Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on April 4, 1971 · Page 12
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 12

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 4, 1971
Page 12
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izzo New Customs DEL RIOXTEXAS) NEWS-HERALD, Sunday, April 4, 1971-13A emor Pepper-haired Joseph J. iiz/o of McAUen, is the new dead of the U.S. Customs gency Service for the 2-co'unty district Headquartered in Del Rio. Joe Rizzo is a quiet Imannered, easy going, athletic Itype of man who, because of Itne nature of his jo,b, prefers Ilittle publicity'about lie or his (family. "I don't mind the good I people knowing who I am," IR.IZZO says, "but I dont want I the bad ones to know me." Rizzo was born and raised in McAllen in the lower Rio Grande Valley. He finished Lamar Grade School and McAllen High School, graduating in 1950. Eight years later he was awarded a degree in Government at the University of Texas. "I entered federal service in 1962," Rizzo told the News-Herald, "first as a Border Patrolman and then I transferred into the Customs Service in 1964 while assigned to the Falcon Heights office." olice School egins Monday Here •" ' 5"t* \ As Senior Resident Agent of k\'< the Del Rio office, Rizzo v \^ supervises the activities of special agents in the field, and when the occasion requires he works right along side his men on their investigations in the field. Even though he has a modern office in the Customs Agency Service building, Rizzo is not one to spend his time behind a desk, he likes to be where the action is. The Customs Agency Service investigates, arrests and prosecutes smuggling violators. 'This 'includes all kinds of smuggling," 'said the new chief agent, "but the bulk of our work concerns narcotics uggling. The service UVALDE-According to the official faculty .bulletin just released by the Southwest Texas Junior College, a Basic Certification Law Enforcement School will begin Monday and continue through April 30. Under a recent "Texas law, all law enforcement officers in the -state must be certified by successful completion of the Cyclist, 75 * Struck by Car A 75-year-old bicyclist received minor visible injuries Saturday morning when an automobile turned left and struck bim. The bicyclist, Elias Farias, was traveling northwest on Cantu Drive going toward Canal Street when a 1970 model vehicle being driven by Elizondo R. Rivas which was traveling east on Canal Street turned left onto Mills Street and struck the bicvcle. Farias was taken to Dr. Jesus Turrullols * or treatment of his minor injuries. basic course in order to legally qualify as a lawman. Police officers from several surrounding counties are expected to attend the classes beginning Monday. There will also be a meeting of division chairmen in the faculty conference building at 11 a.m. Tuesday, and at 5 p.m. students will be dismissed for the Easter holidays. They will return to .classes on April 13. Four Del Rio Police Officers Plan to Attend Lt. Tommy Koog, Patrolmen Kenneth West, K. Fleckenstein and Carlos E. Padilla of the Del Rio Police Department will attend four weeks of class at Southwest Texas Junjor College at Uvalde. The class which will begin Monday will be a Certification Endorcement School. sm The service arrests ;! those who violate the smuggling law and seizes the merchandise, which is being smuggled. Rizzo explains it as "the investigative branch of the U.S. Bureau of Customs." He has a wife, but no children, and finding a place to live in Del Rio is rapidly becoming a major problem for the new agency boss. His^wife is still in Falcon Heights where he was last assigned, waiting for word to move to Del Rio. Rizzo replaces former Senior Resident Agent Diogenes Galanos who was reassigned on March 15 to the U.S. Customs Agency office in • Chicago, Illinois, where he has been appointed Assistant Special Agent in Charge. How long will you be here? "I don't know," said Rizzo, "but I hope for quite a while. I like it here." Traffic Offender Freed Under New Court Ruling RETIREMENT~Maj. Gen. Charles W. Ryder Jr., Fourth U.S. Army chief'of staff, presents the Legion of Merit (third Oak .Leaf Cluster) to Col, Lester C. Robertson for' his outstanding service as alternate president and member of the Physical Evaluation Board. Colonel Robertson retired at the end of March after more than 28 years of active duty. {U.S. Army Photo). AWARDED MEDAL Basic Law Colonel Robertson Retires from Army Three Del Rio Men Join Army SFC Jose Meave Jr., U.S. Army Recruiter in Del Rio, reported Saturday that three Del Rioans have joined the Burglars Hit Warehouse Here The warehouse of Bowers Motor Co., 403 E. Fourth St., was broken into between 4 p.m. Friday and 8 a.m. Saturday. Someone used a knife to get in the' front door of the business and then -proceeded to unlock the garage door and back a pickup in the "warehouse and load 18 tubes of insulation into it Police said the insulation was worth $144 and was enough to insulate an 1,800 square foot house, according to Paul Bowers who reported the incident to police. U.S. Army. . They are Antonio Rubio of J04 Waters St., David Martinez of 502 Seventh St., and David Stokes of 504 Seventh St. They reported for active duty April 1. and will undergo basic training at Ft. Polk, La. Rubio attended high school at San Felipe, Martinez in Somerset at San Antonio and Stokes at Del Rio High School. According to SFC Meave, they will receive instruction at basic training in hand-to-hand combat, basic first aid, military history, military courtesy, and they also will receive a small block of instruction in race relations. Upon completion of basic training, they will then be assigned to Advance Individual Training for their selected training. Chaffer Special to the News-Herald SAN ANTONIO--Col. Lester C. Robertson, husband of the former Charlie Von Schubert of Del Rio, received his fourth award of the Legion of Merit at his retirement after more than 28 years' active duty. His last a ssignment •• was at Headquarters Fourth U.S. Army, Ft. Sam Houston. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schubert and Mrs. Harold Martin of Del Rio attended the retirement ceremonies at Ft. Sam Houston. The citation accompanying the award pointed out the excellence of Colonel Robertson's performance of duty since May 1970 as a member and alternate president of the Physical Evaluation Board at Fourth Army. It was presented in an outdoor ceremony by Maj. Gen. Charles W. Ryder Jr., Fourth Army chief of staff. •^=-*€olonel Robertson was inducted into the Army • in March 1943 and was sent to Europe where he served with the 26th Infantry Division, 328th Infantry Regiment. He received a battlefield commission in May 1945 and was assigned as a platoon leader. Electing to stay in 'Europe with occupation forces, he as reassigned to the 544th Quartermaster Group with U.S. Forces Austria when his combat unit returned to the United States. He completed flight training at Camp Gary, Tex., and Ft. Sill, Okla., on his return, and from 1948-50 he was avaiation "supply officer with the 82d Aviation Detachment, 82d Airborne Division, Ft. Bragg, N.C. In 1951 he returned to Ft. Sill as an instructor of helicopter pilots, activated the 506th Cargo Helicopter Company and moved with the unit as company commander to Fort Benning, Ga., where it supported the Infantry School. Colonel Robertson was in Korea in !l954-55 as commander of the 71st Aviation Supply Company, and then for two years he was executive officer of the 1093d Aviation Supply and Maintenance Battalion in Japan. For the next five years (1957-62) he was an exchange !*«Del Rio | Service men S&fiWfcWSSSm^^ By MARK L. NELSON* of rain in Del bushes. The amount of e Due to lack Rio we've probably got the dirtiest dogs around. If you've noticed your dog out in the yard rolling on his back and seemingly enjoying it. he is just trying to get rid of the old dead hair you forgot to brush off during the winter months. Now that the weather has really warmed up it would be an excellent time to give that dog of yours a bath in the back yard. Do it sometime in <the warm part of the morning so he will have all afternoon to dry off. By bathing him you can start the summer out on the right track and exercise an effective method of tick control. I'm sure at one time or another all K-9 owners have had the problem of a tick infested dog. Living in the warmer southern climates is a disadvantage as these eight-legged, hard-shelled parasites survive the year 'roimd. Should the weather become cold they go dormant and wait for ideal conditions to activate again. . Some commonly known as the Wood Tick and the Dog Tick of which there are eight different species in the states. All ticks feed on blood and have r to have it to reproduce their awn. Mating occurs in a five* to?! 3 day period while the female is gorging herself oft your « docs blood. When finished she drops off to lay her eggs in some protected, place on the groum or a small from 2,5( SB she 0 to p-_. id, In tall clump of lays varies 5,000. There are four stages in the dog ticks life cycle starting with the egg of course, the larva or seed tick, the nymph and the adult. The two intermediate stages attack to small rodents such as mice and rabbits then drop off as they mature to the adult staee. then attach to your dog. Both male and female attach but only the female grows as she gorges. The tick's larvae and numphs may live for a full year without feeding while the adult can survive up to two years without blood. •People who have dogs who spend time both in and,out of the house should be concerned. The brown dog tick is quite common and will survive readily in your household. This adult tick lurks at .the baseboards, curtains and cracks waiting to hop on your passing critter. This species is particularly hard to get rid of sb a periodical check of your household pet .might prove to be a time and money saving item. : There are several methods of ridding your dbg of these parasites.. If the animal, has a few, dab a bit of alchohol or amrnonja on the tick. This will make him release from the hide, then a wldebased tweezers will pull $nv off easily. If your animal Is covered with these crawly critters your best bet is to soak or dip him in a iouition bought of your'local, stores. Army Pvt. Juan P. Rodriguez, 19, son of Mr. and Mrs. Isabel C. Rodriguez of 112 W. 4th St. in Del Rio, recently completed a 14-week fixed station radio equipment operation . and maintenance course at the United 'States Army Signal Center and School at Ft. Monmouth, N.J. During' the course, he was trained to perform operating adjustments of fixed station radio equipment, maintain operating efficiency of circuits and assist in the repair and installation of fixed station electronic equipment. Pvt. Rodriguez entered the Army in September, 1970, and completed basic training at Ft. Lewis, Wash. He is a 1969 graduate of Del Rio High School. officer with the Office of Naval Research in Washington, D.C. He worked with low speed aerodynamic research projects and during that period qualified as a Navy jet fighter pilot at Olathe, Kan. In 1962-63 he was in Vietnam as aviation officer with the U.S. Army Support Command. Returning to Ft. Benning from 1963-66, he was . commander of the 242d Maintenance Battalion, 10th Aviation Group in support of the llth Air Assault Division. In 1966 he went back to Washington, D.C., .serving! consecutively as Assistant division chief for logistical support aircraft in the aviation directorate of the assistant chief of staff - for force development at Department of the Army headquarters, and then as assistant project manager for turbine aircraft engines in the Army Materiel Command. He assumed his duties at Fourth Army in May 1970. Other . awards he holds include the Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross, three Bronze Star Medals, three Air Medals, Army Commendation Medal, two .Purple Hearts, Combat Infantryman Badge, Combat Medical Badge and Master Army Aviator Badge. He also : holds the Belgian Croix de • Guerre. ; His father, Harry J. Robertson, lives in Kell, 111. His wife, Charlie Von, is the daughter of Richard Schubert, Del Rio and Mrs. Betty Hall, 6829 N. llth, Phoenix, Ariz. Colonel and Mrs, Robertson have a daughter,. Deborah, 21, in Sacramento, Calif. They will live at 414 Hermitage Drive, Seguin, where he will be. a student at Texas Lutheran .College. SAN ANTONIO (AP) - A youth who said he was jailed 26 days because he couldn't pay $300 In traffic fines was free today, thanks to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling. Dlst. Judge James Barlow ordered the release Friday of Jose Ramos Cruz, 17, anjj held that municipal courts here cannot jail people who are unable to pay traffic fines. The judge based his decision on a March 8 Supreme Court ruling that held it was "a denial of equal protection" to confine a person unable to' make payment. Barlow said it was up to the Mooney Fraud Trial to Resume Monday Morning - SAN ANTONIO (AP) - The stock fraud trial of two former Kerrville aircraft executives was in recess for the weekend Saturday aftera 10th day of testimony. More testimony was expected Monday from a Kerrville woman wljo testified about the stock .records of Mooney Aircraft, Inc. and Mooney,Corp, •{ Joan Ford said she kdpt Mooney's daily stock transaction record, but that she had never seen a stock record book entered into evidence in the trial. On trial are Hal Rachal of Midland, former'Mooney president, and Ed Hunnicutt of Kerrville, former secretary-treasurer. The government contends they sold Mooney stock without registering it. Mooney is under new ownership. Mrs. Ford was for a time an accounting clerk and personal secretary to Hunnicutt. Hunnicutt closely supervised all of the firm's financial records and occasionally made entries himself, Mrs. Ford said. Government attorneys have introduced into evidence two books purporting to be daily records of all transactions of Mooney Aircraft common stock. Mrs. Ford examined one of the record books and said she had never seen it before. She said some of its entries were dated during the time she was employed by Mooney, but that she had not made them. She identified the other stock record as the one she had kept and 'pointed out' entries which she said were made by Hunnicutt, herself and other secretaries. city to deter mine how such fines should be paid. The city attorney's office said it would have to review the case. Cruz testified he was jailed for failing to pay 10 traffic fines. He said lie had no job and no money. His mother testified she has six children and gets $162 a month in welfare. Municipal Judge Lawrence Lang said he ordered Cruz jailed last month because he had been "running for almost two years." He said he considered Cruz' action a refusal, not inability, to pay; Court records showed that from May, 1969, to December. 1970. he was convicted of 13 traffic violations, 11 for no license and one each for equipment violation and cutting through private property. . In 10 cases, he failed to appear for trial, the records, showed, and was arrested on a warrant; •. Cruz pleaded guilty and was . Jailed when he said he had no money to pay. The fines were to be served at the rate of $5 a day. Lang said he had not had a chance to review the Supreme C ourt rulingbef or e jailingC ruz. MRGDC Board Meeting Called A special meeting of the board of directors of the Middle Rip Grande Development Council has been called for April. 14, Richard Thomas of Del Rio, executive director, reported Saturday. The meeting will be held in the new Neighborhood Center in Car izzo Springs at 7 p.m. on that date with Dr. Alfredo Butierrez, mayor of Del Rio who serves as president of the council, presiding. Two major items of business are scheduled to come before the board at that time, One is a review of* the proposed budget and work program which is expected to total $124,745 instead of the quarter million dollars incorrectly reported by the News-Herald earlier in the week. If the board approves the budget, it will recommend its adoption by the Council at its annual meeting in May, Thomas stated. The .board will also review <the completed first draft of the inter-regional pjan, which has now been completed by Southwest Planning Associates of Bryan. DUPLICATORS MIMEOGRAPH SUPPLIES I •, Stencils,Masters,and Inks for many machines I Amistad Office Equip.! • • "• •*• ^B 211 &. MAIN 775-8322 A BIG BANKROLL ffl IF.*, you live in town surburbs or the country, you will find in our store, a complete line of home and ranch supplies A Beautiful stock of housewares, garden •fools, lawn food, seeds, and insecticides. 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