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The Woodward News from Woodward, Oklahoma • Page 1

The Woodward News from Woodward, Oklahoma • Page 1

The Woodward Newsi
Woodward, Oklahoma
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Land Office Doings BUSINESS LOCALS City and County REWARD 2690 are the only National Bank in Woodward County are the depository of Woodward Connty are the depository of Dewey County are the depository of the people We pay interest on time deposits YOU ARB INVITED TO JOIN OUR MULTITUDE OP CUSTOMERS The First National BanK OP WOODWARD OKLAHOMA 1000 hour hundrtd dollars (WOO) reward for the arrest and conviction of the persons who cut the barbwire fetee around section 33 Supply township 20 range 23 that was cut on the night of May 13 1903 This rewatd will be good for eighteen months from date Joseph Rociikr Woodward Okla 11 04040004040004004004040004000040040044 COME TO THE I I nEttl LlimBER yIRD I I BEST GRADES LOWEST PRICES -THE Tbe following contest cases came up for trial and wore dispised of since May 22 1905 Fryer vs Watkins withdrawn-Richer vs McKinney continued to June 30 Heath vs Briceiand dismissed Hewitt vs Austin dismissed Deeds vs Read ex-parte decided in favor of contestant Deeds vs Southern ex-parte decided iu favor of contestaut Graves vs Adair dismissed Graves vs Bediire dismiss Wilsou vs Del Camp dismissed Barnett vs Coffey coutin ted to Jjue5 Baker vs Mongols exp irto dec 40tf-(-tded in favor of contestaut Ciimpell vs Smith continued June 2G Vanderburg vs Vanyi dismissed Brown vs John dismissed Morris vs Armstrong dismissed Jenkins vs Courtright dismissed Hamilton vs' Winner continued to June 27 Tuerman vs Dewbre exparate decided in favor of coutestaut Heard vs Bowman continued Porter vs Whitman continued to July 24 Green vs Zimmerman exparte decided in favor of coutestaut Mathew vs Metzger continued to Sept 21 Burkett vs Halberg exparto cidud in favor of contestant Holmes vs Jones exparte Watson vs Parsons exparte Relsey vs Stickley dismissed Barnett vs Coffey exparte Wilsou vs Houlette dismissed 130 For Mad stone price 300 Holcomb A carload of Barb Wire just received by Boyle hdw Co 47 tf Genuine Peidmont hlacksmithing coal at Crowell Bros Grain and eoal dealers located at east elevator Woodward Okla For Sale: 13 fluo Shorthorn hulls from 1 to 2 years old I havens find blood as yon can get any place ia the United States Write or call on Gandy Supply Ok For I have 13 fine Shorthorn hulls from 1 to 2 years old for sale They are as fine as can be found anyplace iutbe United States Call on or address Gandy Supply Okla Dr Pink Howard veterinarian because of bis large county practice will be unable to be at Woodward only on every Saturday for the present 38-tf Boyle 47 tf Horses for snle cash or good notes first house nortli of Canadian river bridge at Woodward A Iso three fine bulls same terms 48t4 First class new bay Place at Kids 30 t3 pd BARVICK LUMBER GO WOODWARD OKLAHOMA 00000t004000000 0040000000040040 300 SPECIAL RATES VIA SANTA FE Sarah Boswell to Julius Hilbig ibe ei of Dei sec 20 and of the uwi sec 23 twp 23 rauge 19 I Taylor aud wife to Geo Fox all of e'i of sec 14 twp 21 range 23 I containing 100 acres Louis Nixon aud wife Sidney Nixon aud wife to SiduuyB Lauue all of west half of lot 11 blk 33 ot tbe town of Woodward Wm 11 Mize and Viola Mize to First i ree Methodist society of Woodward Hi acres of the sw of sec 4 twp 21 of rauge 19 1 commencing at the sw corner and going 32 rods tlieu north 80 rods then west 32 rods then south 8'J rods to the place of begiuuiug A Meunier and wife to Louisa Tcter Hamilton all of of iot 4 blk 7 in Garvey and Muruuis addition to the lowif-site of Woodward Edward Gill and J'oloir Gill to Key Grantee all of lots 3 aud 4 in blk 21 in tbe Garvey and Marum addition to Woodward Martin Hart to Willis Day and wife ilia nwj of see 21 twp 20 in range 23 I Johu Garvey to Edward Jonee all of lot I blk 3 in Garvey aud Marum addition to Woodward Henry Rainier and wife to Fisher the of se aud the nw1 of the scl and the nei of the sw-4 of sec 24 twp 21 of rauge 21 of I Sidney Laune and wife to Louis Nixon lots 13 14 and 15 iu blk 0 town of Woodward 0 aud Gandy to Bank of Supply lot 1 blk 15 in the town of Supply Bert Barnard to Mary Ikcler tii of i anil the of the tie) of sec 21 twp 20 of taige 24 I 11 Elmer and wife to Chas Ficles and John Morris of lue sel and the ei ot the neyt of sec 7 twp 22 of range 24 I containing 100 Fredrirk It Pope to Chas Fields aud Morris lot 2 of sec in twp 22 and wi of st i and s)4 of nc of sec 31 twp 23 of range 24 I Harlmg Pope to Charles Fields and JoliD VY Morris the el of si-)4' and of the ne4 of sec 6 twp 22 range 2s 1 John A Pope and wife Chas Fields a nd Morris ail of lot 5 and the of the nwi of sec and twp 22 range 24 I rud sc'4 of net ot sec 1 twp 22 of range 23 1 containing 120 acres Samuel Tat low and wife to Lottio Chambilrlain sc'4 of net of sec 28 twp 21 of range 20 of I r- Mrs Logan Bennett of Wagoner I arrived here Monday eveniug for an extended visit with her parents Mr and Mrs Thompson and other relatives Miss Kate Stotts book keeper and loenl editor on this paper is taking the week off attending to business matters and visiting friends at her old home in Kansas Woodward needs one or two live live real estati men Ad examination! of the columns of the papers shows the nearest one to be locntod at Alva aud bis name is McNight The people will appreciate regular reports of tue wora beiug done aud itemized cost of same by the Good Hoads committee Space free in the leading paper tho Woodward ews Last winter was tku coldest and this summer is already the hottest in Oklahoma since the settlement of the country Maybe this means statehood at the Octobei special seasiou of Congress Since there seems to be no wide awake real estate man iu Woodward thb News will cheerfully answer all questions about this country Send stamped and addressed envelope tor reply Moulton 'ediior of tho Herald at Stuart Iowa is lime visiting Dr Abbott and family He is willing to confess confidentially of course tbnt Oklahoma is superior in every manner to old Iowa This paper neknowleds with thanks the cotirtesy of Iuspector Judkins in furnishing a notice of the order for dipping cattlo in the mange quarantined district of Woodward county published in this issue Shugart the bussman and his wife BDd baby were visitors-at 101 ranch Inst Sunday If there is any cue more attentive to business at all hours of night or day than the owner of the Woodward Bu mid Carriage Company he has never yet been dis covered The May Monitor wants a County Press Association The Supply Republican wants Beaver County in- eluded This paper suggests the addition of Dewey county as being in same legislative council district The three counties slioud work together fur the selection of honest officials regardless of politics The dipping order published in this issue is presumably ill advised as a a large portion of owners in the district quarantined last year have faithfully complied with the requirements and claim that no iufeclion or exposure to same now exists This is a matter which is tinder the direct supervision of the Iuspictor stationed here and his efforts should be to know the facts aud advise the Board accordingly Wherever iufeftion exists the order should be strictly and impartially euforced Where there is no infection it would be rank injustice to enforce the order Am now prepared to loan money on chattels Cull on or address It Davis ofii-e lit Davis Drug Woodward Ok 30 -2 Harvest! Get ready (or picnioa Wlmt shall tbe harvest bet Wheat ia better than expected Winfield Chautauqua nextweekl It you aeo it in the News true! About time (or mellona on the market The noxt grand jury will have work to dot Clyde II Wyand and (amily are home (rom Kaunas City again Legal notices and contests ouly 2 in this paper Why pay moret All who missed gotng tc 101 reach last Sunday missed a rare treat Flag day was very generally observed in Woodward Wednesday ltay Barnes and wife liave moved -to their olaim eleven miles north of town Garwood brought in two loads of elegant hay this week which sold at $3 per ton For 'head of cat tie Inquire of McCarthy fi milts south east of Woodward 48tf Why not adopt the plan outlined elsewhere in this issue aud have good roads at least expensef Woodward will put her Fourth of July money this year into a patriotic good-roads-to-towu movement The cotton crop in Woodward county promises mighty well at this time Excellent stand and thrifty plants Mrs Will Collier and uuughter Lottie from Beaver county Neb are guests of 8 Lauue aud family In view of the fact that the steam grader has begun it the work on the streets should be by some one! Money to loan on chattels Call on 'or address Davis Office at Davis Drug 8tore Woodward Ok 50-t 2 Dr Wm Yenner has returned from a trip to western Woodward couuty where he inspected several herds fur mange Subscriber continue to roll in to Woodward News This is the kind of encouragement that makes the burden easier James Baker and wife of near Mutual came up Tuesday and returned Wednesday after visiting the family of Howe Smith continues to rob the tax payers kick when you come to pay unless you protest publicly now Spaue free ill this paper Although claiming to be a loyal democrat Kellogg presists in keeping in line with ltoosevelt and this week added another bright baby boy to bis bunch Mrs Workmau aud son Workman visited friends in Alva this week 8he thinks Alva is a lovely little city almost equal to Woodward Money to loau on good level hard Innd on one two or three years'time No delay Money ready as soon as we see the laud Simmons Bros Woodward Okla 47lf 1000 M- A Princihocsc Agent For Sale: Good four room house in Marum Addition to Woodward almost new and one fourth block fronting west aud uorlb All fenced and small bnrn for price call or address Rev Fiikese 2-t-pd Woodward Okla A Guaranteed Cure lor Piles Itch tug Blind Bleeding or Protruding Piles Druggists refuse money if Paso Ointment fails to cure any case no matte of bow long standing in li to 14 tQys First ppliuation gives ease a rest 30 cents IF your druggu it scud 30 cents iu stamps aud it will be for warded postpaid bv Paris Medicine Co St Louis Missouri 21t52 A coat containing valuable papers Reward if returned to James I) Rogers at News office fdtl Strayed: black sow pig about eight weeks old Please notify Stickle Central Exebauge Bank Woodward 51 1 two points is seventy one hoars All tickets are good on this train A Princehousb Agent 1200 Tbe farmers white wonder eorn and the soft squaw corn grown by tbe 101 Rancbe may be obtained at News office in small quantities for seed A good active energetic rustling salesman for Woodward and vicinity to reDresent a good reliable nursery Inquire at News office 49tf 1200 Santa Fe Special Rite Special Rate Trip Rates to California and at Portland Oregon National Conned Nights of Columbus Los Angeles Juno 5-12 Christian Endeavor San Francisco Aug 17-24 Rates ot one first class limited fair lor round trip Epworth League Convention 51910 Denver and Colorado Springs 1833 Pueblo and return Going June 30th to July 1st return anti! July 12 Extension can be had nntil Aug 8 Grand Asm Encampment 13S0 Denver Colorado Springs and Pueblo and return going Aug 30 to Sept 1 retnrn Sept II An extension cau be had until Oct 7 A Princehousb Agent 1300 Campbell attoudod tbe Carnival at Wichita this week Fmnk Pierce made a flying trip to Ittgersol the first of the week Mr aud Mrs Simmons attended the entertainment at Blisi Mrs Inman and children are visiting tricuds at Persimmon this week Mrs Anna Brooks came up from Slmttuck Friday afternoon on business Miss Virgil Geer arrived from Curtis Friday evening to tnke a position in tin offiuo Miss Maggio Weeden arrived Friday evening from O'koeite for a visit -with friends bere Ray Barnes aud wife are spending the week on their claim looking after their crops 0 Hackney of the firm of Hat k-11 ey Hackney was a business visitor in Woodward Friday Mr and Mrs 1 Hart left Thursday morning for Milwaukee Wis where they will speud a month Mts Tipton aud Ipiby of Quinlaud spent several days the past week in Woodward visiting friemls Having proved up on her farm Mis Maggie Armstrong returned from Woodward oouuty Carmen Headlight Leona Halladv attended the Union Sunday School picnic at Indian Creek Sunday aud repuits a line lime and a large crowd A Anderson and Chas Swindall returned Thursday eveniug troui Guthrie whore they Lad both been on legal business Mrs lorn Duiiellau aud daughter Maggie teturned from Wichita Mon day eveuiug where they have been for hospital treatment Mr aud Mrs Lucian Morrison arrived Friday morning from St Louis Mo called here by lue death of their mother Mrs Tandy There will be a Sunday School picnic and children's Day exercises at Prairie Gleuu next 'Sunday Everybody is invited to atteud Trustee Gibbs was in Woodward the first ot tbe week looking toward a final setllemeujt with the couuty commissions rs Record Mrs Thompson left Saturday muruiiig after uu extended visit here with trieuds aad relatives tor her home iu Wellington Kansas Henry McFee who has been visit-lug friends aud reatives here tor some time left the first of the week tor his home at Ft Worth Texas Mir Will Tandy of Canadian and Mr aud Mrs Scott arrived from Haskell Texas Friday morning to he present at the Ittueral of their mother Carney of Vici and Sheets of Bridgewater both prominent farmers of this connty were pleasaut callers at this office Saturday Thursday June 1 the Lewis and t'nrk expositiou at Portland Ore was opened to the public President ltoosevelt touched the buttou which formally gave the opening signal 106 Hoffman came up from Supply Saturday night to meet his wite and child who came in on the evening train from Alva where they visited relatives They returned to Supply Sunday eveuiug Mr and Mrs Herod and Miss Dt lia Jones left Thursday for Wichita where Mrs goes for -treatment for her eyes She has had considerable trouble wilh her eyes but tbe week pri to her leaving she has been almost totally blind Her many friends hope siie 11 soon retnrn and be greatly benefitted Prof Bert Laugley formerly principal ot the Pawnee schools was here the first of the week consulting with tho school board with tbe view of taking the priucipalship of the Woodward schools He is a graduate of tbe Northwestern Normal at Alva and an excellent young man Woodward would be fortunate iu securing him as priucipal of her schools The Kansas live stock inspector has been removed from his station at Kiowa and ben-rafter all cattle shipped irom this et nitty will be obliged to have government inspection before being taken out of Oklahoma otherwise such cattle will be taken into the quaremiue pen at Kausas City aud sold as southern cattle There is a government iuspector at Wood-want who will he handy to this place The address of the gnverlmient inspector is Dr William Ycnnrr Woodward Okla Information can be bad by wiring ttie Santa Agent at Woodwind Moo reland Leader Tbo ladies of the Eastern Star gave a reception in boner of Mrs 0 Hcntrew last night at tbe borne of Mrs Renfrew Mrs Renfrew was presented with a gold spoon after which they all went to tbe Masonic hall and treated the members of the Masonic Lodge to ice cream Mathews made a fine speech of thanks and several made brief remarks all report a good time Mrs Renfrew and little daughter left today for Wood- want where Mr Renfrew located a tew weeks ago This excelled family has hosts of friends who regrK their I removal (rum Alva setved two years as Mr Renfrew deputy county 1200 Santa Fe 500 BOYLE HDW CO WOODWARD OKLA Another Fast Train to California This up to date company have added another flyer between Chicago and San Fraucisco Time between tbe Advertised Letter Tlie followtug coutests have been filed since May 27: Wilber Tallman vs Win A Cade Henry O'Uair vs Frank Jewett Wm Woods vs Howard Jones Friedriek Schick vs Geo Cionz Sheldon Taylor vs Naucy Duukiu Lewis Collar vs Pauline May Geo Keuueek vs Jas Austin- Flora A Reeves vs Juliu Thompson Mike Konri vs Eugene Kelly Besides these fifty six contests were filed ou Beaver couuty land Notice to Dip Cattle Woodward Okla June 14 1903 To all persons owning controlling or having in charge any cattle with in the following described quarantined district or near to the same so that said cattle are have been or may be exposed to infection by the contagious disease known as the itch scab or mange: Iu compliance with the laws of the Territory of Oklahoma and accordance witli the rules aud regulations ol lie Live Stock Sanitary Commission of he Territory of Oklahoma adopted aud approved by said commission ou the 7th day of April 1903 and set out iu Proclamation of tbe Governor of said Territory ou tbe said last named date You are hereby notified tiiat for the purpose of enforcing Ibe said rules and regulations the said cattle will be dipped us iu said rules provided and that ou tbe 19lh day of Juue 1903 1 will be at the dipping vat of Ross ou section 4 iu township 26 North of range 23 west of the Indian Meridian in said quarantined district hereinafter described in Woodward couuty Oklahoma Territory and for the purpose of receiving aud dipping said cattle according to law and you are hereby further notified to have your cattle or those in your charge at said dipping vat at said time that the same may be dipped according to the manner prescribed by the Bureau ol Animal Industry of the States Boundaries of District Quarantined beginning at the uort beast corner of township 29 range 22 west lienee south ou the east line of sid township to tbe southeast corner of the same theuce west to the range line between towusliip 24 and 23 theuce south to the township line between 23 and 24: thence west to the west line of said couuty of Woodward thence North along the west line of said Woodward county to tbe North west corner of said couuty theuce east along Ibe North Isjuudary line between tbe Mate of Kansas and said Couuty to the place of beginniug Judkins Territorial Live Flock Inspector For week ending 6-7-1903-Flowers James Gitu May Green Mrs Julia Hutton Mrs Leota Jolly Mrs Nora Larkey 1 Wood Deuuis Thompson Miss Lizzie List of advertised letters for week ending June 14 Heltuer Mrs El nor Liekert George McDowell Vada Martin Kininnioittli Co A Westerman Fitz Scott Wm Smith Leu Marik MoGrath Aetiug DON'T MAKE A MISTAKE BUT GO TO BOYLE HDW CO FOR Hardware Stoves Furniture Tbe Best Services in tbe Territory ROBINSON ALWAYS READY TO ATTEND Munsey Secretaty of the Board-of Education for Beaver district church south wnl preaeh on at (lie Hall next Suuday Bro Morgan Sunday school superintendent will shorten the Sunday school services a little Like meetiug at old Tangier in the afternoon The city has purchased for 800 from Wm about forty acres of laud one mile south and one mile west of the south west corner of town site for the purpose of burying grounds Ten acres will be patted and sold for immediate use Last Chance to buy the cheapest priced horse iu Woodward couuty Sorrel weight 1030 gentle and well broken foronly IX) After this week will not be for sale Reason for selling bare too many and don't need bitn Call at News office today or tomorrow if you want the best horse for tbe least money Bill Bolton accompanied by three hundred and thirty pounds of aver-dnpeis is in the city miuglmg with tho bunch Bill ia ex-national committeeman and ia one of thi ist popular men in the national associa- tiou When the delegates first arrived they began asking for Bill ill in Capital A Convention Notes Nearlv everybody that bought garden seeds this year of a got badly skiuned Mach o' the seed failed to sprout and the plants that did not come np had but little vitality Now is a goo! time to' ltd bard that yon will never again buy old package seeds at the grocery and be sure to keep your oath Tbe lose ill this connty this year from seed will nmout to tuauy hundreds of dollars besides the loss ot lime aud wear and tear an patieuce and the provocation to prjfatn beaver Herald Winfield's Assembly Next Week Look at onr big line of LH PATTON lUe JOHN GERLACH PmMM ROBT MOODY Vic PrMlJeot GEO GERLACH Vic PrtflSMI THE OLDEST BANK IN WOODWARD COUNTY TIIE GERLACH BA11K ESTABLISHED IN 1893 CAPITAL SURPLUS end UNDIVIDED PROFITS 50000 Interest Paid on Time Certificates of Deposlte La rye or Small Every Accommodation Extended Consistent with Safe and Conservt uvt Banking WE SOLICIT YOUR ACCOUNT WE ISSUE MONEY ORDERS American Bankers Association Form CALL AND SEE OCR SAVINGS BANKS WOODWARD 7c Scotch Lawns 5c 8V3C Ginghams (apron check) 6c I2V2C Woven Madras The Biggest and Best line for the money ever sold in Woodward- The Winfield Chautauqua Assembly npeus ncx Tuesday the 20th and ceu-linue to tiie 30ib The opening day Day" will be a day for farmers and their families A Ever-i the Power" man will be the principal speaker On the 2lt William Jennings Bryan speatts his subject will bo Value of an Sit-urday June 24th Gov LiFollette of WiM-on-iu addresses the people and at uiglit the Famous Diubar Company will give an entertainment Sunday will be a big dav full of the best talcut obtaiiiabh Dr Wilbur Chapman preaches the morning sermon aud the great aud only Sam Jones of Georgia preaches in tlie afternoon-For music tbe Assembly Cborus special soloists the Dutibar Quartette and the World's Fair Indian Band will he the chief attractions Island Park is in pertect condition for Assembly The new Building is new completed and all the group of buildings given a fresh coat of white paint Every indication points to the most successful season of the nineteen Theradroads have announced the un a) low Rites and in addition there will be special train service for tlie big dsyt Telephone Committee A pointed by A of Convention May 17 19(15: 5 Stewart FarrytG Kneaster Gage Geo Gray May Bums Greenwood Lewis Detroit: Geo Dillon Wioard I) Robinson REAL ESTATE TBANSFERS In The Cradle Where We Sleep If yon should turn backward Time iu yur flight and make me a child again jnst for tonight would mj mother draw me once more her knee and with her s'inper put ker-boh into met Would she lake the fine comb and examine with rare this oil roeoant which use to grow hair! Would she plow up my scalp and plow it for keeps an I if I objected slap me to sleep? Turn bar'r to tbe time when I was loo young to vote and tbe bank wasan't pushing that GO day note when I didin't have to hustle to pay my groeerytnan bills and my little bosom filled with go ug lore thrills Take from mr muscles this rheumatic pain: lake it O4O4O4O4O4OO4O4O4O0O4O40O4OO4O4O4O0O4O4O4O0O40 A BOYLE CO 0 So guess work abont we have the gooda Two Cars McCormick Rindcrs Headers Yon had better place your order nw if you want a machine There will be a big strika this year and a delay may mean a lug litre in crops One row and two row Cultivators riatilere Plows and Listers urmtfr you BUY A GASOUHS STOVE LOOK AT OUR STOCK THEY ARE Thu BcST Henry Longe audCbnstiua Longe to Mornsuhe w1' of ne)4 aud the 4 of the sc of see 7 twp 22 of range 24 1 containing 100 acre I00 David Audies and wife to II Bridges and wife lots 3 and 4 aud ne'4 of swj of see 7 tap 23 nof range 21 west of 1 containing 113 acres and of the set of see 7 twp of range 21 west of I containing 80 airr Kate Gandy and Gaudv to Edward lrwiu lots 3 and 4 blk 7 in the towu of Supply John Conklin and wife to Guitry the of the n-4 of uwi i of nei of 1 of the of sw'4 and the si of all in see 23 tw23 range 20 III 3000 SATISFACTION (iUARANTKKD tieasnre willi bis father and ha been and give me rhildhood a progressive and successful business grown weary of dust weary of dust and RA BOYLE CO I have decay weary of humping day after day weary of sowing for chinch bugs to reap but I don't need anybody to rock me to Exchange Magazine and the Wimo wRt Nxws one year for lGtl Tb N'sws and Pictorial Review one year 139 Subscribe aow! man in Alva for aeveral year past amt Woodward has gained a most worthy family in every aenso of the iwonl Pioneer 50000000000004.

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