The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on May 19, 1952 · Page 9
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 9

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 19, 1952
Page 9
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THE BAYTOWN SUN, MONDAY. MAY 19,-1952,, —; Standings TEXAS LEAGUE TEAM W L Pet. Beaumont .21 15 .583 Fort Worth ............20 16 .556 s up May Mean ©old For -'Pircrfes Young Farm Hurler Whiffs 28 In Nine-Inning Same t a a be re Houston 21 18 Shreveport ....,...,..,. 19 19 Tulsa 16 IS Dallas 17 20 San Antonio 16 20 ........... ion t0 4 morrO W nI .5*V* Oklahoma City ........ 16 20 crosses bats vv i LUNDQUIST the Pittsburgh sandlots, who ac- this wonder boy, who is rated .as IT ~~ (U£} ~ A free ttP hfeved the almost impossible feat a better potential star than-Paul irom a barber, who didn't evan get of striking out 28 batters in a 7 Pettit, the kid from California who a i! lP o- n return » has £ lven the P° or to 0 no-hitter for the Pirates' Bris- got a 5100,000 bonus- from them old Pirates a hotter big league ' ton, Tenn., farm club last Tuesday three years ago? l 471 £' tchmg P r °6Pect than the fellow night And he may wind up in a for whom they gave up $100,000 Pittsburgh uniform " before the £1 ye * rs Qgo - current season ends. The kid is Ron Necciai, hot off And how did the Pirates acquire .538 .500 .459 .444 .444 SUNDAY'S RESULTS Shreveport 2, Beaumont 2 GURLEY KAYOE —by Sam Leff ' ' JlSno at onrevepori. t t weaumont z ti the headline O.L- caUed affcer g inning darkness. the four-game o in on * tory W 1LI do one of * l * the Bayshore them in second "them the top spot The latter can • U !pepper upsets l ra | Tire in a "or7:30 p m. on dta- Humble meets Tulsa at Dallas, ppd., rain. San Antonio at Houston, ppd., rain. Oklahoma City at Fort Worth, | B sSice Produce [Diamond iy*°"""^" d to t into N«r York Will MONDAY'S SCHEDULE Tulsa at Dallas 2. Shreveport at Beaumont 2. Houston at San Antonio. Oklahoma City at Fort Worth. AMERICAN LEAGUE TEAM W L Cleveland .. ........10 11 Washington 16 12 Boston 16 13 .14 13 possibly Into a St Louis .....16 15 Tire aoes depending again against Cul- and e & " Prince, tied for wi H both bo favored a victory. Bakers has impressive victories in starts, beating Prince Chicago ................ 1415 Philadelphia ........... 11 15 Detroit ................ 7 20 leral Tire. Tire e Motors L 1 3*7-; 5 6 iProducc nales can succeed to the |f Egypu t SUNDAY'S KESULTS St. Lou is 4-1, New York 3-8. . Washington 2-4, Chicago 1-6. Philadelphia 2-0. Cleveland 0-6. Boston 7, Detroit 4. NATIONAL LEAGUE TEAM W Brooklyn 19 New York 18 7 Chicago 16 13 Cincinnati ..;..........15 13 St. 'Louis .14 15 Philadelphia 12 15 Boston ................ 11 15 Pittsburgh ............ 5 25 IT PERIOD OF TIME 1YOUGOBROK1E 3TOKWKEST&AN6ERS RELIEVE <rt>U CAfJY l| sever take a vacation par aim to give complete cticn, Thafs a 52 week ir us. ;HELIO,CURLY-#THIS is SHELLED SOMMERS - I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU TONIGHT... - ER... LOOK, MISS S-SOMMERS... YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE CALLED'ME HERE- Credit Tony Rockino, a barber in the Schenley hotel in Pittsburgh. Rockino discovered Necciatl pitching for 'Monongahela high school in suburban Pittsburgh two. years ago. The youngster hit a batter end broke two ribs and after that was taken off, the mound to play .first base. * Rockino, a Pirate fan, decided The .Baytown Oilers liave two home games definitely scheduled this .week, and another is tentatively carded, Business Manager Melvin Berry announced today. - Manager Jess Burch's nine entertains the Pasadena Diamond Alkali team at S p.m. Thursday. Next'Sunday, the Oilers play host to! Southern Select of Houston in OPEN SEVEN DAYS WEEKLY; AIR CONDITIONED LEE DRIVE AT 710 WEST MAIN MARKET ST. RD. AT FOUR-CORNSRS the youngster had natural pitching a 3 p.m. contest. talent and told the Pirates about him. Necciai, delighted at the The Oilers' scheduled game with Southern Select here yesterday chance to play pro ball as^a pitch- was rained out er instead of a first baseman, signed up. And although Pirate Manager Billy Meyer wants to keep him down in the minors to gain experience, if the youngster keeps going as he has,'there will be no choice but to bring him up. Never before in the history of modern organized baseball did any pitcher strike out 28 batters in a nine inning game before Ron did. A guy -named Harry abels struck out 27 for San Antonio A game has been tentatively scheduled with Regal Sandwich of Houston for 8 p.m. here next Friday, The Oilers routed Livingston 110 Saturday night in Livingston. Jess Burch twirled a two-hitter for the victors while his mates collected 14 baseknocks, including home runs by Merle Burch and Seibert Gault. FOR BIGGER RED LIGHTS NEWTON, Mass. (LIP.)— Police Sgt William H. Dowling is weary of against Dallas back in 1910, but hearing motorists say they didn't he didn't pitch a no-hitter. Nee- see the red light. Dowling has re- ciai got an extra strikeout -when commended that the stan d a r d his catcher dropped a third strike for an error and the runner reached base safely. eight-inch diameter of the red light on traffic signals be enlarged to 12 inches. BIRMINGHAM, Ala. —(U.R)— The athletic situation at the University of Kentucky, blasted by a New York judge as rife with "over- empasis," will be given e. "complete and thorough investigation" by Commissioner Bernie Moore of the Southeastern Conference. Moore received his orders for the inquiry Monday from the conference's executive - committee after a five-and-a-half hour meeting here Sunday. The university had .requested such an investigation, but Moore said that league heads would have taken_ the step uninvited •— "We waited until now until the court action in New York was over." The conference commissioner tp- fered to the proceedings in New York in which Judge Saul S. Streit, in giving suspended sentences to three' University of Kentucky players involved in the basketball firing scandal, described athletics at Kentucky as "the acme of commercialism and overemphasis." In a long statement issued April 30, Judge Streit attacked Kentucky basketball Coach Adolph Rupp on the grounds that he "aided'and abetted in the immoral subsidization 6! the players." The conference executive committee directed Moore to investigate the truth of the judge's charges. . The minor league set-up for the Baytown Little League baebull program will be formed tomorrow night at a meeting of the loop's governing body, it was announced today. The meeting has ben set for 7:30 p.m. in the Juycee QuacK bhack. Other action scheduled includes a report from the four major league managers on how their teams arc faring; the distribution of schedules for the major league; appointment of minor league managers; and a final decision on the question of umpires. Opening date for the four-team major league is June 2. Each manager is now carrying around 30 players, but the pilots v.-ill have to re- ducw their personnel to 15 players five days before the seiuson opens- Host of the players who are cut off the major league teams wil be used to form the four-team minor leaprue. Workouts are being conducted almost/daily. ball center, who at 32 is the young- est'race track general manager in the country, said yesterday a fast WIFE o£ Ralph Kiner, star of the harness racer is a "lot prettier * Ex-Gridder Youngest Track Manager CHICAGO (ILEJ— A huge ex-foot- said he "lost the urge to play football' after his Navy ; service., "Somehow I just didn't get the kick out of it anymore," he said. "I "started to-get the urge to get By UNITED PRESS Texas League play fell behind schedule again Monday as result of Sunday rains which knocked out all but the Shreveport game at Beaumont and forced it to be called as a standoff. The Sports and Roughs went nine innings at Beaumont, winding np .with a 2 to 2 tie. Heavy clouds darkened the J>ky prematurely and the game' had -to be called before extra innings could settle the issuo. A downpour of rain made a puddle of the field minutes after the play stopped. J " Tulsa's game at Dallas was rained out, alonge with the Oklahoma City game at Fort Worth and San Antonio's schedule with Houston. Beaumont narrowly missed Sports, giving up six hits. Hugh Radcliffe. the Beaumont starter, had to leave the game in the eighth when he was hit on he arm by Grant Dunlap's line drive. Tulsa end Dallas will try to catch tip with a doubleheader at Dallas Monday night; Shreveport and Beaumont also will play a doubleheader at the Coast city. San Antonio is scheduled to host Houston; and Fort Worth entertains 'Oklahoma City. PARKING CUT 'DOWN" CHICAGO : UIE)— Chicago has ruled parked cars of f .busy streets at night Many other big cities have taken."similar, action. pYt^buWh^PirateT"Naricy* Chaffee si ° h ^ than any fullback vou ever into racing and make a career out stretching its one-game lead over Kiner, well-known tennis star, donates blood at a Red Cros3 bank In Pittsburgh. Nurse is Maxine . Stiglich. ( Internet fonaZ; Clure Mosher, head of the Maywood Park harness racing track on Chicago's west side, practically grew up behind a mutuel window. His father, Lee Mosher, is regarded as one of the nation's foremost mutuel plant managers. Mosher foresook a promising career in professional football to take over Maywood in 1949. He was of it" Mosher said he "got the bug" when he was about nine years old and began tagging after his dad "all over the country to. various race tracks." "It's something like golf, I guess," he said. "When it gets you, you staV got" As the regular center on Bainbridge's naval training station's fine war-time team Mosher played standout center on the University outstanding ball car- of Louisville's teams m 1939, 1940 ^.^ Among his teammates were Charlie Justice, Bill de Correvont, Buster P^amsey and Lou Rymkus. Mosher came to Maywood in 1946 as an odds calculator. He was itf Oil 4 LATE JE ANO SAVE MOHEY |AUSE WE HAVE THE BEST SELECTION OF CLEAN QUALITY PICKED CARS IN BAYTOWN ONE LOOK WILL CONVINCE YOU D «*2e t door sedans-New, with or without accessories«> save money-See them today Y ev {ol«t 4 door styiinc dlx. T-tone green ?1O"7C ^oaaed with accessories. Just like new. I 7 / ***• Oldwnobile 2 door 88, radio, heater, white walls Sf 7QK »uored seat covers, This is a hard to find carl / 7«J* Sr^ e - ^ r * Cornet ' gryo-matic, radio, heater, §1 C/[C ««msor, tailored covers. Todays special at * v"9w» 2-cr. Styline, heater & other ac- $T £QC "is is a East Texas low mileage car IV7 3. <r >Iet & Dodge V» ton pickups. Xew Payment only n P f cfoip-hcater & dcf. Leather cov- guard. This truck has no rnst. Down and 1941. The six foot four inch, 235 pound Mosher also played third base on the baseball team and won three -letters in each sport After graduation from Louisville made general manager in 1949 at he joined the Pittsburgh Steelers the age of 29 and has ruled the of the National Football League roost since. and was the first string center The big man from Louisville has through the 1949 season. modernized the Maywood acreage, After a four year "military va- increased the purses for horsemen cation." Mosher was asked to re- and made many other improve- join the Steelers but declined. He ments in the place. the,pack-when in the last of the ninth, Al Pilarcik tried to score from second on a single "by Marty. Carlson. The ball bounced off pitcher Bud Yively's glove, but Chico Garcia,made a- perfect recovery and threw Pilarcik out at the plate. A run would have given the Roughs a 3 to 2 victory. Shreveport pushed the game into a tie in the eighth with one of the two runs they made off eight hits. Lively went the distance for the Deadline—Sept. 6 Mr. Car Owner, Have you had your car officially inspected? Avoid last minute rush ... Drive in today where you can get it done with confidence. OFFICIAL MOTOR VEHICLE INSPECTION STATION $ !495. * AND MANY MORE CARS AND TRUCKS ^5 Y FINANCING TERMS Up TO 24 MONTHS TO PAY AlEXANDER,DRIVE CHiwoy 146) ' PLf >CHp-r*r **' Phone 5922 '**%™****- DUHCAH'S . T5A AND GLASS Gulf Coast Motor Co. 420 W. TEXAS in on Ken Canon, fcoh>re«J TV singvr'on "TKe Gcny Moors Show". AMMOHIATED CHLOROPHYLL G!ANT 49c SIZE rop in, see the greatest TV buys in a quarter of a century. In 1927 GJE. developed the world's first home television set'. Today they celebrate with the "biggest valnes ever..725th Ajiniver- sary Values! Now you can enjoy 20-inch TV'at its finest . . . 20-Inch TV that's been proved outstanding in TVs toughest reception areas, in side-by-side comparisons . . . 20-inch TV that's sharp and clear, up close or far away! Genuine mahogany'veneered cabinet, with concealed, easy- moving swivel casters. Model 20C105. " - Formerly $359.95 *Now includes warranty for picture tube and parts: e x e 1 u d e*s federal excise taxi HgjilNf*! NEW LOW DOWN PAYMENT LONG G. E. TERMS SEE "G'.E. CLEM" AT [»' ovar Appn "WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL" 221 E. TEXAS

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