The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 23, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 23, 1893
Page 2
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THE DAILr CJfifONfOLEi AUGUST 23, TUB DAILY CHIROiCLE tJBIMtS OF • t OB* year j brought JP. ». ..** t» delivered* iO cent* per week received at tbe ofiTce^of pub sUoa 151 State street. ,.- _. «K M. MOSES, Pnbllsnar,. professor Charles FXRittinger P&IN01PAL OF OA1S OITY While Engaged lu a Gnme j>f Pootball on Thanksgiving I>ny Professor Rtttlnger Sustained Injury That .Caused His tta- , timely Death—Serious Runaway. CABS CITY, Aug. 23.—Perhaps no death that has occurred in Coss City before has caused such universal regret as that of Professor Charies P. Kittinger, who died at the home of bis father-in-law in this place. The deceased was the efficient'and respected principal of the Cas^ City schools. during the past term, and had been reengaged for the ensuing year. He was an enthusiastic athlete, a member of Michigan Athletic association, and it was while engaged In a game of foot ball in Detroit on Thanksgiving day last, that he "sustained injury .that was the ultimate cause of his untimely death. •• ••••• .. •"'••]".- • ../.';• '•••- ' ,' -" •". Mr. Bittinger was a graduate of the State Agricultural cofiege, and aince graduating pursued the study of taw in connection with his duties as principal. But a few months ago he was united in marriage to Mies Kate McCUnton, one of the most estimable young ladies of this place and throughout the state. He was 24 years of age. The Odd Fellows' lodj,e, of .which the deceased waa a member, attended the funeral in a body, and accompanied the remains to the depot for conveyance to Indiana for interment. baa outlooK fof ,the hungry men whu sued for their -wfcge^. ' „ -, ' Killed. BAPJDS, Aug. 23.— William fi. Hyde, ex-president of the Central labcf'Union, a politician of some local nofe\ apd a stalwart advocate of- the rightsjpf labor, was killed in McKay & Company's machine shop by a piece, .of ifOn flying Out, of a lathe and striking hiin pn the head. He leaves a wife and Wai )ftbout 60 years of ' ' •"'' . . . In an Ugly Mood- ..-.— ^u^— ' ,ig. $3.— Will Gaftuey of t troit and . James Murphy of Grand Rapids had a/lively setto in which both werejappajently ia an ugly mood. The Caused by His Own Carelessness. DETROIT, Aug. 23. — Coroner , Brown held an inquest on the body of Jphn Sanger. the farmer who was struck and killed by a Michigan Central train at Slocum's Junction while he was driving over the track with a team attached to a hay rack. The jury were taken to the place in order to show them that the track was clear for half a mile and a person could see a train approaching. The engineer of the train testified that Sanger was standing up in the rack and that he blew the danger signal, but he paid no attention to it The jury found that Sanger came to his death by his own carelessness, but censured the railroad company for removing the body before a coroner or justice of the peace had viewed\it. When the body was picked up it was brought to this city on the same train that struck Sanger. At Trenton there were some rumors that Sanger had been killed and then placed on the . track, but these vagaries were dispelled by the testimony. " '• . • q . -^ - : — - •• • • Serious Accident at Pontiac. PONTIAC, Aug. 23. —William John. son, Jr., an employe in Osmun's brick yard} sustained what may prove fatal injuries by being crushed under the sweep of a brickmaking machine. He had stepped upon the edge of the mud box and was looking over into the machine when the. sweep caught "him and pinned him down to the top beam. Before the horses could be stopped the sweep had passed over him, nearly crushing out hia life, the space between the sweep and beam being less than five inches. No bones were broken, but a severe hemorrhage indicates internal injuries. Probably Fatal Runaway, NOETHVILLE, Aug. 23. — Tuesday while Lyman Yerkes of this place and Clinton Cady of Ypsilanti were out tiding" their horse became frightened and ran away. Both persons were thrown out of .the buggy and Mr. Cajtly was seriously, if not fatally, injureq. • r One ear was cut nearly off and his face and head were badly cut and bruised. He is now at the residence of his mother, Mrs. -D.-fe. .Oadyi undo , . .. . care of Dr. J. M;- BQurgess, who reports 4he condition of Mr. Cady as 4fery •erious, but believes ne-will recover. Mr. Yerkes escaped with slight injuries, able 1 to be about, - i . niatch itt tli LIqiior I>caler>t• I«i Coiivvnlfnti. GRAND RAPIDS. Aug. 28.—the aim, . convention of the-state liquor dwiili-. opened hero with about U50 delogitu > present. President Robert Diedricli of Saginaw uiado an address,- complaining that the liquor dealers are not treated fairly by the legislature, and urging the formation of a stronger association for mutual benefit. It was decided to establish an insurance branch, which shall pay $1,000 death benefit. Drowned While Bnthltig. BATTLE CHEEK,, Aug. 28.—Alva Mor- ricle of Mount Vernon, O., was drowned in Gognac lake. ..While bathing with companions he was' seized \yith cramps. Morriclewns 22 years oW. had been here but a few weeks and' .vas a».nuun- ber of the sanifarium truining class for nurses. .The-body was recovered. Will Consult the I'eople. . LANSING, Aug. 23.r-G ! Qvernor 1 Rich Bays he bus not given much attention to the matter of holding a special election in the First congressional district.. He desires first to consult the wishes of Wayne county people as to the best time for holding such an election. Will Buy a New Cemetery. ( BENTON HARBOR, Aug. 23.—The city council has voted unanimously to buy a 80-acre tract two and a half miles south of town for cemetery purposes. Four thousand dollars is the consideration. The old cemetery is full and the .new Bite is an absolute necessity. Fafal Holler Explosion. STANTON, Aug. 23.—The boiler in J. W. Willett's hardwood sawmill, located in' Bushu'ell township, southeast of Sheridan, this county, blow up. W. N. Eckhari was instantly killed and two others fatally injured. The mill was wrecked. Lumber Yurtl Destroyed. KALAMAZOO, Aug. 23.—Fire destroyed D. Burrell & Sons' lumber yard and storehouse. Loss, $10,000; partially insured. The fire was undoubtedly set by tramps. Notice Relatlvt) to The ordinance relntire 19 pasturing C6wa in "tie- street will be strictly en forced. No cattle will be allowed to be' pastured in any street, wheiher they ITS Ued_Dir.Jiot»jiDiJ all cattle fotjnd at large in th6 street; wliethet lied or oth\ erwise, willrbe taV<$ir< care ^Of aV;"|jd .••Ope, cepUon will Jje : made (Oiinis rule f&r anyone, ; '; PtiiniER Jil&Wti, . >•'. " > 'City Marsha^ Tin roofing nud all kinds of tin 'work donp promptly by Robert Schelly. . Before you engage an auctioneer for fall sales come and ^ee me, — ~- v 11 SAGINAW, Aug. 28.—Henry Langlass, one of the most respected residents and who, has lived here since 1858, died of dropsy. STATE ITEMS. Herbert McMunn of Fail-field secured 1156 bushels of wheat from 12 acres. It is figured, that 1,500 4 000 gallons of water are used in Ypsilanti' per day. The grasshoppers have affected oats considerably and are eating binding twine at Dexter.. Joseph Urokrtvv, now of Battle Creek, was the first grocerymda to run a .delivery wagon in coruie^tion with a business in Hudson. • • * ; /Local sportsmen are complaining of citizens at Coldwater of shooting game cuit of season, thus violating the law and ruining the corning season's shoot. They mav be dealt with. ^ . * Fresh oysters at J. C. Keuehle's just received. . . Go to S. E. Crouin's for peaches, dsl Oysters at Keuchle's bakery. Three H.arveit Excursions. v; a the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Kaiiwt., -> all of the best farming sections of the west ap4 northwest, will be run oa August 22, September 12,and October 10, 1893. Return tickets, good for 20 days. Low rates; Apply for further information, to 'nearest ticket | agent, or .address Geo. H, Heafford, General Passenger Agent,- Chioa" go, 111;, or Harry Mercer, Michigan Passenger Agent, 82 Griswold street, Detroit, Mieb, Children C ry fof Pitcher^ Castorlo. ; Jfof Over Plfty Tettts, , '•'( MRS. WtiRB*«jw' T 8 B6othnro .STfcfap' has 'been used for Children teething. It goothes the cbl'.d, allays all palrij cnr«s wind colic, And Is the best renaedy for diarrhoea. 1 w<nty T flf e cents a bot- tla-i Sojd bj af dlrnggtst* thronghont the world ANDREW CHRYSTAL, AUCTIONEER. Marshall, - Mich; Office above Messers. Porretts Dry Goods Store. '• ,y : . Farm Wanted. . ... I have a customer wjth cash for a small farm, 40 to CO acres, and worth ftorn *1,COO to $2,000. If you have qne for sale come arid see me• 'Yours Truly, "'..'• , ' H. M. MERRILL. Peaches. At Watson's you can lind choice JJo. 1 peaches in one fifth bushel baskets every afternoon.. COMPOUND. 'A recent dlacorery by aa old physician. Suecettfully wed ty by thoutandi, of "Ladle*. Is the only perfectly safe and reliable medlclno dls- ooreredt Beware of unprincipled druggists who Offer Inferior medicines In place of this. Ask for Cook's Cotton Root Compound, take no rut«M- tute, or Inolose |1 and 0 cents In postage In letter and wo will send, sealed, by return mall. Full sealed particular* In plain envelope, to ladles only, 2 stamps. Address Pond Lily Company. No. 3 Fisher Block. Detroit. Jllch. Sold In Marshall and everywhere bv all druggists. iiood* Below Cost. Good leaf tea per Ib 20c Bcsl jjloss atarch 5c Best Chrystal starch 4c Best mrxed bird seed ..... 5c Best mops, 8 and lOc each. Clothe.8 pins <. Ic per doz Best spices, below cost. Best blueing, lOc bottles for.... 5c Best box blueing, 5c boxes for 8c Sal soda.,.. .,.. .,....2c per Ib C, E.'BrtOOKS. When Baby wait sick, we gave her Castoria, When she was a Guild, she cried for Castoria. When gh« became JUas, she clang; to Castoria. Wbea ate had Children, she gave them Castoria. PJiO&T.— Tuesday foren»on, jAue. U, on north >B lde of Stats Jkreet, between my b.uVe and post H)ttl<;e,*U A^-i'.-etO«» *lylo»r«r,hlr nj>. VIT^.. AGENTS WANTED on Salary and Commission for the only autjiorize< of Jan &, Elaine, . 1893. , , EAST. Atlantic Exp, i. 1 ..' *.„«. 3:8fa^m. Jrd. Rap t A Kal. Exp..-.! 8:12 A', tin! Aail........'••;u.......• ;vV....„ 1-45p! to. Detroit Day Exp:....,;,j^ 8^3 p, in. J. If. & Eastern Exp.....,., j 8.-fJO p. u Nia. Falls & : Buff. Spl../... .10:18 p^ to ...,.«. <^.»» ?•>•.*' yhgOv Spl. .:,.,,.,/.....,,. w . iW)S ,..„,, '""'• . ...'?&< i0:«3fc ; ul ...............,'».,.. ,ij'i'-;''«'«lJI:48 p« n. _._„»?'*nd Western Exp &44 p. m Grcl. Rap. A Kal. Exp...,... 8:88 p. m. ^hgo<JNight Exp .-.. ..tilsid p. m. Saturdays«jti«pted •Wally tbwu O. W. KttoaLES, Gen. Pass., UBO. A JenKsow, Freight A cent, C. R. One**. TtrkM A Rent, Marthall Cmcuati, Jacboi & Maclinai llm» table taking «2aot June M Trains pass Marshall as follows: 7 TBAIMS «OIX» liST. Noiffl, 7olod6 Express ' t a, Clnclunstl Kzprees »...u 41 a • *' 27, LocalFrolsht. ......i.,6BOpgi TRAIHS aOlMO WIST. No. ifi^Mall and Bzpres*, :. lOCSa^' - 2, OlnclnnaU * B. O. Kxprsas.V,,...I it > a. " 84, .Kxpress.. .........i..i.«....MMa» All trains dally except'bunday.' *•*" i ** Direct oonneotlons ara mad* at T*l«d« aad Clnolnatl with all roads dtrsrglag, " " . X? 1 ",*.? 1 flR 1111 *? «° o<lo«»ns«ttoB at lion teith with the O H. A1., and at AllMan with tka C & W. M for Qraud B«pids!Mukwnaad lu joints .nor** • .-•:.-..< n « 0. B. ' , Agt., Marshall. i, lUbM), Jb'lC. • • « Twenty cents a week for each ootlc* nat «x ceeding,nre lines. No 'ohargs less than tweaty cents. i .. , * pai| will be suitably rewardeu npoU hanolag It to W. F OB 8ALB—A good family boras, young' tad guntle,7 years old. *i,r particulars apply 10 L. i!. IJlthl, bt«*l stute, utaM street. L^ Oil SALE-A high gmde comblnsiloa blcy- X cle«oriadyorg«u«t 1 h« nnsst wheel »aa» bioodjta i.ew. inquire of K. It. a»uderw»n. L^OK BAiK—A tquare piano, In good oossl- A- Uuu. f o« particulars enquire «.( A. tikia- uer a »Uu.. 011 Hamilton mieet «r resldeac* ait XI uaiOJt-ttrs. w. L. Buck is age»t lor la* 11 Christy kolvv* and w. U furnish all wko Vlak luem. Corker Maueloo and Jtulberry. T7»Oa HALE—Good trusiy family or work horse X or will trade tor^a nay. "Box 6B1, Morehall. ' r° KKNT—A »ery fin* and oral class ball en A state or Main street for society or lodes purpuiiea, cheap. For reference please call at the eouiiiweet corner et btate and Madison sts. CBtt. FKJtD VOOJBL, • General Agent. W HOLESALE CUTLSBY-WanUd, two . young men as uareUag satanta en com- urlBsiou. Apyly with references t« JUadsJl, UaU & Co., 104 Lake street, VMcsgp. L>uli BALE- All my real estate situated en the V beat part- of Mate or Main streets, an« known as very fine and valuable propertyrby Cbria. Fred VogeJ, southwest corner buttT and iladuon sto., bo. JSO' , Tj^OK SALE CHEAJP-New 1 OST—A white uashmere shawl with or*- JLt cbeteJ border. Finder will cooler a farsr leaving u at this office. SALE CHEAP—All sizes of hogsheads, A' good for ci*tems and wMer tanks, inquire ui, uod, Qramer's Jiagle Brewery. IT* OK cJALE—A complete *et of Udnatn's Sis J? lory of ike world. Inquire at tnis ofilce. W A^aLD— talthinl gentleman ot lady to as «ut in ifUte, ioiiuin p«ta!atieBt , - ttatieBt bailwsy far* a.dyanced her* U engsgea. Ancles rUn,i.ed HITWOH J»|ic\ickws OB. HBM_My house o« Wwt By GAIL HAMILTON, his literary execu tor, with the co-operation of his family, anc for Mr. Elaine's Complete Works, 'TWE# TY mSABS OF CONGRESS," and ^is later book, 'fPOLITlCA.t/DISClJSSIONS.^ On prospectus: for these 3 BEST SELLING books io the market. A. E. P. Jordan, o Me., took .112 orders from first 110 calls; agent's profit f 196,50. Mrs. BaUard, of O., took 1§ orders, 13 Seal Husisia, ia one day, profit $26.% ]&, N. Rice, t?f '^lass, 6 , took 27 orders In two days, pjofit *4j'.2o. J,"Partridge, of Me,, to&k « orderefrom 3C.calls, tool 53 orders Ijfcihree &^ms$t T»"V*Vr ¥^»^ WffMC* .»»r»»'rkT*»^ l r<J 11 vW' 1 «^ * -^"T* 1 - H>J - T* . A. J. TAWtABUJJ. L OfaT-A waich, open face, SIKH winding aad 860*1.8, BiiTeiina case, flncer pleai* lettf« wCWiins' ae«inaik*tandncel*e tVwai* W, B, GOtUNb. w*«4fcp***y i jji-^ ttf fi - ; ^ ' ) C J Jift ^ h -"*^ ta AhbH 4^ .C u , 'M Tenrfnlt •tnliar*tK*,*mA±t - i fr^-f^ 9 Tb^ia w4iq^rf^»a wtoc |> OB SALfi-One jj». « cook store In good ot- X aer and one coal sfote with oreiii; - '- ' , .'• B.F. WiLCH, JB.. da* . 1i K, Main'Hueet. W A * J - T .*M ) - An ho*es.'t, MUT» f 1 , trav«t with eipeases utld, t«preae«tJbu . n*ltt.ij t $to.(« lowttWy wi^ an- r It?

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