The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 24, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1893
Page 2
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THE BAII^ Cfe^ONIOLE, AUGUST 24, „_.„ ^ ._ t _ i *? ,te , „ i. . , - ,_. , - ; i-,.^3? ,:>.., . . '. -3 i * THE DAILY. CHI R()NICLE TERMS OF B*iiy t otte year through P. «.,.«* 15 '»3fihy, delivered. I'd cent* p«r w«ek fcohiorlptlotij received at the office of pab •Men 151 State street. v ; ' J. M. MOSES, Pnbllsnir, •••'v Resolution Offered by Senator Peffer of IKansas. THE MONTANA SENATOESHtP CASE, Members lleglniilng to Feel •the Effect of Lang Hour* of Labor and Are Becoming Rattier Lld.Ueas In Their At* • teutlon to the Silver Spending. . WASHINGTON, Aug. 24.— The resolution which was offered by Mr. Peffer (Pop., Kan.) Tuesday evening, and went over until Wednesday, calling for information as to the violation of law by the national "banks of Boston, New York and Philadelphia m refusing to pay promptly in currency the checks of depositors, came up early and gave rise to an important and interesting discua- Bion, which lasted until- 2 p. in. At- that time the morning hour expired, and -the resolution went to the calendar where it can not 1 be reached again ex, cept in the .regular order of business. After ah-arguniont by Mr. Hoar (Rep., Mass.) against the amendment offered by Mr, Butler (Dem., S. C.) to the national bank currency bill, for the repeal of the 10 per cent tax oh state bank notes, the report and resolution ' of the committee on privileges and elections in favor of the right of Mr. Lee Mantle to a seat in the senate under the appointment of the governor of .Montana was taken up, and decided in the negative. The vote was taken on the minor'; ity resolution declaring Mr. Mantle not entitled and it was carried— 33 to 80. As Mr. Manderson mnv changed 'his vote in order to move to reconsider the vote really stood 84 to 31. The motion to reconsider was made and was pending when the senate, at 5:45, adjourned, House Proceeding*. •WASHINGTON, Aug. 24.— The session of the house Wednesday .was not without interest, but the members are beginning to feel the effect of long hours of labor and their attention to ^he speakers was rather listless. Indeed, the only speech which roused them from their lethargy was that delivered by Mr. Cummings of New York. He spoke for leas than 20 minutes, but within that time -he concentrated a defense of New York Democracy against the attacks of the Democracy of the South. The other star speaker was Cannon of Illinois, who made his re- debut in legislative halls. Against the opinion of a large majority of his Republican colleagues, he held— and held forcibly—that the repeal of the pur chasing clause of the Sherman bill "would be a mistake. He' believed in standing by the Republican: platform. The debate was opened by C. W. Stone of Pennsylvania' in favor of repeal and his remarks were ably seconded by his colleague— Dalzell, Ryan, Fitch, and Covert of New York also spoke against free coinage. Hatch of Missouri argued against the Wilson bill. . Turner of Georgia favored the free coinage of eilver, but at the highest ratio which had been proposed. Coffen of- Wyoming and Taylor of Tennessee both upheld the cause of ailver, and were reinforced by Ma- grnder of .California and Bell of Texas. Hicks of Pennsylvania closed the day's debate in favor v of the repeal bill. At the evening session other speeches were made. PRESENTED, Majority la the Hutuy Favoring Uie Wtl- aou Bill EntlifiKted a t 75. WASHINGTON, Aug. 24.—4t a session of the executive committee of the anti- eilyer men in the house the final figures were presented of the poll of £he mem- ben upon the questions contained in the bills now pending. One of the members stated that 'if the friends of free coinage could concentrate t their whole Jetreugth' upon ariy*~o~ae oj. the ratios ww majority against it woujd be 88. But as this is conceded" to be ici- practigable, there being gome who will' vote in favor ot retaining th« present ratio of 16 to 1 who will not'^upporl» change to 80 to 1; and_^onie *w£o will , vojg IOJT 30 to! who wjll oppose Id to l. • jthe mjjority against Jither one yrp be " "0. * Wheiji it Monies to*tlie an ol repeal or no" repeal. umtea states railroad- statutes is preparing to put up a sfifl:., fight and has engaged as counsel Cori M. 'Dickinson. Tile road is charged with cutting the rate from $79 to $65. The cade seems likely to be one of the most /important brought ujcider the interstate act and may result in a broad and significant interpretation as applied to Canadian roads in general™ A trip to the Pacific elope, on which Mr. Dickinson starts in a few days-, is understood to be undertaken with the purpose of investigating the facts in the case: > .•Cherokee Settlors Munt Have Cortlflctites. WASHINGTON, Aug. 24.—The president's proclamation opening the Cherokee strip to settlers on Sept. 10 has a provision to prevent" finy one from obtaining any advantage Over another. Booths are. to be net Up around the reservation, to be opened on Sept. 10, where •prospective* settlers can obtain certificates showing that they are eligible to enter the strip. No ohe without » certificate will be allowed to enter the land. Land for county seat purposes and a land office is reserved. The price of the land is S2..W, §1,50 and $1 in different sections. Yellow Ferer In Georgia. WASHINGTON, Aug. 24.—Surgeon Gen- eralWiinan of the marine hospital ser : vice received a telegram from Surgeon Button at Brunswick, Ga., stating that .a third case of yellow fever had developed there. No Organic Trouble. WASHINGTON, Aug. 24. — Private Secretary Thurber and Secretary La- inont deny that President Cleveland is Buffering from Bright's disease or that. he is suffering from any organic disease. Tried to PUSH Worthless Checks; . ' JACKSON, Aug. 24.— John C. Graham Is in jail here charged with trying to work the worthless check racket oh 'merchants of .the village of Parma. .Graham visited the village recently. and ran up a, hotel and lj,very bill and in paying them tendered checks on an Ann Arbor bank. The Parma people telegraphed the b.ank mentioned and discovered the checks were no good. Graham was arrested, brought to Jack- eon, arraigned, pleaded not guilty and the exaniiuaticwi was set for Saturday. Graham endeavored to work the insanity dodge.. Hu claimed he had been drinking hard, had taken strong medicines to brace him up and was irresponsible. '' '.- ' Injured Through Politeness. DETROIT, Aug. 24.—Michael MeCall, a retired merchant living at 596 Scotten avenue, was standing at the corner of Monroe avenue and Brush street and in stepping aside to permit two ladies to pass, his feet • struck some obstacle and he fell over backwards. His back struck on a brick and either his spinal vertebrae was dislocated, or the spiual cord injured. When picked up it was found that he could not stand on his feet, and emergency hospital ambulance ' was called, in which he was taken home. The accident may result in the total loss of tho use of his legs. He ia only 47 years of age. Will, Frubal.Jy Go to a Higher Court. LANSING, Aug. 24.—Circuit Judge Pearson has filed his opinion in the long pending suit involving the title to the valuable tract of land on the shores of Pine luke, which has long .been; occupied as a cuuip, ground by tlie .spiritualists of the .state and controlled by the Haslet t Park association. The judge orderi-d a decree confirming the title in the association entered. The property embraces many acres and ia very 1 valuable. This case will probably go to the supreme cflur* Fresh oysters at J.' C. Keuchle's just received. Go to S. E. Crouin's for peaches, del Oysters at Keuchle'e bakery. Notice of ftunual School Meeting. -The annual meeting of school district No. 1. fractional, of the townships of Marengo and Marshall and Marshall city,,all in the state of Michigan, for the election of two trustees in place-of C. &! Joy and 8. H. Gorbatu, whose terms of office will then expire, and for the traas^tctioa of such other qusiuess as may lawfully come before it, will be held in the, high school room of the Cea tral Schoot buiJdiDg, 1 in said city of Marshall, on Monday, the 4th of Sep tember, 1893. at 8:00 p. m. Dated, at ^larabalirMich., August 24, 1893. • CLAKENCK S< JOY, Director. Over fifty Team. si RS. Wn*Btoflr'» SooTBtso StRDip liae used for cbfldren teething, it sootbea the Coi'.d, allays all pain, cures wind colic, and IB the beat remedy for dinrrhcea. 1wenr,y-flvc ccntnabot- tla. sold bj all <lf Ugglats tbrouRdout tbo world Notice Iterative ta . The ordinance relative !o pasturing cows In the fetfefy will be strictly en forced. No caltlr^rill be allowed to be pastured Sn any street, . whether they are tied or not, and all cattle found at large in the street, whether tied or qth erwise, will be takon care. Of. No ex oeption will be made to this rule for anyone/ PEfftfc HOWE, 1 . •:'. '_.•'* City Marshal. " Tin roofing and ail kinds of tin work don*> promptly by Robert Schelly. Before you engage an auctioneer for fall sales come and see me. _ ...H M . ANDREW CHRYSTAL, AUCTIONEER. Marshall, - Mich: Office above Messers. Perretts Dry Goods Store. . Farm Wanted. j -i^have a customer with cafh for a aiuall farm, 40 to CO acres, and worth j from $1,500 to $2,000. If you have ,one ! for sale come! and see me. '-• ' Yours truly, 1'••', • .. ; :\-.,.:'•••...> H M, At Watson's you can-find choice No. 1 peaches in one fifth bushel baskets every afternoon. Sfl' - *t.,, '_ =t-* 3 .' ' pay? will b£-*fijpej; j$? %F^-^|jfi&fgj &®mgte bs $&$§p ICTrjfgpp M» &$&ifagm'9( : *4pr%|!»-,tft *^frf3^toef"i»i ^ii 1 '-- - ^'V>^^4:^%^ ^ Ditcher's GastorJa. TVOOXVS TbeQrfeat English Remedy. Promptly and permanently 'cures all forma of ifervout \ffealtneu,Emt>Hont, Sperm- atorrhea, Impoteney and all effect* of Abuie or Exctuti. Been prescribed over 85 years la thonganda of catea; Before and After, ' . 'eft medicine known. Ask druggist for Wood'* Phosphodlnet U lie offers some worthless medicine In place of this, leave bis dishonest store. Inclose price In letter, and we will send by return mau. Price, one package, Sl;«lx,tS. Ont will plea*e, ate u>Ul ourr; Pamphlet In plain sealed envelope. 2 cents postage. Address The \Vood Chenilcal Co.. 131 Woodward avenue, Detroit, Mich, Sold In Marshall and everywhere by all druggists. Goods Beluw Coat. Good leaf tea per Ib 20c Best gloss atarcb Beat Chrystal starch 4c Best mixed bird seed 5c Best mops, t 8 and lOo euch. Clothes pins ic per doz. Best spices, below cost. 'Best blueing, lOc bottles for „.. 5e Best box blueing, 5c boxes for...... > 3c Sal soda.. . ..... ,2 0 pec ib. __ ^' C. Ei BROOKS. When Babj- was sick, we gave l»er Castorla. When she was a Child, she cried for Castoria. When she became atlas, she clung to Castoria. Wtea die had Children, she gave them Caatorbu AGENTS WANTED on Salary and Commisaion for the only authorized Biopplij of Janes G. Elaine, By UAJL HAMILTON, his literary executor, with the co-operation of his family, au for Mr. Elaine's Complete \Vqrks, "TWEN TY *EAfcS OF CONGRESS," aod bis later book, "POLITICAL DISPUSSIONS." One prospectus, lor these S BEST SELLING books in the market. A, K."P."Jordan, of Me». *pok-112 orders from firej UO caUs; -agent's profit 1196.50. M*E. B&llatd, of O., tooklS-orderajlSSeai Sueeia, ia we day, profit 126.26., .385. jr. Rice, «f Mass., took «tdera in tw^o days, pt^%$.2&. J, " Xfc Jfrftttt FaUtBotit*." A'CE, AUQ., 13. 1863. . , 'SAST. Atlantic Exp ,\ <t . g : 87 a . Ojpd. Rap. & Kal. Exp... •. ( .; 8;13 4 Mail......^......,.;....;... Detroit Day Exp........., ,.'•' N, Y. & EaBtern Exp..... v N fh. Falls &' Buff. Spl..... . 10:18 pt WEST. Pac. Exp........... 1-05 a. Ghgo, Spl....... *...u...w. 8:10 ft. m, •• to.- m. m. Mail. V.......38:48 ]^ m. Chgo. and Western Exp 8.44 p. ni Grd. ttap. * Kal: Exp....... &88 P. m^ Chgo. Night Exp 4 .11:40 p. m. f8atur4ayc4ivinted O. Vir. . , . o. A JeHHson. Freight Agent, • 0. B.oiB.iw.Tlrk«l "Ually tSnndays kxcopted S, tten. Part. **lo|MH Atfi ' K ent. Marshall (iincioiiati, Jactsofl & Mactmai 'line table UklBjt wttot JnAeitt 18W. Tr«ln»pM» UtnbtU M followi: ' " 27. LooalFreight...Xi;;""".;'..' '.'.'..1 90 p m nuiM «ontit w^w; No. ae,Mail i ~ ..>. ? • 84, " na, ioktft.-.,- ..... , ..... 4 ... i AH tralne dally wcept Hunday. " Direct uunneotloui we mad* at TelMo and Unotaatl wltn «11 roadadlTerglng.^ J& TriUna 81 ana 96i make go od ounaeation at Man teltb with the Q H. * l."hnd at f B; DftAKB, Ueu, M'g'r. T. O. M. bt'HlNUL C.B. JHlZK.Agl., Faw. A«U VVAJNib, MO. Twenty cents a week for each aetlce not ex ceedjng live lines. No chsrR* less than tweaty • .w i .A»f. 18,-oa north side ol Slats ihreet, between my nou.e and post ufflce, an A. T. Uio.s atylugraphlc pea. Kluder win bu suitably rowardeu upou tianoUg It to • '. vr. rt.ti.awia. good family hotss, youog an;* r 1 L J '* r " olfl ' >vr P«tu-ular» m C. t:. uithi, Mteel atute, »tme atreet. ' high, grudo conblnsxioo blcy- tie lor jBdy V r ¥ eiit U he ftiiegt wheel made 'as new. UnquUe ol to. it. bandem»B. • H BALK-A tquare piaao, la food Co»«l- tiun. Irui tantcularseiifuiie.t A. kkia- i fto^ on fattuilliou uireov er resiaeicc JM >u Blrool. M ollCh.—Mro. W. L. Buck U si-eat lor the 0.1 cUriiji>knivtri(aim Will lurnlah allwko>ri*k inoiu. Coruer W.iibiou ai.d iulberr/. I^OR SALE—Good ttusiy family or work horse X or will traae tut a nuj. Uux wi, Marshall. A O huJsT—A very flu* aad flrat class hall on totate or Maio M nM lor society or lod«» pur^oKCB, tLeap. tor icleteiice plefcse call at tlie eouiL>we»l corner el btate ana Maduon ata OUit. tfhhD VUOJCL. ' _ General Agent. BOLEbALS tUTLBBY^-Wwrtdd, two yuuug men aa trareUiiK aalesaw on com- "j. Apjly with jrelereiices to JKaadaiL Co., iw jL^ke xirett, Chicago. W L^oH bALE AH nay real eslate *lloat*d OM the • L 1 bent part ol bi»u> or Jtala suieu. abd kiiown aa v«fiy flue aua valuable pro|>»riy, by HALE ClJEAp-New top buggy. rt> £~ AJ ? hil * c««nmeie shawl with ore^_ chetej, ooruer. i aider will confer a ' leavlug u at thm office. ,w»«ww » . tfOK fiAJ-E CttaAP-AH sizes ol hogsheads. A 1 B oou tor clsteni* and wktet taucs ln- <juite ai joa. Oriuner'* liable toenety. 6ALE—A. complete set of hidpfcth'a his tory of the worJu. Inquire attnisomce. AATtp-tatthim settlcmaj. v* laoy to a. f siet m tfctt, t.csmtit fcwlwuy lare advanced here ii tntagew. tvltrtLce ntQ - 6AJLJS OB REM'- on MHS. A. J. OST- A waich, optu face, steai winding and utati. g, tUvwiLB c4be.. im^nf pica** uiCvJ.ati« 3-trfc). U.tiktl abu tiOelVn . ' W. L^Ott aALE-vOue Mo. » cook MOT« in good i J- der uud oil* coal ttoyo wu'h oven. U.V. T - " • It, •I- eiwwJJ to*4*«iP»'lkU« &i&i&9i&&^% t ' ,-C "'* nidnot/AlHUK ,"tof'*'lL..'i^.l" < r f ,t,v. . ' '. '• : -, 5 ^r- . , - , /':- -' -:"""A 1 -- ^ ,^^"* ^ "^- • jf •] t"il .\-^ J <?:ji

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