The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 17, 1962 · Page 5
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 5

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 17, 1962
Page 5
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•RAZOSPORT AND BRAZORIA COUNTY, TEXAS. FRIDAY. AUGUST 17, 1«*2 Miss McKenzie, F. Earley Wed THI IRAZOSPORT PACTS Editorial—Adv— K 3-3511— Classified—BE 3-2611 PA6II 'The King of (limy Lutheran Church In Houston was Ihe sol- tlnu for the weildinn ceremony Hint nulled in maritime Miss MBIT Margaret McKeiv/.ie n nd Frank Koss Karley .Ir. Parents of the couple arc Mr. I ami Mrs. W. T. McKcn/.ic of llou- F. ft. hearl rosebud corsage. Mrs. Karlry wore H l>eige volte dress with heic;e accessories arid a pink leather lial. Her corsage was also of pink sweetheart roses. The reception ivns held In the pnrish hnll r< the church. Members of the liridal parly presided over the service al Ihe bride's Hinn, anil Mi. and Mrs. Karley Sr. of Sweeny. Jrthle. Thr bride's cuke WHS used The Hrv. 11. !•:. Spoilt: officiated i,,* „ , r nici- ,Ie m ralinn on the in Hie double rlniz rites Tlie!| n |,| r , hn( „,„ | n)ft wl(h „ wMlf chapel was decorated with free organdy and not clolli sprinkled decorated with fre standing candolnhni holding while slur*. The cake was lapeis. and entwined with Rieen- :t ( , pp ,, f | ^i, „ yr ||ow - Ihroalod cry mid white satin bnv.s. Fl"or 0 rchld nnd frosted with n cascade baskets of while mums providedi,, r , U|1 , P ms(> , Sj | vpr ,. nnd | CT , 1( , kl , the l)iicki:rr.ind scltinc for the f| Hn!(P( | p .,,, h sid( , n , , hp (>(|k( , f '' P Mrs n 'unm,i.. I'iucKard provided, F " r » « rttli "« "''P- "'" " ri <" the nuptial music and accompan ied ed Ihe soloist, !• nmk Rmi. who; , , , , ,„.. "O IVrfec. I,,VP ami Hie, „ „„„, ord's 1'rayer." nu on Hie arm father, the bride wore floor-length gmul nf silk f her white heurl neckline, long sleeves, and ;i full skirl thai ended In s chap. el train. wore R turquoise two piece Kcmlile which she complemented :hoes and bag, «nd the from her bridal bou- n 'Hie couple me making their home in Houston. The bride at""*'"""-tended Texan Uilheran College in Sequin. Her groom was gradual- ed from Sweeny High School, and Texas Lutheran College. He Is » member of the facility of Ihe Karnes City Schools. Revival Scheduled To Begin Sunday At Lake First Baptist The First Baptist Church ofi Word Records, has 10 long playing | BOKKS is former soloist on "The L ake Jarkson will hold It"! first!albums, Ihree of which he record-]Baptist Hour" and has nad exten- evival In its new sanctuary, be- e d with symphony orchestra In'iSive experience on (clevis-ion. He ginning Sunday. The week-long re-1 txind(-n, England. He was. soloist! was minister of music for four Ival will continue through the fol-ifor the service of prayer and dedi-lyears al First Baptist Church, Tal-; owing Sunday. ieation for Queen Elizabeth II on.Iahisso.e. F!a. He has presented Evangelist Angel Martinez will;the eve of her coronation, Royal sac-red recital in London, and in be the speaker and Frank Boggs! Albert Hall, London, will be in charge of revival music. | Martinez preached his first ser mon shortly after he was convert ed in a Baptist mission in San An onio at the age of 13. He has av- i •raged better than a sermon a day n Ihe past r ,~ the neck (if the Imdice and was repealed on the fnml panel ul the sk it. She wore a short veil of silk illusion dial fell (mm a crown df hndiil jewels. The bride carried a cascade l>u-.i(|iicl of clustered mums cen- letcd with a single while orchid. Miss Kilecn McKeiuie was her sister's honor attendant. Brides • maids were Miss Winnie Pi broader. Miss Frances Lynn Karley, sister of the erooin. Miss Sylvia Walker and Miss Ada PaiKmiinn. The bridal attendants were I'KKSISTBNT I.OVK ymi jjowtird alike in short lull-skirted "Ixive" comes without reason "I yellow nruiiraa dresses. TheyEoes without reason. Cod of vellow "I/)ve" can be rnsily hurt. MR. AMI MK.S. FltANK ROSS KAItl.K.Y .lit. Kxchangn \o\\n In llnu«lnn Cliiirch Ceremony school night: Tuesday. Training|Refreshments \vill be served. Dnion night; Wednesday, fam-j Friday will he a special night ily night;. On Thvifsday, prospect | for the youth, with the young p«o* night, a lellowrhip hour for Sunday school leacher and prospects will be held. Prospects will be introduced lo the staff and taken on a guided tour of the new buildings. pie in the choir, acting as ushers, to be followed with « youth fellowship and refreshments. Family night will be observed on Saturday. T ,. -, m j j | [SOUIR olStTlPS N66Q6U churches and colleges in the United States and Canada. He is mar-! ried and has two daughters. Members of First Mclhodisli Revival services will be held at; Church In Lake Jackson are ask-! 10 a - m - 'luwday through Friday, >ring trading stamps of any, and al " : ' w P- m - nightly. A nursery; i •Snnrfav .wil! be provided for all services.; to on Sunday ' Twenly-six books "«« *»*> „ ... _ . , . „ . to help buy a typewriter for Wes- em Baptist Theological Seminary,, T( | h *% and has completed more than two M ^ tho(J ^ u year, of study on a law degree which h uhef , BClcl ^ c!ulrch i lis accomplishments include mem- l h , - lmlm -i orilng the entire New Testament. bo X 7r ihe stamps will be ' He is married and has two children and makes his home in Fort; Smith, Ark., between revivals. • BogRi, a recording artist for, NowelT To Speak i Billy Nowell of Ihe Velascoj Height* Baptist Church will be! the guest speaker at both the morning and evening services on Sunday at Oyster Creek Baptist; Church. Nowell will be speaking in the: absence of the pastor, the Rev. R. W. Campbell, and his son, Dale, who are in Weathtrford for a revival. The public is invited placcd ,„ , he , o{ ^ church "CAMERA 1 third BIBLE MATERIAL S3: 1-20; M The reader notices that Ihe Proph-|God of Peace? Devotional (tending: I'lUlm 145; el does no< say. as we miRhl have! SKCUR1TY 1-1.1 expected him to do. "f will give 1 A , hlni grpa , ldpa , blessing.' He says rather• , rom , so ,,, G(xl ,„ hi , lnle II make you a hlns«inu-." , p •„ smll - ity W e know, if love comes in fulines- not wp havp any Kpcri cnce at all, Uve" to those who try to hold it for , hat (M ga iirantees m man se . matching .washes out in a rainy day like a themselves. ( . urj(v fmm al , human and ear{h their dresses, and dyed to match!cheap scarf exposed to the woath- Th e best way to express our |y troubles. Commentators are not shoes. They carried bouquets of er. sonship to God Is to pass on I he ,-ill agreed whether Ihis reference while mums. Vve put (|uolation marks around blessing he gives us. Yes. bnt j n ' F.zekiel to security should b* fla wl ey Johnson sei-ved the "| OV1 .-- 0 [ «|,icb that can be true; some one asks, does not thai keep taken literally or not. groom as best man. Groomsmen; f or j t j, no | Kcn ulne love, only a us robbed of happiness: Quite the Onp |hjnl; snou ] ( | ^ ( .i ear; were Travis Mi Keiuie. broihcr of:,,|, ( , ;1[) su i,s-(iiuie invented by teen- Contrary; there is no such great no| cvt , n ( | 1C p rop | 1P t Kzekiel'wai the bride. Ilonnie Pinckanl. F.bby BR( , nm * m w*. ' happiness in holding on lo bless- inlmunc <rom trouWcs (he lost his Neplune and 1. .1 Brown. •• wore bead hands organ/.a flower petals Robcn Johnson and. Samos Or- o( ti?. lighted Ihe candles and seat«nl ch| . igti . ln „„,,,„„ „ a rp|i . ings as there is in sharing them. wif( ._ and mo , lrnrd dpcp | y , he Ia H the guests. The bride's mother chose a blue silk street-length dress. a pillbox bal fashioned of material lo match her dress, white accessories and a pule pink sweet- 'Soul' Is Topic For CS Lesson, S°rmon Sunday Man's dominion over Ihe bondage of materialism will _ Do people even thank God for ,,f ,| r r u s a 1 e mi. God's people we speak h»f no more resemblance you" You may not be able to ans- should not expect total freedom ' to the IbiiiR thai crooners mum- Wf ' r lhal ' because >ou don't know. [ rom p a m. frustration and death, hie alxMit, lhan It ha« to a ham PKACR ml to mention other ills, windwich. Another great word here Is So those who think we should 1/ive as we meet in Ihe Bible is 'Peace." God makes a covenant take ihr part about security liter- not a mere!) human word. What-'— an agieement — of love with his ;,|| Vi usually believe it must mean ever genuine love human beings; people. Even' dealing of God with Hl snme time after Ihe last judge- have, is based on, modelt-d on and^ lnen is ""'ed and founded in love. ment. not now. However this may called into existence by the love of T"'" '' annot •*• mhenvise if God he, the Micver in God can be (jcid Is love. assured lhat God will not let him be wholly destroyed, not even death. OPEN FROM 7 A.M. To 12 P.M. TO SERVI YOU WE INVITE YOU TO TRY OUR SIRLOIN BURGERS WITH FRENCH FRIES & SALAD BAR-B-QUE — CHARCOAL STEAKS THE CHEROKEE INN 230 Wtif 2nd (Aeraif From The Showboat) Frieport, Teiat 60 Register Now for the Opening of the new CHARLENE SCHOOL OF DANCE ANGLETON, TEXAS CLASSES IN .... * TAP * BALLET •k ACROBATICS Th» tsaehtr, Mlti Irumbtlow, hat .tt«td«4 MAO- AA Cenv.ntlan'i f.r twe c*n> ttcutivt lummtn, •ttcnrff th* Sunday »"lont. ti« • total »f nln* ytara ef 4ane« study «sd 2 yxirt o* ttaehlng. CHARLENE BRUMBEIOW FOR INFORMATION AND REGISTRATION CALL Tl 9-6864 ANGLETON The ancient prophets. ' „ , , , , • M<IV ,u\^ to BIIU»»II — aim UIIIT »c»y Ihem hzrkiel. speaks very strong- . f -^ wav of OirGod. , . . ,. . ly of the love God has for his peo-; |he onjv ,' n)( , ^ js a Cai ^ To the Christian, death is not pie in Ihis world-a love which ^ , trjf „' viole ,, ( . P . ,he final crash; it is God's mm- ; persUW n, spite of all lhat men do ^ fn Is Mm( . tnin(! WTOn(f wllh mons ,„ „ world rf glor> , Th, b, ?p ,.todirco.irageGod_ „„„ tinn :'he picture when son-ailed and chnstian has the deepest securl- forth in Christian Science church- « you were God. .n> affection wlf . |alwled ch..;,^,,, kppp snlp . ' e« Ibis Sunday in Frreport. - vou m 'R ht have fclt (or Ihe """»"' ing at one another and calling '> °' all -^ 1int > a « ams1 ^ Iear Selections from the Bible and. race would h ' Me evaporated long, names nfre mav ^ „,' deaih correlative passages from the' slr "' e . s<> ) fl " s a11 b* thankful you: )ity of union between your church IBased on outlines copyrighted Christian Science textbook. "Scl- iRre ""I ' ><K '- "'•' ' ov * '* everlast- an ^j som e other; but even where by the Division of Christian Edu- ence and Health with Key lo Ihe ing. Scripuncs" hy Mary Baker Kddy,; , will comprise the U-sson-Sermon .....^.-..... 'names »ixl "mnning down' other ^^ enlllled "Sovil." In tl" 1 brief pas.^age t^ekiel 34: iChristians who do not believe Released by Community Pres» The C.nlden Tex I is from Kxodusi£{-31 Ihree ideas stand out. Kachjjust in the way you do. Service. I ('.ill: "I am the I-ord thy C,od. of these points up what God's love i Furthermore, to take another which have brought tbee out of j is. or rather how his love is shown.;illustration, it ought to hurt our lhat is inie. >ou do not manifest your Christianity b y <• a 1 1 i ng ' cation. National Council of th. Churches of Christ in th* U.S.A. the land of Egypt, out of the house God's love is noi las ours some- coaiciences that Ihe so - culled of bnmkigc. Thou shall have no'times Is) a feeling to he cherished Christian nations of the world oilier gods before me" in necret. It is always made known; seem lo be the most violent This cil.itKin will I*' lead from _i n tboM> who have eyes lo see.; war-makers. As individuals, a* Science and Hcnlth (p. Mi: "Env Kirsi of the three iriealj w* «1 tirely sep.uale from Hie belief and n . t dream of material living, is the; --Life divine, revealing spiritual | underslmylinc and the conscious-j nes s (if man's dominion over the < whole eiirih. 'Hiis uiulerslanding i • KSI.S out eiror and heals Ihei ,«ick, and with it ><xi can speak as one bavins iiulhoniy." Revival In Progress At WP Baptist Church A revival, which began 'lliurs- day night at the Wild Pem-h Baptist Cluircb nl Bm/oria, will con- linue Ihnmgb Aug. 2*i 'ITic Rev. Hobby C(»d of the Kirsi Ilnplisl Church of Old Ocean is Hie ••vmmrlisl and I.eroy CSK! from Shady Oaks Itaptwi Clmrch In l.-iki- .Incksdii i« lending th« •Inging. . BcgminiiK MiMidiiy, mnnmig sei-vices will lie held at 10. Kvcn- ln(£ servurs aic held a I 7-:«l 'Hie paitor, the Hev If. N. B-ildeirce, Invilrs Ihe public to allcnil Ihe No Evening Services Sunday evening wrvlccs ul t?o- lumhiu Melhodisl Cliurch in West Columbia have Ix'cn hiispended during August Scniccs will 1* resumed In SeplcinlK'i 'Hie MclliiHlist Youth Fcllcw- ihip it corttiiiuliiK Ms regular program ul t):!U) p in. CUT «nd WRAPPID ARMOUR 1TAR HIAVY mr FRUZCR GIROUARD'S SUPER MARKCT churches, as a nation, do «e real- for undi'i>coring. i« blessing, ly act »• if w« belonged lo Ihe THREE BROTHER'S GROCERY NOW OPIN SUNDAY'S I A.M.—4 P.M. 10? Lake Rd. Glut.. T«« K's CLEARANCE time X your Pfymouth-hfont Dealer's! Time to_ <*. Prices start as low Uy out i.«*il> on Ih* l.itile' Ya./ll f,ri(j |h»i -.101, <„>., n • \ ...i-.-.^i An iU>« !i->i.*.i^ '.-• ,0,1 IT'S A PRICE SHOWDOWN IN OUR SHOWROOMS! ROSS MOTOR CO., INC. 1824 BRAZOSPORT BLVD. FREEPORT, TEXAS Car u»4ng gasoline without Platformate •topped here: 6186 feet Same car iwlng Super Shed with Platformate stopped here: 6454 feet S«n FnactKO — Super Shell with Platformate has jmt delivered a mileage bonilt of *4.33 percent, Pjatformate k Super Shell's mileage ingredient. Shell engineer* ie>t Super Shell For mileage in many different types of c^rs, in many different places. Here's how the test abo\r was nln. Exactly 250 cc (about half a pinO of a Fuel Mended u-idiom Ptatfnrniste was fed into the test car's engine. The car was started, accelerated to 30 mi!es per hour, then held there until fuel ran out and the cat rolled to a stop. Distance: 6186 feet (indicated by dotted line in background). Next, test uat repeated, using Super Shell —the same fuel as before tut with Plaijnrmaie added. Precise same volume of Fuel. Same car. Same speed. Srfme driver. Same o>nHiti'in<. Distance: 64S4 Feet. Thai's 4.33 percent farther tluui the car rraie/fj u'if/i HOM Platfortttate gasoliite. MILEAGE TEST New documented tests prove that one of Super ShelFs 9 ingredients packs extra mileage into every gallon T HK picture alv»\e snapped a lew moments alter Super Shell in'ili an c\d,i niilf.r^e ingied'.'ist called I'/.jf/tu'iiMic! delivrred a niilcj(<e Ixmus ol 4..V^ porct'iu. Tliat's ,i typical tiMilt trom a .series of mileage to>ts Shell enoinetrs recently ran on 1 . I rancisco. 'I he scsts comnaud luo g.iMilines. One was a gasoline Shell M.Mi'ruists puqx>scly bleiulfil iritlioiil '1 lie oilier u.i.s Super Shell --the xiine i;.imline as Iw- iote l»tit with P/.ilfiiiM.iit' added. Slitll engineeis u-eJ a l l )(>J eonveriihlp lor ihe UMv You ni.n !«' ilrixinj; a sinul.u cai riohi now . /» (<•>( ii/'icr ic<i. Siiiu-r S/ic// wilh ('Jtiifuriiiiiio t'oii'.'-.'t.'iif'v Iccfc I/IP <'iir iidoiit 4 jvaviu /..ri'ii'r f/'/iJii the »a*o- line blended u'i/'.oni PLr/oniiiife. \oii : lor nune (.lei. ills on llu^e tests, see eapliuu iiiuk'r p'L'lu il.iui, urite to the .\iul Inr uvhnu'.il -ll Oil C oinpany, 50 West 50 Street, New York 20, N. Y. Platl'ormaic gels its name from the platinum re /oriiiin<; process used to make it. Pressures up to 600 pounds per square inch and temperatures up to 1000 degrees literally tear petroleum apart. A precious platinum catalyst then helps re-form th« petroleum into super-energy components. ni siltr: P/ijl/oriiiiifc i-'an release more en- fujv /'er tjd/loi; (fiiiii (lit 1 /niesl 100-oclaiit a\ iiilioii giiaoliiit. }<>ur engine can convert pMiii energv iiiio c\n\i niilca'^f. Super Shell has 9 ingredients for lop performance J \tra mileage is just one part of the top perlonnance story. Super Shell's nther ingredients complete the picture. Here's \\ hat they are and what they do. TCI" for power, mileage, Innoci pluo life. Cc.".'. i .'ii - mix — lor I.IM "\\arin u. ' I? n /,!,/[' - ioi ijuick starts. Anti-knock mix—to resist all kinds of knock. Alkylate — to halp aontcol T»igh-sp«eJ knock." "Caf cracked*' ga.iollna-»-tot powet. Anti-icer— added in cold weather to help check oarburetof icing Malls. Cuni_-f)reventive_—ta help keep carburetors clean inside. up. Super Shell—the gasoline with 9 ingredients for top performance

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