The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 17, 1962 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 17, 1962
Page 2
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lalforlW—Adv.— it J-36ll-Clai»ifl»n—B» i-x*H THI IRA10SPORT PACTS Indonesian Problems With Dutch Near End ment'? provision fe-r A symbolic raisins of the Indonesian flag nver West New Guinea soil on Jan. 1. He railed the agreement "a victory. A blessing of God, a Rift of find." He asked that the people accept it "with feelings of gratitude to God." Sukarno expressed hope that By KARSTEN PRAOEB 17th anniversary of its declaration promised a -plebiscite in 1989 in "Ibis time the Dutch will really JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — of independence from the Nether- which the lerritory's 7(10,000 Pa- honestly implement the recently President Sukarno told his people lands. His speech was the govern- puans could choose permanent In- concluded agreement." today of the Dutch agreement to nient's first official announcement donesinn rule or independence. "If this conflict can be solved j hand over West New Guinea and of lllp Dutch-Indonesian accord: Speaking from a porch of his '" " satisfactory manner tor us T declared Indonesia's other pi-ob- signed at the United Nations troop-ringed Merdeka Palace. Su- ""^ in nn honorable manner for, ' lems can now be solved "as we Wednesday. ^ rna | P| )ne pcoplp knmv ' lhat Hie Dutch," he said, "thenM slate'"" go along." i The Dutch-Indonesian accord Indonesia will not have full con- llrl ' c t .' lat " 1C hand extended last Sukarno also laid (he ground- provides for transfer of adminis-; Irol of West New Guinea by .Ian. - vrm ' is slil1 valid." He referred work for improved relations wilh tration of West New Guinea to thejl, as he had often vowed. But he l0 ')'* promise last year that he •RAZOIPORT AND IRAZORIA CbUNTY. TIXAS. PRIDAV. AU(*'«T 17, At Angleton Charter Group Head Selected Angleton postmaster W. i!2 cents for Water Improvement Moving Firm Plans Opening For New Site A new building for (he fletcherifinished with light mahogany pn Moving and Storage Company, jnellng and a brown and oi-ang Mayflower Moving agents for the color scheme has been utilized .irca, will be opened in forma'. Owners of the moving com ceremonies by the R r a z osport | pany, Mr. and Mrs. Omer Fletch Chamber of Commerce Saturday. !er, have been in the moving bus! Refreshments will be served by ness In Brazosport for about 20 the company from 9 a.m. to R p.m.lyears and are member*, of the D R °c hel l« was appointed tern-. mid Extension Bonds of 1961. The ordinance set the on Saturday during the 'opening, are invited r, ' at a recent gory. The one story modernlstlcally. WE SALUTE FLETCHER MOVING STORAGE CO. ON THEIR PROGRESS IN THE BRAZOSPORT COMMUNITY E.&D. ROOFING CO CY 7-7222 OYST5R CREEK DR. & THAT WAY Istyled fireproof building, located ed the Council's appreciation for quest horn" LumbermM^nveat^ niDV^raTsauar* ^t'T^' "^ [ Sukarno also expressed confi- " lc P^P's willingness to serve ment Corp. concerning annexa-!The interior of the itrucrur* [dence lhat West New Guinea's lhe cify m INt ™P»city. and ex- lion of territory Into the city structure Papuans would decide in the 1989 lcnded llle '»" support and co-'limits. The group had requested plebiscite to remain with Indo- ope on °* thp Council in thn op- lhat the Council annex a subdivi. ncsia. eratlon of the Charter Coinmls-slon to contain 90 residences when Indonesia's pleasure with the sio "' (completed, and with completion West New Guinea accord was not 'PARKING METKBS .of the entire subdivision due with- matched by the Dutch govern- On recommendation of Acting in 24 months, ment. Foreign Minister Joseph 'Police Chief K. E. Wells, the The Council discussed the re -1'juvenile boys Wednesday after public Chamber of Commerce and the I Baptist Church. In addition to a large lobby am w strurlure ample stor age for household goods whlcl are to be kept In Individual duit proof storage vaults, and other general storage purposes such as the storing of office recondt. Police Report Freepori police picked up two Luns said in Amsterdam Thursday ' Colm <'i' employed W. V, Fan-is : quest, but took no action, itatlrig ' night lhat the government was as parking meter attendant. Far- 'that they would wait until specif!-' disappointed with the agreement j ris . formerly employed with the .cations are presented on water, woman reported that because it had "too many uncer-! street Department in Angleton, tain factors for the future and was j was to assume his new duties as sewer, lift stations «md street! plans. loo much dependent on good meter attendant this week. (SUBDIVISION taith." He cited especially the The Council action in hiring The Council accepted and ap- provision giving Indonesia control Fan-is was unanimous after all:proved the preliminary plat of of the territory before the 1969 applicants had been discussed!Hill and Dale Subdivision, water plebiscite. .thoroughly. and sewer plans Included. Luns s:\id in a television inter- Councilman Jack Hargis siig,-: CM5AJMJP REQUEST new his government accepted the Rested the installation of fine box-j It was agreed that the City will original plan put forth by U.S. .w at several locations in the city! request that J. G. Long, owner of diplomat Ellsworth Bunker, who so lhat overparking fines might! property where th« Round-Up I Sailors Make Bird Haven On Iron Ore Boat they had stolen two cases of soft drink bottles from * washaterla In the 300 Block on south Gulf Boulevard. The boyi, 13 and 14 years old, took the bottles to Morris' Gro. eery where they cashed them In for 11.20, according to police. They were held at the station until their parents picked them up. A 14-year-old girl was i*leased to her parents after the manager of Welner's Store caught h t r DULUTH, Minn. CAP) — You shoplifting a pair of ihorls and acted as mediator, because it was be paid without the need of ajDrive-ln Theatre was formerly'won't find "Perkinn National For-1 railed Frtepnrt police. strongly recommended by the special trip to city hull. This ap-j'ocated, cooperate In cleaning up est" on any map, but th» birds United States and because the psarej to meet with the approval idebris on this property. The de- like It. Dutch felt they could not expect;of all Council members, but no Dri * was left la the destruction Thal'« what good-natured h«-k- The Fletcher company is ;ilso introducing n new method of pnrk- inn, rallvd "Pride Pack." Employers, specially (rallied In Individual moving procedures, hnve also received (raining In Mill new method (lint uses n cushion covnt- Rated wnip to pi*ofccl Hue crystnl, china and other hrenknbles Hint are packed for moving or storage. The owners emphasize thai all moving is done In locked modern vans, with no lailftilox, and ihnt they are available to give free estimates on all moving ami storage problems. For Competent Reliable SHOE REPAIR sn GREGORY'S 204 W. treat II J-M1J DRIVE-IN CONVENIENCE With SUPER MARKET .„ PRICES GIROUARD'S SUPER MARKET military support from their allies j official action was taken on the o counter an Indonesian invasion. | matter. riCK-HP PURCHASE )OiUm SntU£?l6rS ! The Council "warded a contract of theatre during Hurricane ! lers called it when semnd mate Carla, last September. ;J. P. Perkins began to further his •TOP SIGN SURVEY :blrd-watehlng career by keeping . t Although It assigned no parti- some polled trees on the deck of ,for a new pjck.up f or the Water ! cu ' Rr person to undertake thai the Iron ore carrier Sewell Avery. BANGKOK, Thailand (API— A an( j gewer Department to O'Mea-!" 01 *' lhe Council directed that a! Birds flying across the va«t >and of 50 opium smugglers fi < om| n ,.s rot! M otor Co o( Angleton i*" l ' ve .V be made and recommen-jwater «pace» of the Great Ijikes Burma shot it out with Thai bor- on t |, eir | ow bid B j,) pr , ce on |h jjdations hmught before the Coun-fhave long used ihlps ft tern- ler police in northern Thailand ind freed three of their comrades aptured in an earlier encounter, iress reports said Wednesday. pick-up was $1,291.90. The onl.Vi 0 " 1 concerning the need of «ny|porary havens. GRAND WE ARE HOLDING OPEN HOUSE ALL DAY SAT. AUGUST 18,1962 PUBLIC INVITED, REFRESHMENTS SERVED other bid came from Angleton Motors, Inc., a scant $1.59 higher at $1,293.49. CITY COURT The City Court report from Judge A. L. Lee wai accepted. This report showed a total of $1,385.75 in fines, with $239.25 judge's fees. City Attorney Bob Koonce was requested to prepare an opinion stop signs or yield right of wayi Perkins, of Connenut. Ohio, dis- signs in the city. Icovered their affinity for a bit at This followed action by t h eiRrecnery sornei y eanl "8° when iCoundl, on request of Nelson Foe- he was laking a few polled ever- hner, that stop signs be erected greens back to his home. His "forest" now consists of twoj at the intersection of Anglewood Court, and Valderas Streets,:willow trees In buckets during the /'" where an accident occurred, re- ; si™mer months and a variety of |cently. j evergreens in spring and fall. He CURB AND GUTTER , !had to listen to a good deal of Installation of water and sewer!heckling when he started th« lines where necessary on Evans Street was approved by the Coun- The City's Water and Sewer Superintendent, A. N. Andrews, REGISTER FOR FREE PRIZES COME IN AND LETS GET ACQUAINTED. LET US SHOW YOU OUR METHODS OP STORAGE IN INDIVIDUAL DUST PROOF VAULTS. MAYFLOWER FLETCHER MOVING & STORAGE CO. 1802 BRAZOSPORT BLVD. BE 3-4491 "YOUR LOCAL MAYFLOWER AGENT" pose Time Warrants of 1939, and j concerning the legality of Judge Lee's accepting a nuisance complaint in City Court. This action came after the Council discussed a report it had received concerning an incident in which a local citizen sought to file such a complaint and Judge Lee refused to accept it, explaining that he could not file a complaint of that type. Several Coundlmen asked ques-1 installed before the curb and gut- tions concerning cases which have''" can be laid. This work is to been dismissed from the docket of I Involve a new service line for [Brazoria County Court, after be-j each customer there, Andrews ling appealed from convictions inl sal(i •City Court. '< T* 1 * Council directed that the Koonce explained that in these j water and sewer line installation cases, some minor irregularity in j begin as soon as possible, 10 the the wording of the violation had I curb and gutter project can get been involved, and that the com-j underway. plaints failed to show a direct I L«T STATION REPORT violation of the law. A report from Jack McLaren Koonce presented an ordinance whom the Council had appointed roviding for the Police Depart- to investigate the situation re | ment to \vork with the Traffic: garding the sanitary sewer lift Warrant Clearing House of Hous-, station at Anderson and Kiber ton, and then informed the Coun- '< Streets, was received and approv- cil that in his interpretation of the: al given to McLaren's proposal project. "But it was all In fun. You would be surprised at the number cil, after a discussion of a propos- would be surprised at the number ed'curb and gutter project for that!°' sailors that became nearly as street. (interested in birds as I arn." j Perkins furthers his hobby withj photography, using a movie cam-' told the Council that some 11,600 j* ra mounted on a gunstock to feet of new water lines and 800 llake Pictures of dozea* of vari- feet of new sewer lines must b« | el >es- He has identified 204 species during the past five years of legal factors involved, no such ordinance is needed for this work. He said he believes it has been that a pump be installed there at this time. McLaren told the Council that provided for in city statutes. i the existing lift station Is inade- The Council instructed Wells tojquate for the present dry weath- contact the Traffic Warrant|er flow, and that periods of wet Gearing House and discuss with them Koonce's interpretation of water-borne bird watching. The Avery; owned by the Pittsburgh Steamship Division of the U.S. Steel Corp., piles the Great Lakes with cargoes of iron ore. Perkln's reputation as an ornithologist has grown. He has identified 18 separate flyways on the ask to write an article for National AudUbon Magazine. WE ARE PROUD TO HAVE HAD A PART IN YOUR NEW HOME CONQRATULATION! TO FLETCHER MOVING&STORAGE FROM EMANUAL 'BOOTS" ERMIS MASONRY CONTRACTOR 421 Axaka CY 7-4609 Accident Report An accident occurring about I .m. Thursday at the intersection weather will further increase the •* Winding Way and Jasmine in overload. Uiciu rwmnc a uncijjiciauwn ui wvcuvwui t»w\ this situation. Wells is then to re- ' The load on the station will be »*» Lake Jackson resulted in about ^rw?i 1961 { more than doubled within the next I year or two, he said. He advised port back to the Council. TAXES LEVIED The Council passed an ordin-i" 181 " would ** uneconomical to ance levying all taxes for the city! 8 " 6 ' 11 ?' to Increase the capacity for 1962. and fixing the tax rate' 0 ' ** Present wet well, beeause at a total of $2 per 100 valuation/ 0 ' "• de P th and the • <to ' 1 """^ the same rate levied for 1961. tlon « at *at site. According to the ordinance, McLaren recommended that th« passed, the tax rates are divided into $1.37 per $100 valuation for size of pumps there be increased immediately. ad valorem tax; 3 cents for 19271 He also « lated t" 81 ** location Waterworks Bond retirement; 10 ° f this lift station, with the pre- cents for Street Improvement Bonds of 1949; 15 cents for Sewer Improvement Bonds of 1949; cents, for Waterworks Bonds CONGRATULATIONS TO FLETCHER MOVING&STORAGE CONTINUING PROGRESS OF BRAZORIA COUNTY FROM JONES & PICARD CONSTRUCTION CO 10AL O A I ^ 19th & Ave J BE 3-1268 sent sewer lines running into it, is such that it is feasible to develop it into a major lift station to serve a considerable area East of Highway 288 and South of the railroad tracks. He recommended that the present lift station be re-worked with the idea in mind of 1U eventually becoming a main lift station for and about $200 damage to a 1951 Ford pick-up according to Lake Jackson police. The Plymouth was being driven north on Winding Way by Mrs. Elizabeth E. Mclheran and wat turning right onto Jasmine when it itnick the Ford pick-up driven by James FJdgar Vernon of North Zulch, formerly of Clute, police reported. Vernon was issued a ticket for failure to yield right-of-way. He had been traveling eait on Jasmine at the time of the accident. present wet well; arrangement of a suction and discharge pipe for maximum results, and pumps of sufficient size; additions and replacements of pumps; and future nstallation of an 18 inch icwerj main, north along Andenon SI. j FULL YEAR GUARANTEE* the area mentioned. He also re-|lo a point east o< the present lift commended construction of a new!station behind Climate Engineer-i wet well of larger diameter, ad- ing Co., then west, lo di»ch»rge! ijacent to and connecting with the]into this lift station. OUR... APPRECIATION OF THANKS To FLETCHER MOVING & STORAGE CO. YOUR NIW HOME COLLINS ELEC BE 3-S906 406 N. Gulf Blvd. Amazing engineering breakthrough makes possible new low price on brand-name 23" TV! 13" Roll-about Cablmtt* TV-only 88 W/T Hand-wired cha&si« « Revolutionary new Frame Grid Picture and Sound Amplifying System • Transparent swivel caster* • Shelf for flowers, magazines • Genuine hardwood veneers and hardwood solids in Charcoal. Mahogany or VYal- nul-grained finished, with Model 1OT17 TV ui matching finishes on metal, slightly higher. PRESCOTT TV & APPLIANCES PHONE CY 7-6334 Z4-B CIRCU WAY • JACKSON

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