The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on December 29, 1892 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 29, 1892
Page 1
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-iff VOL XIV-NO 115 MARSHALL, MICH,, THURSDAY DECEMBER POWDER Absolutely Pure. A crfam bf tartar bale ing powder Highestof all in leavening strength . Latest 'U. S* Government food Re- qorf. ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO • ' •" 10(5 Wall .Street, N. Y, We will pay (lie above reward for any case 6 Liver Complaint. Dyspepsia, Hick Headache, I n dl^osttoivOonatipatloa or Co«ttv«nu8a wo can —^ cure with Weat'a Vegefftble Liver Pills ie directions are strictly complied with They arn-pgrely Vegetable and never fall to give •atisfqptlpn. Bngar qoated, Large boxes con tatnlng 80 pills. 25 efeqts. BBware of counter feits and imitations. The genuine manufaolurei by THE JOHN 0. WBST COMPANY, Chicaco 111. For sale by A. 0. Hyde, Marshall, Mich. , A Guaranteed (Jure for Piles of what kind o degree—External, Internal, Blind or Bleuding Itching, Chronic. Btioeat or Hereditary. Thi remedy has positively never been ku'own tp fail. $1.00 a box, 9 boxes tor $5.00; sent by mall prepaid oa.reoejpt of price. A written Guaruotoc positively el vein to each purchaser of 6 boxed, when purchased at one Uiue, tarelund the $5.00 paid if not cured. Guaranleu it-ciuod by A. O; Ayde, Marihull, Mich. Call, for ea.mple. Milwaukee Made the Scene of His Revelry. ' MtFOH TALK ABOUT And 'No Doubt That the-Bomb-Thrower !• "Beiponslblti for One 6lg Blaze— Causo« nf the Fire at the Street Railway Barns — Three Witnesses to the Dynamiter's Work-'-Tbe loss loss Than .first Stated —Four Lives Lost at the Tannery— Thaw-, Ing Dynamite Sends Five Persons to Eternity at Long IsTaiid City— Terrlflo Bit plosion. ..V ^ i IS ' r MILWAUKEE, Dec. 29.— One fire, after another, each Involving sums of hundreds of thousand ol ^^.ollarB t hq,ye_C!reated_ In this city. The insurance companies are Instructing their agents to write ,ho more risks in this city. Several outside insurance companies holding risks here are thoroughly alarmed by the terrible fires which have visited Milwaukee recently, and one or two of them have telegraphed their agents to take no more risks until a special agent shall arrive in Milwaukee 'to investigate the cause of the fires and make a report to his company on the subject. Nearly all fche foreign companies have given.ofders to take smaller risks than is their custom on all manufacturing plants. . . Casts a Ora^e Imputation. Who starts the fires f Are they' all acci dental? This (s not believed. Quito the contrary is jthe case and everybody is satr isfled that the work is that of incendiaries. There, Is one notable fact about all the suspicious fires and that is that the damage and insurance have been equal in mos' ( tannery and a'portion of the establishment \ of the Becker Leather company. Th« search for the body of Thomas Sullivan, beplyemarj.-whois known to have* lost, us life in thaConrad tanneiy, resulted .in finding of another body, which has >een identified as that of Stephen Yreaver. a tanner, who resided at SfrO Weil street. Losses Greatly Exaggerated. President .Payne, ot the* Milwaukee Jtreet Railway company, said last evening that the lo^by- -the burning of the com>any's vsoutn side'plant had been greatly ixaggerated and: that the amount would not exceed $!W(MX)0. 'Two watchmen who Were on duty when the blaze broke out in the street railway barn were closely questioned and both were positive that the fire was the result of an. explosion in one of the care that had been .run into the barn A short time before. Was Not an Ibeendlary Fire. Inquiry into the origin of, the fire in the Conrad tannery Tuesday haq. led tbe police SUBperjt that it was the result of cdrless- aess on the part of the watchman and that heaccidently started the blaze while attempting to thaw put a frozen water pipe. His story of the occurrence contains several conflicting statements, Which'' he b unable to explain. , ' • ' PRICE>l'WO GEHT5 ..-. .. . . :;.- Nlco ljoe 'a hardware, •r at store, NEast Main Health MBNT/aguaruntsed specific ('tor Hyttteria, Diizi- new. Couv«l8iona, -V,iis, JJervous Neuralgia. Headche, Nervous Ptostrati<in caused by the use aloohqj or tobacco, Wakefulauuu, Menta^L De- preaaioii, Sofceuluc; of the Brulu resulting In insanity and leading to Misery , decay, and death, Prematur.e Old Age, Barreneea, toss of power ia elthareex, lovolautary Lossed and Spermator- rhoea caused by ovor-exeriion of the brain, self over-indulgence. Each box contains one month's treatment. $1.00 a bos, or eix boxes for $6.00, aent by maUfyrepaicl ou receipt of price WE GUARANTEE SIX BOXES To euro any case. With each order received by us for six boxes, accounted with $5.00, we wfl send the purchaser out written tfuarantee to re' fund the money U the treatment dues not eflec »cur«. OoaraBttSea issued osly by A. O. Hyde Draggift), and sole Agent Mars hull, llioh, „ , cases where the insurance hasn't' been the greatest. The rule does not hold,, bow e.ver, as to the street railway fire,, Chif Janssen, of the police department, believes the only firebugs at work here are dlshon est owners of property, who have taken ad vantage of excessive insurance to burn their buildings for thi? insurance. Chie x Janpsen's investigation will be mainl; along this line. President James, of the Northwestern 'National Insurance com pany; believes that about half the fire, have been purely accidental, perhaps on j one-or two set by thieves Or tramps lookin.; for plunder, and all ,the rest started b./ the owners of buildings burned. The Greatest Fire so Far. Early yesterday morning, the most &&•' stmctive blaze was started by a bomb thrower. At 2 a. m, a bomb was thrown into the main building of the .south side plant of the Milwaukee. Street Railroad company. There was 'a ^tremendous explosion and: 1° a moment the interior of the building was iu a blaze. In a few minutes the fire was beyond control, and in • l£$s, than an hour the entire place was consumed, Costing the company $510,000, upon which there was - but 140,000 insurance. -The street railway company's south side plant is . located en Kiunikinuic avenue. It includes th| immense storage" stable for electric.jJiocorsi the, maphiue shops and'the 1 stabies. In the barn were fifty new electric motors and-nearly all the summer cars owned by the company. , Tbe Bomb Thrpwer Uutilowji. Who the man is who thjftun -ttie bomb is not knpwn. jje is supposed to b£ the same one who started fully a dozen other disastrous fires within a jnonth,,^ .grand jury will be summoned to investigate. The only person who saw the alleged bomb thrown .was Night. Watchman Worden,, He that he was standing near the-main way of the barn in which the motors and pars were stored; These was. a something through the air, a f tremendous explosion. A small cottage next to'the plant o£ the *treet railways pany was also destroyed. FELT LIKE AN EARTHQUAKE. Five Killed and a Score tVoiuitled by a Dynamite Explosion. NEW YOBK, Dec, 2&—A dynamite explosion that shook Lung Island City like an earthquake yesterday morning resulted }» the following fatal casualties: Mary Graydon, a waitress^ Henpy O'Brien, groc^:;ai clerk; Mrs. ;Rocco/ wife of I&tro Roccp, a barber; John Hopkins, proprietor of a restaurant; Nicolo Ladono, brother of Mrs. Rocco. The B/oll of' Seriously Injured. The most senousjy injured are as follows: Mrs. Julia Henry, cut in the throat, head and hands by glassy Peter McEutee, head, legs and arms terribly cut and several bones broken; Mr4 Mary Maher, cut about bead and arms; Daniel Maher, cut about Head and body and lost left eye; Mary Creighton. lost an eye and terribly cut about head, will probably die; Minnie Davren, serious-Injuries to head and "body; John Purcell, crushed by falling timbers, seriously; Mrs. Mary Rogers and son John, badly cut; MaxJUlayes, seriously cut; Willten) Krepp, bady cut; Mrs. Stein and 3-year-dld daughter seriously cut, child lost an eye; Edward Delaney, skull frjic- ured, both eyes injured, will probably die! Leas Severely Hurt. , Patro Roco, Joseph Way, Jolra- Davi?e»v W. Davren, Matilda Ryan, William Johnson, James'Murphy, Mr. and Mrs. frank Wildey, Mrs. Kate O'JJrlen. John ?almer, and Alderman Coroisk^y .were all sufferers froi street. close 'our motets/Sundays from Dec* Istvi.lSft)' to May 1st, 1893.. Also. Close at eight o'clock during thVweekj except Saturday's:• ; B" C* T4i.aiApG6. ^ ^ "'E. P. JANDELt. :' '•*'' J. S. Cox, Jn. JOUN HEUTKOUJI. GEO. CoLtiNS, JE. Marshall', Ndy. 30th. 1892.. . •-'. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. Anyone desirinu to dispose, of ''JL/es- lie,"p idial Glow JBook" can find a pnr-- chaser by culling onjtfrs. Ida W. Brown at-her residence on Mansion street. t Buy yoiir wooij of Uurlingnnie&Day, Office nnd yiml" first t<oor east of Milla'" harness ehup. , dj4 Get yo.ur girl a 'Ufatuond ring at C. H. Thompson's. JACKSOW . FAVORITE »WA|OT tar Tuesday-de* etroyedtwo tanneries, caustojja loss ot §350,000, and bj^ which three '11 veswta^ wt^ incendiary, This jis also the case' the t\^/fl>^^W"SupsWy, whfflija worth of property was degiroyed-"Since bignreof-Ootober, in which nearijh4foi the Third ward was burned to' the groi^d hae beea opnflftgia.tto^s,. -AU of them were of mysterious origin whjicti could ^nly bj on the theory ',«! Incendianini m" J L£ft 1*# Coronet Corset Cn f ,^Ki That gueh w^s waukeei* at- the meccy of «ome. monomaniac, la rapidly becoming the impression not only among the peoo^ bat among the police and $if officials. . * • y "W^w ^Ti^WflS •py^™ * J^**^ 262 West State MA . Thaveed Out the Dyuaiuite! -' • It seems to l>e about time to ( make it a criminal offense to thaw out dynamite. Thexmly thing that, nugjit make such,a aw inoperrtttve fr the fact that there to generally v^y little left of those who do ;he thawing; That was the cause of this explosion. Almost in the centei aft Long [sland City is the entrance to the' tunnel that is being dug to connect ^ong Island City with> T ew York city. It was here that £b.$i dynamite was thaw.ed out and a devil of desfcrnetion was le.C loose. Intbiacasu tbe t-hawers were not hurt. They left the fay the fire white "they were down cartridges the shaft to Work. There were three barrels of cartridges; * j Wrecked Many BuHUiugs, Nine tenements, were shattered J>y\ the shock and windows were brofcien more than tw9 bloftks'away. Tbe killed andjnjured Jived 'in th« wrecked tenements, -They were hurled i^ eVejty diiection, the cuts We- ingf mad* mostly by the flyjng ghiss. Fire added its horrors, to the scene, the wreck teing quickly ablaze and the flames cutting off escape through thefi»ir.&i ee3 -' Tb,e,'fire, however, Healthful, Agreeable, Cleansing. ' "'-•*• Cures Chapped Hand?, Woiinda, Bnzno, Btc. Beniovea and Prevents Dan4rnfll AMERICAN IBlW SOIP. Best for General Household Use. HUMPHREYS' Tbiis PRECIOUS OINTMENT is the triumph of Scientific Medicine. Nothing-has ever been ,prpduc6d |t equal or compare with tt as a CWRATTVB and.nEALiNG APPLICATION. It has been used ^p.years and Always affords relief.. Stnd 'alwajs^ gives satis&etidiit, Cures Pills or HEMORRHOIDS—External or Internal, BUM or "Breeding—Itching aad Burnin^j Cracks or Jl^sur^s; Fistula io Ano; Worms-of the Rectum. The relief is knma- diiite—the cure certain. HftZEL OIL Scalds and tacerauoa and" WITCH tula?, Old Sores, «r Scal4 Head. Twnors, Ulcers, Rs- Sore JfJip Price, p Cents. gold Chester; aJ^rfp vriA.the tt£ THE PILE OINTMENT f^r rehuujb<jnn« the etty, e.nqoire <>I any member of; (Kimt be received qip to 7 p, m. Pec, fight to reject a»y without eliarg<3 for fitting at

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