The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on December 30, 1892 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, December 30, 1892
Page 1
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, f^~ VOL XIVHfO 116 Mli&HALL, MICH., FRIDAY DECEMBER 30,1892, PRICE TWO CENTS Absolutely Pure _^A cream of tartar baking powder Highestof all in Jeavpniug 'stren^tli Latest U. 5' Government Food Rego ft. KOYAL BAKING POWDER CO 100 Wall Street, N. Y. $5QQ REWARD^! We Trill pay Ike above reward for any case o *itoor Complaint, Dygp»pgla. .S(pk Hoaduoho, I n .Utauitton, OonstipaUou or Oo«tivene?s we can not euro with Weat'a Vwcotablo Liver Pilia when tho directions are BtrrQtly.oofnpliod with JJl ey <. ttI l e , pure ty Vegetable and"never laU to give A Guaranteed Cure (or t*ile« of what k1e.d or deirree— Bxtarnal, Intetnil, «iiaa or Blei-din", Itcblng, ChronlCj-He'tent or llanulltary. Tljia reme £? biui Pos'ti^u'y never heou known to ruak 81.00 a box, 6^oxea for gS.Oli; MOIH by mail pr..- pftld on receipt of prluo. A wriltou (luurantou , pOsltlTeiy given to each purchaser of U bosus ^ften purchased at one time, to rufutul the 55 00 paid If not cured. Ciuaranteo losuad by A. O.. Aydu^ MarahtfU, Sfich. Call for Hfeltli is Wealth! D«.B. O. Wear's NBJIVB AN» BBAIK Tus«r- spouific lor Hysteria, »iz;ri- *'ftfc Nervous Reim.jgia, ,Pro*t.raUon.cttu*.-d.-by Iheuau rioohpl 0r tjbawirj,; «'akeflilncw'.. Mojital Oe- gftk ".•T"^"- - " ! ~*-*. > :'^ '*»•=• K'Hreut^js,- i,oss o!' power In SlJL* recs 'J n > Vga ' wntttr ^ L< r* 0 ' < aml Spt'nuutor- rtueacatJBud bv over-exenton 01 tho bruin. *elf tttmns pver-iudulgence Ka<Jh box contains one ..Oiooth'e treatijiODt. gl.UO a box, or sia -boxes tor $$.00, seuj bi mutt JitciMJ on rscolpt ofpricu : , WE GUAStA^TEE §|5C SfOXE^2 Towjra aay caa». Wjfh each onk-r n-celvud by ae tor.sixbows, acc«nju-d wttb 3^.1)6, wu. vtiL send iha pnrohaaer oar writttsii ^ailranteiTto ru fund tbo money if Hiertruatuifnt Juca n,ot' effec Retire.' iiuaratHtieaHsi-ujMl ouly ijy A O J Agent"HareUail, Mich. . f. .t, hupnort und ^ IrVan. uiul c.jjnl tops tho BEATS UPON THML He Gomes Without Warning, for Somebody Blundered. A LOADED STBEETOAR EtrN DOWN, Fifty I'crsong on Boarcl, and Four of Them Killed—Of the Wounded Several Will Die—A Frightful Disaster »t a Chicago Grade C tossing — Evident Curclengnesi Causes a Collision with n Fort Wayne Train—Six Hen Arrested nil Rnnponslbla for the Slaughter—IJ»t df Ciisualtlos. . CHICAGO, Dec. 80.—A Fort Wnyna train In,the seini-darknesS of the enrly IIOUM of yesterday JJ morning ; dashed past the ITorty/-seventh street crossluR at the rate of •tuirtf. miles an "hour and left behind it tha mangled bodies off our dead an'i^ft. Joz«n fearfully Injured passengers oLa street? car. Following Is-a list of the^ctims:' The dtad-^John Blaha, of Fiftieth and Looml| street, drawn, beneath, the wheels of the lo- coinptivo and frightfully mangled; Archibald McAndrewu, of Forty-seventh and Wood streets, head crusted and his body torn and cuV, John Roberts, night superintendent of the' 1 ^. E. Wells Packing 4210 Lungley avenue, terribly unidentified woman, ^supposed Carson—a card with tha.6 JACIISOH FAVORITE , WAIST fci *.i AtUEN'8 PARISIAN company! mangled; to be Minnie pamo being found in lier purse—died ol internal injuries while being "conveyed to Mercy hospital. -•" Several IiijurW Llltcly to Die. The injured are: John Brisk! of 4340Fif- tieth court, head cut and body crushed, will probably recover; Ellen Conway, 44-15 Dekr/ born street, suffering from it cdmpound fracture'of the skull niid internal injuries, will probably die; J. J. Costellp, 4:»8 Wentworth avenue, right arm broken and legs and head badly cut, condition very-serious; George Clark, Forty-sixth and Sherman streets, cut about face artcj shoulders nnd internal injuriet, will probably recov> .er; Henry Grttber, 4447 Goodspeed street, iut about head and leg.% injuries serious but not fatal; Michael Kqhn, 4S;^5 Ashland avenue, shottja>r dislgcuted, 4eft le^' broken and hurt internally, recovery doubtful; . Minnie Kudel, 4S'M street, head cut an.l abdomen pierced by steel splinters, f'-m ery extremely do.utyful; William Keisli-i- Forty-ninth street and Ashland avenue, left leg broken-audarins cut andffijuretl internally, may recover; Patrick O'Neill,1>37 Forty-seventh street, Ifeg broken and side crushed, recovery doubtful; Thomas tticrdan, Fdfty-swond and Stet« streets, badly\bruise'd «iid; injured internally, will recover; PnlfMc. Shanley, Fpri>>flfth street and Weutwofth avenue, driver of the street car, collar-bone broken, will''recover; Joseph Williams, 5208 TCTufou street, cutatiout head and shoulders." .. ^: 'Wio Car Crowded with 1'ebjple. The accident occurred shortly iifter .Q o'clock. The st'reet car goluy east on For^ . . ,,hstmet was crowded with half a lundred laboring men, goiug to their work, The i)a»sfeengerti were ,3i:holly una : Wiuethatii t ruin was approaching as the, ^ started to cross the railroad track.' There was absolutely ao-warninjf.. There, was the wild auriek, of an engine/a frightful crash, a* J,he iron hqri»e tore through iJi<* iIWiUtiJ.,pt>aji£' ) and in «$; jistani Jtla- dead and £wrtured" wer.e atrew'n Llang_ jybji. Ji-«/,ttt .ground by the tracks. The train count; to q. btiuidstiii borue distance sou t.b of the ctofesipj.', and th«^ on board hastened bock to the wrecked street car, of which i*areely enough reniitiiied' to. edable the jrituesses to distinguisli .what it had once been. The-.jafcigubo.riHg reside/nts alsp' turned out .o the rescue ol the wouudkl -- - r-HonScs Mad« Into Ho»pltalj r The alarm *ras turned iato,th| poMce stations anywhere.wft]iui, the xiclnity and ,$ ve police pfttrpl "^agous rebelled the sp^t «onfufied; - It was,a^Jd«rij,a s »d while the wounded itwia I* heard their i^e a J uio«t invisible, The housei crOesiug •weW-soon fumed into ItfWulsJiU . _.. i«ohiai5i.~527 tobe f **&*:tor~-*~~»«* *>»»» —-••--^ ^'.-I^S 1 ^«W«T%i^anAJwfl»M)tfidlfeNri t ima 1*1^*14 riarifll Atin«e* tin'*J 4-ti., A.L.rt.g^ ^iJ_ e They were Patriot Shanley and Bernard O'Connor, driver and conductor respectively of the street car; Engineer Rossoup and Fireffism Meager, of the construciJofi; trjtiai th|ga.t eman, John Allbright, and the tdwlrma-n, Peter SchwartZi To all of thes^ Borne suspicion of carelessness^ is attached. The «Atetrian wtts -last Januarrindicted for alleged carelessne* in connection wjth ft J fatal accident at liiw crossing. In tba pYesei^t instance neither the gateman nr • the towernvnn wns at his post/ both bcuig in a warm shanty-near .the tracks, leaving the gates up and exposing any street car or pedestrian to approaching trains. Accused by.Their Own Tongue*. This fact, was established by their own statements." Tha street car "men ap- pe,ar to have been equally careless. • Either the driver drove upon the track without receiving any signal from the conductor,who had gone in front, or "thei-onductor gave that signal without first having satisfied himself thai the track was clear. The fireman and engineer, of this construction train ar«f also at Varianc in their state- metUs, There be no doubt In the mtndd of any ono that It was due to the most gross carelessness in some quarter. The Triilu Was Ixnctly O ii Time. \ The construction train wart oue which leaves the station* with rare exceptions' eacl^ mottling at 6:55 o'clock. Yesterday morning i't passed tUp crossings 6:10, the exact moment at which, it is due there. The' customary arrival is of course well known ^,0 all street car nn>n and to the ejHi* ploy<s of th6 crossing, yet the gafes were up, uo employe was at his post, and no Varaing ot the trains approach was given. The finest line of ladies card cases in the city at purses and Happy and content, is a home.:with Chester; 4 ianip with, the light of the moriiirte. Cataloleijes,write Rochester LanapCo/.NewVotlL close our maikets Sundays from Deo. Jflt. 1893 to Mar ;st, .1893.; Alao^ldRe at emftt o'clock duri/ig'the week, except < Saturday's. fi C. TALMADQE. Marshall, Nov 30th. 18»1 J. S.Gpx, JR. JOHK ilEUTKORN. JB. Anyone xlesirinj? to dispose of "Leslie's Ideal Clasa- Book" can Gnd a purchaser by.cllloon Mrs. Ida W. Brawir . . . at he£ resfdence on Mansion street. Buy your wood of Burlingame & Day. ffioB anil yard first door e»«t of Mills' hnrncsa shot). , Thri'u Girls at FAinntJitY, Ills:, Dec. aO.-rThe news has reached here from Cropsey, a small town tenuiiles south, that .Mrs. John ^Griffith had given birth to three healthy girl babes, but that, owing tcf improper care, the two ^heaviest of the trio'had died, They weighed three, three and one-half and Jou't and om»- hiyf pdundp, respectively. Th^htother is nearly 40 years^of age. . ; -r Secret Organization of Negroes. CoLi'Murs, Dec. !IQ.—Graham Deiiwell.-a colored lawyer of Columbus and a Democrat, claims that the Democratic victory- of last fall was due iu lar^e part, in Ohio at least, to the independent action of colored Republicans. Mr. Den well asserts that secret lodges w'ere organized by colored Republicans into 'which neither Democrats nor "professional v negroes" .were adruitteu. lu these, lodges the doctrine wajj taught that as long a* the colored man isia chajbti-l of anyone party hfe' \yill fail to receive recognition in politics,an,d that his political salvation Ji«5 jn independent action, Unlucky "P&K fat the IfalU. RciifQKD FALLS, jile., Dec, 30.'-i-\?;ednes- 4 , -3,y was remarkable in this, to%g, for Its list of fatalities. Frank Richard^ was ter- v ribly mangled whileisledging rock in which there was a dynamite cartridge which ex? plpded. William Falvey and Louis Berry, ptQuebec, drank some w*>od alcohol fn the morning and died in the afterncc><v i .Thojuas Burgess, an- old and respected farmer of Peru, went into the wa#ds with his axe. Later he was found deitS,,under u tree he bad cut down. KIRKS tad Iieo4 taouglxt it was f* pi ' which tbey stllj r« Sis . Eight ]5___.. T , } „ flAZEEloS, Pa., Dec/' !JO.-^Au explosion occurred at Miluesville Thursday by which eight men narrowly e&capfed Suslant death. As,it is, three <>f then/ James Janilson. AfeF(*:Kol*jko^i and Alonafje Frltziuger, are dangerously \yoAinded. <jmd the other live less seriously hurt. The latter are Hlmgariajas, ajMiitoit. jiauies Jt^Oe learned. Tile Vjllblju J«, ^LU Uijlllt. , r Yoiat, Dec SU.—The Uujiiria has I*e4 siiokeu Thi'stuautt* "Galileo has ar- wa& li-*'iug to uyd rtdiyg ^t^iij, lulboujj-li theft Viy. H ffhiPbapaif SPH,. {%«• t-tdi't) Ui;< .su,ji'e«t ittr ui;adant,-fy. • ^ " TAR SOAP Healthful, Agreeable, Cleansing, V __ , ,, . Chapped Hands, Woimd»j ^«nu, -Bto. ; " Removes and Prorenta Daadrnft UIERIOAN FAMILY SOAP. Best for General Household Use, BARTERS Buadoohe and relia»«ml', UM tronblM «~««'0 abjUous etateof O(«qf«tMb. •ttabMT lnere, Utnsea, as boea Bh&wn inmirSSt , ,' , , Tb«» Pl»ce to,G«t Woo t? at.O. T- .Grant,*!" wooij ya- of Statfr imd IJaiBiJtojj it^eets. '%d best Jf*t of v?p,gd 1^1 the city. Note SICK yet Carter's Little Um» tared M skates At Owe W 4,R\o ^leasaat rooms or without b.uard ut ^J " B i. O. ij, -j '.4^ " ? -4, >" ••'^~"' \"["~ ":"^>K.' mi*- '<"-tC^Cr ••&£>*'£ »_"jtJal-jLK C~ii .-,*. &"y*M

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