The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on May 19, 1952 · Page 10
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 10

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 19, 1952
Page 10
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PAGE 10—THE BAYTOWN SUN, MGXDAY, MAY I?, '(EDITOR'S NOTE: This is another in a series of articles on career opportunities for high school and college students in important vocational fields. They are based on a prospectus prepared by Femi college, Cleveland, !*nd were prepared in co-operation .with business^ industry and the profe&sipnO ADVERTISING'. A great new American industry, advertising is essentially the means by which attention is attracted to goods and services so that fiales can be made. It is a field requiring varied skills and specialized talents . . . but all advertising people must be salesmen. What would you do? The field has growth, but is difficult to break into at the agency level without sales ability end a willingness to accept apprentice wages et the beginning. But the glamorous work of a large agency is actually a small segment of the advertising world. Don't be agency blind! Young peo- ; pie should realize that the major- f---' ity of openings are not in the ;T agency, but in the advertising de- L partmc-nts of stores, manufactur- t~^ ing firms, radio stations, newspapers and printing firms. Each of these fields offers many types. of jobs ... copywriter; advertising salesman, account executive, public relations writer, sales correspondent, research analyst, layout rnan and illustrator. Each of these must be not only a competent specialist, but; must have broad knowledge of the many functions and problems of the field as a whole. Qualifications:— Advertising requires intelligence, creative and organizational talents, and executive and sales ability. "\Yorkers in all branches of the field should be able to express themselves in both speech and writing, and possess ^artistic judgment, foresight, enthusiasm and a deep understanding .of human nature. College Training—College preparation for advertising is just as broad as the field itself. You would, of course, concentrate in your speciality, bu*, in addition, you "would study basic advertising practice, salesmanship, marketing, advertising production and the psychology of selling. You would obtain a sound knowledge of business practices through economics, money and banking, public relations, and public and corporation - finance. The Future—If the student prepares himself wisely through study and sales experience, he should be able to land an interesting and well-paid job as a space or time salesman."for a newspaper or radio or TV station. If he is interested primarily in writing, he may seek a job in the publicity or public relations department of a manufacturing concern. ' If he plans to become a commercial artist, he will probably ers Profecfion OKLAHOMA CITY —OLE)— Police puzzled today over what charges, if any, to file against two enterprising college students who've inade a profitable living hijacking Oklahoma City bootleggers. Oklahoma being legally dry, officers aren't certain just what law the youths have broken. Their method was simple, one officer said. They would place a fake order for whisky."When'the bootlegger attempted to make a delivery inside the address furnished by the Oklahoma City University students, the youths rifled his automobile for remaining stocks of whisky. The students have been so successful for so long, police'said, one bootlegger broke down and asked for police protection. Hell Get Scrub-Board ; Hands From This lob MANDAJSYX.' D.^-<U.R)—Radio an- nouncer''.' Jack Harris' offer to do the laundry for the first person to identify a quotation he read on .the air was won by Mrs. Kathryri Hoppe. Mrs, Hoppe is laundress for the 300-student state training school here. PUTS HER FOOT IN IT BENZONIA; Mich.-; (UV-Spectators at a trial in the Benzonia courthouse looked up to see a foot sticking through the ceiling. Mrs. Ma; Carter had pushed her food ace .dentally through . from .the flex?: above. MIKE FRANSSEN STATE RESERVE LIFE "See Me Berore You Die" Dial 2061 ••V-v^l* ' t? H^ The field of advertising includes many specialized jobs. want to free-lance or become an apprentice in an agency, department store or business firm. Experience in each of these jobs can eventually lead to high-bracket jobs in the agencies and advertising departments. SUGGESTED READING Hanlon, Walter, Breaking Into Advertising, National Liberty Press, Xew York, 1935. James, Alden. Careers in Advertising. Macmillan Company, 1934.' Hotchkiss, George E., An Oatline of Advertising, Macmiilan Company, 1950. SUPER MARKETS l \ 107 WOOSTER ST. i|A ^ 3509 MARKET h I DIAL 9020 nU. * DIAL, 7313 SPECIALS FOR'TUBS. AND ^'ED.MAY 20 AND 21 VEAL N BRIGHT & EARLY PORK LB. LB. BIG BE& BOLT —by £WD ALL SWE . KADBADOW4S - TOSS A COUPLA WELL-CKOSSN WORDS AT M!LO/ GMN'WMT ROUS1-) IDEA 'WHAT 8UZ SAWYER HOT DOG.' AMD THE (BOLD SOLD-OWES I'M FEELING SAFER WHEW WE CROSS THE UTAH LIKE, NO MORE SHERIFFS. WE BSTTcF. S5LL CXiR TRUCK-HSAD FOR LA. LAY LOW FOR S WE HAVE MR. £ MURDERS COMMUTED i UP N UTAH, WS THlNJK TRUCK HERE, >0l> TAKP'MR" «MITH AND SEE IF ~~" -'-" SECRET AGENT X-9 PHIL AND VJiLDA ARE • LOOKING —by Mel Of, Y^"S5~t\ vtfiLDA , I'LL EXFL^T / LATER...PRETEND THAT'A£'Re I WtSR&&TED.-|N50«STr{iNQ. V IN THE WATER... POINT' 5ETLE BAILEY —byMortV/d PET OR 'ATION TALL CANS Large Boxes T-FOkMATION star of the Notre Dame football team for several years and now with the Chicago Bears, Bob Williams poses wita his bride, the former Maria Anita Galvin, Baltimore. (International) By DGVS Colored Quarters SIXTEEN "Lbs. KLEENEX 2 ££ 25c Boxes LB. HONOR, HOCK/ MOU JUST WAWT ME TO RND IM 1 THE HOMOS OF THE ^ANJV ACROSS WELL, ILL-BE DAI3MED IF I'LL SINK iW AMY MUDHOLE RDRTHAT MOB/ I kNEWTHAT \ LAZY BUM WOULD ) RMD AW EASV ^ WAV FOCUS J ^ r-\^?\ rt-«T-irj «"iMer4rs. '•»- »^rj cant / "A year ago my psychoanalyst advised me to simplify my life by getting married . WILUE —by Leonard Sansorne JT^S YOUFi . WILLIE? I>A CHA1T3MAM AT AN OPEN-AIR MEETINJ'/ care sec from'Here it says you, get FOR BBATJTYI FOR HEAI/FHt —t^"/ ^t^* 1 **^** <??*>' i Genuine Baotch 4 Lomb FOR SPORTS OR DRIMSJJ or Amsrican: Optical Lerii«« Prescription or PlafK aufs o'/ les I Tri-Cifies OpfSeai Co. Women § Woods Bldg^ 415 W. Defec Dial '5972 ELLA CINDERS —by Charles Plumb and Fr«i! .5! E CHILF ON-/A TELEVISION $HOW frjT RPNT CALL PcEWEB A MERE CH1LP.' H£'^ A /MENIAL AVlKYH-' AT SEVEN / HE ME Hg SPEAKS THgEE LAti6VA(5£5' NO ONE IN THE WOKL715 BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH . . . af Sanitary Mafiress Co., the World's Largest Mattress Renovating Plant," because onfy the latest scientific approved methods are used by. factory trained experts. INNER- NEW FLORAL TICKING; COTTON FELTED INTO SOFT DOWNY LAYERS; FOUR HANDLES AND FOUR VENTILATORS- PHONE NOW Prompt Pick-up and Delivery Or; send ns your name and address. CRiB MATTRESSES RENEWED up Coorteons driver visits Baytown every Tuesday "and Friday. WE'LL BE THflR, RIDDLES— ME I GOT flLL MY PLftNS MODE PER MY ' VOTE-GITTJN 1 RflLLY, SNUFFY— —-by Fred IT'LL BE TH' RIP-SWORTIN'EST RflLLV VE EVER SEEM.SNUPFV—ftLL 1 VITTLE5 YE Cfi^4 EAT-{ SEE-SflW FJDDLE ^AUSlC~ V TATER SfiCK RflCES-PRIZES ~ TELLIM'- THAR BE NARY A DULL Y£ MEflM YE HfllM'T J ; NO SPEECH ?• MYRTLE—Righ* Around Home Du«fley' MOON MULLINS Houston, Texas. HAPPENED -RDVER UNCLE WiLUE

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