Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on August 24, 1963 · Page 5
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 5

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 24, 1963
Page 5
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Juioinon 1'hoto MR. AND MRS. LARRY STIMATZE (Amanda Sinclair) Sinclair-Stimatze Vows Said Sunday Afternoon Sunday afternoon at the First, Christian Church, Amanda Sin-' Hair became the bride of Larry j Stimal/c in a doable ring core- : mony with tho Hev. A. K. Flo,m- [ inn officiating. i Miss Sinclair, the daughter of Mrs. Donna Sinclair, HKKJ N. 8ih, wore a ballerina-length dress of bow knot lace wilh a fitted bodice and long batton wrist sleeves (hat came to a point in the middle of the hand. The neckline was rounded wilh scalloped lace and net inset. She wore a pearl pendant, a gifl from the groom who is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Urban Stimat/.e, Imminence 111. Her bouquet ivas pink carnations carried on a white liible. Her silk illusion veil fell from .1 crown of seed pearls. The church was decorated wilh pink and white net bows on the pi-ws, two baskets of pink and whit(> gladioli and two nine- branch candelabra. Organist Mrs. Lawrence Joyce accompanied Mrs. Dorothy Dowcll of IMerce- villc who sany "O 1'orl'ect Love, 1 ' "O Promise Me," and " T h e Lord's Prayer." The bride's uncle, Charles 1'lot- ner gave her in marriage. i Sandra Ochs Mie bridii-'.s! cuysin of Liberal, as the maid! of honor wore a dress of pink • chiffon over pink taffeta will) a; fitted bodice and scalloped neck, j sleeves and a full skirt. S'ho wort' ' a small net veil on a crown of, pink flowers. Her bouquet wa s of: white carnations. ' Best man was B:uldy Alli'n ol Garden City. Ushers were Itonnic Sinclair, brother of the ', bride, and Kicky Ochs of Liber- j al, cousin of the bride. The bride's sister, (iail, and her cousin, Nancy 1'artin of Paramount, Calif., wi-re taper light- vrs. They wore matching i> i n k ilresse.s of dacron Irimmed with while Ince. They had wrist cor sagos of white carnations. A reception in Fellowship Hall «!' the church followed the wod- iling. t The bride's niolhcr wore a corsage of white carnations and the groom's mother wore a cor sage of pink rosebuds. The serving table was decorated with white lace cloth over pink satin, and the s;ift lablv had pink net over pink with pink bows. The three tier cake was highlighted with pink roses, white bolls and a top of a miniature bride and yroom. Serving punch was Mrs. Dorothy Oclis, aunt of. (he bride, -uul serving cake- was Mrs. Virginia Partin, and Mrs. Joan Plolner, aunts of the bride. At. the gift tablt; were Airs. Helon Sparks and Joyce Norton. Presiding at the guest book was Sharon Wilson, Farmington, N.M. Gail Sti- ir.alxc provided music for the rc: eoption. ' After a short wedding trip, the couple will be at home on Kmi- ! nence HI. lie is a farmer. | The bride attended Garden City High School and the groom grad' uated from Pierceville High i School. j Out-of-town guests included | Mrs. Lloyd I'artin and Nancy, Paramount, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Plolner. Debbie and i Robbie, Mesqtiile, Tex.; Mrs. •Archie Ochs, Sandra, Bobbie and Ifucky, Liberal; Miss Sharon ;'Wilson, Farmington, N. M.; Mr. and Mrs. Linsey Snowtlen and faanily. McPherson; and Mrs. i Lee Graves and i\lax, Syracuse. j Other oiil-of-lown guess were Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Slimnlze, St. John; Air. and Mrs. Bill Brickey and family, Larned; Mr. and Mrs. Orval Spe-ncnr and [ family, Ulysses; Mr. and Mrs. ' Weaver Cluirch, Minncola, and Mr. and Mrs. Kugeiie Lee and family, Minneola. Miss Ashburn \ Honored \ Wifh Shower, I Honored at a prc-rr.iptinl shower last wf'ok at the home of, Mrs. Ha/el (iarrlincr was M i s s j Carla Ashburn, who will bn wed i | lo Mr. Larry Shelton on August 31. • i II o si es s c s were Mrs. (lay , Sniilhe, Mrs. Max Parrish, and; Mrs. Gardiner. j The table » r as decorated wilh aj tiny wooden ehureh with bride 1 and bridegroom emerging from i it with flower girls. The gift table and tea table were in green with white overlay of lace and net and liny rosettes caught up in the folds. Invited guests, in addition to the honoree, were her mother, Mrs. Carl Ashburn; her sister, Mrs. Mickey Miller;-grandmother, Mrs. Frank Gillcnwalcr; and' M/ncs. .lack Devolld, Lawrence Joyce, Naomi licit, Jim Smid, Dutch Brecheisen, Edna Weiser, Nick Spanicr, Ed VVIu'tmer, Robert Snyder, Ronald Snydcr, Mary Laraciuenle, Norm a Olomon, Elmer York, Leonard Roth, Earl Neely, Louis Wagner, Harold (.Francis, Kenneth Zimbloman, I Dan Case, Floyd Jones and Miss jThelma Baker. Several "brides games' 1 were played ;fnd winners presented their gilts • to Miss Ashburn. Cakes of ice cream with liny green bells, iced tea, coffee and minis of hearts were served. Annual Reunion AtSoobyFarm About 75 attended a family reunion at the George Snoby farm, Rt. 1, last Sunday. It was an annual event of Mrs. Sooby's family, and will be staged again next August at I h c Sooby farm. Those coming from a distance were Mr. and Mrs. Leo Weaver and f a m i 1 v of Sacramento, Calif.; Airs. Earl Frisk, Oakdale, Calif., who was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Murphy, and sons Roy and Floyd; Mr. and Mrs. Don Weaver, Wichita; Mrs. Edna Blase, Syracuse; and Sophie Binlconbindcr, Syracuse, who is 86 and a sister to Mrs. Sooby's mother; and Mr. and Mrs. Del Murphy, Springfield, | Colo. Assisting the Soob.vs as hosts wer c her daughter, Mrs. Robert Lopor and husband, Rt. 1. Calendar of Social Events Ol.'l) KKI.MlW AXD HKI1KKMI KA.Mir.V I'H'Mi.' - .-if -< pin. in Kin nll|i J'iirh. i TIT.SPAV ' UKRKKAH MUKTINC - S p.m. ol IOUK Unll. OLD TIM K.ItS rl',1'1! - Horn I llll- lil •! p.m. at III'' rivir Olll'T. IVKI>M>:SI>AY NKWCOMKItH WUMKN'S lUMDOK -- 7:.T) P.m. jil. Civir. C,.liter. U1TS1MKSS AND I'liOl'-KSSTONAT, VVflMKN -- C'nvi'1-fil cliMll picnic. 6 p.:n. a I. the liomi: "I 1 Wiiml.i ("!i>n;k<Mi. 1!<I7 10. t\!i:i,-;.'iF. i'all Bllicl^,. fi-:i(17!> for ri',s,<i vnlloiiM. I'.i'in^ mvn t:ihli» Road Safety Stressed at Garfield HDU Highway safety was stressed by Mrs. Earl 0 Dirks, Kalvcsta, in her lesson for the Garfield Gleaners Home Demonstration Unit this week. The session was at, the home of Mrs. Bill Daniels of near Kalvesta. Mrs. Dirks said rural residents can help improve safety by checking to sec that approaching traffic can be seen on each intersecting road, by marking curves on county roads, and by being sure that all farm equipment has either reflectors on the rear for night and a red flag placed at the outer edge during daylight hours. Finny County Home Econom-! ics Agent Mrs. Elsie Brandon I gave a knitting lesson, and Mrs. j Bill Daniels displayed some of! her knitted articles. Mrs. John' Briggs presided for the n i ne I members present. Gue.sls were I Mrs. Keith Watson, Mrs. Herb I Watson, and Mrs. Branden. i Next meeting will be with j Mrs. John Briggs, N. Star HI:., ' Dodge City, ;il 2 p.m. on Sept. 10. Two Inmates Use Prison Vehicle fo Make Escape LANSING. Knii. CAP)—Two inmates fled from the Kansas prison [arm Friday afternoon whiVj working in the prison garage outside the walls. Prison officials said the two apparently left in a prison car. The men are Frank McGee, 34, -crying a 5-to-10-ycar term from Lcavenworth County for burglary. and Vcrl Dean Bcnnett^as, serving a similar term from Franklin County for burglary Page 8 t'tty Telegram Saturday, August 24. 1963 PERMANENT WAVING, culling, shaping and slyling. Agnes Beauty Shoppe. JW 04891. LEGALS (*'ii-Ht I'liljliHhcci in Die Oiirdrn cily August 17. 10GJ, lii:it imU. III. 1H«:|.) JN TI1K PUOHATK COURT OP FINNKV OOl'NTY. KANSAS IN T1IK MATTKH OF TIIK MSTATB OK wrLiTjAM T. FORD, AKA WIL,I-TAJI FORD. Dcrc'iiHi'il • NOTIC'K OF IIKAP.IN'G NO. w:,2 TliR Slate of K:MIK;IK to all pcr.ionK ro:K'< rm.'ii : Your a.rn li^roby notified thnt a pHilion liiifi bom fil.-fl hi Baiil court hy Frank Wtiuli-rs who IK nnincd its I'Xivntiii- in the will of William T. Ford, ilfM'.misi'tl. praying for tho tut- .•iilwion to prolxile without ndinini- stnition o£ the fnrelj*!! will of Wil- Hiim T. Ford, <Jwca«i<d, date August 21. 13G3, an niitlienl.ion.tod nopy (if said will, nloiijj with an autliPiitiwxt- cd ropy of Ujr order admitting (he fiainn to probate in the County Judge's f'ourt of St. lyiielf! County. Florida, t.ogi'ther with otlie p papers. liavitiK licen filed with snld pelition, and you arc hereby required to file your wHtten defc>nses thereto, on or before the loth day of September. tw;:!. at 1(1:00 o'eloek a.m. on milrt duy. in Kiiid eourt. In the City of Garden City. Kaunas, at which time .•Hid place said cause will he lienrd. Should yon fail therein. judKiwrit and decree will tie entered in due ricinre upun raid pelition. Fnmk Wouters Vel itioner riAAO * SAFFKLS Oarrlon f^ity. IsaiiHns Allor:ieys for Prtlt.ioivr (Fii'Bl pulillsbed In Tlie n.-udrn City Telegram Alienist. 24. 1%,'J: T-.-wt IHilillHhi-d Seiitemher 7. IflUIU INT TTTE PHORATK COURT OF KINNKY COUNTY. KANSAS In Ilie Matter of Ihe lOslnte of A\-x- niMer llornlut.'. rjecen.^ed. • NOTIPK OF TTRARTNO ON PKTT'I'ION FOR VINA f, SKTTLKM KNT NO. :!S7S TIIK ST.AT10 OF KANSAS TO AT.T., I 'MRSONK COXfKKNKD : You an- heivhv notified Hull a )>'li- li<m lin.s been fUed in .said eouit l>y r'hilnnirna I'citx.. Kxeeul,,,' of the Will n( Alexander ITuniiiiiT. Deer. is, .(I. lM':i\'ini^ for final Mefth'inent of s-.-tid estate, for Mii|»rov;d of her nets, pro- ee*'dim'>r and .•leeolln!.^ a.^ exei-ulor, and allnwaiii-e fur Tier nltorn.' i \''« f.-e nnd ''XMen^i ^. nnd idso piviyin^ Ilirit nnd legatees enlilbd to 1lcn .-•tale and die' proportion or tvirt Hiereof to wliii'll enc'h In e-ili!led. .•Mnl clinlribute and as.-:i'rn the ,"".;e lo ih, .111 in accordance with the Will of Alnxiitidcr Hoi-ninsr. DC ..... ased ; .-mcl are heri'hy rc'iuireil to fil" your v-'rillc'M defc-iis-c'S 1'tereto On or h ( fore I!." t«lli drn- oC .S-ntember. 1fn;,1. tit 10:011 A M. of *;iid cl-.y. i" -iald court. in I. he citv of (iii'-di>M City. Kan?"i» :U. whiiji tii'iu .ind ulaci- said enusp will be heard. S'lould you f'HI fherc-- 'n, ,iinl'<nic':it and decree will be e>i- lc"'td in due course' upon .-aid peil- ti/.n. T'l'i'iiniona ffln. Vctilioner Tial.-. TI. CnHov 'r"rden Ct'fy. TC-cn^fiq Allorney for Pelilioner CAMELEOPARD IS ANOTHER NAME FORA<3IRAFFE- = CLAIM5 HE'S -A CAMELEOPARD TRUE • *~ _ /^^^^^^y^^Kf^i^i-.^-S*~'^.^ i ?f-r'-^~S^-~-: ~~!.->• Jl Attend the Finney County Free Fair August 27-28-29. Stop at John's Furniure Booth and register for free gift. See ya 1 at the fair. ANSWER—Truo. By Delores Edmundson Come to Die fair this week and enjoy all the entwrtuinment provided t'oi- your enjoyment. I hoar by the grapevine the Rambling Realtor and The Rambling Auctioneer will defend their trophy in the Merchants Calf Tying Contest. T am sure this will prove very interesting and enjoyable, lie sure to he ail the Rodeo to walch this excitement. The -I-H boys and girls have been busy the pawl vveok finishing their projects for fair entrants. So while at the fairgrounds stop at the <1-TT Building to see MIR fine projects of our youth of this community. Most mothers are probably looking forward to Sept. ;3. That's the day for all the children to start into regular routine of school work. Won't the house seem <|iiiel, Knew today was Friday but sure missed "Snutty" coming around to remind us. However Bill King stopped in and our column was prepared in no time (anyway before deadline). We wish you luck Smitty at the golf tournament this week-end. After A weeks practice you should really be in shape.

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