Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 15, 1946 · Page 8
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 8

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 15, 1946
Page 8
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Friday, February 1S, 1*46 -*>ft. Have it V A* • '"'•'.•. rswlord and Irosby To Win fty BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD, Feb. 15—(/TV-Joan Crawford' and' B:ng Crosby- will ^ft "tftls year's academy awards. I 1&&ve" tfiis oil authority of Anne Bix'$&; a musty old deck of cards. Anne lays claim to being a for- 'tttfie teller and I asked her if she Wteld predict the Oscar winners foi this year. '"The cards tell everything,* she replied ominously. She whipped out a ragged pinocle deck and began shuffling, a mystic look lighting her beautiful' green rye:;. I shuffled and thought about Ingrid Bergman, which is not bad work it all. Anne spread the mrds on i table, pondered nnfl said;- "Wt~ ,iaps, but I dtitJbt It." • A nine of diamond awarded the Oscar to Joan Crawford. Kay Milland got definite "no" in the male devision, which would surprise the betting boys. Cornel Wilde wn.s leading Gregory Peck when Bing Orosby got a king of diamonds. The meant "no answer; try later." A later try gave De Bingle another Oscar. ' BETTER CLEANING FOR BETTER CLOTHES BoB Clements 114 W. Foster Phone 1342 LOANS PLAINS FINANCE CO. H. L, Phillips Room 8, Duncan Ph. l?.or> Don't come west, young man, if .•ou hope to make a fast fortune >rcducing movies. "The frontier days in the motion .jiclim 1 industry arc over," Produc- •i- Jesse La;;Ky tells me, and he .hould know. "Nowadays the average picture costs a million dollars," he said. And where are you going to get Hint kind of dough, son?" "But the biggest factor is getting name stars -vou can'l make money without Attention men! Red Skelton IMS :l;M'ovcred wluit to do with those ties your wife gives. .He wears only maroon lies and refused to wear two ori&ht ones his wife gave him. Im- gine her surpiisc to find them in bright golbs on their living room wail. Flaving ]>laycd a Siamese in "Anna IK! the- King of Situn. Mexican I'ltii Hcnaldo will appear as "rick- ;haw boy" in the Broadway production . . . David Nivcn presented Biny Crosby with a gold cup YOU ARE URGED TO ATTEND THE BOY SCOUT MERIT . BADGE EXPOSITION Saturday, Feb. 16 High School Gymnasium 2:00 to 5:30 P. M. ® 7:00 to 9:30 P. M. PAUL GROSSMAN Sales FRIGIDAIRE Service 112 W. Foster Phone 21 10 Master Drainage Plan Made for Rio McALLEN, FVj. 15—(#>)—A^miis- ter drainage plan for the "Rio Grande Valley providing for approximately 300 miles of drain canals and eight main channels has been completed tay the McAllen field office of the U. S. bureau of reclamation. Drainage is a part of the bureau's overall program for the lower Rio Grande which also includes a gravity irrigation canal costing an estimated $07,000.000. Tho drain plan was formulated after a month's study by the bu4 reau's Denver engineer, J. R. lak- isch (GQ), assisted by local 'bureau staff men. A test hole-drilling 'program for the drainage project is now complete. Data compiled from such work is »n record, showing underground water flow in this region and giving detailed data on water tables, it chief source of economic lo.s.s to citrus growers. Orchards often die because of steadily rising water tables. The holes also show various soil types. The cighi, proposed main drain canals in the valley would serve all existing irrigation districts here, said Segcr. Five would empty Into the Gulf of Mexico or adjacent '.valors, while three would empty into IIie Arroyo Colorado, -.1 national channel which leads from La Foria and Harlingen past Rio Hondo and Paso Real. Final location of lateral ditches remains to be determined by de- 'ailed survey and studies. If federal funds are made available for the joint irrigation-drain- nge construction program, the work would be done tinder contracts with vsilley water district. ' A charge for use of irrigation water provided oy the project would be designed,, over a period of years, to liquidate the t-osl. of the work. from a British magazine. The yroaner .received it as he does (ill •awards - minus his "lamb chop," as Hope; ''\lh- his toupee. . ,nfc ORDINANCE NO. 203 AN ORDINANCE CHANGING THE NAME OF GEORGIA AVENUE BETWEEN CHRISTINE STREET AND DUNCAN STREET TO CHRISTINE STREET AND DECLARING AN EMERGENCY. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE* CITY COMMISSION OP THE CITY OF PAI.'PA, TEXAS: I- That the name Georgia Avenue between Christine Street and Duncan Street be changed to Christine Street. II. Tho fact the public welfare of the Citizens of Pampa needs to be protected creates an emergency and the rule requiring three separate readings of this ordinance is hereby suspended and this Ordinance | shall take effect immediately after- its passage. 'Passed and approved this 22nd day of January, 1946: FARRIS C. ODEN, Mayor. Attest: J. ERNEST HOOD, City Secretary. Feb. 15, 18, 21. HJNHY ".! ibink' he snapped a rib laughing at one of Uic jokes he was telling to cheer me up!" Market Briefs WAU, STIIEET NMV/ YOUK; Feb. i-l—(/!')—Tlio Bl™k mnrkL'l tuilny pnjojcil n tectinicnl rally of 1 tn « more points but eventually en- counterfil opposition nnd ndvnnces, near the close, were well tinder their heflt in the majority of cnsos. Denlinss, fnh-ly iictive in the forenoon, slowed ns the session pi'oftressed and trends wnveved. Stnr performers in the morning Svcre the steels, motors, liquors, mils, rubbers, mines nnd sepcialties. Most of these bncked nwny In the final hour nnd scntterod losers nppvnred toward the finish. Trnnsfcrs were nround 1,300,000 shnres. ^ Fuvoritos included Amcricnn Rndintor nnd Cerlnin-Teod, at hiRhs for the past ytnr. Ahcnd most of the day were U. S. Sled, YoiinKslown Sheet, General Motors, (inoilypnr. Montuomory Word, Hiram Wnli ki'i-, Ktnndoril Oil |N,I), Southern Pii- nlfir. rioiiBlHB All'crnft., Arneriunn Air- MUCH, Anucniidn. Aincrlcnn Smeltlnu, Dn Pont. Allied Cliemii'nl nnd Air Kertuc- lion. Losses, at one time for another, were Ktfd for Bethlehem, Chryslei', Oeneral Klertrir, liitifi'imtlonnl Hiirvestcr, Oliver Cnri)., Cuniiolidatfd Kdlnon and Eastman Kndiik. I'lilllp Mni'riM shimhled to ci new low. Km] bonds hardened. NKW YORK STOCKS Ily The Asooclnted Press Conl Con* . _. 2fi 111 . r i Rl KtU - f> -_48 M Read Classified Ads in the News LET'S ATTEND THE SCOUT MERIT BADGE EXPOSITION JUNIOR HIGH GYM SATURDAY, FEB 16 2:00 to 5:30—Exhibit 7:00 to 7:30—Court of Honor- Am Airlines 24 AMN T&T 15 Am Woolen 1!> . micomla Cop _-37 ATSF 149 Both Steel -10 Braniff Air 1.3 .w Corn -..BO Motors 88 Oil Del IH Wrinlil. orl. 'Kuliili Klce Motnl-H Cuudrich (I1F) fii-eyhound Coi-jj Cluir Oil Houston Oil 28 Int Hiirv 12 *Cwn City Sim .... (! Lockheed Aire __2!1 Mo Knn Tex 8 Miint Want 2!t Niitl Gypsum 2X ^o Am Avin _.2S Ohio Oil _,2r, Packard Motor _..!)£ 'Pn Am Air .102 Punhunillo I'&U 1!) Penney (.1C) „__!!) Phlllipb Pel 1!) Plym Oil .... 2 Pure Oil . 30 Radio Corp • Am .-t'H Ki-p Steel „,._.-72 Suars- R ..... .. ..."•! Sincluir Oil llli Soc Vue 127 Sou Pac 31 Stand Oil Cal __30 Stand Oil Stand Oil Texiia Co Tex Gulf Prod 10 Tex Gulf Sulnh.-lG Tex Pac C&O _ 4 Tidewater A Oil- Hi U S. Kuhlicr -.._ 32 U.S. Steel (il Went Un Tel A.. 18 Woolwortli (I-TV) IS 7BW 14% Ind -,1B NJ _ 31 49% 12: 108'A 30% 135% 22% .17 Wi 10-T, H-t l/~ 28% 40 1/, 10% 78 i/i 28% 15% 22% 11% 24 i/j 11% r.ivX, r.2% 23 ; 22% 17% 118 1/. 38 1/. 19 1«% 118 i/l 40% 40% 68 1/. 56% 10% 52% 20 1/, 20% 70 1/. 47% 13 29 133 Vt 21% 30% 10% r>2'K, 4«'/« 75% 73%, 3».% fll'/. 20% 84 'A 28 1/. 41) IBM 7,7 '/. 28% 15i/i 21 '/i 11% 23% m/j r>r> 21% 17 '/i 37V, «7 '/i 18% 10% (12 1/. 46% 40% 67 50 10% 50 25% 20% 08 % 01% 51 i/i 55 75% 192% 44% 47% 107% . 30 134 22% 80% 10% B2% 401/. 75% 74V, 83% 62M 27 % 03V t 28% 4014. 10 i/l •7S% 28% lE'/j' 22 11% 24 </. 11% nn 52 21% 17% 38% 38% 19 111% 6814 45% 40% 67% OCi/o 10% 51% 25% 20% 70 VS 98V), 511/4 55 CIIICARO PRODUCE CHICAGO Fel>. 14—(/P)--(USDA)—Po- (•aUioH slow. Idaho Ruasut Bui-banks U. S. No. 1, *2.!)O.H.2r.; Colorado Red Me- ('lurert U. S No.. 1. $!!.8B; North Dnkntn Cohblers, commercial, $2:25; Michigan. Pontincn, commercial $2.15. KA.NSAS crry LIVESTOCK KANSAS' C1TV, fcb. ,H—(XP)—(USDA) Calllo 2,-100; calvc-H 200; generally steady, worni' HlrenKlh on slaughter heifers; practically no heavy steers suitable for. shipping; Hood und choice steers liu-gely long yearlings and medium weights selling $1. r i.fiO-lG.G5; medium and low good grada $1-1.25-16.25; good mid choice heifers and mixed yearlings mainly $15.00-16.00;, good nnd choice vcalera largely $14.50-16,50; medium and good calves $12.50-14.00. HOBS 1100; active at ceiling prices; good and choice 170 Ib. and up $14.55; sows mostly $13.80. FORT WORTH LIVESTOCK FORT WORTH, Feb. 14— Iff} (USDA)—Cattle COO; calves 200; active and firm; few good slaughter steres and yearlings $15.00-16.00; truck lot of mixed yearlings and short load of steers at latter price; common und medium grades $11.00-14.00; good beef cows scarce; .common and medium grades $8.00-12,00; good nn(l choice calves $13.00-15.00; odd head heavyweights higher; common and medium gruileB $10.00-12.75; medium and good stackers $12.00-13.50. Hogs 300;'active and steady; good and choice 160 Ibs. up $14.65, celling; sows mostly $13.90; few good stocker pigs $11 BO. FORT WORTH GRAIN FORT WORTH. Feb. 14—(/P)—Wheat No. 1 hard $1.78%-84%. ' Oats No. 3 white fiOVd-OlVj- Sorghums No. 2 yellow milo per 100 Ih. $2.48-61. CHICAGO GRAIN CHICAGO, Feb. 14—(/P)—Profit cash- Jug and confident commission house buying hud Mu'yc rye prices teetering both above and below yesterday's close most of t-he time today. Wheat, corn and barley finished unchanged at ceilings of $1.80<X>, $1.18% and $1.22i/,; oats unchiinged to % cent higher than the previous ' f inalSi May 81-cent ceiling; rye unchanged to 2 cents up, May $2.Hi/j-2.14. CIHQAGO WHEAT CHICAGO, Feb. 14-(/P)— Open Close May 1.80% 1.80'/. July !' l.SO'/j Scp 1.80 >/4 Dec 1,80V4 NEW ORLEANS FUTURES NKW ORLEANS, Feb. 14—(/P)-rCo.U ton. futures hurdled the 26-cent 1 murk here today for the first time in nearly 21 years. . • The advance was attributed, to price fixing and speculative • buying! whidji.wuu encouraged by stock market strength. ' ' ' Cloning p'riceu were steady JO $1.00 a bal enlgher. Open March „• 20.01 to Olo?^ • T -I 1*2 l!J . ,_ ,,, , x ^>l.'. .^ J ?_ . J J ,.(lr ..Av^,.3 Grocery Stores on Wheels Being Used MEXICO CITY, Feb. 15— (P?)— Oi'ocery stores on. wheels are being used to lower the cost of living nmong the poor in this fcderal''dis- trlct; ' • To counteract boom prices and black markets, trucks with basic foods are sent through poor dis- iricts, advertising food for sale at ceiling prices. The project, sponsored by a government agency known as "National DlsWibtiidora y Reguladora," was inaugurated last weekend, the agency saii^ that .the number of mobile food units would continue to be increased and that the vehicles would 'be parked' 'Conveniently for housewives. 5 , • • Museum Gets Surrender Document Reproduction LUBBOCK, Feb. 15—A reproduction of the Japanese surrender docu- mjnt .was presented : to the West Texas Museum on the Texas Technological college campus by Mr. and 'Mrs. Breedlove of Lubbock. The document, an accurate copy of the actual surrender terms, contains six pages, of material including- a copy ; 'of the terms in' Japanese^ "•• - ''•'•' ''•' '••• ' '"••" At the beginning of 1919, there were abouii' 6,OOQipOO automobiles in the'-:United' Sliite^ •••.-•-•--.—•.. n for lyery Occasion ! BtOSSOM SHOP 406 N. Cuyler ' ''Phone 21 MorWs *%fibe1fii "editor of the Jefl»- na'l Of the' Anwrfcfin Medical elation, ilerfareti today trial :4n meflfeflie hitd gorte "f«f lae- yohd" jft-eilderrt Truman's recdfit rrtehdatiott 'oft tne^c'at th' ari '."&8&esa prepared for de- livfery to trie fist ^rimiaJ rnidiwlri- ter tneetirig of the :Chteag'6 Defltat Society', tit, ifishiJeiri iiSteS Mr. ,Trti- mail's health VeiitimnteHdatioVis, and said: •'''''" ' - : ' • • '' : ' •" ''- : • "We have, in fact, gone far be- yoriii these recfoWtmendations Jri ufging A rrdnitriutti standfti'd bf riu- trition, housing, clothing, fend tec* reation a'6 ftlttdatnftA'tttt t« good health in any hearth' program." ' : He added the' procedures established for advice to pi'feghant wb* rrfen : an'd f of childbirth car'e '"should ' be made available ''to et'ery v^biriar at '-- '' " : '" 6an : affOW . have" ' f a vbred ' sViilaB le hos- toh afid" ' medical : chre for veterans;- ;!V •••-' : ' : - ••'•" '•' .We' '.Urge extended, coordinated, aria'intehsified.i'eged.reh 'M\'{hb sip- vancemeirt 6f medical Science; "We urge a . program of health education with the widest possible dissemination of information regarding the prevention and treatment of disease," We all must start behaving as though we intended to live together in a world organized for' peace. Cultural and industrial isolation must be ended as : Mpidly as possible. — Beardsley Ruml, chairman Federal Reserve Bank of New York. ' -• ORDINANCE NO. 262 AN ORDINANCE PROHIBITING THE SALE' OF ANY INTOXICATING LIQUOR'S IN THE CITY OP PAMPA, TEXAS, ON SUNDAYS AND DECLARING AN EMERGENCY. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY op PAMPA, :TEXAS: ' That on and after 1 the effective date of this Ordinance it shall'be unlawful to sell intoxicating liquors within the corporate limits of the City of Pampa, Texas, on Sundays. Any person violating this Ordinance shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be fined'not less than One Dollar nor more than One Hundred ($100.00) Dollars. The fact there is no Ordinance prohibiting the sale of intbxicatlng liquors in the City of Pampa on Sundays, and the health, public welfare and property rights of the citizens need to''be protected, and will be protected by this ordinance: creates ah' emeirgeticy' 'and 'the' : rule; requiring this' ordinance be rea'd oft- three separate' 'days is hereby suspended a'hd" this ordinance "shall becorhfi' effective' immediately after its passage aricl publication as pre- scribed'by law. r • : ! Passed''and 1 approved this -the 22nd day of'January, A. D. 1946. IfARillS C:',ODEN, Mayoi'- Attest:' J';''ERNEST HOOP, ; ''•"City Secretary. Feb. 15, 18, 21. ''• •• '•'••"' Mtxic* fffl Strike tw****--*!HiNr- -**'t*** j ***•*«*"'* **v»*-* :• IfotisaM t<J*ftie Workers in toefle HdjUh&i yesterday to tefcv'e tfieif jobs Mktrday ifi a pro* gainst' *i electrical tfnlon officials said that workers w#e deriteriaftig six-day pay checks to* thre% days' *6fk, the fiumBer of days that factories have teen oper* fltthg Soring, the p6%er snpttage. 'jfhe latfef department saf8 that a lairge ntirftbef ' 6i plahts— fnbstly cot^ M, .Wiftof Snd sf IK textile factories — woiiltf be" a'ttected by a work stop- pkge. ;Ttoe federal arbitration and cbrtcilkttidn board of PueBla h'.as the , ™. dustry ..faces threatof 6. nil WOfk stOpjSStf&V pTbb&bTy^ .Anuuuay. trM tfattofiAl'Tefctflg Wf*K6Hr ttofdh said such action may be taken uaiefcs Net* YorTt contracts, flrow Mtig f»eg- otiftted, were made effective. It is time for the" UNO to go Into action, to take OTgnteafice ot. disputes which have artsefi, is, i^aA- fically, in Iran, Java, afid in (U^ece, Or which Way arise hereaiter, 'Sftd fey the working out of arrangements for their peaceful settlement demonstrate the strength and the abtyty of the organization to deal :*ith them.—Harold E. Stassen, foimer governor of Minnesota. MERIT RADGE EXPOSITION February 16 Jr. Hi Gym 2:00-5:30 Afternoon Exhibit 7:00-,9:30 Court of Honor .PRIZES DONATED BY. American Legion-Lions Club--Rctary Club Jr. Chamber of Commerce-—Kiwanis Club .8 LOCAL TROPES 4 CUB PACKS OF Citizens Bank & Trust Co. "A Friendjly Bp.nk Friendly Service" Member F.D.I.C. UTIN©- TEAC$p k P0MI|L£ FUTUIIE TRADE HERE jE LISTED A FEf OF TrJE 109 SUBJECTS OFFERED BY THE LOCAL BOY SCOUT ORGANIZATION: f t Aeronautics A-gricultuire Animal Industry Architecture Autornobiling Bookbinding Carpentry Cement Work Chemistry Civics Conservation Corn Farming Cptton Farming P p P • Electricity Farm Home and Its • , • • • ' i * Planning Farm Layout and Bldg. Arrangement Farm Mechanics Farm Records and Bookkeeping First Aid Gardening Home Repairs (Handicraft) Hog & Pork Production Horsemanship Landscape Gerdening Leqther Work Life Saying /Machinery P P .P Masonry Mechanical Drawing AAetal Work Painting Personal Health Physical Development Plumbing Poultry Keeping Printing v Sqfesrripnship Soil Mgnagement SEE THE EXHIBITS OF OUIl ATTEND THE MEllf . EXPOSITION! SATURDAY ?:t|OTapa p. M. COURT OF HONQB 7:i |ft 11 P. '5-3<> v$ WV>^«^

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