Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on April 4, 1971 · Page 19
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 19

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 4, 1971
Page 19
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4B-DEL RIO (TEXAS) NEWS-HERALD, Sunday, April 4, 1971 New Books Available At County Library The following books are available now at the Val Verde County Library: ADULT NON-FICTION Scott Publications, Inc., 1971 Scott's Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue Stamslavskii, My Life in Art Mailer, Of a Fire on the Moon Harmon, The Great Radio Comedians Wells, Posture Exercise Handbook Loeb, The Battle for Investment Survival Dimont, Jews, God and History ~ Schultz, What the. Prudent Investor Should Know about Switzerland Lingren, Educational Psychology in the Classroom Lass Her, Billiards for Everyone Mosconi, Winning Pocket Billiards Turpin, A faraway Country Reeder, Born at Reveille . Wolfe, Radical Chic, and Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers Rogers, Trees of the West Kistner, The Pill Kling, The Complete Guide to Everyday Law Laslie, Wild Pets. Michener, The Quality of Life Reich, The Greening , of America ADULT FICTION Wambaugh, The New Centurions Oates, The Wheel of Love Hobson, The Tenth Month Callison, A Flock of Ships Complete New Series of Emilie Loring Complete New Series of Grace Livingston Hill Guthrie, The Big Sky - large type edition Smith,' Something in the Wind JUVENILE Kellogg, The Wicked Kings of Bloon Lioness Club Plans Coffee A coffee is planned by the San Felipe Lioness Club for May 22 in the Del Rio Civic Center for -the Lions convention, to be held that weekend. A book was presented to Lamar School Library as a memorial for Mrs. Florinda Ramirez. Mrs. Joe Guerra, Mrs. Frank Pena and Mrs. Segundo Guajardo were named to the nominating committee? Mrs. Roy Musquiz presided at the meeting of the organization with Mrs. Segundo Guajardo offering the opening prayer. • The hostess served refreshments. Attending the meeting were Mesdames Joe Guerra, Segundo Guajardo, Joe Cortinas, Victor Ortiz, Roy Musquiz, Rudy Vasquez, Arnoldo Chavarria, Hector Rocha, Frank Pena, Eloy Musquiz and a guest, Mrs. Hector Espinoza. \ Shower _i Hbrtors Mother Mrs. James Estes has been complimented with a layette shower by Mrs, Jay Calk of Eagle Pass and Mrs. Victor Lee. -The shower was given in Mrs. Lee's home, 208 Park Avenue. The table featured a blue and white color scheme with spring flowers arranged about the home for the occasion. Mrs. Estes is the mother of a baby boy, born recently. Games provided entertainment for the 15 guests attending the shower. DT A r I AA /.pEAR ABBt Tell The 'Old You Didn 't Mqan It By Abigail Van Buren Meets • Chief of Police J.R. Koog will be the speaker at the regular meeting of Garfield Elementary S.cnool Parent-Teacher Association Monday at 2:30 p.m. in the school cafeteria. . A nursery and a waiting room for children will be available in Room One of the school. Officers of the organization said all are welcome to attend the session. Garden Tips By the Morning Glory Garden Club APRIL GARDENING This is the time, of transition from winter to "spring, with increasing garden color and new buds on trees and shrubs. Dusty Del Rio and the other Biggie. The World Menders towns in Texas are having their sandstorms. If' rainfall is infrequent, your garden plants, especially the fruit trees, will need additional water. YOUNG ADULT NON-FICTION Warren. The Music of Africa Strasser, When You Take the Wheel Estin. Skiing the American Wav " YOUNG ADULT FICTION Hall. Gently Milkweed Touch the MAJOR JOBS FOR APRIL Work done now pays off later. April is a busy gardening month in most parts of our city. Effort', invested this month pays impressive dividends later on - in the season. WIN AT BRIDGE Hand Makes, Finesses Don't PRUNING April is pruning time for many flowering shrubs .and trees, after • they finish blooming. Flowering peach, about the showiest spring flowering tree we have, should be pruned heavily each season. Some gardeners prune back their trees drastically. You can control plant growth in your garden by pinching, thinning out and heading new growth as it develops during the season. This practice should be followed throughout the year. To keep deciduous flowering shrubs in good health, be sure to prune them at least every two years. Most gardeners don't prune enough, so little new flowering wood 'is produced. As a result, the plant '. becomes thicker ;and v woodier, and each season the blooms get more and'more scarce. . NORTH (D) A J73 VK532 • KJ6 *AQ4 WEST A 984 VQJ9 49543 Jf. 10 9 2 SOUTH EAST AS V A 10 8 7 4 Q 10 7 2 + KJ75 V64 • AS A863 East -West vulnerable West North East South 1 A 1 N.T. Pa 5 s Pas> Pass Pass Pass Pass 1 A 4 A Opening 'lead — V Q By Oswald & James'Jacoby "Well." Xorth said resign^ edly. "I tried." "What did you try?" asked South. "I tried to get the hand into no-trump, but it was no use." "Ot course, not." replied South. "I had a good hand with 100 honors. With any one of three finesses right I would have made game." North didn't continue the discussion because he knew that South should have made his contract in spite of all three tinesses being wrong. West's queen of hearts • held the first trick and his jack the second. On the third South ruffed East's 10. South drew trumps, played his ace ot diamonds and led a diamond to dummy's jack. East won with the- queen and played out his ace of hearts. Later on South had to lose the club finesse and was one down. There was nothing South could do al the start. He .should rut'f the third heart, just as lie did and proceed to draw trumps .with three leads. He should be careful lo win the third and last trump in dummy. His next play should be to lead dunvmy's king of hearts. East would cover with the - ;ico and South should discard LI club. This would give the ok'tenstr their third trick, but it would be their last. East woul.1 hsfye, to play either^ a diamond or a club. The aia- niond load would .give -him a I'hance ip, get rid of another Club on a diamond later on: the club lead would be right up to dummy's ace-queen. (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) The bidding has been: West Xorth East South 1 V Pass 2 * Pass 3 4 Pass 3 V Pass 4 V Pass 4 A Pass 5«fr Pass ? You, South, hold: *A2 VAJ4 463 4.KQJ753 What do you do now? A—Bid six clubs. This should be safe in case your partner- passes. • TODAY'S QUESTION" Your partner does not pass but continues to six diamonds. What do you do now? Answer Monday, FERTILIZING The flowers, vegetables, annuals, perennials, evergreens, shrubs, and trees are sending out ne%v roots and seeking additional nutrients. As these plants begin to show new growth, give them food. Use well balanced fertilizer. Work fertilizer into the soil and water it well. When you plant, be sure to firm the soil around the plant so there are no air pockets that will give the roots a chance to dry out. Planting in this area ends about March 15. Any bare-root fruit tree, shade tree and roses planted later need extra attention. Garden Information MRS. JOHN ALMOND JR. ta mi tt'chKif* Tribot-N. 1 v. NIW» s. inc.) DEAR ABBY: IS am so ashamed. I am, 14, and a boy. The other night I was at The Boys Club and I called my mother to ask her if I could stay an extra half hour. My older brother answered the phone and. he .went to get my mother. My best friend was standing by the phone with me, and just to play a joke on him I said right, into the-' telephone, "Mom, you old bag, I'm staying out until 10 o'clock!" To my surprise, my mother was on the other end and she heard me. When I got home she told me that since she. was being called "an old bag," she was going to start acting like one, and I shouldn't expect any more favors, or money from her. Also that from now on she is. giving ALL her love to my older "brother.. Abby, I feel so sorry and downhearted. I love my mother a lot, and I didn't really mean what I said. How can I get her to want me back? — DIDN'T MEAN IT DEAR DIDN'T: Some mothers in moments of anger also say things they don't really mean. Apologize to her, and tell her you were only showing off for your friend. DEAR ABBY: I am a spinsterish 27 and my mother is constantly yakking that I'm too particular and I will be left behind, if I don't wake up. ' So I yak back that r ct rather be left behind than have the crummy kind of marjiage she and Dad have. And when I bring up the fact that we need some guests to get my father out of the spare bedroom, she shuts up. Then my father doesn't speak to me for a week. Any advice on what I should say? . —RUTHY DEAR RUTHY. You need advice on what NOT to say. And so does your mother. . DEAR ABBY: The letter signed "WELL KEPT— BUT UNLOVED," in which the husband stated that he must "earn" his loving, struck home with me. For years, women have been using sex as a weapon. I've been married for 30 years and have raised two children. I never wanted my wife to work, and for 25 years she didn't. Then she said she wanted to go to work so she could be a "person" instead of just a housewife. I reluctantly agreed, with the understanding that she would not expect me to do any more around the house than I did before. WJell, do you know how long that understanding lasted? About a year. Then she started complaining about all the laundry and housework that piled up all week. I told her if it was too much for her, she should quit her job. She said, no, she wouldn't quit her job, she needed more help from me. All the while she was working she was too beat to provide me with any loving. She finally said if I helped her more around the house she would somehow "find" the strength to give me some loving. I was dumbfounded, but said nothing. .' For a year and a half I haven't gone near her. We are Catholics, and when I point out that the church considers it a sin for a wife to deny her husband, she tells me the church is not going to run her life. lam not the type to look for other women. I'm stuck, .and I know it. But it's done me lots of good to get this off my chest. —ALSO UNLOVED DEAR ABBY: I am 18 and want to register to vote but my parents won't let me. They say THEY couldn't vote until they were 21, and I will have to wait until I am 21, too. I feel it is now my privilege to vote and they don't have the right to deny me this privilege. Do they? -DISAPPOINTED DEAR DISAPPOINTED: consent to register. No. Yon don't need parental What's your problem? You'll feel better if you get it off your chest. Write to ABBY. Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal. 90069. For a personal reply enclose stamped, addressed envelope. For Abby's new booklet, "What Teen-Agers Want to Know." send SI to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal. Mtt». / -+#• »aJ£cU(£> Be a part of thinpr*. relate! Take the spectator idea and p-o from there—into a whole new form of expression ... youn?..?hinin?. neat. With now detailing, the tomorrow HINTS FROM HELOISE DEAR HELOISE: I have young children and they love to play with lightweight hassocks I make from small metal wastebasketa. I turn them upside down, stuff the top with cotton and cover them with pretty adhesive- backed paper. The little ones can shove them all around and there are no sharp edges for them to injure themselves. Sandra Jackson .'.'***. Now, aren't you the smart Mom. Not only do these little hasaocks add a decorative touch to your home but afford hours of play for the kids. .'••'. Heloiae •! * * * DEAR HELOISE: My husband usually grabs the first shirt that is handy in his closet. I have devised a .method of rotating his work shirts so they all have the same amount of wear. I number them in the neckbands with a marking pen and place them in numerical order in his closet. He Js intrigued with the idea and it 'is no problem to find the "proper" shirt. No Name » * * DEAR HELOISE: I have recently stopped smoking- and have found a brilliant new way to use my ashtrays. I use them as spoon holders on my stove. Sheila Goldstein Music Club DEAR HELOISE: It is Very discouraging to sew a long seam on the sewing machine only to find that the bobbin has run out of thread away back. So I tried coloring about a foot of the thread with a tailor's chalk before threading the bobbin. This gives me a little warning of the amount left when the bobbin is nearly empty. Elinor Abolt * * * IETT6R OF TEARS DEAR HELOISE: When I read your "Letter of Laughter" about the little gal who used bunches of artificial geraniums to brighten her garden, I didn't laugh. Instead, I went right out to my barren garden with all the artificial flowers I had around the house and "planted" them. They looked beautiful and I was so proud of the effect. But, the next time I looked outside, the dog had carried off all the artificial flowers. Tonl Taylor DEAR HELOISE * I've cut out so. many of your hints and stored them in your books 'til the books are bulging like, a 3 fat woman's girdle. . Katherine Holms Planning Program A sacred music program will be presented by the Del Rio Music Club April 12 in the sanctuary of the First United Methdoist Church at 7:30 o'clock in the evening. The Easter Cantata, "No Greater Love" by J. Petersen will be sung by the Sanctuary Choir' of the First United Methodist Church under the direction of Carrolyn Tabor. Nannie May Mayfield will be the organ accompanist. Each member'of the Music Club has the privilege of inviting three guests to hear the program. Hostesses for the occasion will be Mesdames Sam Draper, Balfour Davies, W.P. Meredith Jr ; , Douglas A. Newton, John Cummings, John Almond Jr. and A. Madison. The program is planned for April 12. The Purpose Of Aereation 1. Retains water 2. Allows air to reach proper depth 3. Stops, choking of feeders 4. Allows natural minerals previously "locked-out" to fulfill their roles. 5. Deep roots for prevention of sunburn to stolens. POOR TURF Dead cover on -surface ,•; • • Compacted soil- f" ; shallow roots TINY RESERVOIRS Catch moisture and fertilizer AERATION Soil cores removed Compaction reUeved THICK, HEALTHY TURF Pulverized cores are excellent top dressing mm* Deep, drought resistant roots Deep rooting started BUG MOBILES 7T5-T5T1 for FREE ESTIMATES latter Bunny • uggest* you t hop ADAMS' FLOWERS ; for novelty decoration* for , your partle* ^ r ss bnderful The Store That°Knows MOST About Shoe? We Make v erfir We'Se// x during our annual HOUSE CLEANING SPRINGTIME SPECIAL! . . . direct from the factory Western-Bilt Quality INNERSPRING MATTRESS 90 RENOVATE and Save . . . 59.50 Value We Guarantee your complete satisfaction! MATTRESS AND BOX .SPRING SET 59.80 WITH TRA.OE WITH TRADE You Get: • 10-Year Guarantee • New Innerspring Unit •Supple Surface for Comfort- <7 Seductive, flirtatious . . . the strip-strap shoe in shining- patent. Much a part of the feminine look for sprinp. all softness and gentleness ... fabulously flattering, .' . -Downright devastating,' ' SPRING CLEAN-UP! Woven and Quilted BEDSPREADS Wide selection pattern & colors 40°/ 0 OFF SPRING SPECIAL! J. P. Stevens Jeweltone STAY-PRESS SHEETS Includes: V top, fitted bottom arid pair of pillowcases. v ' ' - . - •• TWIN 9.50 DOUBLE 10.50 QUEEN 13.50 KING 17.50 AT -SU«p Shop* in Abiltn+tlg Spriny-tiownwood-Otl tUo-Midland-Odti.ta • WESTERN MATTRESS 307 AVE. F 775-7579 /•/, I

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