Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 5, 1947 · Page 3
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 3

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1947
Page 3
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•IS Ji At Vertfiee* t think you'll find it spelled that way ,/n the x-v •dictionary. v> 'Merger' Bill Economics (Continued From Pnjjp 11 recession or depression. There la nothing novel and nothing worthy about getting a price collapse (through reducing the demand. This is the typical road to a depression." The President said Taft's economic philosophy "follows the old Idea of boom and bust." For his own part, Mr. Truman added, "I utterly reject this defeatist economic philosophy," believing "in maintaining a full employment, full production economy." His own interest in voluntary price reductions "is undiminished," Mr. Truman said, adding that "the drive for voluntary price reductions, w.hlle it has not gone far enough,! has already yielded substantial re- sults." • The President said peaceful wage adjustments in some major industries took place without price advances and that in rocant months the trend toward extiH ordinary price increases "has bec-n checked and moderate price de::lint>E have taken place." METAL PIOSONING SEATTLE, Wash. —(/P)— Curator Gus Knudson reported after an autopsy that Woodland Park's lone seal, Roly Poly, which died yesterday, apparently succumbed to metal poisoning-. The autopsy showed the seal had consumed more than 100 copper pennies, three nickels, 84 aluminum, plastic and brass tax tokens, one brass lapel iiisigne of the army's second infantry division, two tiny Meccs of steel and a miscellaneous collection of metal washers and buttons. crVintlntiocl From Pnffp 1) bound by the committee vote from doing so," Bridges said. Despite their differing views on the unification bill, Bridges said Robertson agreed on a related matter. Both said they want the Armed Services Committee to hold hearings as soon as possible on universal training. The commltee will decide about this next week, even 1 hough prospects for final action this year are virtually non-existent. President Truman ' formally sent to Congress yesterday the universal training report drafted by his nin member commission and urged ty it be given "early consideration." The commision called upon Congress to act at once to set up a system of compulsory military training for the nation's youth, declaring that failure to do so would invite "extermination." The House Armed Services group already has voted to open hearings on the. proposal. They probably will be started in about two weeks. Bank Robbery (Contlniioa From Pnere 1) stolen here earlier from Arthur L. Weir, Jr., an insurance man. Wheeler, a former carpenter, said he didn't know" why he committed the robbery and that he had no plans what he would do with the money. Asked by a Star-Telegram reporter whether he was sorry, he hesitated, smiled faintly and said, "I'm sorry I got caught." The robbery car was abandoned about 16 miles from Weatherford, Wheeler told officers, after he saw airplanes and cars of officers combing the territory for him. He then fled on foot, losing his .32 pistol and hat in a flight across the prairie after state highway patrolmen "blew their horn." Wheeler was faced here in the detectives office by the bank tel- ter, Mrs. Bullington, and R B Kearby and Will Barnett, who were in the bank at t!u> time of the robbery. "Have you ever seen this lady?" Chappel asked. Wheeler grinned, and said, "1 MAGNETO REPAIRING All Work Guaranteed RADCLIFF BROS. ELECTRICAL CO. Pampa News, Thursday, Juttc 5, fftttt was looking at her yesterday." He is the father cf two children, A girl 3 and boy 6. by a former wife. His pretty present wife came to the police station after the arrest to talk with her husband. Wheeler had been in Fort Worth since Saturday. He lr-ft home Tuesday with the pistol despite his wife's protest that "they'll revoke your parole'' if officers found him with it. • Had he stayed clear of trotiblS three weeks longer, he wotild have escaped Jurisdiction of ,the Board of Pardons and Paroles. His conditional pardon Nov. 22 1946, would have been up June 29, 1947. The board now must revoke the pftirjoh. i FBI agents planned to file charges today in connection with the bank robbery. Hungary Many Never Suspect Cause of Backaches This Old Treatment Often Brings Happy Relief • M«ny sufferers relieve nagging backache ijuickly, once they discove/ that the real cause of their trouble may be tired kidneys. •' The kidneys are Nature's chief way of taking the excess acids and waste out of the • blood: They help most people pass about 3 pints a day, ~ ; When disorder of kidney function per- inlu poisonous matter to remain in your •Blood, It may cause nagging backache, rheu- ipMe pains, leg pains, loss of pep and eo- ergy, getting up nights, swelling, puffiness under the eyes, headaches and dizziness. Frequent or scanty passages with smarting ond burning sometimes shows there Is something wrong with your kidneys or bladder. Don t waitl Ask your druggist for Doan'si Pills, a stimulant diuretic, used succesafulty by millions for over BO years. Doan's give happy relief ond will help the 15 miles of kidney tubcn flush out poisonous waste from your blood. Get Doan'a Pills. " (Continued From Pnpre 1) Soviet bloc before final ratification, of the satellite peace treaties forces \vlthdrawal of Red Army occupation forces. Diplomats also consider as a possible next Russian step In Eastern Europe some action to perpetuate the Comlpunist-dominatton of Czechoslovakia. A leftist bloc which! included Communists won last year's elections there, but a more recent rightist trend has suggested that the Communists might slip back to second or third place in the next balloting. Meanwhile, a- formal United Stales protest and further economic slaps remained under consideration at the State Department to express this government's concern over the Communist seizure of " control in Hungary. That country's minister to Washington, Aladar Szegedy-Maszak, used undiplomatic terms to denounce "the Soviets and their agents" in announcing yesterday that lie and most of his staff will not "recognize" the new Budapest regime.. . • •J. «, fCHHCr CO.. INC H ALL! ,0^., pars TOWNCBAFT -THJE BEST SHWT BUY IN TOWN! t^PrNOTCU TAILORING! TOWNCRAFTS are designed, tailored m$ sewn to Penney's OWN rigid standards! They're a full 33 inches JOfl^. ..pockets ou^v<?ry shirt (white OR pattern)... pearl but- KWssewn on to STAr, ,, Nucraft Wilt-Proof collar (stays . .. have the"'HIGHEST THREAD COUNT (144 * 76) qf any «l»irt near its pviee (for a fine, smooth weave)! ALL patterns are wovw<w, too (^ot a print in the hatch) ana Saafarfeedt! Nn wander TQWNCRAFTS are softer to the touch ,, ea^a w«sh >„, harder tq wear put! Pure whites gad grjsp urines.., Here's ' ¥OU! Oxford cjoth and end-to-end Ifc, « * SALE OF Nofade S Father's Day Es June 15th Sunday, June 15th, is Father's BIG Day! 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"Twin Sport" — A 'T" Shirt or Sport Shirt A super deluxe sport shirt that is to shirts wha^ the convertible is to automobiles. In fact it is a convertible model . . . can be a dressy sport shirt or an open neck T-type shirt. "Famous "sparkle-weave" fabric in natural or tan with contrasting trim. 2 for 9.00 Pampa, Texas

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