Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 5, 1947 · Page 6
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 6

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1947
Page 6
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CLASSIFIED ADS —Jiea ftfls are accepted until *. «t. for week aay publication on " qajr. Mainly About Pampa ads .ailhe for Sunday paper - - ; MalS- ^-Classified aas, nopn Saturday; MalS- V About Pampa, *4 p. m. Saturday. ... CLASSIFIED RATES iMlfiirntrm ad three 6-point lines) 1 Day— 83c per line. 2 Days— SOc per line per aay. 8 JDfcys — IBc per line per day. 4 Days — 13c per line per aay. 6 Days — 12c per line per day. 8 Days — He per line per day. 7 Days (or longer)— lOc per line per aay. s Monthly Rate— $2.00 per line per Tflonth fno copy change). _ . 3— Special Notices T . tiaqle Radiator Shop &16 W. Foster Phone 547 4 — Lost and Found IiOST—3 used mattws.'-r's on Amnrillo hlRhway. Rpwrml for return to ' Yoiinfi- Ftur.itc Mn 1 1 I-PSK Fnt-tory, Phone 12'.. __________________ L.OST8 .Black |iur.«i> liptwi'c-n Mfiyps Gro. ou K. Fostor and -in 3 1C. Foster. Reward. rh. fl'fi-.T or -ion K Footer. JjOST— tjnrtifs i)irik-t.'olil l'.\>invi\ wrist i-h at Carnival Saturday niRlit. Reward for return, rhoiip 0:i7 or _ 290-W. _____________________________ LOST— fJIrl's pul'l rlnp, diamond and ruby Insot. i:.-\v:ml for return to . Personality Hraut.v Slid)) or 1'liono &3 1 S J. _ . _ 5—Garages and Service Clay Bullick Body Shop 518-20 W. Foster P_h._ Jj43 Cockrell Body Shop, auto painting, glass installed, fenders rebuilt. 937 S. Barnes. We have Sinclair Gasoline n/id Oils, wash find lubrication. Wo carry a Rood line of accessories. Walter Nelson Service Station 125 W. Francis Phone 1136 Cole's Automotive Service 84G W. Foster Phone CS5 Bee us for floor mats, ilres and batteries. C. V. Newton and Son Complete line Standard Products. L'luslve Pampa Dealers for Atlas Tires, Tubes and Batteries. Wn honor courtesy cards. I2S W. Foster Phone 461 Smart and McWright We'll put your car In order. TCvery detail will be i-hi-rltnl and retuUreil. Excellent worhmanshlu. 700 W. Foster Phone 4S4 P. K. One Stop Automobile mechanic, Ike Oronltpr. 403 W. _Foster ^'."ine 22CC WOODIK'S (jaraBP i:an put your far In trood shape fur summer driving Let us flieck It over for estimate 808 W. KJiiKStnlll. Phone 4S Mayo Water Well Service No Joh T6o Lam Of Too Small Ph. 807-.T or 1027 1710 Lincoln. Kotora Water Well Service We'll Go Any Plnce.Jk.ny Time Phone 1880 lit W. Take A Montgomery Ward Service on nil elei-trl r-a.1 annlinncp.a. TUCKER-CmfFFIN, General Contractor and Cabinet Makers. 1007 8. Barnes. Ph. 732-J. Machine & Tool Repair Service Lathe and Machine Wo.-k "We Sharpen Kverythlns" Lawn Mowers, Saws Ploe wrenches and vices and what have you, at Frank T>ittmeyer s. IT. L. JKROKR Brown Str€ctjSarft_s:_o :r 22S_3y_._Br(JVn} tilCKNSED (junsmltli—Kimer L. Brodnax located at Crawford Gasoline Plant. S k o 11 rtawn. Tox-ii.i. . 26—Financic! Money To Loan Pampa Pawn Shop 44—Electrical Service «6ftt. Al Lowson—Neon No Representative „. Ph. S399 Star Rt. 2 Pamca. Teataa Martin Neon Mfg. Co. Sales and service. Interior llfchttnizr. 405 S. Bollard Phone 2307 46—Cabinet Shop CARTWRIdHTS CABINET SHOP 1900 Ak'iick Phone 1410 Wn'N bn!M_ tt_to_«ult _yon. __ Grain beds that are made to last! Have your order in now and save time, waste and money in G busy season. Burnett's Cabinet Shop 3 20JE L Tyng__ _• __ PK_J23 5 55— Turkish Baths-Maages iTiriTs iTvTTi itri baths. S y trea'tni"iils. disli Mns?nj;i>, 7nr> \V. Fustor. TO EMPLiOTBD PKOPLB Money When You Need It $5 TO JSO lioans Quickly Arranced. No security. Your signature sets the money. WESTERN GUAUANT? LOAN CO. 109 W. Klncsmlll Phone 2492 27—Beauty Shops l-'oi: S.MAIiT hair slylinu;-, try our pcrmniii'iits. I>-.i I'xinli-.i lir-aiity Sh'ip^ I'huni' l.VtS, :. If, S^ _r.!inn;f. JilTFYA'i'KjS ihiiik.o discolored frlxxy hair lonk.s had. He dues not Kiv« 1JI'CHICKS j%aiily SIion over Kinpiro Cafo. lift us wive yi;ii a now permanent. For appoint "lent 1 M). -1~7- K KiTF tool ami comfortable with 4 new mode hair trim ami permanent Impc-rlal Hoaiity Shop,_S 21_S. ._Cuv 1 e r Kill! A I'l-rniaiR-nt thai \viTl stay l.i'.-uilifiil in tin' siinnni-r beat, \viinl and sH-iiumiiiR 1 let Klltc I'.eiiipy Kho|> t'h-e voiir next one. (..Mil jSl. 28—Painting I";'K\KI;A[J palm inn done, at. "it " N. West. (liven Htsirk. 28A—Wall Paper & Paint Square Deal Paint Co. It's time to repaint and paper inside and out. Select your needs from our complete stock. 514 S. Cuyler. Ph. 1S50. 29—Paper Hanging NultAIAN Pulntlnu-J'aiier iranelni;, 724 N. Sumner. 1'huiie 10G9-W. All work Kiiai'anteed. Reliable Painting, Paper Hanging. Phone 2028-W- 30—Floor Sanding FAHLRY FLUOH HANniXi.5 CO. Portable power, RU anywhere, 1fi \~ears expt'i'ienre, Ijon^ Hotel, Apt. ii. Phone !lfi21. Skinner's Garage Radiator Service, Complete If It's for the automobile wo can do the Job. 703 W. Foster Phono 337 BALDWIN GARAGE. General auto repair, motor tune-up, brake service. Phonfl 3.12. 1001 W. Ttlnlcy. RICHARDSON OARAOR Phone 1SOO. Tune-up, Renerai repair, complete automotive service. 82'J W. Francis. Hank Breining, Lefors, Texas Wash, lubrication,'auto nci-vlca. Lawrence Gulf Serv. & Garage 920 Alcock, Phs. 9531—351 Tune-Up—General Repair Wap h and I-iU }n 'I tat 1 pn_ Jack Vaughn "66' Service Phillips "CC" Products Wash — Lubrication $01 8. Cuyler PhonS-JM? Motor tune-up. Brakes reiined. Minor and major overhauls. Plains Motor Co. Floor Sanding Charles Henson, Phone 2049 31—Plumbing and Heating U'l-; IM'X four completely equippec" plumbing triu-ks. You wont have U wait limn for a minor major plumb inir ,iol>. _nuikh-r_Plumbint;'_ Co. DKS iMOOKlC ri'intndH yon it'H time to liaye troughs and feeders made for eliiek season. I'all 1»1!. 61—Household SALIC--". •;s. * lood ns n bed and mat- i.'i .\. VVarn-ii. _ _ ____________ uTr'TUoVJrX Ti"" fl7 i.'ap. Studio O>itch in i-Nct-lli-nl condition, 2-piece liviiiK room suite at a bai'sain. table lop rns rani-»i> for sale at Uruee ;ind Son Transfer Co. i;2li S. Cuy__ Scats for sale JIHI2.M. l:i»n Practically N. Starl;Furniture Values . . . Kroehler IJase I!in-kr-r.«. .\I;Hchliitf Coffee and Kml Tallies, l-'nily ins-nlated Ailloma! IP. .'{0-Unl- lon Hot \Valer Tank. Apex \Vavliinn .Maeliines. I'seil fill'-III. Capacity Steel Tcrhox. Economy Furniture Co. 615 W. Foster Ph. 535 We hove one of the nicest, cfeon'esf, small cafe ih ttve'se parts for sale ... ' . I have looltefl this cafe over carefully, and I will Bay that It really Is n nice one. The equipment is In top shape, and there t s Plenty ot It ... It is located at Lefors and was operated by Mrs. Little. She built the business up to where she was taking in.around I1SOO a month "We are polnef to hnve 1.0 sell this nice, little caffs, so we have put'the price a'nivn'to $175n.on for a quick sale. . . If you h.ia ! to replace the fixtures you couldn't buy them for $3500 . .. . You don t have to have all cash, as \vo ran fix that, up ... The rent is reasonable, arid the location couldn't ho beat . . . This would make an Ideal small business for n couple, and you could make some money out of it ... I'd a whole lot rather have something like this than working for I he oilier fellow ...... Cm-lev Royd over nt Tex F.v.nns Puick wants to sell somebody a good DOS House, so some of you people wanting something like this get in touch with him . . . AVe hnve a pood branding and dehorning chute worth the money . . . The owner Is movlnjr awav and said for us to sell It for something . . . It's portable , . . can be set up anywhere .... Plenlv of pood houses . . . 'farms . . . steel . . . rancbe" . . . anything 1 . . . We'll even fence posts . . . buy your cattle saddles J. WADE DUNCAN Real Estate and Cattle Duncan Bldg.—Phone 312 41 Years in the Panhandle \Vino < for sale T\V< i-l'IKC lloom Suite I'honc J2.S\V. frwin's "509 W. "'Foster—Extra Good Values. Four piece bedroom suites $69.50. Two piece living room suite $29.50. Enamel Kitchen sink $19-50. Ice Boxes $8.95 and up. cfjASS- 110 ___ "" _ __________ \\ r ll,l. SKhij or fnid In jioud cimdilinn, small 1'prinbl Marshnll a|_ f l:MI Friuidfii fur n Serve) I'iniio. Contact i.J. Lrtlir-ioii Store. _ Make Your Lawn Attractive! We have a large selection of metal lawn furniture, chairs, gliders and lounges. Chairs from $4.50 up. Texas Furniture Co._ iclo iTnX for .»aTe^--"Pr!ictle!iily new. _liifuilre_ni" S._ ItUJiScll. ______ __ Full SALF. - Pivway stove, " burners and oven. dasolint- or butane. A e SIS. Water Heater Headquarters Shower stalls and chromn faucets. Smith Plumbing, Phone 396 32—Upholstering and Furniture Repair Killian Bros. Garage 115 N. Ward __ Phone Bland Upholstery & Repair (II. 1 ! S. Olivier Plume HIS.'! Lei us I'cniiike your furniture, lie.-ui- Jj_ful __ >i<jw__ "Hll.^!'^^-''—!!!—^ 1 ?- 0 .!*: ____ Slip Covers, Draperies Mrs. Verna Stephens I'iepairiiiK-, Refiiiisliint,'. i;rihnlslerlii(r PAMPA CRAFTSHOP 821 S. Cuyler Phone Ic li-K sale in lousier. 165 1810 McWilliams Motor Co. Pampa Safety Lane — Ph. 101 Shock absorborn for all cars. General repair work. Efficient service. _ 6—Transportation MOVING, hauling transfer and car unloading. See Cut-ley Boyd or call 123 or 12-t. Tex Kvans. Panhandle Transfer-Storage 916 W. Brown St. Ph. 1025 ••United Van I,inc.s Plenty storage, space, lm:a.l, Ions fits- tancc moving. 32A—Venetian Blinds Venetian Blinds Custom. !I-IU S. FiiulUncr. I'll. 1 SGI!. 33A—Rug-Furniture Cleanew HOY FRl-IR— I-ioeal baiilinK and inov- Injr. Car imlnudiiiK. 82i 12. Jlurphy. Phone 1SO!I-\V. _______ Pampa Moving & Storage Co. 409 W. Brown Phone 1040 Local and loui? distance movers. Pack• Ing and crating is our sneclnlt,\\ __ Bruce & Sons Transfer Local and long dlstarce moving. Best equipment and vans. •tcrage space. Fifty/ Cleaners Compli-tf ilnw X- l-'urnitnre Carpel laying. bimlin«- anil All woi-k Kuarantei-rt. "It'.s Ohyays better tins '." K. (I. 'JYan'UG H. 11. .W? A\*. Fosier 7' Way" rutrciuisl. Phone 57 Stephenson - McLoughlin •KM; S. Cn.vl.-r Phone HISS .\liiriiin:,' (ilory box .springs and mnt- llvsscs to inaleb. A few K'ood iis-.-d bi-flroum suites. 2 nst.'il ^as ratines. Keilnei-d prieo.s un Sttaliti Brummett Furniture Bargains Table lop ramies, ieoboxes, a nif.' seleei of fi-iini i-oiini furiilliiri metal beds. !--prlii(.;.-- and mat tre.s.Hu! Shop our store fur values. Also Upholstering Phone 2060 3]7 S. Cuyler STI'OIO ilivan, makes eooil |KM|. I'rlc< Slid. See II. A. Ijaviii- at Kinnsmil Cabol Camp. Imnilro HOUKC No It 01- in. jL'LKCTlJObUX cleaner.s and air purl flors for .sale. "We frive .service and handle. nuw)llen. -101 13. Poster JJhr,n_e_17-IH-W. nox_l1_S_». Mocbonaid Plumbing & Furn 513 S. Cuyler Phone 578 '2 table top K.-iii ranuf»N. 1 aiiartmenl sixc ^as 7-anH:o. 1 IJi'-Tjiixe se\\-ini;- inacliini*. '2 bedroom suites, Ijinolenni rntrs. also yard irood.s. Cosh For Used Furniture 35—Cleaning and Pressing ins and ",c, table . . We have plenty Phone 934. U-:T L'H latimU-r yoni- curt laee lalilo cloths. I'ajiels ; chillis T."K'. (\'2'J S. Mallard. I'll. 2HO TIP TOl' eLUANKRS. Ilon't. hesitate to send your finest apparel to us. Call SSft. i'ii-k up livid delivery. 35-B—Hot Cleaning-Blocking Tux Cleaners and Hatters Hats Cleaned and Blocked rvileman Williams, lil!) \\". Foster __ H. P. HARRISON, 914 E. Fredrick. House moving and winch trucks for service. Ph. 2162 11— Male Help Wanted Chrysler mechanic. Must have own hand tools. Plains Motor Company. _ Experienced Rotary Drillers wanted for slim hole rig Finest equipment throughout. Highest wages paid. Douglass Engineering Co. 7114 Hines Blv'd. Ph. Dixon 4-5747 ____ Dal las,JTex. Wanted Colored Porter- Also experienced fruit and vegetable man. Good salary. Apply in person at McCartt's_ 13 — Mole and Female Help_ WANTKD experienced silk finisher, and a. wool presst-r. Krm>'s (,'li-an- er.s, 410 S. Oii.yli.-r. ________________ Hats - Hats - Hats . . . C'leaiu-d and blocked. Your tailor is equipped to care for your entire •wardrobe. Burns Tailoring Co. 124 S. Frost .Ph. 480 62—Musical Instruments TODAY'S SPECIAL Two large houses on three paved lots, northeast part of town' One 6-room with basement, the other building con be used for a business building or rebuil^ into another residence. Price $8000. STONBTHOMASSON—PHONE 1766 Lovely 4-room home in east part of town, $1250 will handle. Five-room home, N. Duncan, $4500. 4-room home, 2 lots in Finleylkmks Addition, $2350, $850 will handle. Brand new, well built five-room home, extra' cabinets and closets- Four-room home to be moved, $1450. Nice home on lease, 8 miles southeast, $1650—$350 will handle. Well built five-room house in Finley-Banks Addition on oiled street. A home and business—a grocery store and good residence combined. Real Estate—M. P. DOWNS—Insurance 336 Phones 1264—1011 E. Francis—201 Combs-Worley SEE 16«i Cobk for re&l estate bftf- galns. Phonfe 1037-J. 600 N. Gf&y. .. FOR SALE—2 bedroom hotne with garage 1217 Garland. Phon'e 2047-J. June Values in Property. . . • 3 bedroom home, Mnry Ellen, $11,500 2 hedroom brick, large basement $14,000. 2 bedroom home, completely furnished $8500, Severn! .small homes and Income property. H-room furnished house, N. Charles, ?S500. Corner lot. Double Ka.ra.Ke. Immediate possession. 1398 Booth - Weston 2325W FOR SALH by Owner—G-room modern double ernraKe. Immediate possession. $'1000. 2108 Alcock. LEE R- BANKS First National Bank Bulldlns Phones 3SS—62 4-room house on S. Gray. Price $1400. 5-room house on S. Gordon, $2500. 5-room house on S. Banks, $5000. il-room. houpo on N. Banks, $5250. fi-room hottso on N. Faulkner, $7800. 6-room house on Christine. $11,500. Ti-room house, on Denver, $2150. Good terms. Possession now. If you want to buy a farm In Wheeler county, see mo. ^^^ New nine room brick home for sale in 1300 block Willisten. Open all day Sunday . . Corner lot, E. Francis, $500.00 , See JOHN I. BRADLEY 218 N. Russell Phones 777-2321-J NOW IN STOCK National Presto Cookers. National Pressure Cookers. Ice Cream Frezers, sizes 3 quarts to 2 gallons. Lawn mowers. THOMPSON HARDWARE CO. Berry Pharmacy City Drug 48-Hour Kodak Finishing Service Richard Drug ;p A\r> T)rr,rvKP.Y, c ; i ; A i ;•; KI M .••< 1 1 1 .\< ; - KNJ.. SIMS STUDIO Harvester Drug Modern Pharmacy P. nr. 72- Wanted to Buy, Cont. fe.H rur .vour junk of pay top lilnrtH. C. C. Matheny Tire & Salvage 818 W. Foster Ph. 1051 75 Cut Flowerw - Plants - Corsagea. .'(17 K. Ijrown Phono 1G70 76 — Farm Products .SAl-IO - IliH Muss So|irann Panel- Aeeiirdiun. ICxec-lleut Ounditinn. ieed rin-lii. Phune l-tr.T-.l. Top o' Texas 11" .V. Frost — Ne Amusement location. Co. 67 — Radios IMOPAIR work dono on radios, iiiR- macbines and vacuum cleaners. 317 N. DwlK-ht. Phor>e r,-!1-.T. PAJ1PA RADIO LAB Rales - Service - Work guaranteed 717 AV. Foster Phone 46 36—Laundering Ennia Laundry, Ph. 2593, CIO E. Frederic. Help yourself, 4 flu per hour. Wet, wash and rough dry service. IKON'IN'O e av Shirts S. Clark. 1'ants 15c, Dixie Radio Sales & Service 112 K. Francis Ph. 9G6 68—Farm Equipment iJltK.SHKl) POUI/J'UV— Whulewilo and retail. JIl.qhesL prices paid for all kinds of live poultry. Bond Poullry. W. I?. (Pole) IJond, rear of Furr __ Food. Plione 1S5. ______ At Redman Dahlia Gardens You'll find the finest tomato, cabbag'e, pimento, eu'K' plant, penner plants. Dahlia Bulbs Ready Now is the lime for plan! ing. Fryers, fat, tender for sale !)0l South Faulkner Phone 457 97 —Houses fnrnishr-d house for rent i)25 «. Sumner St. Call be !">. M. li-liui i.M 1 mtuire I'nre 0 •1-TtoOAT fuTiiislied house for rent. Sr oxvnnr .Saturday or Sunday. J-'H7 ]•: Frederick. O.N'l-I-liOOll bouse, nicely furnished adults only. U'orlcy Courts. 120 K. Barnes. Plume 1514-J. 110—City Property Full SALIO— Toy .Boston Screw Tail, (i months nM, __ 8I!0_N. Perry^ __ STIl^Ij HAVTO :i Yiiislon KcV-ew Tail pujijjies for sale. Wee them at 53-1 South Ballard in rear. _____ — Airedalo i>i!|)s, either sex Porter J 'A miles, X. Alat FOU K.' $10. D. C'ity, OR SAljlS by owner. 4-room hous In Talley Addlllon. Also '3fi Dodg Coupe. 400 N. Tlider St. J. E. RICE— PHONE 1831 Homes, Business, Income, Farms, Ranches, Oil leases and Royalties. arse S-ronm modern, Duncan Street $7400. jovely 3 bedroom home, 2 blocks •Senior HUrh .fH,500. jarfcc 3 bedroom N. Russell $9500. flee 3 bedroom home, Christine Street $10,500 lond I! room modern, Talley Addition $.|f)00. -ovelv K room' home, .1 blocks of Senior ITiffh $11,500. 1 room duplex, 2 furnished aparlments in rear.. $;f, 000— $3,000 down. ,'ood 2 bedroom home, Lefors Street $1750 down. room modern two lols, Tcaper Street $:!2.-pn. ; room modern, 100 Jl. front, N. Hanks $r,noo. I unit furnished apartment 13. KlnRfl- mlll $8780. I Business lots, AV. Foster $1.1,5or« 0.1 Ft. Corner lot, pavliiK and sidewalks $1250. 100 Ft. lot N. Tiussell $1750. FARMS i°0 acre stock farm, cows, chickens, farmlnpr equipment all poes. AV111 take In 4, fi or fi rnpm house In Pampa $11,500. The IK-SI IliO ac're wheat farm In Gray County. Four miles of Court House ____ __ __ K<M! SAIj'l'V- Hotel uorlh side fur- ni'-bed if!ir,(lO— 5 room house, wasli- liouse. 'i lols $.|aO(l. W. T. Ilollls, I 'in mi' 147S. __________ GTC.'StaHk. Ph 819W, Of. 341 Hnve some Rood buy In homes. Also have some t?ood Income property. Have some rentals. FOR SALE by owner, li-room house, Textone. AValls and ceiling. 2 lots. Immediate nossession. 710 N. Bamts, m—tots PTTTT SAI..H—All or pnrt of IfiH ft. Kant front, 2 blocks Southwest of Sr III. School, all utilities avn.llu.blp. SI 1.5(1 r>or foot—Call l-irilW. 15__Out-of-Town Property I-'IVK JJfKU roof, drop sale. Soe Alton Texas inodcru lioiisp. .. sldliiff. I2,n00 l'or_ quick Ijlttle at Iiclors, —Farms and Tracts •lit ACUK.S, one-fourth mile from pavement In trade, for pood pickup _— .—--------FOR SALIC — I12li acre, farm, '1 room house. 120 acres In cultivation planted In row crop, 1-3 BOOH with sale crass land not rented. Plenty ever la-uiiifi- sprint,- water, lota sub IrrI pated land. H2 head of cattle, one two'and three year old steers, three mil four year old cows, nine snmiR c',1 Ive-l on McCk-llnn Creek $78(10.00. \ T ii'i> 5-room modern house and f?ar- nAT. on N. Chisty PGOO or will lease tvVr twelve months at $500. sixteen wiened White Pi™ each. Roy Ooode, Box lb«l h llnd Oil and Gas. T. B. Cobb Len Also : 112.00 17—Property To Be Moved MtUMCO for quick sale to be moved, 2-bVdroom niodp.rn frame house, shiucle roof, wpll constructed, eood floors: Utlaid linoleum In kitchen. A'-IV. N^'work shop Sr,0 foot uofid win- fence. KPC. Max Brown IV, miles West of T-iffura.._ Texas. FUK SAL1.0 BY O\VN10U—New house, ;] rooms ajid bath, hardwood floors, 2 lots, 820 Hast Locust. Inquire at 858 AV. Foster. . Large within High- Realtor ' Special 5-room rock 121—Automobile! ITnr—SA~i7K—1MB Tudor Chovrolot. Wood condition. Clyde Mercer, Cabot Camp, Skellyiown. r>nPvTTifJTjKT 2-door, new seat S, motor excellent condition 10117 . Pontiac 2-door corn- 2 blocks of Price $8750. RICE Phone home Senior J. E. 1831 Body J Shop. !)37_S._Banies. , "' Chevrolet Redan, work car. pHcert *105. Seo 'Cabin 21, Texas, AIjIO lUI't. International llar- vcsicr Combine. Hood condition. Call L'O-17-J or inquire Johnson Imple- mcnt Co. Ft .Ml" SALi''.--2l-:{i if. Al. Twin-City 'i'l'ii-ctoi 1 fair oondit.ion. Two miles norlhwoKt of Cirandview Sehool. Address: K. II. AVeinhelmcr, Cironm, Texas. 85—Baby Chicks _ fJ^irl_m>rU_^_5c_pf;r_d_o)'.t!i» i _i)lh5_-rs___$^. "Jerkin's Laundry— Ph. 405 221 Kast Atcblson, one block east of Santa l-'n Depot. Wot. wash, roiiKh dry, lielp your self. Soft water, steam, free pickup and dc- livey. Open 7 to 7. _ 14— Soles Wanted MJL>r>(Iiir~AGKI> .sales people for p manent work- -Car iit-c-e.ssai-.v. CItj commission. \\'!iitc I- 1 . C.'. Jiux Pampa News for iletalls. 17 — Situation Wanted GIRLS will can- hour, day for small children, \v» _ AfJKD lady 'wilf Children In your home P. M, Phono _1 1 1 •<. __ eiiris for after 7 and _ LADY woul like lumsekcemiiK jo care of children, lluhy I learn. OHKM Hotel Apt. :i. Phone _952_1. _____________ woman, t-apa- of meals, etc., or hour. Call RELIABLK. inlcllisPnt ble of takint; i-hai-fje will -work by week a42fl'W. Wants WorK Ph.23-11 U Wiggins Laundry — Ph. 1 134 For rounh dry. wet wash, help your self service. Hot, sofi water. Open all day Saturday. Pick-up and deli vcry__ser\;ic^ I' l) ^._LL''."!'Y_.llir ____ iTfonings Wanted at 842 5. Sumner. ___ ________ J?f7tTs~i'lO T S "Laundry and licit) Your Self Service. Free pick-up and delivery. Damp dry and soft Phono 12ii Ford 4-Wheel Trailers All steel bed, capacity Iflr, bushel. them at — The Brown Street Industrial Repair Shop 527W3rown See stoum. llobart _ Your Laundry & Dry Cleaners Phone 675 Free Delivery 37—Dress-making PKUKT'S KIW Shop, :i2ti S. Cuyler. Children* read.v-to-wcar. lineii.s, Imt- lon holes and dress makinn. I'h 20S1. Mrs7 Wright's Gift Shop 119 S. Starkweather (North of tracks) Sewing—Children's garments specialty, linens, fanc.v work. I-'A<"I'( )l! V made It-nek bed for sale. S,-e at CartivriRlil Cabinet Shop. J!i(in_ Alc-oi-k. Osborne Machine Company 810 W. Foster Phone 494 Home Freezf.T.s for immediate delivery. 2.'!-iiifli, one way disc._$!, Scott Implement Co. John Deere—Mock Trucks Sales and Service Rpceial tirlce on chicks this week only. See UH for your field and lawn seed needs. AVe have a wood variety of quality seeds. JAMES FEED STORE 522 S. Cuyler Phone 1677 SPECIAL BABY CHICKS $9.90 per hundred. Plenty of 2 and 3 weeks old started chicks. Gray Co. Feed & Hatchery 854 W. Foster Phone 1161 70— -Miscellaneous 38—Mattresses Prgctical Obstetric Nurse cases. Mrs. \VaHter Opportunity 39—Lawn Mowers ISITlAti Grocery stor<>, in Uor- OK sale.' Buildim,' 2nxSO ft., fix- jrpom apartment in rear, vantorv. Sfc owner, Uuss " TJSt • • 'N .Faulkner or Jott CooliKe, in 'lior- PAMPA MATTRIOSH Co. 817 W. Foster--Phone li:i:i. Ccilion, innerspriviK ni.atiresses and Hollywood beds jn.'nle to nrder^ Young and Fugate Mattress Factory — Furniture 2)0 coil sprinK mattresses. We make mattress and pillows and do lur- niUire repair. Complete suits in hedroom. livlni? room and uccasiomu i'urniture. Plione 12^ l-'OJ! ,SAI,I-:— Kiiiiipmeni ,». paint. J'Tice Plume M:i3-M. U'll.i, SI-'J.L K-o ' o ?7r,0.(/(l. ",OS Hi7ri.iy of red Dnyle. 88—Seeds and Plants I'UICK RIODUCIOD by owner on E room (2 bedroom) home, nice, yard, fenced, «wmii?e. Located at CO!) N. Somerville. _ . Haggard-Braly — Realtors Phone 909 Good Farm Listings _ SKI-; B.- K. B'errell for city and ranch __prc>perty. Phono _3j_l or 2000-W . _ C. H. Mundy, Real Estate Ph. 2372 105 N. Wynne Lar«;e 8-room duplex 2 baths, double Karase. N. Frost. Larsfi 5-room modern furnished home with 2 apartments. Income $115 pet- month. I'Jood. loeatloii. fi-room modern home, rental In rear. Wilcox Addition. $8500. Nice modern ii-room home, 2 car Kar- asre, nice shade trees, priced $fi250. •1-riiom modern, rental in rear, close in $-1250. „ , 4 -room efficiency home near Senior Ilieh Bchool. Large 7-room apartment, hullt-in Karapic, northeast part of city, $GOOO. Pampa Used Car Lot . • . Ki-U Chovrolot 2-door Special l!Ml"*'hevrolet 2-door Master i "I I' T>ontiac 4-door. lii.iT Oldsmobllo 2-door. 117 E. Kingsmill Ph Be- 1545 See-Try-Buy THE NEW KAISER AND FRAZER Gorvey Motor Co. Harvester reed Co. 500 W. Brown Phone 1130 E. F. Tubbs Grain Co. Kingsmill, Laketon and Pampa Grain, feed and seeds. Field seed at Kingsmill and 311 East Tyng, Pampa. with garage, garage, Tudor, radio. radio and u. _ c Phong 55 AIR, H<fve d Mdrsallis AiWCooIef installed before ond enjoy mountain breeze in youf hofne.. MAYTAG PAMPA 516 S. Cuyler Phone 1|44 SUMMER SPECIALS UNITED STATES GARDEN HOSE ' UNITED STATES SNUG°LEG FISHIN0 BOOTS AGRICULTURE FARM BELTS : RADCLIFF SUPPLY—H2 E. BROWN Vl v TULL-WEISS EQUIPMENT CO. International Sales—Service Trucks, Tractors, Power Units MR. FARMER! MR. RANCHER! MR. OILMAN! You are overlooking something if you don't have o. Universal Jeep at your disposal- 1941 Chevrolet Truck with two speed rear axle, High Torque motor. 1939 Ford Truck. ." McWILLIAMS MOTOR CO. 411-417 S. Cuyler Phone 1562 DOES THAT CAR Of YOURS USE OIL? If so then It's time to do sometbinR nt>out It ... Bring VoMr car \ji for an overhaul job on that motor, It may be the rings need re- jilnclns or the motor needs rehorlnff ... COFFEY PONTIAC CO. "'..-• 6—Pontiac—8 320 N. Somerville Phone, 365 SAPHIRE QUARTER HORSE STALLION Registered in both Palomino and Quarter Horse As£o- ciations. 124 N. Frost STANDING SERVICE See Roy Burns at Burns Tailoring Co. Phone 480 COMPARE OUR PRICES BEFORE YOU BUY 1940 Chev. Coupe, new paint 1939 Plymouth 2-D 1939 Chev. 2-D . .'. 1942 Chev. Club Cp 1940 Dodge 2-D 795-00 585,00 650.0,0 1050 ; 0b 795.00 1941 Dodge Con'v. radio cVheat. excellent car 1295.00 109SOO 325,00 995.00 ..... 895.00 1941 Dodge 3-4 Pickup, new paint 1937 Ford' 2-D 1941 Chev. 3-4 ton Pickup .............. 1940 Chev. 1-2 ton Pickup .......... 1 new Higgins Camp Trailer Sleeps 4 people, 850.00 value for 595:00 PU-RSLEY MOTOR CO. WRECKER SERVICE Day or Nite Day Phone 113 ' Nite, Gall 1411 W ~ GREGGTON PARTS NO. 2, LTD, Wo manufacture a heavy duty oil field type truck bed that Will hold' up under; tho most streunoua service. Welding worli of all kinds done by experienced weldera. When you ihlnlt of trucks or truck beds "Say Nay."' EXPERT BRAKE SERVICE Some Good Used Parts for Trucks Phone 674 122—Trucks (Cont.) l-'Ult SATjK—1!M2 International. K.5 Truck with tint bed. Price $1,000. Pampa Lubricating Co. ' 1311 FORD PIcKUp. % ton. with 14- foot service trailer, brakes. Will sell tocether or separate. Skinner Call 337. [fearing Reset in University von SALR on TRADE—1941 G. M. c. Truck. Oood condition. Two speed axle, saddle tanks. $750. 1942 Dodfie Station AVaeon. good condition, $750. Also 21-ft semi-trailer. Rood, $300. "Would consider trade for late model car. A. H. Heneau, 5 ml. east of MeTjpan on Highway M. I-'OH SAUR—I9S7 Ford truck with M-rain bed. All In j?ood condition. 8H6 E. Craven. Ph, lllioW. 128—Accessories lfl-10 Chevrolet heater. 11-11 Ford Tudor, -- 11411 Dodse V-tor. Pickup. 1047 F?"et Master Chevrolet. li)41 Fora Coupe, radio and heater, 1«)S9 Bulok 4,door Speclah 700 W. Foster • - .., -j —,'; lv udsh for a good clean oar individually .owned Call 2228J after 5 n.m. or drive by_SH.,N. 1'iOht. Rebuilt Motors Chevrolet, Plymouth Mercury, , All motors re- East In cliibs. N _ _ w7t of 'I'ovirna- Sumner 112 X, Hobart Shepherd Mower and Saw Shop 612 E. Field Ph. 2434-W All work gnarautpfd 42—Building Moteriols (TcToD "used JuniUcTfDr wale, about 10.000 foe.t. also windows and doyr-s, Ht end of West Oi-averi on S. Gray. Sen owner nt I'M N. Banks. __ 44—Electrical Service . nieiu n.ddel. Call at C,« _!if_U)r (I P. M. ___ _____ "DAVIS "TRADINO POST Complete line plumblnsr fixtures, eral- vanized pipe. We sell and exchange R14 Sniitb Ciiylei-.— Phono 1!>r,7-.T A! F.-CO.VDITIONING Will malte. your home more enjoyable. We sell only the best the nation produces. H. CUV KRRBOW CO. ____ Ptinn o _R Ii B - .T __ T\VO ,1 iTl7sKY~miMi C<!\VH" for sale , :ilso '::-" Hlandard C'liervolet. 1100 K. Smiuu-r. __ ^ __ ___ _ __ _ Bozeman Machine _ Welding Blacksmith, weldine, machine work. 1ROS_J;V. RI«U»v ___ __ _ Ph_14:<s Kolt HALl-:-'bai'K<- Dotr house well built. See Curlcy Ho.\'tl at 'l A ex 1-ivaii.s _ i,!" r/iu'e. Phoiiu 12-1 or 123. __ _ W. C. Havens Commercial Repair Shop Lawn mowers sharpened, welding disc rnlltni* a^r, S. RtnH<WP!(thr-r_ t-'fil{ HAfJO- One permanent ""Wave ifac-blne $37!). 00 iKish. One Oil SI (tain er IMiieblnc, Sinn. 00 cash, One. Khaip T pi.o 81 eel Cbair. Sr.0.00 cash, One Manicure Table, $15.00 cash. Klsle AT. Kin/elt. Box 331. Canadian, 'J'.ex. Flies Are Sure To Come Be ready with D. D. T. Spray and sprayers. "VANDOVER'S" Home of Royal Brand Feeds For Your Needs 541 S. Cuyler Phone 792 Electric Supply Co. Contractor - Appliances - Repairs Oil Field Electrification 319 W. Foster Phone 1100 ' f W. SOTTTTTARP o«l«<? _ __ p:i— .Shrubbery, half price. Legs' Nice IS-ropm moflern I'Mshe-r St. $11500. Nice: -l-room modern, double storm cellar. 100 ft. front. Campbell, $;ifl75. 4-rnom modern furnished home Talley Addition. Price $3500. 4-room modern home, close in, $1000 down. •l-rooin modern house. Rental in rear close in. ' Nice ij-room modern home. b. Barnes. 3-bctlrooni home, north side. Immediate possession, $r,250. Nice 8-room duplex, N. Gray. Rentals in rear. Service station selling ma:ior products doiiiK 1 Rood hnsiness. Complete stock noes with sale. Lar«-e 7-rooni duplex, rental in rear, Nico' S fi-robm home, E. Pi-ancls, $2000 will handle. Lare-a 0-room home, double garage, hardwood floors in PInley Banks Addition. A real buy at $5250. Small grocery and fruit market. Good location. . ,. . Mclp-your-Self Laundry ^Vlth living fiuarters. Dolne good business. Your Listings Appreciated Ford, (lllu *^iJMi~t*- — - t _ of ,ir(pn tiOIT*"* Pampa'cSarage and Salvage Co SQSWJKingsrnill, Phone 1661 New Motors Installed SaJes_ajTd_Sej^ice_____ 3 HUDSON USED CARS 309 N. Bollard International Truck U W. B., plow for Ford WK have in stock now—Tires, grener- iitors, starters, V-S ^vater pumps, brake drums, transmission gears and 100 000 other Rood used parts for all cars. See us first and save your self a lot of hunting. Pampa Garage and Salvage. 808 W. KinesmlH. Phone 1C61. FOUR-LEGGED CADDY CHICAGO — (/PI— Mrs. Edward Spalding, a golfing enthusiast of suburban Lake Forest, has a four- legged caddy—her year-old dober- mann-pinscher. Her dog, "Brada," pulls a specially built cart carrying Mrs. Spalding's clubs. It was built from a child's tricycle and Brada was taught to pull it with the aid of a specia harness. , Mrs. Spalding said Brada is an obdient caddy. She makes no noise and she'll even help Mrs. Spalding look for balls hit into the rough 1940 . jj-ood condition. FewiiHon 2-bottotn Tractor uz See Rider Motor jj^ Bollard Us Co. Before jeep? We You have, Buy! i good j:i>Hl'LI-: NKKDS ',', rpuin furnished ipiirtmi'iit. Call II. K. .lennlim-K Fur- nliuru Hc'iit., MontKoinei-y Ward. Vhuiift SOI. 95—Sleeping Rooms FOR URXT—Southeast corner bedroom, adjoining b.'ith in private _hii ni^ 1 __ Ph o n e i)OS_ o i^_2.'i 31; .7. l'JK(">Ar)Viio\S r "" I/olel ~- Sliigie rooms $4.00 per \vk.: double $5.110. Clean, coniforlable, close in. 70-1 \V. Foster. HOOM' for rent in pi-ivate home to employed pet-sous, meii v»referred. flnso'lii. SOX N. Wi-st. Ph. R2. Santa Fe Hotel—Phone 2364 Comfnrlable sleepine rooms, day. wk. 72—Wonted to Buy ILtj PAY cash for eood clean late model .car. Individually owned. Contact Ouv Kimbell. 118 N. Pur- vlanc.e 'aflpr C:15 P. M. Pan»ji» News Waot 96—Apartment* S.MAM., CXAUAOE apartment 'fur-* pished for vent. Private bath. C.14 HiiKliew. Call 336-1 \V al'tor -(i P. M Need a I9°i e cbevrolet Pick-up. 1041 0- M. C. Pick-up. 10-10 Chevrolet Coupe. Soveral «ood used trucks. Used Car Exchange used CHINESE COLLEGES China had 108 colleges before tnt outbreak of its war with the Jap anese, which destroyed more than AUSTIN—(#>)—Oral arguments in Dr. KVerett H. Givens' case for es- tabyshment of a Negro 'branch university to the University of Texas n'Austin were reset for Oct.'8:-ln the third Court of Civil Appeals today. •'••'.'." ."-' The Austin Negtt) district's suit against the University. Bdard- 'pf"| Regents was scheduled fpir hearing today and postponed for--the secoruj time by agreement of both'sides,- >'•'•. Since Givens was denied his- mandamus in the 53rd District Court, of * Travis County, a second Negro. eau> cation suit has returned to th^, Court of Civil Appeals, Sjfemanj Marion Sweatt, Houston Negrp, was denied entrance to the University! of Texas for the second time in \Wiei 126th District Court. Heatings oil the Sweatt case ha.s not been ;|* Givens seeks establishment of_ Negro braiich as provided, m constitution and located in 1 by the voters some 50 year§ ago, branch to share in the university's | $70,000,000 permanent, fun4 CAN'T COVER RANGE The human voice is limted to ft range of about three and one-haw octaves, but the average inatdJVdu^l , can cover less than one,-half of thfc range, ' Use ref reshlng,- tender in a cold salad, Point up the , vor with a tart French dressing and half of these seats of learning. a sprinkling of hard coofeed eggfe ARNOLD AND ARNOLD Office 758—Phones—Res 758 A dandy H room Home close In on CO. Francis St., completely furnished Including Electric Ref. and Table Top Roper Ttanffc. Newly redecorated Inside and out. Total Price $0,- noo.oo. Terms. Last chance to buy a 170 Acre Wheat furm and eel 1-3 of the Wheat crop. Close lo Pampa. '/• mineral Included. a sets of Improvements for $20,0.00. F. II, A. Home on Magnolia St., built in 1912 about $1,500.00 cash and balance at $3:}.99 pei; mojUh.,N0 Joai application or other expense. Oilier homes from $800.000 to $23,000 In all parts of town. r,Isi vour property with us for sale and there is no cost to look arqujicl before you buy. American Hotel— Ph. 9538 Furnished apartment, "l.centng .. Farming, in Pahnlng, in There's Artists There's others :... ..,.,,. There's many Indulging, But pur Ai'tlsts are PrinU.n.g. ' The Fampa- FOR SALl'l lTy~ownor—4 room modern furnished house, hardwood floors Venetlon BUnds. floor furunoe. Pri.c fid for quick sale. Oarage and wasl hov<w toKethw. 485 N. Carp. Phone Kr.RSW or 946W. FOR SAT.H BY OWNJ3R—,Newly"OO)\ stwetpd two-bedroorn \xo,n»o coto pletely- modern. -Aaioljo^'Wtv o ,,$$& 1 l"?jj)i>Y. 421 S! Cuyler 315 Service on carbu- Your Automobile . . '. Motor reconditioning retor recalibration. Motor tune-up or bear front wheel alignment. Come to Your Chrysler-Plymouth Dealer. Cornelius Motor Company We Give S&H Green Stamps Phone 346 mechanic worfc on all . %j I worlc PWWteea. Garage & $erv..Stqtion 323 5.' Cuyler Phqng 1/9 YOU CAN afford to haul your own U W. B. Ohev seryiceabl.e, to' W i wpi eftt this "crop. -In 1938

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