The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on May 19, 1952 · Page 7
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 7

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 19, 1952
Page 7
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our nujjdw" i^ Ciipp ( any real red hot news il architecture today it conditioning field. Air ; literally taking re'si- frces by fi torm most popular installations, rs p are the window units. ' j/. -ft, and 1 ton units, .he'newer homes we are de- J" all our heating systems tThlt air conditioning can be Lcbcd to the duct work at a date with no major changes , rosde.This, of, means .e'r ducts and grilles as well ^greater insulation, ke price of air conditioning to- s a classic example of compe- B °" a gf u\on unit retailed well |r $100, but now a larger unit I be brought for under $300 in- jjjed'with the only connections •essary being that of electricity. "purchasing any type of air Mitiomng the home Owner jj U !d investigate carefully how fa current capacity he has in I house so that he does not buy init that will overtax his elec- | a l system with the subsequent Convenience of blown fuses or slit-up wiring. After you know |r wiring will supply the cur- It then decide how big a unit is leas:}', H ton, *l ton, 1 ton, &.iits are classified in this man- land relate to ice melting in 24 b. That is, a i ten unit gives c cooling effect of melting one ": of ice in 24 hours. By a for- tunate coincidence tins happens to work out to 12,000 British Thermal Units per hour. jNTow a BTU is a measurement of heat, and one person sitting still and reading gives off 400 BTUs per hour. A person dancing gives off 800 BTUs per hour, and if you play ping-pong you will put out about 12,000 BTUs per hour. If you buy a % ton unit you will get a unit which, in theory will absorb 6,000 BTUs per hour A l ton unit 12,000 BTUs per hour, etc. I mention these BTUs because units are rated by the manufacturers in BTU's as well as ton, and, of course, if you buy a unit in the % ton class which is rated at say 7,000 BTUs, you are getting more cooling from it than one in the \-ton class which is rated at 5,500 BTUs. Therefore, look for your BTU ratings on,your units. Another important thing about e unit is the control of the air flow. The unit which provides you the option of directing the air up or down or to either side of the room will usually give you greater cooling satisfatcion. Also some units will handle a greater amount of air than others. For small rooms you do not need as much velocity in the air being blown out of the unit as you do in a large room where the air must circulate farther to cool the wails, floor and ceiling. In addition to cooling the people in the room the unit must fight the heat from outside 'that leaks through the walls, floor and ceiling into the room. This heat ia a dry heat. The cold air from the unit ctrikes the walls and picks up the heat from them, returns to the unit where the heat is absorbed jr. the cooling coil, and the air again cooled for another turn around the room. In addition to this heat, and of more importance to our comfort, is the heat that the air picks up from the occupants. This heat is not a dry heat but is moist. The air picks up the evaporation from the skin, as well as heat, and returns to the unit laden with moisture and heat. This air, striking the cooling coil, looses not only it's heat but it's moisture, which drips from the coil into a pan and is later expelled outside the building. Conditioned air is not only coaled but dried in this manner and that helps us materially with our comforts, as fortunately for us, Mother Nature, in our sweat glands, gave us a very efficient, automatically controlled cooling system. All we are doing when we buy an "Air Conditioning Unit", is giving our natural cooling system an opportunity to function properly. it's Found In Walls, Doors, Furniture and Floors THE CAPE has a two bedroom plan that can be easily expanded into a three bedroom plan by adding a rear bedroom as indicated. There is a full basement, with stairs leading from the rear entry, a combination kitchen- dinette, a large living room with fireplace and corner picture window, two" bedrooms, bath and covered entrance. Storage is amply provided for in wardrobes in bedrooms, linen and general closet in hall and coat clo&ets at the entrances. Refrigerator and sink are built into the exterior wall cabinets and the range on opposite wall. Exterior walls are finished with wide siding except that brick facing is used on the living room wall from the fireplace to entrance. Dimensions are 26 feet bv 40 feet. Area is 972 square feet with a cubage of 18,954. For further information about THE CAPE, write the Small House Planning Bureau, care Bay town Sun. 10 YOU HAVE -&'^£~&~£^&^&31?53ff£ it is Answer To Housewife's Prayer »me Lumber Company Phone 8241 [{Termini* Representative) MTERHINIX INSULATION ! f ! Li Gateway to a Secure Home r •» v xc <v /v/v ^ $SV£ <*H ive Family and [roperty Protection fences Are Built |»ithitand the Elements ESTIMATES [35 MONTHS TO PAY iad P. Fenebn PHONE 3-1409 ' GRESHAM By ROBERT F. LOFTUS WASHINGTON" — «J.E) — Home builders across the country waited hopefully today for the government to touch off a minor sales boom by relaxing its down payment requirements en new housing: in the middle and upper price brackets. The federal reserve board and the federal housing agencies have jusc about made up their minds to off on "Regulation X," clamped on the housing market back in 1950 when government officials were suffering from a bad case of inflation jitters. The beat guess available was that it would be several weeks before the board is ready to act. Housing and Home Finance Administrator Raymond M. Foley said steps now under consideration would lower the down payment requirements on new homes selling for §12,000 or more. At present, you must pay about 20 percent down on a 512,000 home. Payments range up to 50 percent on houses selling for $24,500 or more. No decision has been made yet on how big a cut will be allowed in the down payments. Officials indicated It.'.will be substantial, es p e c i ally in the upper-middle price brackets where bullderg have been having a particularly rough time finding customers with enough cash to put on the line. Down payments on low-priced homes start at 10 per cent for non-veteran housing ranging up to $6,000. They will remain there, for the time being at least. Building industry sources regarded the forthcoming reserve board actioc as only half a loaf. They have been clamoring for months for on end to all credit curbs on housing. They assert such action would enable them to start building in a big way in the low-priced field where the need for homes is greatest and the amount of available cash smallest- But they agreed that even partial relaxation of regulation X would be a boom to the business. Its principal effect would be on houses which have been completed but not sold. There are thousands of them across the nation right now, especially in the midwest, South and Southwest. Builders look for a rush of business as soon as the down payment requirements are trimmed. Spokesmen for the National Association of Home Builders insisted that the board's move is long overdue. They pointed out that a vacant house isn't inflationary, it's merely empty. It doesn't use up any scarce materials except the builder's capital. "If Regulation X is relaxed across the board, not just in the higher priced brackets," the NAHB said, "thousands of families greatly in need of housing, particularly in the low-income groups, would benefit." "The predicted shortage of materials which was a factor in the original decision to impose Regulation X never has appeared," the building--group said.' "-The ^threat of inflation no longer appears to be with us. Defense production needs are being adequately met. "Based on these factors, there is no valid reason for keeping Regulation X in effect" The housing regulation Is now the only government credit curb in effect. It became almost a dead certainty that it would be eased earlier this month when the board suspended all credit controls on consumer goods like automobiles, refrigerators, washing machines and television sets. Drainboards that never become watersoaked, cabinets that do not hold odors, doors that open freely —on rollers—and cabinets that even mother can repair, can be had in any home. Ready-made kitchens are the answer to the new homeowner's and remodeler's prayer. These units can fit into any size room. They come in .at least 10 different colors and can be bought in sections. Easily cleaned, readily repaired, and seldom needing repainting, the ready-made porcelain covered metal kitchens are extremely popular with homebuilders. Many housewives consider them in their "dream kitchen." Eliminating the trouble of finding a good cabinet maker, and costJy cabinet woods, the readymade units can be installed at the same or lower cost than wooden Cabinets. Maintenance problems on the metal kitchens can be solved with a screwdriver. Complete kitchens with waste disposal units and automatic dishwashers are going into .almost as many new ones, Dallas wholesalers reveal. One manufacturer is operating his ready-made kitchen plant on a 24-hour basis. The plant turns out 8,000 sinks each day. In 1951 one manufacturer alone niade and sold over $120,000,000 worth of these kitchens, an industry spokesman reported. Many ready-made kitchens ere going into apartment house projects. Builders of large units often buy 1,000 or more of these complete kitchens &i a time. Cheapness of initial cost and maintenance are major items considered by the builder. More than 50,000 different useful articles are made from rubber. Moderns literally are "people who live in glass houses." Glass walls, doors, ,furniture, shelves, floors and windows are virtually standard equipment. Glass is appreciated not only for its beauty and adaptability, but for its easy maintenance. Lasting finish and better lighting means better living. Ten years ago the picture window was more or less an architect's dream. Today, the expression "picture window"is a basic 'pert of every home builder's vocabulary, a must in the homes for modern generations. The development of insulating glass has made the window more practical and more adaptable. It helps reduce the "load" on heating and air-conditioning systems, helps maintain a room's natural or normal temperature. Walls cf glass are being introduced into many building developments because of their sales appeal and economy. Even insulating can be installed for about the cost of the average walL Interior mirrored walls give rooms a dramatic and arestingly different decorative look. Not only does a mirrored wall or a large wall mirror give an illusion of greater space and depth to a room, but it contributes to brightness and lightness with a decided feeling of luxury and elegance. Areas around fireplaces or between windows lend ' themselves strikingly . ,to special mirrored treatments. Another innovation with, glass is "daylight engineering," the use of glass blocks to eliminate an unsightly view, such as a back alley, without sacrificing beauty or lighting in a room. The patterned effect of the block adds its own distinctive touch of modern decor. Shower enclosures of glass have proven to give a smart look to the bath. In addition to added beauty, they offer other advantages. They do not become water-logged, mildewed, do not fade or permit bathroom puddles^ Heet "stays" ! the shower. r ' , •> - J j; Shower enclosures g how"ar available for almost r any~ type tub or shower installation. Tbe come in a variety of patterned oi clear glass, often with special de« signs or monograms. Natives of Tahiti believ* thai gods live in-the trees. Home Serace Designing, Planning, Building, Repairing, Remodeling. Sasse Enterprises Across from Post Office in Old Baytown Dial 31417 32 pages of smart color ideas for home decorating. Practical tips on painting. SEND THIS COUPON TO Please send me the 1952 Home Dccoraior. Nam*. _ srsighted plnnnlni; und construction have joined to give *« «s finest residential development 100% GJ, LOAMS ©r Fi Wo Down Payment To Veterans on the G.T.) DRIVE OUT AND SEE ^ Homes Priced at $9400 to ^ng mo re space and more attractive features than many nes "sUng far more money. 'day r '! ^^ «» the b\K bend of Hwy. 146 between ^ast Texas Avenue. See Mr. Plant, the salesman, _,.on Brt^od Drive p^g g^ "MADE FOR TftJS CLIMATE" *? CLARKE FLOOR SAXDERS MALL SAWS nmrxr " AN " D SANDERS °EV7LBISS SPRAY PAINT GUXS fc&KTAl Tour Iisad- quartcrs for Behr- Maitnin? Abrasives AT BAYLESS SERVICE PHONE 5895 Translucent Venetian blinds made of a new miracle material — formulated polystyrene — add dec- oorative beauty to a highly functional window covering. These modern Venetians, marketed under the name Veni-Plex, give any room a bright new loveliness. The soft, filtered light, colored by the blind, gives privacy without gloom. The blinds come in colors to i compliment an3' room. There are more than 100 possible slat and tape combinations to choose from. Colors are a component part of the material from which the blind* are made. Hence their colors won't ever chip, crack or fade, the manufacturers say. The nature of the blind material also means the blinds are highly flexible. A slat can • be wrapped around one's finger and upon release will snap back into shape. Also, say the manufacturers, the blind won't sag or lose its shape and is extremely resistant against damage through normal use. Another claim for the blind innovation is that it is silent — won't fluter in the breeze. And thn blind !s so lightweight even a child can raise it. Hoods End Hallways Door hoods, repellent to rain and snow, can do away with sloppy hallways. Custom-built to fit the doorways they protect, door hoods keep the doorway neat and clean the year around. They are made In a variety of materials, from canvas to metal. They can. be permanently and perfectly attached to any bulldihg^ material: wood, brick or stone, Xoisc made by an ostrich is a roar arid, at a distance, it cannot be distinguished from that of a lion. .Vevv Payne B Compocf w ^upfex heats rooms on both sides of wall Now's the time fo have your heating needs for next winter made! Now . . one low cost heating unit does the work of iwo . .. AND WASTES NO ROOM SPACE. It's the new compact DUPLEX. Heats rooms on both sides of partition wall Payne heat is healthy, . . \ eliminates cold floors, no more window or wall sweating. Before you buy see he "Compact" Duplex. HARPER GGS Appliance Co. 2500 Market Phone 6900 ANTLE Plumbing Co. 1812 5C. Main St. Phone 2921 Distributed by Southern Furnace Jt Supply, Inc. Houston, Texas LUMBER 2609 MARKET COMPANY PHONE 8265 ; Day and nighi throughout this area. efficient law enforcement officers gtiard the lives and safety of il= citizens. Alert to ihe needs of the community, they make full use of modem protective methods and equipment. In police administration, electric power is also on duly night and day... lighting streets for greater safety against prowlers and accidents—powering radio communication between headquarters and patrol cars—operating office and maintenance equipment —lighting central station and other facilities. F, electric pow r er, hallmark of modern living, is also an indispensable part of the life of the community. Houston Lighting & Power Company ELECtttlC SECVICE

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