The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 3, 1897 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, September 3, 1897
Page 2
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TtfB DAILV CUftOmtiL*. «EJ»fEMBBR A Iftttt. THR i)A!1,Y CHRONICLE trttP* j* »*->>** nt tlw Marshall, $0fh., pontoffics through 1W wisHj at si or fiuhws«t»ttoa» ,\,l,Honticrti, fe* «rt the oflftoe o< JL. M» MOftES. -j dtebattwled. nigh* bwanw o« femitt atS/wisr It*" rtieiWbsr-s, aMt day with atoni the flttn*£ -- A-M^tfittfafrer of the free eiKw-pK'nlCBt H«to«ir Tho vfllatfa 'sehort will t*f»ai 8*>pt, I8Ui with «BtwJllh«pe taken possession, of thousands of _ and the western roads will hate alt fe 4>C8S dn to transport .the iorttitfe Rn . dRht, Chicago, MfttfstikBe * railwfty, ntsd its connecting the best f aciHWea for reaching gold regioflB. Jwndtt Fajiliofe L. Milled intpftaeditttej Etftraa IWrirnv primary. .The BChodt floras have hen papered Jtmr paintfen nod placed itt tidy cpndJtkiB. HuKnffvr pxwtruftster A. A. Harsh, look -popec^skm of the office Wedttfeeday. sncei'edtng R, A, CntetSr, who has held th« pmitkitt for the pasl font yfcftre^ Mr. Culver hna bpcn aft (excellent postmaster -fiiutu We* share^ of the public regret Ilia rctlrtmuta t. The btisineuEr men of the villago iflrtds trp a puree »nd purchased Miss Wuitfh-4 <^mver, asstetont p6st- «iru5tef t a beautiful, ring, as. a mark. of trWafipceeiation of her faithful senriCfr. the nmv rfiJtnag&dftnt takes hotd of th tn "fowl HhsjpG and everything flio *toW<Hfc<> (toft FlcWs Ate tlo* attracting the attention of the fohole ifrortcf, and tfoe results of jflacer and q^attfl fhittintf a*8^i4% eftfsl .to if* ffniis o! tmgget&'jn the elriy t&fifornia being offered to prospectors, practical win BC At Michigan Van Deifoil, baa tftbhw M Tetjt for S .1. IJPo bwy flour, graharo, bolted ftMilkl. coarse meal, ground feed, bran or mtddHitp is at C. A. Chfcsher'a mill. All kinds 'el cwston rlndmg done, tK>t* of tt olegrint tine «f belts, latcfet esi prices, at Hulett & Son's. J. Ciinninglmm is showing hied in apples 'of th$* t Maidoa'bln8h" variety. a*«s? frdni South water street, ' Claude Plidps came near ^ ,. drowned in n peculiar manner last Friday. HP catiirht a larffis bnll head whilo Jlshiwe on' the lake and while removing it. fruru thrc hook thrust one- of tho fish's horns Into his hand him, to faint away fcn'd caiVing hii»» .to faint away ana fall into the lake, He sank otit of Bight, i 1 . _„_ *... ^ii ...t<-l* 41-kA >*mfrjtw **rtt*l*r«/i riinrl l*eter t*jckwood,-a(;th6 Hard tniil is pfepured Jto cxehfttige flour for &heat, He hnndlos the Yorkv01e milling company's flour, ono of the best brands made. Carpet laying, stoves blackfed and set to furniture packing otc. Leave'orders irt W, 15. Boslcy & Son's and P. R Sny- let's. B. B. SHAW, but tfftttnct with thfr water »^» t »*-«,_ J .* M ., •Uid bointf abi> to swito 'he reached-tho bunt and saved hinuiclf. The ijjuising~l?rfrsliylpry will -meet «it!i the Presbyterten church of this placo Sept. 21 aud 22, \ • A ciMuiuiKsion for thehoXjngof claims in the estate of Simeon Owdii was herd at the Exchange bank Wednesday. The commission consisted of JU M. Batt, 0. H, Ghilda and J: M.. IfaiHntr. K«\S. Tjsx'ktt,)!) and Judgo Ing(TS<jH, of Maren>- aH wcje prwnt representing the different "' -: i " . J. C. Blake purchased 40 acres of 'timber on neclion" .11 • Tekonsha, of J. W. Uandall icw-ntly for «l,l<)0. . A pjirt. tif tho Chauiico) Brown estate was .sold -Wednesday to James Pritch- .ird for Ml.75 per acre. It Save* the fronpy Childreii. fir^viKW, Va. —We have a splendid sale on Chauiberlaiu'fi Cough llomi'd>, 1 uhd our cuBtomers coming from far and -n«ir, ni»oak <jf it in the highest terms»,>~ha\o said that'-theifchildrnd would hrtvo died of croup if Chamberlam's Cough KVmwly had nut l*< n given. lui *£> and WJ -cent sizes fdr aile at Drugstore. 8t. Mary's sdiool of mueicvvill ro-opt>a on AIomi.iy, Aug. :tt>. The bc«t and liit c.«t niftluMln are used in this department apd eptcial attention gi^ento the thtwy aud a 1 1 fif muBif. For farther p.irticu- luvs c;»U at tho «chtK»l or^siatorH' r«ii- your Htatioiiery at the Chronicle It juu «re goii»); to buy a now pair of cj cling bLo»'« it will p}»> you to l<Mjkov;er .(••hi: Butlcr'b block. 'Those of elk skin are iM>i»i'tf»vitr t ntirely new, are also easy ttu i tn- i ,'<••: I'.-Hidc being )i,in<isoiiu' to look at. i^irst cla.dir jub work at 'low pric*« dond at tftis <i!}ico. Call va Uoorgt; A ley. u'gooil \vulk, -> cment will d»lt»* .nf e in\ ite all t« call ou uk at the Wat bin Id ing and examine our .method Drf«j Tailoring. We will cot any rn lor, aay la'dy who will takf* the 'to call aud <>x»inine our yafttWxl. Onr ecbopl will be open ia th*f ^publie Kuturdiiy ami Monday, Aug. 14 and 10, whtre uriltrs wLUlHi received Jurj^att«rtt». CJjtfre»e.fora)Dy',l(tdy.wh4> wUl take the to tall and exaouae out •' f. Teachers Works G&rnwfutC«tti«»g ,J has b*t;n rt»taoye4 froift th» Wat «eo Iwilcticg to the rtwdence of Mrs. W. J,«£i,ayb6ra, a* Sorth-JSagle street, , Marshall, Hotel Royal, Iffit 1 One Jtmfc t>i»ly in I3adi Ootti-nltatloa a»aex*roiri«tJon ,*C Pleasant, SmFe^ v «x Reliable \ DR. LAtJE'S COMPOUND '* , THE GREAT 'Groceries, -- \lways fresh and new; strictly | jrade at lowest prices: prompt delivery, jive us a call and be convinced at the /'errinyiile store, A. WORTHY Cordotte. S. E. Pay Your Taxes. I will be at the office of the JHerndon lotcl during business hours until further notice, for the purpose of receiving city axes which 'are/now due. Save the ex- ;ro collection fee by paying now. Mi S. DkLAVKRGKKj City treasurer. Gilford's tobacco cure is a scientific specific for the tobacco habit. ; It is {iiariinteed to cure in tun days. No cu're, no pay* A. O. HYDE. about style, talk about it! But !u»vo you seen the stylish wedding invi- tatioiiis, party cards, individual cards we are putting out? They're pure style Don't you need a trifle of printing in the above lint's just About now.,'We have ,he newest and latest script type. . . Is your time worth GOc a day? Then .hat disabling headache is', expensive. Blue Streak" will cure it for a quarter. Notice. I am prepared to do ladies' and chil'.. iren's shanipooiuji; at their homes, Leave ordera at Clark's barber shop, or a t3, r > east Green street. t)r« B f & Co., dtfvoto Heir uttcntlon to ifeftW*' of the eye, e»r, thmnt artd lutmi f*m*,and ccusuimimon and nil chronic, prl- ale *nd nervous ^tevntos, defortnltie*; arnnulBt „ 'a'nd'ulccr*." Bright'*' <ll«ywo, A)) (llwoasMB of fcitSfl^yp atis DI.»« V *.» ......, T otopinch and ncrveiu* dfteaoei, chorea (St. Vila* dance) general debility, fcclirofala^okln tli*east>«. JlBoaew of man and women, and al (Unease* due to bad blood. EirttepByLorJli*, poanivcly cored by a new nOfl ' "** e ^ -- — - — — • Dt» C.. 8. * y«. make n specialty of olLtor»(i of rectal dlw-wea, piUa Jnwrnal ana oxtorpal, lu-hing and bl«K«>(ng, recfal uloern, flsurcB-fliitula which are otton taken fbr nervous a(nd Inue troul>(«, all tu tetf. Kf!memi>?r we euro all forma of title* Without pftlu Jut«rnptlo» W (IftjeMtUin from DuKinoss, and ivithoUl the ujno tof knife, nnnsilo of llga urp. Come (ind he couvtnaed. , TOYOUSe, MW>DLK AGED ANDOLDMJSN Suflcrincfrom spcrmotorrhwa, tmpotency— Itat m»nliood~or from-rWeftkne«> bronuht on from BrrotsatlwllBCrctWn* In y^utb or over Indol genco to Ut*t years, are gtrott prwancot reHef. Absnlutft curot* gu.BraiHtfed; alrjctly conffdcntl^l, Tiimotii ano canoenr-cnrcd without acldi. kulfe. palnorwrarii. N«w method*. Catarrh, New home treatment. Unaarpaftsub aud cheap. . ' • ... . OuMftnua to euro every cft»o of dy«pci»Ia. *icb headache, pll«i» 4 tapeworm and strlerure. MT Wo win give wpoolal attention to difflculi oa*e* and 1»oai!*H oth(ir phyulclans. have failed to dirt*.. . IVriwn* .applyluH for. tr,oatiwnt will P'.>«^P hnnfe 3 or 3 ou«<!o» of tifltte for aun)jr«t». Thtwtr *ho ftjrn unniil»to caU. onn % wrlto full LiHrlii iiUitt c»ftbt«lr (!»»« nlid h»v« mortif Ibeertnt iiy »!xpro»!t,*Ill> fHll inntroot oft* how to he talctn TBB ftrm of Or*: U. ». * t'*.', were iueijrporim-d »evural ji-»r» slnco with « o»pU»l of SSO.lWO,' lioilct ton (»kc no cliancBS if yon «a»i»loy thotn, Thny are .rtB|ioui»>blt' agd wyll himwir'. . Itnx tin* DOS. B.'i S. *CO., Mloh. \VAIil> FOUND CTC Twenty cenW » WC«K tor eacti notice not ex n»e tlnc». Nowl'AHKf' te«* than. ' Aii"'»r'prcitt^-.e Jo. -'leirri dread- i,, kui|?. A^piy'to Utual J ' ' )V heel men Take VVarnlng'. Hiding on the Bido'walks in the city is strictly foroidden, and hereafb?r the or- dinitnc-c relating thereto will tte enforced The penalty for violation is a ttnx> no exceeding ^25. By order' of thy mayor. • , K. BUTLKU, Marshal.. N«tt« ChtUrs nnd tableai to rent for parties J. W. UKSTER. Get your job workdqno at the Chroni cle officer • T,,B,:SHEPHERD ,..; . , Keeps uoue but tie BEST MEATS »,'OU ttKNT-.Omut »nm«e »ui) btru wllh larsn I ." lot. op North- Mar»>)!ilt »*rMU«': hwrnife 1,11 prBitilan*or at i«>uibe»H toruyrof''M||'uriu0 fireot , u.iMiiruUul ar tiiu'. 1 ,'OK ItKNT -llouiti: on Niir ot . • JflJtrf'. W.M. CUNNOU. ut gl r\ lor BOIIO n) ».ouww;irlc T> BK'KfOKU'd. W AN1KD—A work ttt l for ff<-nerftl hotii . K «. Clt««» I.NM. 1 "OR it r '.N"t"~Two story honce * sir ct, Bnuut o of H OUsK c,C »lx IOOIUM iu d««lrftble Ivatlot, to i«ptjjepti«t." i rariis«tBa<srr-Hiuattw or ,Mrn. W. L, buck, corner Maovtun ftttd Jjulnerry L ADIES* i. n^nkn hig w|igw At bwne. and all 14 bavo the »tu»KJ oppofiuuity.' f work l» vuty iileafttat ahd wfll «a»tlr pay flK w«okly TfaHf w n •» ^uctiptlou. I wnnl uo roouoj Mteb. Tj^OH KKT^'F—Mv-fif>Hftttti at T,y(*n lakd r furnished, «U1 b« to • «B» oa and aJiar J, , Fut l*riM», enquire or *" lir4»T«D-l.»«ly W <UmUt*i»mittw ' iu tbik ufllcu. Stomach, Liver and --— - .Kidneys, ~*~**~" '~ AT X Kola Compound Cures Dyspepsia Atid all t rangemeuts of the Stomach Kola Compound Sick Headache, Torpid Liver and Biliousness. Kola Compound Cures Constipation. ; Is a Brain and Nerve Tonic '.. . ; and Blood' Purifier. Kola Compound Js the peer of all •;•• other medicines, Kola Com pound V Cures 'Backache and .Kidney Troubles. . Kola Compound Is natures remedy-— potent yet harmless. It tones and vitalises tine brain, ' irorVes, muscles, heart and stomach, iii brief, ^ rftj.uyenating and building up |he 'entire siys- teni, enriching the blootl and imparting to the whole . -.;.' body the : - freshness and of Kola Compound IB composed of life giving; tissue building, Herbal and Vegetable Extracts, aud contains nothing injurious to the most delicate consti- , ,tutiou. Kola Compound I« indorsed by many emi< , " a nent ^bysioians aod Scieu- tiste. ' -~ • Your JOB PRINTING at Chronicle office. .^Ite- Wh M£T i^^Lu ^^u^I. i^n^.^., -ti.,; _«. ^j .ja m^^L^^^ ,i^i^^U|jW^ ^^^^^g^^jbg^u^gu ^_i^^_^ Aft Bk • ^^^ EM% gpnn g. || n «••• ••••I •••PUIPIB V^k AN -QP.EM.UETTEK. To MOTHERi. '0 OAST 0&IA," AS . SAMU&. PITCHY of originator *tf "PiTCHEITS tttifrcfoes now Reicflies lay ReM <*H* of »«v«Si, y«-«» If you are suffering any d^ran^eiaettti al , JUver er 1 Blood pr Nervous toallpart^of uo peddling done. neat and clean, r B Vot t>arUcuUt« »o>t.v)fe o< John Lna»iug. Mrs. Delhi Burgesg ui prepared to do ir homes. Pric*> for , for ehampboing 30 y b4 l*»f t at HUM* K/ E. Bil ' or at rcwdlence, wfth Mr*. Mary " A J&OTTI:E Qt pound- Jt will -SHEPHERDS'. p&r bott Compound; Torwfr. •ym *•<»*, &T; yoM can g<4 the Albion flour by. tUo 100 Jb,^Mi yp»r Uagti, uu light weiijUt t>| iW or 08 Ibe.; tW , , ,. lit?., tout ftutif, Colvri&it* May be obtaijied pi Lane §t _ who wil3 be pkasad^ffai^iBh any one with literature, els. etc., regarding We ti*«e all tfo. latest things , social attaotwirC wonderful remedy. and sue. Filling &t gl«8tuut 9 special! J 1 Time «»tf Jt*r«e*t« to Fof ttae ptu-ptaw of limited Bumber of bottles of Giflordfl's care witt to given fide {rtMAi Cbicaga. auui otopi of wJw^t, eorn, baylsj wad &|* row««4 tL- the aoedicine The fe ttbe «tady, wiafr to rid toti^wo in any l>artu» wfeo eelvwi of the Built by JTuim in prepared {<iii«tNU bow4. twtuy :lwu HM vat- U. S. CIGAR and cm wf and, diApas£& oj For Sale. "lo ,goi»g west Sept I, I goode at ia th« beat in tiio world. J«j. u} t OM Cokoiy Bttiidtof qdv'W #t oftce . 4 limited number ia town and Tiwaae wishing to buy pleaeo e»tt ««rly m possible betw tt** date. \ MAS. buaiaes» iw the old wawaot#d for th»e yaare- .„_ is me original "PITCHERS CASTORfA/tito — — .iseft iff the hontei&f th& Mothers of America, for wer tkiftji ^ofs» L06K CAREFULLY u ilw wrapper mti J8$Q that it is the kind you have always bougM ^^p ^j&ESS?* ^ ^« and has ilte signature $ C^t^f^&^Ju^ ifffQfc per. No one-has authority from me to use m$ name except The Centaur'Company of which Chas. H. Fletcher is PrtKtid&ni, -\ . * 4T/ fypC'ft'i/>«v* • \ - /y ^ v*^« ji T March8 t lS$T.\ t . Q&**~^ $&»****+*&• \ Do ^ot Be Deceived. Po hot endanger th^ life of your, child by accepting a cheap'^ubstfiutc wh^.h sonic druggist may offer you (because Ke^mH-ikes a few i;. . : pennies on. it), t1Tc ingredients of winch eve^k lie does not know. "The EM ¥qn H^e Hw^ Bought" BEARS THE FAC-SIIWLE SlG'NATURe OF 1 ^fll * ^ , Insist on Haying i&Kind Tliat NeverJFai "THE CCNTAUH COMPANV. It Wun»Jk» HTHItT, HIM VORn OiW. Opinions - * ; ' ' - -• •' ' • • "The CHICAGO RECOkR is ti model newspaper in every se Harrisburg (Pa.) Calf. newspaper in every sense ot>the wordS'—/ > x x /s, no .paper published that so nearly approaches the" tetic Ideal as Tli-i CHICAGO * f l have comie to^he firm conclusion, after ...'& long test and after a wide qorf'parison With the journals of tn&ny cities and countries, that The CHICAGO RECORD comes as near being the iddal daily journal as we are for some tints likely to find on these niortnl shores."-Prof. J. T. fiat field It. The gvanston (III.} Index. • Sold by-MWiidcatcrF everywhere and subscriptions ' received by'all paymasters. t Address 77/# CHI- ICAGQ EffliSD. ln!*Mudi$on-st.

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