The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 19, 1962 · Page 3
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 3

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 19, 1962
Page 3
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IRAZOSPORT AND IRAZORIA COUNTY. TEXAS, SUNDAY, AUSUST 19, 19A2 T H fi BRAtOSPORT PACTS LIBRARY... (Cnnllniiert Frnni fiti I) BUDGET.. Editorial—Adv—BE 3-3511—Classified—BE 3-2411 Commissioners' Court pointed : TAX OFFICE chased. However they hnd been on hand tor some time, nnd the Commissioners noted henvy conls of dust nnd cobwebs on the volumes. I 1 Brown snid Ihnl Ihe hooks were! ' onllmied From Page 1) 'ti with the improvements In "in 'he way, nnd If Ihe company !h* possible according to bonk repair method* and supplies, is not going lo move them, they; amount hiidgeled but these mnkinR repairs quicker, these j should he gotten rid of." ^ nil considered employees nre unable lo keep up Brown also questioned M I s si salaries lower will, the work, she added. ,Hursl n hoi it procedures rcgnrdingjofhers doing comparable work Miss Hurst nlsn said that the the handling of mnll for Ihe II-L, County l.ihrnry employs nnly one. brnry. UltRAItV Hlird of Ihe personnel recom-i "Do you have anv unopened Another rter*rlm«il with rrtcmled according lo nnlinnnl II- correspondence?" headed sever- mfl J nr ""nget Increase for 1983 Is'dent job expires, and Ihe new'wt for the coming year, standard* for the population^! times. ' i" lp '-ihrnry. with a lolal raise of Aunty hi/dgel sets up $18,210 for!DISTRICT COURT PAGE 3 erl this officer in a letter to Commissioners Court some months by Ihe Brazorln County! lh(> : .... ,, ,, She admitted Ihnl she pmhnhlvi $fl ; n0 "' mo "" y ln lhp ltml « for Uhrnry. Mm ndded, however. Ihnl !did, hut explained that she h«s j ' nari ' > * Bnrl for *™ k *~ P^odi- heWibrnry tines not have nearly iheen out of town for several days i''".'!' *, nd P nm r*lets. Ihe amount of circulation eslimnl- an d ,,nly recently returned ' "' """"H 01 for H" 1 library Is rri for thai population, but that the; Brown continued lo quiz hen?* 1 ' 120 ' The C "" rl "PP r °ved an ru-culnlionisnotsolow, compara-inhoul Ihe procedure of handling!,?' 1 ^"' from $S ' 00fl ln 1962 ln lively, as the number of employ-1mail for Ihe library, indicating!: 12 ', for n * * ' • v '' Br ' °" ""' ithnt he hnd received some (•om-!7 nk *' T |T ri "" ir( " (l anrt Rrown asked questions concern-'plaint about Ihe matter, and wnnt-i £, J_) IR ln '''' MSB w ' 15 Ing boxes of the Encyclopedia ied it clarified i Bhly hrlmv lhr *M,Vrt Amnricana nnd Ihe World Hook Commissioner Duncan checked / "'"" >d '° r ' hp i(om ' Encyclopedia, which were In box- „ number of volume* which II- MOSQMTfl CONTROL os slacked nmoiiK oilier hmkujbrary employees admitted on ques-! ^ f Mw „„„ <.„„,„ ™^.u.i ^ in books wcra published In 1942 and and Tad" never "neeTpfnced 1> " 7 - [circulation. Mrs. Vnllgura ex- Tbese are not technically 1i-|plained that these were mostly ,, , brary properly. Miss llursl snid,'gift books which would need to al Slf.nno for insecticides over Ihe $41,290.80 budgeted. 1 '"" ' • •--••-• fo evaluated before any decision' DKFKNSB Imenl nllotment for 1%?,. The HEALTH DKPARTMKNT With the beginning of 196.-!. Ihe salary item for this department An !58.000 increase in Ihe bud- a ' elective county school superintends up $4,500 according to the. bud-^grt for Ihe County'Health Department reflecls addition of one pub- lie health nurse to the three al- operaling a combined School and Although there is liltle change ready employed, as well ns salary Civil Defense department. ; jn lhft h , |rlRf ,, ,„,„,_ onp Ri(minra ; t j increases for other members of SHERIFF | difference in the district court: 'hat slaff. Although the total budget for'budget is the addition of a bailiff Budgets for most other offices Ihe Sheriffs Department is down:"id adult probation officer. The are about the same for 1963 as —mainly because of a decrease salary for thin officer is set at for the current year. In the new car purchase item ow-| jjj ing to all new patrol cars ha been bought Ihis year — It provide for uniforms, which are a long-sought Hem not listed in any previous Brnzoria County budget. Amount allowed for Ihe "",!£,' : uniform pirn-haw is HMO. car item is down from «5,fKlfi to $13.300, The auto ance is up from Ihis year's consider figure re- however. low Ihe nmouni reqi 'n. f ,. j t '"" '• '" "f "'."'i iin.^ vtrrii n Phal budget sets up an addition-, pp ,.|ed expenditure of $36.000 having been traded hack lo Ih companies at Ihe lime mure re cent reference hooks were pur- Leonard Ross Rosarv To Be Recited Today about them could be made, Rrown also delved Into Ihe ques-! tinn of exnclly how long It would! take to pul some of Ihe new books! which were partinlly processed in- ! to circulation. j Miss' Hurst explained thai I n i rates which will not he needed! until school stnrts and which could be loaned lo a patron on request. j She said at present, xtnff mcm-i hers nre concentrating on putting| Rosary will he reclled fo rout children'* books, which are in i •on.-ird William Rosx, 15, of.Ihe greatest demand at this sea- ke Jackson at 7:30 p.m. Sun-'son. > in the Krrcport Kuneral Except /or admitting that Ihe [orne Chapel, wilh funeral mass!books In question had been In the !t for a.m. Monday jit Free-'lihrary for several monlhs, how- )rt St. Mnry: Star nf Hie Sea ever, and explaining something liurch. Burlnl will he in Rest-'about Ihe process necessary up Memorial Park. to the points reached for those Ross died Friday night in Hous- 1 particular hooks, she gave no e»- injs SI. I.uke Hospilal where he'limale of Ihe time required to been a patient for ahoul a ! put them into circulation. CG Aids Trawler The Kreepm-t Coast Guard Sta- a liirbo-crafl which developed engine (rouble about nine miles southeast of the P'reeport chan- Also up some $.5,000 Is Ihe dep- lilies' salary item, while, purch- The shrimp trawler, Carol I n a Kid, notified the Coast Guard about 10 a.m. (hat Ihe outboard Webad II, was in difficulty. A Coast Guard crew look the Station'* 40 foot boat out to tow the; Wehnz II back to moor at Surf-! side Marina. CONVENIENCE „ WlHi , SUPER MARKET PRICES GIROUARD'S SUPER MARKET CHOOSE THE SIZE TO COOL YOUR t.OOO ITU—7,000 BTU—f.400 BTU—10,000 ITU 12,000 BTU—13,500 ITU—14,500 BTU 11.500 BTU—20,090 BTU—24,000 BTU—28,000 BTU '169" * F«K ISTIMATEi * BANK RATI FINANCING; * SALES t SERVICE * FREE 1 YEAR SERVICE (Standard S Y*or Warranty On Compr«wr> WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS PHONE 24-B CIRCLE WAY eek. He was a conslraction fore-: Th P Court sal an for tlie Jot-Kcnsen Conslnic-| men , ,„ mB ' kp flon Co. of Freeporl for nbout 1S,,„„,.. hnl wmM y«s, hut had liecnme self-em- ;„.,. ™ =„„, m Jj)|o\-ed about eight weeks ago on mrchnsing the Park Drive Inn hl , nrian flf SOI I^-ike Jackson Road I n Clulo. •f He was born on March 2, 1917. In Whitchurg, town, and moved to this area from Iowa in 1916. „ had no „„,. cnncerninR their ronsMer thp ^ wife, I-ake Ross is survived hy his Jlrs. Annnhelle Ross of Oajkson; daughters. Mrs. lyTTCox and Mrs. Marnlyn Cast of Ijike .laeksnii and Mrs. Charlene Hermansm. Miss Elaine Ross and Miss Rebecca Ross of town; brothers, Charles and Al Ross of town; sislers, Mrs. F;ie- Snor West nnd Mrs. Gcnevieve Hart of Iowa; and nine grand children. '* * Accident 1 Report to lu 'reeport police were called LfX) Block of East Second fct nliout 7:3() p.m. Sunday to cslizate a two car accident, il'ivers were Kssie W. Kenne- of 303 East Stx-ond, In a . Korrl, and Gone Hebert of , «., East Second, in a 1(64 Chev-i also ..!!?_ f !..' Damages were estimated at for each vehicle. t of a County U is supposed lo he made every two years, according to law, hut Miss Hurst has not received an appointment In a number of years. Tlie Court became aware of this niter beginning an investigation of all Commissioners' Court records concerning the library. This search was instituted a few days after Miss Hurst turned over accumulated library revenues to, Ihe independent auditors who |were checking library records as I well as those of other county offices. At that time. Mis* Hurst told a Kacls reporter that the money —mostly in cash, and most of that in small change— Included overdue fines, payment for lost books, and other revenues which had col- , lecled ever since the library was| established in 1941. and for which' no provision for disposition had ever been made. Tlie Commissioner^!' Court' search revealed an order dated; more than 'JO years ago, slating; that monthly reports of binry income were to be made ami Ihe money turned over to the County Auditor. The order was passed on re commendation of Miss Hurst, and her letter of recommendation was PENNEY'S Back to School Savings on Girls Dresses A famous manufacturer has closed out his entire stock of girls Back to School Dresses and passed the savings on to Penney Customers! p'reeport police were called to 100 Rl<x-k of Broad Tws- ' about 6-;>0 p.m. to investigate motorcycle iicridenl, lirers repined tlwt Sera fin |.ado of 22.T Main Street in operating n V.WO H.-trlcy Davidson motorcycle, lout control p( tin- vrlilrle. w li i i e Iravi' rast. No injuries were reported bud no other vehicle was involved In ihe accidont. BtriU * Rx ffc /cm ir BCTM SPECML: Screen Dom-3?* i 80", II.« {545 CompoMlion an pcri«ct. per sq. )«« md 30f r»H. M re , nn»y ?ii| Seal I* Ho. I, m I Dttcotmtv ' I W, 4 I 8 it***, food [ om sMta Cteck oar itoci al ikflhUy ihnwjed plrwoods. Sabfeet to t»m uk. 4 « *_V4» Buck (Ml 4 x J.-H* PMppiM tahogvu »99 I 4 i g—W* Biwh wteh S1I.BC 4 i 8 Shwimtk-'w' @ 'l4 M, \ A« Pu'rpou Cement $>.M : n Cedar Bo*dtlb«st ' qiutity. Too wifl I Help Keep Our BEACHES CLEAN! siding, with naih. fucellent "set ooh." LttM6f R MSCOVMTS: 1 x 4 Y*K<m pint Itoofi^. Ms witt plow you. Per Im N. ? x 4'1, r hi 16' Ftr Str»uW bnglK sloci. p« Im. ft I I 8 flOS Y»*(M pint st p« .JOOJd._n, MriT Cnt iron bethtotn, mrxK <KI«cli Ul« WiH Paw( : _l ?8" i 4'4" All Ahmiinum Window »d ScfMo f i f Ovtiti**d (««|* drxn Mft com^dU hirdftM UQ.U lH»"SJib Ooofi, *"««* "JSIT* 14t* Slib Dooiv, rs-oc y r _____ MM 1H' r.r«H doon ..... " $S 16 Th««t ari H J9 USD* J Mt ItMK U( u W hwktr, I tMh«, iMptaf, § [ttndnw Unilj l«on « ««. MIR iilrttr U yiic tru Aik **••< HtpMi duck i( USE1 H cu MM yd Vi >-- . tUMBlR CO. SOU L'Jiial Houitoii.'" r Teu$ CAS 5551 Jily. 7.3053'J SJt, 730 '.UU THIS CARD MAKES IT EASY TO BUY ALL YOUR DORM NEEDS CHARGE IT! Repeat Of A Sellout 13 3 /40z. 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