Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas on January 6, 1939 · Page 7
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Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas · Page 7

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 6, 1939
Page 7
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*HB CORSIOANA SEMI-WBBKLY LIGHT, FRIDAY, JANUARY 6, 1989. SEVEN , C, to NAMED COUNTY HEA1JH OFFICER COMMISSIONERS COURT ACT ON NUMEROUS APPOINT- MSNTS AND SALARIES Year-end Holiday Death Toll Less Than at Christmas Approval of the bonds and sal- f arles of a number of deputies ' and other county employees, election of a health officer, designation of the person tb be given the concession stand In the lobby of the court house, and the authorization for the advertising for 1 \ bids on trade-Ins for new pickup trucks f6r several commissioners featured ' the Tuesday afternoon session of the commissioners' court. Drs. S. H. Burnett, W. W. Carter and O. C. Bowmer were nominated as county health officer. Dr. Burnett Is the present officer. The salary Is $75 per month. On tho second ballot, Commissioners Slaughter and George voted for Dr. Bowmer _and Commissioners Fitzgerald and Hayea voted for Dr. Carter. County Judge Paul H. Miller cast the deciding vote In favor of Dr. Bowmer. Dr. Bowmer la a member of the Navarro county hos- pltal board. *••• Dave Kennemore, fireman and yardman at tho court house and • power plant for the past 33 years, waa re-elected. His salary ; la $100 per month. No other ap- | plications were presented. L Deputy Sheriff Takes Oath 'V George T. Brown, deputy sher- » > iff, took the oath of his office ' Tuesday afternoon. He was not present when the remaining deputy sheriffs were sworn In Tuesday morning. Tho salary for E. B, Dawson, chief deputy district clerk, wa« approved for $125 per "month. The application of Leo Sands, constable of Precinct 2, Chatflcld, for the appointment of Ollte as deputy, was tabled and f ... n«M considered. • ™ «•••• The salariea of Seton T. Holsey, chief assistant, and Loroy Bar;,«i low, assistant, both in the office .V of Charles T. • Banister, criminal district attorney, were set at $200 and $100 per month respectively. The salary of Mrs. Robbie Lee Tatum as secretary to County Judge Miller waa placed at $85 per month. Commissioner Joo George was presiding officer of the court during tho consideration of the application of Judge Miller' for Mrs. Tatum. . ' Johnson Retains Concession After several ballots, Commls- slondrs Slaughter and George voted for W. H. (Pop) Johnson to retain the concessions In the lobby of the court house for 1939 and Commissioners Hayes and Fitzgerald voted for Marlon Martin, Judge Miller broke tho tie vote In favor of Johnson. Numerous ballots for superintendent of the county farm were - deadlocked with each sloner supporting commls- favorite. Commissioner Hayes nominated C. E. 'White, Commissioner Fitzgerald named John G. Christian, C. O. Slaughter picked D. M. Lawrence, while Commissioner '"George, re-named L. A; Gideon, present superintendent. By The Associated VreM The nation's violent death toll over the Now Year's week end stood at 327 today ia compared with more than 600 for the Christmas holidays a week ago. At least 200 fatalities resulted from automobile collisions. There were numerous suicides and deaths by drowning, homicide, asphyxiation, falls and other causes. A score lost their lives in fires and several were killed in plane crashes. The number of deaths from alcoholism was negligible despite record celebrations in many cities. New York led the states with 52 dead, of whom 26 died In a suicide wave In New York City. Thirty were dead in California, 26 in Illinois and 25 In New Jersey. Deaths In other states: Alabama 16, Arizona 4, Arkan- sls 2, Colorado 7, Connecticut 4, Florida 12, Georgia 5, Idaho 1, Indiana 4, Iowa 2, Kansas 4. Ken- ucky 6, Louisiana 3, Maine 9 Maryland 4, Massachusetts 6, Michigan 8, Minnesota 4, Missouri 6, Montana 2, Nebraska 4, New Mexico 2, Ohio 7, Oklahoma 7, Oregon 2, Pennsylvania 11, South Carolina 4, South Dakota 2, Tennessee 3, Texas 13, Utah 3, Vlrgln- a 2, Washington 6, West Virginia 10 Wisconsin 10, Wyoming 1. STREAMLINED BILL FOR COMBINING TEXAS LAWYERS_PLANNED By WILLIAM ~K. KEYS AUSTIN, Jan. 3.—(/P)—Two paragraphs on a piece of paper might bind Texas' 6,000 lawyers into an organized legal group next year. Streamlined and free of features which some have blamed for Its failure to pass at four previous sessions, a proposed bill—it's contents packed into two pithy paragraphs creating an Integrated state bar Isure to turn up In the general session of the legislature beginning next Tuesday. In common language it could 30 called an nil-Inclusive and compulsory bar with a measure of self government, similar to that In effect in 21 other states and which, proponents claim, can have none but good effect upon the public and the profession. The proposed measure, endorsed by the executive committee of the Texas Bar Association, the Texas Civil Judicial Council and scores of local bar groups, would require all licensed attorneys to register annually with the clerk of the supreme court and pay a fee not to exceed $5. In addition It would give the high tribunal authority to make rules and regulations for the practice of law and to set up a code of ethics, .retaining, however, the right of trial by jury In disbarment proceedings. To opposition charges of "regl- mentation" friends of tho bill cite Its one obligation upon attorneys— payment of a registration fee. There ore no other obligations ,'he commissioners .did-not agree >ji a county farm superlntendonl the Tuesday afternoon session id' the matter was postponed until the next regular meeting, Mon day, Jan. 9. A round-table discussion of the delinquent tax collection situation was held by the court and Criminal District Attorney Banister but no definite action was taken The court last year hired a special assistant for the district attorney to work In tho delinquent tax colledtlon department. Definite decision for the 1939 procced- uro has not been reached Corporation Court >t One charge of' disturbing the peace, one of operating a car with defective lights, two of operating cars with only one head lamp, three of running over stop signs, one of running a red 4» light, three of Intoxication, and *- * two of Improper parking brought offenders" Into the Corslcana Corporation Court Thursday onorn- ing. It Is True You will appreciate the difference Ask your grocer for Gold Chain Flour.. Distributed by McCOLPIN GRAIN CO. Phono 470 m Lnrt Something? Try a Dally Sun Want Ad. SENATE COMMITTEE REPORT SAYS FUNDS HAVE BEENDIVERTED NO SPECIFIC CRITICISM OF HARRY HOPKINS MADE IN CAMPAIGN REPORT WASHINGTON, Jan. 3. — (fP) —The senate campaign expenditures com m i 11 e e charged today that relief funds in several states had jeen diverted for political purposes. It made no specific crit- cism of Harry Hopkins former WPA administrator who recently was named secretary of commerce, but it called for legislation to 'make Impossible further offensis of this character." Senator McNary of Oregon, the opubllcan floor loader, strongly Indicated the committee's finding vould bo made the basis of a fight igalnst the confirmation of Hopkins in his new job. "I will ask that the report be re- 'erred to the commerce committee which will be In charge of the Hop- klns\nomlnatlon," McNary said. He declined to amplify his statement. Concluding a, long inquiry Into the 1938 senatorial contests, the committee offered 16 suggestions or cleaning up elections. It cleared all the candidates personally, however, of a wide variety of accusations. The committee report of more to the lawyer who has been usec to ordinary honesty In his practice with .his client and dealings with the courts, they claim. Major Benefits. Listed as its major benefits are Elevation of the profession In the public mind with resultant 1m proved service to clientele. Effective dealing against unau thorlzed practice. Sponsors admit Integration is an ideal never absolutely attained and countered with a claim dlsln tegratlon has too long .been an ac tuallty. Rugged Individualism had been of little or no aid to the professions as a whole, they as sort. In pointing to the "relative -futility" of voluntary associations which tend to represent a minor Ity rather than a majority voice They also admit of Its coercive nature—in so far as registration Is compulsory—but view this feature as nothing more than any exercise of the powers of government which regulate the ordinary citizen. An outspokcd champion of the measure, former Representative Fred M. Knetsch of Seguln, argues a universal bar would represent the majority opinion of Texas lawyers and points to a membership of little more than 3,500 in the Texas Bar Association, a voluntary organization. "With a unified bar the legislature, as well as the general public, would take notice of any cause or proposition having the endorsement of the bar," he says. than 400 printed pages said many charges of political activity against the WPA had not been sustained, but It added: The committee believes that ,' Statement of the Condition Of The State National Bank CORSICANA, TEXAS As Made to the Comptroller at the Close of Business •• December 31, 1038. RESOURCES CASH and SECURITIES- Cash and Due from Banks $704,322.00 Bonds and Securities 432,701.42 , Acceptances: Cotton and Cotton Seed 26,021.02 .Total Cash and Securities $1,163,138.43 Loans and Discounts, 723,003.04,' ' .Federal Reserve Bank Stock r 7,680.00 •Banking House. and Vaults.' 239,000.00 "Furniture and Fixtures 20^000.00 •Real Estate .-. .TOTAL. .$2,166,462.37 -• s LIABILITIES q&pltai s 200,000.00 Surplus 66,000.00 (J Undlv)ded Profits ,..;' 30,886.40 ' Capital, Surplus and Undivided Profits 286,886.46 JE?,l|d,end Checks Outstanding -, 4,000.00 - WEMBEH OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION funds appropriated by the congress for the relief of those in need and distress have been in many Instances diverted from these high purposes to political ends." A majority of 22 -complaints against the WPA administration in Kentucky, it said, had been sustained by committee agents. Hopkins previously had denied all except two. ' Some Recommendations. Tho report included such recommendations as these; Prohibition against political contributions by relief reclpents and. legislaton forbdding relief officials to Influence votes. A change In the law to make It a felony Instead of misdemeanor for officials to discriminate against relief workers. Legislation llmltng Individual contrbutlons to candidates, preventing corporation donations and requiring complete reports of campaign costs. Laws to prevent candidates from obtaining relief lists and forbidding promises of benefits from relief funds. Legislation curtailing the use of the congressional franking (free mailing) privilege. Consideration of legislation to make all political contributions by federal workers Illegal. The report was signed by all five committee members—Chairman Sheppard (D-Tex) and Senators O'Mahoney (D-Wyo.), Walsn (D-Mass), Harrison, (D-MIss) and White (R-Maine.) Campaign Contributions. The bulky document listed campaign contributions and expenditures by senatorial candidates. The latter ranged from zero to the $159,451.37 disbursed in the primary and general campaigns of Senator Taft (R-Ohio.) Field Investigations were made In 18 states—Arkansas, California, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky Maryland, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, Now York, North Dakota Ohio, Pennsylvania South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, and Wisconsin. The report said complaints Included charges of Irregularities In registration and voting, Abuse of the senate franking prvllege, excessive or unreported expenditures, solicitation of federal and state officials and employes for political purposes, Intimidation or coercion of employes by federal officials, use of congressionally- approprlated funds for political candidates, and promises of employment in private Industry In exchange for promises of votes. Cimndlcr-Barkloy Campaign Thn committee found that supporters of Gov, Albert B. Chandler, who lost to Senator Alben W. .Barkley In ths Kentucky Democratic primary, collected about $7C.OOO from "state em- ployes whoso salaries had been partly, of wholly derived" from federal funds. At the same time It said $24,000 was collected from federal employes in Kentucky as "subscriptions Intended for Candidate Barkley's campaign committees." The latter Involved more than $20,000 which the committee could not trace. The committee said Charles G. Tachau collected these funds, swore that he had cashed checks totaling $5,000 and had given the money to the Barkley committee, and finally had turned over a check for $20,000. Barkley's oamaplgn manager said they had received $1,000 or $2,000, but flatly denied knowledge of the' remainder, which -Tachau said was loft in an envelope with his secretary for someone from, Barkley headquarters. Because Tachau said his records were destroyed and Barkley managers denied knowledge of It, the senate committee could not un- tantrlo the mystery. "The committee has found nothing to show that Senator Barkloy had any knowledge of any activity Two Killed By Tornado Last Night Louisiana MONTGOMERY, La,, Jan.. 4.— (JP) —The first prc-aprlng tornado In this section which ripped open the small business section of Montgomery last night, left two persons dead and- ono seriously Injured. Ross Metcalfe, 35, and his wife, 32, were killed outright and their son, Willie, less than a year old, was seriously hurt. Sheriff E. E. Bowon said seven or eight stores in tho main business bloojt were wrecked and their goods water-soaked as tho storm tore down tho north side of tho main street for two blocks. Several homes In the path of the storm suffered damage. He estimated the loss of property at $0,0050. MONTGOMERY, La., Jan. 4.— (/P) — Ross Medcalfe, 35, millwright, and his wife wore killed and their three and one-half year old son, Willie, Injured when a tornado struck this town of 225 population, last night. Thn high wind was confined to a narrow area but several business buildings and numerous private homes were damaged. Sheriff H. E. Bowon estimated the total damage at about $75,000. The Metcalfe home was demolished. Motcalfo, found hanging from the roof of the neighboring house of Mrs. Mollle Goole, was killed instantly. His wife, found near the Goole home with throat and other Injuries, died en route to a hospital. The child suffered a broken leg and was taken to an Alexandria hospital for treatment. The town was without light and water service for several hours after the disturbance. All communications were temporarily disrupted and news of the blow was not received elsewhere until residents drove to the neighboring towns of Natchltoeh- es and Colfax. Montgomery is In the northwestern tip of Grant parish and has a population of about 225. Thu tornado was confined to an area aboil t 50 yards wide and a quarter of mile long. Killed By Lightning. WINNFIELD, La., Jan. 4.—(IP) —Ed Palmer, 28, employes ot the killed, and E. B. Barton, Jr. was injured by a bolt of lightning that struck the rock quarry plant this morning. OATHS OF OFFICE, DEPUTIES APPROVED DY COMMISSIONERS Oaths of office, approval of deputations for assistants and deputies in various departments, and other matters were considered at the meeting of the commissioners' court Tuesday morning. Another session of tho court was held Tuesday afternoon. Deadlocks In the selection , of several appointive offices wore seen at the morning session. Claims were allowed except as not(!d on the docket. Tho oaths and bonds of Commissioners T. P. Hayes, J. N. George and C. O. Slaughter were administered 'and approved. The bond and oath to Commissioner C. M. Fitzgerald of Rice was administered at Saturday's session. The oaths and bonds of 'deputy sheriffs under Sheriff C. O. Curington were approved and salaries were approved as follows: C. C. Sands, chief deputy, $125; George Brown and Jeff Spencer riding deputies, $1115; George Massoy, jailer, $75, and Jim Inmon, court bailiff $70. Brown did not take the-oath Tuesday morning but will during tho afternoon. Deputies and Salaries. The following deputies and oal- arles for the office of T. A. Farmer, assessor and collector of taxes, wore approved: R. S. Daniel, chief deputy, $125; Hallle Blake, $100; Mrs. Mattlo Sue George, $85; Mildred Summers, $100; A. G. Steele, $100; W A. Crews, $100; R, B. Mitchell, Two Houses Burned With Loss Estimated Thousand Dollars Fire of undetermined origin destroyed two houses at 1003 and 1005 East Tenth avenue about 2:30 Tuesday morning with loss estimated by fire department officials at $1,000. The fire is believed to have started in a vacant house owned by the J. S. Adair estate, and spread to the adjoining house occupied by Jim Tate, negro. by persons soliciting contributions from federal employes In his 'behalf or of political activity within tho ranks of WPA personnel In his Interests," the report said. Affidavit* Accepted. The committee accepted affidavits by Senator Guffey (D-Pa) and Governor Earle, defeated Democratic candidate for senator, that "they had no knoweldge" of a let- tor sent out under their names asking political contributions from federal employes. It also cleared former Senators McAdoo (D-Callf) and Duffy (D- Wls>, defeated for second terms, of complaints of soliciting campaign funds from federal em- ployes in violation of a federal law. ' The Tennessee Demorcratlc prt mary came In for censure, the committee finding that federal employes were solicited for contributions; poll tax receipts were purchased In bulk by opposing factions, and, WPA labor and funds were used to build and re- air "private drives and roadways under circumstances x x x that such use may have been permitted for tho purpose of Influencing votes and voting In behalf of both sides." Numerous charges by former Senator Berry (D-Tenn), defeated for ronomlnatlon, wore found lacking In proof.^ . Lost Snmethlns? Try a Dally Sun Want Ad. Fay Brown, $96; .... deputies, J. W. Varnell, J S. Doolln, B. V. Hatley, C. C. Speed, Earl Smith, W. L. Mead or, S. F. Herod and George W. Watson, 2 1-2 cents per poll and 15 cents per $1000 valuation; C. J Grantham, $76, The appointment of Miss Mary Walker as assistant to the county auditor by District Judge Wayne R, Howell at a salary of $100 per month was approved and entered n the minutes of tho court. Miss Walker also took' tho oath of of ,'lce as assistant to County Treas urer Bud Burleson at a salary of P15 per month. Hospital Board Report, The annual financial report o Paul Moore, secretary-treasurer o: the Navarro county hospital board ;6vornlng board of tho P. and S Hospital, was accepted and ap proved and the work of the'board was endorsed and praised by th commissioners. Tho hospital was shown In . a fine financial condl tlon with no outstanding obllga tlons or debts. Oaths of office to the deputies n the office of Lyda Reed, county clerk, was administered by Judgo Miller and the salaries set by the court were: Durwood George chief deputy, $125; Iva Whltton recording deputy, $100 and Corne Ha Hardy,' recording deputy, $95. Five persons were nominated a superintendent of tho county farn but no election was effected am the matter was passed until tlv afternoon session. John G. Chris Han was nominated by Commls sloner Fitzgerald. L. A. Qldeon present superintendent, was nom Inated by Commissioner George D. W. Lawrence was nominated by Commissioner Slrtughter, anc C. E. White was nominated by Commissioner Hayes. Chas. Wai son was not nominated. Ho 1 ha put In a written application. Tha bond of J. E. Tyner, consta ble at Kerens, was approved. Four Applicants for janitor. Four applications for tho Job a janitor were presented. Mose Arm strong, present janitor, was re named. The other three appl cants were A. B. Bllssott, R. L Harwell and E. B. Jarnlgan. Hayo nominated Bllssett, Goorgo sup ported Armstrong, and Slaughtc nominated Jarnlgan. On the sec ond round, Hayes and Slaughte were for Jarnlgan and Georg and Fitzgerald for Armstroni County Judge Miller broke tho tl In favor of Armstrong. Seven applications were rocelv ed for the right to operate th concussions and cold drink utnn In the lobby of the courthouse The applicants were J. T. pettj Marlon Martin, Mrs. Louise Pug Clements, W. H, (Pop) Johnsoi present concession man; Clem A Weaver, Hayden Paechall and \\ T. MoFadden. Hayes nominate Martin, George nominated Johnson Fitzgerald presented Paschall an Slaughter voted for W. T. McFad den. After several ballots, th vote was Slaughter and Georg for Johnson, Hayes for Martin an Fitzgerald for Paschall. The ma ter was then deferred until tl: afternoon session. One tax adjustment was mad t ^V T > • HEEL TAPS Beat Prime Leather or Rubber, Green Shoe Shop 108 EAST FIFTH Shop with Large Electric Shoe. Condensed Report of the Condition Ot The First National Bank COR8IOANA. TEXAS A* Rendered tb the Comptroller of tho Currency, Washington, D. O, At the Close of Business December 31, 1938. RESOURCES Loans and Discounts v .$2,614,648.60 Banking House, Furniture and Fixtures 87,000,00 Other Real Estate Owned 122,505.46 Stock in Federal Reserve Bank, Dallas, Texas 30,660.00 Cash on Hand and Due from Banks $2,266,802.43 United States Bonds 260,026.00 ' Investment Securities ' 186,086.93— 2,873,914,36 TOTAL '...$5,628,618.41 LIABILITIES Capital r.... t 900,000.00 Surplus 418,000.00 Undivided Profits (Net) •. , 7,359.89—$1,026,359.89 DEPOSITS— Individual ;'. 4,871,107.11 Banks .....•», 832,051.41— 4,603,188.82 TOTAL. .$5,628,618.41 THH OLD RELIABLE" SINCE) 1869 Cnltod States Government Depository MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION EGISLAT10N TO END POLITICAL USE RELIEFFUNDS DUE ENATORS BEGAN DRAFTING BILLS FOLLOWING REPORT CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE WASHINGTON, Jan. 4 — (JPt— enator Austin (R-Vt.) predicted oday that congress would purge elief of all politics, as a result f the report by the special sen- to committee on campaign cx- endlturca. It corroborated our statements ast session that office workers, harity funds and even Influence the senate have been on sale hrough the WPA" the New Eng- and republican said. Austin said • he would relntro- uco an amendment, narrowly de- cated last session In the senate, naklng It a crime to use relief unda for political purposes. Senator Vandcnlierg (R-Mlch) poke of the report as a "demon- tratlon of the fact that there an bo non-partisan courage In he senate," and added, "I hope t continues and becomes eonlagj- illS." Both Democrats and Republicans predicted early enactment as they studied the report of the campaign investigating commlt- ee, which recommended tighter restrictions on electioneering by WPA workers and government employes generally. The report said relief funds in many Instances had been diverted "to political ends." N Senator Hatch (D-NM) was working on two measures designed /to check political maneuvering by government workers. Dno would bar political activities >y federal employes other than hose In elective or polley-mak- ng positions. The other would place restrictions on both federal workers and on state employes whose salaries arc paid in part "rom federal funds. Senator Barkley (D-Ky), the majority leader, said the cam palgn commlttoe'H recommenda- Ions for restrictive legislation would be conferred to the senate elections committee. Senator McNary (R-Ore) added that he would ask to have :he report referred to the "commerce committee for study In BROTHER CORSICANA MAN DIED IN WACO; BURIAL AT HOLLAND WACO, Jan. 5.—Funeral services for Wlllam Roy Gray, aged 37 years, of Holland, who died In a local hospital Wednesday morning, were held from the Methodist church at Holland Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock with burial In the Holland cemetery. The rites were conducted connection with tho nomination of Harry Hopkins to be secretary of commerce. Some senate appropriations commlttcomen snld today they would want to look Into the campaign report when they consider the administrations' request for additional money to operate WPA until June 30. On tho other aide of the capl- lol, however, house appropriations authorities predicted that the extra relief fund would be voted quickly and thnt such proposals are earmarking; funds for specific purposes would be considered later. They conceded, however, that tho relief appropriations bill might provoke bitter debate. by Rev. Mr. Brockette and Rev, Mr. Gulce. Surviving arc hla wife, two sons, Mack and Jack Gray, Holland; parents, Mr. and Mrs, R. F. Gray, Holland; and two brothers, Bob Gray, Jr., Holland, nml Wnlter W. Gray, Corfllcana._ A NEW START! ' Oet our fair prtre for nettled AntO Re [mini t Hrn how easily 7°n mnr atari —nnrf continue to drive, untroubled, thrmiftli—dm Nmv Yrnr. Rfftolntlnnii put-off at Now Yrnr'H, of nil tlnm. tumuli? nr« neglected till ton 1nt«l Be "i»fp. Konnlra to drive here today, for Auto ncpnlnt. Tucker Brothers Garage 321 N. Main Street Phone 1017. WATCH -- CLOCK -• JEWELRY REPAIRING ALL WORK OtlAnANTinm G. D. RHOADS, Jeweler SPECIAL CLOSE OUT PRICES Model 16 Colemnn Gasoline Stovo. r ...,-. $10.00 Model BB Coloman Oasolinn Stove $20.00 20 In. Heavy Cast Iron Box Heater $ 8.60 28 In. Heavy Cast Iron Box Heater ,-...$ O.flO Single Bit Plumb Miulo Axe K $ l.BO Double Bit Plumb Axe ,. $ 1.05 4 Burner Quick Menl Stovo with Oven $10.05 500 Shot Daisy Air Gun jr $ 1.35 Sentinel Radio with Batteries $22.50 We have Mnrkod Down Many Other Items. Call By and See Vs. Ben Rosenberg & Son IMPLEMENTS HARDWARE "WHERE FARMERS FEEL AT HOME" CASHWAY "Is What They All Say" FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY WE OFFER: CAT TUTiTVT OALf.ttl.Uil . . Alaska, Excellent Source °' Vitamin D, cnn ....... ENGLISH PEAS Quick cnn for Tenderness, 3 for GRAPEFRUIT . Plenty of Juleo, 5 for .....T. SHORTENING. 8 pound Carton . 79c CRACKERS . . 2 pound Box Finest Granulated SUGAR 10 POUNDS ICDRNELAKES. KelloggX Pitcher Free, 2 packages 19c| • STEAK . . . OLEOMARGARINE . 8 His., BOLOGNA. Pound 09c iCHEESE. . Pound JOWLS... Pound 09c Beef IB Down. Penchra are Plentiful EVAPORATED PEACHES POUND IOC With Your Bfoukfost It Starts a Perfect Day. COFFEE GOOD BAKEKS U. S. NO. Ii 10 Ibs. SPUDS 18c Large Juicy. Keep Down Colds LEMONS Dozen.. * .KB. *••••• **i 15C BLEAOIIED FLOUR 48. LB. BAG 75c SOLID YELLOW ONIONS Pound GOOD COOKERS, VERY SWEET YAMS Kiln Dried, 10 pound* | STRING BEANS i* Crisp and Tender, can . .n 9c| [ Servo Cream SPINACH Tonight No. % cans, 3 for 25c I These Delicious Apples Very Sweet and Juicy. Dozen I J.IU3B0 JJI3IIU1UUH All APPLES 15c DEL-DEXI HOMINY No. 2H cans. 8 FOR

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