Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 5, 1947 · Page 13
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 13

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1947
Page 13
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** < PARTS SERVICE Harvest Supplies Oil Cans Grease Guns Oil Fillers Umbrellas Hand Tools Gas Pumps ^ Sweeps-Disks-Chisels-Points Farm Wagons on Rubber Graham, Hoeme & Krause Plows Bean Cattle and Weed Sprayers Grain Binders CHEROKEE GRAIN LOADERS Any Length and in 5- and 6-Inch Augers Hobbs Grain Bodies and Quonset Steel Buildings ior Grain Storage Combine • Truck • Tractor Service TULL-WEISS EQUIP. CO. INTERNATIONAL \ If You Wanllo Buy, Sell or Trade, Use a News Classified Market Briefs 30lmJ. Mm i . Wednesday Prev Pay. Week Aj?o Month Ago ypnr ABO jy.V HlKh 1911 Low 194« HlKh l!M« Low STOCK AVERAGES Ifirafls 15 ulils BO stocks D.S . 8K.9 87.2 . 88'. 1 4S.8 31.ii . SS.2 110.4 82.0 D.2 29.8 30.0 30.0 30.9 48.8 .'!S.5 27.7 51.2 .'fO.9 D.I 41.6 41.7 41.8 42.9 64.S •IT. 2 5:1.4 42.5 D.l! Gl.O 61.8 60.0 1)2.4 81.0 (J'J.O 58.5 82.4 r.Ji.-l WALL STREET M3M YOHK, .lime -1—(^—Assorted stock mnrkp.t fnvoritps cxtendPd thf-ir recovwy today but the question of wbpthpr'the PresidPtit would sign the tax bill toiiclipd off enoiish latp selling to put mnny plvotals In thf> mlini« column. Advances of fractions to 2 or more points wftro widely distributed in a Inirly active midday upswing-. Tho Hurry was short-lived nnd prices soon ueean t» wnv^r. Offfirinss appeared in the final hour and a numbpr of earlv for inotor.=, fiteols, and rail'! won.- transformed into \or>sen Irre- KHlnrly lower tendenoles ruled at the elose. Transfers for the full stretch ran to around 7">0,000 sharps /-.•'i",^, 011 ' ??• , the last wpre Standard Oil fNM) which registered a new 194V peak nnd emerged up % to 72 n i In nirtliftr repose to record net; Woolworth. ,T. [. Case, International Har- veFtfr, Uu Pont, Allied Chemical, 17. S. Gynsum.- Norfolk X- AVestprn, IT n - lon 1'iiciflc and lyiRht. l«aB»cflrrt5i tnvltuted Bolhlohc-m N J. Centrnl, SonthPrn Pnelflr, Oi-nerai ilotprs. (.-.lirysle.r, fioodrii.Oi, Anaconda, Plifljis llodpre and Ainerloan Smelt- Am Am Am NEW YORK (By Tin? AKSOI Alrlin<:« . Tel ,ii To] Woolen STOCKS •latcil Press)' 21 . If, . Anaconda. Co)) Andersiiri-Clnvl ' Aviation Hulh Slrpl .. JSrnnlfr Ali'w .. Chrysler Cnrp Cont Molorn . Cont Oil Dol 3fl 1 12 2fl 111 17 _ ^ p _ ] i; Frppporl Suipii 1 (ion KlPe 2(1 Ton Motors .. (it .Joodrleli HP ... 13 (Irpyhoiind Cor 21 Gulf Oil . 2BXD Houston OIK.. 12 fnt TTarv:.-.;.. 4 Ivan City South 8 hen] A Ire IS Mo-Kan-Tox . 7 r AVnril 22XD - .... Hyp ... II No Am Avln .. 18 7»iio Oil ... 21 Packard Motor 41 P:in Am Air 2Ti Pnnhaniile f'X-R n runiu-y JO ..: G Phillips } 1 ot. . 1!> Plymouth Oil.. !', Pure Oil 4?, rtnclio SB [Republic SI pel 34 Soars , 34 .. 32 ;. 127 ... 3fi •-o .'.'. 22 .. (IS .. 3 iixn Prod -t tocony Vnc i«ni POP .. IO C:il . -50 Tml .. iO X.T . . Sim Oil .. Tex Co. Gulf HO 34% 50',.., so'4 «•% r. fi'.i 51 2(1 '4 64>/ t 21% 7 1 -'. 23'!, 2":j', 24 H 3-1 u-r. as*; -.01.1 5 7S% so; I.k •10 no 2!) 8% K.:i',V, 2!) cVi 40 r.4% 22U, 23 r.', SK, 24V, 15" 3C>4, 19 or, 1 40 33 r r>4 ' r.o 29' B2' 20' Sir 18 11' 4 52' 17' 101 f,' 40 54 22* 23" RV 21! 331 14' IB 3fi Sfi" 40 79!! r.4 ' cm, 12', 49 28', in 41J, B5 1!)' I'PX Oulf Sulph B TPX Vac. C#O 13 I'lrlp Wnl A Oil 23 nubhp'r -. is sinpi no wu Tci A .-,. is \Voohvorth ..'. 23 FORT WORTH LIVESTOCK FORT WORTH, June 4—(/P)—Cat lo 4,100; calves 1,400; medium, eooc and choice fat cattle and calve tronp; some hows unevenly higher Tiedimn and Rood steers, yearling and lieflers 18.00-23.00: cutter am Common 12.50-17.50; medium and gooi 'at cows 14.0Q-1S.50; common butch er cows ]2.50-14.00; canners and cut ors 7.00-12.00v hulls 10.00-15.nO; jrood and choice-fa-t calves 19.00-25.00; com mon to medium calves 14.00-18.50. Hops 700; butchers steady lo 2 ilffher, mostly, -'steady; sows siron stocker piss steady to 1.00 higher •.nil .*....• ourbabtj Here's why we can give it better service! I. VTe hav. . ford-traindd .•,. mechanics • HERE'S no doubt about it, We know your Ford better than anyone'else possibly could. We have the training, experience and equipment behind us. That's why we can do the job better, faster and at & greater saving to you. That's why it's such a good idea to bring ypur Ford "back home" to ud tor every service need, M>Un lo thf Ford Show jtprrlng Dinah Shor* on ^•i Columbia Network Stalloni Wednesday eveninat » Genuine Ford Parts 3« Factory-approved methods V •; There's no place like HOME for Ford Service .your Ford dealer JWDWS ypurford last! TOM ROSE firoorl SntJ onotcp hngs- !80-S5rt 24.25; Rood and chotco 150-17S Ib 24.25; good nnd choice 150-175 Ih 22.75-2-4.00: BOWK lS.50-in.00; stockor nftr:; iO.'jO-i'il.OO. KANSAS ciTY~LIVESTOCK KANSAS CITV, .Tune 4—(/P>—(TS- DA)—Cattlo 3WO: onlvps 700; RCnPral trnde active, slauglttnr Moors, hpif- fcra, cows and hulls full nir-atly; vpal- or. 4 - anf'i calvo.s rather s-low, Htort.dy to wpak: pood and low choicp stporf 24.2r<-2fi.2r>. sevprn.1 loadn and tiumc-rr.iu> smnll lots top rnodlum to (rood SIPCI-K t2..\«-2l.M; !,«,] L.h.iic'.. ivplrhty lipif- linrt mixed yoarllnK.s 23.2."-2B.Ofi; fid (rood nntlvo f^d rows (food iind rliolcp vcitlors 21.00-25 no HVjps 2000; fnii-l.v nctlv.- it, nil interests; uneven mostly steady to KtronK with Ttiondnys nvompp;" top 24.."iO; Bond nnd rholro 170-''10 His 24.1T,-IO; 2.-.0-270 Ib 23.7S-24.2:,; 2SO-325 Ih 22.00-23.50; sows IS.25-7"). CHICAGO GRAIN rr/rOAfjO. Jimp 4—typ)- Fnirly Inrgo R-airiR v,-prr; rpdncc'd during tttp" lattftr hall of ir.-idinff on th« lioar>l of trado today when proflt-tnldni;- nnd hpdglnR prfssni'p fxpMndnd. I.)r-nlitij.'^ \r^ro nr- IIVP as prnins pot. down lo around tnp nrf-opflinjf closo. \ f'lospd ir, to ] rr-nt Inwpr .Tilly $2.2!)42.28- r !',.' rnrn wax .{-la: 1 hlc-hor. July il.8r,-jj.s.-i.-i. nnd oats u-ni-f- -'w-lVi hifrhPr, July 9.'f-^.T,{,. FORT WORTH GRAIN I'orll S,V|. 2 yr-llnw 211-1'- \o •> whilp 2.1fj-M>. " 1 '* Nn- 2 yp " c ' u ' m "° i' r ' r ir "i CHICAGO WHEAT steady JI.SS a. bflln li (cliff. Open Jly O--t Hiph Ij. 34.8.'! 3U'l 30.S7 i'n.'CI 2S.83 2S.5.1 2S.S5 2 S.:> 3 fo 15 Cf-rif? . ""lose 34.62-63 2? SB-33 2V. 61 28 .">SB 2S.nSR PafripA N«w«, Ttiursdlay, June 5, 2P 00 2S.7!) 2SJO Mc-h . . . May R— bid. NEW ORLEANS COTTON NK\V ORJJ'A.VS, Jun« -I ofi- -?po r-otton i-lo'Jpd steady, 2"- r-^nts a hal bip-lipr, .Snli-s-- "i".'!. Low middling; mlddllne .')().!«• cond middling ' ' VOLCANIC LIGHTHOUSE On an island of San Salvador, in the West Indies, a volcano serves as a lighthouse. The Hash of its lighl. by nipht has guided mariners for centuries. • We fix flata, 9 24-hour service. • We pick up flats. McWILLIAMS SERVICE STATION 434 8. Cnyler Phone 87 WET WASH 6c per Ib. AMERICAN STEAM LAUNDRY 515 S. Cuylw Phone 205 IVm- '"'pun Hit'li .Tly .2.30-29", 2.33 .M.'i'y i'l'v" 1 " 4 CHICAOO PRODUCE i HIi. Aili). June -I- -(/?•>..- fi:.lf)A)- \VI f'.'""'"" : « " ns '''!, |p<1; ''alirornin I.on.i,' iri.4n : i.'ioriila hl'' trlunips ?l 2.1 • Aln- r"s l \!) ISS "' i " ni ' )hs, , n n NEW ORLEANS FUTURES XIOW OIITJOAXS, .Tiiiu- 4—t/I'i—Afipp ailvanop in i-arly Iradiim- Imr,, ,' 0 dav col i>n futurpM ilpulinpd under 'lone reall/lnjv indiicpd h.v lawpr 'privatp aiToiiiro PKiinuitos anrt lipttpr wcatli- pr rponi'lH, ('losing prlcps wore barely HOUSE FOR SALE 524 Hughes Street FHA or OK Loan Available for immediate occupancy Hughes Pitts inc. 117 VV. Kinesjnill Phono 200 COURT HOUSE CAFE We have laid a complete new cement floof in our kitchen, new panel walls have been placed on all kitchen walls. We will have the cleanest kitchen possible. CLOSED TO REMODEI The blackout gets cleaner—-so does the Court House Cafe. Watch This Space! From Your Red & While Food Stores Tomato Juice Redan gcan 23e TAMALES Ellis per jar Prune Juice Red and White 31c LARGE Beans With Bacon Brimful 2 No. 2 cons COFFEE Del Monte LB. JAR DICED CARROTS Del Monte 2 jars WHEATIES ORffiy ImiA 2 boxes M E A T S ROAST Beef Chuck, Ib. FRANKS Skinless/ I b. . . . . STEAK Fresh Pork, Ib BACON Pinkney's Gold Crown, Ib. CORN Red & White, Fancy Country Gentleman 2 No. 2 cans .... MIXED VEGETABLES 33c Red & White 2 No. 2 cans SPINACH Marco 2 No. cans APPLE JUICE Honest George, qt. 29c 23' MARCO JELLY MAKER mb ' 0bx CATSUP 21 c Marco, 14-oz. bottle PUDDING POWDER Clinton 2 boxes Brimfull, Halves in Syrup, No. 2'/ 2 Can CHOICE PRODUCE LETTUCE Qc California, U. S. No. 1, large head w CUCUMBERS 2 ,bs IJc South Texas, Long Green Slicers ^^ LEMONS California Sunkist, per do? SQUASH 2 , 15c Garden Fresh, White & Yellow • V PLUM PRESERVES Starr, 1-lb. jar SALAD DRESSING 8-oz. jar 23c. 16-oz. jar . . . . 43< WAX PAPER Cut-rite, 125-ftl roll, each 23< BROOMS Red & White, each $139 SWEETHEART SOAP 17c 2 REGULAR BARS • I These Prices Good at the Following Red & White Food Stores H. & B. Grocery and Market , 320 N. West, Pampa, Texas Cox Grocery & Market 1818 Alcock, Borger Highway George Adamie Grocery Phillips Pla^t, Route 2 Lane Grocery 837 S, Barnes RED & WHITE STORES 1 '"**•''.> iV > -ififoisw.V.'S.'l'.V

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