Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas on January 3, 1939 · Page 8
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Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas · Page 8

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 3, 1939
Page 8
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. \'.f. "-„» - ', "> >+' '.-'• • THE COBSICANA SEMI-WEEKLY LIGHT, TUESDAY, iAttTJARY 3, 1989. Health, Beauty And Poise How to Improve Your Personality By VERONICA DENGEL THE GLAMOR WOMAN EXERCISES . Let's resume our exercise lessons today. I have a splendid one for those of you who are annoyed with bulges on the haps and on the upper thigh. As you •will notice, the girl In the picture Is lying on her side with one arm under her head and the other used to support her In balance. The legs should be held straight with the knees as rigid as they would be It a steel pipe were strapped down the back of the leg. Now move the legs back nad forth In quick vigorous strides, stepping forward then low for a continuous roll, you the 'amazement' of your other- can take the same position and roll over on the stomach from one side, and then over and tiack to the other side. It's really fun, and you'll find the children join- Ing you—but remember that the body must be kept straight and firm—don't roll In 'sections.' When are you doing your exercises? It you are a housewife, don't you find It a bettor plan to wnlt until the family Is gone and the house la yours? Then you can exercise for your own Do this exercise on your floor, or table-top backward as far a« possiple' without bending the knee. Count to 40 or 50 'strides, and then turn over and "walk" from the other side. It is best to do this exercise on a hard surface—not a soft rug—so that there will be plenty of resistance as the legs move back and forth. This exercise Is called the 'scissors" and will really do the work for you. The lower leg, remember, must be kept free of the floor except at the upper thigh, otherwise you cannot get a good pressure on the fatty tissue. You might now roll over on your back, and draw the knees up, encircling them with the arms. Roll over far to the left sld« but don't use the arms to push. Lot the push be done with the hips. Now roll back far to the right side, and continue back and forth for a good number of times, always using the hips to throw the weight over. Another version of this exercise which will help the lower buttocks and stomach. Cross the arms on the chest, laying full length, feet stretched out. Now roll over and over In a continuous movement from one 'end of •the room to the other, again using the hips to throw the body over. I know of several women Who depend on this exercise for , reducing and stimulation. If your room' is not large enough .to al- aenefit and amusement—not for wise devoted husband and children. The business girl who lives alone has an easy time working out her routine and can adhere very nicely to a plan—if she will. The business girl living at homo can best do her exercises In the privacy of her room before her morning bath and will be much more alert on the job as a consequence. Do plan to Incorporate an exercise routine Into your dally habits. Believe me when I. say that with very few exceptions, all of the beautiful women of stage and screen who look years younger than the number of birthdays they admit, closely follow a planned exercise routine. They choose a few stretching, limbering and reducing exercises that particularly fit their requirements— and then do them regularly day in and day out—year in and year out. Only by steady daily workouts can you expect to improve and retain your beauty, youth and health. Spasmodic, strenuous efforts will only result In sore, strained muscles, and then you have to quit again until the aches are gone. An raqnnti (or rereonal "Health. Benut.y and Polio" Information detlred 07 Veronica Demrcl'B column follower* muitt 00 accompanied by a full? ielf-artdreMed. •tumped envelops (I.R.I.B.). Adrtreu: Veronica Dencel. In care at thli new** SUNFLOWER STREET By TOM LITTLE nnd TOM SIMS NEW YEAR'S THOUGHTS "YEARS is LIKE -DOLLARS [PEOPLE CAN DO MO'j WID ONE DOUA~ DAN OTHERS , CAN WID A vHUNDERD/ RIGHT; ^ LOU/ HOW 'YOU SPENDS OEM IS MO' IMPORTANT k DAN HOW MANY YOU HAS/ V" 1 LOU ANO PAP HENTV I-V39 TODAY'S CROSS-WORD PUZZLE Solution of Frlday'c Puzzle. PlAlC Il£ Epoch-" 18. Gray with flli. Draft anlr ff Vi- AqROSS L Cudgel a i.,*. gather Si if. Table-Und BK* anlm»1« ,\Bxpres«es is 13. Rentlne .. —contract SB. Ftnlebed ; yf. Spread looselr JO. Straight, 82. Walk with . „ long itepa •*• Z™ , 85, Bnormoui xST, P«rt of a. ' kltoheu w>*l|a kUWB tight mualo under milady'* window 60. Dlllseed SI. Declare 51. Young man C3. AnarohlaU elghborly ' •working gathering DOWN 1 Vat or cistern 3 Gone by 64. By 65. NT' 6 Number Very thin rifi Electrified particles 8. Clatter 7. Bitter vetch t. Israelite lawgiver 9. Superfluous 10. Close tlghtlx 11. Insects 1C. Cublo meter. 19. Sour 20. Wua carried 21. Wicked N 23. Worked 24. Facility DO. Set thickly. 28. Paradise 29. Small depression 81. Burn 33. Style ot numeral SO, City In New York state 19. Clothes or endows 40. Prevent 41. City In Portugal 4*. Diminish 44. Native metal' bearing comuoundi • 49. Undermine 47. Poorest part of a fleece 4>. Female deer 49, Point at which a bean sprouts % *» 38 31 46; e 33 10 UP FATIIEB- B» WELL.- I'VE JUST GOT TO TELL MAGGIE THAT WE HAVE A LOT OF= MOMEY IN THE BAKIK- I KNOW IT WILL BE A SHOCK TO HER -BUT-I'VE OUST I GOT TO GET IT OVER WITH IT'S A GOOD TIME. i TO TEL.L HER NOW A-5 MOST OF HER RELATIVES ARE IN JAIL. AT THE PRESEWT TIME- C Copt. I9JJ. King Fmurti SvnJlMM. Int. WaiM flt>M •^A THE HAIR DRESSER IS HERE NOW- MUM- VERY CHAR AWD MDlPMAV SERVE TEA AT FOUR.- •V SHE'S HEARp ABOUT . .«,•• .«..• ±3±. •CAP" 8TUBBS AJVT) TIP PIE- A NICE NEW RACE TRACK By Edtvlna WE.LL,TH" ONLY THING TO DO is GO SEE. WHER.E WE CAN PLACE TH' FURMITUR.E— GEE! ru_ GO 'LONG — l\ II / MY LAND! THERE'S NO NEED OF YOU COIN' 7 WEL.L / I WANNA SEE (. MY RDOfvT.TOO — I-*-1 LET ME SEE — TH' PIANO OVER. THER£ — AND TH ; SOFA MY LAND'. YOU'RE NOT , HELPIN'ANY BY IMITAT- ,IN'A CYCLONE: — ( LOOKY VSVE CAN! 3O "THROUGH TH' HALL/ROUND INTO 1 TH' DININiRQOtVf AN 1 BACK. AGAIN —, J TSS ~~ TILLIE THE TOILHU- THE BOSS IS "HOPPING" MAD. 67 BUM Weitom YOUR BOSS SOT 'EM TO LET ME OUT OF THE COOLER TILLIE I KNOW,ANDY, I'LL TELL MR. SIMP KINS YOU'RE HERE ^HE WANTS TO SEE YOU ANDY IS HERE AND HE'S COMING RIGHT IN TO f SEE YOU ABOUT THATJ TOB HOT I LICKS I YOU'VE CAUSED A LOT OF TROUBLE AROUND HERE IN THE PAST YEAR, YOUNG MAN-ARE YOU G.OING TO WATCH YOUR STEP FROM NOW ON I SURE AM,MR. SIMPKINS ( HERE'S A NEW STEP PERFECTED WHILE I WAS) IM THE JUG OVER THE) WEEK-END.. IT STARTS) LIKE THIS* JtST KIDS— N'OT SUCH A HOT PABTT By Ad Cartel SANDY M=PHER50N MY PAL AN' I« WOULDN'T RUN HIM ) ^BUT? DOWN- BUT— Opr. Iflll, Hint Ftituft* Syn<Hin>. Int. WofM ni^i* rt«r\c») WELL-SANDY INVITES FSTS 1 PAT AN'ME TO A HOUSED . WARMIN'~.-> AN! OF COURSE/1 DIDN7\ HAVE CAKE AN 1 CANDY IN MIND—WITH ME kj HOUSE-WARMIN 1 IS ^ JUST A HOUSE -j WARMING r WELL-FISURATI\/Eiy sSPEAKING-INEARLV. FROZE TO .DEATH MICIiEY MOCSE- AN UPPEB BERTH Bj .Walt DICKEY IS HAVING QUITE A TIME TRYING TO TEACH CRUSOE TO SLEEP IN A TREE; so AS TO BE SAFE FROM WILD ANIMALS. WELL, I < GUESS HE'S ALL RIGHT NOW, IF HE DOESN'T . TURNOVER! I'LL ADMIT I'VE SEEN SOFTER MATTRESSES — BUT, ANYWAY, WE'RE SAFE UP HERE! OH-OH! HE TURNED OVER I" A CURSE ON THIS MODE ;OF SLEEPING, SAV I! DON'T .GIVE UP THE; SHIP, SIR!••;« C'MON V AND HAVE ANOTHER TRY AT IT! .t imt \'--^$li l '^m THKIBLE THEATRE Storrto* POPBYE-NOW SHOWTNa-"STOP TOUB WIHSPEBINO, 8ATAy!"TOMORROW-. "A SLIP BETWEEN THE PBTOK AND TlSSEHSHE-NJIMR S SUSPOSE I DP1N1KEP V OUS'A LITTLE FROM j THE J ; Or--~- y OUSJTIMS*^ OFVODT'? [YOU MOST NOT POPEYE, ITS .WATERS-ARE /ERY POTEMT V / . -.* -.-.• < Woild riikl, Hiirved , HI), tln| Fiilutu iyaJU TWO'SOLPS T6N4 YEARS, TOO MAMV GULPS AMD YOU BECOME A BABY I MUST LEAVE YOU NOW, PLEASE HEED MVWAEN1MG v— (DO WOT DRIMK) FROM THE . (^FOUSiTAlN J Cr^ ?^_ fOKAY, SHE- MOBTEVIEK B1UM QUIET CELEBRATION MAKER 5 FOR . NEW VEAR5 CELEBRATION HOSPITAL STREET MAKE NO UNNECESSARY •NOISE OSI'ITAt STREET 1/XK6 NO nmem'AR NQISS Bi ; i£i u -«f

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