i Picket!. The footballers will un- ! TXO a physical examination Kri-L s m M.MIS.1MUH-1 ~ i-.-'y and then begin three-a-day I al fashion in the fill round, thai I WKST COLOMBIA fSp) — West Practices stalling Saturday Sep- was on .luly 10. Then, on Aug. d'folmnhte III E li Erhool has an-' l<lnlhpr '• ' ' '• ' " - is airistiandl no " n ced that season football lick-: Eleven lettermen are returning The battle with Gregory will be a tough flght and Steve i» working!; - , '9Ho^ Kinff HOTnt * **" *'" M ' Snd ... -. toim«n 'rom lhe I960 squad and i come by and pick up thr-ir H, keis '-ould <-ane for himself a jtartineil ,now so other fans may he served.: b*Mh. He is one of Ihe faslestil lit in also oossiW* In mail a check]linemen the Pioneers will have inil ceive lheni;'S82. Sweeny Jr. * Iot New Look The Sweeny Junior High School athletic pro-am will take on a Wpst < new look with the beginniiiR of ihej £l ' he(lule •• ^ *~ •> ' " * ot ° "P 1 "*' '«w-1 turn who dottt want to Haimjever. to push otit >ifhrr ofte ofl| their option are asked to cornr the Iwo reluming first strine tack I by or call so that those tickets lies - George Veit of Rosharon I m»y he put on sale. land Ronald Wiseman of Three ' Thf option run., through Au- ..Rivers. . .bo t hare fas. and , °my- strong. Woody Duncan of Hous- 1 The price for season tickets it, ion has a lot of desire and hustle. $...00 for adults and JI.2S forjand is the fourth reluming tackle children. Prices for individual ! Tommy Yatcs of Baylowti Eric ' game reserve seats are J1.25 forlRootli of Bay City, and Charles i b both adLs and children. ^... Wps ' Columbia opens it's on Sept. new school term. AlF practice for Roughnecks meet Boling. lhe 9th grade team and the Sth grade team will h* held after thej close of thti school dny. Tliis will I make It possible for all Junior j Iliqh School hoys to be assigned \ j> m e lo a reRiilar physical education j |Y|| elass during the school day. It will i make It possible also for these j ^t J classes tn he uniform in siza and;^J"™ i small enough that each Individual 1 \m i|.. IILn?E . , .— ho.N- ran be certain of having a^ - MILWAUKKE (A P' .•iii^n^urvr.r. i i\i-i— .-van r ran- ^ risro reliever Boh Bolin hailed'™' .7, . ,• — "J t "IHJ V.IIC jMeismer of El Campo will ur , 1 iscrambling for the two top guard'I when thejslots. All throe of these boys arej jfast and aggressive. . .all three! lot them made the finals in thel college's wrestling championships I during the spring. i In the barkfield the Pioneers are returning Doug Cox al fullback. Ijnn Ubay of Ganvood at' halfback, and Jack Ljpscomb o/' Bonham. Cox is from Pasadena.! I.ipscomh will be gettins his first : initial lest as the man under. La•San Fran- the most exeit-i "* dp ' Pnsivp ha( ' k of 19fi l well-rounded health and physical „,„ , . ,,.,,., ... ' • nut s after Jack Sanfoi-d n th*> education program. • ,, - . r *""" m ln >"? ^j^AwriS^ssHrS's w-^s- pennvt intcra-honl squads will;,,,,.^ Mflt » wK '^^^'< '^ other returning letterman' have an nppnriumty to piirticipaip.^,, Rravps mc '"' Mllwa " i, Sid McMillan of Bay Cilv Sid' in a well orsaimed interaniural : .„ •' held dowTi Ihe center position for i p,o 2 ,-am in all the major sp,,,-,.s. ; |; ^ j - ^ «"^ ,| 1( , ( . )lHmpion „„„„„ ^ • Intramural prad.ce and KMm,. s rf front-mnninc I« An M °"' ^ "* »«l«l linemen in . Kfln !«• hckl ,„ the aftc, noons. ., -, , |,M,tn,- n for tl,,-.,. -.indents. Ci n< .i nnil ,i IV Junior High S. honl will have M(n l»o !«.,„.,. .HU. comport of 9,h a , ter (|lf , the conference. ling the otilrome of Ihe, son against Parii Junior College | x>k over for Sanford in w ' narl °n September 15. Briiven had crept lo ~ Dnceoll U/ine B* Crino nUaaCII flllla HI tUlld 1 Hid hui-lixl lluee-hit hall through^ NEW YORK (API—Ken ™.,,-, ., .the itrelch in pipwivinfi San-.three-run homer in the fifth in- I |<in<i'if Hlh victory and lllh in a nlng enabled the St. Ixxjis Cardi- I low. Snufunl lias last six. iwls lo t-rone from behind Samr-i I Hie Giiinis, who had won only day for a 7^ victory over thel KflNA (Sp) —Kici-poi-l >(,uth nne of sr\rn pivvintis road games New York Mels wlio suffered ! plared »cll up In tin- sliindlngs pul lo^i-lher five hits and tluw their eighth straiRhl defeat in the I nl the Kdiui Junior lnvil.iii(,iml runs in Jidlini; Milwaukee slarl- day hall of a day-night double-' Qolf Tournainent, held Kild.iy. cr fioh Hrndlcy In the fourth, header. Ri/ly Wade finlciieil s.-,<md In Tliey nddftl nnnlhiir mil off Carl Bill While chipped in willi «>• the Irt-lR Hgf gi-oup with «. wore Willey in (lie sixth and two more triple, double and Iwo singles ac-'| of !•>. A 7U l»-lpcd DII kip I'.'iiny nit 1^-w Rurdetle in Ihe ninth, .counting for four of lhe (!ards' ! | g»hi «<«<x)nd plan* in the H IS Tlie was <-h«iKe<t to Hend 1.1 hits off loser Roger Craig Hell j-oar old HUMS, while Jimmy I*, ley, now 8 111. drove in Iwo ixini and h4e woa third in Ihe same claw* ,S:m Krunrlscu IKK) 301 t»U-« 15 2 Irto. H-ith a 17. Mllvvauki-v all (101 D01---I 11 0 (l)iiy name) Atthttf RilM»H was Ihe only Sanfoitl, Bolin (til ai«l Mailer; St. ijxiis (KM }M 0(«-7 1,1 1 < W<nn«r from the area as hv cap-'ltendlry. Wiley (41, nu1l« aiJNrw York <m 100 OflO— 4 7 •»' " flest place In th« 12 B divi HunlHtc t9i and Terr.- W-Sjm- : Bmglio and .Sawniski Schalfor i \^lh a T7 cai-d. ford H7-6 I.-ilcnilloy (8 HI}. i9i; Craig ami Coleninn, w •"••e"««iM«M»^™««B»M««»»a«««M««««*«M«««»a»»i«»:Bro|{lio llUil. l^-(>«i»; (7-19I. Honif runs--Sl. Ijxjis, Boyei'il |(I9I. New York, Woodllng t3),j| tl'.'i, | WEB '""" Mf MAC«URRAY-.WV!AAI Specialising ARMOUR STAR Heavy Beef GIROUARD'S SUPfR MARKET mw. t •,, r^.k u.^r,, n~> • j , it -".-••-" ••'* j™, 0 . ^uici iMinns jooi- uaivesion Ball — sept. 14 La Harry Boenmg and tackle Rudy; ball fans will remember in the Marque, Home; Sept. 21 South | Nov. 2, Pasadena, Away; Nov. 9, Texa* City, Away; and Nov. 16, Ball (Galveston), Home. Galveston Ball — Sept. 14 La , . rli D j. u , • t , J EaglP line 'his year include i Houston, Home; Sept. M Galena i_P,rk has only eight M-ljames Shaw, John Wells, Tommy 'Worth Northside, Home; Ctot. Ft IT'S THE MOST TOM PHARMACY NEW LOCATION SOON At Th« Irnoiparf Village Shopping C*nttr Clutt—Lak* Jacku* JACK REID'S 12th SUMMER EVERYTHING REDUCED!! 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Heat control, no heat cycle, very popular 2—MODEL WCDA-62 WASHERS. 2-Speed very dependable, lirnple to operate 99" 210 M 230° ALSO INTRODUCTORY PRICES ON THE 1963 FRIGIDAIRE "STURDY" WASHERS & DRYERS I—MODEL DDA-63 DRYER. Delicate and wash & wear cycle, line screen in door I—MODEL WDA-63 WASHER. Small load cycle, 12 Ib. load, 5-yr. warranty 4—MODEL DD-63 DRYERS. Heat control, line screen in door, in white, copper, turquoise, pink i yellow 2—MODEL WCDAP-63 ALL PORCELAIN WASHER. 12 Ib. load, small load cycle ( wash and wear cycle ; Now Only 4 .95 NEVER A TRACE OF FROST! 19(2 FrigiMrt Enct-FtMf 13-3301. H. n*t 4 coton or WMto FRIGIDAIRE REFRIGERATORS 289" 2—MODEL DA-12-62 Big 12 eu. ft. $00095 capacity, large freerer .... Now Only 2—MODEL FDA-l3T-o|.DOUBLE DOOR, automatic, defrost. 100 Ib. freezer Now Only 3—MODEL PFPD.l4T.o2 ALL PORCELAIN, frost proof, double door, ice ejector. 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