Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas on January 6, 1939 · Page 6
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Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas · Page 6

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 6, 1939
Page 6
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^WTOvL^m>;."V^ ".."-••-; l^f:v v u;** : - 1 ; : -''. v /'-"'' .'••'". ' * ^ i • i ^ •i 1 . J r .• - \ , '^ - • • ' • ^ i' - <t •/»• f v >. ' i' ••. . .' * < -r 3 * y .• * i i. ^ * F'j^Hi Tl - J ' .'i ' * -i l Ji ' . -• • 1'i »-• (•*l*Ji*i« E i MJ •• -11 ''"I 'l V* ' ft'QRcr&'S'^^ - • ^.r*. *Si_V -^** .,",1 - ^' ' ,-, -,; A- V FT r i Un. w«,HTHAM *NP MAR I IN A, A. Worthwn U»*i Owner* %nt) l*uiiiui»w» 01 Son and vml-Wnek); Wortham ir> Bnyrv Mart In _ ^•^•••»^- Cnrfticiuia Puif Offtw \n »»arro enunu Bute*, both fnr r*n«w»lw the United •"*• .•\ A • k To Irom eld 7fie; tn>p mon 50o NOTlOE wbo want thMr t»p« »narfl«» to as wrU a^ nrw li will ierrlcft. SIfmber of "AwQclaM Vnn The AMnrmtud Preif (• wcliulfet? an- UtLcd to ih* ufe IOT paWlcaiion oj all newt crwtiled to It or not otbcrwtw crfQ; ited In tbli pfcwr and al*o ttit looai n»wt pubil"h*J hRKifl. All riirhfp of rj trablicatlnn nf utmrlM dl*0«teni* n^wn v NATIONAL SAFETY VALVES JUST FOLKS (Copyright, 1987, Edgar A, Guest) THE CAMERA MAN*S DULL SEASON Tho seasons are ended. Wlro Photo discards All pictures of tackles and halfbacks and guards. No longer wo sec as wo sit by the fire The nose of Sea Biscuit stretched under.the wire. Now It's portraits of lecturers soon to appear And speakers at banquets—for winter Is here! Wire Photo will furnish at regular price The fist flghta that hockey produces on Ice, But now, until April we'll all have to wait For baseball's old favorite: "Out at the plate!" The timo for those mouth-open pictures draws nea,r Of "guests at the dinner" — winter Is here! HOBSON'S CHOICE! for But M | J 1 * * ' f * i f The young bathing beauty adorning the sand Will bo carried In stock to be always on hand, the feminine Rolfcr, full swing, on the tec And the "heiress plays tennis discarded must be. We have come to that placid, sedate time of year With Its "heads a committee"— for winter Is here! FUTURE FOUNDATIONS There has been some A «vnnpr anwcr scemsi concern about the future of A pioper _ans*ei see ™j philanthropy a ncl culture in "It is fine to be tolerant, aays a puzzled citizen, but isn't there danger of overdoing it? Most of us dont want to dictate to other people, and believe in free speech and free rninds; but what are we to do when people advocate things conflicting with the Constitution?" be that, while we are because the obliged to obey the Coi^| «* ^t^^ ^^ devoted to such work are slowly passing, and new ones are not likely to be established without great private fortunes—also thought be passing. Dr. Frederick Keppel, head of the Game- living thing, and has beenI^ f. 0 ^^^?^^ 116 changed much since its"Cation u not hopeless. adoption. .. , ..„. „ tells tution, in such acts regulated by law, the Constitution itself gives' us a •right to think, talk ^ and write freely, even if in so doing we criticize the Constitution itself. Our law was established his annual report he He expects a '-'. A since We are merely bound to make no changes. 1 , e except as the Constitution much greater number of "itself prescribes. Obvious-Ismail gifts, adding up to ly, then, criticism or difference of opinion even aboutl in # the merits of anything in :the Constitution, or in laws ^ VERY SPEND vCVT USBUC NftTlOM -THE AGED RESIDENT OF BLOOMING GROVE IS fill ED AT DRESDEN THE SUPREME PERIL Slowly and quietly a re- sums. He sees Jncreas-l markable change has oc- contributions for re- curred in American think- search and training from ing about European "ide- industry and commerce. Ac- ologies." We had, for a long •. i based, on it, is not unconstH cordin S to the American time, a great fear of Bol- Chemical Society such funds shevism. That was the big or I T tutional, un-American necessarily unpatriotic. This Constitution is the greatest charter of political totaled 1937. $100,000,000 in [phobia of our political and economic thinking. Even Many large corporations! when Nazism was spawned freedom in the world. It is now provide scholarships by Hitler, it seemed to most ^"^ V * 1 _ •*._ A IB * fe 4 • A ^__T — *_ — 1 ^ — __ —I ^_ _-d. —- ^K Ad ^K B • ^M ' ^ a » •>-•: w W* £rf ** 4* **»**fc^* «4**^4 +*W M.+ *f 44 A.**' freedom, as is shown by the & * * ^' ^____ i-' ^: * •> ?* * - -i • tv-' - ' * so free that it allows aland grants in aid to individ-1 Americansi less dangerous wide range of difference in uals in much the sam« way I than the Russian system. our political and economic and for the same purposes as the older foundations, versed. A national survey patterns of our political I Government aid to art and by the American .-parties. It is constitutional agricultural research also I of Public Opinion, v to have even Socialist and fills an important need. Communist parties, and we Community trusts now exist) curacy, in many cities, made up of I day 83 per cent of the Am- These rights are among I small contributions from greatest guarantee of| = j";^^ |™ » Now the situation is re- 1 survey Institute which has a notable recoi'd for ac- indicates that to- ^T— -r — —I- •- ™ ^w ^ -m- ^ ^H-^ f | them in some states. ^ erican people prefer sia to Germany. Rus- The question was put as ' /;£; In such party differences,...^,* /•conforming to varied modes 1 •;;pf thought and life, find 000,000 in the decade 1927- follows:, "If there was our safeguards. Our system of life, government, work and thought is flexible. They are disbursed war between Germany and for a variety of purposes, Russia, which side would social, artistic,|y°u rather see win?" There was no explicit question of All this suggests that the I Communism or Nazism, but education, ete. yet work of the few great foun- „ . _,,., , .dations of the last genera- can all^be different, t i on w m be continued and all Americans, united [enlarged, according to the implication was clear. TOWN AND CITY * There is no more snobbery in small towns than in cities, says a man who has lived-in both. There merely seems to be. That is because in a'town you can't avoid the people you dislike, and you can't give a party without everyone knowing who was invited. You can't mingle with one social set one night and another the next. Your private affairs are not private. Everybody knows about your friends, your ^visitors, your way of life. City people are the same kind of people; but the more people there are in a community, the more privacy, city. You You are freer can do in the things FIRST MEETING OF NEW YEAR HELD BY DIRECMS C. OF C. HARVE* URGES LARGE ATTENDANCE GLADEWATER- CHEMURGIC CONFERENCE without having them tdver- tised. You can find and associate with people you like best, the and stay away from others, and nobody knows or cares, and there are m> hard feelings about Every American knows that Russia first of a11 Communism, and common freedom andtture'needsrno't from a few I Germany means first of all godd ; will, a lifeL reat f ortu nes, but from '•"' Ana thus wel many smaller incomes and -' * -• * t : \ ?p SM al ^iot strains when nation- come. GOING DOWN THE PUMP greater popular interest. TIT FOR TAT t o d a y| it. The snobbery is about meansj the same in either case. But, this critic concludes, there are still advantages in small town life, "There Why, v then, should Red I is more time to do things Russia, even with its tyran- you want to do. ny and its ruthless elimina- take so long to tion of political and eco-| Place to place. * • • i j » ff It doesn't get from Work is not Friendly chats "Half the world's income coming nomic minorities, now be so hurried. A Philadelphia jurist in- 1 preferred to Germany, withh'n mid-afternoon are more troduces what might be call- which America has so many I common. Because cntertain- ties of friendship, ed , a new in American- 'MR famous pritish o pump - Nazi relations. Juc GeorgeU ond MacNeille of ge Ray- and culture? ;he court Obviously because common pleas refuses people believe today * 1 m 4 • » , blood|nients are limited, and dining out and going to plays or concerts are not every- thatlday events, there is more to authorize the distribution Na is a greater peril time for reading, for dis- must be exaggerating, of part of a big trust fund than Communism. And that cussion, for calm thoughts, the world's income, is to claimants in Germany. is> perhaps, because Rus- The air^ Is cleaner and the of money, even in "In view of the fact," he sia has mostly stopped its traffic s less frantic. quieter and easier on It's the [ :^- A THAT FAILED hard times. But over-ieays, "that money belong-!propaganda, wheieas Ger- .emfihasis at least makes ing to beneficiaries in this man leadership seems bentl nerves, oint cl^ar, that an aw- country is not permitted to on imposing its "brutal and of money, in. Ameri- leave Germany, I do not arrogant system on all the and elsewhere, is being think it fair and proper tol world. down the dryjtransfer funds from this. mi There is a German saying that "trees stop grow- before they reach the and perhaps dictator-1 expec jition, but the failure m Germany. Butl ships.won't go on forever. of fchree fc f f «| ^ lotlfheto «uaxrel,.mofaUy if not| The ^immediate question_«| forced an unplanned land 9 . ^ d^ — _ economic -pumps, country for beneficiaries in , these priming chatges. Germany," ... d .°. 8f, et - the ok: valves This is tough on the pri- worKing, and reverse the vate claimants to those the prim-1 funds A good will flight between Berlin and Tokyo came unsuccessful end .the Philippines. It was in su Numerous Hems of routine business occupied tho members of the board of directors of the Cor- alcana Chamber of Commerce at their first 1939 meeting Tuesday morning. A meeting of sponsors of the blackland feeder-breeder meeting to be held tn Corslcana on February 3 was announced for Thursday of this week to complete the plans for the session next month and an invitation ox- tended the board to sit with the visitors. Emphasis was placed on tho farm chemurgic conference to be held at Gladewater next Monday and Tuesday and several members of the bo.ard indicated they might attend a portion of the meeting. It was also announced the Texas Highway Commission had recommended a new 'single-numeral federal designation for a highway from Colorado to the G u 1 .f through ' Corsicana, following closely the objections of tho Colorado-to-Gulf Highway Association. . Finance* Discussed. A financial statement of tho chamber was presented the directors and drew some discussion, The directorate voted unanimously to pay off a note covering Indebtedness incurred in the 1937 county fair. The board also adopted a recommendation that not -more than $500 he expended In the preparation and publication of a brochure on the city. The board also received a partial report on tho holiday lighting activities of the retail trade committee but took no action. It was announced that Ralph R. Brown had been named chairman of the group to supply the program and speaker for the- January 12 meeting of the Waco Junior Chamber of Commerce. F. H. Harvey, Jr., director of the East Texas Chamber of Commerce, again urged as large an attendance as possible at the Gladewater chemurgic conference. Animal Meeting. C. S. Dickons reported the speaker and entertainer foi* the annual .membership meeting had been secured and the date had been set for, February 10. Other details of tho meeting are to be announced soon. The board was Informed J. G. Funeral services for Mrs. I. N. Wilkinson, aged about SO years, who died at her home in Blooming Gi'ovo at an early hour Monday morning, were held Tuesday afternoon at 2,o'clock -with interment in tho Dresden cemetery. Mrs. Wilkinson had resided in Navarro county for many years. Surviving are a son, C. N. Wilkinson, Longvlew; a daughter, Mrs. Lee Lowe, Blooming Grove; a stepdaughter, Mrs. J. M. Moore, Hubbard and a number of other relatives. Goings and Comings Of Fairfield Folk Ancl Their Visitors FAIRFIELD, Jan. 3.—(Spl.)— Miaa Vera Steffleld spent the holidays with her parents at Blooming Grove. Mra. C. L. Williamson attended the funeral of J. C., Woods at Cooledge Wednesday Miss Gladys Mires visited in Corpus Christl last week. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Pittman and children of Austin visited relatives here during the holidays. Mr. and Mrs. Mor ta Glazener anad daughter visited Mrs. B. R. Glazencr hero during the weekend Mr. and Mrs. Willlford of Austin spent the holidays with relatives and friends here. Miss Evelyn Fryer, teacher In the Tucker school visited her parents Mr. and Mra. F. 'I last -week. Mr, and Mrs. W. F. son of Oakwood spent with Mr. and Mrs, C. L. son. Mr, and Mra, Aubrey Baker of Now Gulf spent tho week with relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Zack Stroud of San Antcnio arc spending the week with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Manahan and Asa Stroud. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Eubank Jr. and children of Dallas spent the holidays with Mr. and Mra. J, H. Eubank here. Howard Watson, Jr., of Dallas, spent the holidays here. Mr, and Mrs. N. W. Fortson spent the holidays In Louisiana. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Terrell and song Wayne and Jimmle spent several days of last week with relatives In Marshall Mrs. E. F. Glazener and children and Mrs. C. D. Chapman and son Nelson were in .Dallas Friday and Saturday. Mrs. E. T. Holloman of Center- vlllo spent Thursday with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Roger Young. Mary Kirgan, Mrs. J. A. Peyton Wliliajn- Sunday William- cstlne. spent Monday D. K. ROBINSON, PIONEER RESIDENT DIES Courthouse ews District Court. The appearance docket was called Tuesday morning by District Judge Wayne B. How&ll. The following have been summoned at'petit jurors for tho second week of the January term of the district court for the week beginning Monday, Jan. 0. Max D. Almond, Corslcana; C. C. Brown, Jr., Corslcana; M. C. Caston, Corslcana; O. L. Albrlt- ton, Corslcana; Hood Cheney, Corsicana; J. W. Edena, Jr., Corsicana; H. E. Mctcalf, Corsicana; J. A. Briethaupt, Corslcana; Joo K. Garner, Cot-alcana; B. H. Thomas, Angus; Joe M. Brown, Covsicana 2; J. S. Beauchamp, Corslcana; Tom Weaver, Chatfield; L. S. Williams, Rice; Sloan Weaver, Rice; B. P. Anderson, Eureka 1; J. T. Alexander, Kerens; R. L. Campbell, Kerens; H. J. Stanley,, Kerens 1; W. E. Stringer, Kerens; J. A. Bonner, Wlnkler; T. H. Barry, Roane; P. M. Cartlldffe, Corslcana 3; Clint Fouty, Navarro; Drew GUlen, Blooming Grove; A. S. BoMen, Purdon: Hugh E. Faster, Barry; J. H. Blake, Jr., Corslcana 2; W. N. Hamilton, Corslcana 1; Gilbert Bell. Dawson 1; D. P, Bailey, Purdon 1; S. T. Curry, Frost; Ernest Farmer. Rlchlam 1; George Mitchell, Barry; Ed. J. Berry, Purdon 1; C. A. Anderson, Frost. County Couurt The appearance docket In the county court for the January term was called Tuesday by Paul H. Miller, county judge. Warranty Deeds. M. C. Woodruff, et ux to Lynn Adams, 50 acres of the Matthew Bpren survey $1.000. Justice Court, A civil case was tried by Judge Pat Geraughty. One was fined for speeding and another for drunkencss by Judge Ger- ausrhty. Three wore fined on drunken- oss charges during the week-end In tho court of Judpre B. V. Hat- Iny at Chnt.fleld. Constable'* Office. Two were arrested for drunk* «me»s and one for disturbing tho peace by the constable's depnrt- - ^ r - • - ™ ^COLDS Liquid Tablet* Oropi Try ntnk Headachsa and Fever dnf to Tnlrli. In -10 mlnnfrf * fronrferfol Unf- DB. O. L. DENTIST Office 70 - r hones - Bes, Ofllc« Over McDonald Drug Co. No. 2. Say It With - - fr» Ko o ^/>« *•«»* I il)0 <w»«u >Y«a imarmva •'. ^». 10 De a, non-top Rollins, division .engineer for the , ' ^ - '» w •" W\ capitalism any CABINET SECRET be stop make it may back and a ~~~ ~" — T- ™ | -m -m- - ^B —-— ^- — ^ ^ -_- — _ H V* -— -^r ^ ^W ^ •* jj ^ ^H ^™ ^" ^ | _ _ , a , . w111 hav « to legally, is with Hitler. Large hither ome soon, jf It's to do prh sums of money belonging to P et * before they "" 3ns of the United States wecessary for civilization to other countries are tied 8° back and work up from up in Germany, and often) the bottom again, virtually confiscated, be- learnsl cause thp Nazi government on which last the world at, the President and _ ' . of such j funds. "Thou, i; , General Parley sands of .American citizens SB. W -.away after the last 1 having property or legacies his will not allow the "expatria- discuss. In cabinet tion" ' Scientists have discovered that shivering is beneficent merely Nature's way of "us when we're cold. however, i$ no reason , to a correspondent w¥o]in"GemVn7hVvti hadTo>r- |for do3ng without fires < ylal^him.on his way out. feit the money or go over aboutjand spend it in that country. International »jBjF ™ F ~ ^* *»***» , \f 44 «A*l£} All: they talked r V» L . * ^ v N _ -ealher. 1 ' Despondent a a and the into the ma t ter w ith tion Maybe • . he ex- reprisals 'will bring that he meant! Nazis to their senses L We should think the presence of so many dejnocrat- ic statesmen in Peru might »ta the country's- one-man not/', have it in I Ings.. a revelation) They and vivaci the re- German unanimity: Goeb- W -.'--"V.V«..T.^T #f ifc''F0r Iteltov cabinet or group garding international deal-| be i s has found" it nVcessary to start a new program of "enlightenment 11 about the cannot send money out of lack foreign J V ' t - ' ^ that exchange. If the situation Is true, the situation I •- Let us eat, drink and be be remedied by .not|n??rry, for tomorrow Is an"" Pf thei? re* sources - ' "* Manila Bay, into the plane, slowly typhoon prevented salvage operations for several days, until battering winds and wavet, had done irreparable damage, ine plane fell to pieces as a derrick lifted it from water. Its crew, all of whom were saved, report it a total loss. Long Highway department, scheduled to be in Corslcana this week for a complete dlscusulon 'of highway matters. As matters for future action. President J, M, Dyer submitted D. K. Robinson, aged 88 yean, pioneer resident of Frost, died suddenly Friday afternoon at his home at Frost, Ho came to Navarro county in 1878. Funeral rites were held from tho Frost Methodist church Saturday afternoon with interment in the Frost cemetery. The rites were conducted by Rev. \V. V. Bane, pastor of the church. Surviving are his wife, a son, John Robinson, Frost; a daughter, Mra. Frank Mitchell, Frost, and a number of other relatives. New Year's Eve Party Given By Richland 'Girl Miaa Betty Ixm Burton of Richland honored a few of her friends by giving them a New Year's- Eve party. Those present were Coy Wayne McClendon, Mack Verhy- den, Blllie McDanlel, Thomaa Clyde Cook, Van Elklns, Jr., Herman Grimes S. G. Grand, Margie White, Lerp Bristcr Bertie Ruth Cook, Maurine Kollman, Jimmle Manning, Josephine Griffin, Mary Harlan, Iris and Doris Nunley of Qroesbeck and Marjorle Grand and Loretta Scott, who are in training 1 to be "nurses at Parkland Hospital in Dallas. Afterward five girls stayed for the slumber party. All reported a nice time.—Contributed. Freestone County- Couple Are-Wed • FAIRFIELD, Jan, 3.—(SpU— Miss Carolyn Robinson, Stewards Mill, and Everett Whatley, Jr., Burleson, were married Saturday evening at the Presbyterian manse, the Rev.- W. R. Hall performing the ceremony. Thq bride la the daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Bonner Robinson of Stewards Mill and the bridegroom is tho son of Mr. and Mrs. 'Everett Whatley of Burleson, and both -are graduates of ffalrfiold High school. ners And Say It With Ours Nothing so expresses the true sentiment that flower* convey to friends and loved ones. We have All Types of Flowers In Season In our Greenhouses. Gorgeously Beautiful, Fragrant Arranged for AH Occasions* b**-A^^»^^k FLO 620 North l&th Street Telephone 443 • Conlcana, Texas orsicana Q L ebum Friday Evenin Corslcana Tiger capers* Tuesday afternoon resumed training following the Christmas Holidays. Coaches Jimmle Gardner and Bruce Jcffers hope to whip their charges Into good condition for the approaching season. The Initial cage following the holidays will be staged here Friday evening at 7:30 o'clock at the. junior gymnasium court. Cleburne Yellow Jackets, old-time grid rivals of the local high school, will furnish the opposition. Ennis Lions will play the Ben- gals here Jan. 10. Corslcnna la to Invade Hllls- boro Jau 13, In a return tiff tat a pre-Chriatmaa game on the local court. Corslcana plays Ennls at ffn- nls, Jan. 20 and Cleburne at Clo- burne, Feb. 7. •V^H^«*M*^M* Man Injured by Car On Highway Taken to Home pf His Sister Buck Bates, of Bard well, injured at an early hour Monday morning when ho Is reported to have been struck by a hit-and- run driver five miles north of Corslcana, was able to be moved from the Navarro Clinic latin Monday afternoon" to the home of a sister, Mrs. Shelton, 1402 West Twelfth avenue. Severe head In- Jurlos were received. City and county authorities con-/ tlmifi their efforts to learn the Identity of the person whose car, struck the man as he walked along the highway. Sutherland-McCammon's ambulance answered the call. STOP THAT ITCHING If hnthurrri by thn Itching of Athlete's Foot, Eczema, Itch, Ringworm or sore feet MoPher- son Dtug Co will sell yoi a jar of Black Hawk Ointment on a guarantee. Price OOo and * * COKSICANA- MIDNIGHT SHOW SATUBDAY NIGHT, 11:30 Sunday, Monday and Tuesday BOLDEST DRAMA 10 YEARS! . . . ^ Joan M a dancing brldel 5 gr«at aUrs in M-G-M't nott exciting 'ova-drama! • - i-iV x*k:tf ! V. '-' .•f - m V- : •'••••» *:> tt: '.' •. "•••:<*: .* &! •-'*•;•> i '* *, M - • *:',•,- ia&i ••».-'. --•v. S-.v-v r? fti •R t:W 'j.:- I .-.-'.•-• - -. ft* v,v •i •.'•-• -••>: .' -si:>:s:v ' -, - 'j£:-.- *& IS.'. -. r\'j n'.r 1 ••«... - r .*--' '. ^' •V* n n o k* • AVAH .-f. -,-s-f-.' >-•*.: MELVYN !•• ' YOUNG- DOUGLAS *v> BAINTEB THE S-: N -* 1 V A Frank Borziu Prod; Direct td by Frar* Borzi*« Pfodiiculby losiph L. Manklewlex also COLOR CABTOON "Winter Fashions" PARAMOUNT NEWS The appendixes that little tube, which hangs down from the large Intestine, like the finger of a ft love. So far as medical science can learn, It serve* no useful purpoM. •. t 1 - V, t and also the condition of streets and alleys tho business section, It was agreed by the directors that the streets and alleys were usually unsightly and unpanttary and It was . suggested that a conference with the prooer city officials be arranged in an effort to work out tho nave non-stop been made flights Card of Thank*. To our many friends who were so Hind during tho death of bur son and brother, we want you have m ma,ny j .to _know that-, v eaoh act of servlQb succeeded usually oniy| klndnwB ahall * ot be < 0 r*oiun Life- Of Blooming Grove Buried on Monday Rufua Hartley/ about 45 years old, lUe-loDK resident of Blooming: Grove, died Sunday night at Blooming Grove., following a lingering illness. Funeral services were held at Blooming Grove Monday atter- noon. Surviving are a, brother, K. Hartley, and a sister, Mnu- Martin Warren, b,oth of Blooming Grove, .......... „ parts of the world, butTh'eyl a " d — was every word deeply appreciated. of sympathy when special planes were used, with special .equip ment, the needed. and' when the hou,r of sorrow steals Ita way Into your lives nni'witiry *i,au!~ ~ i-~ ti may y° u have such true and qanyinff nothing bufc loyal friends to. .comfort and ^arge quantity o£ fuel 8hare V OU1 ' b «rdeui la our prayer. The lontr nnn-Afnn ~ Mr - and Mrflt wi " HalHngs- ^uc long non Stop I-.worth, Molly Joe and' Mr. and miny T7_ /^ • - • Your|l H .ormer Corsicanan, Happy Over Arrival •JMI.K.1-J. • . 'T"e **w** at,\ju night is not yet an assured t UC "f 8 ' ! nd , that is ^yhy it • . h ^ Anyway, the Na Of Fine Baby Boy Mrs. Curtis Me Gee of Longvlew, Who was formerly Miss Sarah MIddlebroqk. of this city, daughter of W. B.-:MIddlebrooU of Na-1 varro and v her ^husjjand •• are i-e-; ,, , . Jolclng over fche ; arriva( 6,f a 6 1-3 Subsidy Payments. ' pound baby boy, who m,ado his More than $1,000 was received arrival New'Tears' pay, Sunday at, the office of^H. ,C« Bobinaon^ Januai-y 1st atUO p* ;ro, in' (he county agent Wednesday mornn Gregg Memorial, HoapltaU t ^~ \^. ^_. _. <d ^ nn* __ • ^L _>i ^ _^ ^_ — _» — _ _ ^ *_^__ * I »V ^p. _^_ • ' ^4^ ___j*_^ jL ^_ _ T _' • _' • r Appendicitis Is caused from germs or some substance becoming lodged In the appendix, and setting up an infection. The first apparent sympton of appendicitis Is a "stomach ache/! and not necessarily In the right side, which per* sists and progresses Into the more acute symptoms with temperature and nausea. The appendix Is already In m> infected state, and taking purgatives is one of the MOST HARMFUL AND DANGEROUS things you can do. You mtght some time save a life by remembering this, K the pafrt persists more than half an hour, call your doctor and follow his advice Implicitly and promptly. - >i 1 ' H An operation for appendicitis Is comparatively simple when not delayed. Most fatalities result from taking violent purgatives, or delaying operation until the appendix burst and spread the poison Into the abdominal cavity, not endanger the life of a loved one by DEBATING, when physician advises an operation for appendicitis. ±±* * - •* * • ' 'IP * , . ••* '. >'.- L y*--- i .-t *,• - • • i. Mrs. Jac i^- wonderful ftnd cnsei>; n • --------- * - • Mrs. Ourtle has a ho at of Cor- alcana friends who join In ex tnriling Wowty OPpgratulfctioni '.*!- scntPTio ACY Ffttt-FAiT oeuvtKY u w Y-''- : ;> - I .'*>„ wvr \. J*"*o i r«l

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