The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 3, 1897 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, September 3, 1897
Page 4
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WUI.Y cufttmicr,*. Mangled and Torn ^ t te S^nt two officers th*>7<» trt Ph* oflftows* cfiseftvprttl fto trtce of Mrs. Feature of the Testtifiiotty 6f Capt. * &cfctt«ttfer Iff the Luetsert Case- ACCUSED MAJPS SOH IMEGAQHBB. | tee curtains w^ald sickeft fee feeart AM Faint* Jfltfht-fldwfo&ttjr. tVoafctiu HIS 8*t>t. S.-'-t'he trial of opened yesterday with tece ourtaiJi, no mitttdf ho* delicate, rlntruatctl to" our caroantj to ro furn if as whole and abtjjjKl as when brought, to ne, Ahytody c^n. launder a eocfeor a han<ytfirchief -it 'takes, art to ~*Ar> up" a ItK'f curtain in the way they af c done at tUo SU'aiu LaunA vy, Hatch' Block. Fast^Trains To Bay View Via G. R. & I; Summer Hchednle is'now in effect. Fast daj train No. 7 leaves Kalav rnsijioo I2:!W p. m., and Grand - „ Kapiils '2:20 p. n».. arriving Traverse City "7:(H) p ni., Petoskey 7:55 p. m. „ Bay. View 8:0!$ p. m. and Hartar Springs 8:25 p. in. This Schedule chair. Wednesday his teiiaimon'F in deitnan:' morniftit h?e abandonea tlfat for I>otfsh,} his native and a new Interpreter was Mis cUrk'l testimony was concluded In a few minutes, and was fiot 'important. Odiorofskjr was turned over to t^te defense for cross-examlnatloa and Attorney Vincent q«nsttoned him first about his connection •With the police since the arrest of JLyegerr. The witness said an Imtl been wftti 411m nearly oA the time, ffo money, h£ said; hatt bwB given him and no p«tefU«n promised him, but his wife haft received money from lnsp«cfor"SfhaacR,. "Just a few «-ntft." f I Id I TCI IV* »^v «»neiv,,nj. w M*-7fc « •-— " ....,-- Utttd OrtorofFtey, "to keep body and sx> toRt-'thpr, 1 am not giving my testimony for money, hut for conscience." . A <Uu«"«»I«»tt nf Vinl«T»lawtln|r« "With a sh« o\vdnf>F*» worthy of a far more clever man, UIP smoker evflUfd all attempts t« J entangle him"by-ta-itifilns up his testfmony Iwfoie Justice Kersteii "1 didn't understand half they satd to trip before Justice Kersten," he dcHarrd Now I understand ' everything." "T>ld you say anything before ,Tu.=Ure Kf-rMen about the doors $r gunny- sat Us?" continued the defense. Here came an evasion "I c/Tuld not understand the (lerman. I tora Inspector Schaack about it, and he sdlrt:Til let you teH it all on the next /trial.'" " - "DiajMe.- ttietgrrt talk to you in Polish ?"^a?ked the defence. "No." he > .- ptir£ "He ustiaUy talked ih fienn *,* i." continued Attorney especiall> - coming from other lints. for folders and further iufuripu tion to C. L. LOOKWOO1), a r». A; T. A./ Grand Rapids, Mich. triumphantly, "you v ou ' J nflt have un det stood all that he said to jou?" •Wlipre It \VH> II«-U» the IJeWrtW. OdorofsUy saw the ml-Uake he .hac 1 njade "He only gave nu» orders." h( declared, "and I etntld understand these all right" The defense -Will maintain that the smoker (Ud'.npt corwK-tly understand Luetgert when lie allege.* his. em- LCV. ' MACKINA. PETOSKEV @ CHICAGO.. *> \ FOUli THIPS PB» WttK Toledo; Detroit /Macklqac ' .'t lO^KI-Y, THE "SOO," MAUQULTU v ANI> UUIUTH. to him as he \>ae. the vat. "Don't "ay anything about this-Frank, and T \\ill give you a job as Jong as you. live." Oorrohomtlv^ Tf Frank ' , also a Pule-. was , . eall-d n'«xt. lie !•» a-'t prWTU employ* as a laborer l>y tlie Nortluv* -tern lait- v\ay Lfvviuido\\.«ki- wa« umjiliiye the I^ietgeit factory up to May Ia fi t. \viien tht> sheriff took -postsession. )|* corro»)"ut<d ndorof^ky Ollh'er fharlra L. ONPlwow told of Lu'etswl's" ap|.re- hen-inri +t nriLHt. 'OlJUer Anton Khnser tesilliMl "to a ttin\fi<-'ation whUli he he..ul LuitBcrt have with Frui-k Mlallt aa he Uy uijx't al«l under the uat<h- man'*.Vd, t»ul v Mi<J nothing n»\v. (l«r- doli-B. Clark. of-J>ord. Owen & Co., U>H t,ilifd that ^urt^rl pun haseij fifty nxiunds of ui'seuie <t«.it a barrel 'potash in March. _ N ' I.Ot! IS UIKTCiKHT " _ ^ fc tHfi PARMER? t^«iHt^ Inlffntl vf anil IVfrfri- emttnn, ttK-ttrrtp fstt, K«r, St. Paul. Sept S,—Th«? nxwt iroportattt haa^ajtiHinftt, tv-?is t^ftt OR lJl«tous«ion attempts by -II. of of l,wi« k k»"an(J l>. -H. la,, to secure by , «>t)nvfi>€l urtyprHfly upon resolutions 'pi-vet ,T\v Ute ftpn^lPifrMi nnd as A mtinlwtf of tltt- omnmlttee, fnstftnfi 1 rt'f > SrfTu''(t~ir"Wi|iofity tiapuft. Thpfaajnirlfjr'lpporl ft'fts nclept^fl i) each instrtfeep. AinMisc thi matters of \vt-re guv^rnitipnt own- tot' , Iheotw las ttM, n ct)rporatf for a \VOJP for his PfTorts ,ln Ur-half tif the dairy ndustry; favoring jrertuftion .at all official salartes;- tee to reptirt to ..... for co-operation between the t the prevention of writng among dom^strr, anintala; to hurVy work on Ifee- harborft nt on'tlip pu>£vi' lake?; fat-orttig <i Inlil'imT tiuiy 1ft fnvor W'goods Imported Iti Anrcrft-a-n vessels. r 'My hoy ctoo homo from* school OHO day wiih' his hand badly lacerated and bfoeding 1 , ftiid , Mr. B. .J, S(ih,all, with Mej'or Bros. Drug Co., St, Louis, Mci, "f dreespd the wound arid applied CHiamlipflain's Pain B-Um frotily» All paift ceaaod. and. in" tt short tinio it hraled, without leaving a scar. For wounds, sprainn, mvrlHngft and rJipumatisrn I know of i\o tncdicino or prescription wjtml to it. I consider it n' household neecBxitv." The 25 and TIO cent SI/PS for salt* at GIOTOO'S Drug Start-. threat. [)ain," sciys To <J»lii n«»b, T.» 8l*0|>; well, •nti'nt Appetite «tirf CJoort ini>an,'inhke u (rinl of «f Kn«w tnt«Ti>»tliig . N<* trouble in more comuion or more mis- umlcTHtoiHl tlmn ni-rvouS ilyHpopsia, Peo pie hiiviDR it .think that their nerves are to bliOiUt ami are surprisod thi»t they' are not cured hy noevis tn«aicme°and BpTiaa renic- diw, th'e renl st>nt;of the mischief is Io«s Ni.Kh.tof; the «tuintt'5h is tho organ to be looked aft< r. iuft d>'«pC|jUes often do not ha*o nnj pain whatever in the etooiacti, nor iiuy of the uhual Hyiuptoma of moinach •wiitikuiwH. Norvoiw dyBpepsia Hhow» itacll not (n th« stutuncli so- niufh as in nearly every i>il»er orgnn; m soinoiL'aHoB tho heart „, „ in irre«olnr; in otiierti the ..v...^ jn lire affected; in other*-the bdwelB tn are eourtipalfcU, with heartiiohcsi still others aro troubled with IUBS of (k-wh and »p|wtitc, withttcx'uinWatioU-of BUS, Hour risitijirt and heartburn. Co. SOLE PROPRIETORS. ononrwn. $w c«,1» Omo-W NO-*. §100.00 rpward will be paid f«r fc the nriOst anil conviction of any oiu> (. \ For sale by W. T.1>I*AKK and .V. O. !IVI>K. our bottles. " THE BEST THAT TOBACCO CAN PRODUCE. BEN A COOl SWflCt Satisfying - - that leave* grateful rememberance. Sokt by all dealer* l()c straight and 3 t«r 25c, Mnnnfucturwl by • • - • CEO. MOEB^& CO,, Detroit- Detroit and CJevelahc V nnectiitH <iith RnrHcst Trains..: Clevclauu * lor Ml jxjints Kiist :>uiuh and „ • Ho>tl'.uvcst. , July. August ar.U Septtwber Oni Hn%cjii*t'' f\ "'• '< fir our t*pperl.iV<- K «itt . mien: a P?tiQ{r j fiievw Steam Hav. fl* Mr. A. \V. Sitiiriicp of No'fil Prospsct St., luamnat«o|)-, lo«h| «riu-n HH follows "A motive of i urn tftirtiiu Us proiniw me tii write ihc«« Irw-linrrt n-ij^riUtHE the ntiw and ilc t»n'uieii<«, ^tu».rv'» DvHpeptift Tab- I have I'i'oii uMifftnnu from nerv»u0 v,,^,,v{iKiaf. r iht- laM lour i^rs; have uied various patent medicines anas.other' rtm*^ edie» without nny fnmirnlili' i=*)r>iilt. "They •wiiiiotlii »!• K;»VI'temporal) relief x uulil thu effci t-»nf thwmi'dicino wore t*tt. 1 aitnh- uleiMhta t«> my »e«lentar> hnl«ti«, bcmu (i b<»'tlkee|n r with littltf iihyetc-nl OLereme, luit [ inn ul d K» Bt-«le that the tat>U't-< haAf atl (.heflo oWftcfe* {o.r I MUCH ALIVE The STATE FAIR. TV MichiV'nn StaJo Aj?rioultni"al Society lias bocn . . HA doad. Tliw m nat truo. It ii* fully nHv<> to Hu- industrial interests of Mirhitfm, nud will hold mic of ii* Old TiilK* Live State Pah's* at RexTablets >> refold titulern positive guarantee to cure or refund the money, and we .stand by our •ytin antcc. Cu it Es all Nervous Diseases, impotence, Varfcocele, Lost Vitality in old o >v young, °Niglitly Emissions and \VdStSriK Disease^; and all effects oi sell"- \}m-,v or cxcc^es. Stops dangerous drains. '\ genuine nerve tonic. Showslmmedi- Uc iniprovcmcnt^^Thc grandest remedy >l inodorn tim.cs... '-Don't buy itnitatio'ns. uct REX TABLETS. Price 50 cent&or ,i\ jiackages (a full treatment) for $2.50, ay mail, in plain paqkage, on receipt oi ;)in,i. Circuiai fiee,, «'CO.. M ' I, Mlob., )>y A. O. HY»K. :RANKLIN Cor. Bates and i*rne4 Sts., Captain Hthuottlor f of the police force, was th^> star %\ltm.'iw of tht" day, for tu> flatly I'OptMrtutjXl I^uls I^uetK*'rt. x thc , tioy \\ho *^ld ht- heard Kit* ninther In the house aftvr mldnleht. ""The boy' tok^ me," <l«i fared tJeliuKtler, "that the ln»t time- li»- h^w his mojther was at loo'elm ^ vvhen he \vcnt to litd. He fcJiid h*> haa not amUfct>mil during thf HiBbt. " * * l'hi> i«>y W.IH if sitivi that ho had not ,»«',>vcentil during thf rilKht." SchUrtllvr hi- v,ftx lu«t inforiiU'd of the di. J of 4 Mra Luttgert <m May 7 T . _; Hitkni'tae, K> j r brother, and l.'rwK.Mlllir'l. Thw» ffJ*\» him a tlebitlp- ll(in ui ihv uila-iUH vvuman. Th^t n1»bt he* dt tailed oitW'V « L -org- Smith- v> muki- lii'iuUiK!* in tm: m-ighl3t»rhoq4, <*? th« ..I'lU'tKif't fu< loiy rvgfti'diftif Mrs- L-ui-tt't'it Nt"tt «ld> oiTleers t>«»« and the , arul IJ«jTrt»ant Mutchtnaotr -vlsitnl- tSf it «it Wft \iamp WJffiKsa tojd tbe i«a«w««»>%iJ,«' Uwt tlipy Jj»4 beard o« , in «-vory v>«i. The ulx.vtt m written not for uolone >, bu't w'b»M««* on m-tunl (net." It m A. VV. SHAKl'ER. «lt»ie««f ta|r«» . t«> say that StwarlV UyK|iejirtiu Hio«»ic|i weakui-f« ur ir <,>f rtoroiifh, Thej ^ loss of ( lli-s!> l , valftitatum, Midi. for by btwk «1> *t«inocli ff Stuart Cu.j «%'*!?• WANTED . For thB ntt08« valuably < •^ •' to- tee teld All dj-ujwSuta »ell full «-s«xl packages at 60 nts. r - - -J- Quality OuwnrtM4 Tool for . gfert -why lie Kswl not iBStt-at* trf bp ftelt it «a» y. chldr*fl 'th»t tj|d twin «. there to BIBLE HISTORY lu this booift aiMMy . w^^tb^f ^kT <JM* yi*ufe*ti . or ua- < iveut |« tha feu,-t night"-. ' " fii* ptillce . dragged the riv tr • " th¥ vlcuiity «f any " as4 " toek find *, Meptomber *>lli to > l^\1iil»!t*t. Fluo AUnu-tloiis. <J«M»«l A«>< i this dnt«* for your outing, Pri-tninm \i*i» tnailwl on application to U.S. FHALICK,S«H->., tiraixl Uaj.uls, »Ii«-h. William Hull, l»r(^. . L. Blankenhorn ' " • " THE OLD RELIABLE PAINTER, x Varnishes, H^ird Oil, Calsom .:•-.. S V Black Board Slating Paint x ~* \ L?s W •jntiflo American i ,genoy for TRADE ,„„,. DESiCN PATB« COPYR1CHTH, lit wrttn t«. \ „. ... JiBWY-lKH, \ : *np <wi <irin,' t>«*' nt i In Amcr;i'iik\ ri *>ut It) u«. H lnf,ii'-lit IM f''ro \ ^ t|lvt-u tfttj i,>i t h4rk£^ lu Uitf v ,,,., -, !rf—l-,flA7i« f BHV «-|,>iiUflf PIMH-T tn thft \ > ', • n II i t iiHi>,traut!. J»n iiinHI.-i u| •ft. »fx«i i tft*. A i V* 1 -*, Mti «\"« cu^ t- *ir»U£.i^r. MG t Uf»ittr^v&y, Jsv^r V^ritOtty* aTnew pair of.kidneys ; REE BY MAIL. All s.u(teict» from Kidney Disease, Rheumatism, Gout, l)wb«tes. Gravel, , CaUrrl? of ( thc BUddpr an4 impure blood, tin Byt frc* by inii! for the asking, "A . , ^phti-t, sliuwiBB huw to kaep tha- bloed l>ll)» It ii, iUa«t«tit«d -and wtirth m»ny tlriu s Us weight in an'«l. ..^LWO... >lc^s from pure tea4 r had - tUMde ir.tiaua.UnK tlu),! Wj •flr« Wlfft ti»«t a"*t di«4 » wuurai death &iit While At th« Kt*ti''» lie aid cot in- <iuirfe wU«fl)*r tfife: j*)ice had &iu.u4 any Ira^e of the wife wfcw ^a* mla^nis,, 'l"ke wltnec^ thsn toW ** lie visit of hiB)wlf. Jiis»«.*^f St^MH^IIi, a«d a awna- ber of offiu-^j-* to th* astufaagt •factory, a,B<l tii« fluduii^ uf the The tlpifs. ooe a t>la suid tbe otliu a guar4 ci»B t W*r* put te * Write tor descriptt*? W au«r»l»d'BMpi*J#i cifcu THE HfttfiV 0. SHEPARO CO. «*«!«»« I Sewing M*cW«# Oo,. *P^»«> -r . n? 1- NwV«*. A f-hait tfee tot ii» tow to <:rfpt)J« Cnse*. Cola., jtowa la t&* the <.j v.,,exau,ii;utl(jn-of U<tpLa,iit Bt'hut- tter »pd,asktd bin) to teU tto* Jury what i . the poltte ha4 40i.e to waeertajir whfcttnF I Sjlra, Lu«tgrrt was .alKe or d*rfti9- Th« »Uiu,-e3 dttft(U<J various steps of th« in- ve* saUoag. Ph4l«fli aafced tf fe« l*a«f, not heard thjit ftjrs. Ly^gert bjid beet £T is -^tflA K^i^fet-iOJr , -tfWSHI •<«»!*««» Time WMe t**iUK effect Au«. ,tii 1W. Traiua van* HfctftnUl M (uilov*. v So, W,iB«tt!e Oroek wwnumidaUon . N". T. Kxp»e«... ....... ........... v r iO *. w sWf-w. *;«i»,ltt. 4, H. <?w» kttte Crtii-k ac«uiniu,<lu.Uutj.., tf.Oji fc » « mftle at Toledo MB4 ___jR»,a. F &P.A. • ijfc«^h^Ji: FIT! «»»- Ewl I ftP. *rt f WIB 1J0. «Jio!ia.ud Ejipoww...»,,. ,...,.- ''JOji--^ So. 10 S. Y. SpaCJt^* •• .tSifB '<» &0, t4 F*S« JC«V««*»* '•' 1S'^? p >a AjT"tf»llB8*i» onli*u4*c4 t,»« wi>ici» w » iivuutea nlowc.r tbAB iwoi" time, O. W. ftC<M3I>K9, '"SB- fw jC mJeua^ ^UuHBit>"< A. O.HYDE. \ M, 8. FOWEU, . „ JlABSHAli^, E ir^r-v-^y ^^ "•'•fj' K|W^ O, HYOK. li^L^r ttlULM * Vf "WWF^ BRP TREATMENT . AU 5.HE Ffo? <e*t^gl^]

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