The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on December 29, 1892 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 29, 1892
Page 4
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r THJ£ DAILY t Acxjounliof Chrigimaa andNew Year Hdaya, theC.,J- &M. B V . Co. will aell itukets between all [ioinW and to points on connectinjjllnea at rate of one and one*third lowest Grst class fari for the round trip. Tickets] omg Dec. 24, 25,26 and The laws 6Jt health are schools; but not IB a 81st, 1892, and .January 1st aodSd, 1893, 5 ood. returning? up 'to -and including «n. M" 1888. For rates, anil time of trains call on nearest O., J, & M, agent or address, TV'O, M. SCHINDLER, « . < General Passenger Agent, 'Toledo. O. " 4 ^ " For pain in the stomach, colio and cholera morbvfl there is nothing better than Chain. berlain's Colic, Cholera and DiarracBaRem- edy. For sale at Greene's drug store, ..» * . • ..-, .-I Don't Tobacco Spit or Smote a' T pur Lift Away." lit the name of a little book just received, telling all about No-to bac, the wonderful, harmless guaranteed cure for chewing, smoking, cigarette habit or snuff dipping. No-to-bac is the only guaranteed tobacco habit cere in the world. Sold by druggists. • Mention this paper. The Sterling Remedy Col, 46 Randolph St., Chicago or Indiana Mineral Springs, Ind., and get a book mailed-free. v taught in .the to bo of ipu'cK practical Benefit and ate nqve'r illustrated by living examples*, which in many case? might easily be done. If some scholar who has Just contracted ft cold was brought before the school so that all could hear the dry, load cough and' know its significance; see the thin, white coating on the tonp e and later, as the cold developed, see the * -ofuse watery expectoration and thin wr ry discharge' from tbe nose, not one of them would ever forget what the first symptoms. of a cold were. The scholar should then be given Chamberlain's Cough Remedy freely, that all might see that even a severe cold could be cured in one of two days, or at least greatly mitigated, when properly treated as soon as* the first symptoms appear. Th}» remedy is famous for its cures of coughs, colds nnd croup. It .is made especially for these diseases' and is. the most prompt and most reliable mfgdicifte known for the purpose. 50 cent .bottles for sale at Greene's drug store. For One Week Only Off > * ON tfELT HATS ¥ And Faiicy Feathers. Will with Use Hazel Cream for chapped hands* and lips or any roughness of the skin. M. B. POWELL. you part your dar- babies in sickness, or call on your dru«EUi for Dr. Saarpsteen's Lavender Om.ment undi Asthmatic Balsam, medicin » that tare lives when doctors fail la Membranous Croup 1 , Inflammation of the L.unjr.8, Lung Fdver and Typhol Pneu . monla, also quickly relieves tvtf cures Croup, Scarlet Fever, W Doping -Cough, aoraThroat. Burns, 8 -dds a»d similar afflictions. 25 and 50 Cents or by mail? DB H. SHABPSTEEN, Propri- •tnr Marshall. Michigan. A sea of Mr. M. D. Pusser, a merchant of Gibraltar, N. C., was so badly afflicted with rheumatism fo&a year or- more as to be unable to work or goto school. His father concluded to try Chamberlain's Pain Balm on the boy. It soon cured him and he has since walked one and a half miles to school and back tvery school day. 60 cent bottles for sate at Greene's drug store. HAVE you, CHILDREN • '. " ' V «T Q- ' • • EDUCATE FOR - U^BPULNESS? •If so, sendth^mto.the—r ' The largest stock t the lowest prices" HYDE'S Drugstore Holiday Excursion Bate*, Christmas «od Y«ar >03->93. , The Michigan Central "wilt sell tickets between all local points in the United States and Canada except Toledo Div. at rete of one and one third fare for the round trip. Date of sale Deo. 24, 25, 26, and 81, Jan, -1st and 2nd; limited to return Jan. 8d, '93 Tickets not good on limited trains 5, 6, Id, and 20. R. Butler keeps the largest stock qf. crockery and lamps in tbe city. dji Bare money by buying vour boots and shoes at Grace Bros. a. thorough, reliable and progress! vo Institution. Hundreds of young men and women received their lUrt la life at the K. B. C. To farmers boys and girls this course of • practical instrue tlon cannot be over-estimated. Keahallbo pleased to have yon call al the College and talk over the] matter, or address for (jatalOBue. KRUG'S BUSINESSCOLLEGE. :!> ' BaUle Creek, Mich THE RED FLAG. always fjnfl the best Cigars at Greene's Drug store. Call and Try Them. 2 Stores. I SEE THE RED FLAG. ' Your Taxes. I will be at the store ofE. E. Sim, 7 mons on Monday, Friday and Saturday of each week (luring December for the purpose erf receiving , *tate, county and school taxes. >'" • „ ... H» Si tiEWW, Qity Treasurer- I fraye all th» reason's ice bills made .oat and ^ould be pleased to hnvo thp*e i.F. GAPS. Cinciiatl, Jacta &Mactinai Time table taking effect Dec. 3, 1883. Trains pass Marshall as follows : T^UHS oooia BAST. No, iE, Toledo .Express ................. .627 . m * S, Clnoliyiitl Express ...... . ......... 841 ^m " ^l.MaUandKxprees ................ 1268pm " 87. Lo^&l Flight .............. ....... 660pm / Taiuam «om« wxsi. So. 22, M»ll wwl Express, ................ 11 15 am " g r OlnolnnaU A B. 0. Express ....... 6 21 p « •• M, Jtxpcess..., ..... , ......... , ...... 12 33 a IT " W, Local Freight ............ . ........ tltf7»n All trains dally except Hunday. /Dlr»ct oonueotlons are made' at Toledo and Clnclnatl with all roads diverging. Trains SI and 22 make go 6d connsatlon at MODI telth with the Q &.*!., and at Allegun wlth/the C. * W. M for Grand Aapids. Mnsfcegon ao points north. -'' ' -' owtqk xne call and ^ "' • U. It. 80BINT)LKR. fiteu. Pass. 0. B. MIZE, Agt., Marahallf MICHIGAN HENTfeiii Mich:, Dec. 211, 1893. '' HuTe used Blake'a Suppositories |pr Piles and o^n>; truly aay they KUVO toe me entire satisfaction. ^ '; • : •; • ', F, A. -AvB«T.' For sale at JBlsCotfa, the drujffiist, per ' *' TIME TAt»L£, NOV. 20, 1892. **ST. Chicago, Lv...,. 9\«i C. H.^Thonappon has a very tine, lot of. Children Cry for Fltoher T • Canbrla. ___^refb eysters^at Cunpipgbam's, - -•^•^r _ _ ... *..___ . . - . _ .-I,-- BuckwheaJt, and a)l .kinds /i irincl.Jinjt dons at Q. A. weat eat to Battle Creek.... 246 Marshall, Dp... 8 14 AiWoff",. ;i^ii, § .46 Jackaon.....v... -..-... 6 45 p.m Buffalo.. Kal Ext At'c Ex.*. p. 11 940 ies p.m. 74S m. 45 488 620 &4S 6 08 6 935 000 B'ff Mail p m. 455 857 -J»2« 947 a.m. 7D5 a.m. 885 118 144 ••ski es 6 it) p.m pan. 980 167 $20 4 05 a.m. CHEAPER CAS -JOB LIGHT, TO CONSUMERS OF GAS FOKjFUEL. The Gas Company anounces thejfollowing reduction in prices of Gas for LIGHTING wherever Gas is used ALSO for COOKING or HEATING to take effect on and after • SEPTEMBER 1st 1692. GAS STOVE RATB3J&1.60 per 1000 cubic Ft. For all Qafrconsumed where a GAS RANGE » used. ' ' Forallg&BoonBuined where COOKING or HEATINQlSTOVES are uaid and the monthly consumption is not less than 1000 cubio feet * B at 8 for Gas used for LIQHTINQ ONLY remain uncbauged and>ro aa followa: &3JB . U Less than 1000 cubic ft. in one mpntli, $2 00 per ICOO^cubio ft, K, 6000 pubio fti-anji less tjian' 10,000 cubic ft 1-jn.ontb f E-0Q per 1000 10*000 or over, I month $l.i>0 Jier IpOO oucbio %-. ; s .{cubic ft/ All the above rates ara subject ta a diacouat of 10 eta per-lQPO pubjs f t vrhen the month* bill is paid in or before the 10th of the month next following. Tha above special rates are made to induoe consumers to ase.gaa for cooking «nd heiting as well as lighting. , . ' ^penence Prooves The ADVANTAGE of Gas For • Cooking Over Every 'Other Fuel, Cheaper Stoye Cheaper Fuel, ' TKAMS wiar. jewo Fac Ex.* i.m. Ng't Ext 175 GAS STOVES now in use in MARSHALL SPECIAL REPUCTION IN GAS FIXTURES. A disoottrt of 10 per cent will t>a made from^regol^r prio&s^n all UiUij for (ia^Fixturefl or inside piping ordered and «,pjaipl6t6d front -. « J - • ~ "". "•••"' - -"" 1st 1892, to April 1st 1&93, Tbe MARSHALL LIGHT Co. * y^rfri nd a ge&d temp good; words saean w . l impress, the tratb jsore l&jdbJy . v "JMl' Complexion ft ' l^o good ttinf ahoold be outlawed here and th^re^lKraCeleM person. basely. . J^ is just asjaecefsarj! o adnii«u$ter * . j, it is mdeed a «wo«4«^J(li»p 4 efcreothen a dweUi»g that U begianiug to (tew. .Kct oaly and dear to us be rendered: more opwifortab^ and ««« re- ing yeart of y pure and 'oser id 9 l « lu w $1; d«raigaftd<to b H*« vearai old at fSr*f d|'Vp*w WKWI ^» will b*

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