The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on December 24, 1892 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 24, 1892
Page 2
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» it » ' *t . T&E DAILY JPEpEStijiER 24, TBE.M11Y CHROHICIE TBBK8 0» P. »...»* 10 8«ticript*pn* received it the offlta *f enb 1M Slata street. ' ,,, " J."M» JJOSB63, Pnbdibsf, "' ' all IN HiBa The followins; games' were pi«y ; ed iat the bUHftrd tournament last aiKht. This figures immediately -foltotfog* players' the siie of bis Handicap: j. oronia-75-o 4 4 st o s'o »i p i i, a i i X 1 1 B 4 0 » 4 » 8 1 0^4 :'0 ,0 1 1 1 ft 6 : l-?5. Qeo. Coieman-W-1'0 0 4.0 3 0 0 2 0 l S 1 Q 0 1 0 • 9 I 10480 0 0 8 0 I'O 1 8 0 4--8T. ~r Q»0. Col«nan-SO-<X 7 2 803 080030 1,9 • I 004 1-46 R M. Lookton-«B -1 0 3 1 4 0 B 3 4 4 14 4 S 8 OS 81009-05. __^ Geo. Colemm -CO-0 0 6008 11101000 osotaaosoi 301 3 i o o s s o | o cnu-sa (too. WrJght-100-l 81011060087010 «> 8 • H 1 0 7 « 1 1 4 « 1 1 0 1 11 0 i 67 8 1— 'W». ; v-<- , B. 1. lvani-00-1 1810 1 )» 0 0 8 6 4 !•«. 0 Success in 'Capturing Thof£ Counterfeiters; l!WQ OP THE CHIEFS IN THE' BbtTP. X' "•"'' ' '" '—- . g the Third Principal Get* ft Pointer Some- inhere and Hies Him Away-^Hls Rimte Known, HdweVer—Ontilde Parties implicated by 6rd«ra. for IMgu» 'Coin— What Chief Simons 8ay» About 'That Leak—A teat** Work Making *nd •Shoving the Queer—MoRae'e Denial. Wsst SPPERIOB', Wis., Dec. 24.~"Chtef Porter is a little hard on us,? said Chief Blmonvof the Superior police department, ' with the Chicago Satolllsenla message to McGlynn stating the upon which he would be 're^ frocked » but what the terms are can not be ascertained. McGlynu accepted them, however, and can now officiate 1 in any where he is assigned,. The question ng him !o his ,old parish. Sfc ,Stef New York Cttv, is to be considered by Jar Croala-'Tfr-l 8 8.6 7 0193 10 0 8 0 1 S « 015 I Oltf8 8-75. B. L. Bl»«low-»0-0 118* 1-081 00844 7io»o8500oaooi*oi8 a-ss. Geo, Wrlfht-100-8 «.l 8 0 5 8 8 0 B 9 S » 8 0 o 8 o oo a 18 i» 8'o 81 o a o o o 7 o-7», ' A. B*ek-l«>r» 0 4 1 0 7 17 0 W 87 1.0 0 1 W 11888649110*19 5-100. BIt»low-W-0 118180 O'O 01 0001 8 10 j 8 » 1 0 » 8 0 1 1 8-34. • • Tha following Is the program for tho Christmas morning serrioes at trinity ehnroh:... ' . fOWTTNO nUTBB, , Yealte ....»« Mendelsohn Gloria Jpatrl Walter Knoepfel — - J .., ...v...^-....... t TottW Dudley Book & Baoctt ' Hvna offlcer, published in yesterday's papers, severely censuring the .local force for blundering in the big counterfeiting case.. "But much of what ho said is deserved, and I can easily appreciate his chagrin-r for he told me that tha case was one of the most important on which he had ever been engaged. I know he was very anxious to make u clean job of it and everything looked promising for carrying out his plans unCil there was a leak hereand the matter got into the papers. I blame; bun, too. for telling ex-Captain T^oRae, for he was warnearnot to.dp so, trad. but. fbr that kct I think thelfe would have been no trouble." / , Chief Pbrter'/i Coup Spoiled. \ The Job planned by Chief Porter was spoiled, but the aUegeid gang of counter-' felters in this city is very effectually broken J~up^evettheless. It contained three prin- "clpal members, by whom all the actual work was done. Of these Frank McLean, the leader, according to the police, is under arrest. This is the man who is alleged to have made the molds and dies used in turn- Ing out the bogus coins, and It was at a place owned by him that they were fashioned. He is a blacksmith, and has been _ the employ of the Reading Coal com- 'panyy—-Ha had also a shop at the steel D*ath of (Jeneral F. T, D4nt. -VKE,'t>ec. 24;-Genemi Frederick T. Dent, the distinguished soldier and brother-in-law oi Uly*ses S. Grant, died *in this city Friday at 3 o'clock of dropay. He was 72 years old. As is fitting, tlie intemeut will b'e at Fort Lea-xtnworth Military cem- et«ry. General Dent's military record is distlngxiished by bravery ami efficiency in^ two wars besides Indian fighting. Justice iTainar J»lm:l> Better. ATLASTA, Ga., 'Dec. 23.-Associate Justice Lamar is very much better. So much BO in fact, that he was able to rusume hi? journey to Macon yesterday. Ile.awuke iarly, looked abd felt none the worse for hisYmrrow escape from deatli. and insisted upon going-on io Maconrwhere tie arrived safe atal apparently wiilL , ,• .... ....... ...... ,..— • . ................. ...... .;....8polir . ...................... From the Holy Crow Olorla W HxeeteU ....... ............. ....Zennw Children's choral service, hymns, enr ols, etc., at four o'clock, instead of the regular evening lervioe. , The ladles of the Maccabees at the last regular review elected the. following office) for the coming year. P. L. 3.— Miss Inez Scott. Coai.— Mrs. Carrie Tooker. Lt. C.— Mrs. Carrie Martin. B. K.—Mrs. Lotta ipratt. F. K.— Mrs. Jennie^ Sbamway. Chap.— Mrs. Emma' Cuzzins. M. AJ—MiBS Clema Bendell. 8arg.-y!MrB. Emma Walkinbood. j&srt^Miss Aln Scott. Ploket-Mra. Elsie Obase. . , UOVtQU I L'****J* **«—!*«•••—«»*«>a^. >•—hiMWf *--• •»— — ——••— " ,M«ndel»»ohn I plant, near the works of the iron and steel "—*• otmpany, and there the money was made. McTyRn was carefully shadowed all day Thursday, and when orders were received from Chicago to act, he was arrested and the shop raided. .* Grace Bros, carry a lull lino ot staple groceries: All goods new and fresh. ^Sufferers from Piles should know that the Pyramid Pile Cure will .promptly and effectually remove every trace of thefln. Any druggist will -get it for you. ">O , Children Cfytir Pitcher's Castorla. ^ Anyone desirinK to dispose of "Les He's Ideal Class. Book'ycan find a purchaser by calling on Mrs. Ida W. Brown at her residence on Mansion street. • Boy your wood of Burliugame «Sfe Day. Office and yard first c'oor custof Mills' harness shop: dj4 Get your girl a diamond ring at C. H. Thompson's. To FIT the FEET THESE ARE ' THE KIND OF — SHOES WE SELL. SHOES ^HAT/MERELY COVER THE FEET ARE NOT IN IT WITH US. WB ALWAYS KEEP A STOCK OF SHOES ON HAND THAT WILL FIT THE FEET AND GIVE SATISFACTION. '. SHOES THAT ARE OF THE BFST MAw TERIAL AND WORKMANSHIP. IF YOU WANT GOOD SHOES, COMFORTABLE SHOES, STYLISH SHOES, OR ANY KIND OF SHOES, COME.TO d23 E. E. SIMMONS. Eagle • ^W.H.ROWI.AilD(, Manager ; Tuesday, Dec. 27 . Engagement drMgirishails Favorite Wo carry a full line of Pinaree & Sraitb's, A. C. McGraw & Go.'s and Kennard & Son's tine shoes. • GftACK BROS b*Oyp«lef. " London, Out/Titties: Last evening (•4 VanCortlands were at home and "Among the Qypsies"\was presented to the audience that were well satisfied for baring braved the heavy rain storm. Miss Van Cortland aud her company of capablractors could appear to no better advantage than they did last evening. -•-the costumes were grand and the stage, settings admirable. The company is stronger and better balanced lh*n on any previous season. All that may be paid is that they are » set of la.dies a nd gentlemen Who have devoted time and study to their business and are pap- able of entertaining without tiring. A oositive cure for coughs and. colds m t ai. B. f ow»Bt8'. Undersigned will receive proposals f«rf renamberiBK the city. For Pftrtion- f nquire of any member of 'Committee. Bidi will be reoeivedlap to 7 p. m. Dec, ^«8, W», The right to reject any op-all iresirreii. . • Mo. 9 to Torn State'* Evidence. The second principal of the gang is not yet arrested, but the police know where to Qnd htm. He was the first one of the gang located when the accidental discovery of the. counterfeiters: was made. When drunk he talked a • little too freely, and when hauled up told all he knew. The information from him revealed bow extensive were the operations of the gang. He will t\mi staters evidence when tiie case comes to trial, and for this reason* his name is withheld. In McLean's shop were found mixtures of block tin and babbit metal used for counterfeiting silver corns and a ooppor alloy for bogus $10 pieces. Dies and moulds for RWent pjeces were also, taken. The evidence already in police po»- session, BO say the police, Is ample to con- •''•' under arrest . . ' '.' Cejery Celery Celery Celery. ME BRILL. bupported by bei; own's ock company Appearing In tho New .Stock Comedy Success Among the Gypsies Introducing NEW 3ONGS AND DANCES, ' • • MAGNIFICEENT COSTUMES, HANDSOME SETTINGS. PliIC£, 5O cents Reserved seats now on sale at Greene's drug tore. NO. « GOT A FRIENPLY HINT, He 0klps Oat wltli Some Valuable dence In.HU Baggage. McCarthy, tlie third of the gang, is the .only one- whor'can't be -accounted for in Superior. Be received a hint of the coming trouble, and on Wednestay night took a Bouth Shore train for East Saglnaw, Mich,, -taking wifflhttn the dleTtor the mannfac- ture of the dollars and the gold pieces. The Chicago men were warned of Ms departure and route. It is probable that he has been arrested, but no definite word has yet been received. McCarthy was a carpenter, but little is known, of his history. Been at Work m Whole Tear. The extent of the operations of the gang is revealed by the member who has weakened, According to his story, as told by the police, the first of the coins was turned out a year ago, and since that time they have been manufactured in great quantifies. No attempt was ever made -to pass them in Superior, but this is about the only western city that has escaped. The police have. In their poeaesaloji, captured to. Thursday night's raid, orders for the bogus coin which will implicate outdne parties who have been engaged in shoving it. Very few of the gold pieces were made. «" If you are thinkine of buying a watch don't fail to attend Huletl'a watch sale, which commences Saturday, Dec. 1?.. and lasts one week. The Place to G«t4vood Ig at C. T. Cirant'3 wood yard, corner of State and Hamilton streets, largest and best lot of wood in the>city. Note- t be prices: Oak, $3 per cord; slabs, 11.50; beach, maple and hickory, $2-25 Full measure guaranteed. Delivered ree to any part of the city prbroptiy-. When'in need of wood give mo a call. « -'"- C, T. GBANT, Have a .large slock of Just arrived. 100 pair of Bk'atas at John Wbalen's, east end hardware store. • Pay *Tour Taxes. » _ will be at the store of E. K. Sim mons on Monday,. Friday and Sat- urday'of each week during December fop -the purpose ef receiving state, county und school taxes. $. s, LEWIS, City Treasurer. I have all the season's- ice bills made ont and would be pleased to have those owjng we caU an<i settle. tl> £.. AND FELT GOODS. only house in the city carrying a full line of Pringree & Smiths celebrated shoes. Every pair warranted. Oar stock consists of all qualities so that we are able to meet the demands of our customers. No matter what is . • • ' -. *" wanted. ; '• s - A full line of Cloves WANTED Wide-awake workers everywhere fSr"SHi!pP'B PHOTO&BAfHS Of the WOBLD." tbe gtetttest book onear*;«OBting . . Captain MeRae yealfirday foMihfi first time denied the share in the affair attributed to him and, stated that ^'l did not the -, premature publication of theto tended raid. Butlittts weight ii attachedtoi^ dftntel, ainoe it is known on excellent autnpnty I chief block. -I wish the ladies • Ttoinity woujd pleasa give Dp atairs aboTe.tue store. ___:. jjfog. LizgiB LntPBll". before -^•^Bpf w—™ —-_r*-* j. 1 ""?™"?, ~?Tr wj»—"-^ ' " ', ii «wt Mm frobi the force was issued by Mayor Scott. JBuJlo* am there ig every rewon to WJ^ MoCajthy as wril ^ MeJ^ean tionld fe#Y9 been nabbed and -the whole plant captuted. We cfutryja fine stock of • Staple & Fancy Groceries Fries Paid for rt OUB HBW for cbUdren. Edited j^|ts ' w ^ Jl ^" t5 " M . 1 f ^fe^ * **f Tliel>est stock of St. Stephen'* ' decided by the .^,_ ^ftwtho^y^peitorm factions. Thejettiement of caU and test tiiem. . * toj . Jy8T - , business attended to promptly wxd caretully. Uu.8 a safe to keep Judg and other valuable m

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