The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 3, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 3, 1940
Page 3
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JANUARY 3, 1310 BT.YTHEVTTJLT! (AttTC.y COUP.IETl NEWS .'lit Atom Hailed; Scientific Rabbits Arc Pulled Hats - NOTE: This is the second of n.rce s | or | es skcltli- ing Ihe developments of (lie iiail 1,0 years as (lic-y imve nn'rrtvd (lift lives of ordinary inoit. * • '* By NEA Service Science throughout the Ten-ilk I Thirties kept producing rabbits null of hats with breathless rapidity. I The. rush of discovery and dei'el-' diluent was scarcely equaled in anv oilier 10-year period of man's history. New chemical means of curing disease, bigger and fnslcr air- ulflncs, exploration of the atom, more Intimate acquaintance with Die vitamins, new synthetic fibers and plastics, bigger bridges and steamships, kept tumbling from science's cornucopia In « bewildering parade. About 40 diseases, Including pneumonia, trachoma, gonorrhea, and streptococcus infections, were successfully attacked by new chcmials developed in tlie Inb- walory, snlfalimide and Its relatives, sulfapyradine, siilfnthlnzole and the like. One of the most common mental diseases, dementia praccox, was treated successfully by shock brought on by overdoses of insulin or metrazol. X-KAYS MADE MORE EXXF.CT1VB ' Remarkable progress in X-ray apparatus, which hns been built built larger and more effective in u greater variety of cases, was climaxed by discovery of means of creating radioactivity artificially in many elements This offer.s vast, pcssibilitics of a substitute for X- rays in cancer treatment. The vUinains have been made practically household pets, stripped of mystery, and mnde useful in treating disease. Physicists succeeded in slill finer subdivision of matter, and found in the atom new fundamental particles, the neutron, positron, and meson. Splitting of the uranium atom, with release of vast amounts of energy, revived hope that atoms can be tapped for practical purposes. BRIDGES, HOATS, 1'LANES— ALL ARE BIGGEK Astronomers found a ninth plan-| 1930 The Terrific Thirties Jaycees Hear Bond Issue Vote Discussed CARHTHEFiSVILLE, Mo., Jan. 3. —President Leonard Llmbnugh of, the Caruthersville junior Chamber! of Commerce, yesterday nnncunced | appointment of the nominating .-, committee lo select the slate of Lniorcemenl Of Act Has officers for the annual election , r\ • o i ' Driven beveral Cosmetics Off Market Co!. G. W. Phipps To n , ,, \«i.iv;. mv (Juvuiuii ussc'ricd, "ai'C 01 Resign Guard Post 11W )°' importance In Ihc matter ol nnnn nn-r ""' < ™ icmct ° r Judicial procecii- IIUHr III I CARUTHERSVILLE Mo Jan II ''^ m the Philippine Islands, and m l IIII HI ~ Co1 ' G - w - Philips'of Ilils city, , ,, llns 1)ce " Sllch a dwrturc IUU IIU I for niore than sixteen vears coin- 1)y ltu ' " m ' [K hom lhc nccculMl mamlliiK oniccr of the' 140th In- C °'" 5C "' l wilc K (>race«llii B s us r\; A ,, fanlrv. Missouri NaUnnni rr,, n ,-,i lo cn " ' 01 ' »» exercise of Oils meeting in March. They are to report their nominations at Ihc first meeting in February, but other nominations may lie made from the floor'at the regular election meeting. two new satellites of the planet Jupiter. With'-the greatest, tels- .scogc. ever buil'li bearing a 2uo- inclf"'lens,"h ! e,ir completion,' further discoveries were expect?;! among the great stellar explosions or • snpernovae. Man the builder achieved new triumphs: bigger bridges. Golden Gale and Oakland at San Francisco, George Washington at Ne'.v York; more colossal dams, Boulder and Grand Coulee; bigger boats, Normandy and Queen Mary. Aviation as n major transport system came into its own. Pacific and Atlantic service were opened. .Commercial planes carrying 50 people came Into use; military planes verged up toward 500 miles nn hour in speed. ALLOYS I1R1NG STREAMLINED ERA New stainless steel and aluminum alloys helped make these things - possible. Diesel-electric plants of greater efficiency brought the streamlined era to the railroads. Television and facsimile radio transmissions come closer to popular use, nnd a new type of radio using frequency modulations was developed. Fourteen miles into the stratosphere rose puny man, learning more than ever before about weather forecasting, but no enough to escape the disastrous drouth of 1934 and the New England hurricane of 1933. Coal, txir, and water were made to yield new kinds of fiber and casein of milk, soy beans, and such products were made also to yield cloth., Plastics and resins blossomed in smooth color from humble sources never suspected of containing them. MAKING MINDS CONFORM TO PATTERN Electrical waves from the brain, measured, gave nuw clews to what goes on in the brain, and perhaps •on how to cure it when diseased. Propaganda, for many years an art, began to be a science, and the mass manipulation of men's minds began to be reduced to a system. Tlie collapse of much of the world into wnr at the close of the 10.years, and the collapse of much of Die economic world before thai:, led many scientists to begin as never before to consider the relation of (heir discoveries to society. -Why develop sulfanilimide to save, a man's life, and then shoot him? Why develop 500-mile-an-hour airplanes and then use them to sink the newest ships and blow' up the biggest bridges? People began to suspect that| science alone is not enough, lliatj the former child-like trust in sci-| ence to cure the world's ills is insufficient. Scientists themselves be- San to worry about what is done with their discoveries lest science Itseslf go down to death In a tottering world. Scheduled as charities, Eton College, Harrow School, and the Universities ol Oxford and Cambridge, In England, do not pay income taxes. oyd Rogers, Bob Mehrle iiew members were voted "^ a m " kcl ' Into 'tlie organization, inchuiln b Maurice Malin, Robert Wilks, Gene Clinuvin, Glenn Tinsley and Perry Butler. Wyman Willnian, member of the Jaycees and also u member of the Board of Aldermen, discussed the approaching special $15,000 bond election (o be held January 9th, <vhen voters will decide whether or not Ihe city will increase Us bonded indebtedness by that special sum, the money to be spent for the purchase of « pkt of ground fanlry. Missouri National Guard, yesterday slated he hml tendered History Of Lucgc Tracl Is I i' 1656 Back To WASHINGTON. _ The supreme Court is expected lo rule soon upon nn appeal from the Supreme Court of il»' Philippines In a land rasp back lo illo early days of Spanish iifciipadon. The Papal Dull of 149:1, dividing i! Ni>w World Into Spanish und ortiiiiiii'M. spheres o! Inllui'mv, I nil'! royul imlern ol (lie klnijs mid i queens of .Spain u<; fur tack iw' Ni5U lire oiled in support of a suit' lo recover lands now held by tin.. I Hospital dc Sun .Jtuin do Dlos a • ohm-liable instttmlon. I The suit, entered by the numlel- | pal I'OimHLs of Sail Rafael and I Sun Idellomo. near Manila, socks the restoration to tlie government, of 2'M,U82,0!«'M|iiin-e me-lers of lanil valued :il $1,500,000. The Philippine court, of first In- .slanco dismissed Ibe because of inck or jurisdiction, mid Die Supreme Court ol the Philippines upheld the lower court's rulliiK, The petitioner:;, Ihiousli Attorney Thomas A. nhodes, or Washington, have asked the U. B. Supreme Court (o review the 1'hll- Ippliie court's finding.') on the Ri'oumls they huve been denied rc- liel under the "due- process of the !iuv" clause of bodi (lie United Stales and Philippine constlin- tions. The municipal councils declared In llit'ir petition to the high court hero Hun HID case Involved the general supervisory powers of the court over ihe Philippine Supreme Court. "The questions presented In (his " lhc petition asserted, "arc of court's power ot , <» ovcr««l y 1C vflhl(! ol llle sul) - effective January 1st. Col. Plitpps''" was elected to the colonccy June ] : " WASHINGTON (UP)—The food '''• 192;t ' nn(1 lltul nelcl ll 'c office ! ., and drug administration ol Die can "nuoiisly since. |fi Department of Agriculture reports j c °'. Philips stated his resignation ' wiSTr'teci cmr i )rospecilve U 'litl- tliat enforcement of the Food. ™mc because of hi., inability lo (rant In the Islands render H one Drug nntl Cosmetic Act of 1933 devote as much lime us necessary 'which this court will reall/c i, drove se +A dangerous cosmetics, '° . National Guard duties under '.outstanding. mcs, es uner ousnding and devices from the, retail U«f new recent Federal defense 1 Full Review Siniebl ' „ tlie past year. •.setiip, action was' dirc:(ccl 'Ills extensive against the widespread sale of dangerous eyelash dyes, "slenderizing" preparations and many misbranded medicines. The administration reports that its investigators seized the products of several eyelash itye • U'ne from "The petitioners ask for' ii"wr(l -.i-practice lierc. of ccrtiortirl hi order lo (Jbtiilii He has resided In tills city for a what they have never yet had' In number of years, is married, nntl (his cast-n, full judicial hearing has one son, G. W. Phipps, Jr., upon competent evidence nnd nn who is stallrmi'ti with the U. S. adjudication of (heir rights ac- Marines In Chiim. , cordiim to law," the municipal Col. Philips became n First councils nrgucd in their petition. Lieutenant In the Medical corps, Tllc Supreme Court's decision 'wrc wll be on the application to • ~~..-^ , , ....i, ,,, ( o ijiuLiiuicu LU i»ti|juuu i icview.-If the court grants the writ lo contain dangerous i Sept. 27, 1013. He served overseas'! ° r cei'Horarl. Hie way will be silver salts, pyrogallol jus medical officer with (tic 128th '' lenrc d ton trim of the owe on Its legal merits before (he high court here: The Innd Involved In the case, according lo dntfi •presented In the petition, is now occupied by a hospital, maintained and operated by - private religious foundation '- *-j «-«««* i nj«. juuint- i-m-t^ttimin, in icic! [viccucHi corns facturers ami that tests made of Missouri National Guard, April lo' many warranted prosecution. Some 11910, and was proaicted to captain 1. were found ammoniacal silver salts, py, and parophenlyentdiamine." I Machine Gun Bataliion, and also at the south edge'of"town "wli'ich' As U hnd F ivcn nttva "" warn- wltl1 U>c 110th Motor Supply Ccm- it K proposed to arrange'into -i s " s ° uitucle to ™rd sales of I !">ny (rain of'the 35th Division, public park and playground Aider- "• sIcmlcj ' lzl "S" lireparations con-, Hc ' wn.s promoted lo the rank or man Dilbnan suggested that it :il " lns dinitraphenol or equally, captain in tlie Medical Corps, u would likely be unwise to vote for Unn S'- 1 ™"s dinitrocresol, tlie ad-! S. Army. Feb. 20. ifllu, and lield the proposition at this ti me i n """'stnition was unable to find ''"it rank until honorably dis- asinuch as the city would 'have lo a " y lntcrstnlc lr " rfic !n 'he sale of charged May 27, 1919. At the close of the World War, he was pro- die financial status of the city at It is anticipated here that U. this time was unable to take care of this additional yearly expenditure. "Hog Killing Time" Changes Over Years facturer pleaded guilty in two federal courts to charges that it was poisonous and was fined a total of 526,100. In its report, the administration states that the only proved cases of botulism were traced to under- weather of the past two days would have bee)) called "liog killing Urns'' m the old days, most of the ho»s had already been killed by fann- ers of Mississippi county, according to the office of (lie comitv extension agents. While there was some hilling yesterday, most farmers have learned that it does not take such extremely cold weather for success butchering, provided proper methods nre employed. Most of the hogs were killstl during November when the nights were cold with the work starte-t in the early afternoon meat allowed to hang „„ „,,... night and "salted" Immediately with salt and sugar. Danger of the meat freezing is one reason why farmers are bein^ taught not to watch for almost zero weather but to kill in moderate cold, crisp weather. .iro oned and Hie Up over- ,ed, home-canned foods. Pois- food cases increased Col. Harry E. Dudley of Slkeston will be named to nil the vacancy created by Col Phipps' resli'iialioji. and promoted to the rank of colonel. aided ndml ! check the Alaska inspectors lo Industry *...„.. ,v,u., vn.>i.rt JIILItiihuu um> i -'•^'^ *"*- "ui.itva saimoii industry slightly over the preceding year, '"° r e closely and the report con- and canncrs were more careful in I duties that the weather was Ideal labeling goods that failed to meet - 1 — 1 -- "-standards of quality, as only GO seizures were made, compared with 153 for the previous year. Innovation NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service during Ihe salmon season aiid IU industry was free of all spoilage. originally a religious order which An excellent laxative In colds, relieves biliousness, sour stomach, bilious indigestion, fi.itiilcnce and hcad.iclic, due to constipation. lOc nnd 25c at dealers ioss lold up info a ball and roll down steep Inclines. I We Will Buy Your 1938-39 GOVT. LOAN COTTON A. R, WETENKAMP & CO. 204 W. Ash St., Blythevillc Phonc 758 Long Distance 23 MISSOURI Farm & City LOANS LOW INTEREST RATES EASY PAYMENTS-LONG TERMS Fnslcst closing service of any mortgage loan company doing business in this state, FLORIDA BROS. & CO. Life Insurance Fire Insurance Investment Securities Osccola, Ark. was vcny iiollvo In u u , Philippines i" lh<! iMily dnys nf Spanish tmu- patIon. The municipal (ioiwimenu r0 n. tended (hut the hospital lias no 'Wil lllii' to Die Inmi, inui (hut, it, Ls nut a ••Jiidiclul i-nllly" i>iult],'d lo own Die properly. The land wus willed lo th« n 1 - llKloiis (irderj, |, v i> ( .;| lo CxiH'lc Hi« owner, hill (lie pluinllffs declared no will hus !'i<>r umi lm) . Ownrrslilp W| 1S 'l'riinsfi>rri>d Toivaid (he inlddli- of ti»> Ifllh ceiilmy, nci'oi'illiiK lo cliiliiis of the pliiinllfl, the contested then l)i'lonxlii|( to ih,. or Sunlit .Ml.wrlfonllu. wns (mneO over lo Die order of (lie Sun Jimn do Dios, by edict of (he Klin, of Spain. f Thou QWCII l.snljfllH u issvunl a royiil I'i'iliilii iwdi'ii lj-ii]isfejrl»« ownmhtp fiom Die order of Knn Jnnn dc Dios to Die ritslcrs uf CMiurlly, 'Hie Order nl Sun Junn dc Dlos a'lisfd to i'sl:,l in Ihe I'hillp- pliics. Act'ordhiK l« Ihe philntllf,' the lltii' to tin; Innd rrvi;rleil to the Spnnlsli Crown In the IDlh Ci'ii- Hny wlu'ii the I'hiircli was imllwl wllh (lie statf. OrtKlual claim of Ilir 1'iowi.', ID iho land ts bused on Ihe Papal Hull nf 1-193. When, In liioi, tbe unlli'il Btati's «w,iiini'<l tl(| t . io the t'lillliinlup Isliuid.s as 11 roiispijiii'iiri 1 ol the B|>nnlsh-Amerli'iui war, tlu- 1-Y'd- fi'iii tiovii'nnnent obtained title to trowii liinds, which was subse- <piently vi'sled In tin; Philippine government. The petitioners iitlacked Die le- eallty of nn asiceimail. Ijc'lwccli Si'cret:ny of War Wllllmii llowurd Tnft and the lUshop of Manila, covering (ltu. in tills contested land. Battle Will Bitlerest , Session Be One Of During Ncxl ••COURTS Several divorce stilts 1mvo been Dlled In chancery court here. 1.. W. liabbs has (lied suit iisulnst 1'atrlcla Uc llnbus. Ivy W. Crawford Is attorney for the ulnlu- tlff. U. P. Rider nan filed sull iiBUlnsl Bessie U. HUlcv. Ed U. Oook Is altarney for thu plaintiff. Jlmmlc Jones has Illed suit against Flora Jones. Mr. Cook Is lUlorney fcr the plalntlir. licrllc Wilson has (lied Mill against Clyde O. Wilson. James 1J. RolCKon of Manlln Is plalnttlV'n attorney, J)V Ccinlor i'iifii WASHINGTON. Jan. 2.-Onc of [lie bliicri'.si of (he connroiisional bullies l n tho comtiiK Congress Will (vilalnly tcnler around WI'A.' HIIK tti,' time come to cut down <i) iippruprlntluns lor (his tvdcral work prctti'inu? A conuerLni I'ifori, will be marti- to do so, and ii Is even reported Hint tin; White Houso is liironiWe | 0 such reduc- llon. At prt'.som. what with the Inisl- i'ss pickup. WI'A Is IlvliiB wllhln Ilii' reduced builijot. volod In lust u. U iippiu-cnlly will not ask dc-lldcney appropriation. mil before (ho coming session ends llii're win | M , \VI>A trouble. WI'A SCENTS DISASTUK IN i'lWTllUll SLASHES Inside the WI'A Itself there Is u feel Inn dial last sprlnc's cm, wns ico rtrasllc, (hat It Is Just barely BL'llhiB by HI present; nml tlm't iniy fiirllHT ciils would be clls- aslroiis. There is furlher a reeling thut WI'A may even nt'cd more mancv urn-Ing (lie rest of (his fiscal yeai- The OHIO relief tmigle, wltli ominous presidential suggestions of muvlnu in with soup kitchens to avert iiclini] siiircrliiK, will lend color to the suggestion Ihat (neater, rather thm smaller \VPA up. |)rcprlatlons arc necessary, . * * • WAOK-HOUIt LAW I'ACUS (lOMIIINll The \Vii|;c-IIour law Is certain to Cl a strong coinuing-ovcr. Last winter a strong Jiiovomenl In the House hud already developed, alm- fiobins raise two broods of from four to six young each year. IS EPILEPSY INHERITED? CAN IT BE CURED? A booklet conUlnlni Iht opinion «f l.mou< doclort on I hi. Inllrnllni >ub- will ht .cnl KHKK. whllt they It.I. In tny t««ci ( r wrlllnt (o tli« Kduollnntl DlrliUn. 5JS p|((K AT.niw, Ntw Volk N- 5 V., PA OR THRF.P, ed at cxeinfjliojis for plckliiif, proccsiliif, and 'packing lintlcs. b 'Hits fall toe National Association of Manufacturers drew up a further formal complaint that the prwcjil law obstructs rc-cmploy- mc-nl wlllitiut nny compensating Increase In indastrlii! einclency 'Tlie Wage-Hour law has devoted friends and Influential enemies in Congress, and some attempt'lo rewrite Die law completely is almost certain. / • » » i.Aiioa lio/ini) T(IO HOT U the Hmlth committee Invcsti- HiKiiiK the National Labor nela- tlons Hoard flnlrfies. Us work fit time, it is almost equally certain Hint a determined attempt will be mnde In tlie House to modify thai inw drastically. | Various inuendmenUi have'been pending for some time In the Scn- »ie, Inn IIIIVR made little progress. They iiiiuht bo gotten tlnoiigli the House, but unleiis the Smith committees produce. 1 : some di-ftslle new mnlci'In), the Senate Is likely to bkck nullcal amendment of the net. Ifcrc iiualn Die fact enters that 1IHO Is an election year. While labor Is somewhat divided on fimi'iidment of the Wagner Labor ItcliUlons Act. nevertheless any ell'ort lo cut away its basic foundations would certainly draw down the live of all oryanlMd labor. Tiiat. Is dccdon-ycar dynamite, am! i! seems far more likely (hat both lioiisc.i will postpone 'action, using as an excuse the uncom- plclcd Smith Investigation, rather thnn BO to Die roots of the Wagner net nnil establish U on any radically dltl'crent basis. Witnesses hi French courts arc permitted to tell more than the tnilli. Even their imaginations rimy be resorted lo In testifying, UBDUOE SENSIBLY With ii course of Swedish HIns- saue nnil Vapor llatlis. HcaHh- ful mid Invlnornttii. RUTH LAWHON At Marirnrel's Dcaiily Shoii WE WILL BUY YOUR GOVERNMENT LOAN COTTON Georfjc //. McFadden & Bro's. Affency E. C. PftTTON, Agent Grand Lender Every day people the world over stop a moment... enjoy an ice-cold Coca-Cola.... and go their way again with a happy after-sense of complete refreshment. Tbe pause that refreshes is a real idea,-really refreshing. ."hone 366 THE PAUSE THAT KE F R BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA CO..BY COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Ark.

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