The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on May 19, 1952 · Page 2
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 2

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 19, 1952
Page 2
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PAGE 2- THE BAYTOWN SUN, MONDAY, MAY I?, 1952 o HI NABOR Stock By OHn JSIiller benefit of both the patient and the visitor. We find, however, that we must impose some restrictions," Burton Battle, administrator of the hospital, said. "In outlining the intentions of the change in procedure, I thought it was thoroughly understood that the visitor • use good judge- ment and discretion under the liberal change of policy. But, to protect the health and welfare of the patient, we must limit the visiting hours unless special permission is obtained from . the nurjse in charge, 1 ' Battle said. Battle emphasized the original if man loses his legs, like a scientist says he's d o t n g, what will hts feet be fastened to? Leader To Be A ggie er "San'Jacinto Memorial Hospital went back on a visitor's schedule today after a month of unrestricted visiting hours. • - Visiting hours, in the future, will be between 9:30 a-m. and 8:30 p.m. ^Children under 12 years old :will not be permitted on the obstetrical floor at any" .time-or . on the medical floor without permission of Nurses on duty at the time. "The unrestricted visiting hours was meant as an experiment to learn the worth of the plan for the I o •» tie f\f Jft inflation Of 43 is Part Of 3-Day Elks Celebration A class of 43 new candidates for membership in the Baytown Elks' Lodge will be initiated into the order on Thursday, May 29, as part of the three-day formal opening celebration of the new Elks' home at 2525 Market, it was an- ^^ ^^ ^ ^^ „.„..., hounced today by Clifford M. permission""^ The supervisor "of f ames L McCord, dean and pro- Bond, general chairman of the „„„.,„._ fessor of systematic theology, Aus- Specia! To The Baytown Sun Airway Elec no sale Alleg Ludlum 36% Allis-Chalmers .............. 49% American Repub ............ 50% A T and T 155 ' 'Amer Woolens 28 $51,816!s ^ Raised Here For Seminary The Baytown area raised $51,- Selling Oil Leases Tighter Drilling Rules Clamped On NO ENEMY NOW MILWAUKEE (fni arm, 21, is going ^ former enemies fought as a I^ye 0 soldier against the T TBERTY — (So) — The City of A city permit to drill will cost France in 1944, h~ Lu^l **%*** b^for the operator .-W^ndbe m^put United Jtates own?d d p? a ope a r S t S "°-^'"^" pned liability insurance of §200,000 for 1951 . da . «i injury and §500,000 property dam- 816 toward the construction of a opened on June 2 at City Hall. age. nvant TVuiaVwrtv u M ? n has been ^gtof.J Anaconda Copper ........... 42% St. Mary's Seminary. Conducted ^ he Liberty Independent School City Attorney J rank Doughartj what causes colds and L ^'' Beth Steel Calvan Oil Calumet Canada So £ e anese Celotex 38% The city > s decision to advertise ed - for bids came after passage of a Here's a breakdown on the drive tighter oil well drilling ordinance rainmh r; oc ------------- i*u St Jude's ting up the new oil regulations. eint-nour sieep. restrictions aaginst children visit- fP^ :GE ST A T] 01 * < fP- ) J- L - F ' Du Ponfc P ing in the hospital rooms. McCoUum president of the Con- Dli Ponfc C ~. . . .,,-,, - - tmental Oil Company, of Houston restrictions against children visit- will give ^g commencement ad- the obstetrical floor under any cir- dress at the May SO 'graduation ex- cumstances. If a child under that ercises at Texas A. and M. Col- Columb Gas Creole Pet 7411 Crystal Oil 22 Cities Service ................ 99?s Davidson Chem .............. 34 \{ Dov/ Chem . .„ 109 K 84 U streets from getting a hold on other leases. The average sleeper changes his ^ • • ' ' "1 times during an eight-hour sleep. $14,246 was contributed by mem- operations hers of 'St. Mary's Church in La vided sections <* to «£ Porte. du and subdi- age is brought for the mother to visit, the mother may be taken to Commencement exercises will the visitor's waiting lobby, but the be held at 6 p.m. in the football child mu=t not be permitted to go in the OB section. Any child under 12 desiring to visit a patient on the medical or surgical floors may do so only by stadium at Texas A. and M. There are 863 candidates for degrees. Baccalaureate services will be held at 10 a.m. in Guion hall and DeWare Field House. The Rev. El Peso Natural Gas 37 Fairchild Eng 6 Freeport Sulph 36 1 ! Gen Electric 58% Gen 3 Gen Gillette Saf $••••• Goodyear Tire M Greyhound Bus Gulf Oil Gulf Stat Util t Houston Oil LIONS NOTICE Thursday night's inter-club banquet will take the place of this week's-regular Lions club meeting. N'otlce is hereby givtn that original letters ot administration upon the Estate of EMMA BRACEWELL TUCK, deceased, „ were granted to R. R. ZIERLEIX, the ing it possible to include public- undersigned, on the 15Lh day of April, owned streets if desired by the op- A.°- " 5A \, b p e « 0en s C havVn* C cU*ms f a^afnat erators. The new law says that not s '°£ n ^ tate are hereby required" to present more than one well can be drilled Mie same io me within the time pre_ unit and must be scribed by law. My residence to a 10-acre "^t^x ^-icguiax ijiuna uiuu liitrcLJiig. , , . . , u '_«_,*_.. n t oince aaurtss ia DU Lions'unable to attend the ban- aced as close to the center of of HarriSj BUM o< office address ia Box 59. Baytown, County Church. public streets is not bound by the ^ & drilling block ruling. We wlll receiV e bi<j, tor two used school No well can be drilled less than buses. Right reserved to accept or reject 51»i Istanbul, Turkey, is the only city 200 feet from a building, home or any °/ an wd*. Bum may be jw""^ 22 ^ in the world that lies within two other structure without permission psstrfcr. go continents. of the owner of the property. May 19-20-21. ANEW PICK-UP FOR GRAND CLEAN®! IS OPEN ON Market Sf. Rd. in Wcofc Between Crow Ri t fit,. i_r ^_ i C*.^^ STORAGE DRY CLEANING. Bachelor Laundry Sen Owned and Operated br •T. M. DEAX J opening event. This will be one of the largest single classes ever initiated by any South Texas Elks' Lodge, "Bond 'said. " The new building will be opened • to members for ell regular activities on ..Wednesday of this week , and on Thursday night, when the regular meeting will be held, facilities for the women will be • ready, it was announced. The new Steward, Harold Beadle, formerly • of Des Moines, Iowa, is actively at work, and will be ready to care for the needs of the members beginning Wednesday. Formal opening activities arc- scheduled for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, May 29, 30, 31 and on Friday, May 30, the general public,will' be invited to visit and inspect the new Elks' home. nurses. ON TH SAN JAC!NTO MEMORIAL Mrs. Sidney Casler—Baytown. W. T. Linder—3314 Wisconsin. *>0 .^~~ u . VM. «J W WN.*1»UI.»\. UitV/iW^J , «T.\»S- TT.,,, 11 t~\-t tin Presbyterian Theological Sem- ^ b c , '., 75 ' 4 inary and the Rev. Albert C. Out- * m P e [ ial Oil 36% ler. -professor of theology, South- * nt f r 'a k e Iron 16 ern Methodist University,-will de- Intl ^ lc * e] > ^ I7i liver the baccaulaureate sermons. Graduating cadets will receive their commissions at 1 p.m. at exercises in Guion Hall. President and Mrs. M. T. Harrington will hold a reception in their home from 2:30 to 4:30 for ^_ F . 1-v . M1 , - ., t Mrs." Antoinette" Seigier"— 314 the^graduates and their^parents. West Main. Albert Marvick—3113 Illinois. James Balcom—La Porte. James Balcom Jr.—La Porte. L. V. Eagleton—Crosby. Jupiter Oil ............... 3 15-15 Kirby Pet 25 Libby Mc-N" 7% Liggett and Myers 63^ Loew's Inc .............. ...'16 La Land .....'...'457* Mack Trucks 14Vi Mid Con Pet ................ 67V1 Mont-Dakota Util .......... 24% JCat Dairy Prod ............. 50 Va Ohio Oil ....... ......... 56 4Y t Pittsburgh, Pa., boasts the first drive-in gasoline filling station, op- -.ening in 1913. (Continued From Page One) day night speech before the convention of the Americans for Democratic Action in Washington made clear that he would veto the stater' tidelands bill, and referred to it as "corruption . . . stealing . . .robbery in broad daylight . . Affiliate—Liberty Networks 1360 ON YOUR AM DIAL 92.1 MGv-ON YOUR FM^ MONDAY EVENING 6 :OQ_J> ewa ' 6 :3Q— Sports '• Review 7:00— Harlem at Seven 7:57— Laic Ketva f - S:QO— Baytotvn Auto News 8 :30 ; — Facts Foram S:Q(>— Mood MCslc 9:45__ iiusic in the Morgan Manner lOiaO;— Nl'cht Ediiian of The Bajtov.-n Sun lOtlS^-Drtara Time 10:55— Late News ," ' , ll-c&O— Sign .Ott 'TUESDAY MORNING 6:00 — Reveille Roundup 6:57 — Late News 7:00— Trinity Tunes 7 :4S— -Trinity VaHcy, News Review; S:00 — Morning I>evt>Uoual £:15— Watching The C!oc!c 8:30— Late News S:32— Watching tn* Clock S:55 — World of Women fl :00— N e'wB 9:15— Churches of Christ « :3&— Diet Saaon Shn w 10:00— Warren Edwards Newscast. 11:0&— Late News 11 :02 _ MM Day Matinee TUESDAY AFTERNOON 12:00— World News 12 us— Stock Quotations 12:20— Mid Da? MatSnee 1:00 — Top Tunea 2:00— -News 2:05 — 'Beat On Wax 4:00 — "Warren Edwards Newscast C">--Lj. >Voz MexJca na The. processional will form at 5:30 p.m. in front of the stadium. The commencement speaker one of the most widely known business- Packard Motors men and executives in the nation, p ancoastal Oil z-Js is a native of Tennessee. He grew Panhandle P and R S% ' up in Cuerc and Fordtran". Texas. Penney's Inc 67?; He holds a degree in geology from Philips Pet 551 & the University of Texas and has Pure on 60% been a scout and geologist, sta- Richfield Oil 6lH tioned-in the Wichita Falls, Ama- Repub Steel ................. 39% rillo and San Antonio, areasy St - Regis Paper 193, Sinclair Oil ....... ...... 44 Socony-Vac .....< . 37% Sou Pacif 73 Stan Oil Calif 53VL Stan Oil Ind 80v-i Stan Oil Ohio 41% Stan Oil N. J. ............... 75% Sun Oil ." -•• 83 Sunray Oil 21*8 Texas Co 54^i Texas Gulf Prod , 27% Mrs. Bernell Booth of 301 East Defee suffered;a broken left arm Daniel asked each of the net- and severe cuts on her face in a vorks for 15 or 30 minutes time two-car collision on South Main in Tex GuK on any night this week to answer Houston Saturday night. Tidewater Corp that part of the President's speech M". Booth was taken to Jeffer- Union Oil of relating to tidelands- legislation." son Davis. Her husband, who was u ; S : Stc Jr ' Daniel said he was making the driving, was treated for minor in- Wodley-Fet ..... equest as attorney general of Tex- Junes. Investigating o f f i c e rs Jul y N - °- Cotton as, vice president of the National P ar ged Booth with reckless driv- Association of Attorneys General, jn ^ L Booths were driving from to Yoakum where Booth a truck driving job. Their car was in ty E. up 37% No Sale . 61 pts. !40, tim . . . fo preserve, can, or stock your Deep Freeze with fresh fruits and vegetables. Here is a complete list of canning supplies at Weingarten's Low, Low Prices. Rights reserved to limit 'and as one who helped write the egislation referred to by the President." "The President's accusation of _ ir< _ ti ^ Y robbery on the part of those who old" Houston merely favor, the states'; keeping McNair Negro Shot Six collision with one y, 73-year- the^ lands they have had'for over; lOOj years," he .said, "is ah insult to the majority of Congress, to officials of a majority of the states, and to eight million Texans." Services Set Today For La Porte Resident Funeral services were to be held at 4 p.m. today for Talmadge D. Brett, 64-year-old La Porte resident. Brett , died at 9:30 a.m. yesterday in "a Houston hospital. He had. lived in Houston 28 years be- moving to La Porte. Services will be at Forest Park . J. P Treated For Injuries When Hettoulse'Phillips finally won a'promise from, her common- law husband, L. V. Eagleton, she 7-" expected him to keepjit, she said. [. He didn't, she saljf. She picked •^ up a" .22 calibre pistol and pulled the trigger six times, she said. She was a good shot. Deputy Sheriff M- M. Brown said. Eagle- Mrs. J. P. Helfrich of 620 Bolster ton has four bullet holes between is being treated at a Pasedena t h e shoulder and elbow of his arm, hospital today for injuries receiv- and two more about three inches ed when the car in which she was just above the hea rt, physicians riding with Mrs. Paul U. Lee was g a j d JILf TT C ° m fr n at the - under P ass The McNair negro couple quar- near Franklin avenue in Houston. relled and Eagleton Chipped her r^" 6 ? , a nC tw^e before she could escape to drivpr ^f 3 * haken up - her father's house, she told Deputy The drive? Tf ™ Sheriff iL M ' Brown - ^ agle . ton then promised not- to whip ner "But he didn't keep his promise," she said. of the second car left the scene of the r «cident »d has not been located cemetery with Rev. Carlos Davis b y Houston police, officiating. The survivors include a daughter, Mrs. Marvin C. Burch of La Porte. MAKES QUICK STOP HETTINGER. N. D. (O>.>— Kenneth Wai. Stroll, S. D.,-intended to stop overnight at the Yellowstone hotel here. He didn't stop soon enough. His truck skidded and crashed into the front door of the hotei. Special treatment of sawdust has been developed to make it useful as food for cattle. dren born in the United States come from farming areas. THRU TUESDAY lend is 1.000 feet thick. :LAST TIMES TONIGHT CARTOON ® "LETS STICK TOGETHER" LATEST NEWS EVENTS NOW Thru TUES SECOXD FEATUR *Eox Office Opens Show Starts I>AST T33IES TODAY Msjorie MAIH'KUHDE LAST TOIES TODAY -JUNGLE OF CHANG" «TEN TALL RHYTHM INN" ' —with— Jane Frazee Kirby Grant Tuesday <^»tf GRANT • DRAKE DONT FORGET LICENSE NIGHT TONIGHT 2 DAYS STARTING TUESDAY "WAGONMASTER .Ben Johnson Joanne Drn Harry Cart*y Crosby, Barbers Hill BAIL or KERR FRUIT JARS ^. 81c BALL or KERR FRUIT JARS S«. 95c KERR WIDE MOUTH JARS o£" 1.00 KERR WIDE MOUTH MS D 2." 1.15 KERR JELLY GLASSES t.V£ 55c BALL FREEZER JARS 22 ^ 1.49 BALL FREEZER JARS '.^ 1.24 KERR CAPS and LIDS D«. 27c KERR LIDS 2 Da , 25c SURE^JELL "• - p ^- 13c ^EN-JELL -" ?rq 12c CERTO B 8 o^; 25c GOLD^WAX PARAFFIN >£. 20c HATiOHAL YiHEGAR RED BEETS ' ........ """ . ..... Cotoreo "" oaf 35C ALL HOUSTON, BAYTOWN. FREEPORT, TEXAS CITY AND JACIHTO CITY .............. STORES MONDAY, TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY. Baccalaureate services for graduating seniors of Crosby and Barbers Hill high schools ,,were held last night. Rev. J. D. Waver ot Crosby addressed the 39 members of the Crosby high graduating class. At Barbers Hill, the 20'seniors heard Rev. J. Coleman Turner of San Approximately half of the chil- Perlita, former pastor of the First Baptist Church of Mont Belvieu. Graduation ceremonies for : the Crosby seniors Tvill be at 8 p.m. The average ice cap in Green,- Thursday in the high school auditorium. Rev. Homer T. Fort of Beaumont will be the speaker. Barbers Hill commencement ! will be at 8 p.m. May 26 with R. F. Riley. superintendent of schools at Anahuac, the*the speaker. Sandman Bailey Will Return From Marines An old face around Cedar Bayou schools will be back in September. It belongs to Lt- A. O. Bailey, hand director who has just ; completed a stint with the U. S. Marines in Korea. Advices are that Lt. Bailey started home on May 5 end'will be back in civilian soon after returning to the states. L. C. ^Williamson, who -has been serving as band director while Bailey has been on leave, has ^been re-elected to the teaching "staff here for the coming year and may resume his work with choral groups exclusively, • Warm Days Ceil For Thrifty, Tasty Cold CufsV. . Lb. CEDARS DRIVE-IN Last Times Tonight DOUBLE FEATURE Leo GORCEY ^ Bowery Boys "—FTATS— Ma*jori« MAIN and FVcy K«.f RiPfi Mft and PA KETTLE AT THE FAI CARTOON: *-TEST PILOT DONALD^- ^ TONIGHT IS LICENSE NIGHT! ADULTS 35c-— CHILDREN FREE • New! Different! Bohemian Style Blaclc Hawk Ready io Eat. None Finer Anywhere. .. Lb. Red Rind Sharp CHEDDAR CHEESi Dutch Garden, Crisp BABY DSLL PICKLES Table-Trimmed, Shoulder, Tender H Dee-lrcious! Fresh Lb. HTclcory Smoked COUNTRY SAUSAGE lb 35c For Taity Stews . VEAL BRISKET STEW lb 45c FRYERS HECK AND BACKS .!?:?^±^:..''.'.'. t ' 2 K; 39c Two 7-ineK made v*Hh IreiK" ba and nut« and iced brown sugar icing • topped wifh nutc. Old Fashioned P«ach .*=• COFFEE CAKE 0 411 Thai Good Cane Flavor "Good every cirop" ,. No. 2 J A BotiJe Everyday Ix>w Price Borden's Grade "A 11 Fortified SKIMMED MILK . Carton Everyday Low Price

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