The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 25, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, August 25, 1893
Page 2
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^^ ,r < - • -> , , * , - l " ', .+ THE ,f ..'.. 25/1893 DAILY CHRONICLE I-— •--... -1-1 11 iltlftTi I- ---rt l-^r '- ---tr .Ujr_ ---[—---- • - - " ^— __ -- «m* 'f **r tbr*afh V* •. .. t4 7« lt»ti]r, 4<it'tVer«i<l. 10 cent* per Week Bnfcierlptione received at the oftce if pub atien 1B1 State street. ' . „ «).M. JBO8E8, Pubiiaaar, ' . ArzA-Chamberlin* of Kansas City, visited relatives and friends hare last week. : George Santer has leased his farrti to Ed. Brooks aad will move to Marshall in the near future. Miss Carrie Billinghurst, of tientoti Harbor, is home for a tl\ree weeks' vacation. Mis« Lowi« McWithy spent last week with friends in Eaton Rapids. * Mr. Elmer Santer is visiting relatives nt .Owosso. Mrs. Ben. Van Armnn,.of Battjti Creek, is visiting her parents, Mr., nnd Mrs. Lacey Millnrd. Miss Nellie Miller, of Chicago, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Miller, DARK CORNERS. Mrs. C. E. Scott, of Charlotte, is visiting at Case Ackerson's. Threshing is mostly dane.hore, Mr. E. Ryan has taken the farm of Miles Fish to work. Allen Krebs has moved hear Olivet. Charles Mesorole- is working'Mr. J. A. Harrington's farm. . Miss Alice Montonye, who has been visiting friends hero for three weeks, went to Pontiac Tuesday to visit some relatives for a few days and will return from there to her home in Newark, N. J. Mrs. John McCane and son, Fred, went to Ctmrfotte last Saturday and returned Monday. TWO MORE LETTERS SENT. In Them J. O. Mo*»er~Ueiiffiriu» His Intention to Commit Suicide. CADILLAC, Aug. 25,—Two more letters received from J. Q. Mosaer by his wife Thursday morning reaffirmed his intention' to suicide by jumping 'over Niagara Fal !a. He said he would weight himself with stones so that his body couldn't be found. He gave directions to his wife about his insurance policies and the disposition of the insurance money and said he would drown himself Monday night At 1:80. A dispatch received from police authorities at Suspension Bridge aays that Mosaer was there on the 21st, sent his valise to his wife on that day and said he was going to Berlin, Ont., to the grave of his father, from there to Montreal and that the Berlin authorities had been advised. Mosser left Grand Rapids Saturday morning, buy- Ing a new suit of clothes and a valise • before starting. He sent ?<JQO to his wife on Friday and wrote that he was K ing away from, saloons and try to id a-better life, FIRE AT CRySTAk_FAl.L8. A Michigan Town Damaged to the Extent qf •5,000. CRYSTAL PALLS, Aug. 25.^-Much of the business portion of this city narrow* ly escaped destruction. Fire was discovered in the rear of C. S^ Hennas furniture store on" Superior avenue, and before an alarm could be turned in the entire warehouse and a barn connecting with the main building were a sheet of flames. The fire department responded promptly and did pheiiuniiuaHy work, checking the flames before the main structure was reached. A valuable horse and a cow were burned, together with 13.000 worth of furniture. Marshall Lindsay, owner of the beautiful iron building adjacent to the building, which was partially burned, fell whale combating an embryo blaze in bis building, breaking his leg at the hip and dislocating his shoulder. Most of the insurance in the vicinity of < the fire was cancelled thred weeks ago. The loss is, |5,OOQ. • From Toledo to Detroit. MONROE, A«g> 85.—J. H. Dawson of. Toledo, H. H. Johnson of Philadelphia and H,.J. Warner J of Brooklyn are in the cits making arrangements for an eteetTO railroad which, it is learned, will be run over the old plank road from Toledp to Detroit. They are doing business OB the cjuiet." • The company : backing the scheme ia not the, one BOW' operating the elee.fcric road between De- teott ana Tjfcatan. *The right of way" the Storm nt Knl&rtiftxbo. KALAMAZOO, Aug. SS.-rA severe wind- itorm, accompanied by A heavy rain lasting art hour, swept ov£r this city. Several trees In the City. from- five to 10 inches thick were snapped off & few feet from the ground. . ', Manufacturing Plant'Warned. NoRTHVlLLfe, Aug. &5. --The' Ely Dowel! manufacturing plant burned, with a large amount of stock. Loss, $6,000; insurance, $0,500.- Thp works wilt probably be. rebuilt. ' An Active Worker Dead. BATTLE CREEK, Aug. 25.—Mra. .James Cooper, who v.'as ao severely burned: by an explosion Of gasoline, is dead. She was an active worker in the Woman's Belief Corps. '• '. . • I,ong Dry Spell Broken. DECXTUK, Aug. 25.—Thejjong pro^ tracted drouth in • this" Section was broken by a heavy rainfn'll \vhich will prove of great benefit to growing crops. Has Declared A Dividend. PORTLAND, Aug. 2i>>—in the face of the present' stringency the Portland Manufacturing company has declared its annual dividend of 10 per cent. . Stole h Watcli. PORTLAND, Aug. 25. *-Wallace Eddy, out on bail on a charge of attempting to wreck a paasenger train last winter, l*»s beeh arrested on a charge of steal- **\tz a watch., Gobda Uelow Cost. Good Ipaf tea per Ib. .20c Best gloss starph.. 5c Best Ghrystal starch,, 4o Best mixed bird socil,. 4 , 5c Best mops,, , .8 and lOc etich. Clothes pins leper doz. Best spices, below cost. Best blueing, lOc bottles lor 5c Best box blueing, 5c boxes fpr....... 3c Sal soda.. . .......I ..--.'...2o per Ib. -~- - • • C- E - BROOKS. Fresh oysters at J. C. Keuohle's just received. '. ' ' d* Notice KelAtivc'to Cow*.The n 0rxlin»jnce 'relntiiVe ows in" tba itreet writ" b orced. ^locattle will be allowed to be pastured in nny street, whether the* re tied, or ndt, and all cattle found at arjge in the street, whether tied or oth- rvyise, wilt be taken care of. No 1 ex-, epUcro will be made to this rule for anyone. '"'.-FterB*Howie, AGENTS- WANTED on Salary and Commission for the only nuthorir.ot ffiopgliy ofifflB-fi.Blme, By GAIL HAMILTON, his literary executor, with the co-operation of his family, and for Mr. Elaine's Complete Works, "TWENTY YEARS OF CONGRESS," and his later book, "POLITICAL-DISCUSSIONS," One prospectus; for these 3 BEST SELLING books in the'market. A. E. P. Jordan, of Me., took 112 orders from first 110 calls agent's profit $196.50. Mrs. Ballard, of O., took 15 orders, 13 Seal Russia, in one day, profit $26.25. E. N., Ripe, of Mass., took 27 6rdera in two days, profit $47.25. J. Par tridgp, o£ Me,, took 43 orders from 36 calls, profit $75.25. E. A. Parma, of N. Dakota took 53 orders in three days, profit $08.25, EXCLUSIVE TERRITORY given. It you wish to make LARGE MONEY write immediately for terms to THE HENRY BILL PUB. Co., , Norwich, Conn. I have a customer with cash for small farm, 40 to GO acres, and worth from $1,500 to 12,000. If you have one fqr sale come and see me' Yours Truly, H. M.MERHILL. . For Over Fifty Yean. M EB. WINSLOW'S SOOTBIMO SYRUP baa been Vised for children tdetbing. It eootbes tbe cbLld allay* ail palp, cureffwind colic, and IB tbe bea Tflmfldy ffff Akiffht^faf* 'l^wftnty-nvfl cents a bot Ua. bold bj all druggists throughout the world ANDREW GHRYSTAL ADCTIONEE Office above Messer§. Perretts .Dry Goods £Jtore, ' A DJWKISTRATOE'S SALB OF BEAL ES •tx tale. State of Michigan, County tit Calhoun, IK, In tbe matter ot tb« vsiwepf Cicely C. \ tti> Ounf.n, deceased, ' Notice is hereby Riven that in pursuance ant by vlrtnaofan order granted to the underaigiMsd as a4mial»tra.tpr ot the estate of »»Jd deoewed by tbe Hon. George Insertion, Judge ot JRrobate ; l it w »*& <l * l *.? 0 «8Jjfo S 0 the WWty-secpnd day Tin roofing and all kliids of Unwoirjc IODP j>rdniptly. by Robert Schelly. •" • / Before you engage an^iancti'oncor.'for all Sales come and see mo. BTAtlOKi. i .. a.m. Chicago, I, v..... tOO Kalatnazoo...... SCO Battle Creek.... 8 40 Wvchftl), Dp. . « 08 AWon.. ....... 328 UelFoll . .7,. ..T .., . ' tt,«n. lluffalo.. '....uv'i. ' • •• -•'• ' '' __ At'e H.f. Kxf Ex.* Jffix. Kail 7 48 812 883 943 01 p.m. 2 ao 301 887 •4-a6 660 ft. IB, 345 v m. 8 10 708 740 8«0 8 15 1045 a.Ba 726 a.m. 705 1886 7 05 10 »07 »!• • 00 wiat. n.m. V W 885 490 6 13 5 5i 000 Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. * , - • * j • £ , ? . , "Royitl-Ruby" Rye Wfiislfey is froo from nil foreign flavor and nduH6tnnts, naturally ripened and matured by eleven years storage a wopd.ltts ?ifflyp atl ift .a Rye," and costs no »nor« than inferior brnnda. Try it and rou will never be satisfied to use'any other. A pure old whisky ia always free from usil oil, which is a poison; and should not be taken into the system. Age eliminates it rom the spirit by oxidation, and it is converted into fragrant ethers which givp the >ouquet to whisky. Sold only by F. O. Seaman & Co.,Druggist. - , i 1 "' Kecelver'* Sale. Unless previously disposed of at pri vato sale, I will on Thursday, tho 31st day of of August, 18i>3, sell at public sale at the front door of the court house in Marshall, Mich., all remaining aa sots,of the National City bank, consisting of a 7-12 interest in the property known as tho Eagle block, also the Billiard Manufacturing works, both pieces of property being located in city of of Marshall. Also 0110 large bank safe (double door, steel box and time lock,) oflice furniture, also nil notes bolongint; to bank remaining unpaid at that time, and whatever remaining -assets of said bank may be remaining in my hands at that date. Sale to begin at 10 a. ui. Terms of sale cash. For further particulars enquire of TUERON F. GIPJHNGS, Receiver, Kalama/oo, Mich. or John Houston, Esq , Marshall. (in to S. E. Crouin's for peaches, del Ujaicio at Keuohlo's bakery. If you are lingering from fevers, lung, lagrippe, catarrh, consumption, cough or bronchial troubles, asthma,'heart nervousness, sleeplessness, dyspepsia, sick headache, paralysis, erysipelas or scaly skin, constipation or piles call on Dr. Sharpsteen for hisNcegetable cure. .'•'•• •.UK t>6Uott,tiT 8 IS J«Ct80n..,ll 40 Albion....lit m> Marehftll..l848 Battle Cr'k 1 20 tfolamanoo 9 08 Cblc«iro,Ar 7 SB , Bx.t <3hlfc a tt. 11 41 7 18 981) 1003 1083 1046 II 28 410 p. in Kal. B«.t a.m. 880 p.m. 1 00 a 10 838 3 65 4,16 447 9 10 p.m. a.m. 600 tu a 15 888 90S 966 p'in' ^ilo Bp'l* J. m. 845 ».». 820 6 19 5 610 6 88 7; 16 l \M fix.* s no 1800 601SW 106 146 »» 740 ».':'%• S"* •»»; oJ 05 O. fr. HBO. A O. ft. OU*RX. nent. Ciflciiati, Jacta & Mactai Tine table liking *ffoot Jno« M 18W paesMariballM follow! : THA1KI <K>CH« IlITi No. 23, Tpledo fixpwia ........ ... .....7 1| a v* a, CinclQna.ti Bzpreia nUIKB ftOIHll WMT. . f SK,MaUandKjqt>r«a*j.7.... ...... .....10M4M 2, Cincinnati & B. O. BxprMH ...... .•Xf»« . All trains (Ully except Uunday. Direct oonneotlou *re mad* at T*tedo ,aad Oluolnatl with all roads diT«rglng. Tralni81ana2S»ak«goodoonne«tloBaHr*n teltb with tbe a H. 4 I., and M AlUgan with U* C, for Qraud Aaptdi, Maikei»& and aU polnta north. K. B. DRAKE, Ow, M'g'r. T. C. N. tKUUNDLBII. O*B. P*M. Aft. 0. B. HI2E, Act., Marahall. WANTS, FOUND, WK Twenty cents a week for each Mtle* not «z ceeding fire line*. No cbarn let* tbjin cents. Three Harvest "< T; athe Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Raiiwu, •> all of the best farhiing sections of the west and northwest, will be run on August 22, September 12 and October 10, 1893. Return tickets good for 20'days. -Low rates. Apply for further information to nearest ticket agect, or address Geo. H, Heaffiord, GeueraLEagsenger Agent, Chica go^Ill., or Harry Mercer, Michigan Passenger Agent, 82 Griswold street, Detroit, Mich. ds23 OLObT.—Tueidiy fnren*on,.|Anr. 15, on a*rth aide of State duett, between my h«u«« aid poat office, an A. T. Orosa atjlojraphlc pea. Flnd»r will be. suitably rewarded upon handlac It to W. y E? gentle, 7 yeara old. for particular* appl to C.«,!. Diehl, Steel atore, State atreet. F OR 8ALE-A high grade coMblnailoi blcr- cle for lady or gent. The tneat wheel n*o* bood aa new. Enqulie qf B. H. banderaen. — 8ALK-A »qnw e plamo, IB ( «od ooail- tlon.. For pariicu Uri eotuire «t A. Ml ' uer'e ihoo ou Bmulltou itreet «r rctld«ac< Madiaou atroet. an N OTlCE-MrB. W. L. Back la ageat for tae Christy km?ei and will furnlab all who wlaa- tbeiu. Curuer ManBien and Mulberry. TT^OR BALE^Q.ood Uuatj family or work hone -I? or will trade for a flily. Box 661, My^ii -A. very fin* and flnt cla»a titate or Main street for •oolen or lodge purpoien, cheap. For referent* pleaae call at the (oulhwe»UcotD»r of btate and ¥a4iti>n ata. ' General Agent, W Hull HOI-ESAJUE CUTiEHY-WanUd, two yo«ng men aa traTeUng»aleam*» on co». Apyly with referenoea to BaadaJL Co., iu* Lake atreet, VWcago. ^OK SALE -All my real estate •ituaud om th* ' be«( part of btate.or Main »tr««u, an4 kupwh aa very fine and valuable ptoparty. by '"•-'-.Fred Vogel, »o utbwest oornwr but* and ulIEAP-New top b t»p ouuy. KLlAbuiwiaT. Notice of Annual School Meeting. The annual meetiug of school district No. 1. fractional, of .the. townships of Mareugo and Marshall and, Marshall city, all in the state of Michigan, for the election of .two trustees in place of C. S. Joy and S. H. Gorhaui,.whose terms of oflice will.then expire, and for the transaction of such 'other qusiuess as may lawfully come before it, will be held in the high school room of the Cen 4ral School building, in said city of Marshall, on Monday, the 4th of $ep tenjber, 1893, at 8^0 p. BQ. - '»,; Dated at Marshall, Mich., August 34, UJL4RENCK B. Joy, , ' . Director; I OST— A wci^e caahmete ibawl with cr«- JLt cbete4 borde*. Finder will center a f»t*r leaylng it at tbli ot&ce. 17OR SALE CHK4P-»A11 gize^ ot kocakead* J? good lor cUterc* and water task*. 1»- nu^re at -lot. Gr»mer'» lt«tVBfewery. 17 OK tiAJ-E—A com piste tet Ot Rldpath'i kla J tory ol tke worlo. Inquire at tnlt offlc*. W AM tD- faithful gentlexban or lad j to aa Dint m ttoce. foilUoa pir^— -~ Railway fare advanced her* It eanMd, '-""••"•ce ( atd fcelt-fcddre»»«.d ttamj -" ^ — A 111. j^OK S ALB OR BENT-J . A. J. TAULADOJI. L OST-A,w*tc*,ope»fac», item wlai setutg, aiiTeiuie caae. Finter i«»T« Btt'oiHini 1 aeatttarketlwidrtctlT aad |f OB DA L&-GM N«. » cook «tOT* in good or- J? der ajnd one «>*1 *tow with «T«B. ifc«»w., Main Btt**t. -Aa .i ufl e*i. actlTo geotleotaa ' tlxere wUlbt sold at pubtt.c "" " tbe e city of Maygbalj, in fald ouy of October of ri^Ut, ttUff and iot«Jr«it ot in f&d to tbe JoUowtoK a^cl fTftKJABiftffi feltuatftd |^ ^fafr COMPOUND. *fa»^te,fkfe»foj;, "•'"II" i LJLiBi'Ji u mKw-Hjvmm

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