The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on December 28, 1892 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 28, 1892
Page 1
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QuEENSTOWX, Dec. 28.r-The steamship SFoosdland from ifew York was towed into Quaenstown harbor by the steamship Ohio at 7 o'clock last evening. All the passengers were on deck waving hats and hand- serchlefs and cheering., Anchor ,wals Uropped and the passengers were removed to shore by & tender. All'showed signs' of he anxiety which they bad suffered; jsome >£ the elderly steerage passengers were hardly able to walk. Several women fell on their knees and cried the moment they were landed. The voyage of the Noordland was tempestuous almost from the hour of leaving Sandy Hook. The wind? blewjlal- mbst,a hurricane, and'the ship had much difficulty in making headway through the waves. Some of the passengers were so apprehensive of danger that they could not be Induced to retire at night. The Climax of Misfortune. 1 The waves tossed their icy foam on the decks, until the lower rigging "was covered with congealed frosting and the deck itself was like a skating pond. The; Noordland labored along successfully until Thursday evening. It was bitter cold and the pas- •sengefs were congratulating themselves on radually nearing the end of their stormy voyage. The steamer was in latitude 18:53 west and longitude 50:15 when at 9:20 p. m. a tremendous crash was heard and the -vessel quivered from end to end. Three terrific blows resounded, one after the other, as if the vessel was being struck t a gigantic hammer, which indeed was the fact. The,, fright of some of the people was pitiful to behold. They rushed hither and thither delaying the officers in their efforts to get at the cause and extent of the disaster, Passengers Panic Struck. The,engines raced furiously, while the broken shaft, for that proved to be the danger, seemed about to crush the ship at every concussion. Water rushed into the tube, menacing the stokehold and the engine rooms, and the panic-stricken passengers thought for a while that the vessel was abont to sink. Several minutes elapsed before word «)as given for theengines'to stop. The Noprdl^nd lay helpless, tossed by the, gale, and as the water rushed in there seemed imminent danger of sinking. The pumps were manned and put to work, every man of the crew being summoned to duty. For twenty-four .hours continuously the pumps were kept at work and the water prevented from gaining on theves- *el. ••'''." ' ':•;. ' . -• Had 406 Mlle» to Go. At the time of,the accident ^ A T?F, A-Ti^lfift 'PR R-TT, any* 1 ** »<»* to &° **«» plots „.,,„,.„,,..„ DBJD JDj! OL*C Jt KiJAi JL Jl/rtlJU. I oies, but la intinmtfed, that som&of the younger advocates of physical force have ..l)fieavfitg.bHfl^of..late. The anti-Parnellftes are throwing suspicion on Pamellites, and the latter are "hurling back the base in* •inuations." .\ : ,,-_-, -^ ' Arrested.on Snsp.lcion. ', D'ec. S8.r-;A man named Kevens has been arrested at Nenagh, county Tipperary; on the charge of being connect«d with the Dublin explosion. Kevens is a stranger to the townspeople and Is unable to give a satisfactory accouht -of his recent movements. Kevens is S6 years of age. -He admits that he was in liublin last week up to Sunday morning. ' The nrrest of Kevens caused great excitement in Kenagb.. A police sergeant had been informed of the' arrival of o, suspicious fcokipg stranger, and had, followed Keveus from -place to place. Kevens saw that he was watched "Ubtried to escape, -whereupon be was HRi into custody. The Experts at Work. Colonels Majendie and Cnndell, government experts, yesterday made a miqute examination of th^i scene' of Saturday night's explosion. They secured as specimens for furtherstudy in the government laboratory some of the- debris resulting from the explosion, View It with Abhorrence. LOHDON, Dec. 28.—The executive members of 1 the Irish National I<eague of Great Britain, at a meeting in London last evening, adopted a resolution declaring that they view with abhorrence the outrage perpetrated in Dublin, and that said outrage emanated from enemies of home rule. Some More Denunciation. COUK, Dec. 38.—A meeting of citizens of Cork was held lost' evening for the purpose of denouncing the -Dublin outrage. The mayor of Cork presided. Maurice Healy, M. P., moved, a strong resolution, expressing "detestation and condemnation of the atrocious outrage and the hope that in the true interests of our common country the authors of so terrible an offense against the Irish cause may be speedily detected and brought to punishment." The resolution was parried ^almost unanimously. Some persons' showed their dissent by shouting "Dublin castle ought to be destroyed," "Down wicbtastle government." The Cholera at Hamburg. HAMBURG, Dec. 3a— Four more cases of cholera and two more deaths were reported to the health authorities .in this, city yesterday. .Besides these, seven persons suspected of having the -disease were sent to the hospital. The mail steamer Hung&ria, from the Black sea, is detained ;it Cuxhaven on account of the existence of suspicious illness among the crew. [roc- A/Vk niilfife Quccnatown. The crippled steamer was sighted . BteamsLip Ohio, which left Philadelphia ojj the same day Hhat the Noordlaud left New York, and needed assistance was at once extended. The voyage to Queenstown in tow was attended by much difli- culty, ana the continuous stornjy weather made it necessdrj to.naiagate wlth<5atition, but the Koprdiand. arpved without further accident, An examioatadu showed "that the fracture oif the shaft was aix'feetin^ «de the istern. • ^-^ < . -, -• , <• EX-WEAD CENTER" «TEPWP*S. tbe Aat^iou of tUe jPublJia ^ jftmes teplienaj the the IFenJUwi BrQtJi a decided lean- Farpelilteg «nce permitted ing toward fid.i« j JJetoptive , en's warnjjyj4enoianced the authors of the explojdon as eneniies of Ireland- He'sajd, thi* the suggestiuft that Een^aus were cop.- outrage wW9ft W»Mfe offered rule, movejooent. fhe Fenians,. Stephens said, were uicapiible of np<& cowardly work. -• ' \ * ' "* .police POA*( A.$»?i$ with Stephens.. The government is apparently acting upon the theory ti!*t the explosion was t,h,e result of ^conspiracy, and the police are, making active Saq.uiri«sa8 tpthe recent WHwap of tto |*f«toA fep^,fHfft% te whop cperaSiont ta^H^^^^a^ han Imhdy^mffil^ttBMii ^Sft^BiP fi8 ^WJtJiMJSlifiDbfBiH CONDITION OF MR. ELAINE. ' .'•* . — ^-^ Dr. Johnston Says He Is Iinprovlug-^-Stlll a Very Sick Man. WASHINGTON, Dec. 2^J.-r",Mr. Blaine is as well as he was yesterday and is improving." This was said at 'i o'clock last evening "and Dr. Johnston had been at Mr, Blame's bedside just twenty-five minutes. This visit was the seco.nd the doctor iail paid to Mr. Elaine during the afternoon > and when his attention was- called to the fa<;t he remark* ed that it had no particular significance, in proof of which he«laid that hVwould not .call again in the evening unless especially 'summoned. Cannot Sit Up lu. Bed. • It seems to be settled thatllr._Biaine will not leave Washington -tor sonte ^months to come, even if in the meantime his health should improve sufficiently to. warrant his removal. It is also' understood that while Mr. Blaine really shows -.luarked improvement as compared with 'his ^oiiditicm very ' recently he is still a very sick wan, so sick that he- can only fit erect wht-n propped up with Happy ft»d content i|a"hdmevMh '« Tne-Ro- ? |' x f, lamp with •^r^ the njocafng. aahes Jar renumberiO|C ol aoy Ms*, I?; . ffilfasftelj. wi>U of {Mtrti$B- Bid* wiU b« wjoeiysjd. «> to 7 j>,,m,^ jfte'c. bicjls 19 fQfM>rv€4- " - >~* „*'• ""*"'. -*B6p™w" ComicftiUec Nice Hue of pocket cutlery af John- W bolen'8 hardwrfi-p store, East Main street. We, 4,he unaersignea, 14 0 close our markets Sundays ftdfli Dec, 1st, 1892 to May 1st, 1891 Also dlpse at eight ojclock Curing Che ^eck, except Saturday's. - /' •, B. CX TjttMADGE. 0 '•"•;;.'' ' E./r. JAKDEtt. '• % .^s. Cox, J 1 ^,, ..',•• V /JOIIN HEttTKORN. / GEO. CoLtm?, Jit: Mfxrs'hall, Nov/30th. 1892. • ;' "-"">' '"'•'--,-'/— -''-''" '" '-f-ITt-- ,-L-U-LJ ' ' " Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. Anyone {lesiring to (impose of "Les lie's--Ideal Class BAok"c^u find a purchaser by callingoiTMrs. Ida^Vy, Brown at her residence on Mansion street. , • • / •• . ^— — ™j j. V B/iy your wood of Burlltiganie&Day. Ollico'aqd yard iirsl t'oor eust qf MillH' harness ehop. • tlj-t* Get yoor girl a diamond ring at C. H. Thompson's. . TAR SOAP Healthful, Agreeable, Cleansing, - f Cures ; Chapped XCands, Wounds, Bonn, Etc. ,... Xtemoves: and, Prevents Dandrtiff. - ~ AMERICAN HHILY SOAP. Best for General Household Use, HUMPHREYS' This PRECIOUS OINTMENT ia the triumph of Scientific Medicine. Nbthing has ever been produced tt equal or compare with it as a CVRATJVB and HEALING APPLICATION. It hajs been used 40 years and always affords relief and always gives BatisTaction, 1 Cures FUJES or IlEMOKBHOiDs^Ejt.t^srnali Or Internal, Blind or Bleedine—Jtchingaad .Burning; Cracks o^ Assures; jFisfula in Ano; 'Viforms of the Rectuiji. The reh^f is iouno. . -diatev-the cure certain. v ? • WITCH HAZEL OIL Cures BURNS, Scalds and, UfcjsilHon and Con traction from Burns. The relief is iasfcnt Cures SOULS, Hqt Tumors, Ulcers, Ejs. tolas, Old Sores, Itching JEtupa#n£, Scvrfy or Scald Head. It is infallible., "' " CureytsfyLAMED or CAKED BHBASTS accl » "jgVl_-3t- TOS_»_.t__. Tt -_ £—. T * * •> •* . ^T, *" ^ . . ' Trial su4aa Cent*. THE Mil OINTMENT ' y ., -, 1 ' ; apdat reasonable rates ' ^•^ ^P^^gW^lp^p y flS^" W£f f "T«F "^^^s 1 ™ ^Sr 2(62 Weirt State Hi AR8H AW. f ||IPH, >£* -uswg'-rr «TTT ~ ^ * I'-'FI'H ^',^- * *•*$- * " s*r ' - ~" -£ _-j-- -"" - -^tSl^t;.^-i;v..i;.vr^-r^-v;-^,-- ; ^^-^>^VT£ v •• - - "--*-«

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