The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 2, 1897 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 2, 1897
Page 4
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THE PEOPLE'S BIBLE fflSMY lii tills 1 book ulonc can be found tho liu nwtlon sought by every Blblb reader> whether old or J-OUHK, scholftrly or un- WteflM.' It Is, indeed-, a H«*c«n( dtrMov«r|AHln iircbaEM>loinrb(iT0braoaht I liu worM »f tiiilny fun> t« face with lb* nira who llvdil, Hint Hi-iwl, unit wrote Annan the nutlr l«» oivpreil Itt Hibllcnl HiotorUni. Thew ilitroyxrftw huve retnltmt tn thetrlamphsntvln- ' .liciHi-in of ttie mu'rnl vnlanin from thcflbufM hrouaJit «uain«t it hr nfwin ioe» «uia prat«nqed i frloiUl*. l-'vory !nt(>llli;nnt t*r»o» will ordertii« , »«juk, rut thn mattar rontuinisi In It <« of vital importance nntl i-iinttot b« fouuii in any other . buuk on earth. * Write for descriptive and beautifully Illustrated pamphlet circu'lar.£ Address , THE HENRY O.SHEPARD CO. i 212.214 Monroe St. t^*—CHICAGO. •-t^ACE »TE*MER8. LOW: '.^Th^rV MACK1NA. ~'^1 \J CHICAGO.. T"ir» i>e Toledo Detrolt^Mackinac "soo," AUHQUETTE • Mo DliLUtH. _ CVCWIM5 Oetroit md Canuettitig with Karliofit Trains »; tor alt pouiUKast So < H iMjar Trips IIMM, l>% Ausn»« wd 8*irt«w b»r On.\ A. A. pamphlet, " ' Fast Trains . Bay View «tat ttlrt J»«ft t!«i<wt!tfl f f e t^rt* toM ttk WiiiSrli His FItT«<.- ot llnnt - Chicago. Sept. &<— XMe. firat grenemi interest in the litjftg|rt trlnl ^eSle'rday w-atf the cros^-eXanUttAtton of the Watchman teialk. Bialk HeetiB'ed" undin' cfoas-examlnftUofl that slnt-o 'May 1* he hrtd rteen with Officer K linger, liv- l«g at the latter's hottse and fraying ho lioard, ttP ha_d dene no worh, but Inspector Hchaa<% ha<J j)rov«lftci ffleaBS fat hfs wife to live ajtid pay rcftti The fact was y also btouglit oxit that" prfvlouft to M&y 1 the watchman had met taietgert 4n- dlrterent parts of the factory at all hours of the night. Stjrhetlmt'S the 4au4agc-makdr walked about the building 1 and ev«n Irt the yard at late hours. Rlalk iuild hc^egardtd the atJUonp «rf his «iA|»loy^'r on tW Jrtght of May 1 at* gusiilcious becaus>p>'he turned on the stpam into the iiasement at 9 o^Iock. This was unusual. " ~^. I'utilcHl^n* 1 socn I«nef|a'««rt nt Win^t. s It was m^de plain to thte Jury in the cn-ss-e.xawfinrtHiiij that Hialk, Knui his position In the hotter room, ernHd havft luoked through an opening near the ete- vatot and have seen Luptgert at thfr -vat in the basement. He dit! not do so, .He said, because he knew It woljM not do for him to be causht at H. "Rialk said that although Jtjietgert hud barricaded th,e dtXtr 'leading directly from th» bitilt-r i "din, whvii- m 1 waft, to ttlfe. baaement there was another route by which he c.ould have walked into the basement. He did not go in, he said, because Luetjfert had told him to go; back -ttr-hte- fire* ^.ftfer-fte-h|wl j aetHr*»rEd-t;he eecond bottle-of medicine. I>urtgert did hot at any time tell him not to enter th'e basement.' The watchman said he could have looked from in* upper floors of the" 'factory ajnoss a' court into 1 the part of the buildings where the vats were and could have seen Luetgert and his lantern, but did nqt do so. • Man \Vlio Handled TtU«» I'otash. Frank f)dorof!'ky. the smoker at the Luetgert factory, was called .after Bialk left the stand. 'He told of a barrel- of strange stuff which stood in the facloVy iiffii-e, and which he -Was told to .carry into the basement. f 'Be .careful;- this la Stionft f-tuit,'* Luctprert l.sallcged' to 'have sold. '"It will burn your hamtsj." gert, continued the u-'itnesK told him to place •the-fttuff-'-ric'ar. the tnkldle Vat and hreaXlt up. He covered his hnnfls with •TaKi» so\(lint they would not be burned a ltd cjtd aB^jje vvas told. "Wliat, if^any- thlnfir. happelwd whili you were brtak- IIIK it up?" n»1t^d spate's Attorney ivneen. "The 8tunMjurn»HV throufth th- ivigw and burned my nan^cl^N I titld. Jlr, Luet'ftc'rt, arid he'.feftjtf: "Be.fnf£j(. ful. Take yttur titrre; 4 "" \ ' \VhM Hv t-'nttiMt »xt MoriilrtK. Odumf«ky ^'tiif he brnke uia tho cfrus- tic riotaHh undt-r, I^uetBert's direction and put It in the middle vat> Wline?? thin told What he sa,w in th£ basement nxruiinK, May 3. Desld^ the vat W.IM> a n.ins« <>t redilish-liroWn stuiY which had cv^rflowtd from tlW- vat and been carried part nt the way toward the Bwvt'r oponlrg in the floor. Tlitt-atuft •had. an an>ntflvH> smeH, arid wa» slimy and gunny. -Xcar t'hft vat weiv thrie dunrs w hjph had ln<»n taken ftmi. tho snidke h"U*'c near by. Two of "tit CHI d<>Dr» wi'ii- j»mt-aif(1 with «mnf sub. j tai:<«as th"UK?i "they had bftpn on t(i{> of thf vat and thi- the .vat bad l«»fli>d up URuln-t The donn?. . Tie s-uld he took a ciii4i).iity of the stuff on a fhtivel a;id fxajjiirnd It carefully. In it he ,ct,uld «!>» finall plvies of Iwme and what Appealed M> be pJirtl<'l«-8 of flesh. Him«l th«' SUIT' for th«» roll.*-. jOflorfif sky • »aJd Lu«tgort ordertd him t» remove the stuff fft>m the floor an'd vut, which he did, and the sautagf:- rnuker tlnT-.tnld him to take it out into the ya,rd nnd y^atter It aA the fartnjtot the woman #»ft grona, disappearance was « »ur»ripe to the farrow «nd a subjjert for mfcditatKin W(*-(Sefestftt«s. »ft foUttid/ *o It that feilr n te*nberttte»t ftatS appeared In tne nef^hbo*Bai>a aftortly. bel'oie ynftlshed. ^Jf flt o*»(,-e came ra the *IuWM thrtt «l«3f Bppt-aran* atSSSPtarawcp Were ' Something than- ft poincldenr-'*. in fad h* tho farmer-might account, t&v. the.4allet i » Hp , TJfe bu»r h«s been every sluCe. Ttfe grfmf; Jr?w And cold and h(jt. .Fc"ttl fap«ai to farm Ihe detWttve winded: nis He h^arfl nn eyjrty hWifd fff\'tti« never Kot-with* in forty-eight hx.Bi' 1 * of her. For two weeks' now MUte ha^fint hp-aed fwrn Ai* Mllfe) ^hasr pursued tfcfis ,ito*. entirely at hfs t>wn cxpranue He- 4W in tfe "f amM j-awn- and wj thoai^ht of counsel tot th8 berry bringfl itnfliedtrtte relief In ^fl cases hf crampina pains of the atotnaoh orfe6*e1«* It in nftture's specific tot summer complaint in all ,. Dr. Thotntt* » JSolfiotrfeo Ott , ha* hundred*)' of cniieft of deafness th»6 were huppoBctl to be incurable. It naVor faite to Curoeatocho, •> i I <vill1w«*afc rom 8:30 fr» 10 i\. TO. on Motodnye fThurfidftya, and at other hours of euch daje « bcr> noiwtherwi^e crignged. " TO CORE NERWS DYSPEPSIA, .Sl*ej>; woll f -T«r Know winl Onoil Ulff««tlon fl H trlHl of Stnnrt 1 * Dy*pi>p~ of nn Oehtle^nnf No, trouble ife more eo underetnad thnu nervourt dyHpepehv I'eo plo, H»*ing it I hiii k that their tn*rve«a*» to blame and ire " surprised ttiftt they are not cured, by uer.yeint'dioiTio nnd spring remc'-'" diep; the rent feat of the miscttief'is load eight of: the atomtrcb is tho organ to bo ~ — --- '- - ~ — Noivous dyspeptics often do not have any pain whatever iu the stomach, nor perhaps any of the usual sytupfotns of stomach wcakhtwa. KCTVUUS dyspepsia fhovfei itaelf not iu the tKuiuaoh so much aw ,ift- aionrljr evury other organ; in some c-iwes the heart palpitates ntid is irregular; in, others the kidpes*»re affected; tn others tho bowel* arc cptiBtuwted, with headaches; still otiicnt «re troubled" with Ip8« of flesh and appetite, with accumulation of gna, aour risings and heartburn. Mr. A. W. Shsrpbr of "No 01 Proapsct Sk;, Ind'mnnpolif,, Ind., write* «W follows "A motive of pure «rntitudo prompt me to writo those few lines reKardibg the new ant) valuable ujcdiciubi Stuart's Dyspepsia Tab- fots. 'Thrive been asuiECeritig from nervous cljRpciisiu f> r the lact four >eni*; have used various patent uu'dieinM and other rune* edirH without any .favorable rwult. -They -«ni>otnne»>>avo temporary .relief until' the 'clluotw of thomedietue wore .off. 1 atjtnb- u'ted this to my Bedentary hnbitfl, -bcintf. a joodkcoppr withlittlu yhyaical exercise, tmt am cl"d to state that the tablet* have jvoffouio tt" thc*o obstnoles for I sjnined iu HoMi, nlpfp h tte>, nod atn better n every waj. 'I In? iil>"\fc is written not for notoriety, but id tiut.'<'(l mi actual fact." Krni-wt.f'illy yoiirs, A. \\. SHAIU'ER, «1 Frocpoct S».., TMiiinnn\)oli J , Ind. It is gnfoto sny thnt Stuart's PyHjjejmia [tablets will cuio nay i<lornach' wonkiicMS or except cunccr of ^toinac-h. They ' nidi, «HB, 1-oBH.of flesh and iilef*BeHS( pnlpitntiiin, beart- jurn, (i. •nHt^pnlion inid licndarhiw. S.-nd for vHluahb! Uttlc book on Htomftc-fi di i'MX(vf by fi(Mrt't«rntiH Stuart Co. ( MaiwhRll, Mn-h. •''"', AH df'uygHtfi eel'l full sjzexl pacfeaffeant t>0 hae con»o to stay.. > Cx Co. <^OLEPROPR!flOR5. $100.00i'rt»war(l will lie paid for^tfie artest and conviction of any one detectedjrefilling our bottles. • For sal** by W, T. »ltA.K12 ami AXLJlYUJti. ^_ _ j r „_„ i. Blankenhorn RELIABLE PAINTER, "but I did not _nratt£_r _]t Ir'li'ad I (1un)]>t-d it in one and put sui.e dirt'.verit." Witness said tftut aft?f "the ptilh-^ began tfieir 1W- yi p nfe showt*d them wh^r^ he i-tf*'"! thp ^nattHs^l from the vat they U'tilt part of It «tway, ' THK ilLSM^NU "BEC01EIREILWOIIAII" Study the torro»tton of oorMKU b»bita. D»valpf Una womanhood. TbU i* the -aim of • '--• ... AKEtEY IWSTITUTI- Iruui Haven. Mich, luu l^kn Mk-h ' All modara ' «x|t(ta<i«ii. Mil}* au A ffatur«of thisr*rnai-ltab.le case that Is hardly t,ak«-a in It.' For over two by has ha.4 4ietect1y«» at work 'in WtTri^nam ^ryln^r t-<> ixjcjut^ a who, to the- opinion of p<-t, ( p>, may tut the ^jt?*ing lira. ^«rt. Alaw«ii dally Mil Us Juv» received lettei-8 of tb«*ir.eha^ af.ter G, R. & L ftunuaer SoNwbie j»o«w in effect- No. Tl«ivt«lMil«- , IB,, and Oraud It- PW ari Bay View &($ p. <p, a«4 , a lu -ij^ 8f25 p. IB. iu a tb« latter |j*« of • July he wane ' fcisw to. C. L. Lt>CKWOOP, bu, ; ym weaUfe- Write 4i)£fi WUiUx & IK)., Ffeteikt A.ttero«>a, i-i, Ci, jTgr ikeff f)*« ja-iasiofleJT cpuld at>t«« into tb« <:»»«> but towit 4 ffv-at ml«a*»t w |t. one o| tb* interviews JaJJi; Jjitetfeert «bow*d hun a bi buitdi* o« loiters (row they kaew^ »ts wile w moot-y la find teer, ptfafefS told QBS and said tU*t In his opinion in*ntt4 condition on if fcuro near Bay View. Wia, a uni^ll toiyn u^ar Green Bay ftjad Juet sauib *l Sturgeon ,Bafy cacal MlUUi *ent fgr Smith. He told bis story- in siralij:lHfi>rwajrd roann«i'. It ascaiH tntit tt hud received informailoK that « mysterious woman had ws.Utucl loto tbe farm bouae About May 10, From 810, tt> $50 per }*£nr_snv«\l each 'ttuiily \vht> will send a i)Upit to itfae DECBH Tailoring acjux)! jn the " T ~ juilding. Watson still srtla tho famous ifi^or MounUin Javu, it is tLo llnest tavorecj etiffeo known. THE OLD I Varnishes, Hard Oil, Oalsom Black Board Slating, Paint Removing etc, ^ _^ ** ' "" ~ •*• ~ — ^ We abstain from using inferior qualities ot mixed paints, tieing able to mix our otyn colors from pure lead and other substances. SHOP KAST STATK «T»KBT. ', i ^ ____„___Li—••^•••^^^^^••••^•••••aMiapMSMpaM**""*""'^""*"** THE BEST THAT TOBACCO CAN PRODUCE. BEN-HUR" CI6ARS A cool sweet satisfying smoke that Cleave.* a grateful rememberancs. t \ i -^ Sold by all dealers lOo straight n»»<l 3 for 2fic. Mttntijfacturod Ivy |L' CEO. MOEBS &^CO., Detroit* i** ^ ^ ^ CAVEATS, I ^ t^SDS MAftlCS, 1 DESIGN I»A TENTS, I COPYR1OKTO, otp.' f'cr Infiirttmtkin'and-fme-Unhfllioiilc *» rlto trt *.!UN,N' ''K CO., i.6! 'HIROAUM'AT. MEW YOUK, f hlviit fitironu frr -pcmrHi* |.4il«ntn I f,-Mviit tiiironu ir-r -pcmrUi* |.iil«ntH In America. .LtLry lytMiLt^iltgn fiut h> mi In lir.,uu-lit !j.'f,»r>> the public by n not ic« gtvi-u iruti 01 tLurKtt Iu tin I-ar-pi'it otrciilfltlon of nnv wtNitlflf pspor In thA vinnl ^iiltiKlnllr llhi'-tr'itnl,. 5f» Int. Ill^ui tilfth khtnil.l im \vllhniit. .It. Wi'«'klv. tt.'t.(MI« \c • «1 Vi4lYmolithH. A.|<tr».w, MC'-N * CX>.. Vi ^fiHuuKs. :il>l lir ( i*lw m . Ji^iv ^ urk Cltv, 'G *" OR EITHER HEX, O nhiiM remedy beittff in jectctl directly to tho Meat off thoHe,d.l««fUMMi of th» CJcnlio-lIrlnnjry Orxanff, roaniren no of diet. Care « la ,t to 9 .. i. ttmult plain pack. a«c. by mall, VLOO Mold only by -^—~-.-i^ ^=. MUCH ALflVE The STATE FAIR. (,^i<^i^» Stete Agricultural Boeiety tas l^ew r ! «t» diead^oift i» not true. It is folly.aUv^ to thfe.jiifli i iitter08ta<jrMicMgan* anUwUl bqldoiieof its Old kive State Fains frt d AwoirtiiMHlit mailt4 ov »pp$i<!fttitt» , Willfaun i> w'tce, CufculaF free. KINO REMjBDV Nervous Debility. K*«p tljia jflftte ^df your oirtyig, ^ Mr». D*Jlii Bujrgese is ^ropretl to do ig for Ugbket KuuaU^ Wheel* <wi«arth, PR. «, C, THEELDREOGE TABLE. JMi.Y 4, THE BELVHJERE, Ift* WMtUMn 1 * *• NMw «M4 WhM^I So.8N^)H!jw«.'..... So. Milliwo^iaiiwiiw*^ •o. S% Qi«ia piiiln DR.FCUX UE BRUN'S Steel | Pennyroyal Treatment otifo und rolinbia euro ou the runr- kn(. Prjey, *l.«0; sent by iruul Qt-iiuino Hold only h- , A. O. HYDE. RexTablets are sold under a-fjositive guarantee to cure or refund the mon^y, and we stand by our uarapteerCuRES all Nervous Diseases, nnpot«n(;«u V«rl«K»lfi, M>«t Vitality iix pld or youngj Nightly EifMwjQn* afld seases, and all effects ot seJf- * genuine oerve tonic. Stows Immediate impro-rteipent, The grandest remedy of modern times, Oe» f t **?' f mltations, Get WEX TABLETS, JPrfce ;Jo cents, «f [KicSakes fa, ftj^TSnfttnwjitjfotf, > 4 i^Hflb IHR «EMdHM ™ ^^B^^' ^^» ^P^^^-^^fl^P' > v, i' > v - ' , •• *.' , U . - - ,\ •' -'" - • • i • ' f * - <2T * "^ t 1 « V '' * ^t "> r s •** l S. L ' » ( ^ifiifeiii.*^,^'-^

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