Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 4, 1947 · Page 5
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 5

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 4, 1947
Page 5
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»THinks Hartimg Will Develop aU Thai Giants Need Badly fc curve it was a "shame to waste such a strong, arm at third hasp for the Phillies in 1934. "I asked all the pitchers with -good curves how they held and released the ball' replied, the Cln- , cirmatl dependa- x ble, "and expert* * merited ufltil l found Which was the best One for _.. -- • - -«. me to throw one." ""fit Hartung - „ _ew schooled observers no believe Hartung will remain a .ing pitcher, but Insist that eventually he will be returned to £nd°gSS? aS a CraCkmg right Pitching he is most assuredly helping himself at bat. In his first three winning efforts, he manufactured six hits, Including three doubles and a tripple. The first thing you know pitchers will be purposely walking him to get at the lead-off man. One of the biggest things in Hartung s favor is self-confidence He tt« be ^ ev f he can do anything. When Hartung is polished up a ii hell be a tough guy In "— ol Otato certtlnl, could us, Oilers Chalk Up Second Win Over Pioneers, 18-11 0 (Mexploded in the eighth inning tor 10 runs on nine hits, two walks and two errors to io e f C1< ? Vis pionscr s here last . 18 to 11. it was the second the Oilers over th PORTS „ the SB: —•• "' vuiij v.uuuu mine wno gave him the twist of the wrist that sent him skyrocketing to the heights. Hartung has the side-arm sink. e £ antf is just as swift and wild enough to prevent batters from taking toe-holds. If the large young wan had a wind-up enabling him !2 ge t t 11 . hls 215 pounds behind tne pitch, he really would be the n u Horror, He throws the ball as though he. were throwing a dart, For Quick, Dependable Service Go to Clarence's Shoe Shop Pampa 109}£ E. Foster »* most valuable ? ork st ?"> a »d ,, t veteran observers <i Strategist O(t should refrain. i ^ employing his crack relief T° ke , r Y hen the cause ^ Ialnl y has ^n ' l ° S £ °*, he dld In th e opening ofrc ^ d ? rooklyn «"•'« <" «« Pol^ m, That made Trinkle's 15th appear- ; anc !f ln 31 games, and his arm isn't mude , °f reinforced lentlier. He should be called from the bullpen only to save games or when the Jints stand a fair chance of wiii- .ning. It was lack of pitching that gave Floppy Hartung, a flop in left field and at bat, the chance to help the Giants where they need it most and remain one of the more in- terestlng stories of the year WARM WEATHER REQUIRES WARM WEATHER LUBRICANT Hove your transmission, motor and Differential summarized. PLAINS MOTOR CO. DE SOTO and PLYMOUTH N> Frost ' Phone The "pay-off pitch in the eighth ™ to Bob Bailey, first baseman who relieved starter Foster Whit and who in turn was replaced by Al Johnston Pampa had counted a run to knot the count at 8-all The bases'were loaded and two were out Baiey singled sharply into Rill ' A e ,' d « a , lld Man ^er Jack Hiley of the Pioneers let the bal go through him to the fence with everybody scoring. °]P vis overcame a 5 - 2 le *d in the :ilth when five consecutive hits the last a two-run homer over the cnnter field fence by "Chuck" Nov- p.ney. brought in five Pioneers tallies and drove White from the hill The Pioneers went a run ahead in the seventh on two hits, after Pampa had tied the score in their ^"A 1 ^^ $£*<& ^^*^£%««™ Tony Range homered In the ton rtinh e i n « lth , ofr Nick Nicholas who pitched the last canto for the Pio- o£v fp '*i (m Ah !' " 11(1 A K &fe ; "y.iii,".? III!'} fr'.& ".::::«" J 8 fell':::::"! U SI: A. Johnston.'Yl,.p jj 1 3 s 0 0 ' olnl -Hi IS IS 21) 14 1 c-Lovrs (ID Hasklns, If .... n ! , 0 0 , -NcMolas ,,,.,, .. a , j ? § J Monk, ,. r ..•;;;.•;. 44 I \ f J j »«••:".•? ? 8 2 II ST'!?--" I } M » Ife'V.-.-. 1 .''- I 1 I I I g H'!;° b •••••""' * •' p.","™ kl ' a for Kmmer in 9Ui. Si IJ! ' a 220 010 2(10)1—18 , nis on ofiO i;io—11 P-i^W"?'"" 1 , '"-"toy, CVCnnnpll. Hnilt-y 2, Port In 2, Rnnge 3, While Jolinslon 2, Nicholas. Mooro 2, Q\ fin L- Xovotnov 2 Kramer. Two-base " --0 (Juimcll. Korlln, Uniior, Moore 2. lli)-ee-bas,-. hits—Foi-tin 2. Homo runs — KIIIIRO. jNovotnoy. Double-nlny.s— O'ennT'l T.^fP'oi" n ''"'" y *' * to Cloyl.s li Bases on balls—White .l! liai oy :i, .Tohiiston 3, Kamer 4, Nicholas 1. SirlkP ontw—While 1, Bailev ?;.. .'"hnKtrjii (i, Kramer 7. Hits— *\ nitti, 11 for 1 in .1 plus Innings Itnlloy. 2 for -1 in :) pi us Innings,' Johnston 1 for 0 in 2 inning Kramer 17 for 17 in S inniiig-s. Nicholas 1 for 1 In 1 Inning. Wild pitches—Bailev l Johnston 1, Kramer 1. Winnintr pitcher-Bailey. I^osltiK pitcher—Kramer. Umpires—Atkins and Leonard. Time Giants Get Three Homers to Smash Chicubs—Grab First Sporls Round-Up Sporls Beat Rehs To Move Into 2nd Place With Cats T^L 11 " 5 Associated Press The Shreveport Sports, <Vho have proved themselves a tough foe in ecent weeks, bounced into a tie n n, FO r? Worth for seconcl P^ce L » Xas ^^ue Pennant race oday after winning their series opener with the Dallas Rebels 3-2 ^ttery Joe Berry turned the trick for the Sports last night with a masterful piece of relief work. With men on second and third and one out in the ninth inning Berry relieved Earl Dothager and retinMiiie next two in order. The losa. dipped the Rebels back to fourth" place. J.n Or lift* rri tvinn rn..i . *. . Bv hf 1 Associated Press h ^° New York Gan « the surprise team of the Major i' Iherc is no secret whj T |f s Bang is at the top of the National L«ague today In 39 games of which they've won M. the slugginsj men of ott led by Johnny Mize. the Major's 380 STEAKS DINNERS LUNCHES Prepared to suit you. Famous Budweiser Finest SANDWICHES /THf BROWN DtftBV YOU WILL ENJOY *YOURSELF HERE New World's Record For Seven Furlongs INGLEWOOD— f/p)— A new world record of 1:21 4-5 for seven furlongs was added today to the brilliant racing triumphs of Honeymoon, stout-hearted sprinter from the Harry L. Warner stable who turned her summer debut at Hollywood Park into a smashing- victory over some of the track's fastest thoroughbreds. Acquired by Warner for $135,000 at the Louis B. Mayer dispersal sale last spring, Honeymoon clipped one- fifth of a second off the previous 1:22 record hung; up in 1906 Jay Roseben at Blmont. ' ' ODD BELIEF Ancient Peruvian Indians beliv- ed that whenever a trepanning operation was performed a new variety of potato would be found in that area. More trepanned skulls and more different varieties of potatoes have been found in Peru tha in any other place in the world. — - • __ _ The league leading Houston Buff ^ ster only e 'e h t hits of . , ey scored their two run innlng ' but Tu)sa » rally in time to P slim margin of victory The Oklahoma City Indians stag * ™ n "Prising in the stall hohi s ? v ? nth innin gs to come from behind to score, their victory ove the hapless San Antonio Missions They hammered the offerings o S? 12" hn 1 " 111 ? a " d - AJ La '"««Wa ipr u hits. Lyman Linde gave un six hits and two runs in the first He° Wnn^H' ?L ld the11 setlled dora He blanked the Missions the rest of the way to score his fifth victorV against four losses. viciorj Beaumont erupted with a four- un splui'ge in- the seventh to overtake the Fort ' Worth c-* Fred Collins went the route for Beaumont, giving up six hits. One of them was a 365-foot home run R y nJn Tell . Anderson with Monty Basgall on in the sixth inning. JThe same teams play tonight. DWINDLING— * differen t kinds of ele- at one time roamed over various parts of the cart™ Today ' Mize' 14 home runs put him two cay., aheart of Babe Ruih'" "-cord breakino; p ace of eo , n ]§27 ^e, 0 « e S,o& d « », r. ' wijjjj iJio CJiiofl^o Cul} 1 -" rr« ta Kc?.^rSer^t ^s?",,^ n,ii - * j-ii^ us.ii.di oioprjcd tiie ^i os into second plac", one tnmo of /hn A" d ,°, nly thro ° points ^ead of the Brooklyn Dodgers. The Dodgers swept n doublo Pkl, Pr r , ro , m Pltts ""reh at Ebbet l-itld ciitslugging ihe Pirates 11 r and 8-7 u> move into tWrd n ace past the Boston Braves who were SS «°M:.. th ^t. Louis carVnSS up i,n; reccive d credit for the Dodger victories. The firc- righthander started the opener " " f °J a P'^h hit "r "n Brooks ahead 10 - 4 - By HUGH FTJLLERTON, JR. NEW YORK—i/pi—when the idea of a natiortai collcginte baseball slayolf first was broached, several NCAA bigwigs maintained it cauldn't be successful because it would be impossible to keep the ;eams together until late June *fow the University t>f Illinois, which inished its regular season May 17 is booking games against semi-two clubs to keep in shape for the playoffs . . . Texas finished about the same time but the team hasn't disbanded, and their first championship competition will come in the sectional playoffs June 20-21 IDENTITY CONFIRMED At a ball game between Austin and Wichita Falls in the Texas Big State League Sunday the Wichita Falls Spuddcrs called upon a pinch Hitter—A big red headed kid stepped up and told Umpire Berry- "I'm Albeit R. McCarty of Jonesboro. Ark. My uniform number is 16 and Im comiiiii in to hit for Third Baseman Eddie Storenski. I'll go into the lineup at third base, but first I'm liable to knock the ball out of the park." . . . The ump wanted to repeat it all to the crowd just for the laugh, but a routine cut m first ... So Berry .still was chuckling to himself when McCarty slammed a home run over the right field wall. Whpn Notre Dame's Bill Leonard ran a mile in 4:15.7 at the Indiana' State meet last week, he broke the Notre Dame outdoor record which Greg Rico set in 1939 .. A pair of Louisiana State U. footballers. Don Sandife rand Joe Leach plan to spend their summer vacation on a raft, floating 400 miles down the Red and Mississippi Rivers from Shreveport. La., to New Orleans . Wonder if that's what the purity boys mean when they say South- free ri'l Collfel ' encr> at hlet"es get a 1 Pampa Roping Club~ Members Will Meet A combined business mooting and practice session for members of thi i ampii Roping Club has been culled for 7:30 tomorrow evening at the nodco Grounds, it was announced this morning. «,M' % Taylor, Jr.. club secretary •said that the meeting- was of importance to the club and asked mat all members attend. SWC Sprini Fighfs < Are Predicted lo Be Rerun ai San Antonio SAN ANTONIO—(#>)—A replay of the Southwest Conference sprint battles between Bill Martineson of Baylor and Perry Samuels, Charley Parker and Allen Lawler of Texas will feature the South Texas A&M Track and Field meet here Saturday light. * Tliis time, Parker, who lost seven 00-yard dashes during the season -four to Martineson—will probably be favored since they will run 100 meters—10 yards longer than the customary century. Parker, a notoriously slow starter, is noted for his great finish. The meet, to be held at Alamo Stadium, will qualify 25 Texarts for the National AAU at Lincoln Neb July 3-4. ' '' Both Texas A & M. and Texas which finished one-two in the Southwest Conference meet, _ . have full teams with George Kadett A|gic weight man, and JefrV Thompson, tiny Texas distance run' " 0 vie for high P° int h °n™ n , three events lh the Conference meet q™ft 0! \i Ce - Soutnem Methodist, Southwest Texas State and Prairie View Negro College will enter teams Many high school standouts also have entered. NOT NEW TO THEM ~~ Trepanning, miracle of modem surgery, is a delicate surgical operation on the brain, yrt it was common practice among the ancient Indians of Peru. Most so-called rye breadlTmade from rye flour greatly diluted with white flour. State Farm Insurance Companies Auto •» Fire Insurance Harry Gordon, Agent 505 N. Faulkner ^— ^^^^^^*^mm Sportsman Shop For CAMP STOVES 112 E. Foster Phone 677 .towrH n o sc ence s toward greater secrecy, greater CO MAGNETO REPAIRING All Work Guaranteed RADCLIFF BROS. ELECTRICAL CO. If you're not too old to^hange your mind and go for something fresh and fast and new., .pull up at the next red Bp um p . . . and fill up with Conoco! For here's power hard to hold down '"' ' extra SMOOTH extra trO-rv-o m ij es in the nevMay N-tane gasoline that's wade for you ... f or NOW! Copyright 1017, Coutmeatal Oil Co, BY J, R. WILLIAMS WHILE .._. _GE=TAMV SLEEP 'UMBB OUT - -'EC'"THEY WORKING POWM FREE! FREE! Those Luscious ROOT BEERS We have installed a brand new post-war Root Beer dispenser, makes the best durn root beer you ever drank. We are so proud of the Root Beer it makes, we want everyone to have one. J us f. . . . Clip ihe Ccupon-»Ge! One Free! DANCE Every Night to Jack urns- 1 ' Guihrie Becerding Band DANCING 9 TO 13 EACH NIGHT CLUB On the Borgcr Highway | I AM GOOD FOR ONE | • ROOT BEER 0 • FRIDAY, JUNE 6, ONLY I VANTINE'S WHITEWAY DRIVE INN Limit: Not over (20) to Any Pampa News Carrier Bring 'em Friday—-Get 'em Free! POST-WAR ROOT BEER WITH THAT PRE-WAR FLAVOR. Come in and see us, we will appreciate your visit and the opportunity to serve you. CURB SERVICE VANTINE'S WHITEWAY DRIVE INN 618 W. Foster Pampa, Texas S^SSS"-. STAWDIN ,QS Amarlllo V 29 SI 31 20 20 •a 30 '.".'."" is Ahileno ...."" J? Borser '.'" jf Ulniquerciue 1:1 Clovis 7 Todayls Games-'-. ramna at Clovis. Uibbock at Albuquornuo. Lamesa at Amarlllo. Aliilone at Bgrger , RlA MERICAN LEAGUE Detroi? 1 .. J !!!! ! .^ H8 ? 4clated Prcsf eiv York .... 90 le.velnnd ....,'.'. ic Joston •' 9(1 3 liiladelphia .... fg Va.shina'lon .... 17 Chicago 20 St. LOUI.S . . •:: . ](j NATIONAL New York 23 Chicago .....;.,.• 22 Brooklyn 23 Boston .... 2 9 Pitlaburti-h ...,'.'. IS Phllaaelphia is Cliiclnimlf , 18 St. Louis . .. ^ 17 TEXAS LEAGUE 17 18 21 21 lil 23 .000 .-IKS .475 .4 7 a .-105 22 .421 LEAGUE It! 17 IS 19 21 23 24 23 Houston ... Fort Worth 8hravei>ori Dallas Beaumont ... Oklahoma City t-t . STANDINGS 19 .B20 . ......... 22 San Antonio ... 20 24 24 25 20 29 29 31 Eleven-Man Longhorn Track Club io Dallas DALLAS—OT-The University o Texas will brins? an H-man squat to the Duel otMBhampions track am field meet between the Big Six and the Southwest conferences to be held here the night of June 13 Director James H. Stewart announced today. Heading-the'Jls'i of entries is the crack Longhorn 440-yard, relay team which recently set a new meet record at the Lo§: Angeles Coliseum relays with 40.6 seconds, one-tenth of a second the world's record Perry Samuels, Charley Tatom, Allen 1-awler and Charley Parker make up this, fast-stepping quartet wJtugh. will rip against a fine gay « . vW fa & special event. ~ ' ftnished^ q, good Relax .S(i4 .GUI .537 .4G2 .429 .429 .425 .529 .529 .528 .519 .453 ..432 .392 I'M '-V. Ota'a ;» PAMPA CQCA-CQIA BOTTLING COMPANY -•*** ^^Uu^teibcii^l^^ r , f J.i , 4,«T wV^J

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