The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 17, 1962 · Page 6
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 6

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 17, 1962
Page 6
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PA«B * Editorial--Adv.—BE 3.3511—Ckmtfk«J—BE 3-2411 THB BRAZOSPORT F A C T s BRAZOSPORT AND BRATOR'A COUNTY, TEXAS. FRIDAY, AUGUST 17. 1962 Summertime Is Running Out... But Anytime Is Classified Time. CALL BE 3-2611 BRAZOSPORT FACTS :?. SALESMEN WANTED USED CAR SALESMAN — Experienced. Pnlnry pins .•ommis"ion. EARLE PEARSONS OLI1PMOBILE. Frepport. \V,E WANT AD INFORMATION To Place Your Ad r CALL 'it 3-2611 — BE 3-3511 RATES One or Two ConseeuHve Days 26c per aqnte line per day '.Monday rhrouqh Friday TKree ro Five Consecutive Days : ST ; R TAXI rinivKRs-Mrn - ^-19c per agate line per day needed ror fun nr pmt tit Sl« or More Consecutive Days j Apply 219 Ks«t rark. —17c per agate line per day WAN! AD HOURS: " - .•• 8 AM to 5 P.M. .' "- ' Saturday 8 A.M. to 12 P.M. All charge! ars based on a 3 minimum. HELr COOK \VAXTKIl--Must he cvpenenced in sea foods. Apply- in person at Trade \Vinds. purfside Reach. LAB TECHNICIAN for Industrial I^liorfl- i tories. '_' years college chemistry or equivalent experience. Apply E. J Lavinn ft Co.. Freeport. Texas. • Women drivinp. 26. FEMALE HELP WANTED \ CARHOP Warned. Nc. experience neces. j sary salary, meals and tips. Apply'; al '.Mcpnnald'i Prive In. Hwy 2S? or] AN 5-:S7L'. j • SHKNF.'S BEAUTY QUEEN Coiceiia-tio-n deadline^ 9^^;- i-^Brajospo^vm^, ncreptrrt now. CY 7-1510. FOR THE PROTECTION Of Our Readers and Advertisers Close Censorship 11 exercised over «!! Classified •sdvertiicmenfs Accepted for publication The Braiosporr Facts never knowingly publishes Classified advertisements that Are untruthful or fraudulent, tK-t might ba injurious to the health or morali ot our readers, that are indecent, vulgar, or suggestive: or, that tend to be intentionally misleading. Any advertisement which we know fails to comply with these standards is restricted from our advertising column. Readers are urged to chock Business Opportunity advertising with the Better Business Bureau in th» town where th» businesi ii operating before making investments The Brazosport Facts !&1. LIVESTOCK-SUPPLIES I HORSE (or snlc. flenltr, font -ycnv-old; buckskin. 1150. Cftll RE MSW Rftcr 5 101. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES 102. HOUSES FOR SALE ^ETS-iUPPLIES ma***i**umm*mellmtl*ilil*m \t.\KK .(ACKSON ,M* OrrlP Way. RHcV — " „"" r _,"._,."„., ". « nt'd ttPthvoort. central nir ronrtllion. 4 MAJOR SKHX-UR STATION In Rmn,. ^mm. 2 twin, llvlns. dining, den, port area .lolnc over JO.MO OTIInr. k s| „,„„ ,„,,„ ,„ ,,,„,,, ' isivri"miTVm. s'Rffi-. ' ™-^.'r- f ••"•"< """<< "™ «"«»"• nRAGl'K rUrPIES-Reclstcred. 515 ned-. <•••"•"••esea^e^^^^««=»^^^»™ wood St. Ij>ke .Inrkson. call CY 7-61I.1. i 1 Q2. HOUSES FOR SALE CV NEW 1* oedroom IIOIIKP In Pnnrmry ipnrly lo move into on Inrpe lot. >.1.4S>, only JSii.71 per- month, no flown payment nn.v^osronT I.UMAKR ro. AN 5«>'a Cllllfl GERMAN RIIRPHKRD— T\vo 2-inort'l' , . j old males Tor sale. Handsome Mark 1 ANtir-ETON--J bedroom. J Mill, den. and Ian color. BE 3-30B1. j ?"nn ilmm. !5S month. Paint as part ! o! down p.-nmont. ABC. BF. J.53JI. | M?c NV ointl° l! |150* l rIi'il CTViBKAimroi/3 hediwniIMIrt nomcs. 1'IJNO DOWN PAYMENT It you own your B'l^ nm-nrift ' ' I batlis In RMiev s/n. Anctr-tnn and I own lot. Brick house* tn your choir* - °" "'"•"""• i ,,,,,„,„.„,„, park's TV 1-iVe Pntliara. nt price ranees from »«.«». In SM.OOO. BRAXOSPOIIT UIMPKi: CO. ! ABC. BE AN fi-rvVJ: 1 Chito 81. BEDROOMS FOR RENT i NO POWN PAYMENT— IMO rlOJIns. 3 ^•1CE BEDROOM with prlyatp pnlrance. RKA7.ORIA -I hpiti-onm, 5 hnlli. '1 story: nciltoom. larisp corner lot. ABC, BK hath with -shovpr and rpfriperatoi. close! house 'on 1 acre. With or without wphl-| 3-s^l. ntchts rv 7-70M. In. Gentlemen. 110 smith St.. Clule ort Inc shop. SSi.MTn . financing nrrnnned.i — , --- - --- - ------------- , ------AN 5-M^. ..._i M™ <lovu : . ta i per OC IIMCIIBMICUCr. i W R -"I 8S. UNFURNISHED MV R ..... '• 102. HOUSES FOR SALE ,«3. MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE CIX)RTNO " ir - » nmf ,„,„ APARTMENTS FOR RENT JF^CS mm*^^mmmmmmmmmf^fmmmfm\ >atd. i . on llanlpy l:,l. 75 x 150' lot. Also small FI.OF.TKR * ASSOO SPKfl.M. IT.ATImK T\Vrt 4 hedrootn honiet in Parkwnnd TtMTarr. both close to Heiitel Kelinol, (Vntrnl air, elertrlc kitchen, V Imllis. KXCELLKNT CONIHTION, KXCRU l.KNT BUY. n ('YPHKPS TtKnt'CKn S'.'.OOf*. IJHRP den. fenced corner In!. V KUJRKli- -SiXl per mnnlh. atlractlve 1 bedroom and den. KHA, MAN BEI1NARH RIVKR Plenonllv InrRC irsnil home shaded hy heniitlfnt pecan and onk trees. Recently ledecor- ated. Drab tills Iwmrr owner come* lo •cnsfs. . U\KR FOREST Beautiful lot« In destrnble men. new nt- ohl itet lions SLEEPY HOLLOW- l^rKLW lots. 53MK1, rD.MMinriM. pnorr.Riv HWY 3r p Business building on I*fl' nae. S4.S70. OAKS-n bedroom homp. tvnrM ~'™. d^VIV ROWIAND RF.AI.TV r^^. AN 5-2.V'.', CY 7-?t6fi. '2 room hnti REALTY. AN e in rear. AMKIUCAN r\* 7-W05. '-'• of Publishing day. NOTICE of typographical or ether errors must be given before rhe second inssrtion or claims for refund or extension will not be recogniied. Therefore, we must be notified of error before 9 A.M. of second publishing day. '. After an ad Is ordered it cannot be cancelled or changed before publication. Insertion deadline for reader ads \s 1 A.M. of publishing day. All display and box ads must be In by 11 A.M. of previous publishing day. " : The Braiosport Facts reserves the - to edit or reject any ad that If deems obiectional and to change the classification order to conform to the policy of the paper. t>HOE SALESIiAPY Experienced, in ppr.enn. shearer's Shoo store. Gulf Blvd. T. SPECIAL NOTICES "Er.AZOSPORT FLOOR ANP CARPET .. COMPANY formerly Tnpps Floor rom- pniiy. Floor* ref!nls!icrt. 317 South D. BSEB CIXTTHIHO „;....'-',-'- NEEDED Good Ised clothlnc for me Community ' Perrtrc w.tcr-salvstion Armj Unit. Anyoni- having thin?! to donate take!CHILD CARE In m: Apply W N. 53. MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE ,55. SPORTING GOODS 29. EMPLOYMENT WANTED] md!_ HOUSK\VOnK"Tucsda>-. WednesHay. n CLEARANCE Ocod n?Pd T\' ^ots IAKE TA' CKNTKR 36-B Circlr Way LJ CY 7-C9U |ONE BKtlROOM duplex. slo>e and ip-| S^cET at^wmd™ wafor »!??' cT^alTSFrTSSSr -™ 7 ' room r<inlly. SOUTH TEXAS REALTY. .__"!_! - . ! BE 3-3110. CI.UTK-- Kyle r.nad. 2 bedroom with I ,- ennw, no clilldten. Call AN M137'rl.UTE-539 llnrsctt. 4 WJroom brli-k after 3 pm. i home. 3 pains, large. lr.t. long terms. ~T" and litimber AN 5-2«3 RURAL—RtHir* Oaks. 3 bedroom fully n n *A i 1*,* insulated tncludlnn: the doors, 11X1x200 lioan 3 Nd- ]0| fm _ nai r . m closlns TO!( , ( , i E u KAUER. REALTOR. CY 7-241B. Kim (1OOI1 tlKER lll'NTINO Sec. xvrlte or call CE -1-:!286. Rates J7.50 ^^ per day per man. Booking now with a j T^ 4-day minimum. Days are your choice! 36. of days during mr coming season.! APAVTMBMTC BAD RFMT Your payment reserves your days. We! ArAKIBrlBrlia fWK KEPI I pay a boiuny on predator animals. ^I^^^-MM«^MM^^™ Tliursday fi pm. ". . in Frerport. MO 3-1117 aflcr i LKW1S A. BOTARO SlIKniDAN. TEXAS 31. SERVICES OFFRRED CLOSE OUT SPECIALS on Colony Arls Hock Maple Marly American dmine On Highway SO-A. 19 miles cast of Hnllet- room li"drcom and livmc room oc- Isville. 2.1 miles west of Eaule Lake. FRKKPORT—Clean 3 room npattment. "COME UP! To the most imtrMtine loca casional'tahles. Dial B. P. CARLTON : Two miles south of Sheridan. " " - J "' J "" '— '" ' " '" ' •'" "•" FT1RNITURK. S\Y S--riT."i or nights SW 8.7730. ACME PEST CONTROL FOURTEEN FOOT Spcedliner with big wheel trailer. SIM: CT 7-2131. ermltcs our speciality, roaches B.uu per CROCHET TARl.KCl,oni->fJx,l. can oe; SACRIFICP' llfii m.«i.l - k.. room, can BE 3-31M day or night. j J^^^JVc^m or_c,n BE MTin.; "^^"ISr 1! Tar.eT li yene'r i a t o h r P AIR CONDITIONING AND REFRIGERATION Installation and repair* on commercial and central residential nnlts C&M CORPORATION. AN 5-2581 or nights AN 5-5740. COMPLETK- - Four room house group, j will sacrifice at a bargain. Take up; pay ra?h and save fmanc- shift contitils, gas tion, First one *• 5-2301. tank. Perfect condi- . It for IS50. AN mp. L'scd onl> four months. Thi eludes automaltr washer and TV. Ecai- <!eri Furniture Conipan>. BE 3-rttli?. "' WINCHESTER RIFLES—Two 1S73 models 3SIO cal., good. Camp items, cots, mattress, axe.*, gas stove, large dutch oven, see at 509 Pecan St., Sweeny. BRAZOSPORT FLOOR AND CARPET COMPANY We repair Venetian Minds.: COMPLETE HOUSE FULL or furniture Also sell new ones. 317 South P. BE; including refrisorator. gas rimsc. 7: ... __.. ,..„_ ..,_..__ S-5'liS. ! piece living room croup. 5 piece dinette j 56. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS ' " pr ~ . set. complete bedroom group with mat-' ^^^••••^•^••^••••••••M^M CARPENTER-Weieome ntull lobs about ^^ >nd ^ sfnas , s u] , or ,,5^.55., SA XAPHONE-Holton your home. Will furnish local refer- onlv 55535 Jown . Kn pcr mollth . : u; iNET-student cnccj. Remodel, repair. caWncls.bolIU | m NC,LE FURNITURE CO. 315 W. 2nd. • A ''''^ f -' Ins. W. L. ERIOKSON. CT 7-7271. | Frccport and ^] pa-ting Way. LJ. Cl.UTE—?"" Hnrgett. 3 bedroom home, b.,!lt-ins. central hcnt. 1'4 bath FREEPORT—nil West 5th. Apartment for COLEMAN HARI1WARE AND LUM- couples. Water and gas paid. No pets, | RER CO., Clute. AN 50123. SOtrrilERN OAKS PH1VE -101 Glcnwood, Ijike .lacksnn. By owner. All brick. 3 i bediiKim. '2 bath, electric kitchen, dish i washer, paneled den, patio, '.! car gar- j aec, central air and heat. Corner lot . I t rpps man v ntheis. No high water. 1!4 brick | !fnrs oWi $18,5(1(1. AN 5-3355. front-, . .. FREEPORT W frantnBe In 'he bewtt nt downtown Fieepnrl. flood • investment, HWY Hfi South of Bra70rm, 2 ncres on Mahwav. saani. M»SV OTIIKR Couple or small child. Water and paid. Apply BE : FREEPORT— Clean 4 room*; And bath. Plenty closets, navagr. :r>o \\rst 5th tion. The T-wimis Home, 10 I-ike Rd. S nrrrs, - brdit* im, fireplace. E. L. SAUKR. RKAfTOR, CT 7-2118, , Apartment 3. BE 3-21W. FREF.PORT — Furnished garaco npart- ment, utilities paid. Apply Broad yt.. Frccpoit. COUNTRY ATMOSPHERE, Cll^* CON| VENIENCE — M12 Btochman. Clute. ---- iJirge hnusr- \,W ncres. you ran keep horse. E. (TY 7-2 1 IS. L SAURR, REALTOR. FURNIStfRD MOBII-E HOMK for Private bnth. Swimming pool. BAREFOOT TRAILER PARK. Hwy '-'58. .KXr.KPnONAI.LY NICK J'i story. rent.i bedrooms. - hiitlis. i-Hrpetrd, central . - . , nir Owner moving. 170 1 , 1 Wr«i llth, BK SURFSIPE BEACH jNew fmnished 2 uedroom cottage on large I corner lot. Insulated for jear aiound living. All eleclric kitchen. Everything goes beds, dishes, etc, Priced at 57500, IMMEDIATE POSSESSION j ' Owner—BE 3-1CK? ! JTHREE BEIM'tOOMS- 'J full baths. Tjirge| ' fiimil>- room. Ample closet space and •. i cabinets, centrally air conditioned and | heated. B'enutifully landscaped lot onj Oyster Creek in I.ake Jackson. AME- > RICAN REALTY AN S.S.VJi. nights CY! M.OETKB & ASSOC CY 7-?t;7 C!V 7-770S CY 7-ffHil CV 7-B1SJ li:i SYCAMORE -KHtnlly room 3'.'0 RIOTWOOP 3 bedrooms .(fl7 CENTER WAY Lai go family room. 1"« BOIS P'ARC 3-'.l Family. 2 "r :!.".« CALAlilIIM -.VI Hen. 2 car K'J MAC1N01.1A Small down pay ment Roger make C.Y 7-IJ.J M C. Rail* CY 7-2503 ICY --44H STOP SWEATING Window* • Wall* Furniture CENTRAL HEAT YOUR HOME NOTHING DOWN As Low a* $10 per month Climate Engineering Company Anqleton Tl 9-5726 CY by 308 Avenue A. South, between flTa.m." and II n.m. ^nd 1 p.m. end 3: p.m. on Thursdays SE 3-31GL ... home for working! CONCRETE CLOTHES LINE POLE? '• mothers day or night^by raperl«H*d' C(m)pl| , to|> . installed. Hut-able. Attractive. CLARINET— .lean Carter Clarinet, 515. Call AN S-SBC. ""--. DANCE * AT THE ir SUNDOWN ' CLUB • MUSIC BY JIVIN GENE ACES WILD SAT., AU&. 18»h • Couples end Parties Only Located I Miles south of Anqleton on Hwy 288 . Tl 9-7004 for reservations 2. LOST FOUND housewife. Call cr 7-4124. CHTP-N-DALE CHILD CARE CENTbil 6!,$ days, any hour. Licensed 106 W. Pecan Lane, Clute Call Mr«. Cora Pralher Call AN Sot; c ORNET—Pan American. X50. :.\lso Clarinet. and cfonorn'.ca 1 fall CY "-IP^J. that's Blue Lustre carpet and upho!ster> , cleaner. Darwnod Furniture. ; ONE WEEK PIANO SALE EXCELLENT. rf(;ri HOME for rent. Adult.' Apply 503 West Mulberry. Aneleton. EXCEPTIONAL BUYS '; .TONE? CKEF.K--l.tve Oak PriV' NICELY FURNISHED 3 room apai!- 30!r '""'dins ment. J14. weekly. No bills paid- AN: lilt FRKKPORT \YKST BKOAP—2-1. Inrge _H'._ , l earaRi- nparlmnit rentals. 70fi, WEST BROAD—Gaiage apa;tmer.t. '1"1 WEST I0tii-.1.2. electric kitchen. Cool and private. Real nice. Waier 1510 WEST llth-S-1'.i. den. carpeting. paid. J63 monlh. BK 3-1022 ll-UO WEST lllli-3-lH- central neat. ••^.^••^•^•^•••MBiHM^wMMHHi^HBM i huriicnne fence, double garage. f»7. UNFURNISHED HOUSES i-"- 50 l '""' m " cial laments. TWO WOODKh ACr.KP— tjirge style home. Owner leaving town, sell. AP.C. BE 3-5334. nights CY ninch! M.isl ' WHY PAY RENT? Own your home fnr Stil H month NICP nelghhoiho<»d • - 2 hctlrntmn. BK 3-r.m. Ask for Mr. Ta> !or. FOR RFN1 . \V. L. '.VAl.TF.r. P.HAL K W. Broiid BF- . EI-SCTROLUX Clcanerj and WaxerJ. OE PARTS sales ar.rt services. CT 7-1466. Henry C. schutze For Genuine GE renewal parts for wash-j uprights and Splnnols. CLUTE—202 Bernard. 2 hedrr The best selection available in rebuilt j Call AN 52650. Piano's. We have a large variety of ^^^^ „.„, str "j; T ers, dryers, etc sec your GK Penler. CLIFTON'S APPLIANCE 206 W. Broad BE 3-1221 HOUSE WORK—dependable colored girls would like house work. Have own _ transportation and references. Call AN .. KEEPIKG up W rril THE We service what we sell" POWELL PIANO COMPANY Located in Vans House of Music. 215 Plantation CY 7-7000 bedroom* 57S. month. Ap- FKKKPORT-- Older 3 bedroom home. hifin Krmmci. never nootlrd. double lot, double MetnchPtl s.irare, deep well. t-<«i! river tncczf^. shade trees, San Aucus- tine ar»s«. snrdrn spot, jieed* some t- in: PIN OAK—3 bedrooms. 1'i balb. family ino:n. dishwasher, elcctlic kitchen,, _ i 2 window units, fenced. Equity $fi' E. I. SAUKP.. REALTOR. CY 7-'Jl!R .N OLKANnKR-3 bniirmimv brick. l l i bath. '.- car sarnce. equity bnranin Jirn) FHA ^'i 1 ".- 1'inn. E, I* SAUER RK.\ I/TOR. CY 7*2-118, 5-2072 after 3 P.M. •NO HOME IS witnout chain link fencing. Free estl-| mates. Call Capitol Fence Co.. DI 5-3342,: West Columbia. is a nioezf uhcn you -elect f'.im IRBY'S HOME I-TRNISHINOS. "Style. wise for the Budget-wise" furnit-liings. PIANO — Howard Grand upright. New walnut finish, mirrow front, restyle. new damp chaser. A-l condition. Com: Plete action guaranteed. S230. SW 8-' KEXMORE RANGE—u-ed. hut still leltled negro woman would; JJJJ .T^J'-^j,. ™^S,. C «" RKLIABLS . . like to have work such us baby dittlnR, • _ "_ Cfwk's-heloer. dish washer or mal<1. j in e-j b*? 5*. BUILDING MATERIALS SECRETARY, RECEPTIONIST "Girl Friday" Needs full time position with a local firm. 7 years experience (Mrs.) Polly Meyers CY 7-1173 MOLDING PLASTER M.OO (or 100 pound a .tck HOBBY HOUSE, 101 W. Broad ROPER RANGE and 2 piece Kioelert living room suite. Car. be seen at 3'JJ West 1st. or Call BE 3-1L-.H. i REFERENCE BOOK^ for sale. Bont:s Knowlcge. ropular tfcipm-c and I .a: A People; CaU Braznnfi. -MO 3-4SE BUILDERS—CONTRACTORS Here Are Simmon's Low Low Prices on Reinforcing Mesh. REINFORCING MESH 6x&—ixt~5 foot with nttarhcd Kaiaei ply CY 7-4111. iiiMl-your>pU repairs nnrl rirmraline. . _ .___ | BK ;!.;n-7 nr «\v S-74M. FOR SALK—Oyster rtet*k Comniumti.. .___ — — " tjcdnvini hni!«? refritly rcilnnr in- i FRKKrOP.T—1737 VVrsl llth. New nil side und out, cnrricn space, £mn!l i1n.i:i brick 1 tn'Jrocin, - bnth. ccnlml heat- pa? ment and balance like rent. BF, j inn. rlcctnc kilchen. fTtA finnnclnc 3-1396. avnilnbJ''. SIMMONS BLDQ. SUPPLY [ CO.. BE 3-3MR I*\KE JACKSON—105 Smith Khndy Onk<. I - -—2 bfilroom house with attic fan. mie ;HAVKN\VOOl>~ S_.":W. cqnitv. Sell nr block from school ani) Chopping renter. > trade tins huue 4 hoiti-oom all bi irk ^ Come by or cal! Tl MSl'i AURleton I houso for a .smnHer '' iH'iliuory'. ti(iu«.r. '" c.ill AMHIUCAN" RKALTY. AN :>-.Wi- i"f} Kvlo Honrt—5 acres on creek, 3 bed. n'lawv rv T>M:. I.MIIM. siT.yoo E. i* SAUBR, REALTOR CY 7-2IIS. ait SOUTHERN OAKS URIVE-Ppaclnils ': bdlitM-m homi 1 on Oyster Creek, well imptovctl Ktotlnds. MRS. W. L WAl^ TER REAL ESTATE. BK 3-25)1. WiR CENTER WAY -1 bedroom, fenced. ntr conditioned, couity. E. L. SAUER. REALTOR. CY 7-2I1S. 30K TAIflOT REALTY^ _ ^ ^ [HOUSES FOR SALE' VorHOlJSES-pO^SAtt You Can Own Your Own ... 3 BEDROOM HOME • • • • CARPET FLOORS CERAMIC TILE BATHROOM BUILT-IN OVEN AND RANGE CENTRAL HEATING ATTIC FAN CLOSE TO SCHOOL * SHOPPING «J"M IM ANGLETON, BUILT ON HIGH AND DRY LOTS. OPEN FOR INSPECTION NIGHTS 7 P.M. 'TIL 1 P.M. MONDAY.WEDNESOAY.FRIOAY OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY AFTERNOON In Beautiful RICHIE all brick SUB-DIVISION South of South Side School «. I. "MAC" McKAY, Brawiport Lumber Company Clute, Texas — AN 5-322 or AN 5-5738 1027 HOUSES FOR SALE 102. HOUSES FOR SALE NEAT Good 2 bedroom Jirm-se with garage, j location in Frrepoil. fan HK; 88. FURNISHED HOUSES FOR RENT , iHOUSTON-Sn.TM). *1W- Hown. *W. per: i muntli. :i hrdnM>m^. tlesiralile neighbor- i hwotl. ABC p.KALTY. BK 3-3S.1t. ILAKF. JACKSON-UW Hony. is inu. i *. Ifcitrooni home, sale dr traifc for - bedrix>m home. <'Y 7--711. ! ROUND TABLE and j Modern Ur^iRp. Pslnl PY 7-1 SOI'. 1 TREE CARE Trim, Top and Remove. Spraying find] : Free Estimates. Insured and Bonded. ' slilMONS Hnir-awav-hed sot. i SAVINGS STAMPS : ^ylon co%er. Call CY T-'Jwil. FOfKD CHIHUAHUA—Owner may Inden- lify and pay for ad. BE 3-295ii. FKKrN'GESE—Black and while, lost nnji. L. HANCOCK Tl 9-8109 or CY 7-4559 Broad and Cherry £L Short hair, no I __ . tacs. Answen to "Mr. Chan". Reward.! TREE SERWCE—Top. trim, remove. BK :\-l',~-l'2. ' Insurance. Free estimates D **i HENRY'S TREE SERVICE CY 7-C69 5 LODGE NOTICES SEVTIXG MACHINE A beautiful Smper swing needle ug tag in modern rabsnct for $73.18 balance mved. or will accept SS.St) per month. Call collect AnRleton Tl 9-a:W. Cash and Carry bro^n : SIMMONS BLDG. SUPPLY CO. 4 and Park BE 3.3518 FKEEPOnT—1 bedroom housp air t i dition. JS5 pcr month, utilitirs paid. - --• 3 to 5 rolls .. 526.95 w.r rollj except electricity. Call BE 3-4B1.V HKE U''KSON-ri50. equity. :l lied 5 to 10 roil. _ S24.50 p«r roll!oSSS-TnKi K ~3" room 'tuTni.^. '™?' * cl , r !r,.!'. m 'S;,. a "^- h % d .,S!" il! ' rapta.r. .Hairs 10 fo 50 rolls $25.95 per roll rail r-.i. »»j e.,~ ^m^j-^,. _ _ ;MKK .ucK<ON-s.-,7 M«noi,«. :: bed-i QUIET FURNISHED COTTAGE tor small i room h " mc " f.'<' i !'" r i !l ••"Mition. iJvmB larnMy or bachelor. Ulil!ti"j paid. Call. "»'"> ••""! ha " ''"meted. 1 ACL. henc-, . BE :M336 i ed yard JAJIK-S M. ELBEF.T. l!KAlr|_ ' TOP.. CV ~-2W. For Aptwintment. mn \VK^T 8th— 2 bedroom Home. laiRe:| 'don A-l conililion. MRS. W. I.. WAU-.' TKP. REAL ESTATE. BE 3-'J541 5300. HOW.-;--Moves you Into n 3 bed- loom fenced yard, near school. ABl . I HK 3-illl. nichts CV T.TffiS. SlXfl BUYS enuity. S?0. payments, todrooms. I bath. 1302 West lllli St. !j BE 3-1578. 28TuS&FcARS"FOR SALE SUR1T?IDE—3 beach houses for mil hy ~ - • , day or week. Monthly rates available t^\KE JACKSON—3 bcuroom. pine jianei-l after Sept. 4th. Call BE 3-19T1. ic-d dm. air rondiliiin, carpot. fence. 51 ARTICLES WANTED WANT TO BUY 7" to S" tiltinc arbor saw. call after 7 p.m. to BE 3-3679 ; STARDUST seat covers for 1%0 Choviolet \ 2 door, never ;n.t tailed on car j Good used power lawn mower I SW 5-2072 or SW S-270.",. B= CAU. THE LUMBER NUMBER VELASCO-1 bTdroom I^HIH. Qmtt nelch-1 J^l" 1 &*«***._ VfJ-?™. " -'I ("F?r ro MJ ^rhooa SJO_ month, wafer paid. BE: L ^ KK JA cKSON-ltPl Ulac at Centci " x fi F : r"."..'. $*U. M' MiHB^HMHaHiBin«M^^^^^^^mH^ \Va>'- -\ boclrwim, - bath, family room. ARE RENT RECEIPTS ALL YOU HAVE IN YOUR PRESENT HOME? t i , , S .\'o- 2 S/L J100 pei Si ""15 i ™ ib Felt 52-50 per roll * 1S - . Loans to build or repair with 89. WANTED TO RENT central j>ointment fat-prims, drapes. B-. >nly. CY 7-2146. 53. MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE TTPEWRITERS? ADDttJG MACHINES? CALCUtATORS? Sales—Rent—Service Braznvpoit Urderwood Agpno I0i P. Gulf Blvd. — BE 3-1331 roLEMAN "HARDWARE "t LUiffiEF. JREUABLE TENANT needs COMPANY i twelve monlh lease of a 3 Clute' home in Lake Jackson, ry AIP. CONDITIONERS—used—J50. and up. 220 volt. New automatic washer SS5.; 131 Holly, Lake Jackson. i'-ilalina' ,*r and 1 48' M-System Te\ar. 2 bedroom house i trailer. Will take --.mall boat rig. low ; priced car o: other ariiclcs m trade as down payment. See at IT-IT! W. 7th. 4(fl South Main s SPECIAL KCDCCEU PRICE P.ubbei base pamt 1 Outside paint Linoleum mo Sjr »w. lo LAKE JAfKiiON—512 Circle Way. 3 bed- j m • room. - bath, double garasje. This house, I is located on one of the bol lots n j Ijikf .!nekton, right across (he slicct from Jr. High Fchoo!. Kitiiated n:i a beauti(al lantl>raped water-front lot. a CfVICK SPACE for lease. Pmale en- \ cra |. lfl ,i s I'vmc Call AMKFICAN i !!"",?,"• )a ,"i\ 0 f SJC 1 "' i U ", 1 "' 5 ; a i r| HKAI.TV. AN Si™. meh:« CV 7-62 ' ' BUSINESS RENTALS $0100 Out* AIR CONDITIONKR—4001) CFM va[Kiiative with 'J spe^il hUiv unil) SJO. CY 7-1803. AERIE 3111 DANCE With The EAGLES Saturday Night August 18th In Our Air Conditioned Hall Music By HERB REMINGTON and the Beach Combers EAGLES HALL Beach Road PUBLIC INVITED S3.00 per couple 1 Hour ALU-TATE SCOOTER—Verv good condition. 1125. Call BE IM127. IWI Mslil.M; It(II)''!<. it*- <<ild ^ainril,i> At \\HITI 's HOP \U\M\ ilured I'rii'CH. llU'i V. Lull - |1150 Sq. Ft., air conditioned xtore or 1x4-4 Aluminum window units S15.0Q j office building. Al! brick. Lakt- Jack- •itinff Tile rpiain white* .15r square feetj son. Joe Talbot Really, <,*Y 7-4-111. =T Pa-r.t i'(!i Wfli-TEP-N COSfPANT fM ^otilti A BE .^, .-- iLAKK JAf'KPON-llt r y piv.<s. rooms with -.tnsle bath. Tak* etiuity or rplitmr.rc. Call CV after 1::tO PM, 128. USED CARS FOR SALE 128. USED CARS FOR SALE ATTIC FURNACE—Used. Will heat 5 room hovi.ii?. 5>e at fiOl ?. Velasco, Angleton, Texa^. 55. SPORTING GOODS 61. LIVESTOCK-SUPPLIES AVTO AIR CONDITIONING Install J250.00—Terms BE 3-1552 days. CY 7-7159 nigMl BOAT.—ReeisterM, » months oJd. V-'i. Call CV 7-7520. AWNING SALE 30 lo 3D", nff on all awilingv Pat.n ro\ris, nnd *jar poiU. Tnis monlh only. Hur.nirANE FENCE <t AWNING ro AN 5vl2!. AR-R-QUK—HI R5 paiion B-E-QUP p:i* marie up and ready for a Kood time In vour bark yard. SiHTH WEi.Dl.SG SHOP on Ave A. BE -1-L'lOl. (125. MALE FEMALE HELP i-OS'.SK-S ifentle foi and hudlf >. pa r old M»n*1 ' 3il to r:rtr wi I.'J3 AN S-210 blai* f »rf di*, blanket -I 53. MISCELLANEOUS :.; FOR SALE tiadp!'. A 20f,U ]!? W.'u P.r.a MOTOic ly tm»i 'i Jl'5 15. •iinoi. :-ph:c !A |^ 22. MALE KELF WANTED CAKK1KI 1 . BOV- .N'KMI.KIP i'.'-I •«.,.!- -•'.,' v.,i.:li- ' ' Kl-t ; .-:! I-:!, p'-.o.v • nnil If 1 ! u., ab'r.t M; :: . ,'.. 1. 'I!-. .:(••,» will bf ttild:ct,-.l lion,,,'. Bro, , P.O. Bo\ HIM. Huu.,Itu! ^'0. T'-^iil. AUOla.'in: Mr. Louis Mo, jo.-.. AfiT-'tP. BOVia neiftit-d 10 ik-livci Bra- zoj-poit Kat-la l;i \"clasL-u loidei- town- kit* .irfat CaU Tax Htntli.^ BE 3-3611. NEEDED IMMEDIATELY TOP POSITION WITH LOCAL FIRM IS OPEN fo d mdturi rran or woman preferably well known In the Brazosport or Brdzona County a red. Muit be of highest moral character; neat in ap- pearanee; self starting individual. Top salary wilt be paid for the right pen on, piui bon- ui, prestige, auto allowance and many other benefit*. Should be experienced In rttail or profit- liooal sales. Send Complete Resume and Recent Photo To BOX 1055 B FREEPORT. TEXAS AH applications witt be kept confidential. BOAT fled mati turp . Like !.,•••> Sl'l'i » AS!--10 AM. BOAT -IT Iit)!T,;l,-|,v V- h|, .-'mall wr.rrl trari^r. JJii*' r BUII.TVVKLI. IV Moo* !',;-.:, „ shield, itffr.'-;: Mliocl .-;) liailei, .'.'i i 1 ,;, !r,-iri-n tt n:oto Hols, j./,: 5 .--,V h-TV^.D ffiUT RUCTIONS TWO REPOSSESSED AUTOMATIC ELECTROLUX CLEANERS Priced for quick M!«. New machine quarante*. Ttrmi available BE 3-3338 INSTRUCTIONS ANNOUNCING REGISTRATION FOR THE SARAH MUNSON SCHOOL OF BALLET AND DRAMA LAKE JACKSON Home of Mrs. C. A. Royalty Hi Louicl Street. CY 7-4464 Saturday. Aug. 25 11:00—4:00 HUEPORT Home of Mri. H. C. Hewert 1504 Weil Broad Street IE 3-1542 Monday, Aug. 27 11:00—4:00 NEW CAR TRADE INS 1960 CHEVROLET conditioned, 23,000 milei fordar Beldir. radio, heater, air }1 [ 1A/A DAKITIA^ '<"<*"'• < >A '°, I""'", IV6U "UN I lAWr Standard >hi(t. Cl«n fordor, FairUn« 6 cylinder ttandard, radio, healer 1960 FORD 1959 FORD 1960 FORD 1OCT C/NDn Fordor Faiflane 500. Radio, heater, t^TfT I 7D/ rV/KU air conditioner. Extra clean - * " 1957 FORD fordor Fairlane, radio, heater, itendard . ton, radio, heater V-8 Ranchero. Heate/ '388 1955 CHEVROLET '333 ANGLETON MOTOR CO. BE 3-4567 9-6464 405 NORTH VELASCO ANGLETON CLEARANCE SALE BEGINNING SATURDAY, AUGUST 19th • All Prices Reduced • 61 MONTEREY MERC. 50 COMET 57 MERCURY 57 FORD 57 CHEVROLET 51 FALCON RANCHERO 54 FORD PICK-UP • • • Demonstrators 5 1962 MODELS COMETS-MERCURY LINCOLN-METEOR • • • SAVE! SAVEI SAVE) • • • LEE HEARN MOTOR CO. Hwv 288 I I BE 3-5281 i per month can get you knee deep In comfort in a I I new all brick home of your very own that has the charm and space any hostess will enjoy. Consisting jof 3 individuality bedrooms, T/J baths, glamour j I packed TV lounge, convenient gieemlng kitcen. spacious walk in closets. Your home will have car-1 peting throughout, sliding doors, central heat, and attached garage, built on a beautifully wooded Havenwood lot, complete with paved driveway. No more rent receipts, but a growing equity In your own| I home for only $500.00 down. [W.I. HOMES THERE IS A DIFFERENCE For Further Information Call or come by our Model Home Office at SOOO N. Hwy 288 'American 1 * REALTY * AN 5-2526 ^—* -V*-"--«^/ NIGHTS CY 7-6205

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