The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 24, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1893
Page 1
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VOLX1Y-IO 308 -MAfiSHALL, MICB., THURSDM^JUGUST 24, 1893." Jfisofurty Pure • '"'-A. cream of tartar baking powder Hifchestof alt in leavening strength Latest U. S\ Government Food Re~ port. '.".-•• ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO .106 Wall Street, N. Y •" John Lape Proves to Be Mrs/ Lyvere'sBrother, I HE DIB NOT tftfBDERm WHEAJDO& f This PRECIOUS OiNTMKifr N is the triumph of Scientifi6.Medicine.N^.; ^Nothing has eVer been produced (c '^^aToi'cblffparerwitK itias acuRATiyiij- and riEALiHG APPLICATION; Ithasbe'en i used 40 years and always affords relief and' always gives satisfaction. , Cures PILES or HEMORRHOIDS—External or Internal, Blind or Bleeding-Itching and :acks or Fissures; FistulainAno^ ~~ ' ' The relief is imrivi- ; Crack .Worms pf the Rectum. diaic-rihe cure certain. WITCH HAZEL OIL Cures BURNS, Scalds and Ulceration and Contraction from Burns. The relief isinstant Cures BOILS, Hot Tumors, Ulcers, Fistulas, Old Sores, Itching Eruptions, Scurfy or Scald Head. It is infallible. Cures INFLAMED or CAKED BREASTS ar<* Sore Nipples. It is invaluable. price, 50 Cents. Trial size, 25 Cents Bold by DracitiU, or lent po»i-p»ld on receipt of pijce. XED. CO.,-111 * 1 18 ffUBaa St., MtW IOBK. THE PILE OINTMENT ITERS TTLE VER HU.S. «n*HaadMhoBpd relieve •!' tbo troubles tact> a, bilious State of the system suph tt " tsea. Drowsiness. Distress uTtat .„..«, ~tfce Sido. 4o. White tUelrpMMrt ble success boa been shown In outing IMhe. yet Owter'a Uttlo Ii7« Whfc once trflhrm \.-iU find those UtUo pills v«Au •bteinao maa* ^ .T«<Lit tbey will-not ba wil- Hag to do - - - _.._.-,. — tbat here Is whew 'iro it while J U"V. ' i f •>.'•* S-'v*r TTJt s~* "- City Attorttey-.Taylor of- <Jrftnd Kaplds Says Women Cannot Vote In Municipal Electlonn-^The Michigan-Peninsular Car Shops to Close t»own. . Ovnv Aug.. 24-7-The mystery as to who John Lape, charged with the murder of Henry -Lyvere, is, and the rela-" tions he sttstains to Mrs; Lyvere, wife of the murdered man, has at last been fully cleared up, proving groundless the n.eWspaper reports that he murdered Dr. William Wheadon at South Sod us. N. Y., on Sept. 8, 1803, or that he is a former husband or a paramour of Mrs. Lyvere. . John Lape is a brother of Mrs, Lyvere without a shadow of doubt. Lape was born,.Feb. 7, 1883, in New •York. His father is dead. His mother now lives with Mrs* Ida Snyder, one of John's sisters, two .miles front Newark, and lacks only a few months of being "100 years old. '.This Lape family consists of John Lape, the prisoner, William H^ Lape and Frederick Lape. his brothers, and Mrs. Ida Snyder, Mrs. Jeanette Duncan, Mrs. Emma Remma, Mrs.'Mary Nprsa, Mrs, Frances Robinson and Mrsi. Catharine Of row, now living at Kalamazo'O; Mich., aha Mrs. Lyvere of Ovid, his sisters. > John Lape first enlisted in- the-Seventeenth New York infaptrj, Oct. lO,|gd, and was honorably discharged.'Julie 2, 1 1863, Ho again enlisted; in :Cpiapany H, Twenty-second New York cavalry, and Was again honorably discharged at Winchester, Aug. 1, 1865, showingvcon- clusively that at the time of Jonathan R. Lape'S stay in a Utica asylum for the-murderof Dr. Wheadon, the B Ovid Lape was in the army. ROBBED BY SHARPERS. A Saloonkeeper at Munkugnn Loses Over S'i.OOO. MUSKEGON, Aug. 24.—Several days ago three strange young men put up at one of the hotels here and made frequent visits to the saloon of John Foulk on Western avenue, always entering at the side door and .purchasing the best of liquors. About 8 o'clock in the atternoon one of the men drove up and called Foalk outside, ordering some more Hennessey brandy, and kept talking to Foalk while his two confederates, who had quietly entered the side dqor, went through the money drawer. Foalk delivered the brandy, received bis pay and the stranger drove off. Later Foalk discovered that the drawer in which he kept his valuables had been rifled. By that time the three were well on their "way to .Chicago and could not be intercepted. Foalk found •the thieves had. carried off a certificate. of deposit on the Hackley bank of this city for $2,000, •payment on which he immediately stopped. They also got $215 in cash which Foalk intended to use to pay his taxes with. The fellows are sharpers from Chicago. A BOMB EXPLODED. The City Attorney at Grand Rapids-Holds That Women Cannot Vote. GHANI* RAPIDS, Aug, 24.—rThe women of this city are making active preparations to vote at the coming school election Sept. 5,. under the provisions of the woman's suffrage'act passed by the last legislature. City Attorney Taylor, however, has, thrown a bomb into the .camp .and exploded an their hopes. • In pursuance to the orders of the board or education he prepared an opinion which holds that the act tof the last legislature conferring the franchise on women in municipal- elections & invalid and unconstitutional for-the reason that state officers are,eUM;$ed at the time and place manner prescribed for eleet- Vpal ofiiccprii* JStectifiin, U of the state constitution limits ~ to. mfiles in the ""* " ~ ~ M ,the Briges House, London. The letter contained these- wordsi> "1 havej lived in hell three days. —It cay /be' no wqrBe,. I end my life at 4 o'clock/today.*' Tb> •vidise-afso-cqntkined' the" 'power. of,••, ak torngy to his bookkeeper, ;\Vankelton. The letter would indicate a clear ease of-suicide, but many think that he is still alive and .has taken this way of conee'aling.himseif.: Tliero- is> pbnsider- 'able excitement here over fthe affair. CarSliong will Closer Down. DETROIT. Aug* 24.—The Michigan- Peninsular car shops will by Saturday night be shut down for. a period not es:- ceeding three months, The shops have a capacity for building about IOQ cars a day, or 50 at each of the shops.- At the Peninsular shops a force of men large enough to build. 30 cars a day have been at work completing a large contract They'll finish by Friday night. At. the Michigan shops only eight finished cars have been, turned out lately each day. The directors have voted to layoff all office employes for tlyee months with- RATES. O. A. It. tetfcfluipirieirt At III<MH« «piiM«, ,, Acspunt of (?.' A R.x'jicdftitment he.ld at'lndiaiinpolif", lii'd., iio S«ipfc:ub(>r.l893. Tlie C. J. & M. Ry. will nHer i?{ieciai ld«r rale excursion ticket* ir/>ni all points at rale of ouc cent per"uflie in e"ricli direction. Tickets an s'itl'b'Scut. 3, 4, and 5. Gofad retuirilne i>p to jihd incliirtiije: Sept, 1C, 1808. For information regarding timu of trains, rpntc», Mt;. apply 1 to m arest C J'. & M. agcntfo'r ad drefs the general passenger agent. . T. C. M. SCI-UMXLEK, r. * Gen'l.Passenger Agent. Go to Bonfjlitou'a for ! wall New stock and new styles. E L out pay, and lay off all superintendents and chiefs pf departments for the same period on ialf pay. An official i of the company says contracts could be secured easily enough, but that railroad companies ure not able to to pay xor* cars, and the shops cannot be run on crefiii-. Three Boys Ituund Over. BAY CITY, Aug. 24.—Herbert Miller, Lee Hopkins arid Henry Gordon, the three youths who confessed to having broken into W. H. Whittemore's house, where they stole jewelry and silverware to the. value Qt.$aOQ>,wer£.juTrtigned in court. • They were bound over to the circuit court for trial. Gordon has already served a term at the reform Bchool. Walked Off With a Dress. . SAOINAW, Aug. 24.—Mrs. Guideon Cornell took Ella Shaver in one night the first of this month and kept her and now she claims that Ella walked off with her dead daughter's dresa. She eaid that she sent word to Ella that if she did not return the .dress she would have her arrested and that thereupon Ella sent the dress back by a little girl Baying she had taken it to wear to Bay City, However, the dress was cut into strips and ruined. The defendant denied the charge in toto, but her testimony was unsupported aid Judge Stempell fined her six cents" and §9.79 costs or 15 days in jail. Robert Schelly is pri'psml kinds of tin wi.rfe, n-.t.ji ( n Murphy's, Sufferers from Piloe should know that tli Pyramid Pile Cure vill promptly nn,i«-f' fectually remove every trace of.thenj. Air/ ruajgist w*ll for you. • $100 for a CHBO of Catarrh, D)Bpep8iu, Ker vougness and Sleeplessness the* Vegetable Cure will not cure. Vegetable Cure will break up Colds and and Coughs, LaGrippe pnd its aftereffects PV Trciirulotw Weakness of the Nerves, Erysip- ' elns and Constipation. 12 oz, $1.00. DR. SHARPSTEEN. your tin war« iu<-uded ut SchcljyV tin shop. Gel your wall p«pm- Boujihion's new und High Court of Foresters. PORT HURON, Aug. 24.—The high court of the Independent Order of Fqr- esters of Ontario will hold their annual meeting in Sarnia Aug. 29, 3,0 and 31, when they expect fully 500 delegates from all parts of Ontario., The local court has made arrangementa with the hotels for their suitable entertainment and are. also arranging for a grand turnout. They will have a parade through the principal streets of Sarnia, followed by an excursion on the river. Haif to Stop Work. OSCODA. Aug. 24.—H. M. Loud & Sons' mill, which closed down a week ago, started up Wednesday morning with a 25 per cent reduction in wages, payable in store orders. Over 500 men from other concerns surrounded the mill and forced everybody to go out on a strike. The whole crowd then went to 'the cojnpanyLs cedar yards and stopped work there. Violence is feared. Forgud a.Check, DETKOJT, Aug. 24.—Harry Le Roy, a printer who hails f row Buff alo; ran up an 818 boarfl pill at Mr«?. Greenwood's. 68 Larned street east and for payment presented a check for th£ amount pur- porftng to be signed by, John H. Cum- miogs. the Belle Isle casino man. The latter' pronounced it a'forgery, and Detectives Connolly and Downey arrested Le Roy. _•,__ * Cliufes on babies, core nipplcb nut! in llamnmtion of the breast iustantly relieved with Lavcndar Oiutuicut Just as sure ns hot weather coined thery will be moie or le.<s bowel complaint it» this vicinity. Every person, and especially faoi- ilies, ought to have euuie reliable medicine at hand for instant use in owe it is cceded. A 25 or 60 cent bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera find Diarrhoea Remedy iajust ^vhat' you ought to have and all that you would need, e.ven for the most severe and dangerous cases. It is the beat, the most reliable and most successful treatment known and ibpleas&ut to 1 take, For eale at Gteepe' drug storp. . The Pyramid Pile Cure is a new discovery far the prompt, permanent cure of Piles iu every fcrmi Every druggist has it'. . A ; . new remedy has created a sensation among » hysicians by its wonderful effects ia Speedily curiag every form of It ia called the Pyramid Pile Cure, It is" cheap and simple to. use, but nothing removes the disease BO,-quickly, safely surely. Any druggist will get it for you. y Gasoline stoves cleaned mid repaired at B. Sfaeley'd. If you want a lirst class luu^-h call on the new resturaut, first door wflst ot theTontijue. • •.,. Kloileru Wm. Shipley will p,iit you up a mod bouse on shurt .ootice. Flans i fur nishcti and estimates made. If you are intending to-build or repair i our house i^will be for jc-uc JDterest to call *and s^e faim. Shop in the Clary Eagle street. . ' Uukpown Ma« HABB«B, Aug. 24,—An wc- knowij well dressed man med tp ooarqi northbound fast jna^'train on the and -Was| J^chjgah Railway , I have rep)«ve4 my «ftce to block m the rooms formerly occupied bv I»r, Houston. * aualitj, second naftd IMck " "* "^ * njPtsulleon could amve foye tl^JBom

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